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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut - July 18, 2012

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Dear All,

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our thread... our version from the Director's lens !!!


"Destiny's Child"

This is what comes to my mind when I think of Khushi Kumari Gupta - Singh Raizada.

Her Past "Tumhi ho bandhu, Sakha tumhi ho"

An orphan at a young age of 8, she was destiny's favorite child to get relocated into the loving care of Garima & Shashi Gupta. Although they treated her just like their own, and she loved them more than her own... but she never could forget that she was adopted, not their own. Sometimes circumstances, sometimes her own people... made sure she remembered she was not their own.

She learned to be happy, to never let anyone see her loneliness. She wanted to make everyone around her happy too ! Have we ever seen her complain to anyone? Ever?

Now, this happy go lucky girl was forced to marry a man, without even knowing why he wanted to marry her the way he did. Why did he all of a sudden become the Shaitaan... from being a Rajkumar just that morning ! She was threatened, she did not give in... but when it came to the happiness of her sister, her family... she gave in to the blackmail and chose unhappiness for herself.

Cut 2 Present
"Sadda Haq, Aithe Rakh"
Today, Khushi knows that Arnav loves her from the bottom of his heart and will do anything to make her happy. He did, and has been doing everything trying to make her happy... from buying her expensive things, to lighting the room for her... everything a man in love will do to woo his lady ! But she isn't happy... Why? Because his family is unhappy... their family is unhappy ! She wants to make everyone happy and she is ready to sacrifice her own happiness for them. The family doesn't want her to be near Anjali... although, she loves her and wants to be close to her to help her... she is not going near her, because it's not good for her. She tried to bring Payal and Akash together too, but to no avail... in fact things got worse... how can this girl be happy, if her loved ones are so unhappy !

But does she show her pain to anyone? NO. She only shares her worries with her mother... Devi Maiyya... She wants her blessings ! She wants to be happy... She wants to smile... She wants her husband to know her, to understand her, to make her smile !

Do we see a change in Khushi... The earlier Khushi never complained to anyone... smiled in the worst of adversities, so that people around her smiled !

Yes, she does that today as well.

But today she is complaining. She has started to show her unhappiness... To whom? To the one whose destiny is linked to her ! To the only one who has the power to make her happy, make her complete, to make her a woman.

Forever she was in debt of her adoptive family, she could never reveal her inner loneliness to them. Nor could she do that with her in laws.

But Arnav Singh Raizada is the special someone that Destiny chose for her favorite child. She can finally be her own self with Arnav. She knows he loves her, she knows he wants to make her happy... but he doesn't know how ! And that's why she is complaining... for the first time in her life, Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada is complaining to someone... because that someone is none other than her other half ! The one who will make her complete !

So, for the people who are worried about Khushi rejecting Arnav's gifts... chill and relax... our dear old Khushi is enjoying the fruits of a real marriage and is looking for real happiness from the one, only who can give it to her her... the only one from who she can rightfully demand it... paving the path to start building her own family, her world !


1. Loving the bromance between NK-Nannav !!! Big smile

2. NK's Hindi bloopers... mind blowing ! LOL

3. Anjali has finally started to voice her feelings, she believes her husband to be righteous and she knows her brother well enough to know he would want the best for her. He would always protect her from evil, then who is to be blamed for all that is happening? Will she blame it on Khushi?

4. Payal and Akash... For how long will the cold war go one, till how far? Will it affect Payal's relationship with Khushi in the future?

We'll have to wait and watch !

Till then, Monday to Friday sharp at 8 PM IST... See you at IPK !!!


Note to the Creators:
ASR's journey into the past... brought back the moments when we viewers, fell in love with IPK for the first time ! The Magic called Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

What a tribute for the 300th ! Congratulations Team IPK !!! ClapClapClap


For those of you who missed earlier, enjoy the previous Director's Cut !!!

17 July, 2012

16 July, 2012

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"This was sooo not ASR"

I came across many such comments today after the episode ended...Now a few thoughts that flitted through my mind as I read these comments are..

Who is ASR??What is ASR??What are the basic character traits that define ASR??Can anyone come up with answers to my questions?

