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Yamini ask her father if he has seen Sha vaa nu. Father says no nu. Yamini calls Sha but his mobile is switch off Shocked (sha essu vaa Shocked ROFL) Yamini then calls Saro who at first hesitate to answer.. but still answers her call Angry Yamini ask if he saw Sha and Saro says no. Yamini then ask if his ready for getting married to her nalai vaanu Ouch Saro feels annoyed and cuts the line.

In comes comedy piece... he says his got  information for Yamini so she can stop the weddingnu... She ask enna nu... and he tells her about the gold matteru ROFL such lame story.. Yamini  then ask him to leave but he pambufy for money. Yamini thinks a while and then hands him big amount. Ask him to have his dinner and come.. she has one work for him nu ... He leaves happily.

Both Saro meenashi family sitting for dinner. Food yet to arrive and Saradha tells RS that Vaithi is such a big drama king nu LOL Saro gives signal to Meenashi that he is hungry nu and she ignores him LOL further signals back if he is very hungry to eat the leave nu ..

Saro takes the leave and makes big scene like eating it Shocked ROFLROFL saradha is shock and worries her son something happen nu ROFL RS praises Saro for being such a good actor nu LOL

Meenashi mother also gets shock to see Saro trying to eat the leaves.. both she and Vaithi laughs. Vaithi wonders why the parivanam guys are taking such long time nu.

 Finally Saro goes in and brings the idli and sambar and serve everyone. Embarrassed He goes to Meenashi and ask how many idli.. she signals 2. Saro gives dimiki acting shock Shocked normalla you eat 7 piece nu LOL Sudha joins in and says akka is diet for wedding nu.. Saro gives ahhhaaa and looks at Meenashi and says patha appadhi teriyalae LOL Meenashi scolds him dei manatha vangama podha Embarrassed  He romance with her for a while...

Saradha calls her endha thambi, konja vandhu inga podhu idli yae nu ROFL He puts 2 idli for her and goes back to Meenashi.. pours sambar and ask her to feed him. She says podha nu LOL again Saradha calls Saravana inga vadha nu.. Tongue Saro gets annoyed and goes back to amma asking enna nu. She ask him to put another idli. RS tells Saro that mother is planning something with food nu.. Saro puts for her lots of idli and pours all the sambar for her ROFLROFL

Saro goes back to Meenashi and forces her to feed. She hesitates but finally looks around to make sure no one looking nu and feeds him.. Saro bites her finger Shocked and she screams loud.. everyone gets shock and turns at them... both Saro Meenashi feels shy. Both families starts laughing and turns back to their food ROFLROFL

Saro goes back to Meenashi and ask once more.. This time Meenashi takes big idli and stuff into Saro mouth ROFL

Soundarya  Tamil romance lols .. She takes some pictures of Tamil.. who finally notices her. Both starts their romance mokka LOL Tamil lies his 30 nu ... Wink but Soundarya forces him to tell the truth and he finally says 34 nu Tongue Both as usual podhi vaichu pesufy about their love LOL

AS is thinking about what Yamini said ... that he is the one who would be getting married to meenashi nu. Also about Tamil asking him to marry his sister if Saro does not turn up. Yamini calls Angry she ask if his ready for the wedding nalai morning. AS ignores her and ask what she wants ..she says nothing and ask AS to come tomorrow morning to get Meenashi Angry AS says he feels pity for Yamini for her high hopes. But Yamini ask him not to worry about this.. just to get ready for the wedding tomorrow morning and cuts the line. Yamini gives a villi look Confused


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Saravanan Meenatchi - Episode 216 
Wednesday, July 25, 2012 

Pics by Ratna Akka 

The episode begins with RS and VV. RS is drinking alcohol and VV is taking his medicine. First they are both joking around and teasing each other. RS then drinks one peg for VV getting better and Saro-Meenu wedding. VV says he wanted to spend more time with all of them using this wedding as an excuse but he had to spend half of the time in hospital itself. RS says it's ok,  u r better now and that's what matters. Then they joke about the fight that took place with the Uncles. RS gets serious and says how when he heard about VV being sick, he felt so weak and prayed to all the gods for his good health. He says he can't express his happiness about his return. VV is happy to hear this. RS says don't think of this as a drunken man's talk. RS then gets a phone call for personal loan. He yells at the guy and hangs up. He tells the matter to VV and they both share a laugh.

Yamini and Lakshmi's Uncle (LU)  are sitting, Yamini is in deep thoughts. LU says he always wanted a color phone and Yamini replies she will give it when he goes  to jail. He is shocked but agrees for it when she asks again. Yamini says she has price for everything in her store, whether it be telling the truth or hiding the truth. 

