Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara


Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara
Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara

Aditya Pankhuri OS: Only for You..!!

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Aditya & Pankhuri OS: Only for You

Everybody at the Gupta house was running left and right trying to arrange everything so that the name and prestige is maintained in front of the boy's family. The family that is coming over to see the youngest girl of the Gupta family, Pankhuri Gupta.

Pankhuri's parents Diwakar and Naina Gupta were chilled out parents, but they were not strong enough to stand in front of the head Govardhan Gupta, Diwakar's father. A miracle happened when Diwakar mustered up courage to talk to his father about allowing Pankhuri to study further, Govardhan Dadaji agreed only on one condition that after her graduation is complete she will be married off. Diwakar had no other option but to agree. Pankhuri was not aware of this fact, she was happy that her grandfather gave permission to her to study further.

Pankhuri has just finished her graduation in Architecture and now her family want her to settle down, she comes from a very orthodox family, girls were taken away from education from the tender age of sixteen and were taught how to do household jobs, and by the age of eighteen they were married off. Love did not exist for them, they only believed in arranged marriages. The same happened with Neha, Pankhuri's elder sister. Luckily Neha's husband Naman was a down to earth person, his family were more chilled out compared to the Gupta family. Neha was very happy with her married life and her in-laws.

Now that Pankhuri has completed her graduation, Govardhan Dadaji did not delay in finding a suitable, rich family for his grand-daughter, not that he wanted his grand-daughter married off in a wealthy family, he just wanted to get rid of them, as he believed that girls are a waste, they are useless and should be out of the house as soon as possible.

In Pankhuri's room:

Pankhuri was sitting in front of the dressing table all gloomy and sad, happiness was miles away from her, Neha was getting her ready.

Neha: Pankhuri, what is this..why are u so sad?

Pankhuri: Di, I don't want to get married to a person I have never met, to someone I don't know, I mean how can one marry a person whom they know nothing about?

Neha: look you know this family really well, this tradition has been running in the family since...gosh I have no clue, and on top of that you know Dadaji right..he won't hesitate to kill you and the rest of us if this family tradition is broken.

Pankhuri: I know Di, I know this family only believes in arranged marriages.. you. mum were lucky, you all got gems, and what is the guarantee that this person who is coming to see me will be the same, or his family will be like your in-laws.. And most importantly, I don't want to get married because I love someone else.

Neha: Pankhuri..WHAT come again..!!!!!!!!

Pankhuri: yes Di, I love someone, I met him at whilst I was at Uni and we both love each other a lot. In fact I was even going to introduce him to you and the Jiju but before I could say anything, Mr Hitler (Dadaji) announced and forced his decision on me..once again..!!!

Neha: Oh my god..!!! What are we going to do now, those people are coming today and your telling me that you're in love with someone else...(panicking)

Just then Naman walks into Pankhuri's room to inform that the boy's family are here and that they are waiting to see Pankhuri.

Neha: What are we going to do now?

Naman: What happened?

Neha: Pankhuri loves someone else and Dadaji is hell bent on making sure that her rishta is fixed with this particular boy, as he they initiated this proposal.

Naman: Oh no..!!! and we know that once Dadaji has made his decision that means no turning back.

Naina: Arre tum log yaha baat kar rahe ho, waha sab niche interzaar kar rahe hai, jaldi karo.

They all leave from Pankhuri's room, Neha and Naman join everyone in the hall, whilst Naina takes Pankhuri into the kitchen with her.

In Kitchen:

Naina: Beta, I know that you are not happy with this rishta.

Pankhuri: (shocked) Ma..I am actually...

Naina: I know sweety, that you have your own dreams but beta in this house a girls dreams are limited, I'm really sorry beta but me and your father did not tell you that your grandfather only allowed you to complete your graduation with this condition that you will marry the guy who came with the first proposal.

Diwakar came into the kitchen, as he also has the feeling that his princess was not happy with this proposal, but he just did not have the chance to talk to her privately.

Diwakar: yes dear, your mother is absolutely right, I know you had dreamt to complete your graduation in Architecture since you were a child and I had to fulfil this dream of yours but on the other hand I may have also spoiled another dream of yours.. the dream of your wedding..

I know that you have always wanted to marry a person who understands you, who will stand by your side forever, whose family is more modern yet traditional unlike ours.. but..

Pankhuri: Ma, Papa... the thing is that..I..

Govadhan Dadaji: Arre bahu..Pankhuri ko lekar jaldi aao..

Naina: Ji, we are coming.

She places the tray filled with tea cups and other savouries in Pankhuri's hand and takes her along with her to the hall.

In the Hall:

Everyone was seated down, Pankhuri did not have the courage to look up, her eyes were casted down throughout the process of giving the tea cups to everyone seated in the room. Pankhuri was standing near Naina and Neha.

Govardhan Dadaji: Pankhuri beta..this is Harish and his wife Avantika and their son...

Pankhuri greeted the couple with a smile but did not look at the boy, Harish and Avantika looked towards the son who was gaping at Pankhuri non-stop, it was like Pankhuri had some magnetic pull which was pulling this guy towards her, he was simply smiling looking at her.

Harish and Avantika understood that their son was taken by Pankhuri's beauty so without delaying any further, Avantika insisted with her eyes that Harish should speak to Govardhan Dadaji.

Harish: urm, I think the these two should be given some time alone to speak and get to know one another...aapka kya kyaal hai? (what do u think?)

Govardhan Dadaji: hmm..theek hai, Pankhuri... Aditya ji ko apne kamre mein le jao..

Pankhuri nodded, then she stood still for a bit and looked up, and she was shocked to see the person standing in front of her..!!!!


Pankhuri: AAP yaha???

