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(Brief update..)

At the end no fight was shown the next day except our mokka hero standing in front of Menu LOL But before she starts scolding him.. he scolds himself using the exact words she would have used.. at the end Meenashi laugh. Both were looking cute.  When she ask what was the reason for the fight our saro Angry had to volaran that Tamil spoke something bad about Yamini adhan he went to fight nu... dubar dubar tuppu vulufy for him again LOL

RS seem to be having terrible hangover... Soundraya helping her father by giving him lemon drink. RS ask to saro enna achu last night and Saro tells everything. RS does not recall anything at all vaam LOL Saradha comes and tells them bye as Yamini called her to come nu. Saro does not want his mother to go as there might be villangam but Saradha just says bye and leaves .

Yamini comes to Meenashi and ask what she has decided. Meenashi casually ask what is there to decide.. day after tomorrow is their wedding nu. Yamini laughs and says she is the one going to marry Saro .. Meenashi ask enna dream lae vaa nu LOL Meenashi semma counter give back inniki to Yamini Thumbs Up who got more and more annoyed.. as Yamini expected Meenashi to be backing off ... Yamini says all the best to Meenashi as she is very sure Saro will tie the thali for her.. as she got the ayutham on her hand Ouch Meenashi wishes her back all the best and Saro is always Meenashi's Wink


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sneha_v IF-Dazzler

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hopper_ocean IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 14 July 2012 at 9:35am | IP Logged

Parvathy is crying. Both Meenashi & Sudha ask her enna achu nu. Mother says she is worried about father who is still not back yet.  Meenashi calls sabapathy uncle asking for appa and he informs that appa has gone out a while nu. Meenashi says amma is worried but Uncle tells her not to worry... appa is still preparing money for the wedding nu. Mother becomes happy to know her husband is fine nu.

Saradha ask RS confirm nalai wedding vaa nu (idhey kostin taan us in IF asking ROFL) RS says yes. There comes Yamini father.. Saradha gets shock seeing him and tries to essu but RS stops her. Yamini father (YF) comes and urumeiya calls them samandhi and gives the new cloths for the wedding. RS is annoyed.

He ask if YF is playing or serious? Does he not know tomorrow is Saro Meenashi wedding nu? YF says he is aware of it.. but tomorrow is also Yamini Saravanan wedding nu Shocked RS gets confuse and ask how is that possible? Yamini is volaraning. YF says what to do.. Yamini is so confident that Saro will tie thali on her nu and that  is because of the lock Confused RS gives up in arguing. YF ask them to take the new cloths.. first saradha afraids to take as RS moruchufy her LOL but she still took it AngryOuch He leaves

Saro comes and becomes happy seeing new cloths for him.. opens it and says wohhh the person choose this knew his taste nu Dead father tells him its from YF .. Saro gets piss off and ask his father why did they accept this? RS says not he but Saradha nu. Saro tittufies them and leaves with the cloths Shocked RS calls him.. thooo at Saro, takes back the cloths and chase Saro away

Meenashi and Soundarya comes to beauty parlor.. S demands for the best and most expensive bridal stuff for Meenashi.

And there comes Yamini D'oh She gets happy seeing Meenashi there and says... what a small world Angry she too had to come here as its her wedding tomorrow. Meenashi gets irritated.  Yamini too demands for the same package that Meenashi is taking. The lady ask Yamini to wait for one hour as Meenashi came here first. Yamini says she can't wait and she needs to do first Angry Meenashi says no.. she came first so Yamini needs to wait Clap Yamini ask enna meenashi.. idhu kudha vittukudukamatheiya nu Ouch

Meenashi ask what is exactly her problem? Why simply coming and annoying her? S too tells Yamini to stop all this.

Yamini annoys them both by calling S as madhini and telling her nalai irundhu Yamini is the one going to light their house kuttu vilaku Ouch . as she got a LOCK that would make Saravanan tied the thali Sleepy .. Yamini leaves. Meenashi no mood but S forces her to get her stuff done... as god is always there and the wedding will happen.

