Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX; Mere Jeevan saathi !!

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Hi Girls !!Big smile

I guess More than the Crew and cast of IP, it is the Netizens who are  absolutely delighted by the show completing 300 episodes !! Big smile ...Wishing All the Happy Souls Many more months/years of  pleasurable watching Tongue..

 Without further Ado, Let me begin  my inputs ... and if it is short  or incoherent  then please put it down the pleasantest Zinger  that I was given by Doods in the morning...I am still buzzing warmly in that cloud... I am sure  Many of you would have  connected that the Past is rearing up its head  and pretty soon we  will be delving into the past   after watching the  FB's and the reference to Sheesh Mahal..I am also positive that Many would have  connected it to Arnav/ Anjali and their father ...  But  to connect the dots and jump to Shyam and the Half Brother of Arnav !!  Wow !! ..That only Doodsie can Do  , Not just do but also show us  how to substantiate it  by presenting the  clues that were there right in front of our eyes ClapClap

The episode opened with Arnav still trying to woo Khushi  And Khushi refusing to play the game and making him jump the hoops ... we saw Arnav  very Valiantly try to curb his ASR'ishness and be  the   ' Chocolaty Pati '  of Khushi ...That Arnav is out of his depths is obvious ... He is  so much  caught in the middle that he is even clutching at the  helplines thrown by NK, the very man ASR loathes with all his  heart !!    ..Khushi's rejection irks hm and he goes away throwing the sari down ...Later we see Khushi  folding that sari and having a chat with her Mother , DM ...

 There were few things I loved in this segment... One was the ardent desire of Arnav to win Khushi  on her terms than on his terms , although his  Tigerish instincts intrudes now and then but he swallows it and wants to please  Khushi  !!...The  second was the fact that he is not going to give any option to Khushi to exercise her decisions and that means that he will not allow her to leave ..It will be his decision that will be enforced and Khushi will have to accede to it...The third was the fact that Khushi indeed  accepted the gift despite  pretending to reject it  as we see her folding the sari. A sari which was  thrown down without  even opening a folding of it  ...

Now  we come to the crib part... For days many of us were hankering for a  monologue or a scene which will show Khushi's thought process we finally got why she was behaving the way she was behaving ...  We  understood that Khushi did not want to celebrate cos the relations were angry, her sis life was  undergoing a brief turbulence  and that she could not smile  when the family was Unhappy !!...Ahh !! Th epitome of a selfless Girl  ...That is the picture that springs instantly to the mind  ...BUT THEN.. If  she was distressed by all the shenanigans that had happened  in RM  , WHY choose to celebrate at  all ?? WHY did she rush to GH and celebrate there  ??? That smacks of Hypocrisy !! ...Yes, A reasoning might be brought out that she did not want to the GH people to know the on-goings at  RM and wanted to keep them Happy n Snappy ... but  that does not cut Much ice for me   cos  had she wanted to, she could have called up the family and said that Arnav wanted her to celebrate it with him and she will be coming later to GH ...That would have embodied a thoughtful Girl !!  ..

The next segment that I loved was the one between Akash-Khushi, Payal-Khushi ... I really liked Akash in this segment... Akash comes from the office dog tired  , thirsty and starving when he is offered the refreshing water and some unwanted advice from Khushi ...To his eternal credit, Akash does not snap at her  nor put her down but  quietly listens to her and walks away..Had he wanted too , he could have shut Khushi up with few well chosen words  but he does not, his innate courtesy forbids him from being  churlish  ...The revival of Akash begins !! ...Akash leaves and  berates  Payal for  divulging their personal issues to Khushi , A disappointed Payal  takes it out on Khushi, reminding Khushi forcefully that  she is not just Khushi's sister, she is a wife , a DIL and Khushi better remember it ...The education of Khushi continues  but has she learnt her lesson in time, I do not think so  as she is again thinking of doing something but will it lead to her learning ..I certainly hope so..

Now comes the definer , the beacon  that lights the pathway of IP tracks...the past  and the Present connected here ...The scene between Anjali and Nani ...  I think it was the hair  !!.. Yes, That must be it ...the hair reminded me of  Rapunzel ..Rapunzel living all alone up above in the tower, cut off from the world , unaware of the world, naive , gullible, ..One day  she meets a prince  who charms her and sweeps her off the feet..they  co-habit   with the Prince always leaving her at the first light of dawn cos that is when  the Witch returns ..One day however the trickery of the prince is caught and he is banished from the tower by the  witch   while Rapunzel is left  to carry her pregnancy to full term , she eventually delivers  twins  ( A boy and a Girl)   ...The prince where he was , comes..reunites and  they live happily ever after !! ...Will this happen to Anjali or not..I don't know ... But Nani's comment that ..all the tangles are clearing  and everything is getting solved  shows that  the shroud that covered the past is being lifted , the tangled cobwebs will be cleared, truth will filter in , illuminating the murky past is the dialogue of Anjali, Humein Sach janna Hai ..we are finally heading to the moment of truth !!..The truth that has its roots in the past .

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I never knew that following number etymology track will haunt me in reality too. My last post on IPK was on June 18th and my first post after the hiatus is today, July 18th. What can I name this??? Well "Bondage". Number 18 is all about Oppression or Bondage, well in a negative manner which means I have sinned big time and here I am again to serve that sentence.

It's been a month I have stopped writing but still have watched all the episodes daily and so I am on track with the story line; never knew that I would be back with analysis but for friends, anything. Before I start just want to thank all of you who have understood me on my willingness for the break and have been there for me every day. I do know you all missed me but believe me even I missed you all, well not the writing, to be precise.

A month passed by and we witnessed Arnav been rescued, Shyam's reveal and post recovery from the trauma for all the Raizada clan and their relationships. But one thing that came to my mind was that - "did it really change the basic story line"??? Well the answer is NO, it didn't. The basic plot of the very existence of "Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon" is still the same. It was "Didi ke Saut" and it is still "Didi ke Saut" and it will remain "Didi ke Saut" till the end of the series.

Before I start let me describe how a plot is created. Let me cite an example here. I guess many of you have watched the movie - "Sanghai". If not then watch it at least once. The movie was all about protesting against corruption which was in the name of reformation and complete dealings of Politics but nowhere was it related to Sanghai, the developed city of China. Sanghai is a global city, a major financial center and the busiest container port in the world. But when you will watch it then you will have this feeling why the movie was named Sanghai in the first place??? There was no description of this city at all??? Then why??? Though the answer was throughout the movie right from the place - "Bharat Nagar" to the political dealings. All we need was to understand the "Aesthetic" story telling. What Shanghai is to China, the state Govt wanted Bharat Nagar to be the same for India. Yes, "Bharat Nagar" was a project by the state Govt which projected the ambitions to reach the heights just where Shanghai is in today and how the corruption in the name of this project is dealt was shown in the movie. It was just a political thriller on the basis of "Reformation" and "Aspiration". Ages ago Shakespeare said - "What's in a NAME"??? This movie proved the same, what's in a "Title"??? Yes, the work and theme in the movie matters and the relation with the story and not the title??? Until the last dialogue the general audience will never understand why the name was given - "Sanghai".