Yamini tries calling Meenu but Meenu doesn't pick up after seeing her name on caller ID. LU tells her to call from his phone and Yamini calls Meenu again using his phone. Meenu answers the call and Yamini wishes her for her wedding. Meenu asks who is it? and Yamini says have u forgotten me already? She then introduces herself as Saro's wife. Meenu gets angry and goes to hang up but Yamini tells her don't hang up yet. She then asks her about Ponazhaipu and if she ate. Meenu asks her what do u want? Yamini replies only one thing - Saro. Meenu says she won't get Saro. Yamini laughs and says "Yen purushan thaan, yenaku mattum than" and explains how she was ready to share with her but Meenu is being adamant. Yamini further says that Saro is fully hers and Meenu is irritated, so she tells Yamini to hang up. Yamini says wait and explains that  she called her up because she feels sorry for her as her wedding would be cancelled at the mandapam. She also says sorry to Meenu and tells Meenu that she shouldn't take any wrong decision because this wedding was called off. Meenu confidently says that I won't take any wrong decisions but u r going to become mental and die. Meenu hangs up. LU compliments Yamini saying that she is a great villi. 

Saro is trying to tie the vetti while RS is watching. He complains that the vetti is not staying on his waist. RS teases him about it and gives him some mokkai idea. He then tells Saro to learn it on his own and leaves from there. Saro tries to tie the vetti again when his phone rings. He drops the vetti and answers the call. Meenu tells him to first tie the vetti and then turn around.  Saro wraps the vetti around him and turns around to see Meenu facing the other way. She asks him if she can turn and he says yes. Meenu comes laughing and says how she wanted to talk about something serious but he was standing there like 'palani' murugan. Saro says he was just practicing and ask her what's the matter? 

Meenu starts laughing and Saro is embarassed. He asks if she saw and she laughs again, irritating Saro. Meenu then says Yamini called her. Saro asks why are u laughing about it? Meenu replies that she can't discuss anything serious with him. She then tells him how Yamini said she would get married to Saro and that Meenu should get over it. Meenu asks Saro how come Yamini is so confident? Saro replies that there is nothing left from his side. Meenu then asks if Yamini is planning something using Saradha and Saro denies it saying that his mother is not capable of doing anything too serious. Meenu then asks if Shah knows any secrets about Saro but Saro says there are no other secrets - even from his side. Meenu warns him not to give any more shocks before the wedding and Saro says no, he won't. Meenu replies that he always says this but then u always do something wrong. Saro says that Saravanan disappeared long ago and this Saro is perfect one. Meenu is still in thoughts. When asked, she says Yamini must have some serious matter if she is still staying here after all this.  Saro says he is not a kid and that they can't make him tie the thaali by beating him up. Meenu says I know that but she has a gut feeling that some problem is going to happen in the wedding. Saro says "now, only 2 people can stop this wedding - u and me. They can't stop the wedding without either of us agreeing to it, so don't worry about it." Meenu happily says bye and good night, to which Saro replies that he is going to keep on calling her through the night and  disturb her sleep. Meenu leaves the room and Saro goes back to his vetti. Vetti slips again and we hear Meenu sayin "dei chi!". Saro says haven't u left yet and she replies I am leaving. She laughs and goes while Saro says, thank god, no one else saw him. 

Meenu is walking back and forth in her room. Ramya questions her about it. Meenu replies that wedding itself will make someone tensed but I don't even know if the wedding will happen - so she is more tensed. Ramya teases her about joking at such a time. Meenu says podi and starts walking again. 

Saro is also walking back and forth in his room. RS sees him and tells him to go to sleep. Saro says he is tensed about what is going to happen. Saro asks RS if any problem will happen before morning? RS replies that if he turn off his cell, close the door and go to sleep, he will not have any problems but if he waits for a problem like this, it will come. Saro is irritated and RS says good things that are meant for us may not happen but bad things meant for us will definitely happen. Saro asks what will Yamini do? RS replies that's the storywriter's problem and tells Saro to go to sleep. Saradha laughs in her sleep.  

RS looks at her and says maybe she is dreaming about this wedding being cancelled. Saro is still worried but RS tells him to sleep. Saro sits down. 

Yamini is also walking back and forth in her hall while LU is sitting with his eyes closed. He asks Yamini what are u looking at? She wants to know how he said it so correctly though his eyes are closed ? He says that if u drink a quarter, ur "gnanakan" will open and that they can answer everything. She asks will Saro-Meenu wedding happen? He says no and she asks how come he said that? He explains that he took money from her and so he will say this only. 