While ASR was kidnapped..we had a monologue coming from Khushi...The thoughts that finally assured us..Yes...She's indeed in love...All the fleeting questions were answered by that exquisitely lyrical monologue..

Now,friends,have you ever thought about ASR's thought process?..Except for that feeble "I love You" at the gun point,Has ASR ever come up with his Pandora's Box??What he feels??What he thinks??Well it's a proven fact that ASR loves Khushi and Khushi loves ASR...But if you ponder,wasn't today's dialogues required..I won't talk about execution here.But ASR,with those naughty smirks..describing his tryst with love..or rather Khushi-was indeed required.

And now coming to the questions I started my post with..Who is ASR??How is he defined??A brash,arrogant,"I don't give a damn"young man??Is he really that??Or WAS he that??Now I'd like to clarify this-If people are still watching this show with high hopes that we will get pre-marriage flirty ASR back-then sorry to burst your bubble-IPK shouldn't be your place then...Because at this moment,that possibility seems a far-fetched wishful thinking.Circumstances have changed..the man has CHANGED,period!!Have I been disappointed?? an extent!!But is this new avatar too repulsive??Absolutely not...In fact,it'd be utter unrealistic to continue with that image..The man has to have some husband-like qualities,period!!

What IPK is serving us these days is a sweet n sour concoction of Arnav n ASR...And they've been pretty successful too with their attempt...But here I come with my teeny-weeny request to the CV's..Stick to the basics...You started your story with a basic framework..In that framework..ASR was rude,arrogant...And viewers signed up for that love-story...Now a year later..though a husband Arnav is soothing...the basic nature of the character has to stay the same...As of now he is...But make sure he stays the same...We do not want a wimp..and I think CV's know that better than us!!

The tough crust of the astute businessman has eroded away to an extent..Manaofying Khushi is Arnav's idee fixe  these days...Even Di has taken a back seat..But but but...How long will this concoction seem palatable??A married couple,who had an almost consummation-the underlying sexual attraction was always visible...Will the viewers be satisfied with these nok-joks and the nok-joks alone??They aren't kids...What about the famous Arshi passionate love story..I'm not saying to give them some freaking 20-minute screen presence...But at the end of the day..Will you not admit that this is a love story??Even saas-bahu sagas are going high on romance..and these two are squabbling over the pettiest issues..I think we need a reality-check here...

Again coming back to today's episode,what was it with NK's "Laov"..I've stayed in India all my life and I've learnt to promounce L.O.V.E as it is...For a man who has a horrible hindi..going all "tapori"...was it all needed??Why this laxity in dialogue delivery??

Thank You CV's for finally giving us a picture of Anjali's thought process...It was much-needed...And Payal too...Khushi got what she deserved...Sorry for sounding a little acerbic...But Khushi has to learn it the hard way!!She got her comeuppance!!

All said and done...Here's a small note for the CV's...

Dear CV's-I hope you don't wanna foul up your baby at this stage!!I hope the trp's today opened your eyes!!Go back to basics,Puhleej!!If one track doesn't go down well with the audience,there are plenty more fish in the sea...But remember..the basic framework cannot be "Didi Ki Saut",period!You are over the hump now.Your man is back.Let the storyline speak for yourself.We don't need constant justifications for each and every character...We all would be happy if you stick to your trademark storytelling in the teeth of all the criticisms...I hope someone takes the helm now!!To give every character adequate screen-space,make sure you don't mow down the story...With proper planning IPK can really go a long way!!

Here's to 300 good,very good,bad,worse episodes!!It's been indeed a journey!!Hoping for hundreds more!!Party

Sorry for not going in the conventional analytic way..I just felt the  need to pluck out a few  points...Winey(Redwine1)and Ritzy(Iritz)are doing such a commendable job with DCClap...Always a pleasure to post here..


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                           CHANGING FACES OF DAWN

Have u ever seen an image of the changing faces of dawn ... just before the sunrises ... hmm today couldn't help but recollect that image when i saw a shattered broken Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha ... 

