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IP REDUX; Mere Jeevan saathi !! (Page 3)

ArshiL0ver Groupbie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged

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RajPreet_Preeto Senior Member

Joined: 30 November 2011
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by doodleberry


QUOTE=doodleberry]R [/QUOTE]

Oh My Stars!!!!!!!! You must be shining bright tonight.  Tant is going to update in the moring. Our Doods reserved the space.  She is going to write!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can not wait till morning to read.  My heart is going "Dhak Dhak".  Thank you Tant and Doods. I will be ready with cup of tea!!!!!!!!! ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

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TheFaerieQueen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Yippee!!! Tants & Doods bothDancing. NOW lets celebrate 300 episodesParty.

Have a mixed feeling about today's episode and the immediate track that is coming up. 
Loved the part where Arnav is reminiscing. Lots of references to the past incidents by Khushi and Arnav, looks like its time to close some initially opened loops.

Hope they dont take away much from ASR's character and am seriouslly in no mood to see ASR in OTT comedy, but then its too early to rant. Big smile. May be khushi will be happy by just seeing him in the cupboard.LOL

Anjali is in denial and Shyam's way is paved back to RM. I feel all attempts to bring Anjali out of this mental state will fail and her health will deteriorate further (may be a serious threat for baby and Anjali or both) and ASR will have to bring back shyam temporarily just to keep Anjali stable for some time.  

Khushi, though meant well, decides to fix the problem between Akash and Payal and end up messing it further. Khushi, in both Anjali's and this incident , came out as insensitive person. And this was not the case earlier, she always was tuned in to people's sorrow and pain. She was always shown as more matured than the girls of her age (in nani's terms). Here I see CVs taking a detour to suit the track. And once she is not able to understand that she has indeed worsened the situation between Payal and Akash (as it was in case of Anjali). 


Best dialog in today's epi "Khushi, mein tumhe isme dekhna chate hoon"Day Dreaming. Barun's voice modulation is perfect most of the time. When will we get to see the flirty Arnav??? Day Dreaming

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DiamondLife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
OMG...Doods is writing..i am going crazyBig smile

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S003 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:26pm | IP Logged

The winds of change are blowing into the Raizada Mansion. There is a monumental shift in the personalities of a certain Mr. and Mrs. ASR.

Let me start with Khushi...
Gone is the vivacious girl who could think on her feet, bring a smile on anyone's face and solve a problem in a heartbeat. Today, Khushi a year older, contemplates about the situation that surrounds the members of RM.
She timidly goes up to her Jijaji and broaches a topic that will help her sister's happiness. Very nicely done, however, she forgets that a bandaid solution cannot fix this festering wound. The old Khushi who smiled all day is lost... lost in everyone's unhappiness. How can she allow herself to be happy with the man she loves when she wants to punish herself for bringing this on everyone. I liked that she said that ASR blamed her for everything, but she NEEDS TO, REALLY NEEDS TO acknowledge that by hidding the truth she did more harm than good.
And so a changed, more subdued Khushi roams around RM with her eyes far away and her smile lost (but not for long if ASR has his way)
Who is this ASR???? Really, who is he? One who doesn't deny that he loves Khushi, when NK points it out. He is literally going mad trying to bring a genuine smile to Khushi's face. His expression softens when he thinks about all the moments that started their epic love story. But what really got me thinking is what is ASR searching for? He is not just trying to bring back the smile on Khushi's face he is trying to bring back the feist that is Khushi, the one what would make his life miserable if he threatned her with a contract, the one that would worry him into doing whatever she wanted, the one that would go out of the way to make everyone happy. He wants to bring back the living breathing Khushi not the one that is merely existing now.
Things that were really interesting to me:
Akash complaining about Khushi, Payal's sister... When ASR finds out, he will make sure Akash respects his wife Khushi Bhabi !!!
Payal, there is a maturity in this character, she understands that her husband's anger is justified, after all she did hid such a big truth from him. Khushi as it is, is a bone of contention between her husband and her at the moment. She firmly put Khushi in her place, outside of her marriage.
NK!!!! soon becoming my most favorite character on IPKKND, I always found Khushi's antics a little OTT, as did I with NK, but oh how this guy has grown on me, now when he misprouncing something its like a natural reaction to me. Not to mention that growing relationship between Arnav and NK. His reactions during the rendition of the love story had me cracking up. Actually, even I was thinking that if the name of the show wasn't IPKKND would I have know this was indeed a love story in the first  30 episodes?
Anjali and Nani, finally Anjali is voicing her dilemma, she is torned between two sides of her own heart. I am very interested in how they take things further, given that Anjali doesn't know that Arnav has seen the true face of Shyam and is not blindly believing Khushi.
1. Khushi's nosey nature, yes today Khushi butted into her sister's business but with some level of tact, please let me remind you (CV') that you are dealing with a varied demographic, I would like to see Khushi realize that there are shades of grey and not everything is black and white.
2.ASR hasn't interacted with Anjali, dude the world that is sister lived in came crashing down and he doesn't even go to her room to check up on her???? He throws out her husband and then doesn't try even once to explain to her why? THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!! PLEASE RECTIFY.
3.Akash and Arnav, how has their relationship changed since the whole Shyam fiasco, we need to see this as well.
4. Mami's anger, need to know why she doesn't trust phati sari, when obviously during the kidnapping she was all with her.
5. The damn rain romance, dude just get to it already.
6.WHERE THE HELL IS SHYAM??? He is still the main villian of the show, is he not? Then we need to understand what he is up to. And I miss him ( WTH)
7.Please don't worry about the falling TRP's I'm not sure what the hell the audience wants, but your current track is going well, and I'm sure they will come around, please don't do anything rash( and OTT) because of pressure
Thank you for today's recap. I loved it. ClapClapClap on the 300 more I hope there are atleast 3000 more to come.
And Finally,
Welcome back Doods, I wish ki mujhe rooz tumara reserved spot dekhieWink
That was my two cents
P.S. Don't normally stick around, please PM your comments, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the encouragement guys.

