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Crooner 1.3 : Kuch Rishtey...ajeeb hi dor -UPDATED (Page 13)

writ_in_water Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arch_nat1112

Episode 300 - aka the 5 minutes that saved an entire production team! Congratulations to the entire team and here's to many more episodes!

Priya - loved the Crooner - you had me from the title "Kuch rishtey... ajeeb hi dor" - it was a great callback to that scene - to the relationship between these two. I want to say something on the point you made as well - I believe I have enough of a feminist in me, as well as enough of a drooler - I don't need to take out a flag to prove anything to anyone about which character I love better - and my love for Arnav & Khushi will always trump my love for either Arnav or Khushi separately. Why assume that this is going to be Arnav's redemption track? Can't it just be a man who is trying to manao his roothi wife? Why can't we wait to see what is ahead before we judge it on the basis of that one second of whatever it is that you see which is objectionable in it? Our own assumptions end up spoiling the show - we are so busy fighting for everyone's rights that we just forget to have fun. And I am very unabashed about the fact that I watch this serial for fun. So I will enjoy every track and when I stop enjoying it, I might just decide to stop watching the show, regardless of how much I love Barun or Sanaya or Arnav or Khushi.

Loved your point of view on the marketing Priya. Fact is that the marketing of the serial, regardless of what the premise used to be or how it started, was, from the day of the first promo - about Arnav and Khushi. However you might have thought of the story or characters - the fourth promo especially established that it was a relationship of love and hate - it was a story of intensity, passion and romance. Whether you like it or not, their jodi, their chemistry, their love is what runs this story completely. The newest promo is patchwork at best, with such an interesting voiceover that should have had fantastic visuals to accompany them and capture the interest of the audience.

I have felt that this stems from a lack of focus sometimes - we are definitely a Star One type show on a channel like Star Plus - there is no point in trying to make everyone happy. In an ideal world, where everyone realises what a brilliant serial this is, we would have everyone tuning into watch our show across all age groups - but that's not what happens. If that's the case, you should identify what your target audience is and work on capturing them in such a way that they never leave you - you already have that kind of following with your online audience, but TRPs = business always. Which makes the promotion strategy also very baffling - why keep airing promos of shows that are showing huge jumps? Scared of KBC coming up?

Ok, all points done - now episode time! LOVED the episode yesterday - a great way to celebrate the journey that Arnav and Khushi are on. The first scene was classic - I thought he might say "baby" or "sweetheart" for a second and I totally freaked out! But at the end, he just said what he wanted - he wanted to see her in that sari (seriously, forget about him, I want to see her in that sari!)... We also got the monologue we wanted to see, but I think it confused people more than getting things clarified - that flashback to the door that you talked about is very needed!

Akash and Payal - Khushi's interference as he sees it puts things in jeopardy, and Payal tells her to stay away - it's her marriage, and her life... But Akash who could see that Khushi is "pagal" before - who knows her and understands her - where is that understanding now? How did he turn into Mamiji's son suddenly? As it is I have huge issues with Mamiji's amnesia about Arnav's kidnapping and Khushi's efforts to get him back - she saw everything from close quarters - why pretend the kidnapping never happened?! Has anyone asked Arnav about it at all? He almost died, and so did Khushi!

Anjali's story is picking up as well - the questioning has finally started - the alarm in Naniji's eyes when she started talking about having a son just like Shyam... Defending her husband but also knowing that Chotey is not usually wrong... I liked how this is moving... It's very interesting!

The spirit of Khushi is crushed - that is very true - and that's why the storyline ahead has me enthralled - recreating old memories, oh my God! The precap was adorable! More than his charm also, she seemed to have a smile on her face... and just thinking about it has me completely anticipating 8pm today with such a desperation!

The flashbacks and the talk with NK that led to that moment was just wonderful - for those who believe that he was making light of those moments - he was not. Please understand he was smiling because he was thinking about the woman he loves and her madness, not about whether it was wrong or right. Whatever said and done, these are the two people we have - there are no excuses for who or what they are - they are flawed and proudly so... I've said this before as well - there is no rationalisation for why Arnav is this way or why Khushi is that way - both of them have deeply scarred pasts, but at the end of the day their characters are what they are, and that's all there is to it. There's no need for us to over analyse this at all and work ourselves up!