Dear Viewer & Reader ... thank you for begin with us here at DC ..a good episode today ... with some surprising elements .. some sweet & sour moments .. some shattered hearts ... & some adrift hearts .. & some hearts singing .. some hearts wanting to sing ... all in a day at the IPK.

Congratulations Team 4 Lions .. on the BIG 300th episode 


You know as a viewer of this show i was wondering what the 300th episode will show us .. what will be the path breaking absolutely smashing thing that will be dished to us .. yea i read the spoilers to .. ( rain rain) .. then saw the episode for a moment i was like "WHAT THE" then it struck me how well & nicely the Director today showed us what IPK was ... & where it will be ... today .. ASR .. showed us where it all started for us .. & Mr.Khan told us where it will go.

Today what we saw were the changing tides of relations in the Raizada House .. i briefly touched on this yesterday ... between Akash & Arnav .. & today .. we saw it happen ..completely .. An Akash .. who only misunderstands his wife .. not bothering to ask her for explanations .. & an ASR .. who is just unable to get angry with his wife .. who is trying his best to be the MAN she wants ..

Dear reader ... today i want to touch upon the one person who is poised to change the entire game in RM .. yes .. Mrs. Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha ...

ANJALI SHYAM JHA  -- the Game Changer 

To understand where Anjali is going GO don't we need to first understand where Anjali is coming from ... 

A woman on the cusp of motherhood .. shattered abandoned .. & left at sea ... & whats more NO Idea why she is left at sea ????? once again my heart went out to her .. 

A woman one day walks in to the temple to look for blessings for a wonderful .. happy ... blessed life .. & walks out .. with every one of those blessings thrown firmly back at her face ... 

A shattered woman comes home to further see the remaining layers of her dreams being brutally whipped off all layers of her illusions massacred .. leaving behind a Skeleton of memories.

A wife who is seeing her husband being insulted & thrown out off her BROTHER's HOUSE ..  a husband .. who dint ask her to come along with him ... Nor did he look back 

A Sister .. who was the reason for the brothers very existence today is at a point in life where her life is in shambles, she is just looking at the strewn pieces while the brother is cementing his house of love

A daughter of the house who till yesterday was the fulcrum on which the whole house revolved today relegated to the confines of her room a pale shadow of her former self

A woman who was always scarred & emotionally crippled by her past ... today finds that all the crutches on which she stood have been snatched away from her ... 

And for all this ... She doesnt even KNOW WHY ????? 

My heart went out the girl in the arms of Nani .. being regaled stories of her mothers birth .. who couldn't even muster a smile .. cause she knows the stigma of abandonment .. she knows what it is to be the one who has to live in someone else's shadow ... YES hasn't Anjali lived in her Brothers shadow .. hasn't Anjali lived in her Husbands shadow ... 
One bought her a husband .. to make her happy
One sold himself .. .. to later destroy her happiness 

Today when she cried .. completely confused in her mind .. why was her Husband thrown out? ... she couldn't believe her husband could be bad .. the man who lived to maintain her illusions ... 
But the dichotomy of her life .. she knows there is no way her brother could lie to her to .. her brother who has promised her his happiness in return for hers .. how can that brother be wrong ...

She is looking around desperately for some clue .. some way for her to make this dream world right .. she was looking at Nani .. so that Nani says  ... yes this was all a misunderstanding ... & when Nani doesn't .. she starts .. believing ok if this is TRUE .. then this has to be some one else's FAULT .. because for her .. the 2 pillars of her LIFE cannot be WRONG ... .
Hence if there is something wrong here .. then .. there has to be someone to be BLAMED as well ...

Do you today Blame her ... for thinking like this .. a disillusioned woman .. a woman in a massive emotional breakdown ... a chronic depressive person ... will look at blaming their misfortunes on some one else ... .Cause to look inside .. & erode the layers ... & peep inside .. u can see the darkness only .. the darkness of NIGHT ... 

For a new Dawn to rise ... the shackles & layers of night have to be removed .. so that light can trickle through .. Because for Anjali a new Dawn will rise when the scales of deception are pulled off from her eyes .. someone has to show her .. or she has to figure out herself .. WHAT HAPPENED THAT FATEFUL DAY IN RM  & who was RIGHT !!!! 