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incandescent IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
Hi Reduxians

I am asking this question to everyone but no one seems to know. 

Why is Cinevistaas posting offscreen segment of IPKKND with their watermark on it? 

Does anyone know what's going on? 

EDIT...Doods ??!!! Shocked

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lalsunvid Goldie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:35pm | IP Logged

Great Title Tants!!! 

Happy to see Doods back!!

 Hug to all...

Not a bad episode. Clearly brought out the placements of all the characters in the serial after the storm. Everyone would have been happy with the last part of the episode..the ever ajeeb love story,NK running after hearing their story was hilarious . Both of them were brilliant. Liked NK's angry birds T-shirt!! 

I never expected CV's to merge ASR and NK but thank god it was NK who always invites him to the scene.But why was ASR smiling when he said about the first incident ? No guilt since he apologized to Payal?What went wrong here?

I liked Anjali part very much today. The scene started from their photo. Once again in denial mode. Her weakness is coming out slowly and when it will burst out will lead to another storm in RM . Nani beautifully witnessed all the emotions and her shock when Anjali asked "Sach Kya hai" was very realistic.No one would ever risk the health of a person . This may pave the way for Shyam Manohar Jha's comeback. A clear visioned Nani will speak out when the truth should be told to Anjali to bring her to reality. 

Akash - Payal : Khushi dear !! Payal can be your sister.She is can help in love not in marriage and that too with a guilt bag at your back.Have you ever allowed anyone to come in between you and ASR love\hate moments till now. You have never disclosed anything till now about the equation you and ASR share to anyone nor did'n run to your sister to help you clear your name with ASR.It applies to all.

CV's please don't show Khushi as a nose poker here...she messed the problem further...let it get stopped here. Please Please don't show her as "Miss All I know" anymore!! 

The realization of Akash and Payal should come only from them like ASR - Khushi realized their love ,hate , care and affection. Anyone could have got angry with what Khushi said to Akash today. After such a mess how can she ever get a thought of speaking like this? Is Khushi matured here? Character consistency.

Again whats with Akash .."behen" stuff again. Remember that Khushi is also your "Bhabhi" and as Payal she is a bahu.Character consistency. The words really doesnt belong to Akash. (Are we witnessing the other side of him? )Ouch. I neither liked Khushi poking in Payash relationship nor Akash harshness to Payal.

Last but not the least..ASR : Wow...turning out to be husband-ish totally...One more attempt failed .Wink . Please don't forget the fight you had before doing all these that made your lady love an angry lady. LEts see if you are gonna pass tomorrow..given that RM walis are leaving to mandir you may have hell a lot of time to set things right.Wink

Precap : WHAT THE!! NO OTT FROM ASR. Let this be the first and last.

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meghavn Goldie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Role reversal rings the bell right - 

Most of the  character's roles is kind of reversed in RM currently -

> Akash has become like ASR
> Anjali is turning out to be a ASR (my take from Monday's last scene)
> Arnav is trying to be a Khushi think like her to make her SMILE woo her.
> Khushi throwing attitude to Arnav like ASR coz she can do that only with him coz HE is HERS.

(So ASR as character is not only loved by phangirls but ppl in RM as well  - everybody wants to be him Wink)

My thoughts based on today's episode -

> Khushi will make Arnav relive his lost childhood... we could see tht inkling in Rajkumar & Shaitaan - Sundari episode which will loop in here as well

> Now the real Arnav will stand up... remember the dialogue to his Di - he will be ASR to the world but not to her similarly now he will be Arnav for Khushi ' so we now will see new version of ASR which will be for Khushi & Khushi only.. he will OPEN UP & how' see further 

> RM gearing up for the storm yet again 

      - Possible cooling off of relation between the Sisters which will hurt Khushi the most wherein she will withdraw in her shell as she will mess up again between Payash even after warning from Payal, Khushi cant see anyone sad or hurt so even after warning from Payal she will try again.

      - Anjali is slowly coming out of the shell.. started asking questions ' still unable to comprehend whats happening' Shyam cant be wrong' Chotte also cant be wrong then why this? ' so in future direct finger pointing at Khushi? 

> Khushi hit on all sides even after which she will not open up even to Arnav ' again link to DM monologue ' there is a fear sitting in her that he will not believe or will believe the worst in her. Remember ' U can FORGIVE BUT NOT FORGET. Arnav's words have made a deep rooted hurt in her. Also adding to the list that she will not want to see any more problems due to her or bcoz of her between Brother  & Sister.

> So now it will be Arnav who has to understand her & Open her up & start building the faith which I guess he has already started.

Will this all lead to opening up of some unanswered questions & show extent of BIG heart of KHUSHI we need to wait & watch.

What I loved -

- Loved Arnav & NK bonding.
Can we nominate them for BEST JODI award LOL

- Arnav recalling all the FB's on how they met & realizing how much he has hurt/ tortured her.

- Khushi back with her DM -  I used to miss her monologues

Have we ever seen ASR SMILE so much? hai re Day Dreaming... THANK U KHUSHI... U R THE SUNSHINE IN HIS LIFE...REASON FOR HIS SMILE... Big smile

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