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IP REDUX; Mere Jeevan saathi !! (Page 82)

Supna9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by redwine1

This is to surprise her first.. Asr is not re-creating just his moments but their moments So he is trying to catch Khushi with shock S o that she knows to what extent he can go for her..

Dekh Naresh .. this is again a problem of poor execution ... look at the no. of people who are pissed off with ASR in the wardrobe ..

Simple one shot would make the difference here u just need him to be on his blue tooth firing AMAN .. the message is out & clear .. he has changes BUT ONLY FOR HER .. not for the WORLD .. thats when Khushi = Anjali .. 

Chotta execution error & monumental disappointment .. 

Writers are thinking too hard to please Khushi and that's what we are watching..

They also want to show how much of bend his character has taken...

the promo dialogue " Arnav karke apni(key word) sare hadde par kya manapayega ruti huyi khushi ko"

that says it all.. arnav karing apne hadde par..

bang on .. this is promo play out .. Big smile

ohhh now i got why he is close in a closet... he karing his haadain paaarrr...ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked means ASR banney chala khushi...khushi khushi...Wink

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ranjitha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:53am | IP Logged

Hi everybody

Didnt go through any other analysis, except for Sathu's.. blame it on time constraint.. Cry

Loved your analysis Sathu... Big smileStar

Yesterday's episode nearly gave me a heart attack, for I could see ASR's role being butchered, for God knows what reason Angry

I saw a lot of posts saying how cute or romantic ASR was, but for me there was neither ASR nor Arnav... there was a man I couldnt relate to at all... Confused

The ASR I knew would never go to NK fuming, after Khushi rejected the saree.. I understand wooing, but hiding himself in a cupboard?  OuchDead

No matter how much I love Barun, no matter how well he emotes in these stupid scenes too, I just cannot see ASR's role being butchered like this... Cry

Can you believe, this Arnav is soo involved in wooing his wife, that he has not even bothered to look for his dii, even once?????

I have lost almost all hopes on Khushi.. for it is very very difficult for me to understand her, but CVs, ASR ko toh chod dete... I'm watching the episodes with utmost patience, but not sure when this patience will break..

There are 100 normal heroes to act like vodafone puppies.. dont make ASR join that league Angry

Finally 3 things

1. I loveddd Payal yesterday !! ClapClapClap
2. Arnav-NK should be nominated for best jodi next year... they have the perfect timing  ClapLOL
3. I have no problem with DB getting some extra screen space.. If I can watch Abhaas for 20 minutes, I can watch DB as well... Given that the rest of the minutes has some logical scene of ArHi...


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tanthya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by doodleberry

Originally posted by Nareshkota

Originally posted by doodleberry

Originally posted by Nareshkota

Originally posted by anjani-pagli

Originally posted by doodleberry

Originally posted by anjani-pagli

Originally posted by geetmaanluv

Same with Arnav accusing Khushi...what he said was terrible but do normal audience remember that now? we have been seeing Arnav trying to manao Kkhushi since Saturday all sympathy is with Arnav again. We got a pathetic monologue from Khushi which seemed incoherent to me and then she tried to help Payash as she always does and frankly speaking that irked me. It is a love story between Arnav-Khushi...I love ASR character and I know he is Gul's baby but why neglect Khushi's character?

agreed totally!!

Khushi's charecter is out of the place!
the monologue was forced to please audience and did nt make much sense!!
It would have been better if she said "After telling all those stuff, how Laad governor thinks tht i wl forget all"
Thts wud have been much bettr

Forget about the monologue ... after all that has happened in the house she had the audacity to suggest honeymoon  to Aakash ??? I mean one moment she talks about can'e be happy with the situations around and the other moment this??? 

Who the hell is writing the script ??? Angry and ASR in the closet??? someone SHOOT me ... 

beliv me or not... when I saw the precap... I tght, u might nt come at all today as promisedBig smile
Whtvr phankhaas say.. I simply can not digest thisDead

If he has to revive past, why nt payal wearing scene??
why nt rangoli?

the honeymoon suggestion scene was pathetic! If ASR wud have heard... i thnk he wud have discarded all his ideas to woo KhushiOuch

This is to surprise her first.. Asr is not re-creating just his moments but their moments So he is trying to catch Khushi with shock S o that she knows to what extent he can go for her..