Once again Saro kaiyu kattufy in front of Meenashi
ROFLROFL Meenashi semma tuppufy him as Yamini is the one looking happy and no worries like kalyana ponnu while she is so worried and tensed if the wedding would take place vaa nu. Saro ask her not to worry as its him who is going to tie the thali. His likeIErambukothai... but Meenashi says his not Irambukothai but a Kumutthai ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL meenashi once again ask him to think nicely if there is any other problem as Yamini keep saying about the LOCK Saro says there is nothing left... he feels Yamini is just trying to tense them both up but Meenashi says something is there and she is worried.

She only hopes the wedding would happen. If it happens.. before santhimuhurtham, she will get Saro fast for 40 days for prayers nu ... ShockedShocked Saro ask ennadhu before santhimurtham vaa.. apppo poo naan yamini kalyanam pannikuren nu Shocked Meenashi hits him and as him to be serious. Saro says not viradham and stuff LOLLOL Meenashi finally ask him to be very careful and don't go anywhere or get into any trouble nu.

Yamini comes and Saradha upon seeing her runs in and hides behind the cupboard
ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL Yamini found her ROFL Saradha then tries to change Yamini mind about the wedding, but Yamini is cut clear confirm nalai wedding is going to be Yamini Saravanan.

Finaly Yamini burst to bomb to Saradha about the golds being bought by Saravanan and that too he borrowed money for vatti. Saradha shock mela shock. She cries out for being cheated but what can she do at this very last minute.? Yamini says they should stop this wedding and its very simple. She wants Saradha to go to Meenashi house now and ask to see the golds... at the same time Yamini would call the vatti guy and the gundas will come to take the gold.. no kalyanam smiles Yamini Angry Saradha leaves to Meenashi house and Yamini gives evil smile Angry


enggu kothai kumuttai

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Pictures by Ratna Akka

The episode starts with Sudha and Meenu looking at some jewels. 

Saradha comes in and ask to see the gold. Meenu talks back to Saradha and Meenu's mother sends Meenu inside. Saradha makes a comment about valarpu. Meenu's mother tell Saradha to come in and see the jewels. 

Saradha secretly calls Yamini and tells her that she is at Meenu's place and to tell the vatti people to come and take the jewels.

 Scene then shifts to Saradha looking at the jewels and 2 guys reach Meenu's house.

They tell Meenu's mother that they want to speak to her alone but Meenu insists on staying. They say they are coming on behalf of Palavakkam Babu and that Saro took a loan from Babu. Meenu and mother are shocked. The guy then says how Saro keeps saying how he will return the money after the wedding and hasn't paid the interest and so Babu told them to seize the jewels. Meenu says Saro took the loan and they should've asked him. The guy says they know the jewel is with Meenu, so came to get it. Parvathy tries to reason but the guy says they can't do much, so she tells Meenu to call Tamizh. Meenu says Tamizh is already angry at Saro, so let's not call him. 


Meenu takes Parvathy away to talk to her alone. She tells Parvathy that she knows Saro took the money from someone to buy the jewels but is not sure if it's a loan and that they should return the jewels. Parvathy explains how Saradha will stop the wedding if she finds out Saro is the one who paid for the jewels and plus they won't be able to replace it now. The 2 guys come to them and says how they will wait but to give them the jewels. Some lady comes and tells Parvathy that Saradha wants to see her.

Meenu and Parvathy go inside the room, Saradha asks for the receipt. Saradha asks if she can take these jewels to temple and pray. Parvathy says let me ask Tamizh first. Parvathy and Meenu leave the room, while Saradha is happy that Meenu's family is going to be disgraced. 

Meenu and Parvathy are talking in front of the house. Parvathy asks Meenu to call Saro but she doesn't want to trouble him again. Parvathy says there is no other way. Parvathy's brothers arrive on time. They ask what the problem is and Parvathy tells them the truth.  Parvathy says how they didn't know Saro took a loan but Periya Mama (PM) supports Saro saying that he was trying to help. Parvathy asks what they should do about the two guys. PM tells them not to mind the happenings for 10 minutes. 

