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Crooner 1.3 : Kuch Rishtey...ajeeb hi dor -UPDATED (Page 11)

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Originally posted by honeypriya

Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by mashira

In between work and 3 back to back deadlines LOL but just had to peek in out of habit, I sneak in every 10 mins, even though I dnt commentEmbarrassed...loved ur write-up immensely...and obviously Rashmi no wonders you are the best at this ...
But loved ur take on Barun, and had to write - he was phenomenal yesterday - the "thairaav" in the prerformance, the confidence, the could be just in awe of him yesterday - forget the looks, the actor in him has grown in leaps and bounds - watch that scene where he says to NK "leave me alone" - how sure the actor is of himself !!!
And rightly wat u said at the end - in the precap - the ppl are divided in their reactions - but just on screen - he has made that larger thank life character such believable even when he was sitting in the closet - no meekness, no embarrasment on face - pure honesty and charm - wat an achievement of an actor - and as a fan of the actor makes you so proud  !!!

Thanks for liking Priya! Embarrassed yes, it is not about looks anymore...actually with Barun, it has never been. There is no denying his delicious good looks but it is his acting that takes even his looks to a higher state. I don't know how much of an input the creative team has on Barun's emoting or it is his own understanding but the final product is an astonishingly intelligent portrayal of a complex character and portrayed with such easy charm. I can only wish he gets the recognition he deserves!

and oh here I am, having to complete writing a 800 word piece before 4 pm and look what I am doing!!!!! *facepalm*  *back to MS Word* Ouch

by now i guess everyone here knows how much i like barun sobti. so i was thrilled to read this exchange, and mashira your quote on the actor bringing realism.

he is good looking no doubt, and at 27/28 at a certain peak in terms of looks and pure attractiveness i guess. but the day that he saw the scene on the terrace and i watched him watching and reacting, distinctly remember thinking: o my g, the boy has the potential to be a fabulous actor, one we will remember for a long long time.

that's the day he made asr absolutely real for me. even before the drive and the scream of feb 15.

subsequently, during my compulsive rewatches of scenes and episodes, i see the actor again and again. he delights every time. even during the most difficult days of iss pyaar ko, he never let asr down. through all the awkward strange stuff he was asked to do, he managed to keep his character alive and breathing oxygen.

in case you're interested jwmrk wrote a moving piece on him here.

do take a look. priya, i hope i'm not breaking any rules. somewhere in the thread i posted too. can't help myself when it comes to perhaps the finest actor i'll watch evolve from first awkward serial, to who knows where and what. 

we are in the days of letting many of our stars and beloved actors go into the night. pleasure to be around as one connects, finds himself, commits to his instinct, and comes into the light. 
Di anything on Barun - u dont have to think twice to put it here - this is a shamelessly declared Barun fan here - looks apart - to be amazed at his each expression, his each nuances are amazing - the person who can be just so oppsite in off screen - is such a Star on screen - very few people have that quality - and apart from many the two top most reasons for that are - super intelligent about your own strength and though you are lighter off screen - you are highly connecetd to yur on screen persona - and it merges after a point - this is nt a 3hr movie - where u shoot for 60 days - portray that character and move on - here the duration is more - you living that character a lot longer and you have absorbed that image compleltely.
Like Rashmi said, yess no doubt the team working on ASR is highly applaudable no doubt , its the director and the creators vision day after day - but no one teaches u to bring those frown line, lift that eyebrow, narrow ur lips before saying "khushi main tumhe yeh pehne dekhna chaahata hoon" or go huskier or softer and next time raise the pitch of the voice - director cn even enact the scene for you - but at the end of the day - its the actor who brings the image out !!!
Yes Di, have been grieving Rajesh Khanna's demise since ystrday - Ananda has got a special presence in my life - my bro is nick named Babumoshai by my parents with all the fondness - but then the saying goes - Ananda marte nahi hai, Ananda hameshaa rehte hain...
These are the golden stars Di...some men turn out to be good actors, there are lot of them around - but some cross beyond that - not only become stars - but we only get few who are - larger than life Stars - BS is on road to making of that - atleast with ASR he has successfully created that !!!

