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Reserved on behalf of Sneha kutty Wink Konja naala missing ayitha.. pavam pilla exam Hug


ShockedShocked accident.. omg meenu ...Shocked



Updates By sneha_vijay

Both father and son talking. Father ask Saro not to worry as Meenu is only angry with him but she will not stop the wedding. Saro ask how sure is he? RS tells him that if she wanted to stop the wedding, she would have done that day it self. She is still keeping quite cause she loves him and she is angry nu.

yamini comes to see saro and saro is shocked to see her and she asks what happen ?, what meenu's reaction abt that i told her ???

and saro mulichifies and she says did she slap you va?? he then says that eppo what you want athan you told her naa then what !!! and he says that what every happen is ok and i have let that decision to meenu .. and yamini laughs and tell that you are going to marry me so why meenu has to decide and saro tell that yamini i realized that i dnt love you that was just an attraction i had towards you and i really love meenu and if meenu says that she cant marry me then i will leave and will never marry any one and he says the thing i can say to you is sorry and yamini tell that nee anna da talking like this and she says taht you will marry me conform ma  and he says enna are you threatening me and he says that you had only one matter that to you said to meenu really now i am free that i am not hiding any thing from her nu and yamini says i have one more thing too and he asks enn nu ??

she says wait and see !! and she leaves 

sudha and meenu in room sudha says that a person called from  that bangle shop and told to select you that you want and send the rest and meenu kovama says ama athu one than korachal and sudha says that akka eppo why are you in kovam ,

 and though  you try you can hate saro and same saro athan he can hate you and if you think of him he will come and stand before you and she says vandhutalun

and she see saro standing and meenu was abt to smile bt she controls and turned her face


 and sudha says him to sit he says that amma asked me to come nu and she call amma and meenu mom comes and saro says that you called me nu ganesan told nu and she says abt that pal kodam(milk pot)

and he says ok for it and sudha and mom leaves and saro calls meenu meenu and she dnt not mind and he says that i want to talk to you some thing and she takes her cell and acts like calling her friend and talking and she scolds her bt indirectly  saro looks sad and he think she is really talking with her friend nu and sudden na call comes he became very sad

and he walk out of that room with out seeing her and meenu feel very bad

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The episode continues from yesterday. All are assembled at the temple and Poosari (priest) tells them to pray. Saro prays that he wants to correct all past mistakes and be a good husband for Meenu. Meenu tells god that I am very confused as those whom I believed have cheated me and so please help me come out of this confusion. Tamizh prays that Meenu should live happily for 100 years with kids n all. Yamini was watching them and starts praying too: she wants Saro. Soundarya prays for the whole family's happiness. 
Saradha  asks RS about what all four of them would be praying for. RS replies that Saro would ask god to help him escape from Yamini, Yamini would ask that Saro should not escape, Meenu would've asked what she should do in this situation, and he says he can't figure out what Tamizh is praying for. Saradha asks further and RS replies that maybe Tamizh is asking god in advance to forgive him for hitting 4-5 people. He says Saradha is definitely one of those people and Saradha gives her shocked expression.
The final poojas are done and the kudam is placed on their heads. Saro looks at Meenu who is still mad at him. The four of them start climbing the stairs, while everyone else follows. Saradha is tired and wants to stay at the base of the temple itself. RS tells her that they give delicious pongal at this temple and she starts walking fast. Saradha tells Yamini to go and help Saro. Yamini goes and holds his hand. Saro tells her to remove her hand from his. She gives excuse saying that if he falls, she must be there to help him.

Tamizh and Meenu sees this and are mad. Saro shrugs her hand off his. 
They finally reach the top of the temple. 

The scene then shifts to Sudha and Meenu who are sitting near some tree. Sudha gives food to Meenu but she refuses. Sudha scolds her saying how Meenu hasn't ate since last night. She further says how Meenu "thaanum kashtapattu aduthavangalaiyum kashtapaduthara". Sudha then points to Saro and says how Athaan is eating though he is going through all these problems. 