LU says the wedding won't stop by itself and that Yamini needs to do something to stop it. Yamini is in thought. The screen freezes on all 3 faces.

Pre-cap: Saro comes onto some mottai madi and is looking for Meenu. Yamini comes out and Saro asks her, please leave from here since it will be a big problem, if someone sees them. Yamini is laughing and Tamizh is also coming up the mottaimadi stairs. 

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***Saravanan Meenatchi -WU***
Episode 217 
Thursday, July 26

Part 1:
Yamini plan:

Episode started with yamini and  Lakshmi's Uncle (LU)Ouch were coming in car to mandapam and searching another way to mandapam..Both were entering into one way path to mandapam.then yamini and LU came upstair and yami asked him to call saro hereOuch..He told tht was tough..then she showed money to him so he accepted to call saro to upstair to see yamini..
LU went to call saro..Big smile
In saro room,He was giving some sounds to make saro to wake up through window..saro saw him atlast..Lakshmi uncle showed some action.he showed rs.500 then saro too showed rs.500.then both were doing like this(comedyLOL)then LU said meenu callin you to upstair..He was confused..and atlast accept to go there..
 In upstair saro searched meenu and called her meenu meenu kuttyEmbarrassed where are you?Embarrassedthen yami came thereShocked..he was shocked to see her at that time.
Part 2:
saro asked yami why you came here in shock and angry tone?Angry
Yami said where to keep our marriage here or in mandapam?Big smilesaro asked her to move from there..and said in my heart meenu only no space for anyone..why you torturing and killing me like this..then added see i didnt enjoy my marriageOuch function because of you..and too if i think about my marriage in future too you wil be coming to my mindAngry..he was in frustration and shouted at her..Angry

Yami said "yes same pain ly i got while i saw your marriage invitationCry."while i was in London i tthink about us and planned how we we would be after marriage and  all..but what you did to not tht gave me this pain to am doin this to you..and said to saro "you will do all mistakes and your meenu will accept you for all"but in middle where i have to goAngry..

Scene shifted to meenu room:

meenu ringed up saro mobileEmbarrassed..RS  attened that..but meenu thought saro was in she talked where you da what doinLOL..RS was about to talk,but meenu said dont mimicry in mama voice
RS said sathiyama mama ly taling ma..He went to see you ly at upsatir and you sent that LU to meet you nShockeda..meenu was in confusion Shocked and said no mama i didnt..
RS ok ma i wont ask you anything and cut the call...she was thinking about what was going on?Embarrassed


Part 3:

In Up-stair saro and yami talking..

Yami said while i saw your marriage invitationAngry,i just lost my dream about marrying youOuch.she said you marry meenu, i want you to accept your mistake which you did to only i put these marriage  drama..Saro said i dided after seein this..but i acept my mistake..
then he said if anyone one saw us na then yami said then i will say saro n meenu ly nice pair n made for each otherEmbarrassed..n said i loved sincerelyEmbarrassed..but every marriage need not be end in marriage naClap..But still i love you saro.tomo you are belong to someoneOuch and lied on saro shoulderEmbarrassed...Meenu and Tamil were watching this...Saro saw them and shocked..
Meenu and tamil were in Ouch

To be continued...

  i think this was yamini plan...Ouch

picture updated

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Meenashi shock to see them both. Goes near them.. Yamini says Meena nu but Meenashi with so much anger points her finger in anger stopping Yamini from talking further. Yamini leaves. Saro tries to explain .. Meenashi shows her hand to him to stop talking .. she turns and shock to see her brother there.. thinks a few moment.. walks towards her brother and says "ennaku ivan venna anna.." Shocked Saro calls her meenashi meenashi nu but she walks away. Saro tries to go after her but Tamil grabs him ...

And stars beating him up badly Shocked Saro never attempt to hit back but takes all the beatings Cry Tamil beats him pushes him back inside where others are sitting and all in shock. Vaithi and family rushes out .. everyone tries to stop tamil... Tamil shouts at Saro for doing such thing on the eve of the wedding... Saro falls on RS feet .. but RS looks up and refuse to look into Saro Shocked Saradha is sad but she too remains standing not helping Saro.  Few men drags tamil away from there. RS too walks away from there.. with Saradha who is also heartbroken.. Vaithi too upset leaves with his wife and sudha...everyone walks away from Saro leaving him alone.. Saro screams aiyooo nu... (what is the point saro.. you never took things seriously .. i just can't feel sorry for you but feel sorry for Meenashi instead...Cry)

Vaithi wife sudha all crying. Tamil scolds them for crying over such useless mapillai. They should be happy they have seen his true colour before marriage.. imagine if this happen after marriage? what would have happen to Meenashi life? Tamil ask them not to kolaparan.. Meenashi wedding will take place on the date and time they had fixed. His parents are shock and ask how nu.. He just ask them not to worry and he will take care of it nu and leaves from there.

