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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Crooner 1.3 : Kuch Rishtey...ajeeb hi dor -UPDATED

honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:23am | IP Logged


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tajygl Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged

No idea how I came 2nd position on this thread, I know many IF readers might be annoyed, next time wil be carefull about this. I am just a beginner, inspired by other writers.

Now that everyone gave their viewpints just two cents from my end.
Congratulations to IPK team on the stupendous success.Awesome episode. Waiting to see if Khushi would smile after seeing ASR in the cupboard. It was a cutest precap ever.

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-Gan- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged

Thanks Omoraboti *receiving the sash*Embarrassed'feels a bit intimidating but great to follow someone like you. Honestly I'm still in shock!Shocked  Thank you Priya so much! It always means a lot if someone likes what you write and then to be in the company of Indi and Shweta...I'm in cloud 9 flying right next to superman Big smile

[Sorry for posting before your post is updated...just have an early wake up call tomorrow...will comment of the main crooner once it's updated]


Happy 300th fellow IPKKNDians.! I promised and made myself sit without any expectation for 300th episode'and I loved it! 

An episode that touched all the different storms brewing in RM..One treading on the uneasiness of the 1st level of adjustment in married life together. One trying to come out of the maze of confusion and the other is a husband's MU about where his wife's loyalty is (catalyzed by a very willing MIL)


Asr's patience is rolling over to impatience "Khushi main tumse baat kar raha hoon'tum meri taraf dekho'aisa kya ho gaya tum smile bhi nahin kar sakti" because of wife's persisting indifference "...itna kuch kiya lekin usne meri taraf ek bar dekha bhi nahin"...then he softened up and requested her to wear the saree that he chose in his favorite color for her.

...but wife is unrelenting "can you buy me smile?" as she's still brooding over what's going around both of them and his outburst blaming her for everything. I was a bit puzzled by what Khushi meant when she said to DM she's not angry with Arnavji. Then what was the whole breakfast scene yesterday? What about the saree scene today?

NK- Nannav scene1:


  • Saas ko maro goli'
  • tum aapne kaanse rNoa nikalna bandh karo 
  • Sari pehni?...tumne nahin Khushi ji ne pehni?
  • Yeh jo loew hai na..its fully blind
  • Pyaar kiya nahin jata kho jata hai (mimicking Rajesh Khanna )
  • Dimag nahin ye dil hai ( he gestured a beating heart using his hands)

...enough said ROFL

Payal-Khushi scene after Payash spat:

Impulsive Khusi again decided to "fix" Payash relationship as "' paar kuch cheesey badley to ja sakti"'yes but there is a fine line called 'privacy' when it comes to husband-wife fight, one needs to respect that, know the complete picture before one decides to counsel them about how to reconcile. Loved Payal's frustrated outburst : " hum thak gaye subko  samjhate  huye ke hum sirf khushi ki behen nahin hain Payal bhi hain" !

Nani-Anjali :

"Nani bahut ulajh jate hain na?"

..."Saach kya hai Nani?"

...questions ruling in Anjali's mind. Anjali's confusion:  Shyamji's not like that...Shyamji couldn't have done those things..does that mean Chotey was wrong?  Nani 's predicament: she knows the truth but she also knows Anjali is fragile and pregnant. You can see the helplessness in a grandma for her confused grandchild'.wish life came with those magic bandages to heal all the wounds it gives.

NK- Nannav scene2:

On Nk's insistence Arnav started looking back at their "romantic moments". Arnav's own reflections: all self-deprecating references ,the ones where he made her life difficult...but reminiscing the "pagalpan aur madness" filled KKRSR moments with a loving smile on his face; the moments that made him fall in love with her...An exasperated NK's reaction ? "Issmey to khali horror thriller bhara hua hai!!!"

...we agree!... horror thriller that paved the path of this unique love between two unlikely duo.

It led to Arnav's mentos moment !.Project : relive the old moments

Precap : moment #1'awwwDay Dreaming'and I did catch a small smile in Khushi's lips?

And the actor who stole the 300th episode was KaranClapClap ...with Deepali hitting her best in her interaction with Khushi. And Barun's eyes and smile when khushi was opening the packet and in the last few minutes of the show painted a picture perfect in love ASR.

Pic Credit: Illyria,Facebook

Our ASR will NEVER sing anything like this , but the words reflect a bit of his psyche:

"dil tumko hi chahe to kya kijiye.."


RIP Rajesh Khanna.