Saro is enjoying his food and asking someone for lemon rice. Meenu is irritated at seeing this. Sudha is again trying to support Saro but Meenu tells her to go away.  
Saradha and RS are also eating. Saradha complains about how there is no "kismis" in the 4 plates of pongal she ate. RS just gives a kadi reply and says bigger problems are going on and u r worried about this. Saradha says Saro himself is eating the third plate and you are scolding me. RS replies how he hasn't ate because of Saro's problem but Saro is eating like this. Saradha then tells him to go and get lemon rice before it finishes. RS gets up saying "nalla kudumbamda ithu". 
The scene shifts to Soundarya who walks over and sits beside Saro. She asks Saro is the food good? Saro replies that the puliyodarai is really tasty. Soundarya scolds him saying do u have any sense? She asks did u ask if Meenu ate? Saro says she would've ate by now. Soundarya says Meenu hasn't ate anything since the night before. Saro asks why and Soundarya scolds him. Saro looks at Meenu and then asks Soundarya, why don't u go tell Meenu to eat? Soundarya replies would she eat because I tell her to? Soundarya tells Saro to go and talk to Meenu and tell  her to eat. Saro says is she going to eat even if I tell her? Soundarya replies whatever it is, she would atleast expect Saro to ask why she didn't eat? Saro is concerned about leaving his food in the middle but Soundarya takes his plate away and tell him to go. 
Saro walks over to where Meenu is. He sits beside her after washing his hand and asks Meenu, did u eat? He says whatever the problem is, u should eat first and asks her do u want me to get food for u? Meenu with gestures ask him did u eat? He nods and she says then "pothitu po" with gestures. Saro says I will go but u eat. Meenu asks if u ask me to eat, should I think that u care about me alot? Saro replies no. Meenu tells him to mind his own business and she knows when to eat. Saro asks aren't u hungry? She sarcastically replies how she is so happy with what he has done that she is not hungry. Saro tells her to eat first and scold him after. Meenu says do u think I would forget what u've done if u talk like this? Saro replies no but he feels bad that she didn't eat yet. Meenu says he is the reason behind her problems. Saro says ok punish me for it but don't torture urself. Meenu gets up and says don't act like you care so much. Saro tells her to eat.  
Just then, Yamini calls Saro and then faints. Saro runs to her calling Yamini. Meenu is shocked. Saro tries to wake her up with water and there is no response from Yamini. 
Saro sees that Meenu is watching him and realizes she is angry but he is unable to do anything. 

The scene shifts to Saro and Yamini, who are sitting on some steps. Yamini is laughing. When Saro asks why are u laughing? Yamini replies how Saro came running when she was about to faint and is there nothing behind it? Saro says there is something behind it and explains how as a friend, he cares about her and feels guilty about what he had done to her. Yamini says as a punishment, Saro would have to marry her and Saro says so u do know that it would be a punishment to marry you?. Yamini says don't try to convince me but Saro tries to reason with her. Yamini says don't convince me and go do something else. Saro then tells her that he is not scare of her but he feels bad for her. Yamini says no, u r scared of me and u r scared that if others learn of this, this marriage will stop. She says she want him and that's why she is handling this matter quietly. She tells him to come with her and he yells at her saying would u be happy by making all these people unhappy? She says yes I will be happy if I married u and I don't want to be "thyagi". Yamini talks about how they would get married the day after tomorrow. Saro tries to reason but she says if u get married to Meenu, it would be boring and if they got married, there would be much more drama. Saro says he would not marry her even if it meant losing his life. Yamini says nothing will happen to ur life, but u will marry me. She tells him to go and Saro leaves, irritated.   

