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Crooner 1.3 : Kuch Rishtey...ajeeb hi dor -UPDATED (Page 2)

amisuv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Congrats to the entire IPKKND Team & all of us crazy fans fr completing 300 episodes PartyParty
And a big thanks to the CVs fr making us relive those special moments in this " Hatke Love Story " of our dear Arnav & Khushi Clap Clap Clap 

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archanan14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Episode 300 - aka the 5 minutes that saved an entire production team! Congratulations to the entire team and here's to many more episodes!

Priya - loved the Crooner - you had me from the title "Kuch rishtey... ajeeb hi dor" - it was a great callback to that scene - to the relationship between these two. I want to say something on the point you made as well - I believe I have enough of a feminist in me, as well as enough of a drooler - I don't need to take out a flag to prove anything to anyone about which character I love better - and my love for Arnav & Khushi will always trump my love for either Arnav or Khushi separately. Why assume that this is going to be Arnav's redemption track? Can't it just be a man who is trying to manao his roothi wife? Why can't we wait to see what is ahead before we judge it on the basis of that one second of whatever it is that you see which is objectionable in it? Our own assumptions end up spoiling the show - we are so busy fighting for everyone's rights that we just forget to have fun. And I am very unabashed about the fact that I watch this serial for fun. So I will enjoy every track and when I stop enjoying it, I might just decide to stop watching the show, regardless of how much I love Barun or Sanaya or Arnav or Khushi.

Loved your point of view on the marketing Priya. Fact is that the marketing of the serial, regardless of what the premise used to be or how it started, was, from the day of the first promo - about Arnav and Khushi. However you might have thought of the story or characters - the fourth promo especially established that it was a relationship of love and hate - it was a story of intensity, passion and romance. Whether you like it or not, their jodi, their chemistry, their love is what runs this story completely. The newest promo is patchwork at best, with such an interesting voiceover that should have had fantastic visuals to accompany them and capture the interest of the audience.

I have felt that this stems from a lack of focus sometimes - we are definitely a Star One type show on a channel like Star Plus - there is no point in trying to make everyone happy. In an ideal world, where everyone realises what a brilliant serial this is, we would have everyone tuning into watch our show across all age groups - but that's not what happens. If that's the case, you should identify what your target audience is and work on capturing them in such a way that they never leave you - you already have that kind of following with your online audience, but TRPs = business always. Which makes the promotion strategy also very baffling - why keep airing promos of shows that are showing huge jumps? Scared of KBC coming up?

Ok, all points done - now episode time! LOVED the episode yesterday - a great way to celebrate the journey that Arnav and Khushi are on. The first scene was classic - I thought he might say "baby" or "sweetheart" for a second and I totally freaked out! But at the end, he just said what he wanted - he wanted to see her in that sari (seriously, forget about him, I want to see her in that sari!)... We also got the monologue we wanted to see, but I think it confused people more than getting things clarified - that flashback to the door that you talked about is very needed!

Akash and Payal - Khushi's interference as he sees it puts things in jeopardy, and Payal tells her to stay away - it's her marriage, and her life... But Akash who could see that Khushi is "pagal" before - who knows her and understands her - where is that understanding now? How did he turn into Mamiji's son suddenly? As it is I have huge issues with Mamiji's amnesia about Arnav's kidnapping and Khushi's efforts to get him back - she saw everything from close quarters - why pretend the kidnapping never happened?! Has anyone asked Arnav about it at all? He almost died, and so did Khushi!

Anjali's story is picking up as well - the questioning has finally started - the alarm in Naniji's eyes when she started talking about having a son just like Shyam... Defending her husband but also knowing that Chotey is not usually wrong... I liked how this is moving... It's very interesting!

The spirit of Khushi is crushed - that is very true - and that's why the storyline ahead has me enthralled - recreating old memories, oh my God! The precap was adorable! More than his charm also, she seemed to have a smile on her face... and just thinking about it has me completely anticipating 8pm today with such a desperation!

