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It Wasn't All That Bad!-Decoding 18/7/2012

laddoo598 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:09am | IP Logged
I liked it. I know everyone had these grand expectations for the 300th episode, and some might feel a little disheartened, while others seethe in fury seeing the great ASR sitting pretty inside a cupboard, but for me, it worked. The last scene worked. A narration of Arnav and Khushi's love story, from the man himself. And what a story it has been. My expectations were low for this episode, and that honestly helped A LOT.LOL

So Nannav, tell me, how did you two meet? Pankhon (read: Aankhon) seh pankhein (read:Aankhein)  kaab mili mere bhai?

She kind of fell into my arms like a manna from the heavens, and I caught her of course, I have a PhD in catching giri huyi aurats. But I decided to lock her up in a room, refused to believe her story, and then ripped her blouse dori for good measure. ( I still have the pearls with me, is that too stalkerish? What do you think?)

What the?

And then she said something I didn't like so I released the video footage of her falling into my arms, and made sure her life is a living hell. ( The mannat ki chabi is chilling with the pearls, I also have her blood stained hanky, ain't that cool?Cool)

What the?

But alas, she ended up working for me, and I let go of her hand and let her fall from the first floor.

What the?

I also kinda made her stand in the rain for hours. (And the epic rain hug followed, not to mention, I totally drooled at the sight of her in a red sari, and then punished her for turning me onApprove)

Please stop.

And sent her to a dilapidated house which was about to crumble any moment. (More Rabba Vey, I got a taste of my own medicine that day. Totally got woman-handled. Good memories)

Why the hell is she in love with you again?

Deal with it sucker! And I totally skipped over all the 36926302 Rabba Veys we did. Go to youtube, watch those, and you shall have your answer. (ismailvegamze ROCKS!)

I will do that. But I am sure Khushi jee did a lot of romantic things for you!

Lets see, she threw hot tea at me, pretended to stab me with a knife, kept me from having food till I fainted, then there were those mosquito coils which made me lose my voice..

STOP, STOP, STOP! I don't want to hear more!Shocked

Dude, our tagline is mohabbat door janey na dey, nafrat paas aney na dey! Nafrat is an integral part..I am thinking our love anthem should be "I hate you, like I love you"..Do you think Khushi will like it if I did Aamir Khan's step from that movie? I can do a mean pelvic thrust.. Wait, she likes Salman Khan, so perhaps that Dabang step? She is crazy, ain't she?Day Dreaming

NK: Dude, I have had enough of this horror story. I am gonna go and eat some dairy milk.

Now albeit cheesy, but I liked Arnav's crazy idea of recreating moments from their love story to bring a smile to her face. Come on, honestly tell me, who didn't smile (or laugh, in my case) at the precap? I know a lot of people will have problem with ASR behaving like this, but come on, the guy is in love, and he wants to make his lady love smile. He has tried everything that ASR would do, bought her an expensive gift, tried to romance her with decorations and cake, got her a sari, demanded that she wear it, asked her nicely to wear it and nothing has worked so far. He also admits what is is about to do is CRAZY. So there you go, ASR's character is not being butchered, he knows what is about to do is completely outlandish and OTT, and he wouldn't do these things in a million years if it weren't for her. I am so hoping Khushi doesn't melt at the first try. Imagine how epic it would be to see:

  • Arnav getting tangled in fairy lights and Khushi untangling him. "Khushi, main ulajh gaya"ROFL
  • Diwali recreated! 'Nuff said. "No Mr.Raizada, it didn't mean a thing to me. You have so many technical kharabis, why would I ever want to kiss you?"Ermm
  • Can she get off from a chopper with all that swagger, taking off her shades in style and all?
  • Khushi bandaging Arnav's small booboo with a mile long piece of gauze.
  • Khushi ripping Arnav's tie?
  • Arnav saying "Haii Devi Maiyaaa"..LOL
  • Arnav making jalebis..LOL

And the list goes on..

More things I LOVED:

  • Payaliya, atta girl! You tell your sister to keep her pretty nose out of other people's business. The devi maiyaa syndrome needs to bid adieu.
  • NK, you are the single most awesome thing to happen to this show. Please don't leave, ever.
  • Come next year, Nannav-NK are being nominated for best jodi in every damn award show.
  • Khushi, for once, you are holding on to your grudge. Good for you girl! He was a mean jerk and he deserves all the cold shouldering. But I am confused here, one moment you say you are not angry at him, and the next moment you harp about how you cannot forget all the nasty things he said to you. What is going on here? Hum toh conphuziya gaye.Confused

W*F moments:

  • AnJhali, you want your kid to be a perverted creep. Whatever floats your boat.Confused
  • Akash, for the love of God, stop PMSing already!Dead

All in all, a pretty decent episode today. Not one that was spectacular, but nothing yucky, thooey either.