The scene shifts to Tamizh and Sudha who are climbing up the stairs. They see Saro sitting by himself, in thoughts. Tamizh gives the water bottle to Sudha and tells her to go and he will come. Sudha tells him to not fight with Saro. Tamizh says he will talk and come. She agains tell him not to fight, and Tamizh replies he is not fighting but "thatti vaikirathu, koddi vaikirathu". He explains how Saro is doing this even when all of them are there and he doesn't want Meenu to have trouble later and so going to "thatti vaikirathu". 
Tamizh calls Saro saying "hey! inge vaa". Saro walks over to Tamizh and asks him what is it? Tamizh scolds him about how Yamini is still there. He asks Saro why Yamini came for the Paal kudam and Saro replies he didn't call her but she came on her own. Tamizh tells him to tell Yamini not to come. Saro says no one listens to me here. Tamizh asks who doesn't listen to u? Saro says u don't listen to me, Meenu doesn't listen to me, my family doesn't listen to me then why will she listen to me? Tamizh says if she is creating problems for u, then tell me I will deal with her. Saro says no don't do that. Tamizh says why do u care ? and says how Saro is not a good person, etc.  Saro says why do u always misunderstand me? Tamizh replies saying u r the one who is changing. Saro tells him to be patient. Tamizh asks him what is the matter? Saro says I am not in the state to tell u certain things but all I can say is I am not a bad person. Tamizh says don't lie and asks what's the problem between him and Yamini? Saro says Meenu is my problem and that he needs to clarify certain things to her but she is not talking to me at all. Tamizh then asks why is she not talking to u? Saro says don't start from beginning. Tamizh says u r not behaving right and Saro says this is a different problem and that's why he is behaving like this. Tamizh asks what's the problem and that he is willing to help Saro. Saro says the only help u can do is trust me and tell Meenu to believe me, and not make things worse. He explains how he cares alot about Meenu and he won't ever ruin her life and If her life would be ruined by him, he would not be in her life. He leaves from there saying, please believe me. Tamizh is in thoughts. 

Pre-cap: Saro promises to Meenu: "Saami sathiyama solren Meenatchi, unnai thavira vera entha ponnaiyum nesikavum illai and nesikavum matten". Soundarya applies vibuthi on Tamizh. Arun sees this. 

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Yamini buzz saro and gives signal she is bored and ask him to take her back. Saro annoyed and says podhi to her. He turns and Meenashi standing there moruchufying him ROFL He tries to explain but she puts her hand up to stop him. She looks at Yamini who gives evil smile and turns away. Saro tries to talk to Meenashi but she just walks away.

Saro bangs his head on the wall ...
ROFLROFLROFL father comes and ask what his doing. Saro tells him he cant take things anymore. RS mokkafy with him saying if you see on Yamini POV, she is right, Meenashi POV .. she is right. Saro ask his father to do him one favour by packing Yamini away from here as he needs to talk to Meenashi alone.

RS says its simple and he would get her packed away. Saro is doubt as Saradha would not allow nu. RS says then he shall pack saradha too Shocked Saro ask how and RS ask him to call ambulance Shocked saro ask edhuku but father ask him to just call the ambulance now.

Trio standing down the temple. Saradha ask edhuku nu and RS says soon they will know. She keeps bugging her husband and ask edhuku brought Yamini down too.. RS ask who is Yamini, his DIL right Shocked Yamini appadiyae ice vatchufy valiruraning
ROFLROFL so that is why he brought her down.

There comes ambulance and RS ask Yamini to sleep on the stretcher ShockedShocked Yamini refuses at first but RS forces her
ROFLROFLROFL She is taken into the fan and Saradha tries to bring her out and gets in ... but the door is shut behind her ROFL Both looks through the window and ask enna happening nu. RS puts fake concern that Yamini fainted adhan he wants her to get full check up. Ambulance takes both of them away ROFLROFL RS shouts Saravana... u have 3 hours.. attack Meenashi ROFLROFLROFLROFL

Soundarya comes to Tamil who is kind of angry still with Saro. She somehow manage to make him smile. He says he knows why she is here as she came to give him thinuru nu... Soundarya shock but nods her head. She then puts it on Tamil forehead Embarrassed This is seen by Arunasalam. Soundarya goes away ... Tamil is still in romance mood when he notices Aruna and starts thiru thiru mulichufying ROFLROFLROFL

AS comes to tamil and kalacufy him LOL tamil says he is not sure if this is right or not but the feeling is good and his happy. AS ask him not to worry.. SM marriage will take place and then both he and S can get married. AS then ask Tamil if the 3 words I LOVE YOU have been said vaa nu and tamilan vekkapattufy and molaparan ROFL

Meenashi Sudha and mother sitting. Saro comes and sternly ask Meenashi to come as he needs to talk to her. She refuses but he grabs her hand and drags her. Meenashi mother is worried and ask sudha if both of them are fighting. Sudha tells her mother this is all normal for both of them and if they bud their head in, they would be komalis nu LOL Mother agrees.

