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Crooner 1.3 : Kuch Rishtey...ajeeb hi dor -UPDATED (Page 10)

riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by UltimateBarun

I want a gold medal today,,I read it all, n it was looong but worth it, to rakhle apna gold medal waapas!

I luved yout subtext thoughts, i was not satisfied with khushi's monologue with DM yesterday!  I am confused!!!  But i am lovin  all that is being shown,,and all that u've written!!!

Aww down the memory lane, ASR is the closet,,,trying to win her back!! wow!!!! can he get any cuter,,, Barun Sobti,,,is the bestest TV actor I've ever seen! 

Aaj tak tum isliye akele they
kadwe they kaseele the karele the
aaj itne sweet itne nake hi
birthday ka jaise koi cake ho!! rofl!! (duplicate--wah ji wah)

His statemnt "mai tumhe yeh pehne hue dekhna chahta hoon,,I was moved,, I wil;l be moved even mor ewhen he says oppositte of the same statement! Wink

This is what IPK is completely unpredictable!!

I am ejoying it,,,,,Loved the bromance to bits, n ASR's character is so damn beautiful,,,,I kept laughing throuhg out when he kept narrating all his zulms with a smile on his face,,,Thats ASR, n he knows she isn't mad at any of those incidents now,, so I really dont care of the forum demands redemption coz Khushi doesnt need it!!LOL

Loved the scene where they walk towards eachother unintentionally, thy just get carried away,, shows the depth of their love, she was disturbed due to payal's anger n this is the only man she always needed for support,,and he is just not able to keep himself away from her! i just loved theit natural instinct and then realizing with dammit and humein bhi nahin dekhi,,etc!

Yaar, i will be  very less over the forum now ,,infact negligible,,as Ramadan is around!!! SO signing off at this crooner!!

i just love reading them baby!

Luv to all my crooner buddies!


Hey zoha...
echo your views...totally...will miss you... wishing you a very happy holy month of Ramadan..

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soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jakhushi

Hi Buddies... Just reading the posts..
Brain very scrambled and trying to get into a state where I do not rant on my post...
Taking Divya's role and sharing a really crazy post LOL
LOLLOL ek chutti toh banti hai!!!
btw khushi aaj laage protom baar aami rantkorechi...a total first for me!!!!

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:54am | IP Logged
@indi di- Hug thanks fr bring that post up here fr barun... I have never seen such talent on television..he is surely for bollywood.. and yes this is phangurl talkin here so I have started posting on main forum his appreciation posts...LOL and thanks divya for commenting on them without fail...Hug
indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by GanBarunFan


NK- Nannav scene1:


  • Saas ko maro goli'
  • tum aapne kaanse rNoa nikalna bandh karo 
  • Sari pehni?...tumne nahin Khushi ji ne pehni?
  • Yeh jo loew hai na..its fully blind
  • Pyaar kiya nahin jata kho jata hai (mimicking Rajesh Khanna )
  • Dimag nahin ye dil hai ( he gestured a beating heart using his hands)

...enough said ROFL


RIP Rajesh Khanna.

thanks, gandhari, lovely read. especially the above. my fave: yeh jo loew hai na..its fully blind LOL
brilliant dialogues and everything between the current ipk jodi (please read beena's idea on that ha ha ha ha).

when nk did the rajesh khanna twirl my heart skipped many beats. uncanny. did they know? almost, as they say, hu ba hu. salim javed created the angry young man but it seems our romantic young man was the one to bring the duo together to write for a film where he was unhappy with things. sometimes i forget how much he was a part of my early to late teens. thanks for the song. mere jeevan saathi? zany film. 

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by indi52

Originally posted by mashira

In between work and 3 back to back deadlines LOL but just had to peek in out of habit, I sneak in every 10 mins, even though I dnt commentEmbarrassed...loved ur write-up immensely...and obviously Rashmi no wonders you are the best at this ...
But loved ur take on Barun, and had to write - he was phenomenal yesterday - the "thairaav" in the prerformance, the confidence, the could be just in awe of him yesterday - forget the looks, the actor in him has grown in leaps and bounds - watch that scene where he says to NK "leave me alone" - how sure the actor is of himself !!!
And rightly wat u said at the end - in the precap - the ppl are divided in their reactions - but just on screen - he has made that larger thank life character such believable even when he was sitting in the closet - no meekness, no embarrasment on face - pure honesty and charm - wat an achievement of an actor - and as a fan of the actor makes you so proud  !!!

