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Crooner 1.3 : Kuch Rishtey...ajeeb hi dor -UPDATED (Page 17)

dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shwetachauhan

Congratulations to the entire IPK team and to all of us for the 300th episode of our most favorite show. Such a cherished journey, may it continue till ages!! Smile

A pretty balanced crooner Priya! Loved it like always.. The episode had begun to fall short on my expectations from a 300th until the last few minutes happened! And there it was.. IPK ki kahani, ASR ki zubaani!! What a feeling.. yes the horror love story.. so close to our hearts! i remember Amin sayaniWink

ASR has been doing what not to please his darling wife and when his patience starts to wear thin, he demands attention, commands approval, cooperation! But he has a strong headed obstinate wife who herself is confused about what to do! She is just sure of one thing.. if there is agony, any confusion, bombard it all on her Arnav ji! Rest of the clan get all the due sweetness! So yes.. ASR is learning, Khushi is adjusting! But the wishes, they need to be voiced.. I wanna see you in a saree.. I want you to bring my smile back! Done! very wifey like...

Oh I love how you mentioned that ASR needs a friend too! And who could be better than NK! Such a sakha to Khushi, standing up when all looked haywire and morose! And now being the friend to Arnav, cheerful, light hearted, and most importantly fearless! I have always said he and Khushi are the only ones who have never been afraid of saying things to ASR's face, and thats why the friendship! Love the moments they share!! I hope it lasts Deba!

Anjali totally creeped me out when she said she wants a son like Shyam ji! Errrm Okhay! I think she realized how that sounded to Nani and how she was so confused about whether wanting a child like a father could be termed wrong.. it showed in the tears she shed in the very next moment! Oh what her life has become! Such an 'uljhan'! Its time to find the answers! Her musings reflect she is blaming Khushi, coz she checks the other two in the debacle triangle as 'cannot be wrong'! wow...i never thought in this way.

Khushi steps across another boundary and gets duly reprimanded by Payal..! She wants Khushi to stop with any interference in her married life! Payal wants to step out of Khushi's shadows and let her know that she can handle her problems herself! Akash's reaction to Khushi's advice was a very real, natural one! His bitterness for Khushi is beginning to show! Its not just Payal! Its Khushi he is more angry with!
But boy, calm down!

The last few minutes were a treat for every viewer! Kuchh rishte.. ajeeb hi dor mein bandhe hote hain! And what a way to show it! The mighty Arnav Singh Raizada has fallen for the fiery Khushi Kumari Gupta and though it was a horror all along, he admits its the love story for him! Awww... the expressions! The nonchalance, the ease, the reminiscence, but most of all the love!! This indeed is our fairytale too!Thumbs Up

PS: Agree with your subtext wholeheartedly! That part had me nodding most vigorously!!
PPS: I remember only too well how you were asking for the mohabbat part of the monologue and ho you said this is the right time for it!! I can only applaud you again at the brilliance and accuracy!
@ shweta, brilliant post...said everything with such ease.
@ blue me like and bakbak

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shwetachauhan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:23am | IP Logged

Sri.. Wish you many many happy returns of the day!!! Hug Hug

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Divya1503 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -SH-

Originally posted by Divya1503

Originally posted by -SH-

Another thing.. You already voiced it out... Mine would look much more like a teenage phan gurl's rant... But can we have a bit more of romance which we were 'promised' and what we have been waiting for ever since those 40 days came to an end.? If not that, then atleast a balance of romance with 'other' things. The patience is giving way to frustration now.. For an impatient saggi like me I've waited beyond my capacity... And again for what a sucker I've become for this love story I'll wait some more.. LOL

PS - WHAT happened to the water tankers? Tongue

In NK's words, woh ghum ne gaye LOL

Shocked Broken Heart

no heartbreaks pleeejj!!! Ouch 

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soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by soni.b

going back to what u said abt love, change and acceptance...well the change for me has to come from within...i cannot force my man to change because i want to but he will change because he wants to...if i have to change the person i fell in love with then what was it that i saw in him, which made me fall in love with him in the first place...same rule applies for khushi & arnav!!!! she fell for the laad governor and he for the paagal but cute girl and whatever changes happen, is because of their wanting to...the only problem is the change in arnav is evident to all while khushi's not so!!!!


till this point i understand her perfectly but what she does after that is not understandable...her convo with akaash was absolutely a no-no...why would she talk to akaash as if nothing has happened...what kind of dialogues were those...intentions notwithstanding...suggesting honeymoon...really???ConfusedConfused despite knowing very well what is happening in RM!!!! akaash not saying anything to her but takes it out on payal...don't blame him!!! he is hurt that payal broke the promise they had made to each other and it is between them...but i do agree with u priya abt portraying his hurt in a better manner!!!

now the the thing which irritated me is and i rarely get irritated... why does khushi feel her sister will be incapable of sorting out her marital problems...will she allow payal to interfere in her & arnav relation...don't think so!!! if she really wanted to help...she should have spoken to payal and not to akaash and her reason pretty are my jiji...then talk to jiji, know what the problem is exactly then suggest ur jiji if she needs ur advice on how to solve the situation!!!! where does it show khushi's maturity in handling situations just having good intentions are not enough!!! the whole khushi trying to solve payal's problem scene was badly handled!!!! btw am not upset with the character but people who conceived this scene!!!! sorry for the rant priya!!!