On the other room.. RS beats Saro calling him muttal. Saradha stops her husband saying pavam her son nu. RS scolds Saradha saying its all because of her also for always wanting this marriage to be stopped. Saradha ask him not to talk like this and wants RS to go and talk to their family .. pavam saro nu.. Saro is crying non stop. RS says he can no longer do anything. Saro has lost meenashi due to his character for not taking things easily. So much of problems they came across and the very last minute of the wedding, saro did this. What will Saradha think if Meenashi stands hugging someone 2 am  on the motta madhi? Clap Saradha agrees it would look bad nu. Saro finally opens his mouth and says he needs to talk to Meenashi for one last time nu.

Meenashi in her room. Saro comes to her. He tells her many times he did mistake and said sorry to her... but today he never did any mistake. Meenashi looks at him ... with no exressions on her eyes Ouch He tells her he never even know he was going up there and seeing Yamini there. But what happen was Yamini came to him to give her reasons. Saro says he don't know where to start his story but all he can says is he never did anything wrong today. The entire world can see him as bad person... but not she. Meenashi is still quite. Saro begs her to shout scold or say something.. He pleads her many time calling her name but she remain silent. He ask avalava taana Meenashi... and she is quite. He says sorry to her.. cries and leaves...  Before leaving he tells her that the love that use to be in her eyes.. is no longer there nu Broken HeartMeenashi closes the door.. Saro touches the door and Meenashi sort of feels him... both stands there and finally Meenash cries from inside while Saro cries from the other side.. Cry

Tamil comes to see AS and tells her what had happen. AS also is shock and wonders what is next nu.

Tamil ask AS to marry Meenashi.. AS is shock. He ask Tamil to wait a while and he will follow Tamil to kalyanam mandabam nu... Tamil is worried AS has not said yes nu but AS says lets go to kalyanam mandabam nu.

Saro tells his parents that he is leaving. There is nothing left now. He can't stay here anymore. RS says he cannot leave this place... he still wonders what is going to happen in this wedding. Saro cries and says he only feels bad because of his stupid mistakes Meenashi is suffering and her entire family is suffering. RS tells Saro he will be staying back as he need to see Vathia and Meenashi and say sorry to them. Saro takes his bag... RS goes to him and hugs him .. both father son cries CryCryCry RS ask why only bad things happening to Saro nu ... Father ask where the love they had all this while.. Saro sadly says he saw her eyes.. and there was no kadhal in it Cry Saro leaves ...

Tamil  ask what decision they are going to take? He only can think of AS to save this place. Vathi and wife feels this is not right nu ... Tamil insults Saro. Vathi still seem to have soft corner for Saro. Stallin ask them to decide fast. Vathi says this decision should be taken by Meenashi and not them.

Saro is walking and on the way he sees Yamini  father. He says sorry to him as he and Yamini never wanted this to happen. Saro takes full blame of what had happen today nu. And this is the punishment his going to go through for the rest of his life - Losing Meenashi .. Yamini father feels his situation is not right now and forces Saro to follow him in the car.

Tamil comes to see Meenashi. He uses his sentimental talk and uses kudumbam manam etc etc Angry which makes meenashi more guilty... by pushing her to get married to AS D'oh And meenashi after a while says YES to her anna to get married to AS ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked

At Yamini house. She says sorry to him and ask if she should go and talk to Meenashi nu.. Father says this does not seem right. Yamini is mad that Meenashi taken this wrongly nu.. but Yamini father says she is a girl.. which girl will take it easy seeing her future husband hugging ex girl nu... Yamini agrees. She pleads to her father something must be done for this. Saro is quite. Phone rings.  The samiyal kaaran tells Yamini that Meenashi wedding will be taken place with AS. Saro cries... he cries and cries.

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RS comes to see Vathi who days he cannot do anything as Meenashi does not want Saro anymore.  RS says its ok.. he understands what had happen and he is not here to say sorry or talk about Saro mistake. He only wants to get permission to attend for Meenashi wedding. Both Vaithi and wife feels bad and tells him to come and join as his still a family nu.