Leaving with this thought ... 

  • Will Anjali .. succumb to the darkness surrounding her to come out as the night?
  • Will Anjali blame someone for her worries ( yes we know this 1 thru the spoilers)
  • What will Anjali Do when she decides in her mind who is to blame?
  • Who will eventually help Anjali see the light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Finally ... by the time this whole fiasco ends .. where will Anjali be .. the one pillar her husband will have to be wrenched away in the end ... BUT will the other pillar be there? will that pillar be there with the same strength ? or will the bonds be shaken ... 

All the above of course will be revealed to us in due course ...


Love does not begin & end the way we seem to think it does; love is a battle; love is a war; love is a growing up ... 
James Baldwin 

Could you ever have imagined an Arnav Singh Raizada in love ... Could you ever imagine an Arnav Singh Raizada so in love that he is now controlling his famous temper ... Could you ever imagine an Arnav Singh Raizada so so in love that he has forgotten his work ... Could you ever imagine an Arnav Singh Raizada so so so in Love that he is sharing his most bittersweet memories with NK ? ... Could you ever ever ever imagine an Arnav Singh Raizada so so so so so in love .. ... that today his sole focus is to bring a SMILE ON THE FACE OF THE WOMAN HE LOVES ... Khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada .. to quote a famous man Mr. ASR ... yeh tumne kya car diya ..inke saath ?

A virtual treat for all romance lovers today ... how the two love struck protagonists ( or is it antagonists) .. were battling for supremacy .. Operation SMILE KHUSHI ..has been actioned . the battle cry has been sung ... the General has left the barracks ... 
Khushi beware & be prepared .. cause Mr. Raizada will conquer this fort ...

I loved the first scene between these two .. when they sparred on the gift .. the infestimal  pause that Khushi takes once she sees .. the RED GOTTE waali SARI ... ( yea u remembered to na the holy scene .. her hearts desire 25th birthday a red Gotte waali sari) was superb ... 
Once again the thick skulled male .. was forcing the gift down Khushi's throat .. Mr. Raizada get it .. either give it in Love .. with the words ... or this cat not want the cream ..Khushi Kumari Gupta does not want to be always reminded of NO OPTIONS dude!..

I loved the dialogue when he tells her .. I want you to wear it .. 
I loved the dialogue when he tells her  .. I want to see you in this ... 
I loved the smile on ASR's face when she takes the gift before opening it .. 
I loved when he asked her what was so wrong that she could'nt even smile for him ...

But of course the piece the resistance was .. when Khushi tells him ... u have bought me the sari . now why don't you buy me a SMILE too ...

Can be mother here & tell you guys the problem with these two ... this is the classic case of the male who thinks he has said to the lady love how he feels ( remember the phone call ILU)  ... & he feels he is showing with every gesture .. .. but the lady love wants the love to be declared in front of her ... not under disguise of a phone call or in cloak of the night with a red rose ...
Till you Mr.. Raizada don't bite back your words Khushi aint gonna relent dude !!!


Now for the Points to Ponder in this episode :

D'ohPayash rift is just widening is Khushi going to responsible to widen the same .. Until Arnav comes in yet again to help her resolve

D'ohAnjali's deteoriation where is this leading ... 

D'ohWill Arnav & Khushi be able to put their family piece by piece together 

D'ohWhen KKG came to RM as the new bride .. she eventually won the support of the whole family .. with Anjali being the anchor for her & Arnav being against her ... Today in this role reversal scenario .. is Khushi heading towards another battle with a  ROLE REVERSAL between Anjali & Arnav?

Well readers .. thank you for spending time reading me ... I honestly love getting your feedbacks .. please do share your point of view .. helps me think more clearly ..

Well Cya soon at the IPKs..

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Role reversal rings the bell right - My dear friend Redwine1 has already touched based on this topic with regards to previous episodes. 