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bs_deeps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged

wow..I got some time & chance to write something here after a very long time..and I successfully
managed to press a wrong button and lost everything that I typed..lesson learnt..dont ever type lengthy paras directly..use notepad / word..cant believe it..15-20 mins effort in vain..waaa..

will try to write somethign quick now..

brilliant crooner yet again..loved your take on  Khushi's monologue part..It didnt go quite well with me as I felt something was missing in the reactions that were shown till now and what was shown yesterday..

Akash's reactions  are surprising..when ASR asked him if he is sure of his decision to marry Payal, he was so confident yet the relationship is crumbling today..what is interesting to see is how he is going to react once ASR gets involved in his married life..will he tell his brother "Bhai..pls stay out of it" in the same way as he reacted today..

Atlast Payal's small outburst was shown..poor we were thinking that she didnt even show her concern for her younger sister when ASR was missing.. and her in-laws & hubby are saying she cant see anything beyond her sister..It would have been nice if they had given atleast 5 mins of screen space for both these sisters post marriage..

liked the glimpse of ASR when Khushi was not accepting his gift..him remembering NK's dialogues and softening for that moment is so damn cute..but how long can he do that..he lost it the moment she said he cant buy her smile..throwing the gift and walking out of the door with a bang is perfect to his character..

what was that BG music when Arshi met near didnt go well with me..

NK and ASR..sorry Arnav are rocking with thier screen presence..what dialogues..and BS's expressions were spot on. what a wonderful precap..just 40 more mins for waiting waiting..

thank god  CVs decided to show is very much needed when we have such tough competetor at the same time slot..

Your comment on promo is so true..for me its a good idea..rather than spending time in shooting a new one, they have nicely used the scenes and created a brilliant promo...if this is what they wanted to show why didnt they air it right after ME..why waste a Sunday and Monday..we all expected ME to be super romantic..and they gave a promo in those terms..but all we have managed is a TRP 2..dont know whats it the timing..? is it because they are showing something different in the actual scene..?


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soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged

hey priya sweetie!!!Hug

as usual another brilliant piece of crooning by you!!!!! loved it!!! fantastic take on the epi...loved ur first quote...suits ASR perfectly!!!! and what an awesome title!!!! loving the new format totally...loved ur subtext thoughts and the little talk to the channel!!!ClapClapClap btw rain + morning tea + crooner...awesome combo!!!!Big smile

300 epis and more to come!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to the whole IPKKND team!!!!!PartyParty

coming to the epi...did i enjoy the epi...yes i did...but there is something which i didn't like but woh baad mein!!!

arnav-khushi...arnav forcefully gifts khushi the saree he had picked for her and of course khushi does what she has been doing the past two days...rejects it and refuses to wear it!!!! loved the scene...poor arnav he is trying everything to manao khushi...things which he doesn't believe in and yet no results...pity him...he can't be all mushy and romantic ...poor guy is trying hard...unfortunately khushi's behaviour forces him to revert back to his ASR persona!!!!

arnav-NK...priya loved ur take on ASR's need of a sound board and NK being the one!!!! absolutely enjoying their scenes...NK has some of the funniest dialogues and karan is doing an awesome job of delivering them!!!! loved the scene...good to see arnav can take out his frustrations somewhere without it creating issues!!!! tum apni lovely wife to dekh rahe ho!!!LOLLOL loved the love lecture he gives arnav and also the story telling of arnav and NK's reaction to it!!!!

loved the scene where NK asks arnav to tell him arnav-khushi's love story!!!! and what a love story it is...absolutely loved the little trip down the memory lane with Mr. Raizada...and ofcourse their Horror-Thriller Love Story...yes theirs is unique and different love story and definitely not next door girl-boy-love story!!! awesome take on their love story...priya!!! loved every bit of it!!!! i loved the FBs of arnav ...he remembers the difficult moments...when they both had hurt each other...and despite all the hurt and all the meaness they fell in love with each other!!! they both are flawed and truly loving each other would mean accepting each other with all the pluses and minuses!!! btw agree with u that he knows what he did wrong and also that he has to correct those wrongs too!!!

going back to what u said abt love, change and acceptance...well the change for me has to come from within...i cannot force my man to change because i want to but he will change because he wants to...if i have to change the person i fell in love with then what was it that i saw in him, which made me fall in love with him in the first place...same rule applies for khushi & arnav!!!! she fell for the laad governor and he for the paagal but cute girl and whatever changes happen, is because of their wanting to...the only problem is the change in arnav is evident to all while khushi's not so!!!!

the other person i loved today was payal!!!! deepali was good!!!! i liked the scene when she tells khushi not to interfere in akaash and her relationship!!!! but knowing khushi will she do as she has been told???