Yamini father comes to her and ask her why don't she marry Saro nu... Yamini ask how nu? She says she cannot do this to Saro. He is here cause he trust her and she cannot take advantage of this and marry him. Father ask her to think. Meenashi is going to marry AS .. what is going to happen to both Saro or Yamini? They both should get married. Yamini says both saro and her do not love each other. Further she is dying in guilty now and seeing Saro in this condition is tearing her. She cannot do this to Saro.. cries Yamini. She tells her father she has made mistake. Yamini says this is life... love cannot be just given to anyone like that. Saro can never forget Meenashi till he dies. What is she going to do getting married to a guy who does not love her? Father agrees. Saro comes and says his leaving nu. YF tries to stop him but Yamini ask him to go ...

Meenashi is thinking flashback.. her moments with saro ( i am skipping all this cause its a normal flasback... to long lah for me to type LOL habba 2 hour episode.. pavam lae me Tongue) The same goes to Saro.. he too sits and thinks flashback about her... Ouch

Saro is sitting in bus stop and sha is there too.. He gets shock to see Saro there and wonders what happen nu. Saro cries to him ... Cry

Meenashi is getting ready .. father comes to talk to her.  He tells her that no one can understand her except for him. Meenashi ask then what to do.. to accept Saro back vaa nu? Father says his not here to talk about Saro but he does not want her to get married for the sake of the marriage. She can stop this wedding. No need to rush and get married. Meenashi tells her father she is not in any situation to decide about the wedding now... Ouch Father leaves.

AS says he feels bad for Meenashi but Tamil talks like he knows so much about his sister D'oh Keeps using about kudumbam manam and etc... AS says marrying her is not a big thing.. but he is not sure she will be happy with him for the rest of the life.  AS says he does not marry if Meenashi is not full heart for this ... so he wants to talk to Meenashi first. Tamil agrees.

AS comes and says he knows Saro is her first choice.. but is AS not her worst choice? He does not want to marry someone who don't love him and pretend to be happy for the rest of the life. Meenashi directly tells him she agrees for this wedding. AS leaves happily Ouch


RS and family comes. Everyone is busy. Both Soundarya and Tamil walks across each other sadly.  Soundarya tells RS they should be with Saro now nu but RS says no.. they should be here nu. Vathi tells his wife this wedding is now a big mistake in Meenashi life nu Ouch

Aiyar calls mapillai and AS comes and sits... Saradha starts crying thinking this should have been her son wedding nu Shocked ... and then they bring Meenashi and she sits next to him. RS cannot take it seeing this.. cries and goes out... Soundarya tries to calm her father. She ask him to wait outside while she goes in.. after wedding they can leave nu. RS continues to cry.  Vaithi comes out and he too cries ..

Aiyar gives the thali to AS and says Mangalyam Shocked .. AS takes the thali towards Meenashi. Saro crying to Sha thinking about Meenashi marriage nu ... Ouch Saro starts talking like paitiyakaran Shocked Sha is worried.. Saro cries and cries...

AS takes the thali and slowly place on her shoulder.. his smilling...

Saro ask sha to leave. He needs to be alone. A car comes... Meenashi gets down from the car Shocked She goes near him.. both look at each other.

Flashback .. AS stopped the wedding when he realized how much Meenashi was suffering sitting beside him on the manamadhai.. He then tells her only Saro in her heart and AS cannot marry her. AS wants her to go and get Saro. Ask her to give him one last chance.. cause she will not be happy with anyone except for Saro. Meenashi thanks him for saving her love.

Meenashi Saro siting.. Saro has the glow of happiness back to his face. Meenashi tells him the beauty of him is doing so much sodapals and still remaining innocent back LOL and the sodapal Saro is who she married. She says she likes everything about him and nothing or no one can make her as happy as he would. So what his going to do so much sodapals? Innum evalava taan his going to do.. she is now fully ready to accept and face all his sodapals LOL She said if only AS tied the thali.. she would have died on the spot nu. She tells him to come and follow him. Its time for them both to get married.

Saro says Meenashi nu... but she stops his LOL and says you are going to say sorry and this will never happen again nu.. but yet it would this happen. Embarrassed The corrects his color shirt and comb his hair with her fingers Embarrassed

Back at home everyone is waiting.. Meeenashi arrives and everyone looks for Saro. He comes with his childish smile.. periya varavarapu taan for him with melam thalam Wink Saro is sitting and aiyar says poonu kudindha vango nu ... Saro looks up with love for Meenashi but there comes Yamini Shocked Saro face drops so fast that Yamini laughs .. behind her comes our ponnu glowing with beauty and love Embarrassed Yamini is the one who takes her and make her sit beside Saro. Thali kattufy and both saro meenashi looks at everyone and thanks.


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