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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

"Two Broken hearts fall in love"Pt:68Pg:42 (The END) (Page 42)

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Zee ab mujhe neend aa rahi hai.

Jaldi karo.

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my fingers want to fall off from color coding. I am writing my last message to u guys. ALmost done!

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Color coding chodo.

Uske bina hi update de do.

We will manage.

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yar plz ab aur wait ni ho ra
it seems lyk my heart wil blast any momnt

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Part: 67

Run away bride


"Good bye and Good riddens!" she clenches her teeth in hatred placing the gun back toward the side of Geet's head to make it look like suicide.
Geet just closes her eyes and lastly murmurs, " I love you Maan" when the gun shot blows and the lights black out!

"So this is what heaven must feel like", Geet murmered to herself. There was no pain no anguish.  But she was waiting for the light.  Everything was so dark. She wanted to meet her Babaji.  She had no complains even if her life was shortened.  She just had one request to give Maan the patience to get over the grief of losing her.
"GEET" she heard a scream, and her eyes shoot open.
"I'm alive" she breathed out in a frenzy, looking at how her clothes were all soaked up in blood.
"aaaghh" she heard a scream and the gun fell on the floor.
She looked up and couldn't understand, as if her brain short-circuited and needed to be rebooted. Around her, everything was in fast-forward while she was motionless in the middle of it all.
"Dev" geet murmers in utter shock.
Sameera turns around and couldn't believe her eyes, " you. . . you Shot me" she utters waiting for someone to pinch her awake from this nightmare.
"YOU SHOT YOUR OWN SISTER YOU COWARD" she screamed as a tear trailed down her cheeks. 
Dev didn't even look at her and Maan starts running towards Geet, "Geet! I am here Geet. I won't let anything happen to you. I love you so much. You don't know what was going through my mind" his voice was cracking in pain as he opened the ropes around and engulfed her in a hug.
"Vicky . . .. Maan . . .Vicky" she hesitated as the sobs wanted to rip out of her throat, making it real hard for her to even formulate a sentence.
"Shhh.  The moment I looked into Vicky's eyes I knew he was lying to me.  He could never to this to me. He is my brother Geet.  And I knew you could never do this to me! I was just going along with the act because Dev was there. He is okay.  Meera is with him as I beat him up a little too much" she says comforting her.
Sameera looked on completely flabbergasted. He never fell for the plan.  She looked menacingly toward Geet.
"I love you Maan. I love you so much" she smiles through her tears as she hugs him even tighter.
Maan: I love you too Geet. Now let's go, it's time to go home.
Geet and Maan reach the door where Dev was standing.   All of a sudden Geet stops in her tracks and moves her pain stricken glance towards him while Dev didn't even bother to look at her direction.
"hahahaha" Sameera starts to laugh.
"Wah! What a happy ending Dev! " she continues to laugh her creepy and menacing laugh.
"You shot me for HER!!! LoOk how she is going to just walk away from you! LOOK you Betrayer!!
"Just leave Geet!" He harshly says without even looking at her.
Geet was taken aback with his sudden ruthless tone.
"And to think I actually got my best friend back. Such a shame!" she snaps back at him.
"Whatever Geet. Save your breath" he says rolling her eyes, while inside it pained him for losing her once more. 
"hmmm. . . Looks like Maan taught you a good lesson" she says eyeing his black and blue body.
"I had told you it was too late.  You couldn't even break our bond because we have something called TRUST for each other, something you didn't!"
"Let's go Maan" not even looking to see if Dev had anything to say to that.
"Wait Geet, let me give you a gift for your upcoming wedding" Sameera says sweetly.
"GEEET" he screams pushing her out of the way as the bullet pierces right through his chest near his heart.
Sameera drops the gun seeing the man she just shot!