Saro takes her to a place and Meenashi shouts enna mapilai thimira.. naan innum unnake pondatin agala nu ... Saro shouts eeiii and meeanshi shock. Saro ask why is she behaving like this. He ask her if she believes or sandegam padhufy him that he loves Yamini vaa nu. Meenashi looks down. Saro ask her to look into his eyes and answers. Meenashi says no. Saro then ask if she believes down her heart that her Saro only loves her and loves her more then anything in this world.? Meenashi looks ... both of them looks at each other with SM bgm EmbarrassedEmbarrassed She says yes she believes. He ask if she trust he would love her like this till the end? Meenashi says yes. Saro ask if all this is yes, then what is the reason for her anger?

He cries out his heart and agrees he made a mistake. He had admit all that to her and says its his faults for everything. But how long is she going to punish him like this. Yamini knows he ask her to marry out of anger and used that opportunity to torture him and now Meenashi by being angry is giving opportunity for Yamini to execute her plans. Saro says he only loves Meenashi and he knows no one can love her as he does.  He grabs her hand and takes her to the temple and gives Meenashi 2 minutes to decide. If she don't trust him with Yamini, she can  ask him to get lost and he will leave right away.. or if she thinks she cant live with Saro for the mistake he did, then she can walk away. He don't want Meenashi to start marriage with this doubts on her mind.  If she is completely clear now.. then she must accept him right here with a smile on her face and takes him from here holding his hand.

Meenashi cries. Saro sadly tells her he dont know why she is crying. But in this jenmam, he will not love anyone accept her and hits the fire in front of them.  He leaves .. meenashi continues crying.

PreCAp : 1.  Oru makkazs asking in front of everyone if Saro agrees to marry Meenashi and he says yes... the same kostin is ask to her but she takes time to say yes.  2. Saro says Meenashi hesitated so long to say yes ... they don't need this wedding.. Meenashi shock and cries 3. Saro talking in phone not noticing van coming and Meenashi runs and pushes him,...


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Saravanan meenakashi

Part 1:

Yamini love on saro

saro maa n yami were coming by auto to mandapam..saro maa asked yami why you wasting  your time nand already you know this marriage was nt possible then why trying this..then yami asked you like meenu?saro maa said no i didnt like her..

then yami said for me she is

ok..but i wont say she is very good girl and all..then saro maa asked what do you want?

yami said i want  justice..he promised me that he will marry me but he didn't..not only village girls were so affectionate and true in their love..even city girls too same like them in love..all were seeing me as villy no one is thinking me me too having my own feelings.. then saro maa consoling her

scene moved to temple

all meenu family was waiting in temple with panachayat people for saro family..then they came n

saro asked what to do here..then they said his is pananchayat for asking marriage couple whether

they were interested in this marriage or not..saro dad said no baniyan tree here n they said its not like cinema..and saro dad said this was good concept i your village.panchayat said already one family died for their girl marriage problem so ly we were doing like this..they asked saravanan you liked her and interested in this marriage?he said yes am willing to marry

her.he said i will take care till ly last..

then they asked meenu but she was silent and was crying..