Let's come to our project, our series. Sometimes the makers need a catchy title to put a step forward in the market but it would always be according to the "Theme" of the story. Exactly same way the title - "Didi ke Saut" and "Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon" are similar but the former won't appeal to every segment of the viewer whereas the latter had the power to do the same. This is the "Only" reason 4 Lions went for the second title to start their beautiful story. Yes, story of a brother who promised to protect his sister in every moment of their lives. In this one month the only scene that touched me is on the episode of July 12th where Arnav saved Anjali's baby and promised her that he will be with her and the baby all the time.

Before I get into the details I would thank Arhi (Arhimanic) for helping me getting the picture as my real player was not working and she helped me with the below picture.

Yes, that episode described the basis of the story of IPK and that episode was nothing but "Recreating History" all over again. Interesting, isn't it??? You think Iss pyaar ko kya naam is just a love story between Arnav and Khushi???Naa, think again. It talks about the love that is "Without a Name". Remember Lavanya's last conversation with ASR??? She confirmed that she had the fear about her relationship with him that it would end up "without a name". Yes, now let's see what Naani always confirmed about ASR. Remember when she said  - "aaj aap sabit kar diye ke aap apne baap ke khoon ho". She uttered this again when ASR eloped and married Khushi in the temple. Now, you all must be wondering why I am saying all this, isn't it??? Well it's just because today I will show you the foundation of "Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon". There is a saying in bengali - "Pitar punne pitri joy" which if I translate in English will mean - "Children are blessed with Father's good deeds" and vice versa. Yes, and if the father was involved in bad deeds then his children are also cursed and have to pay for their Father's sins.  

The story is very simple. The sister went to abort the baby and is saved by her doting brother; the sister was devastated with the thoughts of how to name the baby when the father of the baby is not paid respect by her family and how will the society react to her baby??? Valid questions popped up on her mind and then came her brother being her savior who promised to provide her justice and stay by her side through thick and thin no matter what. Yes, that was the "Promise" by her brother that day which resulted in the form of outburst on her wife the very same day where he termed her as the "Reason", the "Golden Egg", the "Anda", behind all the bad happenings in their lives. He said - "naa tum meri zindagi mein aati aur naa Shyam yeh sab karta". What Arnav and Anjali don't know that this is what is called "Destiny", "Recreating History", history repeating itself, "Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi Bahu thi".

Yes, "Didi ke Saut" was ages ago and still prevailing now. The only difference is the "Saut" is just "Role playing" in the story line and not in actuality. Because as NK mentioned - "Tum ladkiyon ke maamle mein Anda ho, ekdum Zero". Yes, what ASR thought is the "Reason" and the root cause of the entire problem, actually never existed in reality, hence the Anda turned out to be a zero, just as a 3 dimensional figure became a 2 dimensional one; one which you can only draw but never feel it and touch it because it is not "Solid".The very understanding of the problem itself is not existent.So, then what is "Didi ke Saut" actually and what is that "Pyaar" which is without a name??? ASR had given a name to his love and whatever the MU is between Arnav and Khushi will be solved in any case but then why the story is still "Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon"??? Well, here is the "Twist in the Tale". Post reveal of Shyam the story only focused on the basic plot and what role exactly Shyam played in this entire scenario and why in the first place he married Anjali and ditched her just because of a girl??? At the same time he twisted his love for the other girl also, why??? What is the "Purpose" of this antagonist??? 

Now we need to go to "Mathura" and the peep in the past of Arnav and Anjali's life and see what exactly happened 12 years back that changed all their lives. Why always when ASR looks back he visits the horrendous memory of his Mom's suicide and his sister's wedding which is directly linked to Khushi??? Is it really Khushi or an incident that puts Khushi in the frontend whereas Shyam's wrongdoings play in the backend??? What is it??? Well now the CVs have decided the plot and it was described since the hospital scene aired.

Let was look at the hints now. The CVs have almost maintained number etymology but now the Past is been designed with the "Movie Themes". We have the following:-

Masoom:- Story of acceptance of an illegitimate child

Akeyla:-  Story of a lonely person seeking revenge

Kalakaar:-  Cancer is the cuprit in this love story of a poor boy with a rich girl where they both die in the end.

Janbaaz:- Story of lust turned to love and rebel of a brother  

Deedar:- Story of two lovers caught between family where one's Dad is responsible for the death of the other's.

Deewar:- Story of 2 brothers walking on different paths and one of them have the Mother

Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi:- History repeating itself.

Any guesses here??? Lets see. We have Khushi's birthday cake sitting in the fridge cold, masoom and akeyla, right??? what did NK say??? Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi and charpai and anda and zero. Arnav asked Naani to make Puri and "Mathura"Aloo, Anjali talks with Naani; Arnav's gift of crystal embedded saree; Well scattered isn't it??? Now what I will write, read it carefully. This is a story of the past.

The EXACT same scene that happened between Arnav and Anjali also happened in Mathura 12 years ago where an innocent and pure woman gave birth to a baby boy and upon giving birth she slipped into coma or infinite unconsciousness; it was that moment her brother for whom his sister was a "Mother Figure" taken an oath to "Sabotage" the person and his family who destroyed his sister's life and abandoned her and refused to give their "Love Child" - A Name. He promised to take revenge again that family and make sure that the baby boy is accepted by them. The brother is non-other than "Shyam Manohar Jha". For Shyam, Anjali and Arnav's Mother is - his "Didi ke Saut". The Man who ditched his sister is -ASR and Anjali's Dad. Yes, this year it will Shyam and Anjali's 5th year Wedding Anniversary and his Nephew who is Anjali and Arnav's half-brother will be 12 years old. When Arnav wished Khushi it was 5 mins to 12 and then we get to know the cake was sitting in the fridge cold, masoom and akeyla. What did Anjali say to Arnav in the hospital??? "woh baccha akeyla rahega" and yeah the baby will be akeyla but it also meant that Shyam will be fighting for justice, Akeyla. Masoom is related to giving acceptance of an illegitimate child and that is what is Shyam's intention and primary focus. The day ASR's half-brother was born Shyam's sister slipped into coma and she was tied to the charpai, which means "bed /cot". The moment NK said this the camera focused on Khushi sleeping on the bed. Then NK said - "gusse ko andar karo" with his famous dialogue - "kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi". Here goes Charpai which is bed /cot and "Upai", means "Solution" and Shyam's solution - "Recreating History" and taking revenge. 

He created the same situation for ASR and Anjali where their Dad had put Shyam in that condition ages ago. The only difference is that Khushi is not the "Saut" but just "Role Playing" it. Hence, NK's dialogue of - "Tum ladkiyon ke maamle mein ek dum anda ho, bilkul zero" which proved ASR's dialogue of misinterpreting the "wrong reason" of the entire problem.

Let us see the movies and their role playing. [Just take the thematic approach and not the actual story]

Masoom = ASR and Anjali's half brother

Kalakaar = Anjali Shyam

Deewar = ASR and his half brother

Akeyla = Shyam and his nephew

Janbaaz = ASR's Dad and Shyam's sister and Shyam's rebel

Deedar = Khushi Arnav and Anjali Shyam [looks like]

In all the above movies the theme was of revenge and death of the unjust. Whether or not Shyam will be executed in the end or will be accepted only time and TRP will tell, till then like NK said - "apne kaan se rui hata do" and ASR and Anjali have to listen to the truth, which is very crude but truth after all is the "Truth" which is why she uttered - "Mujhe sach janna hain".