The flashbacks and the talk with NK that led to that moment was just wonderful - for those who believe that he was making light of those moments - he was not. Please understand he was smiling because he was thinking about the woman he loves and her madness, not about whether it was wrong or right. Whatever said and done, these are the two people we have - there are no excuses for who or what they are - they are flawed and proudly so... I've said this before as well - there is no rationalisation for why Arnav is this way or why Khushi is that way - both of them have deeply scarred pasts, but at the end of the day their characters are what they are, and that's all there is to it. There's no need for us to over analyse this at all and work ourselves up!

All in all - another win day for dialogues, and for Karan once more. I'm loving NK so much this time around! Barun and Sanaya - no need to mention how awesome they are! Barun was really unbelievably good yesterday! Technically things are improving a lot as well - the only point of disconnect once again was Daljeet - just not able to connect with her at all at this point, which is very sad because this should be the peak of her performance.

Congratulations to Gandhari - yesterday's was such an awesome post - it was so deserved! Haven't read any posts yet today and not sure when I can - but I'm sure today's star contenders will be many as well!

Last but not the least, RIP Rajesh Khanna. Seeing NK's dance moves like him yesterday was very uncanny. Here's to romance and love.

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Congratulations for a successful journey covering 300 episodes...this journey has been beautiful so far! Party

Congratulations GandhariHug

Amazing title and crooner Priya!!! Loved it...Kuch rishtey ajeeb hi dor mein bandhe hote hai! You were spot on the other day when you had said that Khushi had echoed the hatred in their story and t will be Arnav covering the love part. I remembered this as soon as Arnav smiled and said he knew what he had to do to win Khushi backClap Big smile.

I enjoyed the episode...for me, it was an episode where every character looked back at their own relationship with their loved ones. Everybody questioning what went wrong? where?!?

If there is anything lacking in Arnav and Khushi's relationship right is communication. They havent yet spoken to each other...they havent yet sorted out their differences. Once they do that, there wont be any need to look back. But the lack of communication is taking a toll on them. 

Arnav is so used to having everything going according to his order that it is beyond his comprehension as to why Khushi is still unhappy!!! He cant fathom why he is failing at every attempt to make his wife happy. Aisa kya ho gaya? he is unable to read her mind at the moment. What is making it even more frustrating for him is that Khushi hasnt opened up to him. She hasnt told him what she feels, what the reason for her unhappiness is. While he thinks it is because he missed her birthday, the actual issue is something bigger than that! He hasnt even given a thought to the harsh words he uttered the other night because he didnt mean any of it! So he is clueless why his wife is behaving the way she is. Her withdrawal into a shell has made him determined to win her heart back. He will go that extra mile just to get his pagal Khushi back. I agree with you Priya, while a woman struggles to fit into a new family, new home, new surrounding, the husband has to ensure his wife is he chooses to do it, is his look out. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. Arnav Singh Raizada has chosen to recreate and rebuild his love story with Khushi with the hope to reach out to her heartEmbarrassedEmbarrassed I am so interested to know what Mr Nannav will do to please his lady love.. He has told Khushi he wishes to see her in the sari he gifted her Blushing. Cant help but think of their first rain hug.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Words once spoken cannot be taken back...Arnav has no clue what damage those harsh words have done to Khushi! Like you said Priya, those words have crushed her spirit. The spirit that didnt crumble  when Arnav forcefully married her has been crushed by the very man she loves the most. She was guilty for having put the family through so much pain...what she needed was some reassurance. Instead she was made to believe that she was the root cause of the problem and the biggest mistake in Arnav's life. While she appreciates all that Arnav is doing for her, she is unable to imagine why Arnav doesnt understand her pain...hello girl, for that you need to tell him what is running in your mind. It is time these two sit and iron out all the differences they have with each other. While I am cent percent sure that Arnav will mend his ways and make up for all that he has made Khushi go through, he is no antaryami. Arnav has no clue that Khushi is so broken from within...this message has to be conveyed to him verbally. He should be made aware that he cannot get away after hurling such harsh words at her and this is something only Khushi can do. 