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paru_rox IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Firstly Parul totally fadaqs Tanu Heart ... ok NOW we can move on LOL

I loved it ... I loved it ... I loved it ... Bas keh diya na !!!

ASR recounting all of his encounters with his lady love -- I must say yaar for the average person it comes as too much of a shocker ... Poor NK's eyes almost popped out LOL

I loved the Precap bey ... I was thinking the same ... Let them reenact a few more scenes before Bitiya deigns a smile on Bitwa *rubbing hands in glee*

And NO I do not consider this a slaughter of ASR's character, reason being very simple ... till date the CV's have murdered his character a lot of times.
Finally it is for something really cute & something that the guy is doing as his alter ego ... the Lauwer Arnav Embarrassed . Isn't this what we have all been waiting for ? Bitwa going all out for Bitiya ... & he does it to the extent of copying her pagalpan. How cute can this get LOL

Diwali scene reenacted ... An absolute Must. For one thing no one apart from ASR calls on Khushi's mobile ... so so sooo  Day Dreaming


PPS --
Ismailvegamze does rock Clap

Sorry for the late edit bey ... my client system configs on laptop went for a toss Ouch

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manjha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 August 2010
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:16am | IP Logged
OMG I shall fangirl & ship NK-Nannav for LIFE Heart Today was pretty good, I actually loved it so much just for that last NK-Nannav scene, it pretty much made everything annoying go away & ahhh I just love these two! I am loving Khushis stance, like that woman needs to give him so much attitude & make him pay for everything he said to her but you know its funny because the fangirl in me wants in to happen soon as I am at the end of the day a bhookad for romance LOL Nonetheless, even if they drag this Khushi manaoing fest, I dont mind, ASR was the biggest bloody bitch that night, & he deserves to work his ass off to make her smile...

Okay i was a bit confused too during her conversatiion with DM, she was like hum unse naraaz nahi hai & then shes like hum voh bhool nahi sakte so I guess she meant to say what that she isnt mad at Arnav for what he said, cause maybe Khushi is playing Ms.scapegoat here but she cant forget the fact he brought up the contract thing, IDK im confused...

Coming to the NK, hes the BEST. I cant even describe my love for NK, that man is like the best character on the show who is just an angel. I really will run an andolaan if NK ever leaves, IDC if they make it look illogical but he needs to just stay there being all adorable and perfect Heart

NK-Nannav are like my favourite jodi, these two together is pure entertainment & I would LOVE if there was ever an episode with just these two. like it be full on amazingnesss! Arnav was sooo sexy when he was narrating his story & it was really cute but the best part was NKs reactions ROFL ROTFL that dude is howlarious! Gosh when you think about it ArHi's story has been so horrifying for someone like NK LOL I guess only ArHi themselves can uderstand what was the lowe in their nafraat Tongue Overall this has to go in my all time favourite scenes list!! 

As for Arnavs behaviour, I think its totally justified, I mean first we say that Arnav needs to realise that his money thing wont work on Khushi & now when theyre showing him realising everyones all W*F about it Ermm I mean this is the whole point, how Arnav changes for this girl & he will do everything to bring a smile on her face now! I legit cant wait for this, like I have a feeling its going to be amazing!  Though I am not watching this show with expectations, my only expectation is that I am entertained & happy at the end of the episode, it makes life much more eaiser & the show much more enjoyable... 

On a side note; I think Akaash PMSing is "someones" PMSing frustration unleashing so Akaash is being the bakra no matter how many "hugs" AD offered LOL

Tanu-wa, awesome post-wa & decoding Heart I fadaqqq you Heart

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ASADsweetZOYA IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 January 2012
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
EmbarrassedClapawesome post dear
loved reading it...Star

i must say a well balanced rocking awesome episode over all in all the sense..Clap.including fun, romance, hurt, sad, cute, everything...hats off 2 cvs...Star
NK.nannv scenes i loved it 2 the core.Big i cant think a episode without Nk actually,.Smile..
i wish he'll stay 4ever in ipkknd...Smile
ipkknd rockkksss
i am not writing more about our Hotti...Embarrassed
LOLomg...i cant believe this...the precap...was that our almighty ASR??ShockedROFL

but still he is wearing the same brown suit which he was wearing when khushi was hiding in the wardrobe..LOL.their love story changed..Embarrassed..ASR changed..Shocked...but this rich man is still wearing the same shirts...LOL Embarrassed

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lazyleaves IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 13 March 2012
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged

Haaye!!!!! Tanu ke post ke pehle page par comment. Khud ko pinch karayeke padhi.