no one can direct you to say: i want to see you in this sari, the way he did.

or to look at her in that way before he said happy birthday.

or to say mein tumhare bina and aur mein with that just right measure of vulnerability without losing the asr edge.

or take off her hairpin with that half amused, half riveted air and say ab theek hai.

or collapse into his sister's lap suddenly overcome by fear and worry and sob, but not lose the character's feel.

or anything.

he takes the pointers from the director openly and intelligently i get the feeling, then just adds an incalculable amount of his own interpretation. most guys will tell you women read too much into their expressions and voice. i believe barun sobti feels all those feelings when he acts. no ramanchi. never. incredible, given the schedules and the changes in script and last minuteness of  daily soap. also, though he says there's nothing of asr in him, i've written earlier here, i believe there is; for everything really is in all of us to a lesser or greater degree. a fine actor goes to the right spot with his instinct and brings out what needs to be. 
ok, getting carried away. felt good though. 

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Originally posted by GanBarunFan


Thanks Omoraboti *receiving the sash*Embarrassed'feels a bit intimidating but great to follow someone like you. Honestly I'm still in shock!Shocked  Thank you Priya so much! It always means a lot if someone likes what you write and then to be in the company of Indi and Shweta...I'm in cloud 9 flying right next to superman Big smile

[Sorry for posting before your post is updated...just have an early wake up call tomorrow...will comment of the main crooner once it's updated]


Happy 300th fellow IPKKNDians.! I promised and made myself sit without any expectation for 300th episode'and I loved it! 

An episode that touched all the different storms brewing in RM..One treading on the uneasiness of the 1st level of adjustment in married life together. One trying to come out of the maze of confusion and the other is a husband's MU about where his wife's loyalty is (catalyzed by a very willing MIL)


Asr's patience is rolling over to impatience "Khushi main tumse baat kar raha hoon'tum meri taraf dekho'aisa kya ho gaya tum smile bhi nahin kar sakti" because of wife's persisting indifference "...itna kuch kiya lekin usne meri taraf ek bar dekha bhi nahin"...then he softened up and requested her to wear the saree that he chose in his favorite color for her.

...but wife is unrelenting "can you buy me smile?" as she's still brooding over what's going around both of them and his outburst blaming her for everything. I was a bit puzzled by what Khushi meant when she said to DM she's not angry with Arnavji. Then what was the whole breakfast scene yesterday? What about the saree scene today?

NK- Nannav scene1:


  • Saas ko maro goli'
  • tum aapne kaanse rNoa nikalna bandh karo 
  • Sari pehni?...tumne nahin Khushi ji ne pehni?
  • Yeh jo loew hai na..its fully blind
  • Pyaar kiya nahin jata kho jata hai (mimicking Rajesh Khanna )
  • Dimag nahin ye dil hai ( he gestured a beating heart using his hands)

...enough said ROFL oh gandhari i absolutely loved his lines...they were fantastic and yes had me on the floor again!!!!

Payal-Khushi scene after Payash spat:

Impulsive Khusi again decided to "fix" Payash relationship as "' paar kuch cheesey badley to ja sakti"'yes but there is a fine line called 'privacy' when it comes to husband-wife fight, one needs to respect that, know the complete picture before one decides to counsel them about how to reconcile. Loved Payal's frustrated outburst : " hum thak gaye subko  samjhate  huye ke hum sirf khushi ki behen nahin hain Payal bhi hain" ! this one thing actually irritated me abt khushi of speaking to akaash without speaking to payal!!!! i mean its logical u speak to ur jiji first then jijaji!!!

Nani-Anjali :

"Nani bahut ulajh jate hain na?"

..."Saach kya hai Nani?"

...questions ruling in Anjali's mind. Anjali's confusion:  Shyamji's not like that...Shyamji couldn't have done those things..does that mean Chotey was wrong?  Nani 's predicament: she knows the truth but she also knows Anjali is fragile and pregnant. You can see the helplessness in a grandma for her confused grandchild'.wish life came with those magic bandages to heal all the wounds it gives.

