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PR Today: Arjun-Purvi-DK: Varying shades of love (Page 10)

archverma10 Senior Member

Joined: 12 April 2012
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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Axiom

Originally posted by archverma10

Shyamala, I havent watched the episode but I agree with you, Jyothi, and most of us here.  I do totally miss the Boss Man...and think Rithvik would look great in a V-neck T under a good sharp blazer (the proof is in the pictures of the Gold Awards when they are on the "Gold Carpet") Wink
Ive said it before and I will say it again...most women like a powerful, strong man--and I am no exception. No one likes a soft timid sissy.  This "soft" Arjun is a little tough to take...especially considering his real-life counterpart seems to be anything but! From what I have seen, RD himself is a pretty outgoing, confident, charismatic fellow...and I would say pretty much dominates most of the offscreen segments/interviews of him and Asha about 90% of the time.  Its plain to see she pretty much totally defers to him and is the more softspoken one.  Call me old-fashioned, but I have to admit..this may be why we find these 2 actors and their jodi so appealing...their on and offscreen their very visible willingness to comfortably be in sync in this manner.  If Asha suddenly started taking over the mic in every interview and doing most of the talking, and Rithvik just sat there, smiled, nodded, said yes...and gave a couple of soft spoken comments...I dont think any of us would even want to see another SBS/SBB segment- we certainly would not be complaining and start demanding for a new segment if a few days pass without these two. 
The point I am trying to make is that it is too much of a character change for Arjun...and whats worse is that it is also a 180 degree change against the actor's own real life persona.
Instead of being a powerful, confident businessman..he goes to being a mechanic who is apologetic, soft, and falling all over everyone.  Its like the CVs are telling us powerful strong men cannot also be nice and have a sense of compassion/decency-----nice guys have to be poor, submissive, and apologetic.  Thats tough to take: but I am hoping that if this upcoming Purvi kidnapping track is true, it will give an opportunity for our lion to wake up from his sleep, get his strength and power back, and in the mean time we get to see him beat up some goons while we're at it!!!!!  

Loved your post Arch Thumbs Up Especially the bits in bold Big smile

Arjun, aka Mechanic Man, has never been my favorite superhero. For one thing, that overall is not attractive - its looks like a blue over-sized shopping bag on him. Ermm

I do very much like the V-neck tee shirts under the blazers - those suited him best (in my opinion). Day Dreaming 

The pendulum has swung to the other end of the spectrum and as much as I like him all lovey dovey with Purvi I want to see some of that passion that attracted ME in the first place. (after all, it's all about the viewer isn't it?) LOL 

If this 'kidnapping Purvi' track is true then I'd like to see him use his 'Arjun Kirloskar' cold, calculating mind to get her back!

Can't wait for our little lion man to emerge !!! 

Hahaha Laurie you little imp!!! Yup...I want the lion man too!!! Man, my ladla sure does have his work cut out for him...if its not one thing its another it looks like!! Who would have thought he would have to rescue Purvi from being kidnapped...although I confess this has some dangerous potential which gives me cause for worry.  Once the kidnappers find out Purvi is not Manav's daughter and there is nobody to pay any ransom...they will of course dispose of her...and so the resume attempt better be quick and dilly dallying, crying or anything...hope Arjun steps up quickly!!!

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archverma10 Senior Member

Joined: 12 April 2012
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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
ROFL  Jyothi I love it!!!! **grins** looks like we r on the same page...tall, dark, handsome and rugged...power and a little arrogance is more my cup of tea too...give me rugged over boyishly cute any day!!!!
Well lets see how it all unfolds...maybe this whole kidnapping thing will be just what is needed to get our strong, ruggedly handsome, no-nonsense, AK back!!!!  (and that too with new clothes...more Boss Man style please)

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archverma10 Senior Member

Joined: 12 April 2012
Posts: 670

Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Loved your post, Shyamala!  A flow of sheer, undulating poetry, I allowed the context to get lost as I indulged myself in the unleashing of warm words and magical conjurations!!  Thanks for the delicious treat, I have become a glutton for your beautiful writing!   
Loved Arjun and Purvi, my damaad has indeed undergone a total transformation, he is a cutie!  And as for my ladli, what can I say?  She becomes more pyaari by the minute!! Big smile
JHANVI!!!!!!!!! My sambandh!!!! You are back!!!! Welcome back my friend Hug  Just look at how far our children have come!!!! Im glad to see my bahu is no longer frigid and "holier than thou"...looks like she loves my boy with an intensity to rival his own and is not afraid to show it.  Now if we could only get him out of this soft "Kumbaya" mode...and back to his original type A self...things would be really rockin!!!!!!