Just a recap -

Most of the  character's roles is kind of reversed in RM currently -

> Akash has become like ASR
> Anjali is turning out to be a ASR (my take from Monday's last scene)
> Arnav is trying to be a Khushi think like her to make her SMILE woo her.
> Khushi throwing attitude to Arnav like ASR coz she can do that only with him coz HE is HERS.

(So ASR as character is not only loved by phangirls but ppl in RM as well  - everybody wants to be him Wink)

My thoughts based on today's episode -

> Khushi will make Arnav relive his lost childhood... we could see tht inkling in Rajkumar & Shaitaan - Sundari episode which will loop in here as well

> Now the real Arnav will stand up... remember the dialogue to his Di - he will be ASR to the world but not to her similarly now he will be Arnav for Khushi - so we now will see new version of ASR which will be for Khushi & Khushi only.. he will OPEN UP & how - see further 

> RM gearing up for the storm yet again 

      - Possible cooling off of relation between the Sisters which will hurt Khushi the most wherein she will withdraw in her shell as she will mess up again between Payash even after warning from Payal, Khushi cant see anyone sad or hurt so even after warning from Payal she will try again.

      - Anjali is slowly coming out of the shell.. started asking questions ' still unable to comprehend whats happening' Shyam cant be wrong' Chotte also cant be wrong then why this? ' so in future direct finger pointing at Khushi? 

> Khushi hit on all sides even after which she will not open up even to Arnav ' again link to DM monologue ' there is a fear sitting in her that he will not believe or will believe the worst in her. Remember ' U can FORGIVE BUT NOT FORGET. Arnav's words have made a deep rooted hurt in her. Also adding to the list that she will not want to see any more problems due to her or bcoz of her between Brother  & Sister.

> So now it will be Arnav who has to understand her & Open her up & start building the faith which I guess he has already started.

Will this all lead to opening up of some unanswered questions & show extent of BIG heart of KHUSHI we need to wait & watch.

What I loved -

- Loved Arnav & NK bonding.
Can we nominate them for BEST JODI award LOL

- Arnav recalling all the FB's on how they met & realizing how much he has hurt/ tortured her.

- Khushi back with her DM -  I used to miss her monologues

Have we ever seen ASR SMILE so much? hai re Day Dreaming... 

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Hey friends...
Lovely lovely lovely posts... in Redux I generally say "My It Post" here I can't even do that because each and evey one of the post is so beautifully written...
Noorie Noorie...I mean Ritzy...Amaazing ritzy... they way you have formatted the whole post
Chandni, chandni tu meri chandni... Kya likha hai yaara... dil jeet liya... Even though I do not like anji character... not because of anything but the sole reason being unrelateble for me... I cannot relate to her in any way... Too weak and be in jungle or human jungle it is always survival of the fittest
Megh - so agree with the rift between Payal and khushi... here I would say khushi you are being stupid by interfering but that is her characterization... keep writing and do not stop...
Mita - ki bolbo toke.. 19 bochorer baccha na ki... you are so mature in your writings and if I say your post was the best I am sure chandni and ritzy will agree...
Mera to mini post hi ho gaya... enough of me... off to read some more...
luv you all

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Dancing300 and Counting!!Day Dreaming
Congratulations to the team in front of and behind the camera of IPKKND!! Party

The Raizada Mansion is a Bhool Bhulaiyya. It has long hallways, and rooms that look out over the pool. And a pool that is on the first floor, the second floor... Guest rooms that look out over the pool, and yet, you never see those guest rooms from the pool. A staircase that leads to the terrace opens from the second floor, and a staircase by the pool that goes where? You can see the hallway from above from the poolside, yet the pool reflects light into the living room on the first floor. It has  a huge hallway, and rooms behind translucent doors. It is a mysterious mansion - the Raizada Mansion; and its occupants are the bane of our lives!

The first time Khushi Kumari Gupta entered the house, she stepped in with her right foot and was welcomed by Anjali. The second time she came in on the orders of the Laad Governor, only to discover that he and Anjali were siblings. 

The first time she came in she ended up in Arnav's room, The second time she ended up in Arnav's pool side.