I will comment in a while Smile

Arnav: And sent her to a dilapidated house which was about to crumble any moment. (More Rabba Vey, I got a taste of my own medicine that day. Totally for woman-handled. Good memories)

One of my favourite Rabba Vey

Why the hell is she in love with you again? *lazy scratches her head*

(ismailvegamze ROCKS!) Clap

NK: Dude, I have had enough of this horror story. I am gonna go and eat some dairy milk.

Uff Ye NKji bhi na. Unhe bhi hamari tarah Dairy Milk pasand hain. Koi baat nahi hum milkar khaayege Wink

Khushi don't give in easily. Bohot sataya hai ye bande ne. Khub jooti ghaswana haan.

Let me add a few moments to the list:

1. Removing dirt from his eyes

2. Pull Arnav with his tie and kiss him on his right cheek at the poolsideDay Dreaming
(Uske baad dono ko jo karna ho kare!!!!)

3. Break his fast LOL

4. Call her Swamini (is that a word??? )

P. S. This Green font is for Rabba-Ve-Delena (I hope you know why)

P. P.S I am not going to sit and elaborate how good and funny your post was OK?

P.P.P.S. Angry Birds!!!!!!!!!

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mz.brar Senior Member

Joined: 28 February 2012
Posts: 526

Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
I blushed and laughed to hard during the precap *shakes head* [i felt so ridiculous-but i loved it]
I think the CV has done a good job so far in not losing the ASR factor of Arnavs personality that some of us love.If u really think about it his personality hasn't changed, whats changed is how he lets khushi see him.
Hes always been Arnav- to his Di, nani, mamaji now that list included Khushi. So for anyone who isn't happy about the precap or think that the CV is butchering his REALLY need to go back and watch past episodes.

A character that I'm proud of in today's ep is Payal. She is her own person, i really hope that the CV break her out of the stupid "house-wife" mold that they have her in.This girls got more potential then running around after her MIL attempting to please her.Hopefully today we were shown the first step taken to bring back "pre-Aakash" Payal!

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 09 September 2010
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:19am | IP Logged
those who havent learned from past one year now should understand that never expect anything in the world of IPKKND!Tongue frankly somewhere i knew that nothing "THAT" is going to happen today and also for one year they did try to create "something" which became "nothing" (the 4th june hut scene) so its not like anything special NEEDS to happen for 300 episode! i had the lowest expectations ever! and trust me it did work.. though i was hoping something with that Satsang thing but again.. !!Tongue anyways i loved the episode! firstly was irritated to the core!

the only thing i want to tell Anjali that.. "what you actually want".. i think i do have a solution for her problem.. why dont you just contact your bloody creep and goes with him in the house which has been getting ready since the starting of this serial.. can you just pls stop with all this now?

Anjali:- Nani.. what is all this happening.. *wipes* i cant understand anything.. i dont have a brain.. i am confused between brotherly love and husband's love *cries some more* i want a son like my creep hubby.. so that he can ruing my chote's babies life like my hubby ruined his *wipes more and more* NANI!!!!!!

Nani:- gives her sleeping pills (she is too irritated now).. cancels the Satsang and there shattered hearts of IF phun-girls!ROFL

Akash:- i am PMSing from a long time and yes i am not in a mood to come out of it Stern Smile Payal your sister means more to you.. you told your sister *did you tell her that you are still a virgin* blah blah blah and some more blah blah!! oh ya.. now i call her Khushi cause i have forgotten that she was my helper when i was trying to woo you and i have also forgotten that i married you and it was a love marriage!

Payal:- Khushi.. pls stop poking your nose everywhere like SP bahus.. let me handle it! i also have the role for myself! *pouts*

-Delicious_BS- :- CAN YOU GUYS JUST SHUT UP!!!??!!

NK.. i love you!! you are the only good thing! Embarrassed of course best one is HIM Day Dreaming

and now coming to the fact.. i dont think that what Arnav is doing is wrong.. as you said he is in love and in love if you dont become crazy then what kind of love is that.. and yes it cant be the redemption track.. i guess its just the Arnav in love!Smile

now about replaying.. can we have the Diwali replayed? can we have the poolside kiss replayed? can we have the rain hug replayed? can we have the hut scene replayed and pls complete one this time!

lastly.. Khushi if you are not going to wear that.. pls give that pretty saree to me!Embarrassed

fabulous post by the wayHug

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Nightingale...nonasimanjhaladdoo598 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:24am | IP Logged
You, my dear friend are an incurable romantic at heart. You always see the silver lining among the dark thunderous clouds. LOL

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