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Brief Update : 18th July 2012 (Page 12)

orianthi Goldie

Joined: 19 August 2011
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
Is it against forum rules to say that Savita's character has lived too long?LOL

Wait so let me guess, now Teju will be mad at Archu for another episode then she will change her mind again in the next and so on and so on. Right? Can they just make up their minds and end this track. Week after week it is the same drama with these girls and their witch of a grandmother. I am sick of it! At least show us more of ARVI pls. I really do not want to see Ovi, Sachin, Manav, Savita and Teju.

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FireLordPhoenix IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tayabafarooqui

well point is where is purvi place in deshmukh life after ovi's heart break no place for her its up to ovi who can forgive and accept  arvi and move on but even after that i will want manav o give equal love to all his children dont show tooo much love to purvi this will hurt ovi teju again .but somewhere i find purvi little bit selfish i dont know ilike arjun purvi but purvi never ever think abt ovi purvi always use to do ba ba now where is her love for ba ba she is just busy with arjun in fulfilling that stupid condition.arjun truly left ovi for someone else no matter for sake of purvi love but ovi will take time to face and accept this.

Purvi did care about Ovi when she found out about Arjun and Ovi. She even tried to get Arjun closer to Ovi. But when Purvi started sacrificing for Arjun no one was happy with that track because it was all nonsense. Purvi isn't being selfish now if she is busy with Arjun. She was even worried about Ovi when Ovi came to her house with a check trying to buy Arjun off. Now Purvi can't do anything for Ovi. Whatever needs to be done now must be done by ARMAN. I'm glad to see that Manav and Archana are slowly helping Ovi. If Purvi came to see Ovi and tried to help her, Ovi will just lash out at Purvi. Archana is Ovi's mother so she is tolerating Ovi's bad attitude towards herself because Ovi is heartbroken and needs help and attention. But Ovi won't be happy with Purvi's presence and might just make matters worse for both Purvi and her family. I don't want to see Purvi sacrifice her love again especially because it won't help Ovi. Arjun doesn't love her and never will and there is no use in leading Ovi on. I think it's good that Purvi is thinking about herself now. 

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-Naresh- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 April 2008
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Jaishankar

I just hope Tanya dear that Soham track is focused on Arman and not divert Soham to interfere in Arvi which makes so no sense.
Also hope they put an end to this mechanic avatar of Arjun and show at least him working in a small office and not a mechanic. Meaning of education is made totally useless by the CV's.This whole challenge fiasco has to come to end soon so that Archu n Manav can have their focus set on Soham.
I would like to see a scenario where Arman from this kidnap scenario just get a small hint may be Archu gets it and she shares her emotions with Manav.May be this scenario seeing the emotions of her,Manav slowly ponders on what really happened 18 years back and together they search for clues for Soham and this slowly bridges the gap.This could be the first half of the storyline and next is "Get Soham back " mission which they can focus on once Arman find Soham.They can make this storyline much more interesting here.Hope Cv's do some justice to the main leads here by allowing them to at last know their priorities and for once getting to do something for themselves and for their life n kids.

PS : As per percap if Manav works from home and Ovi goes to office then high chance Ovi gets kidnapped or may be Vishnu knowing Archu as Manav's wife may be all of a sudden Kidnaps Archu as Tyaba dear mentioned. IT would be interesting to see what happens.Hope the build up turns into a good interesting storyline.
yes jai i also want to cv's focus only soham-archana-manav track...Wink

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Guggu_Minty IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 May 2010
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Jai, I think Manav only will be kidnapped and that too during the dahi handi celebration in the chawl.. I hope its Archana only for his rescue and no one else.. So that there be would no distraction in the track..

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Joined: 17 November 2011
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
Thanks 4 the update

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naava IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 July 2010
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Thanee

But one thing I've seen Tej keep the pic even been tear up..

Thanee i was so shocked when Savita ripped up that picture.Angry..a picture not belonging to her...there is nothing about this woman that deserves respect...what will archana feel when she sees this picture all torn up...i feel also that eventually Teju will get to the bottom of it...i just hope she doesn't have a hate period first...what an evil woman Savita..

You know, her heart is so black, a thought has occurred to me recently...and i think someone else on the forum mentioned it too...i just wonder...if Savita sowed some seeds of kidnapping into Varsha's head...

Avi scene ...dears ok I will stop telling repeating scene ...I will just enjoy now seeing these two..I like Arvi ..Today they were as if a married couple...I just like how they talk..How they smile to each other..How they eat together...simple scene ..but very well done by Arvi(Ashvik)Clap Even the scene has been repeating we can't say these two were not cute together...

Really they refresh PR...and I don't like cv's repeating each Arman scene.Angry.but I like this JOdi Too..they are cute together...and a very beautiful JOdi...Like to see them for now will just enjoy what Arvi will show me.Smile

Even though it's so dumb to repeat the Arman stories ( Confused ) i also find their love sweet and refreshing...they are darling together...for me they are a lovely addition. But this should be first and foremost about ARMAN...After PR is ended, they could do another show with ARVI as the leads...

I saw posts saying Purvi is selfish...really I don't think so..what all had happen its not her faults ..she has just love why she can't be happy dear ...for Ovi she must try to accept reality.Purvi is the last person who can help her...Ovi too its not her fault...she had loved someone who never loved her..Unhappy..
i saw that too..don't understand that at all....we beg and plead for Archana to stand up for herself and take care of herself and be happy in her love... all Purvi is doing like you say is being happy in her love...i think it's very sweet she has gone to his chawl and taking care of him...they are very sweet together. And he really appreciates her. 

 for Arjun..he  is not a bad guy...he made a big mistake but is trying to repair what to say...for these two (ARVI)...they deserve to be happy...They are supporting each other for their love..I don't see Purvi is selfish here but she is just in  Love...