Yesterday's episode showed us Anjali and Arnav visiting their grandparents house and having puri and Mathura aloo which indicated Shyam and his sister are from Mathura and probably they are still there. I loved the scene where Anjali was about to eat the puri made by Naani [remember Puri Kumaari???] but she didn't eat it as the reminder from the hospital came in. The baby girl will be saved and will see the dawn of the day. There are changes in the track as I could see due to unavoidable circumstances and there will be no twins or baby split I guess as now the story will move towards the past also with more and more drama, which should be good for TRP along with romance between Khushi and Arnav. I liked Anjali Naani scene which proved Anjali will have a baby girl where as Shyam's sister delivered a baby boy [Mathura Aloo, remember Aloo Kumar].

ASR bought the saree with crystals embedded and crystals are symbol of virginity, purity and innocence the same way ASR's Mom was also innocent and the same way Shaym's sister too. But the basic problem is their way of understanding the women. No one could ever see the true women, neither ASR's Dad, nor he himself and not even Shyam. Absolutely no one. The morale of the story is ASR's Mom was NEVER the "Saut" and Khushi is also NOT the "Saut". But they both are caught in the wrong side - "Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi". 


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PartyHip Hip HorayParty

300 episodes, Another Milestone, Another Feather

Love hurts. Love heals. Love is joy. Loves is pain. Love never fails


" A woman's sense of self is defined through her feelings
& the quality of her relationships. "
" A man's sense of self is defined through his ability to achieve results. " John Gray

Two different views, two different visions
Didnt we see this tonite, Khushi wanting to keep happy, the whole world, Di, mamiji and Payal Akash.Arnav wanting to see Khushi happy, A smile is all he wants for all his efforts.
The episode tonite opened with once agn Arnav giving the gift to Khushi and she rejects it and once agn a blow to him, which unsurps him for a few moments, Khushi is giving him one of the worst jabs and action intentionally trying to hurt him, the only man she loves and she isnt happy with herself yet something is not well with her one can see that, Khushi a women who is happy with a simple wish, can she behave so rude and compromising to Him, and why the snubs
the next scene deals with and we have a monologue from khushi,She sits with DM sharing herself, has she ever shared herself with anyone, no one but NK was that person who became confidante, her frnd a person she trusts and has shared herself in bits... Khushi tonite is touched by him,by his gesture, he she has this saree in her hand when she sits pouring her
heart to DM. She pretends to be unaffected by him his gestures ,,,, dictionary defines pretending as act or speak in a manner to make it appear it like its not the case & she has accepted him but she also believes if she will be with him, she gonna bring trouble with hiutoo she continue her characde but she is also the sunshine which brings the light to the his world, she is the only reason wh can pull Arnav away for ASR and let him live a few moments of careless existence, where his burden of the world he carries gets relieved.
Arnav leaves miffed and reaches NK and gives him a pc of mind & NK tries to reason with HIm.

" Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. "
Marcel Proust

Once agn we see a determined Arnav who wants to do something to bring her smile back, this time he wants to do all by himself with the faith in himself that he will win her back, he has faith in his love
These two hv been always on the opposite side of the pole but slowly with these efforts he is
learning her small things which bring smile to her and she is learning that she matters to him, A part of his world, Tonite she mite hv rebuffed him, but one say she will appreaciate it.
We see a determined Khushi talking to Akash abt vacation and his outburst with payal and Payal and bearing the brunt
A visibly hurt payal gvs Khushi a few hards words but it got two important point
1 Hum sirf khushi ki bahen nahi Payal bhi hain
2 Hamare aur Akash ke beech mein jo ho raha hai wo hamara aapas ka mamala hai
Payal tonite a valuebale lesson to Khushi that you might consider your husband family as urs but it is there bcz of him and no one should be meddling in between the two, Khushi hasnr got this tonite bur she will get Arnav will make sure she will In these few months with Arnav Khushi has learnt a lot of lesson abt humanity, shyam and truth she had nvr thought such consequences of her simple action of not telling anjali the truth at the start.
Once agn we see the determination in these two do do things right, I always seen a lot of similarity between them they are determined, they care abt their world and they are in love with each other, they matter to each other.
and then we see NK gving Arnav lessons abt winning Khushi, He takes Arnav walk down the memory Lane,
he tells himto realise the importance of Khushi, how and where it started and one of the most important journey he takes down memory lane where he saw the the first fall in his lap, in his office and GH and he says the most important her will never failed, A beautiful characterstic of Khushi, it reminds him his reasons for love for Khushi and most importantly what forms
When you struggle with your partner, you are struggling with yourself.
Every fault you see in them touches a denied weakness in yourself. "
Deepak Chopra

if Monday was doing something for Khushi then Tue was walk the extra mile and  tonite it was walk down the memory lane, all important components of continuing a relationship, adding the spice in it. If you want a realtion to be growing and alive you should take a journey dwn the moemory lane and relive the beautiful moments,
but I believe Arnav will be able to win her smile bcz in a realtionship you grow, you learn and compromise and he has started the journey for her already. Micheal Formica in his ten elements of successful relationship mentions Respect, Humor,Transparency, Sacred space, Passion, Sharing responsibility as few of them and both Arnav and Khushi hv these only a few more they will reach the destination
Dedication for Khushi & Arnav Singh Raizada

" Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you.
 They are not perfect but are always perfect for you. "
Arnav thoughts abt Khushi
Beautiful Lady
A beautiful lady with eyes on fire,
That sparkle and laugh, that can smile and cry,
I love your eyes so clear and true.
Beautiful lady I adore you.
A twinkling look that bubbles bright,
With a heart to care, and a heart to love,
With hands to hold, and hands to help,
Beautiful lady there to give.
Beautiful lady, a smile so bright,
So warm and gentle, so soft. A delight.
A voice so clear,
That calms and soothes, a voice that wipes all fears.
Beautiful lady,
I'll give to you, my thoughts, my prayers, my hopes,
I offer you my heart, my strength.
My love is yours for ever.
Beautiful lady,
I love you as you are.
- Graham R. Bryan -
Thank you all for being a part of Redux and letting me in.

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Next, big jhappi to CV's for Khushi's monologue! Her talk broke my last night's jalebi mind into sensible tukkdas. I'm glad that you made her talk to Devi Maiyya - very nice touch!

Smile, an everlasting smile,
A smile can bring you near to me...

That's all Arnav longs to see on his Khushi's face. Her endearing, joyful, lovely smile.

Her smile that represents her name, her smile that brings lightness to him, a smile that captivates other's and spread's happiness in other people's life.

What he is unable to see, is that Khushi's smile originates from the contentment of others. She will be happy only if the people around her are free of pain and trouble. How can she go around having fun, and enjoying while his family is still reeling from the after-effects of Shyam's truth because of her?

As an orphan who was taken in by Shashiji and Garimaji at the age of 8, Khushi is grateful for having been given a home, a family, an upbringing and support. It is this very gratitude that propels her to share it with others too.