Anjali is slowly getting out of her initial shock. She has started to question which in my opinion is a progress towards seeing the truth. The two men in her life cannot be wrong but in this case, she has no clue whose side to take. With time, she will get there. I am thankful she hasnt turned negative and hasnt yet openly blamed Khushi for the mess. 

Aakash needs timeoutAngry. Dude, go and do some introspection. He cant blame Payal for every thing! Yes, he may be hurt because she chose to hide the truth, but that doesnt mean he behaves like a kid. Angry

I am glad Payal is standing up for herself...she has asked Khushi to stay away from her problems (Hug for Payal). Knowing Khushi and the innate nature of the TV show bahus, she will never keep quietLOLLOL

Mr Hotwa was excellent yesterday...when is he notD'oh. The subtle changes in his expressions are so well done...something that only he can do!Embarrassed

Mr cutewa is just getting too cute...sari pehni..tumne nahi usne...kisine nahi pehniLOLLOL. I really hope he stays back in RM forever. I dont want him to go back.

I have nothing to say about the forum's outburst...Sleepy. I am here for Arhi and they dont disappoint me ever and I am more than excited to be part of their beautiful journey.

Note to the CVs: What happened to the water tankers? Kaam nahi kar rahe hai kya? Should I send new water tankers to your sets?CryCry

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jakhushi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:29am | IP Logged

Scrambled Post of Scrambled Brain Alert! Ouch


Will need to keep it simple and pointwise today.


1st & foremost, a big congratulations to the entire team and the fans for 300th episode. A significant milestone for everyone associated with the show, the creatives, the PH, the actors and the Fans of this Amazing Show.


A very well articulated Crooner Priya ' lovely how point out the areas of improvement in the most structured manner! I do hope they continue to pay heed to your requests.


The episode began with a "Koi Option Nehi hai" to Khushi and progressed to a "Main tumhe iss sari mein Dekhna chahta huin Khushi".

That was the most romantic dialogue in the entire episode for me ' finally expressing that seeing her happy, looking beautiful is not just for her, but  his need too. A confession of lover alright!Embarrassed


BTW, "Babby..sweetheart" is haunting his memories too. WinkLOL

Like everyone, loved the chemistry between Karan & Barun. Barun brings out the best in far this has been Karan's best performance in IPK till date.


Looking forward to Arnav recreating their "Romantic" moments for Khushi'  It will be such a pleasure to see Barun and Sanaya's reversed reactions to the original scenes. I can't wait!



Anjali ' Nani scene was quite well handled ' she has started looking at the knots (Ulajh jatey hai ' brilliant, precise dialogue writing) and actually evaluating both sides. She could decide to follow either of her anchors, and that is definitely engaging.


Note To CVs (so what they will never see this Tongue )


My concern on the MISSING Conversation between the leads remain. However, I trust that you have planned this prior to embarking full-fledged on the next track. I have never focused on what is to come'so I will still stick by what said on my post on Monday ' please make my heart soar. Smile


Promotions ' Still remains adhoc and not well planned. This is a quick fix area, it just needs an acknowledgement by the PH that this needs immense improvement and better planning.


Khushi's monologue was a step towards the right direction in addressing some of the concerns highlighted by many. Unfortunately it left a lot to be desired. The main characters thoughts need to be well expressed, especially when you are trying to portray how her mind (and in this case heart too) is working.

It needs to be built on well, so please take adequate time on it so that your audience can reconnect with her, understand her agony. Don't depend on your past depiction of her to do that.

Every daily show, needs their audience to identify with the leads at some plane, that's what hooks them because they see a little of themselves going through the ups and down in the story. And for a show, unlike a written story, monologues are often the only way out.  It's the thoughts that make a person, the character. It has to be very well written, impactful ' else the opportunity cost is way too high.


Strength Based Selling ' Priya you have harped on this enough number of times and there is nothing of consequence that I can add. I can just hope the CVs understand the importance of this. Agreed, once cannot please everyone, but it is foolish not consider the feedback to understand whether what you consider your strength is actually your perceived strength by your audience. Your USP has been an unique love story and while Didi Ki Saut can be your subplot, it is not what gave you 3.5 TRPs. As long your strength is your core offering, your critiques will eventually understand you and reconnect! And there wont be any need to justify your (I still believe exceptional Story) on any social media sites.