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jdronamraju Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Big smile... Looks like some of us of the AK Brigade are of the same taste in MEN !! LOL
You know what, I will even take Arjun in his 3 piece suits (not the best of attire) over this checkered shirts, any day...

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Axiom Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
I'll take one of those too please Wink

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sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 January 2012
Posts: 13150

Posted: 20 July 2012 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Dear Jyoti,

I agree with you about the cutesy bit; Vishnu/Soham looks like the kind of chap who, if he was cleaned up and dressed to match, would fit right into the teenage flicks meant for the old Saturday matinees, strutting around in torn jeans with a girl on each arm and a fast car in the background. It is not a strong face by any means, and his smile is also self-consciously cute.

As for his dancing, that is typical  tapori stuff, and the song, even if it is, as Ash says, from Ekta's latest film, is really  a remix  (with perhaps some new lines added), of an old song from a Prakash Jha movie, perhaps Gangaajal, danced to by Shilpa Shetty in a very popular item number "Main aayi hoon UP Bihar lootne!"

I also agree  that the boy has no voice control. The problem partly is that he is straining to get the very marked Bihari accent right; he might sound much better, as you feel too,  if he were to speak normally. Even there, his voice would be commonplace, but then no one in PR,not  even Arjun or Purvi,has the kind of voice that mesmerises you with its rich cadences. Amitabh Bachchan's kind of voice is rarely found in TV. As for his acting, there has been nothing in that line called for as yet; it has all been loud posturing so far, and anyone could do it.

The Bihari accent,   as well as the dialect used, are in any case almost like a caricature of the way Biharis speak, even in the villages. Prakash  Jha understands his native Bihar as few others so,  and practically all his films are situated in contemporary rural Bihar and at times in the feudal Bihar of the old days, but I have never heard any of his characters speak such a broad dialect. It seems rather to be the PR CVs' idea of how Biharis would speak, and is as far from the real thing as the awful fake Tamil accented Hindi of Tamil characters in the films of 40 years ago.

The very sad thing is that Soham, who was so lovely a child, so quiet and pliable as to be almost passive, has been morphed into this tapori gangster, who is so amoral that he enjoys his dhanda,  and is only sorry about that Rashid who got away. I really do not see how he is to be redeemed and whitewashed, even  given that the PR CVs are by definition logic  ke dushman. If he is ever caught, and if even one of the kidnappings is proven against him (and the small fry in his 'father''s gang, who resent him so deeply, would be first to turn State's witness against him) there is no way he can avoid a minimum of 10 years in jail. What a fall for poor little Soham,and what have Archana -with her stupid and self-righteous do-gooding, in overt disregard of Manav's fears and his objections, about which she is not sorry even now - and the mentally unbalanced Varsha, done to him! How is he to be brought back to a normal life at all?

I don't think that when the truth is eventually brought home to Vishnu/Soham,  he will hate his biological parents for what happened to him, and mourn all the lost opportunities and the good life that might have been his. He is far more likely to not acknowledge them as his parents at all, I feel, nor will he ever move away from his gangster 'father' and his mayee. The truth, as today's episode makes crystal clear, is that he is completely at  home in his slovenly rural setting - see the way he touches a handful of "Bihar ki mitti' to his forehead, before luxuriating in his favourite paan. He likes sitting on the charpai  and eating his mayee ke haath ka simple rural food, he likes horsing around with his village chamchas,  and he loves  his mayee and has a great deal of affection for , and is in awe of his 'father'.

Plus he likes his 'father''s dhanda. I wonder if he would baulk at murder, or if he would take that too in his stride. In any case, crime of this kind is a one way street, there is neither any going back, nor can the recruit  limit the extent of the criminality involved or stop short of murder. He is also young enough and devil may care enough never to worry about something going so wrong that he is caught in the toils of the police. 

But that is bound to happen one day or the other, perhaps straight away with the kidnapping of Manav (?). If they spirit him away to Bihar, and he meets Varsha, then all will come out at one go. Not if it is Ovi or Purvi who is kidnapped, for neither might recognise Varsha.  Ovi has seen her only once, and that too  briefly,  in that photo with Soham before Savita tears it up.   Purvi  might never have seen any photo of hers, given Sulochana's edict against mentioning her name in their house.