anjali-nani...scene was nice...anjali is mentally depressed...can't blame her for her behaviour...her world is shattered...her wanting a son like shyam at this point is ok because she is not willing to believe that he could ever do such things...on other hand she also knows her chote will never hurt her intentionally...she is in a dilemma...she is torn between two men she loves...wanting to believe in both!!!! liked her asking nani about the truth...nani knows the truth but is not able to tell anjali!!!!

khushi... her monologue didn't have the effect it should have and thanks priya for the take on the monologue...and explaining her thought process!!! i was not confused...and i also get it that she is not upset with him but hurt because of what he said and that's natural...arnav did say some pretty mean will be difficult for her to forget hm blaming her for shyam's behaviour!!!! i also get the fact that she cannot smile because of the situation at RM...all relations are strained and as no one is happy then how can she smile!!!!

till this point i understand her perfectly but what she does after that is not understandable...her convo with akaash was absolutely a no-no...why would she talk to akaash as if nothing has happened...what kind of dialogues were those...intentions notwithstanding...suggesting honeymoon...really???ConfusedConfused despite knowing very well what is happening in RM!!!! akaash not saying anything to her but takes it out on payal...don't blame him!!! he is hurt that payal broke the promise they had made to each other and it is between them...but i do agree with u priya abt portraying his hurt in a better manner!!!

now the the thing which irritated me is and i rarely get irritated... why does khushi feel her sister will be incapable of sorting out her marital problems...will she allow payal to interfere in her & arnav relation...don't think so!!! if she really wanted to help...she should have spoken to payal and not to akaash and her reason pretty are my jiji...then talk to jiji, know what the problem is exactly then suggest ur jiji if she needs ur advice on how to solve the situation!!!! where does it show khushi's maturity in handling situations just having good intentions are not enough!!! the whole khushi trying to solve payal's problem scene was badly handled!!!! btw am not upset with the character but people who conceived this scene!!!! sorry for the rant priya!!!

Congratulations Gandhari...on being the Star of the Day!!!!!ClapClapClap

btw love the of my fav!!!!
waiting for the peek-a boo and recreation of the old times tonight!!!Big smile

PS...sorry ektu bheshi lekha hoye gelo!!!!

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-Facetious- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:25am | IP Logged
CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team of IPK!! May you complete many such centuries.. Big smile

Awesome episode!! Wasn't expecting something dhamakedar for the 300th so enjoyed the episode completely. For me, the star of the day was NK. LOL Such brilliant comic timing by Karan.

Main tumhe yeh pehne hue dekhna chahta hoon...

Tired of Khushi giving a royal ignore to the gift.. Arnav takes the 'thing' in his own hands... "Ab dikh raha hai?"... But Khushi is in no mood to give Arnav the satisfaction of pleasing his wife. If things do not go his way.. ASR understands only one language... "Kyun nahi chahiye.. Yeh mera favourite colour hai... Isey maine pasand kiya hai... Tumhe yeh lena padega". But realises soon enough that it is with love he should convince her... Meethi meethi baatein.. When he had that FB, I almost had a heart attack thinking that he's gonna call her baby or sweetheart LOL ... But that husky "Main tumhe yeh pehne hue dekhna chahta hoon" had me blushing... KKGSR!! You better fulfill Arnie boy's wish... And our's too.. Wink

Heyy Devi Maiyya...

I was very happy that we got a monologue from Khushi today.. The selfless soul can't be happy when her family around is unhappy. She's unhappy because -

- Anjali and Mamiji are upset with her.. UNDERSTOOD!
- Her Jiji is having some problem in her married life.. UNDERSTOOD!
- Arnav blamed her for something crude for no fault of hers.. UNDERSTOOD!
- Yet, she's not 'naaraz' from her Arnavji.. WHAT THE...!!

Either she's or I became one after that monologue. Why such bipolar thoughts for 'Arnavji'?

Foot in mouth moment...

Yes, I know Khushi is a selfless soul... Yes, I know Khushi always wants the better for everyone... Yes, I know Khushi is impulsive... But today, it went OTT with Payaash. Payal was very subtle in repramanding her. Though Khushi meant good, but bringing in a honeymoon trip infront of Akaash, when she knows what the situation is... Was so out of character for her. I couldn't identify and connect to the Khushi I've always known.. Unhappy

Ulajh jaate hain na...

Anjali's life too is a tangled web.. And so are her thoughts. She knows her brother can't be wrong but her heart is not ready to accept that her husband is wrong either. I liked DB in that scene.. Anjali's confusion and helplessness was portrayed well.