Now, The trip down memory lane of your main love story can be a core selling point as long as you keep it crisp and tie it back to your present track. I hope you are able to do that.




Priya ' I loved your thoughts on Kuch Rishtey ajeeb dor se bandhey huye hotey hai. Arnav Khushi's relationship is one of the best examples of the same, tied by Love and Hate. Found an awesome VM which highlights this perfectly.

Such a better medium to express this than my scrambled words. Sharing this with the crooner buddies.


Credit : Himyname22


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subiscs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:29am | IP Logged

loved the crooner...aww the title!!!!!!Hug 
yayayay 300!!!! congrats to the entire team...we love the show!!!!!Heart

a good episode!!!! Love s not oly accepting each other for whatever they are but also  accommodating small changes that is healthy for a relationship!!!!!Smile

arnav - khushi ::

pareshan pareshan pareshan !!! cos he s just not able to get whats running in her mind...what does she want...He has done stuff that is so not ASR , he even mellows down to tell her that he jus wants to see her in the saree!!!! not even a smile...awww!!!1 and ban came her reply like u said whispers of love s all that i s needed!!!!
Khushi is jus confused...she is not angry..she s torn between stuff..words always leave an impact..they love each other.but why did he bring in the contract..her mind is reeling with answers and well her husband will not talk abt it that easily...nor will tell her y he brought in the contract cos that him...and she will hesitate to go further for this will hit her everytime..that her..

arnav - nk ::: aww the jodi s jus the best!!!! loved them...all dialogues...romantic story not thriller...
the total moment of pride when he narrates the moments!!!! totally agree with u who is proud of the gal he has fallen in love with!!!!!Smile 
narrating the incident to nk esp abt the the first meet...dont kno if it might help in the future.but felt really good that apart from khushi payal and arnav ...Nk , khushi's friend knows it too!!!!
but yeah doesnt NK know that she calls him Laad Governor...***cough** cv' s forgot>>>***coughs***Big smile
madness yes it is!!!! when Nk jus lost it listening to the moments he had narrated...yes totally...moments..moments they have which they jus cannot classify ...which cannot help them to point of why they fell in love...their journey has been different,,,well iss pyaar ko kya naam doon???Embarrassed

subtext thoughts...hola!!!!Clap loved that priya!!!

akash -- seriously!!! can u jus sort out what the issue is...???i it trust or is it more now??? guess recessive genes of maami's are suddenly exhibiting dominance!!!!!Confused

payal finally telling her to step back and pointing out to stop solving everyone's else we are going to relive moments of madness...we  have akash payal suicide drama moment too!!!!! so maybe if not now...wish husband jus stands by wife if she has resolved on what to do on the kuch tho karna hai part...!!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

nani - anjali scene ---- suddenly she is shifting between phases!!!! slightly seeing things but still back to her base!!!! naani whatever it is please take her to satsang!!!! 

precap ---- awww asr ...charming...!!!! totally be it the angry young man , husband in love..ort he ruthless tycoon...the wonderful brother...what not...this guy jus bowls me over with everythingEmbarrassed

priya copyright karneka padi!!!!! promo kaha...bam suddenly next day promo appears!!!!Shocked 

even more in love with out entire cast...a big shout and loads of love to barun , karan and sanaya!!!!HugHug
gandhariii ----- Star awesomeee gal!!!! congratsssHugHug

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VkjThomsun Goldie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:29am | IP Logged
spsharmila Goldie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:30am | IP Logged

Waiting for your update priyaSmile

Congratulations Gandhari Clap Clap
Today's episode was nice...I did enjoy it as I tried to keep my expectations low LOL  LOL
Anjali is going through dilemma...whom to believe her husband or her brother...which is quite understandable, as no one offered any proofs Confused
Arnav is confusing me ...he seems to have completely forgotten anjali and his work Disapprove... and engaged himself in full time job of wooing his crazy wife LOL LOL ...he has got one-track mind  LOL 
I was not able to understand Khushi for last couple of days but her talk to DM cleared a few things...she is not upset with her husband and she will not be happy untill the family is suffereing