Thanks for liking Priya! Embarrassed yes, it is not about looks anymore...actually with Barun, it has never been. There is no denying his delicious good looks but it is his acting that takes even his looks to a higher state. I don't know how much of an input the creative team has on Barun's emoting or it is his own understanding but the final product is an astonishingly intelligent portrayal of a complex character and portrayed with such easy charm. I can only wish he gets the recognition he deserves!

and oh here I am, having to complete writing a 800 word piece before 4 pm and look what I am doing!!!!! *facepalm*  *back to MS Word* Ouch


by now i guess everyone here knows how much i like barun sobti. so i was thrilled to read this exchange, and mashira your quote on the actor bringing realism.

he is good looking no doubt, and at 27/28 at a certain peak in terms of looks and pure attractiveness i guess. but the day that he saw the scene on the terrace and i watched him watching and reacting, distinctly remember thinking: o my g, the boy has the potential to be a fabulous actor, one we will remember for a long long time.

that's the day he made asr absolutely real for me. even before the drive and the scream of feb 15.

subsequently, during my compulsive rewatches of scenes and episodes, i see the actor again and again. he delights every time. even during the most difficult days of iss pyaar ko, he never let asr down. through all the awkward strange stuff he was asked to do, he managed to keep his character alive and breathing oxygen.

in case you're interested jwmrk wrote a moving piece on him here.

do take a look. priya, i hope i'm not breaking any rules. somewhere in the thread i posted too. can't help myself when it comes to perhaps the finest actor i'll watch evolve from first awkward serial, to who knows where and what. 

we are in the days of letting many of our stars and beloved actors go into the night. pleasure to be around as one connects, finds himself, commits to his instinct, and comes into the light. 
Di anything on Barun - u dont have to think twice to put it here - this is a shamelessly declared Barun fan here - looks apart - to be amazed at his each expression, his each nuances are amazing - the person who can be just so oppsite in off screen - is such a Star on screen - very few people have that quality - and apart from many the two top most reasons for that are - super intelligent about your own strength and though you are lighter off screen - you are highly connecetd to yur on screen persona - and it merges after a point - this is nt a 3hr movie - where u shoot for 60 days - portray that character and move on - here the duration is more - you living that character a lot longer and you have absorbed that image compleltely.
Like Rashmi said, yess no doubt the team working on ASR is highly applaudable no doubt , its the director and the creators vision day after day - but no one teaches u to bring those frown line, lift that eyebrow, narrow ur lips before saying "khushi main tumhe yeh pehne dekhna chaahata hoon" or go huskier or softer and next time raise the pitch of the voice - director cn even enact the scene for you - but at the end of the day - its the actor who brings the image out !!!
Yes Di, have been grieving Rajesh Khanna's demise since ystrday - Ananda has got a special presence in my life - my bro is nick named Babumoshai by my parents with all the fondness - but then the saying goes - Ananda marte nahi hai, Ananda hameshaa rehte hain...
These are the golden stars Di...some men turn out to be good actors, there are lot of them around - but some cross beyond that - not only become stars - but we only get few who are - larger than life Stars - BS is on road to making of that - atleast with ASR he has successfully created that !!!

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 2:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -SH-

CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team of IPK!! May you complete many such  

Heyy Devi Maiyya...

I was very happy that we got a monologue from Khushi today.. The selfless soul can't be happy when her family around is unhappy. She's unhappy because -

- Anjali and Mamiji are upset with her.. UNDERSTOOD!
- Her Jiji is having some problem in her married life.. UNDERSTOOD!
- Arnav blamed her for something crude for no fault of hers.. UNDERSTOOD!
- Yet, she's not 'naaraz' from her Arnavji.. WHAT THE...!!

Either she's or I became one after that monologue. Why such bipolar thoughts for 'Arnavji'?

Foot in mouth moment...

Yes, I know Khushi is a selfless soul... Yes, I know Khushi always wants the better for everyone... Yes, I know Khushi is impulsive... But today, it went OTT with Payaash. Payal was very subtle in repramanding her. Though Khushi meant good, but bringing in a honeymoon trip infront of Akaash, when she knows what the situation is... Was so out of character for her. I couldn't identify and connect to the Khushi I've always known.. Unhappy

so agree with what you write there and enjoy the way you say it. khushi is on my mind too, ever since the eviction of shyam. who knows maybe the irresistible old moments assault route of asr will bring her back.

the monologue did nothing to justify her rejection of his most beautiful happy birthday wish. and strange, na, she is not angry with him? like asr i wonder: kis mitti ki bani hai yeh. and i pray: please not sp ki mitti, not even a percent of that, please. 

these days i watch a heroine made of pure sp mitti frolic around the sites of singapore, so allergic to this, makes me lose my voice.

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writ_in_water Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 2:09am | IP Logged

these days i watch a heroine made of pure sp mitti frolic around the sites of singapore, so allergic to this, makes me lose my voice.

ha!!! so glad to hear. I thought I am the only one suffering through this 'smile extra-wide  for every emotion' heroine. I so want to scream blue murder for this serial's TRPs!!! AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

sorry priya and everybody else,  I know this is totally uncalled for in crooner but it really gets to me! Will try not to do this rant again.