Oh i think Arjun is a very sweet guy, who is growing up, thinking of others. I may be the only one on the forum who loves him this way so much better than the cocky arrogant business boss.  He is macho but me the winning combo...much sexier imo.  Wink

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naava IF-Dazzler

Joined: 20 July 2010
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ashlaika

We all hoping for the CVs to wake up and get some sense and steer this rocking ship to smooth waters.
But honestly, the CVs cant satisfy us ALL.
Whatever action Purvi and Sulo takes, half the forum will be happy and half will be dissatisfied.
Just a few things... Tanya, Naava... I love all of ur comments. I see and understand your frustration when we have been looking and devoting our time to this show for 3 years + .  I loved ArMan in the early days. I didnt like how the show turned when they ALL started to treat Soham bad and how the Soham track turned out. And i also think they were ALL wrong, Manav, Archana, Savita, Sulo, Varsha, even Satish to an extent (My opinion).  

But... like Tanya... i agree. Its ok for Purvi and Arjun to be happy. So what if she is being selfish. Its not like she forgot about her mother, she is still there and will come to support her if needs be. Just as Archana's challenge got Arjun and Purvi together (living in the same chawl), Purvi's interference in the divorce case got Manav and Archana under the same roof and living together. So Purvi played her part. Now its time for Teju to get to work and do her part and soon Soham will play his part as well. They all cant interfere at the same time... that would just be too much interferences Smile.

BUTTT... why in the world so many of us are emphasing the fact that Archana and Manav story line should be separate from Arvi and still we criticise and buse that Purvi isnt playing a part. We CANNOT have it both ways.
1. I love ArMan like all of us on this forum. I'm happy Soham is back and im glad they are focusing on building and reconciling ArMan again.
2. That does not mean we have to bash and criticise what Arjun and Purvi has. Purvi is not being selfish because she is supporting the man she genuinely loves and Arjun made mistakes, but he is trying to make up for them. I say power to you Purvi, not all sacrifices are good sacrifices, so may u and Arjun win ur challenge. AND WE CAN GET THE ARJUN SIR BACK (I dont too like the mechanic - however sweet he is, he can be a sweet boss later down the line and back in those 3 piece suits).
3. It would NOT have been better if he stayed and married Ovi. Unreciprocated or one-sided love is unhealthy and will make both parties very unhappy in the long run. For now we can understand and sympathise with Ovi and her pain, but that does not make what ArVi have wrong. Its better for Ovi to have pain now before she marries and suffers in the long run. If they had stayed together, sooner or later she would have come out of her bubble and realised that Arjun does not love her. Was it wrong what Arjun did - YES!!! But can one be forgiven for their mistakes that they tried to rectify - YES!!!
4. On and off in this forum we talk about, why Archu gives so much importanct to Sachin and many of us stated that all of Archu's children are equal, including Sachin who is adopted. But, it seems like now we are treating Purvi like the adopted daughter she is and claiming that the show should be about "Arman and their REAL kids". So now we have reverted to thinking that an adopted child is not a "Real kid" ? Whether Archu gave birth to Purvi or not - she is still her daughter.
5. The age thing... come on...  pls remember Soham was like 3 when he disappeared and the Twins were 1, Sachin must have been like 8 and Purvi was a toddler when adopted by Archu... so none of them can possibly be 18.
6. Sulo made it clear she is in favour of the divorce and she stands that way... at least that has always been consistent thinking by the CVs, so I guess she is just waiting for the one mth. to finish. She supports Purvi cause in her eyes thats the granddaughter that is there for her. She was very hurt about Teju, but im sure soon she will forgive her and ask about her again  soon.  

I'm pretty sure that many persons will have issues with this post. But I can assure u, I do not mind and I dont take issue with anyone... I'm just pointing out a few irregularities.

For some of us who stand on BOTH sides of the fence, that is, the Arman side and the Arvi side, we just want to see a good show with BOTH couples and a good outcome for all.
btw. My good outcome would include some sort of punishment for Savita. Even if they all forgive her (which will more than likely will happen - with Archana leading the forgiveness line) she should suffer in some way BEFORE that happens.

I really hope for some good episodes with EVERYONE in it (Oh lord, I guess that includes Varsha D'oh) and a positive track to come.

EXCELLENT post Ashlaika .!!Thumbs Up  i really agree with ALL of it !!

edit. i just want to add one little thing about Arjun.  When i say i like him better now than when he was the arrogant boss i don't mean that i necessarily want him to be a mechanic.. nor do i dislike him as a mechanic.   the point is that this experience was absolutely necessary for Arjun to grow up.  We may think he looks better in a 3 pc suit, but he can be a boss in any clothes...(personally i like him in t-shirts LOL )...What i am trying to say is that growing up and understanding where others are coming from is a lesson that may be painful.  Arjun is doing a marvelous job in accepting this humble way of learning.  His attitude shows what he is made of...he has my deep respect for how he is handling this Invaluable lesson.  I really hope he doesn't go back to DK's business...i hope he starts a business helping small businesses in the chawl develop themselves, or does something the reaches the needs of people...It would be a huge success and do a lot of good at the same time.

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bones88 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:45am | IP Logged
awesome update

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