The best part for me in the entire episode. A husband fondly remebers the past memories... How he met his wife.. Her falling in his arms, his first MU, How he treated her when she joined his office.. He remembers it all... And cherishes them too if you go by that indulgent smile.. NK is shocked and expecting nothing better from Nannav Singh Raizada, he hopes to hear a better romantic story from Khushi's side. But that is no different.. She started calling him Laad Governor, threw hot tea on him, tried to stab him with knife, lit the mosquito coil so he lost his voice.. NK is horrified! It is indeed a horror and thriller story for him. But its a unique and hatke love story. Only the lovers who've lived through those moments can understand the love hidden beneath the hate.

Paagal or masti.. Definition of Khushi.. A mentos moment for Arnav there.. And then the precap followed. This man is so freaking cute! He'd do ANYTHING now to bring a smile on his wife's face. A visit to the past journey.. Am I excited? Hell YES!! Big smile

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:26am | IP Logged

@ priya, grt quote.ClapClap..for d first time updating before you. will come in d aftertoon and read.

Zindagi kaisi yeh paheli hai'..

There was a day when we would smile with a chirpy Kushi kumari gupta ..want to hug d orphan girl when ill treated by others,,frown at  a certain Mr Raizada's accusations and way of actions'

Today we all cant help but just adore d cute efforts of hubby raizada and frown at Mrs KKGSR's obstinate attitude towards him.

Pyaar to bade bade pahad ko hila dete hain..yeh toh hamare chotey'..Nani knows her grandchildren so well' chotey is moving heaven n earth to bring back smile on khushi's face'like all d clueless husbands asking d most mundane questions : aisa kya ho gaya hai ke tum smile bhi nehi karti'..why cant you look at me?  It ticks him off'.he is almost about to go back to ASR mode But immediately remembers NK d love guru'.something'sweeet heart'ok I guess that was too much to ask from ASR right now'.so he softens'a humble request'..i want to see you in this red saree..i wanna cherish you.Heart

Madam ASR is not relenting at all'.but this time Arnav has fulfilled all d quintessential parameters of buying a gift'..then what happened? Why is d gift not accepted?

Confused? Me too'OuchOuch

Thank god here comes d monologue'd conservation between DM and her favourite child'.here we go 'd family is upset..di is in terrible state'jiji's married life looks unsettled then how can KKG be happy? She is upset with Arnavji and she is not upset with ArnavjiSleepySleepy'd gift has made its mark'his efforts have been recognized but d words hurled at her, d accusations'.has also done d needful'.she cant forget d contract part.

Mr ASR go for it''once you do it'there is no looking back.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Now d best part of d epi of course acc to me:

ek aur baar saans andar bahar bola toh main tumhara saansein rok dunga...
Bromance and d cousins sharing a horror love story'poor NK could nt pick d fine lines'd nuances'where did love came frm in this action packed thriller'.

NK it was your day'karan well done'ClapClapClap

Nafrat and Mohabbat'.so irresistible'.

Everytime they collide, one tripped, other held, picked her up, hurt her, fed her, saved her, made her cry, bandaged her injured fingure, made her to sit ups, say sorry, kept her out in cold and rains, send to her to d dilapidated guest house'

The retaliation came in d form of juice in his shoes, change of ring tone, tricking him to come down for Puja, give permission for sangeet, throwing d resignation at his face'..

What Arnav Singh Raizada doesn't share with his cousin is what he is gonna repeat for his Khushi'.d love part hiding in those horror stories'..a treat for us. D lady in red whose stole his breath, a girl whom he saved in d rains, a girl hiding in his cupboard, blowing nose in front of him, getting entangled in fairy lights'and him putting her payal back and that unfinished kiss'.


Nani-Anjali: kitna ulazh jate hain'for her all d relationships'she wants to know d truth'Shyam cant be bad and Chotey is not wrong'then whats d truth'.poor Nani she knows d truth but doesn't have d heart to disclose it 'neither she has a proof against Shyam other than d blind faith on her Grandson and Khushi. I feel really bad for Anjali. CryCryFirstly she cant accept d truth..secondly she is pregnant'how much a lady needs d company and TLC of her husband during this time every mother understands that'what is worse is'd more she dislikes Khushi's presence and her role in Anjali's married life d more she will distance herself from her chotey too. And if she voices her dislike then d relations are going to get more tangled'.DeadDead.