NK- Nannav scene2:

On Nk's insistence Arnav started looking back at their "romantic moments". Arnav's own reflections: all self-deprecating references ,the ones where he made her life difficult...but reminiscing the "pagalpan aur madness" filled KKRSR moments with a loving smile on his face; the moments that made him fall in love with her...An exasperated NK's reaction ? "Issmey to khali horror thriller bhara hua hai!!!"

...we agree!... horror thriller that paved the path of this unique love between two unlikely duo.

It led to Arnav's mentos moment !.Project : relive the old moments

Precap : moment #1'awwwDay Dreaming'and I did catch a small smile in Khushi's lips?

And the actor who stole the 300th episode was KaranClapClap ...with Deepali hitting her best in her interaction with Khushi. And Barun's eyes and smile when khushi was opening the packet and in the last few minutes of the show painted a picture perfect in love ASR.

Pic Credit: Illyria,Facebook

Our ASR will NEVER sing anything like this , but the words reflect a bit of his psyche:

"dil tumko hi chahe to kya kijiye.."


RIP Rajesh Khanna.

loved ur post gandhari!!!! absolutely fantastic!!!!
karan was fab yesterday...loving his scenes with nannav totally!!!! i think after mami he has been given some awesome lines!!!
khushi's character took a beating yesterday...thanks to her scene with akaash!!!!
love the song!!!

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Originally posted by beena14


A special request to the CV's ''''''..we know Khushi means well when trying to fix the problems between Payal and Aakash . Please don't assassinate the character by showing her as "MS KNOW IT ALL " We do realize we are watching an SP show but the sooch nayee nara remember. 

Who writes the dialogues for NK WOW loved them . Next year I want NK/Arnav to be nominated for the best Jodi . Rocking scene  ''''specially the dialogue sas ko goli maro. Another request to the Cv's don't stretch the rubber band too much will snap back at you.

beena, absolutely loved both the above things you said. the second one has me giggling madly and thinking, yes yes that would be very hatke and we are ipk, the very origin of hatke. lovely post, great thoughts. must say not much for awards and thingsme  too and that point about this interfering with sponteneity, v much agree. but hamari jodi ko ek award de de koi. 

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Originally posted by -SH-

CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team of IPK!! May you complete many such centuries.. Big smile

Awesome episode!! Wasn't expecting something dhamakedar for the 300th so enjoyed the episode completely. For me, the star of the day was NK. LOL Such brilliant comic timing by Karan.

Main tumhe yeh pehne hue dekhna chahta hoon...

Tired of Khushi giving a royal ignore to the gift.. Arnav takes the 'thing' in his own hands... "Ab dikh raha hai?"... But Khushi is in no mood to give Arnav the satisfaction of pleasing his wife. If things do not go his way.. ASR understands only one language... "Kyun nahi chahiye.. Yeh mera favourite colour hai... Isey maine pasand kiya hai... Tumhe yeh lena padega". But realises soon enough that it is with love he should convince her... Meethi meethi baatein.. When he had that FB, I almost had a heart attack thinking that he's gonna call her baby or sweetheart LOL ... But that husky "Main tumhe yeh pehne hue dekhna chahta hoon" had me blushing... KKGSR!! You better fulfill Arnie boy's wish... And our's too.. Wink me too had the same reaction!!! and i was like nooo!!!! but of course what he said next was Embarrassed

Heyy Devi Maiyya...

I was very happy that we got a monologue from Khushi today.. The selfless soul can't be happy when her family around is unhappy. She's unhappy because -

- Anjali and Mamiji are upset with her.. UNDERSTOOD!
- Her Jiji is having some problem in her married life.. UNDERSTOOD!
- Arnav blamed her for something crude for no fault of hers.. UNDERSTOOD!
- Yet, she's not 'naaraz' from her Arnavji.. WHAT THE...!!