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Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Congratz Gandhari!! *passes the sash*

Arnav: The Mighty has been fallen ... By a girl Smile

Khushi: Confused Atma ... Confused

Message to Audience: Expect only madness & pagaalpan ... No usual mushy, mushy romance. This is not an everyday love story ... LOL


So finally we have got a monologue from Madam Khushi. So what I got from her monologue was -

1) She is utterly affected by the fact that she is perhaps spreading unhappiness in people's life now

2) She is not angry with Arnav

3) She is bothered with Arnav accusing her as guilty & then moving on

I understand the first point & so she is having trouble smiling but I don't understand what that has anything to do with accepting the Sari from Arnav. If I accept point two, I am not sure what point three refers too ' if she is not angry, she is not supposed to remember how Arnav accused her. I understand Khushi is not happy with her circumstances now because she has actually pronounced herself guilty for destroying Di's married life, making Mami unhappy & causing turbulence in her sister's married life. But why is she giving Arnav a hard time? Reminds me of Indrani Di's theory - she is running away from her own longing. The moment she said Arnav "you cannot buy my smile", all I could think of is Arnav reminding her of her Aukat all the time. This is it - Khushi is trying her ASR side when Arnav is trying his Khushi side. But has she forgotten about how Arnav needs her support too? She definitely is not like his family members that she will leave him alone assuming he is strong & has moved on! Bottom line is, Khushi is confused - torn between her nature to be the universal giver & her new found love. But why is she avoiding Arnav again? Ok, I am really confused here .. I will stop confusing you now too. Confused


Moving on to Arnav - for the first time I have nothing to advise him. Big smile He is on the right track. He is taking time and it will pay off. Man .. did I just love him today or what! His love, his anger, his frustration - everything was just so true to his character. NK summed him up perfectly today - he is fallen. The last 5 minutes was a reminder to him (& also to us) that his love story does not need NK's theoretical help. He has understood what he was doing wrong .. with them, only madness will work. Smile I agree with Priya .. we demand now his side of their Mohabbat part of the story.


For the first time today, I have preferred the Bromance over Romance. Hats Off, Barun Sobti! I officially declare you the King of Chemistry ' if you are given a chance, I think you will floor us with your chemistry with Laxmi too. No joking.


I am happy with Payal's steps to finally being in action today. Firstly, she tried to talk to Akash about their problem. Secondly, she asked Khushi to butt out - that was so  needed for Khushi too. Thirdly, she has voiced that she is firstly Payal - not only Khushi's sister; so being shadowed by other's identity has finally started to bother her. I have no idea what problem Akash was referring too -' I wonder whether he knows it himself - but it has to be lack of understanding, from my Point of View. I am looking forward to a good track here - the rift between this two has a great potential to add dimension to the storyline.


We also have finally gotten into Anjali's mind today. Anjali reminded me of Rapunzel (& that reminded me of Barun's haircut - thanks to crooner ladies LOL) - with her hair being combed and her uttering of being "tangled". So she is now willing to descend from the top of her castle and see the world. I am happy she finally sought to know the truth. How can she believe Shyam could stoop so low - hasn't he always been the perfect husband? How can she not believe Arnav - hasn't he always been right & just? I do have issues with how she is being dealt with by her family. I hated the breakfast scene in the previous episode - why is she left alone to have her breakfast at room? If it is due to health issues, at least someone should be with her - Nani or Mamiji. Having food on your own & alone is one of the loneliest moment one can have. Now that her bubble has already burst, why does not Arnav go and tell her his part of the story, before it is too late?


Precap: Awhhh ' enough said! Embarrassed


PS1: Why NK was surprised at hearing "Laad Governor"? He already knows it! Tongue

PS2: Who else hated Akash for saying "Khushi"? Angry Where did the "ji" go? She is your elder borther's wife for God's sake. His genes from his mom are getting alarmingly active .. I assume.

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