I agree recreating the  moments but killing his thought process and persona nooo ... thats not... they have ample moments to think from ... take something that ASR can think ... not from Khushi's angle ... Do what was done before but this is projecting him to the audience and hence they need to understand ... 

Definitely they need to re-think and consider how to but.. they are trying to say Arnav is breaking his barriers... 

Breaking the barriers is one thing but always remember "Character is centrality, the impossibility of being displaced or overset" as said by Emerson. 

Loved the emerson quote... barriers can be broken without getting  a major overhaul in the process  ...Change should be there but core shud be the same..

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RiyaDutta IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zuzana

Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Originally posted by clarissajohn

Riya loved the marathon four day update

Wow koel-loved loved

And chith-superb
Thanks ShamiEmbarrassed

Riya did you write today...which pageBig smile...I am still reeling after Doods postLOL...yet to read other postsTongue

Hello all ReduxiansHug..I am super glad to read Doods todayDancing
Hi Zu...haan aaj humaari madamji ne hum sabko khush kar diyaWinkBig smile
Yaar I have just read Doodsie ka post...was shocked and speechless hence came here for the discussionLOL

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TheFaerieQueen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Supna9

khushi is confusing soul ...confusing me tooo...
she is confused more than anjali ...
thanks i didnt watch her when i was fuming already due to my bro...
he was watching the movie n i couldnt able to watch ipk...
when i watched n heard her monolougue i was n m very confused kabhi she saying i m not angry with him...
n kabhi complaining k unho ne jo kuch kaha she was nt able to forget...Confused

Yes, I still didnt get her problem. First in GH she was all angry only because he was not wishing her happy birthday. If family happiness and his words were the real issue than why was it shown that she was so eager to hear him say happy birthday only. The whole episode till cake cutting ceremony was just about that. Then when he did wish her, it sudeenly beacme famly happiness and his nasty outburst. Angry

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:55am | IP Logged

From his point of view, what is the need for him now to please Anjali? Will he be allowed to first of all? He will always be under scrutiny and scanner of Arnav and all the RM members. Will his plans work now? Will mami allow him to be at peace? How much does he need  to take to keep the bubble of Anjali.. and for what?

Is he in love with the kid? No.. Does he think he can get khushi? No.. Will he now get the money? No.. What is the use of clinging on to Anjali? Even if he comes back for her will she completely believe him? Won't she ask him what is the need to accept everything she has done silently.. Why didn't he come out and tell them or tell her..

So many questions and so many allegations.. he could handle all of them But can he handle Arnav? can he handle Khushi- arnav-nk-Payal-buaji-bauji-garima and Nani plus Mami..

With these many believing can he twist everything like before? Does he have any proof against Khushi? He asked for all proofs but did he show any.. It was a show of allegations going here and going there...


Kya hum bhi Kumbh ke mela mein Bichde the ... LOL

...precisely what i have covered in my analysis here .. post the kidnapping saga ... hence reentry of SHYAM is a topic i have not spoken on 
NAresh .. tumhari clear thinking clearly is seen ... 

@ BOLD red : this was the reason of Anjalis outburst yesterday ... BOTH HAD NO PROOF .. nor Khushi nor Anjali ... hence u have seen a split house .. u have seen  NO ONE COME OUT & QUES ARNAV DIRECTLY ...

Brilliant Bhai ... 

Patha nahi inbestigation kareka padi..

yes house is now split because Mami and Aakash need proofs to believe. Nani got her answer from the past and Arnav.. So this support game will be going on until some one brings out proofs and I think Shyam will clearly bring himself out by telling his truth..

U know just after shyam was thrown out of RM .. here on Redux i was asked by most .. what do u see happening now .. 
I said a play out of the post ARhi marriage track .. & role reversal of Anjali & Arnav ...
Now see what we are getting .,. Big smile

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trintring IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 March 2012
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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sree07

Originally posted by RiyaDutta

Originally posted by sree07

This is a highly acerbic post. Stay away if you are a weaker soul

First thing I am fultoo gussa with PH now. So my views might be biased.Angry

6 steps to turn a huggie buggie cutie cutie viewer into an amazon.

