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18/7 Dragon Club: Stage Fright

Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:42am | IP Logged

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Episode Analysis

Aarti and Palak's interactions in today's episode completely melted my heart and made me relive the essence of what this show is about, bonds formed from the heart that exceed those of blood and the strictures of society. Today there was a thread that connected Aarti to Palak, in something as simple as stage fright and something as complex as a lonely childhood, spent overcoming fears and insecurities to triumph and love oneself. Somewhere I feel like Aarti is herself discovering herself through Palak, with each of Palak's triumphs echoing her own, reminding her of who she used to be before Prashant defined her as a failure.

Today was Bua's worst nightmare and I think that is why we sort of saw the episode through her eyes (me justifying to myself why exactly I had to put up with so much of her). Her barbs, her touching of sensitive topics without care and her emotional manipulation did not work for her today, as every one turned, not only in support of Aarti, but a little different than they were before. Gayatri had faith and security that Aarti would be able to make Palak understand. SP was an emotional fool today, by his normal standards, and had his first genuine grand-fatherly moment when he eagerly leaned forward for Palak's speech and spontaneously started clapping overenthusiastically after she had read the mere topic of her presentation (How cute was that? LOL)! And most importantly, Yash was proactive and supported Aarti completely in her efforts. He played his part to perfection and so Bua hung on to the last string, Palak, convinced that Palak could never forgive Aarti for what had happened at the birthday party.

The best and most sensitive part of the episode was undoubtedly the triangle of Palak-Aarti-Ansh. I liked how they showed that Ansh has somehow caught on that his mother is not paying him as much attention as she used to, which is good for him in the long run, but will naturally effect him now, and make him feel left out and neglected while adjusts to the change of being one of his mother's three children, rather than her whole world. He is baffled that nothing he does seems to impress her anymore, when his slightest move would send her running in five different directions to make his every whim come true.

He also sees her efforts with Palak, her constantly asking about her and so the rivalry and the sense of competition make him try to portray Palak in a bad light to his mother, saying that Payal and he changed from their uniforms like "good boys" (ROFL) while Palak hasn't budged. I think in some ways he sees himself as his mother's equal in this situation, helping her take care of Palak and Payal, as shown by his constantly "helping" her with the truth and appraising her of the situation, and is not taking well to the fact that his equals are in fact Palak and Payal themselves. But there is a reason that Aarti relaxed her hold on Ansh: Yash, and his clear devotion to becoming Ansh's father and that will, I think come into play with the precap scenario for tomorrow.

And now finally to Aarti and Palak. I just loved how Aarti systematically tackled the layered problems that compounded into Palak's stage fright. First Aarti dealt with Palak's loneliness. Before she even began to consciously tackle Palak's problem, she made herself a little door into her heart by focusing her attention on her, not even letting Ansh get in the way. This is probably why there was a change in Palak from when she wouldn't even let Aarti touch her bag, to when she heard her out about her childhood experiences. In the same vein of battling Palak's loneliness and isolation, Aarti told her that she had the same problem when she was a child, ensuring Palak both that she was not the only one who had this problem and that it was by no means insurmountable.

Second, Aarti spoke only of her own experience and allowed Palak to associate it with her present situation. Aarti spoke of her conquering her fear and allowed Palak to open up about her desire to win first place in the competition. By this method, Aarti made the initiative and motivation feel to Palak like it was coming from herself rather than forced on her by Aarti, an external force. Finally, Aarti found a way to boost her confidence in a way that was both secure and validating. Palak would speak in front of people who would never judge her, and maybe give her an extra boost (SP! I just can't get over him today) but would give her an idea of what it was like to speak in front of a group of people, and she was right their beside her the whole time. She gave Palak a taste of success, so that she would build the drive to fight harder for it.

But I think the scene that took the cake and the bakery for me was when Aarti was leading Palak to the hall, holding her hand and Palak stopped her and just looked at her with so much self doubt and fear. Aarti was so gentle, making her understand that everyone wanted her to succeed and be happy, everyone loved her very much and everyone knew she could do it. She gave Palak the faith that she was not alone, but had all the support of the family and Aarti's hand to hold onto whenever she needed to. That just did me in!

Her speech was of course, precious and oddly symbolic considering Aarti and Yash's relationship with rain.

Aside: I like the possessive Prateek, and I think Paridhi did too, but she doesn't know how dangerous it is to hide what she sees as a harmless fact from him. To her, it is beneath notice, but to him it is eating away at him, perhaps because he knows deep down that he hasn't lived up to being her husband...I look forward to see where this goes.