Meenu and saro meeting infront of panachayat

Again Panchayat people were asking meenu "are you accepting this marriage"Big smile..she was crying without saying anything.. saro ma said meenu itself stop this marriage n for this silenceOuch.(she was happy)..Panachayat said why she was thinking like this..not intersted in this marraige and

questioning herOuch..they asked to tell whats ur opinionEmbarrassed..meenu maa was saying, she was going leave from us na so she was worrying. Panchayat said why you crying for this or any other probs..they said they wil come at evening to ur home n say ur interest.

meenu maa said why u doin lik this wat they wil think.tamil said why scoldin her ma.leave her.saro was feeling that she didnt say like she liked him..

dad:even  saro she didnt say she didnt like you.. both were  looking eachother meenu crying. both were feeling alot..saro ma said if she didnt say na wat wil they said mounam samatham nu they wil conclude..then saro maa added i know marriage will happen sure but with whom.saro n meenu marriage sure wil happen saro dad said to saro maa..meenu maa asked tamil "when wil car wil come".he said soon it will come ma... then meenu maa and sis wil move..n meenu sis called to saro n sai console herBig smile.left meenu alone. she was sittin alone n saro came..u r not believin me  na..u coudnt say na i like you nu..i will go and got it wats in ur mind no need this marriage let we stop this..Cry

part 3:

Saro and meenu feelings

saro:said i lost my hope in this marriageCry..again i cant rectify this.. "in this matter,if u take one decision thats correct..

anyone in this position all will do like this only.accepting is different from. .

you are not in mood to accept no need to accept this marriage tooo.if you thinking i was wrong atleast plse forgive me..if u acceptin na thats for ur family sake and you wil marry i dont want this marriage..

let we stop thisCry .

she was silentUnhappy..

saro was cryingCry and said am leavin and he wentCry..she was thinking..

saro came to maa n dadEmbarrassed

dad asked you spoke with her.saro replied "yes i said let we stop this marraigeCry. and he left..

he was in phoneEmbarrassed .meenu seeing him from there van coming to dash him.

.she calling saravanan n running Cryn  pushed him ..meenu voice came  saravanana "everyone shocked by seeing that accident"Shocked

Ps:For meenuEmbarrassed today eppy she said only one word dialogue for her..Embarrassed

Thank you so much ratna akka for your pictures..Hug.Hug

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Phewww thank god, the van break somehow manage to work and the van stop just in time before hitting Meenashi. Both family rushes to both .. Meenashi seem fainted while Saro few hurts in hand after being pushed by Meenashi. He immediately goes to her and calls her name numerous time. Finally she opens her eyes. Looks around.. sees Saro and starts crying.

Tamil scolds Meenashi for running just like that in front of the van. What would have happen if she got hurt? Meenashi smiles and says adhan nothing happen nu.  Tamil goes to the periyavar's and ask them what time are they coming later.

They ask edhuku need to come. Without love Meenashi would not have run to save Saro and they are 100% sure she loves and cares for him and willing to marry him. Saro agrees its the fact.

Saradha ask Saro if he is fine. RS tells Saro this has confirm that Meenashi still cares and loves you and she will not be able to live without him. Saro starts crying Cry RS samadanafy him. Sudha comes to check if Saro is doing good and says the Meenashi is also doing good. RS tells Sudha to get Meenashi to come right now as Saro wants to talk to her alone. Saro cries and hug his dad for understanding him.

Both Saro Meenashi standing quite. Saro thinks back all the moments from the start Meenashi confess her love for him till the present. He starts crying Cry Meenashi goes near him and ask him not to cry. Why is he crying for nothing now?

Saro tells Meenashi he is not right for her. She should marry someone who can keep her happy. Meenashi has a smile on her face Embarrassed She ask who is that person nu LOL Saro like a chinna boy monungafy saying Arunasalam taan right person nu. Meenashi vambufy him asking how come his suggesting AS name when he don't like that person nu. Saro still like small boy says ok then you marry who you think will keep you happy LOL

Meenashi says there is one person who she likes, loves and cares so much. He also loves her so much. He does so much of sodapals yet she loves him for his sodapals. If she gets very angry, he will calm down and samadanafy her. When he makes mistakes, he comes within 10 minutes saying sorry Embarrassed He is the only person she is very sure will keep her happy till the end. Saro looks at Meenashi amazed LOL Meenashi tittufy him that she is angry with him but she never hated him. Adhukanu, how dare he stop the marriage ShockedLOL Not one Yamini,  100 Yamini vandhalum no one can take away her Saro from her Star