See what Varsha has done to herself as well! Satish to usko palkon pe bithata tha ( he used to cherish her like the apple of his eye), but she never appreciated him as he deserved, nor did she value his love as it deserved to be valued. She had a near luxurious upper class existence, but she led her in laws and her husband a merry dance.

Now, as if to pay for her past sins, she has, for the past 18-19 years, been immured in a countryside tabela, complete with a cow in the courtyard and buffaloes being scrubbed down in front of the house. It is clear that she has married the gang chief , and he keeps her firmly in her place -  see the way in which she has to jump to attention as soon as he appears and cover her head with her pallav - , and will not brook the slightest disobedience to his orders, or any interference in his dhanda. She has now become a prototype, subservient village housewife, Jhumri, from head to toe.

She evidently has a good idea of the dhanda, but her objections to her beloved son getting involved with it seems proforma rather than due to any deeply felt moral opposition to this kind of crime.  She no longer seems to be suffering from any of the hysterical fits she used to get so often and   drive the unfortunate Satish round the bend; in any case, if she were to indulge in any such displays now, her present husband would make short work of them. Plus her memory of things past is as fresh as ever, and though she is thus terrified of her son going to Mumbai and perhaps running into his family, she does not dare to voice this opposition in front of her husband.

All in all, if it were not for the tragedy of Soham having been morphed into Vishnu, I would applaud what has happened to Varsha as a case of jaisi karni waisi bharni (as you sow, so shall  you reap).

As for the sketch, I dare say Arjun caught a very brief front face look at Vishnu when he was pushing him to one side in the ticket queue. Not that it cannot be covered under the rubric of a plot device as well, or of cinematic licence (or the TV equivalent thereof).

Now let us all get set for Janmashtami and the great kidnapping!


Originally posted by jdronamraju

My first reaction to todays' episode:
My God !! Is this Archana and Manav's son? WOW !! Such a crass, uncouth, loud-mouthed, bihari ... Even they dont deserve it..
Will be interesting to see how they accept him .. kind of feel bad for them the first time...
Impression of VISHNU:
He is probably  considered good looking and cute to some, but not my cup of tea..  He is more cutesy, and I am not for cute guys ...A good enough dancer, I guess. His voice is annoying..kind of grates on my nerves.maybe on a softer note, may be ok. but, in his current loud mouthed dialoges, there is no voice control at all... his acting skills, for me, still left to be seen.
All in all, as of today, not very impressed for the hype that was created.
How was Arjun able to describe Vishnu's face? I dont recall him looking at the guy directly. The sketch guy was able to draw every feature.. Am I missing something? Frankly, I didnt really watch the race around the train tracks that in detail..
I am not going to bother saying anything about the rest of the unrealistic as can be..
All in all, can have another stress-free weekend Smile. We all should make use of it, as I believe next week is when all hell will break loose...

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sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 January 2012
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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
Laurie my dear,

I rather like 'sassy' - I was like that in my youth , and perhaps something of that still clings to me!
As for the hug, till you visit me in Pune some day soon, this will do just fine; I never knew anyone else with such a collection of emoticons as you have!

I have been voicing my despair at the 'man of the people' Arjun for at least 2 weeks now, and it gets worse by the day. What scares me is that after he gets the Rs.10000/- together and perhaps even marries Purvi, he might by then have got so enamoured of all this excessive empathy and sentimentalising over the golden-hearted, hardworking  poor  that he thinks is the norm (he is sadly mistaken, but who is to tell him that? Not DK, who is as bad as Purvi where the naya Arjun is concerned), that he might set up shop as an NGO and go about with a jhola  and live in a chawl next to the clients for his social work. That is when I vote with my remote and abandon PR, Arjun and Purvi or no Arjun and Purvi.

I see your point about Arjun tackling the garage lease problem himself, but given that there are only 2 months to go, and his present impecunious state, I do not see how he could have managed that without abandoning his present persona. And that is a no no, as it would torpedo his Win Purvi mission at once.

Finally, Laurie, thanks ever so much for having warmed to my 'vegetarian lion'  and the Desdemona angle. You are the only person to have remarked both, and you have thus saved me from going into a depression!