Either she's or I became one after that monologue. Why such bipolar thoughts for 'Arnavji'? would say the cvs are confused how to move her character in turn the character is seeming confused...which ultimately is getting the viewers confused!!! basically yeh confusion ka chakravuya hai!!!!

Foot in mouth moment...

Yes, I know Khushi is a selfless soul... Yes, I know Khushi always wants the better for everyone... Yes, I know Khushi is impulsive... But today, it went OTT with Payaash. Payal was very subtle in repramanding her. Though Khushi meant good, but bringing in a honeymoon trip infront of Akaash, when she knows what the situation is... Was so out of character for her. I couldn't identify and connect to the Khushi I've always known.. Unhappy this scene has got me to do something i never do...rant!!!Ouch

Ulajh jaate hain na...

Anjali's life too is a tangled web.. And so are her thoughts. She knows her brother can't be wrong but her heart is not ready to accept that her husband is wrong either. I liked DB in that scene.. Anjali's confusion and helplessness was portrayed well.


The best part for me in the entire episode. A husband fondly remebers the past memories... How he met his wife.. Her falling in his arms, his first MU, How he treated her when she joined his office.. He remembers it all... And cherishes them too if you go by that indulgent smile.. NK is shocked and expecting nothing better from Nannav Singh Raizada, he hopes to hear a better romantic story from Khushi's side. But that is no different.. She started calling him Laad Governor, threw hot tea on him, tried to stab him with knife, lit the mosquito coil so he lost his voice.. NK is horrified! It is indeed a horror and thriller story for him. But its a unique and hatke love story. Only the lovers who've lived through those moments can understand the love hidden beneath the hate.

Paagal or masti.. Definition of Khushi.. A mentos moment for Arnav there.. And then the precap followed. This man is so freaking cute! He'd do ANYTHING now to bring a smile on his wife's face. A visit to the past journey.. Am I excited? Hell YES!! Big smile
shivani!!!! fab post!!!
loved it...specially ur Jab We Met take!!!! two bits!!!

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Originally posted by indi52

so agree with what you write there and enjoy the way you say it. khushi is on my mind too, ever since the eviction of shyam. who knows maybe the irresistible old moments assault route of asr will bring her back.

the monologue did nothing to justify her rejection of his most beautiful happy birthday wish. and strange, na, she is not angry with him? like asr i wonder: kis mitti ki bani hai yeh. and i pray: please not sp ki mitti, not even a percent of that, please.

these days i watch a heroine made of pure sp mitti frolic around the sites of singapore, so allergic to this, makes me lose my voice.

Yes di.. I too am hoping that this journey of 'recreation' will bring her back. Yesterday, I just could not connect to her in the living room scene with Akaash.. I'm not calling her insensitive nor I'm bashing the character.. But the impulsiveness y'day was so out of character for her.

Coming to SP ki mitti.. The reason Khushi is hatke from all.. Her positiveness.. Her courage.. And in her maker's language "darti hai par karti hai".. Makes me love her so much. I can never visualise her as a typical SP bahu - THAT would be true character assasination of Khushi.

Don't remind me of certain bahu in singapore.. It hampers with my fond memories of that place.. Unhappy

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Hey Gandhari!

Congratulations My Star!!!  Hug

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Originally posted by mouramen

@ priya, grt quote.ClapClap..for d first time updating before you. will come in d aftertoon and read.

Zindagi kaisi yeh paheli hai'..

There was a day when we would smile with a chirpy Kushi kumari gupta ..want to hug d orphan girl when ill treated by others,,frown at  a certain Mr Raizada's accusations and way of actions'

Today we all cant help but just adore d cute efforts of hubby raizada and frown at Mrs KKGSR's obstinate attitude towards him.