Saro ask if she is telling the truth. He looks at her with so much of love and says sorry. He holds her hand and says will never make any mistakes anymore nu LOL meenashi says that is something which he can never promise cause he will always make mistakes nu ROFL

Meenashi ask him to stop crying like a small boy and wipes his tears with her saree Embarrassed  Saro holds her hand and says I love you meenashi EmbarrassedEmbarrassed (hurrayaaa our couple is back to normal Embarrassed)

Both Saro Meenashi walks and come talking romantically.  Both families sees this and becomes very happy. Saradha ask what is happening here and RS proudly says its SM kadhal nu LOL Sudha goes to her sister and ask ok vaa nu and Meenashi answers OKOK Wink Saro goes to RS who is happy and ask Eppadhi daa nu... Saro answers Saro the great Shocked adepavi..  he hide his crying matter from RS ROFL but RS more killadhi ask him if he fell on Meenashi leg vaa nu  ROFLROFLROFL Tamil comes and calls Saro mappilai Shocked and Saro looks behind him ROFL Tamil tells RS he will bring Saro by bike and Saro murmurs settan da nu ROFL

Tamil tells Saro that Meenashi has done something no other girls can do. That much she loves him but he does not know why his sister loves him so much. Tamil says he only needs Meenashi happiness.. he warns Saro to immediately send Yamini away or ask her to remain silent and not vambufy Meenashi. Illathi he will kill Yamini Shocked for him only Meenashi happiness that matters. Saro just remain silent.

Yamini comes to see AS. She tells him that Saro cheated her by saying he loved her. She is here to make sure the marriage does not happen but he will marry her Yamini Angry AS just listens to her and ask how sure she is Saro would marry her nu. Yamini very confidently says she is very sure he would and she has pakka plan to make Saro come and marry her Dead As ask what he is suppose to do for her that she is here to see him.  Yamini says Meenashi is a nice girl and she has not anger on her as its Saro who made such kolapams. She don't want Meenashi life to be a question mark and she knows AS is in love with her. So when the time comes, she hopes AS will not say no to marry meenashi Shocked and Yamini promises him that would happen. She gives him a gift and leaves. AS opens and its wedding attire for him Ouch

Thodarum ...

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Both of Meenashi mama's makes entry again D'oh Saradha welcomes them in. Both of them came to say sorry to RS for insulting him that day. RS comes out and tries to malapuran as he don't want Saradha to know this matter ... but too late as she already knows the full details. Later in the room, Saradha cries, she says she can't take it RS is humiliated like that Cry RS says this is all nothing... his son happiness is all that matters  awww Embarrassed He holds Saradha hand and samadana pannufy her ... and ask her not to tell this to Saro.. cause he would get angry and got to beat them up but will return getting beaten up ShockedROFL

Both Yamini and Sha .. Sha wonder's whose house is this .. they are staying now and Yamini says it belongs to her appa's friend. Sha ask why leave such lovely hotel and stay in this kind of house. Yamini says in hotel room they cannot do the engagement lae Angry Sha shock hearing the word engagement Shocked Yamini asking Sha if his feeling bad for Saro vaa nu? Sha says yes pavam saro nu Cry and Yamini goes and kottufy his head many times asking if she is not pavam vaa nu LOL Sha gets angry and says both Saro Yamini not pavam but his the pavam fellow stuck between them. But stil.. he feels bad for Saro and doing this to him.  Yamini father comes Shocked Sha also shock. Father says Yamini is wasting time on Saro yet his here to support her though he feels its not right to force Saro who does not want this marriage ... Confused but still cause of his daugther.. his going to support her for everything.