She understands the value of having people who care about her in life. The generous soul that she is, she constantly gives this same feeling of 'warmth and love' to others. Selfless as she is, she doesn't keep her happiness to herself alone... no, it has to be shared, the joy, the laughter - it is for everyone, not just her.

Like I mentioned yesterday, Khushi's happiness comes from other's happiness. With Anjali, Maamiji, and the trouble between Payal-Aakash -
Khushi is disturbed by it all.

But now, when she herself is part of the root cause of everyone's unhappiness and turmoil, when she is the reason for Arnav's family trying to get back on their feet, when she is responsible for the mess - how can she possibly be selfish to indulge in happiness at such a moment?

That is one part of her monologue to Devi Maiyya - the 'happiness' part... don't take the whole monologue as ONE. The next part was about Arnav.

Her forgiving spirit is well evident in her monologue today - but the hurt is still there in her heart. She is pained that Arnav blamed her for the situation, she knows where he is coming from, and she understands it all - but that doesn't rid her from the feeling that her love, her husband thought of her that way.

Even though she likes his gifts, and his efforts, even though she can see how much he is doing to please her, she is unable to smile because right now his words and his actions are confusing her.

On one hand he blames her for the whole pain his sister is going through, then he apologizes, then brings in the contract to stop her - becoming 'Shaitaan' for her, and last he is trying every possible way to get her to be happy again.

Now, her being happy has got nothing to do with Arnav getting her gifts/pleasing her - her being happy will come when the rest of the family is at peace.

In this part, it is his words that night that have pierced her sensitive heart. She knows he is partly right, and she has forgiven him too, because she understands the pain he is going through as a brother. But after that, even though she does know he loves her, the minute he words out 'Contract' it again leaves her in a quandary.

They had gone through so much, almost faced death, they had stood together during the most threatening times, and had given in to one another... after all this, he brings up the contract!

So what is really in his head? What is the meaning of all that he is doing? "Pal main Shaitaan, aur doosre hi pal main Rajkumar". That's how Arnav is right now for Khushi.

"Kuch cheezein nahi badalte... lekin kuch baatein badli toh jaa sakti hai na..."

Khushi knows that there will always be ASR who will overshadow Arnav for most part of the time. Arnav has just started to peek from the brass vessel of ASR right now for her. There will always be moments when ASR will come out and this will never change.

But, she can bring out Arnav from ASR from time to time, can she not? Isn't she doing that right now?

Another interpretation that I got from those lines were about the contract. The Contract is already set, documented and done. It will soon reach termination. He has already held it up in front of her face in bold letters 'CONTRACT' - that can't be changed.

But, the moment he discards it, the moment he rubbishes it, the moment he tells her that he cares a fig about the damn contract - then, it would change their equation for better! - kuch baatein badli toh jaa sakti hai na. It was the word 'baatein' that made me rope in to this interpretation.

I think, somewhere, Khushi is hoping that Arnav comes up to her, tears the contract, burns it and flushes it out! Well, that's a slightly lighter view of looking at her last few lines! LOL

"Aap ye sab toh khareed sakte, par aap hamaari muskuraahat nahi khareed paye!"

Khushi's happiness comes from genuine, heartfelt, soulful and personal moments. Listen to what she tells Arnav: that you can buy all of these things to make me happy, but you can't buy my smile/happiness. A smile/happiness cannot be 'bought'. For Khushi, the simple, little things, with touches of love, hints of care, and being natural is the way to charm her to smile. He has to connect to her heart, to her soul, to an understanding of her to curve her lips into a sweet smile.

Moving on, Khushi got a small lesson today that always doing something good for someone doesn't necessarily mean that you can solve their problem.

Though her intentions are good, they may not result in happiness for the other person. She has already been told time and again by Arnav to not interfere and meddle around in other people's problem's ' but this girl who is a survivor, likes to see other's surviving too, and hence sets off to be their saviour from troubles, not realizing that her saviour act may create more battles and arguments for the people she is saving.

Payal has returned from her long slumber. Payal will stand up and fight her own battles only when things cross their ultimate limit. She understands her husband's anger, she understands why he is upset, and she knows he needs time to listen to her. Her dialogue to Khushi was superb, "hum thak gayye sabko ye baatake ki hum sirf Khushi ki behen nahi hai, hum Payal hai!" -- Bravo Payal!!

Okay, I'm running short of time here... so will wrap up as concisely as possible:

ASR is still ASR for others - for people he loves he is Arnav - a softer, mellower, kinder version of ASR. Arnav is the child that hid within the brass vessel of ASR. Khushi's love and his love for Khushi is bringing out the small boy Arnav in front of us. He is still very much in character!

ASR was once upon a time Arnav. A boy who laughed, who was smiling at his sister's wedding, who was full of life, of pranks, and naughtiness. He had a light, fun, sporting, sweet, caring, loving side to him.

Khushi's entrance in his life made him slowly revisit those old childhood nature of Arnav. Her constant friction with him, her words, her feelings, her distinct touches of care, and love are all giving the small Arnav confidence to come out from ASR's shell.

So, I don't feel he is out of character AT ALL!! Let him hide in a closet, or do silly, fun, mad stuff - IT IS ALL A PART OF HIM...




Arnav doesn't tell NK the truly romantic bits - the passionate, intense, lovely moments are private between him and Khushi.

Also, the moment I saw this scene I was reminded of Khushi's monologue:

"Kuch rishteein ajeeb hi dor mein bandhe hote hai,
Takraar se shuru hote hai, Nafrat ke saayein mein panapte hai..."

When Arnav was narrating all the 'horrific' incidents that happened between him and Khushi, he was talking about the underlying feeling of love that existed in all those hateful moments between them!

NK's dialogues: durghatna - either to Khushi, Arnav, or the unborn child?... love is blind - for Anjali? Blind in her love for Shyam, dekh ke chalo - caution for what is coming up - Shyam!

Anjali - bahut ulajh gaye na - Seeing Anjali's long hair, and talking about 'tangles' I could only think of Rapunzel (I had written in an earlier analysis too about this, can't remember which). Anyway, Naani unkotting the tangles, and Anjali askling her what is the truth made me think that Naani will be the one to sort out all the confusion in Anjali's mind. Especially about Khushi.

Sach kya hai naani... Chotte ya Shyam: She believes both men, both men hold importance in her life. But both can't be right, and both can't be wrong. So, which one of them is telling the truth, which one of them has broken her world? Anyway, the truth will be out in sometime!

Arnav walks down the steps to Khushi: Couldn't help seeing it as Arnav finally coming and matching Khushi's wavelength, and getting to understand how this girl works her way through life. In her own way, she is bringing him down to her position of her lifestyle, her funda in life - Arnav will be the first one in this relationship to understand his better half. Khushi being a late bloomer, will get to his wavelength a bit later on.

Ab hume kuch karna hoga: to manao payal? I'm just hoping that it is to manoa Payal, and not come up wih some other plan for Payal-Aakash. Since she said it in context to PAyal being angry with her, I'm hoping that it is to do something funny to cool down her Jiji's gussa on her.

Invitation: This everyone knows - re-marriage!! Big smile

Wanted to write more, but sigh, ecklecticity went off out here, and then pushed my schedule haywire! Confused So, only this much from me today!