Chinna Mama (CM) calls the two guys and ask who they are. They tell someone's name. CM hits the guys. On the other side, Saradha calls Yamini and happily tell her the situation (she doesn't know that the uncles are here yet). She hears people getting beaten up and is happy thinking that Meenu's family is being disgraced. 

Saradha comes out to see the two guys getting beaten up by the uncles. She is shocked to see this.

The guys calls Saradha akka and ask her to save them. PM also calls Saradha there. Saradha is scared but goes near them and asks what is all this. PM replies that 2 dogs have entered the house and trying to create problems and so they are punishing the two dogs. PM and CM are beating the guys non-stop and Saradha is thiru thirunu muzhikum. Meenu tells her to let the two guys go  but PM says they have to pluck out the eyes for one of them. He then asks Saradha what is the matter? and she says nothing. CM hits the guy again saying u are asking for jewels? 

Saradha stands there in fear and Meenu calls her athai. She starts to talk to Saradha about the jewels but Saradha acts like she doesn't know anything. Meenu says u wanted to take it to the temple right? Saradha replies we pray to god, why would the jewels pray? Meenu is all smiles. Saradha calls the uncles and tell them she is going to leave. They stop her saying, they will finish this all in 10 minutes. CM tells her that he will drop her but she says she can walk since it's nearby. She, in a hurry, leaves the place. Meenu then tells the uncles to leave the guys and they untie them.  

Meenu thanks the uncles and PM replies that they can fight among the family  but they can't let someone else come and create problems. He then asks Meenu to bring water, and Meenu leaves the place. CM tells PM that he can't understand him as he just helped Meenu's family when he had wanted to stop this wedding himself. PM replies that it should be THEM who stop the wedding and not someone else as that would be a disgrace to them. CM replies "Un characteraiyai purinchukamudiyalai" followed by the famous Nayagan  dialogue: "neenga nallavara ? kettavara? " They both laugh. 

Scene shifts to RS, who is stopped by Soundarya. There is some joke by RS and then Soundarya tells him how Saro is the one who bought the jewels. RS acts like he is shocked and Soundarya asks are u telling me that u didn't know about this? RS replies yes, I didn't know about it until u told me. Soundarya tells him to be quiet for 1 minute and that she will find out whether he knew about it or not.   She calls Saro.
She tells Saro, do u know what appa did? He drank alcohol and told everyone the truth about the jewels. Saro gets tensed and yells at RS saying u r the one who gave me this idea but now u r doing this. Soundarya is shocked. RS tries to act like he doesn't know anything.
 But Saro reveals how RS is the one who gave 25 pavun, that too using Soundarya's fixed deposit money. Soundarya looks at RS and he asks her to forgive him. Saro asks what's the matter? RS replies how Soundarya never knew about the gold matter but now Saro  himself has oolarified. Saro whines about how they tell one thing to one person and another to another person and he got confused. RS says even he has the same confusion and asks Soundarya to hide the truth from Saradha. Soundarya promises that she won't tell Saradha because Saradha is the one who told her. RS and Saro are shocked and look at one another. Saro asks who told Amma? Soundarya replies Yamini, and Shah told Yamini and Saro is the one who told Shah. RS calls Shah as the "ettapan". RS then asks Soundarya what was Saradha's reaction to all this? Soundarya tells them what happened at Meenu's place earlier. RS and Saro are happy about what had happened. Saro says that no one can create a problem using jewels again.  RS asks what about ur mother? Soundarya says no because Saradha saw how the uncles reacted to the gold matter and is scared. RS is very happy that the gold matter got resolved so easily. Soundarya tells them not to be happy because if one problem got resolved easily, it means another BIG problems is on the way. 

At the same time, this guy ask to speak to Saro alone. RS and Soundarya leave from there. The guy asks Saro to come with him to Tirunelveli for half an hour. Saro says his wedding is tomorrow and ask him why he should come with him. The guy tells Saro that Meenu's dad wanted to see him. Saro is confused and asks where is he now? and what happened to him?