soni, hi
rarely do i get a chance to comment on your post, always too late and the next episode almost upon us. heartfelt post, great to read. i've left in the quotes the part i really liked.

all of us today are feeling the gap in khushi. our reasons might be slightly different in nuance, but overall we are all uncomfortable with the way she's being portrayed.

frankly i find no match between the girl she's grown and was evolving into and the things i saw yesterday.

most of all, i understand you're sad at everyone's sadness. i also would absolutely understand if you were hurt at arnav's words that night he lost control (yet again) and are even mad at him. but if you're the girl who has matured so much that you can lure shyam to save your husband, surely you can get your laad governor's ways? anger being a crucial and often apparent feature of the man

he loses it, all the time, nani has warned it's like his dad, this worrying trait of his. 

you've seen him say things he doesn't mean then apologise abjectly for it, with anjali the time you went looking for her. he was nasty to you in the midst of a mad day, his anger flared, it had to come out, he took it out on you. bad. but he returned. he apologised. he said mein tumhare bina and aur mein, the asr always in shell coming out only for you, love gave him the reason to. you gave him passive anger, cool, i understand, i even like. i think you're growing up, maybe ready to face your uncontrollable attraction for him even.

then you flip to comedy. reject all his efforts to make you happy, apologise in his way for the hurt he's caused. ok, you're giving it back to him.

but then he gives you what you want, in 5 minutes of utter beauty and memorable television. it was love and nothing else. the apnapan you wanted. how could the girl who had said to him hamesha when he asked can you hear me, do what you did to him?

you pretended you didn't hear. hamesha was what then?

then that confusing monologue. so you can't be happy when everyone is sad. but you can give him grief. spout holier than thou sentences on buying smiles. oh ok, he seems ready to put up with anything. maybe because he remembers that hamesha he said?

to further compound matters the loving good khushi now goes to give advice to bro in law. your fabulous take on that up there.

i do hope writers bring khushi back soon, the way they've tried to stay true to asr, the same thing for khushi please, she is a lovely character.  it is tough to develop her and sp nuns keep asking for sp-fication no doubt, but i am sure ipk won't let us down. 

baat sach ya jhoot ki nahin hai.
baat hai vishwas ki.

thanks di!!! sorry have not been able to respond to ur beautiful posts...have read them all...yesterday thought of replying...had stepped out for lunch and reached home 5 mins before 8 as u said too late in the day!!!! yes di don't like the way she is being portrayed and guess everyone knows i rarely rant or crib...but somehow yesterday just could not connect with her!!! jaani na kintu for the first time kal mon ta kharab lag chilo!!!
loved what u wrote abt khushi specially @bold!!!! the last bit putting my vishwas on the cvs of giving khushi back soon!!!

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Divya1503 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:25am | IP Logged
@shweta di loved ur post!!! Clap Clap

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srirao IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Thanks Shweta,,,Hug,,,read ur post just now...fab post ,,logical as always,,,,

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shwetachauhan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged

Mou.. trust me.. it wasnt as easy!! LOL Thank you sanam! Hug

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amisuv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Priya, what a Fantastic Crooner & that amazing quote with such an in-depth meaning Clap Clap 
A very pertinent question to the channel. The only thing which comes to my mind here is " Make hay will the sun shines " KBC starts in the month of August. So I can understand the need fr frentic promotions, bcoz once KBC starts the fall in TRPs is inevitable.
Coming to the subtext thoughts... The need fr parallel tracks. For a show to sustain itself fr 2-3 years, a decent side track becomes very important. As u rightly said Priya, it's a daily & it cant be Arnav-Khushi on screen all the time. But yes, the timing becomes very crucial here. The perfect time to explore these side tracks was during the kidnapping phase. And if CVs would have handled it wel then this DB fiasco would not have come up in the first place.
I had no issues with the Anjali or Payash track in yesterday's episode but going by the importance of the milestone episode, the screen space should have been limited.
I agree with u Priya, the CVs need to focus on Khushi's transformation in love & show her evolve from being a happy-go-lucky girl to a mature & rational woman. This is very crucial bcoz now this love story is about to step into a new phase of intensity & we wouldnt want the female character to back off citing immature reasons.
Now coming to the much awaited Khushi monologue. Yes Priya, the CVs ended up confusing the audience again. Simply bcoz the dialogues were quite condratictory & once again the audience couldnt connect with Khushi's true feelings. If she was not angry with him, then why reject his efforts?? If she feels that everybody in the house is unhappy & how can she celebrate, then why go ahead & suggest Aaaksh to go on a holiday?? When Arnav wished her Happy Birthday at midnight, she looked happy & satisfied, then why did she tell him yesterday that he couldnt bring a smile to her face??
Confusions galore Confused Confused
Lastly, another outstanding day at the office for our very own Mr.Perfect Thumbs Up 

Edited by amisuv - 19 July 2012 at 5:27am

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