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 2:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by soni.b

hey priya sweetie!!!Hug

as usual another brilliant piece of crooning by you!!!!! loved it!!! fantastic take on the epi...loved ur first quote...suits ASR perfectly!!!! and what an awesome title!!!! loving the new format totally...loved ur subtext thoughts and the little talk to the channel!!!ClapClapClap btw rain + morning tea + crooner...awesome combo!!!!Big smile

300 epis and more to come!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to the whole IPKKND team!!!!!PartyParty

coming to the epi...did i enjoy the epi...yes i did...but there is something which i didn't like but woh baad mein!!!

arnav-khushi...arnav forcefully gifts khushi the saree he had picked for her and of course khushi does what she has been doing the past two days...rejects it and refuses to wear it!!!! loved the scene...poor arnav he is trying everything to manao khushi...things which he doesn't believe in and yet no results...pity him...he can't be all mushy and romantic ...poor guy is trying hard...unfortunately khushi's behaviour forces him to revert back to his ASR persona!!!!

arnav-NK...priya loved ur take on ASR's need of a sound board and NK being the one!!!! absolutely enjoying their scenes...NK has some of the funniest dialogues and karan is doing an awesome job of delivering them!!!! loved the scene...good to see arnav can take out his frustrations somewhere without it creating issues!!!! tum apni lovely wife to dekh rahe ho!!!LOLLOL loved the love lecture he gives arnav and also the story telling of arnav and NK's reaction to it!!!!

loved the scene where NK asks arnav to tell him arnav-khushi's love story!!!! and what a love story it is...absolutely loved the little trip down the memory lane with Mr. Raizada...and ofcourse their Horror-Thriller Love Story...yes theirs is unique and different love story and definitely not next door girl-boy-love story!!! awesome take on their love story...priya!!! loved every bit of it!!!! i loved the FBs of arnav ...he remembers the difficult moments...when they both had hurt each other...and despite all the hurt and all the meaness they fell in love with each other!!! they both are flawed and truly loving each other would mean accepting each other with all the pluses and minuses!!! btw agree with u that he knows what he did wrong and also that he has to correct those wrongs too!!!

going back to what u said abt love, change and acceptance...well the change for me has to come from within...i cannot force my man to change because i want to but he will change because he wants to...if i have to change the person i fell in love with then what was it that i saw in him, which made me fall in love with him in the first place...same rule applies for khushi & arnav!!!! she fell for the laad governor and he for the paagal but cute girl and whatever changes happen, is because of their wanting to...the only problem is the change in arnav is evident to all while khushi's not so!!!!

the other person i loved today was payal!!!! deepali was good!!!! i liked the scene when she tells khushi not to interfere in akaash and her relationship!!!! but knowing khushi will she do as she has been told???

anjali-nani...scene was nice...anjali is mentally depressed...can't blame her for her behaviour...her world is shattered...her wanting a son like shyam at this point is ok because she is not willing to believe that he could ever do such things...on other hand she also knows her chote will never hurt her intentionally...she is in a dilemma...she is torn between two men she loves...wanting to believe in both!!!! liked her asking nani about the truth...nani knows the truth but is not able to tell anjali!!!!

khushi... her monologue didn't have the effect it should have and thanks priya for the take on the monologue...and explaining her thought process!!! i was not confused...and i also get it that she is not upset with him but hurt because of what he said and that's natural...arnav did say some pretty mean will be difficult for her to forget hm blaming her for shyam's behaviour!!!! i also get the fact that she cannot smile because of the situation at RM...all relations are strained and as no one is happy then how can she smile!!!!

till this point i understand her perfectly but what she does after that is not understandable...her convo with akaash was absolutely a no-no...why would she talk to akaash as if nothing has happened...what kind of dialogues were those...intentions notwithstanding...suggesting honeymoon...really???ConfusedConfused despite knowing very well what is happening in RM!!!! akaash not saying anything to her but takes it out on payal...don't blame him!!! he is hurt that payal broke the promise they had made to each other and it is between them...but i do agree with u priya abt portraying his hurt in a better manner!!!

now the the thing which irritated me is and i rarely get irritated... why does khushi feel her sister will be incapable of sorting out her marital problems...will she allow payal to interfere in her & arnav relation...don't think so!!! if she really wanted to help...she should have spoken to payal and not to akaash and her reason pretty are my jiji...then talk to jiji, know what the problem is exactly then suggest ur jiji if she needs ur advice on how to solve the situation!!!! where does it show khushi's maturity in handling situations just having good intentions are not enough!!! the whole khushi trying to solve payal's problem scene was badly handled!!!! btw am not upset with the character but people who conceived this scene!!!! sorry for the rant priya!!!

Congratulations Gandhari...on being the Star of the Day!!!!!ClapClapClap

btw love the of my fav!!!!
waiting for the peek-a boo and recreation of the old times tonight!!!Big smile

PS...sorry ektu bheshi lekha hoye gelo!!!!

Great post Soni!! @Bold...I agree with you on that Khushi-Aakash scene. It was unnecessary. Even if Khushi wants to solve the problem, she should first approach Payal. You have rightly said, why go to jeejaji and talk about honeymoon?Confused But I cant seem to understand why Khushi wants to set everything right when her own life is in a messOuch 

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