Scene shifts to a hospital and Saro is waiting. The same guy comes and Saro wants to know why he brought him here and where is VV? The guy says that VV is not well. Saro wants to know what happened and why he didn't inform Meenu's family? Guy replies how VV told him not to inform any of them. Saro is confused and the guy takes him into a room.  

VV is on a bed, with oxygen mask and all. Saro gets tensed and asks what happened to VV?


Pre-cap: Tamizh asks Arunachalam if he will accept Meenu if Saro doesn't come there tomorrow? Arun is shocked. 
Doctor is telling Saro that if VV doesn't open his eyes before the night, he might slip into coma.
Saro is sitting beside VV and tells him that this wedding won't take place without his blessings.  

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THURSDAY 19.07.2012

Saro is shock to see Vaithi like this. The man who brought him explain about his heart problem.. and how he was suppose to remove the blockage.. but Vaithi had been postponing for meenashi wedding. Annalum suddena things got worst and they had to do the operation immediately. He was suppose to be awake 2 hours after the operation but its already one day and Vaithi is not awake Shocked .. Saro ask why he was not informed about this earlier. The man says Vaithi didn't want anyone in the family to get tensed. Plus he had told that no matter what happen, at any cost, this wedding must happen. Even if anything happen to him.. the wedding must not be cancel nu CryCry Saro becomes emotional. The man says Vaithi has told them to only inform Saro about this in case of emergency. He also has given a letter for Saro in case the operation fails.. but Saro refuses to read the letter. He is sure Vaithi will be back healthy.

He goes to Vaithi and cries why all this happening? He promises Vaithi this wedding will not take place without him. He will come and bless them in the wedding. Saro holds Vaithi hand and cries CryCry

Both Tamil and AS talking. Tamil is worried what is going to tomorrow at wedding nu. AS ask him not to worry much... but if he wants, he can get Yamini and her father out from this village today nu. Tamil says that is not needed. His just worried that Yamini is so much confident her marriage will happen nu... he is afraid if there is something that makes Saro get lock and end up marrying Yamini Confused Tamil then ask AS if he will marry Meenashi in case Saro does not turn up? AS becomes angry and ask what rubbish his talking? Is Meenashi some sort of porul for them to give there and here? Thumbs Up Meenashi too has a heart and she has been in love with Saravanan for 10 months Star Tamil says he understand that but still, they have to think about this family manam and gauravam. Besides, they have done everything they could to make this wedding happen.. but if it still does not happen, means its not meant to be Ouch AS realized Tamil in stress.. goes to him and ask him not to worry. He will make sure this marriage takes place. And idhu melai tandhi wedding does not happen na.. he would marry Meenashi.. yet he knows this would not be a marriage but a compromise nu.

Saro in hospital. Meenashi calls .. concern his whereabouts. Saro controls his voice and says his in parlor nu. Meenashi kindalfy pannuran if his making himself handsome vaa nu. She then ask him to come back fast. She is not feeling good.. appa vera is not around nu. Saro cries silently and tells Meenashi he will be back soon nu. Doctor comes and tells him that if Vaithi does not wake up by tonight.. he might go to coma stage nu ShockedShocked Vaithi friend comes and ask Saro to go back and continue with wedding stuff while he will stay here and update Saro about Vaithi condition. Saro hesitate to leave and ask what would happen if Vaithi does not wake up? Friend says the wedding must still go on. He can bring Meenashi here after the wedding. Saro is heartbroken and leaves  Cry

Saro comes to see Meenashi. She wonders what happen to him and he does not look like his gone to parlor nu ..Saro in tension ask her not to summa summa thurufy and ask him kostin. Why can't she trust him? Meenashi ask why his getting angry nu. She holds his hand and looks at him lovingly Embarrassed and ask kobam pochanu. Saro nods his head. Meenashi sense his upset and something is disturbing nu. She ask if Yamini is creating problem vaa nu and Saro says no.. this is different problem nu. He then ask Meenashi who she likes the most in the world and she answers her appa nu. No one can be like him at all nu. Saro holds Meenashi hand and says he will take care of her .. love her and care for her way much better then her father. He has tears while saying this and Meenashi too becomes senti.. ask him why his crying. He looks tired .. she pasama ask him to go and get some sleep and then get ready for the mapilai alaipu. She will see him later in the mandabam nu. Saro goes off sad. Meenashi thinks ...