@DB: Dekho chaand aaya... chaand nazar aaya!! Tongue LOL Very very glad to see you reserve on Redux itne dinon baad DB!!! Hug

See ya,

Nia Tongue

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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OMG OMG OMG...what the?? is back with full force...

Tour De Brain:

An exploration of the thoughts of the RM members


Roothay ho tum tum ko kaise manayen piya...Oh hi you are here ...let me get some facts clear see I do realize that I have been super harsh and mean with her & that too with no fault of hers. I am irrevocably in love with her and my main agenda right now is to make her happy, make her smile...but What the?? I am the great Arnav Singh Raizada how can she not accept my gift, they are  best in line... I will force her to wear it like I shoved the cake down her throat yesterday...knock knock ...who's there?? NK's bhatakti vishesh tippani in your grey matter...Be polite, loving and nice..realization dawns oh I should tone down and simply states that I want her to wear the sari...what the she again refused UghhhAngry...para charh gaya..brain shut down strike announced!!! Next course of action...blast NK for none of the tips are working...knock knock...who's there?? Anjali di sab se sayani...waiting in the other room with nani...ughhh ignore..go tell her to eat biryani...

My brain:Oh is that right here waiting for you in the the music


Its my party i will cry if i want to...oh sorry no singing...I carry the weight of the world on my can I be happy and accept my husband's would be cruel to the world to smile and make my husband a bit live my life a bit...because shnativan ke neighbors ke doggy ki aunty ke dog chal base...nahin nahin achi baat nahin..pehle poori duniya ko khush kero phir khud khush ho...let me go see if i can find a new dog for the newly widowed Mrs. Dog... Oh yeh kiya jiji & jiju fighting..let me fix their problem too...mujhe her ek ke problem main taang arane ka bachpan se shoq hai...why should i consult the concerned member of the family when I can give suggestions and take decisions on their behalf and solve or try to to solve their problems...try to kerna banta hai na...see they always say..try try try until you succeed...ab di ke case main thora garbar hogaya...lekin chalo koi nahin jiji ka case sambhalte hian...mera kia I am an SP heroine I am doomed to suffer eternally until in the last episode i get my dose of happiness and the serial finishes & isi liye bad luck for Arnav ji he is my other half so he will face the same fate as me...Aaj mausam hai suhana...taang arane ka hia bahana..lalallala...kiya daant pari suhani, jiji bani aansoo ki rani lalalala...agla assignment aaya...Mrs dog ka swyamwar rachaya..lallalallalaa

My brain:Lo bhai gayi bhains paani main...

Mr Akash SR:

yehh kiya hua?, kab hua? kaise hua??..oh sorry i was just humming... I am angry, i hate it...aisa kiyun hota hia...bhai ne mujh se chupaya but main unko kuch keh nahin sakta...khushi ne mujhe is qabil na samjha ke mujhe bata saken though i did everything i could to avoid looking like a wimp..except for the pink dood rooh afza shirt...but then i gave my famous gusse wala Royal portrait or mughl-e-Azam pose..but un per kuch meri manliness ka impression jama nahin but chalo woh to pagal hian and woh jo kerti hai us ke peechay koi na koi karan zaroor hota hia*scratching head* mujhe main kiya kami nazar aayi...that she shared with NK and not me...NK ke paas aisa kiya hai jo mujhe main nahin *still scratching head*...anyways mere paas maa hai..lekin ye kiya...maa ne bhi mujhe nahin batane ke qabil samjha...not fair...lekin woh to maate hian woh sab jaanti hain..unke paas bhi koi na koi kaaran to hoga ...main unhain kiya kehsakta hoon...but ne bhi mujh se chupaya...woh payal jisko siwaye kapre dhone ke kuch nahin aata....woh jo her waqt apni behen ke bare main sochti hai..jab ASR ki tarhna dress up hui to kitni high heels pehen li...aur jab meri baari aayi to heel wear kerna to duur ki baat chalna hi bhool gayeen..uughhh...ooper se yeh kiya ab apni behen ko meri inspiration of ASR ke bare main bata diya...main honeymoon per kaise jaa sakta hoon jab bhai nahin gaye to...and waise bhi honeymoon ka ab kiya kerna jo kerna tha woh to hum ne Dilli main Bali main hi kerliya...but what the..I am sure Payal ke paas koi reason nahin tha chupane ka...i should blast Payal for hiding things from me and sharing with her sister while i use my Hermoine's bag(Harry potter wali)  inspired cupboard...didn't you see...main ne kaise pehle glasses ander daal diye...phir towel nikala..phir aaya gloasses nikale..towel ander phenk diya...usmain bubbli bhi bethi hai ander...and masala mama is fast asleep in there after eating a lot of masala food....yehi woh cupboard hai jis main se meri aik design ki shirts ke never ending colors nikalte hian...seriously i don't get them dyed from a dyer...they are in there...bohat saari...anyways let me go talk to Aman he is the only one who understands my importance...

My brain: No matter what you do dude..wear sky blue or stern expressions imitating ASR anger...I still can't stop ROFLing on the royal portrait and in ankhon ki masti..

Mrs PSR:

Kiyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi...oh aray aap?? aaiye aaiye...aap bethiye main zara tayyar ho rahi thi...dekhiye kiya hogaya...saasu maa poora faida utha rahi hain meri aur akash ki MU ka...unko to dadi hi theek rakhti hian...ab yeh khushi ne taang ara di honeymoon ki baat kerke...tabhi to akash ji itna bharak gaye...unhain lagta hoga ke hum ne khushi se kaha ke dilli main blai wale time per sab garbar hogaya tha...thora inexperienced thay na Akash ji *giggles* lekin koi baat nahin hamain koi problem nahin hia..siwai iske ke ab Akash ji ko lag raha hoga ke unki kamzori khushi ko pata lag gayi...yeh khushi bhi na..sab ulta seedah kerti hai...kabhi aqal se kaam nahin leti...ab hum akash ko kaise manaye...unhon ne kaha problem likh ker den ge taake hum khushi se share kersaken...hamare beech ka problem konsa wala likh ker den ge...start and end time of the process??...yeh to hum ne akash se pooch hi nahin..hum bhi na pagal hain...apne baal theek kerne main itna dehaan tha ke kaam ki baat poochna hi bhool gaye...lekin hum khushi ko daanten ge..acha ab hamain tayyar hona hai...byee

My brain: Oh so what are you going to do abt your husband and you..aisa hi chalta rahe ga ..mami & Hp doing your duties...why did you not talk to your husband the very night all this happened...


I'm the best I'm the best I'm the best..koi hero yahan koi zero yahan koi star hai..koi bekaar hai(nahin bekaar se i did not mean Akash)...aaiye pls bethiye..hum aap se baat kerna chate hain...i want my thoughts to be known to the world...yeh kiya baat hui...main itni innocent sweet and caring hoon..kaise koi mujhe hate kersakta hai...please meri pareshani ko samjhiye...mere piyare pati aise nahin hosakte...yaqeenan mera payara bhai kisi ke jaal main phans ker yeh batain keh raha hai...bechare mere pati aur bechara mera bhai...sab perfect hain and i want my world to be perfect as always..please understand me..I am emotionally drained...kitni pareshan  hoon main...acha ab aap ja sakte hain mera message doosron tak pohancha dijye ga...I am a barbie girl, in a barbie world, made of plastic its fantastic...