Father looks at Sha and says his becomes so handsome now days ShockedLOL Sha ku ice vaichu madhiri Wink Father then ask Yamini why can't she marry sha? Shocked Sha gets so excited ... father ask Sha if he still has soft corner for Yamini... Sha says not only soft corner but Paris Corner nu ROFL
ROFLROFLROFL Father once again ask Yamini to consider but she adamantly tells her father Saro Meenashi wedding must be stopped and Yamini Saro wedding must take place nu Dead

Tamil invites Saro and RS to bike shop to buy bike for Saro Shocked RS ask edhuku idhulam nu and Tamil says its a big thing for their family buying bike for Saro. The shop guy explain about the Hero bike and they seem happy. RS then tells Tamil he got one wish nu.. Tamil ask enna nu .. RS tells Saro start camera... and RS sits on d bike and give all kind of post LOL singing hindi song LOL

Sudha is giving ottram for Meenashi who had hurt her hand. She vambufy her sister for doing drama like angry and wanting to stop the wedding when Meenashi has so much of love for Saro.  Sudha tells Meenashi she knows long ago this kobam will not take long as both of them love each other so much nu. Sudha ask how come Tamil took this Yamini matter lightly nu. Meenashi says tamil does not know about the matter Saro promised Yamini getting married nu .. if anna knows.. thats it. .. Meenashi says deep down her heart.. she still feels scared till the date of her marriage. Don't know if any other new problem would arise. Confused

Both Saro & Tamil talking. Tamil says sorry to Saro for treating him badly few days aah. He could not take it seeing tears in Meenashi face. Saro says its ok as he understand Tamil situation and makku Saro Angry volarafy all Yamini matter to Tamil D'oh who becomes so kadu kadu and says appo Yamini side got nyayam nu Ouch Saro tenga laughs and says yes and goes away to bring something for Tamil who is left standing there in annoyance Ouch

PRE CAP : Saro once again kaiyu kattufy and standing in front of angry Meenashi ROFL

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Wednesday UPDATES  11.07.2012

The episode starts with Saro standing in front of an angry Meenu with thiru thiru muzhi. 

She starts scolding him for opening his mouth to Tamil about Yamini matter. Saro says he thought Tamil already knew about it. Meenu explains how Tamil was angry at him thinking he invited Yamini to wedding and now Saro has made it worse by spilling the truth. Saro nods his head and Meenu laughs. Saro also smiles and Meenu asks what was Tamil's reaction? Saro says nothing and Meenu gets tensed and explains how if Tamil yells, then it means matter is over and if he doesn't, it means something explosive is on its way. Saro asks you mean "Puli pathungurathu paayirathukku?" Meenu scolds him and asks why did he unnecessarily tell Tamil ? Saro says he thought if he talks about current matter, he wouldn't sothapupify. Saro asks Meenu if Tamil mentioned anything to her and she replies no. Saro says leave this matter, the wedding is not going to be cancelled for this. Meenu gives him a look and Saro says "kalyanathai niruthirathukku kaivasam engitte onnum illaiye". Meenu replies "that's why u usupified my bro". Saro asks what can Tamil do to stop the wedding? Meenu shrugs her shoulder and says, "very simple, he can easily chop off your legs and arms". Saro is scared and explains how  Tamil may have got angry hearing about this Yamini matter but he would've also been happy that Saro was telling the truth. Meenu says don't judge my brother wrong and tells Saro to be careful because it is highly possible for "adithadi" to occur. Saro says "evlo paathitam, ithai paarkamaatoma?" and Meenu asks so u will hit my brother? Saro says, no that is old style and he follows Vadivelu style: he will fall on Tamil's feet when he comes to hit him. They both laugh and Meenu then asks about Yamini. Saro says it seems Yamini is planning something big. Meenu says whatever it is, u have to tie the thaali with these 2 hands, so don't dare to do that. Saro says no, I won't do that. Meenu then warns him to stay in his room for the next 2 days and not to sothapum again because she will not forgive him anymore. Saro says it won't happen. Meenu replies that she is tired of forgiving him for his sothapals and she won't be able to handle another sothapal. Saro says he will take care and ask her to smile. 

The scene shifts to Soundarya and Tamil. Soundarya is in saree and Tamil just arrives at the spot. Tamil asks her the reason for her visit and Soundarya says she came to see Meenu but Meenu is sleeping. Tamil smiles and Soundarya asks for the reason. He says nothing and then compliments her saying she looks beautiful in Sarees. Soundarya laughs saying this is one of his 4 romantic dialogues and starts listing them: Saree nalla irukku, pidichirukka?..and he stops her in the middle saying he knows the rest. 