Saro comes to RS and cries out about Vaithi. RS shock and ask why didn't Vaithi inform anyone from his family .. Saro cries saying he don't know what to do.. further Vaithi wants him to make sure the wedding takes place even if its without him. Saro cries not sure what to do. RS cries too but tells his son no matter what happen.. this wedding must take place nu.

PRE CAP : Meenashi asking Saro if his loosu... how can she get married when her father is serious in hospital. Ambulance arrives there... tamil runs out follows by Meenashim mother sister Saro and RS ...Shocked

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FriDAY 20.07.2012

Part 1:
yamini LOLand sha:comdeyOuch

Sha was laughing.LOL.yami aksed what was that?say then me too wil laugh na.
sha:for myself only that was a joke but for you it was serious..then tell what was that?asked yami..your drama in jewels was got floppedLOL.
sha said yami "you r not feelin sad"..she said i just triedBig a villi until i wil get maary to saro..then i wil become a heroin..meenu wil be 2nd this drama you had one important role..sha was shocked Ouch
Yamini asked sha to say lie( i dont know whats tht lieOuch),then only Saro will marry me.she said dont see for your friend in this matterOuch..she warned him and went..Sha said "then am the reason for saro marraige to drop".Ouch

Marriage gift by soundarya(S) to  tamil(T) 

S called T and asked where were you?Big smileHe replied am here only and you  were lookin good...she was searching him..then he came to soundarya..She asked what you doin here?he said summa came.soundary said oh for you will do romantic tooEmbarrassed .then Soundarya asked did you buy dress for marriage..then she gave one cover...Tamil opened and saw dress for himEmbarrassed..he asked how did you know my shirt size?soundarya said while you came to chennai na,your blue color shirt was missin na..i took that so i got your shirt sizeEmbarrassed..then he said he too goin to give one thing..Big smile

Part 2:

Tamil presented saree to soundarya:Embarrassed

then he presented one cover and she saw that in taht pink/violet saree was there..she asked how to wear,i dont have matchin blouse for this saree..then Tamil gave one cover,and said here is there..she asked how you got tht..he said i took your black color blouse for stitchin matchin blouse for this saree..
then soundarya said thanks..and she asked him to wear that dress in marriage with dhoti..then she added you are the next maaplai here na..soundarya asked tamil "your family will accept me?!!"he said yes,now saro was one of my family memebers then you to joined in this they both talked..BG music goes

Scene shifted to meenu:Embarrassed
Meenu was in her room,her mom came and praised her beautyEmbarrassed..then she said how you are like this beautiful..and said if your dad saw you he will be so happy..Meenu asked "when dad comin here..she said before pen azhaippu he will reach home.she was suspicious abt her dad arraivalOuch..and asked her about how you know who said abt dad arrival..she said your anna ly said..
then tamil came there and was keepin marriage thingsBig smile..and said these for you and bought from preeti kitchen items..meenu asked about her dad arraival again to tamil..he said he will come before pen azhaippu..Big smile

  Part 3:

Pen azhaippu: Cry

meenu said i wont come without dad..saro called to meenu whether she got ready or not..then saro and rajasekar came there and enquire about that pen azhaippu..they both hide these (meenu dad matter)from meenu family..but without his(saro dad) control he cried.Ouch.and everyone started askin what happenedShocked.let we all need to know..tell..then saro said everythin about his operation and he wil be in coma too..everyone said why you hided this from that time ambulance came thereShocked..and all went to see.Shocked.everyone were shocking and sad..about tht ambulance.Ouch.

part 3 la Ouchneraya scene  mulingitten i think sorry..frnds..

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