My brain: Shyam ji jaisa beta D'oha baby snake that twitches with music...


Yeh ILU ILU kiya hai yeh ILU ILU? Oh hi mere bhai welcome welcome...aap kiya dekhne aaye hain ..yahan there's a lot of stuff but abhi mat dekhiye i was just video chatting with my online girlfriend..abhi thori 'R' rated memories hain...lets discuss abt Nannav's love life...haan to unke romantic moments...kamre main band kero, first floor se neechay phenko, tooti bldg. main phansa do and rain main raaat bhar bhigao...oh no...khushi ji ke dekhte hian...garam tea phenko, chaqoo se waar kero...Oh my God yeh kaisa love hai...kiya yeh love hia...yeh kaisee story hai jis main maar dhaar hai, thrill hai but koi romance nahin how does one call it a love story??? mujhe nahin samajh main aaraha mere bhai...main apni saas ander bahar kerta hoon oh sorry i meant saans...taake Arnav ki tarhan mere kanon se dhuan na nikle aur sar per rouan..rouan you know baal, hair....haven't you seen his long hair lately?? mujhe waise nahin chaiye...but is Iss Pyar ko kiya naam doon?? or i should sing is story ko kiya naam doon??

My brain:Di ki saut...there was a reason that this was the working title 


 A long straight line no thougts ...but we heard something...what?? have a listen...

Now if  you like Arnav, Khushi, NK or his online GF, Akash, Payal, Aman, long gone kiddus or me please press 'LIKE'LOL

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                                             There is always some madness in love. 
                             But there is also always some reason in madness.

                                                                                                                                                                          Friedrich Nietzsche,

Paagalpan aur madness  to hai.. Jahaan Khushi ho wahaan paagalpan aur madness toh hoga hi.. Kya baat kah di aaj Nannav Singh Raizada ne..

Khushi is the sole reason for the madness in this love story.. So shall we begin the walk down the memory lane... How in the midst of this horror, thriller story... A LOVE like no other was born...

                                                 In all the Nafrat,they found mohabbat

Unhone nafrat bhi kuch is tarah kari.. Ki chaaroin taraf Mohabbat hi mohabbat nazar aayi!

Lets begin'

She did: Reached Sheesh Mahal in her quest to saver her sister's marriage.. Walked down the ramp of MR ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA's  fashion show.. Stumbled and fell in his arms'

He reacted: Imprisoned her in a room overnight.. Accused her of spoling the show on purpose.. Called her gold digger..Broke the string of pearls in anger.. And Broke her sister's marriage..

She dared::to tell him that he might be ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA, but he cannot be bigger than GOD.. She dared to argue with him.. dared to tell him that without the deity's help, nobody can do anything' Chaahe phir woh koi ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA hi kyun na ho'

He reacted:He released the clipping of her falling in his arms to the press.. to test how her god saves her now'

The ripples'She was molested by some goons.. Shyam saved her.. She had to leave for Delhi.. so that once again she was put directly in his path.. or shall I say Crash??

She crashed into his car' And told him off for all the hardships she and her family had faced because of the release of footage on his orders.. Promised him that she will pay back for the damage to his car..

He showed her once again, that money was central to life.. That she was worthless'

The result: She started looking for a job to pay him back.. Landing her into AR designs.. Smack in the middle of his business empire'She made a visible dent on ASR's brain.. As observed by his brother Akash Raizada

After an intense argument between the two of them yet again in the parking of AR designs, both unaware of the employer-employee status.. Asking her who was the idiot who gave her the job.. and she defending his employer..

 only to find out the next day..

She was the idiot who lit the diya.. and he was the idiot stupid person for whom she worked.. And then came the epic fall from the first floor to the box of cardboards' The fall riled her into telling him that she will not leave the office till he finds a valid reason to chuck her out.. 

The outcome: A contract was drawn.. (their first).. where if she resigns  before 15 days are up she has to pay up 1 lac.. and if he fires her, his name will not be ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.. He welcomed her to his HELL..

Lets forward to Payal's birthday, shall we'

He overheard her saying that she will be home early, he puts task after task in front of her.. She spoils the fur coat by washing it leading to the model walking off the sets, as he could not fire her' He forced her to wear the short skimpy dress.. She wore a beautiful red saree from his bridal collection.. And he was'. MESMERISED'  

To shake that tingling feeling, he made her direct traffic in his parking lot in rain' She shivered..  She was almost  run over by a car.. he removed her from the path and held her in his arms.. for the first time.. LOST in each other's eyes..

he offered her his coat.. She shoved him back in his hands..

what it did??? She gave him a vision of herself in RED.. A vision he could not shake.. His conscious pricked for the first time that he may be doing something wrong here to this girl.. which resulted him in giving her more work and paving her way to his HOME'

Ab now that she entered his home, she started intruding his personal life.. 

She let the cat out of the bag about Lavanya resulting in a very angry ASR who banished her from his office, to the Guest house.. the poor soul got stuck in the guest house.. He went running to save her when he realised that she had not reached home, and the guest house could collapse any minute.. He found her JUST in time.. She gave him a piece of her mind.. Shoving him in the chest 2 1/2 times..  Their first pinned to the wall moment.. He broke her bangles.. Her tears flowed down her cheek to his hand.. The touch of those pearl like tears stirred something.. And he felt the place in his chest he had forgotten he had tweak for the first time.. She fainted.. He carried her in his arms to the car and then home... AWW! Arnav's first Khushi lift..

The result: He started worrying about her well being.. Anxious.. She marched to his home, broke the contract and told him that there are things more important in life than his contract.. Anjali noticed Khushi's fire and courage.. hmmm

Fate brought them together again and again.. On Teej, he saw her fainting and about to fall.. he saved her once again.. his second Khushi's lift.. then he broke her fast..Wink

Lets go to their office on Sunday when she went to pick her stuff.. the first realisation that they were beginning to sense each other.. He was sitting and remember all the times they ran into each other.. She steps in.. He opens his eyes... Sensing her.. Walks to the glass wall.. sees her approaching, call her, she avoids him, he follows... she runs, he slams the door, breaking the knob.. Shouts at her, she cries..Phew! tears again.. He steps back.. Unable to see her tears.. He dupatta flies and lands at her face.. he picks it up.. She refuses to answer till he opens the door.. he breaks it down.. and she flees once again.. telling him to be happy, now that she is leaving forever for Lucknow... He is speechless...

what happened next?? He was haunted by the thought of her going away.. She was uneasy to leave Delhi..

DM had other plans.. He was troubled by her last words to him.. That she was going to Lucknow.. and once again she found herself in his house.. And he found her in his closet.. Shocked.. Another encounter,,, Outcome: He becomes the proud owner of her Payal..

Anjali had other plans.. Anji forces her to work for them.. he insults her and throws her out.. He had to bring her back.. This set in motion a daily dose of encounters and rabba veys.. 