Shyamala Aunty

Originally posted by Axiom

Shyamala Aunty,

Your first post on this thread reinforces all my beliefs in ARVI lovin' and the power of true love. I wish I could give you a real hug but this will have to do for now Hug

As far as your other posts, I just love your wicked sense of humor! You are one sassy lady LOL

This apart, my real grouse is that this naya Arjun is far too ready to 'sir' everyone in sight, call the Inspector 'saheb' and to apologise to all and sundry for everything and nothing, as he did at the hospital after that all too brief reversion to Arjun Kirloskar. The change is too drastic to be convincing. The saying goes that a lion might be starving, but it will never eat grass even to  survive. Not for our AK, it seems, for  he is not only eating grass, but is beginning to actually like it. Whoever heard of a vegetarian lion? 

The 'yes sirs' are getting to me too. Completely agree with the bits in blue!

Arjun is maturing in one way and retracting the next. Has he forgotten all his 'worldly business sense'? They should have shown HIM coming up with a viable plan to save Farooq's garage instead of going to his dad for help.  Confused

Take the business man and make him a mechanic - ok - but don't take the business man OUT of the mechanic. I really hope this mechanic thing doesn't last for very much longer - it does nothing for me.

All this grumbling apart, today's little bus stop rendezvous (that is what it was, a pre-determined time for them to meet there, which is why he says sorry for being so late) was very charming. I loved the way in which Arjun  bends down and peers naughtily up at Purvi's face as she is reciting the mantras before giving him the prasad

I also loved the light in her eyes as she says "Mujhe bhi!"  and the  admiring, almost worshipful  expression with which she drinks in his tale of 'How Arjun saved Farooq's garage". It might just as well have been a war he had won all on his own if you went only by what her eyes said. If one were to stretch a point and with apologies to Shakespeare, thus might Desdemona have listened to Othello's tales of his deeds of valour. 

Yay for secret rendezvous!!! His proud little puffed up chest and her enraptured gaze was just the amuse-bouche I needed for today. Big smile

To be honest, I don't really recall much of the other goings on after that scene ROFL

Laurie Big smile

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sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
My dear Jyoti,

One point here that I missed out on concerns  @ red. I did not make myself clear  enough, it seems, so here goes.

I  did not mean to suggest that Arjun is not giving due credit to his father. Of course he does that, when he tells Purvi that his father had paid in full for the renewal of the lease (one wonders what Farooq made of this manna from Heaven, and if he did not try to get to the bottom of it. How can he think the land owner would renew the lease for no payment at all, as DK has settled the whole bill?) .

My point was a different one. It was that Arjun, since he is obviously so happy at being able to help out a good person in serious financial trouble, must also realise that for him to be able to continue playing Santa Claus, and on his own at that, it would not be enough for him to romanticise kamayee from mehnat   of  the manual kind, like Rousseau's noble savage (though that term seems to be as apocryphal as the 'Elementary, my dear Watson' so often attributed to Sherlock Holmes).  Such do-gooding would need big bucks, just as the garage rescue operation did, and he would thus have to become Arjun Kirloskar once again and make a lot of money.  Only after that can he become the philanthropist  he wants to be.


Originally posted by jdronamraju

I think the original intent was to make him more "wiser, more compassionate and altogether better young man" and more humane, but in all this, they seem to have gone overboard..
 As long as you have Purvi looking at him worshippingly as though he has conquered the world, why wouldnt Arjun exult in his deeds ...Big smile...It  probably is good for his ego, he needs that balm after the jhatka the sasuma gave him, questioning his self worth so badly. Let the boy enjoy it for a while. I think he didnt mean to take the credit away from DK, he does tell her that his dad paid for it, he just meant that because of him, a good deed was done and that made him happy. He did approach the right person to get it done.
Anyway, all this buildup of him realizing the charm of a poor man's life, mehanth ki kamayi so that Arjun can fervently thank his Archana Aunty that she can get back to her Mahaan role again. Smile.
I think the original "Can do it all " Arjun is still in him. If he gets out of the chawl environment, he will be fine. Atleast back to the better part of the old self with this new realization of himself.
You cannot take out the leader in him, can slum for a while, but not for good. He will be back, and be a better man at that. A little arrogance never harmed anyone, I think.
Yes, it was a charming rendezous..Now a days, everything they do together is cute, heartwarming and just makes us go into raptures and is very endearing. That has become the magic of this young couple.
As far as the rest of the gang story, until Purvi is kidnapped (atleast, that is the latest news), we can sit back, stress-free, and enjoy the happenings as if it was a movie. No emotional involvement on my side.. It is just like any other soap for me now. Ofcourse, until our next quota of stress (for ARVI), starts again...

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