She came into the house, and ended up churning up the waters in the still water life of the inhabitants of Raizada Mansion.  

Today she lives in this same Raizada mansion in the same room that she now shares with that same Laad Governor, Arnav Singh Raizada as his wife. Today, Khushi is also one of the Raizada clan. She is Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

Behind the translucent doors, are secrets. Each room holds a secret life. Their occupants meet in the hallways, the corridors, by the pool and in the temple. They all live under the same roof and they all keep their secrets. 

Behind door number 1: Today Naniji is combing Anjali's hair, trying to cheer her up by stories of her mother. But Anjali is still reeling from the double blow of her husband's absence and her brothers 'betrayal'. She knows her brother would not hurt her so randomly, so he cannot be lying. But how could the man she loved be the one lying? How will she know the truth? Confused and heartbroken, she is wrestling with wanting to face reality and wanting her dream world intact. Naniji is horrified to hear that she wants to have a son who is exactly like his father. Naniji is keeping the secret that Chotey told her - of Shyam's truth. And Naniji still does not know the whole truth, why Chotey had to throw out his brother-in-law. 

Anjali is a broken doll. Her life is shattered around her, and she cannot pick up the pieces. She barely has strength to deal with questions to which she already knows the answers, but is unwilling to face them. 

Behind door number 2: Akash and Payal are dealing with their own set of issues. It is the second road break on the path to happiness. Before his wedding Akash promised his mother that she would always be first in his life. And he is living up to the promise. When he was in love (and for Akash its very much looking like past tense) the one thing Arnav said was 'Are you ready to live in happiness for the rest of your life with this girl?' and he unconditionally replied 'YES!' Today, he is feeling betrayed that his wife could not confide one of her secrets to him. She kept a secret from him. A secret that could have shattered the entire family. And she is paying the price for it. 

Payal's own happiness is at stake now. She is seeing her marriage falling apart, and yet she is mature enough to tell little sister to stop meddling in her affairs or come talk to her instead of to her husband. Unlike her sister-in-law, she is getting ready to fight for what she wants and believes in. 

Payal is finally finding her voice and the first person who hears it is her little sister. Payal wants an identity for herself. Not as Payal Gupta, Khushi's sister, Payal Singh Raizada or Khoon Bhari Taang. She wants to be Payal. The spine that she rarely displays is now starting to stiffen. Waiting to see more of it soon. 

And Akash is mad that his sister-in-law, who he resents as the one who broke up their stable family life, should come to him with life advice. He doesn't need a life coach. He has been shouldering the AR companies since his brother went MIA. And to all intents, this brother is still MIA! (But more of that in a little while).

Behind Door Number 3: Mamaji and Mamiji - who are MIA for this episode. So we'll leave them there, hello-hi-bye-bye.

Behind Door Number 4: The Guestroom. Current occupant one Nand Kishore aka Nanhey aka NK. He of the cheery, sunny disposition, with an uncanny ability to mangle the Hindi language much as his masiji mangles English. He with the heart of gold, a staunch believer in the truth, a true friend to Khushi. On the surface, a perfect match for Khushi, but one who once he realized who Khushi really liked, upped the ante for Arnav, until Arnav himself had a moment of self-realization. And for that reason, he is tolerated and even humored by his dour cousin, Arnav Singh Raizada who resides

Behind Door Number 5: with Khushi. Two souls that were meant to be together. Their relationship as a couple has just begun. While apart, it has weathered horrific storms to get to this point. But the waters of Raizada Mansion are perhaps too insidious for them. 

Khushi has gotten caught up in this riptide. She wants everybody to be happy - and happy with her. Finally, it is revealed why she is unhappy with life here. She is miserable, because behind Door 1 and Door 2 are people that she cares about, and they are not happy. She cannot be happy when the people she loves are unhappy. And moreover Arnav's harsh words are something that she cannot forget. To her, it seems he has moved on oh, so easily (just like Di thinks he has). But he hasn't, and that's why he is now focused on wanting to make it up to her. Khushi has another important lesson yet to learn. While she understands that happiness cannot be bought (rejecting her husband's every effort to see her smile), Happiness or Unhappiness comes from within. One cannot make a person happy or unhappy - but one can  choose to be happy or unhappy. Through out her life, she has chosen to be happy. 