Govardhan Dadaji: (angrily)Pankhuri, where are your manners???

Pankhuri: sorry (to Aditya) please come

In Pankhuri's room:

Pankhuri: Oh my god Aditya, what are you doing here? How did you manage to get here? What did you to say to Dadaji? Are they are your parents? How did you get into my house? Didn't anyone say anything to you? But how is that possible?

Aditya: (holds Pankhuri's shoulder) Pankhuri calm down, so many questions, I'll answer them all one by one, here sit down.


Pankhuri: Oh I see, so my Papa helped you impress Dadaji

Aditya: Yes this was possible only because of Uncle, if he was not with me, I don't think I would have been able to impress that Hitler (Dadaji)

Pankhuri: (happily) ahhh you don't understand how happy I am, (she jumps and puts her arms around Aditya's neck...and he also pulls her closer by wrapping his arms around her waist).

Pankhuri: I was really scared about today, I really thought this was the end of us, if you turned out to be someone else, I swear I would have killed m...

Aditya: (silencing her by placing his hand over her mouth)Pankhuri, what are you saying??!! How can you even say that? You know me right..How could i let my love get married to someone else???

Pankhuri: (teary) sorry

Aditya: I want a better sorry than that...

Pakhuri leans up and kisses him on the cheek and hugs him tightly as possible, and says:

Pankhuri: I love you

Aditya tightens his grip on her and pulls her even closer and replies:

Aditya: I love you too..!!!

Pankhuri: You did all this just for me?

Aditya: Only for You..!!!

They both come out of the hug as they hear a knock on the door, Pankhuri straightens herself and goes to open the door. There stood Diwakar smiling at her.

Pankhuri: Papa

Diwakar: so how did you like my surprise?

Pankhuri: (hugs her father) thank you so much Papa, you have given me the best gift of my life.. I love you

Diwakar: love you too Princess, (kissing her lovingly on her head) now come downstairs; everyone's waiting for your decision.

In the Hall:

Everyone was silently waiting and looking towards Pankhuri and Aditya waiting for their decision, Neha and Naman looked very worried, Naina looked scared and Diwakar was smiling from within, Pakhuri had her eyes casted down as she did not want to give anything away, especially when her father Diwakar and the love her life Aditya had worked so hard to impress the Hitler Govardhan Dadaji.

Govardhan Dadaji: toh, kya faisla liya hai tum dono ne?

Aditya: Dadaji, hum dono ko yeh rishta manzoor hai.

Govardhan, Diwakarm Harish and Avantika were happy, whereas on the other hand Neha and Naman were confused and little shocked..all were thinking how come Pankhuri say yes??

After agreeing on the dates etc, it was decided that the following week Aditya and Pankhuri will get engaged and in two months will be the wedding.

Whilst the elders were discussing these points, Neha and Naman were observing Pankhuri who was smiling throughout the whole discussion and was also blushing when Aditya smiled at her. Both were really confused atPankhuri's behaviour. Only this morning she said she did not want to marry a guy whom she does not know, and now she is blushing whilst the others are discussing about her marriage. Something is definitely fishy here.

Aditya  left with his parents and Govardhan Dadaji went to bed, whilst everyone else gathered up in Pankhuri's room.

InPankhuri's room:

Without further ado, Neha bombarded Pankhuri with her questions, which she had been storing in her mind since she saw the change in Pakhuri's behaviour.

Neha: Pankhuri have you gone mad? Only this morning you were saying you did not want to marry that guy as you don't know him and now you're happy, your marriage has been fixed with him and you're smiling...what about that person whom you love?

Naina: what!!! You love someone?? Pankhuri how could you do that? I did not expect this from you..

Pankhuri: Ma listen please

Naina: No you have broken my trust, I...

Diwakar: Naina, listen we both have always wanted the best for our girls, it was our luck that we found Naman for Neha, his family is more than what we can ask for.. Now what was the possibility that Bauji will choose the right person and family for our Pankhuri?

Look Naina, falling in love is no crime, Aditya and Pankhuri have not done any crime for loving one another.

Naina, Neha and Naman: KYAAA??!!!!!

Diwakar: yes, the boy Pankhuri likes is none other than Aditya, the boy we met today.

Diwakar then explains to them all that one day when he went to pick Pankhuri from university he saw Aditya and Pankhuri together, he had full faith in his daughter that is why he did not question her, but he found out full details about Aditya and family and then personally met Aditya and made the plan which they executed today.

Naina hugs Pankhuri and says sorry, both mother and daughter have a emotional reunion and Neha joins them.


It was the day that Aditya and Pankhuri's engagement..the engagement party was held at the Kumar's place so one can imagine the arrangements. Pankhuriwas dressed in a light pink lehenga and Aditya wore a white sherwani with a light pink scarf around the neck to match his lady love Pankhuri.

They looked like a couple made in heaven, after the rings were exchanged, they were called to the dance floor where they danced, forgetting their surroundings, getting lost in the other's eyes, just being so close to the other made them feel happy, and today they took one step further to a lifetime of togetherness.

Aditya and Pakhuri forever & always..!!!

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no comments Unhappy
mariam42 Senior Member

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This such a sweet OS!!
Just the type i love to read!
Btw ur writing style is really good! 
Thumbs Up

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Originally posted by mariam42

This such a sweet OS!!
Just the type i love to read!
Btw ur writing style is really good! 
Thumbs Up

aww thank u sooo much for ur lovely comment Hug
glad u liked the os Smile
n thank u once agen Embarrassed

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Nice OS

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Originally posted by dhanya.r

Nice OS

thanks Smile
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Nice one Smile...bit lengthy

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i only read half...but its gr8...well done Clap
i will get bk wid my comment after finishing atm i gotta run!

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