Some epic moments being:

He insulted God once again..she schemed to get him down to pooja.. He left her in the middle of the road alone at night..She refused to get back in the car till he apologised.. He left her, she walked back home. He came searching for her..

She tried to get even by changing his ringtone, filling his shoes with mango juice, and filling the car tank with mishri.. He showed her, her aukaat.. she threw a cup of hot tea at his face.. Burned him badly.. He took the blame on himself when she was about to confess to Anjali..She then came to apologise.. Her loud cries making him uncomfortable.. and her apologies making him smile for the first time at her antics.. Kuch Kuch hona shuru hua..

On his parents barsi.. She saw a different side to him at the temple where he fulfilled the wishes of a lil girl.. She wanted to empathise and he blasted her off for false sympathy..only to realise she was an orphan like him..For the first time, he was guilt ridden and wanted to apologise..

Outcome:He said sorry to anyone for the first time.. She told him about her being orphaned at the age of 8 years.. believing her parents are stars.. her fear of dark and fast cars...A little too much information...

She kept interfering in his life.. convinced La for marriage.. resulting in LA leaving.. Then convincing him in her own dramatic way to get LA back.. She sees them hug.. and for some unknown reason.. tears fill her eyes.. He sees the tears...And is surprised...

Dhak Dhak: She realised that her heart starts racing whenever he was near.. She realised something was off in her heart..He started spending time at home.. they bumped.. they looked.. and they were lost.. Rabba vey..

She tried to keep away from him, she scolded him when he came to ask for sugar...he fainted.. And she was worried.. very very worried.. She reprimanded herself and went to tell him sorry.. And told him about the dhak dhak and acidity.. painting her face with besan.. And made him LAUGH for the first time.. the clouds of nafrat were being separated by the care and concern they started feeling..

result::: Aap hanste hue bilkul bhi laad governor nahi lagte..

She ended up going to nanital with him.. They had to spend the night at dhaba.. Khushi's doing of course.. She got ill.. he took care of her.. Feeling bad for what he did.. They started back.. and encountered some goons..Mistaking them for some runaway couple.. Hurting Khushi in the process.. He saw red.. And beat the responsible gunda to pulp...She tried to stop him.. Maar daalenge kya use? Haan maar daloonga.. iski himmat kaise hui.. WOHH!   RAGE filled his heart.. seeing her hurt like that...

What followed?? She asked him.. Kya ho gaya tha aapko? He could not understand what came over him.. why did he react like that.. Kal tak main usse itna pareshaan hota tha, to phir aaj...

her babuji was in hospital, She was broken.. He came to see her if she was ok.. She ran into his arms.. hugged him tighltly, crying her heart out..Shattered.. unable to hold back.. he frozen in the moment..unable to console her.. hating himself for not able to support her.. He pays the hospital bill, and when she breaks down down again.. keeps a protective hand over her head... Startling her.. All he wanted was to comfort her.. tell her everything will be alright..

The winds started blowing in the opposite direction from then onwards.. 

He gave her 2 silver coins, to bring a smile on her face.. He was totally lost after seeing her wrapped up in lights.. he helped her out.. but the vision and the memory stayed with them.. He asked her tum theek ho?  The attraction grew.. they came close.. So clooose.. 


An irresistible temptation in red.. in the middle of the diyas.. A provoking sight by the pool.. He donned her payal on her foot.. and lost control on himself.. and was about to kiss her.. when the spell broke.. And he was hit hard with the realisation that she makes him lose control.. and as he promised once, that if a girl who dared to send ripples in his world shall come by.. he will stay away from her.. He announced his engagement to lavanya.. broke her heart in the process.. telling her what happened meant NOTHING to him.. 

Result: She got engaged to Shyam.. 

She tried to leave his world and life.. but she kept coming back to him.. He found out about her engagement and was enraged.. asked her mujhe batana zaroori nahi samjha.. and the start of Farak pardta hai...

Result; he set his engagement date.. and made her in charge of all preparations.. 

She found out the truth about Shyam and once again cried on his shoulders.. unable to tell him the reason.. His worries spiking.. and led to the realisation.. that he never loved Lavanya.. He broke off his engagement too.. 

The love then started growing in the back ground of mini conflicts and challenges.. and it reached the peak.. where the feelings needed to be voiced.. Both lost in their loves.. Expecting a confession of their feelings for each other when the biggest storm rocked their worlds.. And the mohabbat which was there was overshadowed by a nafrat so powerful that it burned everything on its way... 

They started their married life unable to stand each other.. unable to breath the same air.. but in some corner still caring about each other.. The feelings buried deep deep deep somewhere.. She was unable to understand why was she blackmailed into this deal especially when she thought there was something beautiful brewing under the surface..  All the teasing.. all the concern he felt had flown out of the window.. She could only see deep hatred in his eyes.. the eyes which once twinkled with mischief when he looked at her..

But she could never back down.. She and her madness.. his constant companion.. She started with her antics.. made way into his bedroom, his cupboard and slowly back into his heart.. 

They confessed their love for each other under the influence of the bhaang.. he aware of it, she unaware of it once they were back to their senses..

He told her that it would be a torture to spend 6 months with her.. and he had to see her face daily.. she made herself scarce and he did not see her for almost 2 days.. His heart missing her.. His eyes constantly searching for her.. and he could no longer hold back... he went looking for her..

The battle of wills between the nafrat and the mohabbat continued until one day he told her the reason for the marriage.. And she realised that she had no right to be angry at him.. All the nafrat in her heart lost.. 

His nafrat reached another crescendo and he left her stranded at the airport but was waging a losing battle against the mohabbat in his heart.. Unable to leave her.. He turned back to go to her.. but was kidnapped... 

In captivity he broke the shackles around his heart and filled it with only mohabbat for her.. 

In his absence she realised that there was only mohabbat for him.. And she fought for his life.. Fought to save him.. and succeeded...

It is hard to find out where there was nafrat.. where there was mohabbat.. But i guess what they say is true.. Love and hate are 2 sides of the same coin.. One cannot exist without the other being present.. So when we hate.. are we hating what the other person makes us feel or are we hating that person..

After Listening to their nafrat and horror filled love story aisa lagta hai.. that we just hate what the person has done to us.. we don't hate the person.. we hate how helpless we feel in their love.. We hate the feeling of losing control of our lives, our heart and our actions.. We hate our NEED for the other.. We hate the INCOMPLETENESS we feel in the absence of the other.. We hate that we might LOSE them.. But we LOVE THEM...

A new phase of their life has begun.. where the mohabbat is the only emotion in their hearts.. Nafrat a long forgotten past... Even the memories which were all hateful.. are fondly remembered as journey to their love.. 

He is so determined to prove his love for her.. that he will stoop to her levels of paagal pan and antics.. the levels he once considered low and classless... He fondly remembers every incidence.. thinking about their journey together brings a smile to his face.. He is doing the unimaginable.. Doing the stuff for which he called her Unbelievable.. is there any lengths this transformed man would not go to??? 

Isn't it amazing how love can grow in the barren lands of hatred.. How love can overcome every hurdle.. every other emotion.. how love can change and mould a person.. 

Arnav Singh Raizada's love for a mere girl Khushi Kumari Gupta has turned him into a different person.. as nani once commented..

