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IP REDUX; Mere Jeevan saathi !! (Page 23)

Erika1 Goldie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
Oh no doodsOuch, I hate that story line its so cliche been there done thatConfused, but why would they sell the story as a romance and fool the audience so muchAngry, now they are going to loose half of their fan base, myself included but oh wise one I bow to you, I hate it, well folks its been nice knowing you.Big smile  
and another thing, how come if the BIL was taking revenge on the RM then why did he hurt the fake female lead's dad, and so many other people, I can't see the audience relating to this, even if his sister was harmed. Its an eye for an eye and some extra eyeOuch

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mommamia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:49pm | IP Logged

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sunshine99 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mommamia

  300th Episode
 Both Sats and Doods.. Redux rejuvenated!!

The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love and feel the depth, the delight, the ecstasy of it, you will discover that for you the world is transformed.
-Jiddu Krishnamurti

The opening scene. Two strong personalities. So in love. Yet apart. ASR has selected a saree for Khushi. His token of love.  Lets see how.  HE personally spent HIS most valuable time on selecting it, It was HIS favorite color. It was HIS choice. HE placed an order.

HE forces her to accept it. Take it.. And that satisfaction when she was ripping the wrapper. Yes finally!! Whom are we kidding. Its Khushi we are talking about. She knows how to make him dance to her tunes. Hume yeh nahi chaiye.. The dream castle that was just built in air.. came crashing down.. But why'Then he will reason her out as to why she should accept his gift.  There is no other option left for you than to accept it. I have brought this personally. The color is MY favourite. I have ordered it. And then comes the most important part. IT IS FOR YOU. And how can you not like it. For him ,HIM and HER have ceased to exist. Its THEM now. The demarcation is long gone. He is still not finished. He goes on a little further so that it gets into thick skull of hers.How can you deny this. You have to wear..He watches her ' She is not looking at him. And Nanheji's expert advise jogs his memory. He goes soft on her and what seems like an earnest request tries to convince her. She has her very own reason not to accept it. His only focus is her nonexistent Smile. He is dying to see her smile. This is a man so in love that he has entered into an arena called wooing in which he has no experience.He is ready to learn the ropes of wooing. At any cost he wants her back in his life. As she is in every sense his other half.  

He is a man who knows to give orders. Take it or leave it. He gives a damn. Here he is almost to his wits end to win her back. The self made man, who has always given and helped others, has now requested his Nani to make Alo-Puri because he knows its her favorite dish. And so much so that he has taken help from Nanheji who is nothing but a pest in Arnav's eyes. Not once but again and again. None of the formulas are working at moment. Everything has boomeranged. It has irked her more. She has distanced further from him. She is not even making eye contact. Let alone exchange of words or smile. That is driving him to the wall. Just then when all hopes were lost, Nanheji  gives him the much needed direction. Which can bring her back. Eager to know about this Arnav-Khushi love track, NK pesters Arnav to shed some light on that. Just to get rid of the pest, Arnav knows the best spray. He is Aranv Singh Raizada alright. So Arnav brings before Nanheji his love track. The track which is more or less a horror track according to NK ,makes him offer a silent prayer as he is so disturbed. Unable to digest this horror filled love story which is one of a kind, Nanheji  The pest finally stops bothering him and gives him his much needed space. And Arnav successful in his mission..  But that triggers the next course of action by Arnav to woo his life. He is a fast learner. His learning curve is always on the upwards trend. And his mind click clicks all the time. And now the solution for his problem is blast from the past. To become his other half. To become Khushi. And sure her antics will bring a smile on her face.

What touched me the most is Arnav is opening himself to her. Aisa kya hogaya hai ki tum smile bhi nahi kar sakthi. Such mundane conversation. But so much to it!! His very existence is at stake because she is not Khushi. She is sullen. He wants her to be in her groove. He knows very well she is SANKA DEVI to the core. And he very well has accepted her craziness. He wants to live with that craziness and not this ASR version of Kushi. Because that half already exists and its him. And the other half is missing. Which is KHUSHI.

 Good Luck Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. May you succeed in this current endeavor.


Sandhya  the sweetness of Arnav and Khushi's love story was flowing  through your post today .Muahhh for bringing this out today...ClapClapClap

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Chani123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mommamia

Originally posted by Erika1

Oh no doodsOuch, I hate that story line its so cliche been there done thatConfused, but why would they sell the story as a romance and fool the audience so muchAngry, now they are going to loose half of their fan base, myself included but oh wise one I bow to you, I hate it, well folks its been nice knowing you.Big smile   
Erika.. their touch will be different.. You will surely enjoy !! Just hang in there kiddo!! 
Sandy.. Just back from reading your post.. Simple but powerful description of Arnav's wooing and change...

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mommamia IF-Rockerz

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RajPreet_Preeto Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by doodleberry

Post cannot be quoted.