Payal : for d first time me too felt she is an individual other than Khushi's sister or mami's khoon bhari taang'what a desperate effort frm an average girl to pacify husband, win mil's heart and still be a good sister..d pain in her eyes when she stops khushi from interfering in their life is so evident'.well done Deepali.ClapClap


Aaksh: stop being a jerk. And don't throw wet towels inside d cupboard.AngryAngryAngry

wonderful 300th hatke daily soap...we still waiting for so many things dont worry we r not impatient esp BS for 70%screen time we are not complaining at all. LOLLOLWinkWink




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beena14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:27am | IP Logged
res                                                   A Good Marriage
                                           It is doing things for each other ,
                                       not in the attitude of duty or sacrifice ,
                                            but in the spirit of joy.

                                It is not looking for perfection in each other.
                                           It is cultivating flexibility, patience,
                                     Understanding and a sense of humor.

                                It is having the capacity to forgive and forget,
                                   It is giving each other an atmosphere where each can grow.
                                           It is finding room for the things of the spirit.
                                           It is the common search for the good and beautiful.

                          It is establishing a relationship in which the independence is equal,
                               Dependence is mutual and the obligation is reciprocal.
                           It is not only marrying the right partner,
                           It is being the right partner.

Pic credit: IPKKND tumblr

Congratulations IPK team on completing 300 Episodes Clap

Thank You CV's for clarifying today for Khushi's stance towards Arnav. Khushi's monologue in front of Devi maiyya made it clear she is unhappy because the rest of the family not happy. Arnav first blamed her for the current state of affairs reminded her of the contract and of course later apologized.  She agrees with him it is her fault but is hurt by his accusations. The six month contract marriage is still like a hanging sword over her head. Arnav who is so held bend on pleasing her to bring a smile on her face, is he not the same person who just reminded her of the contract and made her stay back. Sure he promised he would do whatever to make her his, but is she aware of it? Khushi said two things'''''.Khuch cheesne badli nahi ja sakti, lekhin kuch cheesen toh badly ja sakti hai.  Will have to wait and see Khushi kuyn se cheesen badal ne wali hai to make the family happy.  


A special request to the CV's ''''''..we know Khushi means well when trying to fix the problems between Payal and Aakash . Please don't assassinate the character by showing her as "MS KNOW IT ALL " We do realize we are watching an SP show but the sooch nayee nara remember. Today we saw Payal telling her sister, "Hum sirf Khushi ki behan nahi hai hum Payal hai " Khushi your sister is married you should not interfere . What's with Aakash the sudden change in his character CV's consistency is the key word. Aakash remember bud Khushi is your brother's wife also just like Payal is Raizada's bahu bhul gaye kya. Khushi is the one who helped you in the recent past, you were the one who said Khushi doesn't act without a reason toh ab kya hua.

I liked Anjali and Nani scene today. Anjali finally asking questions how could Shyam be wrong and she knows Arnav couldn't be either. Anjali , trust me you don't want to have a son like your Shyamji pray you have a daughter like Khushi. I can see Anjali's health deteriorating and Arnav having no option but to bring back Shyamji urrr.

Who writes the dialogues for NK WOW loved them . Next year I want NK/Arnav to be nominated for the best Jodi . Rocking scene  ''''specially the dialogue sas ko goli maro. Another request to the Cv's don't stretch the rubber band too much will snap back at you.

Now to the most complex character Mr Arnav Singh Raizada. The Rajkumar / Shaitan/ Sundari loop will be tied in here. ASR said to his Di, mei duniya ke liye Asr hu per aap ke liye nahi, that's what we are seeing now he will be Arnav to his Khushi and not ASR. Hamre chote jinse pyaar karte hai aur unki khatir kuch nahi kar sakat hai toh who kudi ko sza dene lagat hai , Nani's words Both in play now''''''..Very much in character we are seeing the little kid Arnav who is opening himself to the lady he loves . Once again a request to the CV's keep ASR's character intact , you guys already had one reality check with a drop in TRP's . You will see the repercussion of your actions.

Well one more test failed let's see if you pass tomorrow. Going down memory lane ''''''..rain also part of the memory will he be the one this time around come on CV's bahuth intazar karvaya. The rest of the family will be out, Nk aap bhi nakal jaoo please.

Priya ... we live in a world of competition . I come to the crooner for several reasons ,I enjoy your analysis,  love reading the crooner buddies post , enjoy interacting with you'll . I don't want to make a post and be stressed out.  Star of the day stresses me out my POV willn't write what they feel but what other's want to hear. I will make a post everyday but would appreciate it is not included in your judging.   

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