Pyaar to bade bade pahad ko hila dete hain..yeh toh hamare chotey'..Nani knows her grandchildren so well' chotey is moving heaven n earth to bring back smile on khushi's face'like all d clueless husbands asking d most mundane questions : aisa kya ho gaya hai ke tum smile bhi nehi karti'..why cant you look at me?  It ticks him off'.he is almost about to go back to ASR mode But immediately remembers NK d love guru'.something'sweeet heart'ok I guess that was too much to ask from ASR right now'.so he softens'a humble request'..i want to see you in this red saree..i wanna cherish you.Heart

Madam ASR is not relenting at all'.but this time Arnav has fulfilled all d quintessential parameters of buying a gift'..then what happened? Why is d gift not accepted?

Confused? Me too'OuchOuch 

Thank god here comes d monologue'd conservation between DM and her favourite child'.here we go 'd family is upset..di is in terrible state'jiji's married life looks unsettled then how can KKG be happy? She is upset with Arnavji and she is not upset with ArnavjiSleepySleepy'd gift has made its mark'his efforts have been recognized but d words hurled at her, d accusations'.has also done d needful'.she cant forget d contract part.

Mr ASR go for it''once you do it'there is no looking back.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Now d best part of d epi of course acc to me:

ek aur baar saans andar bahar bola toh main tumhara saansein rok dunga...
Bromance and d cousins sharing a horror love story'poor NK could nt pick d fine lines'd nuances'where did love came frm in this action packed thriller'.

NK it was your day'karan well done'ClapClapClap

Nafrat and Mohabbat'.so irresistible'.

Everytime they collide, one tripped, other held, picked her up, hurt her, fed her, saved her, made her cry, bandaged her injured fingure, made her to sit ups, say sorry, kept her out in cold and rains, send to her to d dilapidated guest house'

The retaliation came in d form of juice in his shoes, change of ring tone, tricking him to come down for Puja, give permission for sangeet, throwing d resignation at his face'..

What Arnav Singh Raizada doesn't share with his cousin is what he is gonna repeat for his Khushi'.d love part hiding in those horror stories'..a treat for us. D lady in red whose stole his breath, a girl whom he saved in d rains, a girl hiding in his cupboard, blowing nose in front of him, getting entangled in fairy lights'and him putting her payal back and that unfinished kiss'.


Nani-Anjali: kitna ulazh jate hain'for her all d relationships'she wants to know d truth'Shyam cant be bad and Chotey is not wrong'then whats d truth'.poor Nani she knows d truth but doesn't have d heart to disclose it 'neither she has a proof against Shyam other than d blind faith on her Grandson and Khushi. I feel really bad for Anjali. CryCryFirstly she cant accept d truth..secondly she is pregnant'how much a lady needs d company and TLC of her husband during this time every mother understands that'what is worse is'd more she dislikes Khushi's presence and her role in Anjali's married life d more she will distance herself from her chotey too. And if she voices her dislike then d relations are going to get more tangled'.DeadDead.


Payal : for d first time me too felt she is an individual other than Khushi's sister or mami's khoon bhari taang'what a desperate effort frm an average girl to pacify husband, win mil's heart and still be a good sister..d pain in her eyes when she stops khushi from interfering in their life is so evident'.well done Deepali.ClapClap  


Aaksh: stop being a jerk. And don't throw wet towels inside d cupboard.AngryAngryAngry didn't notice!!!LOL

wonderful 300th hatke daily soap...we still waiting for so many things dont worry we r not impatient esp BS for 70%screen time we are not complaining at all. LOLLOLWinkWink




mou...fab post!!!
@bold...loved it!!!
lal aaj aar bheshi meshai ni!!!!LOL

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Originally posted by riti4u

@indi di- Hug thanks fr bring that post up here fr barun... I have never seen such talent on television..he is surely for bollywood.. and yes this is phangurl talkin here so I have started posting on main forum his appreciation posts...LOL and thanks divya for commenting on them without fail...Hug

hey riti, i saw your invite to the appreciation thread, will be going soon, very lazy in my old age. had written something for him a while back, ok to post that? and why only bollywood, i want him in my soap, every night. that too at raat ko bara baje. he better work out how to be a mega movie star and arnav singh raizada together forever. superman hai, samhal lega.LOL 

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