 "Pyaar to badi badi chattanoin ko hila deta hai.. Yeh to humaare Chotte hain"

PS: Happy 300th milestone.. A wonderful journey it has been...

The paagal pan and madness which ASR mentioned today was for all the fans and followers of IPK.. who spend day and night on this serial.. I am one of them and proud for that.. Its amazing how hard we try to find time in our busy schedules to catch this wonderful serial which has become a part of our lives daily ...

sorry for such a long post.. But once I started their journey of love.. I had to conclude it with them...

A heartfelt thanks to the people who like what i write..

To the felllow reduxians.. You guys rock!!!ClapClap

A special thanks to sandy.. who encouraged me to share this journey of nafrat and mohabbat with all of you...Hug

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To tell the truth, I had no intention of writing tonight, but got carried away seeing both Tanths and Doods on the front page. First and foremost, a big thank you to both of you. REDUX is such a cool place to hang out. And also a big thank you to Sandy for that wonderful, wonderful post yesterday... Love you too!

Tanths, I loved the title. "Mere Jeevan Saathi." What does it mean? Is it that nonsensical song? An old bollywood movie? Just an oft repeated phrase? A young dreamer's fantasy? Or a reality...

A reality which is different for each and every individual.

For some it is the person who his/her parents found for them and they are stuck with them for better or for the worse. How tedious, hmm? But take heart, it need not be so. Some do indeed plod along saying since this is my fate, I better accept it. Some break free and actively find or try to find happiness. Some work at it and do indeed make something beautiful out of it. While others are truly lucky and to their surprise, find that they have got exactly what they wanted or needed.

But there are others who find their partners on their own. Do they all have a happy ending? Just because they sailed out own their own, does that mean they ended up with the right pairing?

Here in IPKKND we have three such couples:-

1.       Anjali & Shyam, who apparently had a love marriage.

2.       Payal & Akash, who had a love cum arranged marriage.

3.       Khushi & Arnav, who married in haste and hate.

Anjali & Shyam:

"Inse pyaar mein panda' koi mushkil baat thodi na thi' "

"Yeh naa, humein bahut pyaar karte the. Humara bahut khayaal rakhte the. Jo humein apne pati mein khoobiyaan chahiye thi na, yeh sab in mein thi. Toh bas na bolne ka sawaal hi nahi uttha."

"Jeevan mein ek aisa insaan aata hai, jise aap har pal dekhna chahte ho. Raat ko sone se pehle, bas wohi ek chehra hota hai jo aap dekhna chahte ho. Subah utthne pe na, bas aisa lagta hai ki, unki nazar aap pe padein. Agar unhein koi dukh aaye na, toh bas dil karta hai ki kuch bhi karke woh dukh unke jeevan se hataa do. Bas, pata chal jaata hai."

This was Anjali. This was when she gave Khushi advice on how to identify the love of your life. Dissecting it rather unemotionally, I was struck by how cut and dried she sounded. Mine was an arranged marriage... so, I have no way of knowing whether she is right or wrong.LOL To me it sounded and it still does as if she had a checklist titled "humare pati ki khoobiyaan" and ticked them off one by one.LOL

Is it any wonder then that Shyam Manohar Jha, the master illusionist, found the checklist and worked on it and Anjali's emotions to his own benefit? Poor Anjali! She was a dreamer. And brought up in a family where her every wish was a command, she had no way of knowing the harsh realities of life. She had no inkling that love is accepting the recipient of your love as he or she is, warts and all. It is not about painting a perfect picture in your mind and then fitting the said person into that mould. It wouldn't work would it? No matter how much you or the other person tries, it will only serve in distorting that perfect picture...

Payal & Akash:

Love at first sight. Innocent looks. Sweet smiles. Gifts given in love. Gifts received with equal love. Stubborn love. Self-effacing love. He is adamant. She is reticent. Parental opposition which cause her to retreat even more. But he is still adamant. The Raizada genes come into play and with the help of his brother and her sister, they are united. The family is happy and a grand wedding is arranged. But was there understanding? Was there trust? Was there comraderie? Was there confidence- both in oneself and in the other? Sadly enough, no, there wasn't. This couple is at present finding it tough and they have a rocky ride in front of them.

Akash who was taken with Payal's simplicity and shyness, now finds her inadequate due to those very reasons. He is forgetting that his own mother is from a similar if not lower status than his wife. He finds it easier to believe a 9 year old than his wife. On top of all that, now crashes another headache' Payal hid the truth of Shyam from him. Bad timing... D'ohnow he finds fault with everything she does. He resents her caring for her sister when his sister is in trouble. He resents her cooking for Khushi when he needed to take lunch to the office. He resents her talking to her sister about him (though Payal certainly isn't guilty of that!).

Payal, the ideal wife, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and sister is being crucified for no fault of her own. The sweet even-tempered fianc is nowhere visible. In his place is a rigid, unbending and irate husband. At the moment she is in a hell, which is not wholly of her own making, and she is floundering. She wanted to tell the truth before the wedding, but was stopped by her mother. True after the wedding she could have come clean, but sometimes you are not brave enough to do things you should have done long back. It could happen to you and it could happen to me... sometimes when the right time is past... you will never find it again. Payal wanted to come clean before the wedding, but she was stopped. During and immediately after the wedding, it was clear to her that her MIL had issues with her. On top of that, her sister's wedding into the same family and in such a manner effectively gagged Mrs. Payal Singh Raizada. Throughout her married life she has had to prove to her husband's family that,

"Hum sirf Khushi ki behen hi nahi, Payal bhi hai"

The warts are becoming visible now. Will these two be able to accept them.


Khushi & Arnav:

They met, they fought, they fell in love.

And what a journey it has been. Impulsive, happy, careless Khushi, who can go to the ends of the earth for her loved ones. Moody, arrogant, rash and hot-tempered Arnav, who can go to the ends of the earth for his loved ones. They met and promptly misunderstood each other, rubbed each other up the wrong way. They came to know each other in mutual dislike. But most important they never hid their warts from each other. In fact they went all out and took unholy pleasure in showing themselves up in an extremely poor light to each other. Still the mutual pull flourished. They were taken by surprise when they found how much they were affected by each other. Now that they have gone through so much together, their bond is strong and true. There is a saying in Malayalam:

"Theeyil kuruthathu veyilathu vadilla"


"That which was born in the fire will not wilt in the sun"

Such is the bond between Arnav and Khushi. They started with thinking the worst of each other. This later led to reluctant tolerance. Then came understanding. All this while there were undercurrents of mutual attraction. There was a point in time when there was sudden realisation and subsequent denial. They even had to face the threat of separation. They were torn apart by a misunderstanding, which almost shattered them. they even survived Death.

Now there is love, attraction, understanding, trust and friendship between them now. But that won't stop these two from fighting. Because if Arnav and Khushi won't fight, then who will?LOL But they will be there for each other every step of the way.Embarrassed


"We need a witness to our lives. There's a billion people on the planet... I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you're promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things... all of it, all of the time, every day. You're saying 'Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness'."

-Beverly Clark (Susan Sarandon) in the movie, "Shall We Dance"


That is who it is, is it not? "Jeevan Sathi"... Your Witness for Life..

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