All in all - another win day for dialogues, and for Karan once more. I'm loving NK so much this time around! Barun and Sanaya - no need to mention how awesome they are! Barun was really unbelievably good yesterday! Technically things are improving a lot as well - the only point of disconnect once again was Daljeet - just not able to connect with her at all at this point, which is very sad because this should be the peak of her performance.

Congratulations to Gandhari - yesterday's was such an awesome post - it was so deserved! Haven't read any posts yet today and not sure when I can - but I'm sure today's star contenders will be many as well!

Last but not the least, RIP Rajesh Khanna. Seeing NK's dance moves like him yesterday was very uncanny. Here's to romance and love.

for some reason, i am unable to like your post. getting an error message. loved your take! this forum's problem is precisely that. overanalysing everything and forgetting to enjoy the ride!

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Divya1503 IF-Sizzlerz

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loved the crooner priya di!!!Clap Clap
read all the posts! @gandhari di, soni di, anu di, nishi di, beena di, archu di, suba di, indi di, farha di, shivani di  loved all ur posts!!! Clap Clap Clap Clap   

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your bro is called arnab, he's a leo, and his daak naam is babumoshai. tell the girls to get ready to lose their hearts for hamesha. or maybe there's no need to, they already are lost forever.LOL

aww so nice to have a young younger brother. and be the tyrant didi. mine never let me exercise my tyranny potential. but he was very sad to hear of "kaka" as he said in his sms.

the greats go way beyond acting. they have that thing that words never can quite catch. rajesh khanna in amar prem so many many times had that indescribable thing in his eyes, in his trademark shake of head, in his tone of voice. and that's just one of his movies, apparently he had a run of 15 or sixteen consecutive hits in a span poof 5 odd years. astounding.
we're lucky, almost every night we catch a bit of that indescribable stuff on our telly screen, our computers, our iphones. 

here's looking at stars, brothers, actors, men in cupboards whoever they may be. 

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Divya1503 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 4:04am | IP Logged

GH just tweeted the pic

BS kaha hai????Confused Confused

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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@ priya, super crooner as always.ClapClapClap
loved your take on khushi's monologue and d fact that ASR needs a sounding board...he is so used to be d Man, d head of d family  that no body seemed to be really thinking about his very own emotional needs other than his dI, and now that Di herself needs so much support, NK fits d bill so perfect.
Akash too needs to be more clear about his anger...
and esp d mohabbat and nafrat...have wrote about it...but you have given a  total insight frm a diff perspective...loved it to d core...
and Barun's performance...StarStarStarStarStarStar 

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by mouramen

@ priya, grt quote.ClapClap..for d first time updating before you. will come in d aftertoon and read.

Zindagi kaisi yeh paheli hai'..

There was a day when we would smile with a chirpy Kushi kumari gupta ..want to hug d orphan girl when ill treated by others,,frown at  a certain Mr Raizada's accusations and way of actions'

Today we all cant help but just adore d cute efforts of hubby raizada and frown at Mrs KKGSR's obstinate attitude towards him.

Pyaar to bade bade pahad ko hila dete hain..yeh toh hamare chotey'..Nani knows her grandchildren so well' chotey is moving heaven n earth to bring back smile on khushi's face'like all d clueless husbands asking d most mundane questions : aisa kya ho gaya hai ke tum smile bhi nehi karti'..why cant you look at me?  It ticks him off'.he is almost about to go back to ASR mode But immediately remembers NK d love guru'.something'sweeet heart'ok I guess that was too much to ask from ASR right now'.so he softens'a humble request'..i want to see you in this red saree..i wanna cherish you.Heart

Madam ASR is not relenting at all'.but this time Arnav has fulfilled all d quintessential parameters of buying a gift'..then what happened? Why is d gift not accepted?