Wow Doods!!!!!!!!!!!!  Amazing analysis.  I did not even have a clue about Shyam and ASR's Past.  Thank you for coming back and writing analysis. It was a wonderful gift this morning from you to all us REDUX Readers :)  ClapClapClapClapClapHugHugHugHugHug

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Chani123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sunshine99

Main Hoon Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada

A girl orphaned at a tender age of 8... when she did not know the meaning of death... waited for her  parents to come back... but slowly learnt they will never be back...she looked up at the sky and assigned the stars that shone brightest as her parents who will always look lovingly at her... what ever she does she would not  be judged but heard... she also found shelter at the foot of her Devi Maiyya... before whom she opened up her heart in sadness and gladness without the mask she wore for the world...
She was always grateful of the good things life brought her way... her adopted loving family... a  motley of people whom she met along the way and started loving... Naniji,Anajali, Lavanya, Akash, Arnav Singh Raizada, Manorama Mami...

A selfless girl who can never see any one in pain and unhappiness be it friend or foe... a caring angel who bestows love  on all,who stood by her and those who stood against her... A worthy child of the divine mother who never closes her door on anyone... 

Khushi Bitya apan umar ki ladkiyoon se zyada samajdar hai...
A lost smile .. forgotten chirpiness disturbs a husband to no end... he desperately tries to revive the ever smiling carefree girl he fell in love with...His every effort is rudely thwarted by her... Every time she hurts Arnav, Khushi  ends up  with  an equal battered heart. ...She sits  in front of her Devi Maiyya with the open wounds that have ripped apart her feelings...Her dilemma, sorrow and love poured at the feet of her Mother...

"Unhe yeh baat kyun nahi samaj mein nahi aa rahi hai ki is sab ka koi matlab nahi....Di hum se naraz hai,mamiji humse khush nahi hai,jiji aur jeejaji ke beech anban chal rahi hai,toh phir hum khush kaise ho sakte hai...aur hum arnav ji se naraz bhi nahi hai..."

How can she be happy  when everyone in the family is upset because of her... her action towards Arnav  are not out of anger... but he fails to understand it and makes futile tries for Khushi break into a smile... 
The altruistic girl who always thinks of others before her...

Jo kuch bhi unhone kaha... Jo kuch bhi hua unhone hume kitni aasani se hume doshi theharaya.. aur jab hm ne kaha ki hum ghar chodne ke liye tayar hai...toh unhone humein rokliya...hum woh sab kaise bhool sakte hai...

The day Shyam's misdeeds were exposed, Arnav trusted Khushi... stood for her against his family... against the husband of his beloved Di without proof... Khushi for the first time in her life was not blamed for the mishap but trusted and loved in spite of it... Throughout that  eventful night she held on to this knowledge and to the man who gave it to her... only to be made aware the very next day that the trust and love were not unconditional... he too blamed her though he loved her...held her accountable for the incidents somewhere... Arnav  unwittingly led the victim in Khushi to the belief that she was responsible for the actions of her abuser Shyam...Unhappy
Was it not the same thing she had witnessed her entire life?... She only spreads hurt and sadness for her actions...She was blamed for her sister's broken marriage,her hasty one... her suffering in both cases were unnoticed and she too put on a mask of hiding it thinking it would hurt them more to see her pain too...

Arnav's scathing remarks set her on that path again...she wanted to leave to soothe the pain ... but he stopped her as he loved her... she was his wife and he would not shirk his responsibility towards her... even if he hurt inside because of his Di's terrible state... She could not let the man she loves so dearly be torn between her and his sister... if he will not let her go...she will create circumstances for him to let her go...
She is still unaware that both Di and Khushi  are central to his existence. Sacrificing one will not bring happiness for him ever.. 

Kuch cheezein kabhi nahi badal sakti hain... lekin kuch cheezein toh badli ja sakti hain na...

The past cannot be changed... but the future has immense possibilities... Khushi cannot undo  what happened between her and Shyam but she can help to heal the broken household...

Dr. Khushi Kumari Gupta sets a course of  actions to cure all unhappiness at Shantivan-LOL

She will bridge the wedge that has crept between her sister and brother -in-law...

She will mend the broken ties between the brother and sister...

Khushi ki Khushiyaan

As she moves ahead in her resolve Devi Maiyya wisely senses that her daughter is yet again walking down the path of sacrifice and will create a fresh round of tremors...

Her guiding beacon Nand Kishore reminds Arnav about the moments  he and Khushi shared that shaped their relationship...This gives him an idea to recreate old memories to bring back the lost smile on Khushi's face...Hoping the journey to bring back  the smile on her face also enlightens Arnav that the  smile is mostly achieved at the cost of herself..

The episode was a sea of explanations on the thoughts of the character... a rare phenomenon in IPK but a well deserved 300th episode gift... It was refreshing to know-
 -Anjali's inner turmoil
 -Khushi's reasons for why she is the way she is, LOL
-Recap of Arnav Khushi ki  prem kahani ASR ki zubani.Embarrassed

P.S.- For the first time I enjoyed the marital woes of Payash and its          aftermath...Smile had a nice touch of realism in it. 

Tants and Doods  are going to update yeyyy... the best news on the 300th episode...Party
Koel, Khushi described to the T.. Perfect.. ClapClapClap

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arshiipkknd Senior Member

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Oh GOD, how does Doods do this?? no wonder we were all waiting 4 chottu sa tidbit frm u...
madam, ur insights r purely a treat 4 us poor souls!!

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