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:42am | IP Logged
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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged
Good episode but it kind of felt like a filler to me (maybe cause i was expecting too much today Shocked) Oh well, on to my take...
Love Yash & the Senior Scindias supporting Aarti with the idea of Palak participing in the debate Clap Seriously boa needs to get and new dialogue cause the Gods are tired of her calling their names in vain
Aarti handled Plak beautifully so glad that she agreed to talk in fron the entire but my poor Ansh is feeling left out Ouch
Boa trying to leave the room was just a cowardly act IMO she isn't much of a villain she's just a nuisance that needs to go away LOL
Wow Palak's speech was great Clap Clap...
PraDhi scenes were good I liked that Pratik was a little jealous but denied it when asked by Paridhi Big smile
Poor Ansh my heart is breaking for him he used to be his mom's world now he's feeling left out and as per precap that with boa is gonna try to use this new development to create trouble for Aarti but what she does know is that once again her plan is gonna backfired Tongue ROFL
EDIT: Can't wait for the debate between AarYa & the kids Big smile

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skanda12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged

Today's episode was one of a "trust breakthrough" in the Scindia family. It was at one level about the success of the earnest effort of Aarti's to try and help Palak overcome her stage fright. And at another level it was all about Aarti winning the child's trust in herself as well.

As I watched this episode, and watched all the characters who had previously been inimical to Aarti now completely embracing her, I seemed to see the quality of "trust" pouring forth in every dialogue, and in every scene.  In fact, I remember how many times previously Aarti has pleaded with Yash  (and the family ) "Mujhe pe bharosa keejiye" but the trust was never fully there. The great evolution in the story now is that "bharosa" has become the strong underlying ingredient in the Scindia family dynamics.

Yesterday Yash told Vidhi and Pratik not to give his relationship with Aarti the name of "love". He instead suggested that it should be called "respect". I think the word "trust" seems in fact to better sum up the equation between Aarti and Yash at this moment. I would even go so far as to say Aarti has definitely not yet won the love of Yash or even his family, but then isn't "trust" worth much more than "love" at this stage?

I have long ago read a beautiful quotation about love and trust:  "To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved."  And here's another great quotation on trust that seems to exemplify Aarti and Yash: "In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond."

When I think of those quotations, I now feel as if Aarti has won something greater than love. Trust in Aarti is now seen in everybody and everywhere. Nothing she suggests is taken as wrong, none of her ideas are discarded without due respect, none of her efforts go without recognition. And Yash cannot seem to stop admiring her.

I actually feel that if Aarti was looking for the family to love her, or indeed even for Yash to love her, she would have achieved less than she has. But in gaining the trust of everyone, Aarti has given herself a gift beyond value. Love comes where trust exists. Without trust, though, love is nothing.

By contrast look at the trust deficit building up in the Pratik-Paridi marriage. Today Paridi had to tell Pratik in the car: "Mujhpe bharosa raakho, that man who wrote the note means nothing to me". And yet the very thing in very short supply was trust!

I want to analyse today's episode from the point of view of Aarti's Trust Dividend.  


Gayatri and SP now trust Aarti without reserve

The way both Gayatri and SP rose to defend Aarti's stance on Palak and seemed exceptionally eager for her to speak to Palak and help the child, suggests how far this family has come since the days of deep mistrust in Aarti. Gayatri actually tried re-programming the Bua on Aarti's trustworthiness. The way the parents then waited with bated breath to see Aarti successfully bring Palak torender her speech also suggested that trust in Aarti is now so deep that her success with Palak was almost taken for granted.

Yash trusts Aarti's intelligence and sensitivity

After trust became the huge missing factor during Palak's birthday bash, it would have been natural for Yash to fear that Aarti and Palak may not hit it off again and there could be disaster on this school debate issue. But Yash has travelled a substantial distance now in trusting Aarti. The Neelam-Kunal affair has shown him where he can place his trust in Aarti. He can trust her intellience, he can trust her sensitivity, he can trust her loyalty and he can trust her reliability. Soon there will be a day when Yash begins to feel he can trust Aarti's judgement more than he can trust his own mind and heart. And that is the day when he may not be able to tell whether he merely trusts his wife or has also learnt to love her.

Palak has been led to trust Aarti through her empathy

What broke the ice between Aarti and Palak today was te fact that Aarti began talking to Palak about how she herself, as a child, was a terrified orator, and made many mistakes in her speeches before deciding to do something about it. Aarti was clever enough not to directly ask Palak to trust her, but she instead encouraged Palak to trust her own self more, which made a big difference. Palak was gently led to trust Aarti by by building her own self-esteem and finding her own empowerment. Here again I see that Aarti cannot be said to have won Palak's love, but she surely won her trust, and that seems to have more value at this time.