Tamil asks her why she wore saree and she says "summa..for him". He is happy that she admits it's for him. She is ready to leave and he asks her how she is going to go. She says she is going to walk but he says it's too hot outside. She replies how she can't take auto or go with someone else and he is busy. He says he is not busy and she says no it's ok but he is adamant that he will drop her. She asks is it ok for him to drop her there since there will be lot of relatives there. He replies it makes it easier for him because he doesn't have to tell each person separately and they will gossip and finalize the wedding. Soundarya asks what? Tamil samalichufies and take her on the bike. 

The scene shifts to RS, who is searching for something/someone at the door. Saradha comes out and what is he searching for? RS says he is looking for the chef (Lakshmi's uncle). Saradha explains how he got hurt (on the mouth) in an accident due to drink and drive. RS happily says "appada..." and Saradha questions him about it. He twists and makes up an explanation. Saradha is not convinced and the Uncles arrive. Periya Uncle says Vanakkam and RS wonders why he is here. Saradha tells RS to deal with them and goes inside.

PM (Periya Maama) comes and talks to RS. He asks RS if he has not forgotten their earlier dispute. RS says no, he has forgotten about it and takes him inside. PM says RS has "periya manasu" and RS replies "no it's not that. it means neenga onnum perusa kilikalai". PM says they have insulted him and RS wittily replies to that. PM again tries to  prove RS that he is angry at him by saying that RS never called him on phone. But RS says he didn't call them because he is retired and doesn't make any outgoing calls. RS asks for Chinna Maama (CM) and PM replies he went to do some Katta Panchayat. RS asks what's the reason behind his visit? PM says they need to give a virunthu. RS replies that instead of getting them married, u guys are dragging this saying paalkudam, virunthu, etc. PM then says it's going to be "thanni" (alcohol) party. RS tells him to make preparations for it. PM then asks about side dish and RS explains his side dish. RS says he is "roopam" now and that after drinking, he will be in his "vishwaroopam". PM tries to instigate him, saying "let's see that also". RS then talks about his capacity (as in how he drinks a lot) and warns PM he might later regret inviting him for this party. PM says no, we won't regret. 

Just then Saro walks in and PM tells him about the "thanni party". Saro tries to back out but PM tells him the party is only for him. PM asks Saro if he drinks and Saro replies no, while RS replies yes. Saro explains that he has stopped drinking as he has promised Meenu and that she might stop the wedding. PM says if u don't drink, it will be like insulting us and can u get married after doing that? Saro tries to back out but PM says atleast come (even if u don't want to drink). He further says how Tamil is arranging this party and if u don't come, then it will be like insulting Tamil. Saro says ok I will come but I won't drink. PM leaves saying he will send a car to pick them up. PM leaves.

Saro asks RS why he agreed to go to the party? RS replies that after the first peg, it doesn't matter who is beside you. He then asks Saro if he is coming to the party. Saro says he will come but he will first tell Meenu, to avoid any further problems. Saro also says that he is coming to the party just to become close to Tamil again. RS agrees to it and says how he is coming for drinking only. 

PM and CM are talking about the preparations for the party. PM says how the whole purpose of this "thanni party" is to create "adithadi". CM assures him that it will happen. CM asks if Saro is coming and PM replies that he called Saro saying the party is arranged by Tamil. CM is now sure that Saro will come and then inquires about Tamil. PM says we will call him saying that Saro is also coming. CM compliments PM saying how he is a great villain and PM talks about how he used to be a big villain, etc. Tamil comes to them and normal enquiries happen. He is about to leave when CM stops and tells Tamil about "thanni party". Tamil says there is no need for it. But PM and CM convince him. CM tells him to come and say whatever is in his heart and if there is any problem, PM will solve it. Tamil agrees to come to the party and Tamil leaves from there. 

Uncles get into the car. PM asks CM, do u think the wedding will happen tomorrow? CM laughs and PM joins him. 


Pre-cap: Saro-Tamil fighting and RS-Uncles fighting. 

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