1) I read a news saying DB is leaving. I was upset then moved on. DB made enough publicity with the news that every tom dick and harry was aware of the negotiations going between PH and DB. Later we hear PH has made some little little changes in the story and DB stays. 
these questions were unanswered for me
 - Why should PH bend to actors demands and change the script. Bad practice?Confused
 - Whats the changed happened?Confused
Insecurity level - 1

2) Now in the last two weeks, anji get lot of FBs and screen time (which I have no complaint about). I am confusionwa if anji will come in between arhi or not. Naturally as an emotional viewer I distanced a little from the character. But respected the different character shades coming along the track. Anjali was a bland character for me before. Still I was on wait and watch more because of Point#1
Insecurity level - 2

3) GH - "Anji is angel feel for her guys" comments pushed me to the edge. "I decide what to feel for the characters. If you want people feel for her, show it on screen.". That's what my first reaction. 
Insecurity level - 3

4) GH and his Didi ka Saut comment.He set the cat among the IF pigeons. Whatever you meant I decided to take it on face value. Phew. Check the star plus website. I do not see a Di and her chotey anywhere in the titles. Last one year you fooled me?
Insecurity level - 6

5) DB interview - Royally ignored by me
Still Insecurity level - 6.5

6) Then the FB page pic of Anji and Arnav from 4lions . Grrr What do they wanna convey with this message? that they will show whatever they want "dekna hai tho dekho"Angry
Insecurity level - 10Angry

Thanks DB, GH, PH and all the behind the scene persons who made me a biased viewer when it comes to anji.Clap Every time I see her online I just have one question Will she steal the thunder from arhi and khushi? Thanks for the brilliant background work. Now I am not sure I will enjoy the Anji - Arnav scenes as before.

Sathya I am venting out here sorry...Wink
Sree...m with u!!!
Why are they coming and justifying themselves abt this Di ki Saut thing...if they feel they are right then let the track and characters speak for themselves!!!!

Hug Riya. Thanks dear. Exactly i think if they have not done any publicizing of the background issues. I would have been a happy viewer of anji baby scenesLOL

But much of their audience is actually online community? a very small percentage right? Ok we are getting negative towards Anji because of all this behind the scenes drama but a normal audience doesn't know all these things and still I think most of them aren't sympathetic to her as much as they want to be. I wrote it yesterday about my mum, she watches so many serials ans she was saying she can understand her point of view but can't sympathise with her as much as she would like to. And the no baby bump doesn't help either. Its human nature to soften towards a mother as soon as we see a bump.

And what's with the brother-sister flashback infinity loop? For Arnav it was TerraceGate and now with Anji its "Di ap hi meri duniya ho"...D'ohatleast they didn't show it yesterday.

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Nina90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by redwine1

Khushi is the Bhabhi of Anji, but only in paper, Winey; where is it exhibited today? She is being shunned/avoided by the entire family as the one who caused all this problem. There have been no direct scenes, yes, I agree; but given a chance, any RM member will be quite ready to blame Khushi the 'Saut'.

As for being her Bhabhi, neither Anjali, nor Arnav see her that way; they never have. If atleast Anjali had, there would have been one word, atleast one expression in her monologue yesterday about how Khushi, a person she has known so well, one who she considers her Bhabhi could lay such accusations. Was there? No, to Anjali, Khushi is her 'Saut'. And Arnav, he voiced it out quite clearly, didn't he?

When did he voice out she is saut ???  if u have perceived anji has reacted to khushi being the reason for Shyam's ouster .. then u would also perceive that Anji has reacted to her brother mooning after khushi ... 
My Ques has Anjali reacted to her saut or to a scarlet woman ... isn't this back to character dheela .. ??  
Oh anji probably was the only one who thought of khushi as her bhabhi from day 1 .. Holi she called her the same ..which she needn't as she is elder to Aranv so technically its relation not reference .. 

Sorry I took so long to reply, but I had to search for words to explain clearly.

"Agar tum nahi hoti, toh Shyam aisi harkat nahi karta" that's as true a definition of a 'Saut' as I can think of, Winey. I'm not saying Anjali's thinking like that, only that she doesn't count in Khuhsi's words at all, and that shows that Anjali has not accepted her as a Bhabhi/as a relative, Winey. If she had, Khushi's words should have played in the FBs, her accusations should have added fuel to the fire; that was not shown at all!

I never thought Anjali was worried about Arshi relation, Winey; its about losing her brother. She is judging that Arnav is moving away from her, and with so little proof, that is all is my problem.

Again, Winey, it was all outwardly; she never accepted her as a Bhabhi; at the risk of repeating myself, if she had, Khushi's claims of truth should have made a difference the way Mami's words did; it didn't. I fail to see it any other way.

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