Bua most resents the trust that Aarti has steadily built

The Bua's angst now is clear – Aarti is consistently scoring with every member of the family who matters, and the general trust deficit in the Bua herself is coming up short in the face of Aarti's successes. Gayatri and SP seem to be throwing the Bua's suggestions out of the window. More than that, when Aarti challenges the Bua to stay and listen to Palak's speech and encourage the child, the Bua is forced to face up to the reality that Aarti has even won the trust of the reluctant Palak. It looked all along like Palak would be the only ally left for the Bua … but today even that stauch ally had joined the "Aarti-trusting" camp!

I like the episode a lot for its underlying profound messages of trust, and also for the way they had intercut the Aarti Trust Dividend sequences with the Paridi Trust Deficit sequences.The contrast was really good!

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Saddened by death of a legend,  then again we came into this world and one day one must go too!

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Today was a cute filler episode where kids issue took the centerstage but overall a fun watch even though I hv few issues regarding Bua Smile
Ansh's insecurity might result in Yash Vs Aarti competition as per promo
I think Ansh's insecurity is justified .. he is feeling suddenly left out and he dunno why Ouch...He too is participating in debate competition but none bothers to write a speech for him Ouch...As a kid Ansh does not understand Palak's issues and feels why is suddenly Aarti giving all attention to just Palakk Ouch... So CVs hv really kept the detailing intact here by not just showing Palak issue but making sure Ansh and Payal's reactions too r shown in this whole track ClapClapClap
Now  I feel Yash will overhear Bua and Aarti's talk which we saw in precap and will realise that Aarti is falling in a big dilemma because she has to support Palak to build up her confidence but in the process Ansh is feeling left out since Ansh will not understand why suddenly Aarti is taking Palak's sideOuch
So this is where Yash will decide to help Aarti by taking Ansh's side and helping him in debate competition and also in studies Big smile...
Yash once said he will always support Aarti whenever she will b in some trouble .. so this is where Yash's support will come since the promo shows Yash will b on Ansh's side and Aarti on Palak's side so that none of the kids feel left out in this competition Big smile
I will thank Bua again for making sure both AarYa jointly work on this kids plan Big smileBig smile
Aarti tries to b a friend for Palak and convince her .. It works too StarStarStarStar
I loved Aarti and Palak's interaction in the kids room today the way Aarti gave her own stammering example to convince Palak ClapClapClapEmbarrassed,..She dint give big lecture on how she needs to get confidence and competitive spirit but rather she too spoke to Palak like a kid so that Palak can connect with her EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Best part about the whole interaction was that Aarti dint try to b a mother because she knows Palak still considers Arpita as her mother .. Aarti tried to b a friend of Palak and gave her own example to Palak to make her realise that she is not the only one with stage fright .. there r many like her but she can overcome it if she tries EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
This friendly interaction by Aarti results in Palak finally getting convinced to give her speech and full credit to the little kid for delivering her best performance in today's episode while reciting the speech on Rain ClapClapClap...Iintially she was nervous and stammering but once she sees all r clapping for her , she gets her confidence and finishes it in style StarStarStarStar..Wonderful acting by the kid ClapClapClap
Rain as Theme for Palak .. Perfect symbolism and Loop Closure StarStarStar  ...
Palak's mother Arpita died in rain after which Palak lost her confidence and self-belief Ouch...Today Palak gets her confidence and self-belief back by giving her speech on same Rain theme StarStarStarStar...Life has come to a full circle for Palak where she comes out of her shell by giving her speech on same theme which once brought all the pain in her life but that same theme today brings her confidence back courtesy her new mother Aarti EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Perfect loop closure StarStarStarStar
Bua's spotlight needs to reduce ...
Now this is my only issue with the episode Smile...I understand CVs r trying to show Bua's insecurity with Aarti's growing importance in the house  since she cannot see one widow getting all happiness and support in family while other widow that is Bua herself is still standing where she was earlier Ouch but I feel too much overdose of Bua might put off viewers  as they want to see more of AarYa and kids in action and dont mind Pratik-Paridi track too Embarrassed
So I hoping Bua to go missing in action for sometime after Aarti wins this Palak mission Big smile
Pratik-Paridi problems continue
This is interesting parallel track developing where I can clearly see lack of trust and communication issues between both Ouch..One good thing is Pratik will b engaged with his wife now to find out about that mystry letter and so he wont waste anymore time spying on his bhaiyya and bhabhi in bedroom WinkLOLLOL...
Overall it was a filler episode but Palak was the real star today and her little moment with Yash was adorable too ...Embarrassed

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AngeloScuro IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged

I want to debate too!!!

Looking for Kantaap of words for Bua from Arti among other things!LOLEvil Smile
Evil Smile

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Pearl_27 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Jst watched the new promo of Mahadev and now when Shiva ji is ready to accept Parvati,Parvati is rejecting him

Does that goes somewhere??????????

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