In the after math of Shyam's revelation, she is now choosing to be unhappy. And in the process is losing out on the one ray of light in her life. The love of her life, who is doing his utmost to make her smile, make her happy. She sleeps on the same bed of the man who would have killed or let himself be killed for her. He is showering her all his attention as best he knows., And she thwarts him, yet again. 

Poor Arnav. For the first time in his life, he is choosing to be happy. But his happiness lies in bringing a smile to his wife's face. By making up to her for the wrong he did her. But, no matter what he does, every single gesture has gone unappreciated. All he has received is a cold shoulder, bitter words and avoidance. And ASR being ASR, is determined at all costs to bring that smile to her face. With every surprise for her, he shows more and more understanding of her likes and dislikes. Today he says it, 'I would like to see you in the saree'. He has yet to articulate to her what would make him happy. Perhaps if he'd said 'it would make me happy to see you in this saree' it would have gotten him a different response - but we will never know. To win her heart he will do whatever he must. 

And so we come to Arnav with  NK in the his bedroom. NK wants to hear the whole romantic story of how they met and fell in love. And in true special episode style Arnav narrates the thorny love story punctuated by well-chosen FBs. But Arnav knows how to keep his secrets and he wants NK out of the room to plan. So he starts telling him of the incredible abuse he heaped on Khushi. But he never tells him the whole story - about how he was mesmerized when Khushi fell into his arms, or how he ripped the pearls from her cholie and then kept them for the longest time, or saved her life both from the car and the 'girti imarath', or how he made sure that she would not be hurt before he let go her hand in the office. Those little jewels he keeps to himself. There is almost an evil gleam in his eye as he watches NK's horrified expression. So now when NK wants to hear about Khushi's gestures towards him, all he recounts are times she threw hot tea on him, or the time she attacked him with a knife, and lit a mosquito coil so he lost his voice. Poor NK - for him it was like a horror film, not a romantic story. He flees from the room, and Arnav looks after him with a righteous grin on his face. And as he recalls those crazy days, he thinks about the crazy girl he fell in love with. And decides that craziness is the way to go to win his lady love!

And so the secrets still remain behind the doors at Raizada Mansion. Each person carrying a burden in their heart. And the one person who shouldered the responsibilities of the house, and carried everyone's burden, has set those burdens aside for a while as he continues to look for a way to win back his lady love. We have confidence in you ASR - Just listen to your heart! The answer is right there. 

Things I would love ASR to do:
Show her the pearls from her choli, the mannat ki chabi, the pom pom from her suit. Give her a set of stars to hang over her bed. Get that picture reframed - the one he threw out of the car. Buy her a new dupatta to replace the one he tore. Make her jalebis and pakoras with adrak wali chai. Show her the notes she wrote to him (I am pretty sure he has kept them somewhere!). Do a song and dance (okay, maybe that's too much to ask)!

Song of the day for ASR : A Song for You - by Ray Charles. 

Edited by GirlOfFire - 18 July 2012 at 8:12pm

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Supna9 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 September 2011
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
do u all think khushi's character is realistic these so much sacrifice a person can give ?
Anjali manohar jha oh i feel pain n sorrow only 4 this person bcz i v a heart that can feel her.

Edited by Supna9 - 18 July 2012 at 1:30pm

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Newbiesoapfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Nice take again redwine... loved the fact that Khushi is asserting her haq over her husband... he used to be the only one she used to depend on during her troubled times even before ( hospital , engagement breakup) and she is taking it a step further!
But I still think that at one level , she thinks that he has not changed or is not letting out his true feelings and some of her behavior in the last few days has been directed to seeing the truth from him.
Of course , the fact that she feels that she is responsible for all of the family's unhappiness is another reason -- remember that she is righteous and will try to right any wrong that she thinks she has committed intentionally or otherwise ( tea , ASR losing voice)!
All this combined make KKGSR sad and mad at hubby!

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