Confused? Me too'OuchOuch

Thank god here comes d monologue'd conservation between DM and her favourite child'.here we go 'd family is upset..di is in terrible state'jiji's married life looks unsettled then how can KKG be happy? She is upset with Arnavji and she is not upset with ArnavjiSleepySleepy'd gift has made its mark'his efforts have been recognized but d words hurled at her, d accusations'.has also done d needful'.she cant forget d contract part.

Mr ASR go for it''once you do it'there is no looking back.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Now d best part of d epi of course acc to me:

ek aur baar saans andar bahar bola toh main tumhara saansein rok dunga...
saans ko maro goliROFL
Bromance and d cousins sharing a horror love story'poor NK could nt pick d fine lines'd nuances'where did love came frm in this action packed thriller'.

NK it was your day'karan well done'ClapClapClap

Nafrat and Mohabbat'.so irresistible'.

Everytime they collide, one tripped, other held, picked her up, hurt her, fed her, saved her, made her cry, bandaged her injured fingure, made her to sit ups, say sorry, kept her out in cold and rains, send to her to d dilapidated guest house'

The retaliation came in d form of juice in his shoes, change of ring tone, tricking him to come down for Puja, give permission for sangeet, throwing d resignation at his face'..

What Arnav Singh Raizada doesn't share with his cousin is what he is gonna repeat for his Khushi'.d love part hiding in those horror stories'..a treat for us. D lady in red whose stole his breath, a girl whom he saved in d rains, a girl hiding in his cupboard, blowing nose in front of him, getting entangled in fairy lights'and him putting her payal back and that unfinished kiss'.


Nani-Anjali: kitna ulazh jate hain'for her all d relationships'she wants to know d truth'Shyam cant be bad and Chotey is not wrong'then whats d truth'.poor Nani she knows d truth but doesn't have d heart to disclose it 'neither she has a proof against Shyam other than d blind faith on her Grandson and Khushi. I feel really bad for Anjali. CryCryFirstly she cant accept d truth..secondly she is pregnant'how much a lady needs d company and TLC of her husband during this time every mother understands that'what is worse is'd more she dislikes Khushi's presence and her role in Anjali's married life d more she will distance herself from her chotey too. And if she voices her dislike then d relations are going to get more tangled'.DeadDead.


Payal : for d first time me too felt she is an individual other than Khushi's sister or mami's khoon bhari taang'what a desperate effort frm an average girl to pacify husband, win mil's heart and still be a good sister..d pain in her eyes when she stops khushi from interfering in their life is so evident'.well done Deepali.ClapClap


Aaksh: stop being a jerk. And don't throw wet towels inside d cupboard.AngryAngryAngry

wonderful 300th hatke daily soap...we still waiting for so many things dont worry we r not impatient esp BS for 70%screen time we are not complaining at all. Wink




fantastic post, mou Clap

what a kadak, layered connection that zindagi kaise hai pahli.

you said everything with that light naughty mouness but without missing the mark even once. beautiful.

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 4:20am | IP Logged
no dear, i dont think anybody will be fact you r more than welcome to put in your thoughts here.

No idea how I came 2nd position on this thread, I know many IF readers might be annoyed, next time wil be carefull about this. I am just a beginner, inspired by other writers.

Now that everyone gave their viewpints just two cents from my end.
Congratulations to IPK team on the stupendous success.Awesome episode. Waiting to see if Khushi would smile after seeing ASR in the cupboard. It was a cutest precap ever.

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 4:24am | IP Logged
lovely post. must say i absolutely admire your single minded devotion to what you've set your heart on. at present it's the rain hug. everything leads back to it, your wrap up line centres around it. reminds me of herbert lom in pink panther strikes again: everything led him back to "i will kill clouseau!"  LOLLOLLOL iss determination ko kya naam doon? when that hug finally happens i will know it was you and your vibes that brought it to us. the poor creatives had no idea what hit them. gorgeous gutter babe, dearest nishi thou.

on khushi, i will disagree with you a bit. the writers need to focus on what's really bothering her and stop moving back and forth along her character without any real traction. i have spoken nonstop about her today so shall desist from a holding forth, here's hoping writers get her back to us safe and beautiful and unutterably kkgsr soon. missing my girl.

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