By the time Geet turned around he lay on the ground.
She screams, "DEV"!
"oh my God!!! Maan call the ambulence!" she says bending down and laying Dev on her lap.
Maan quickly dials and calls for help.
He then goes to Dev, " you are going to be alright.  They are on their way" comforting him.
"Get. .  ."Dev tries to speak, "Get . . .Get the. . gun". He coughs up blood.
Maan nodes and goes to get the gun that laid on the ground near Sameera.
Geet looks at him with tears in her eyes, " You haven't changed.  Just like always your tongue says the opposite of what you want to say"!
"Geet . . .don't cry. I. . I don't want to. . .remember. . . you as crying" dev manages to say.
"Am I . .. Am I  worth your true love now? Batao . . .batao na geet? . . .Am I?" he says with eyes full of regret.
Geet: You save me twice! And now I we will save you. We won't let anything happen to you. Don't talk like that samjhe tim! Your going to make it. You won't sacrifice your life for me. I won't let you.
Meanwhile while Maan goes to get the gun, he sees how Sameera wasn't moving and was just looking at her hands, not believing what she just did.
 Maan: You just proved that you are the monster not him.
"Name me your price.  How much you want? You only did this for money toh bolo how much you want!" he says taking out his checkbook.
Maan: Wait one second.
Maan: Geet sign this please.
Geet doesn't even ask why and just signs it.
Maan goes and throws it at her face.
"It's a blank check. Signed by Geet Maan Singh Khurana! Enjoy!" he says without giving a glance back toward her.
"He loves you . ..  a lot!  You deserve each other. I hope. . .i hope you can forgive . .. me! And . . .and remember me sirf. . .as your . . . your best friend" he says taking his last breaths, his eyes closing.
"DEV. . .Dev!!! Wake up Dev!" she screams but Maan takes her away as the paramedics come.
"Whether Love is the drink of poison or heavenly bliss I drank both" she says looking at the flames that were now consuming Dev's body.
"I had two best friends. One turned out to be a lover who paid the price of breaking my heart with his life. The other lost not only her brother but her sanity. She just stares at the blank check with my name on it from morning till night" she says lost in her thoughts.
"Because of you Dev I lost my family, but because of you I see them standing yards away from me" she says looking through the flames where her parents and brother stood.
Like everyone else here they came for the funeral.
But life had to move on and so I did!"
~ 2 weeks later~
"Maan. . .Maan" she shreaks in excitement as ran through the long grass.
"Maan stop it. . .Maan" she had that huge smile placated on her lips as she ran from him.
But then she stops in her tracks taking huge breaths.
"Okay Maan I surrender . . I surrender" she raises the end of her white dupatta in defeat.
"Maan. . .Maan? Where are you" Geet tilts her head here and there. Wasn't he right behind her?
"ugh such a lazy singh khurana he is! He can't even chase after his would be wife! Chalo there is still time for me to run away with'"
" Oh teri!! BABAJIII" she screams as she felt herself twirl in the air.
She hits the ground, except she had a soft landing on his greek god of a chest.
" What were you saying? Your planning to run away" he says pinning her arms to the ground and inching closer to her face as if she was her prey.
"Yes I am and nobody will be able to stop me" she says biting her lip knowing how that effects Maan.
"Geeet" He says stretching her name as they started to roll together in the grass.
She starts to laugh and Maan starts to get lost in her laugh.
"Oh my GOD!! BRIJ bhai" Geet eyes enlarge in shock.
"What. . it wasn't me. I just tripped on her. I swear I wasn't even looking at her" Maan says jumping off Geet and says in one breath but when he turns around he sees no brij.
Geet starts to laugh so loud.
"Who would imagine that this day would come where the great Maan Singh Khurana is scared of someone " she laughs her musical laugh .
"Don't blame it on me. There is something wrong with you Handa's" he retorts back.
"whatever" geet giggles.
"Oh and Geet" Maan says with a straight face.
"Yeah Maan ?" Geet says falling for it.
"I am not scared of your brother. I will make you mine right here and now!" he says coming towards her with that crooked smile of his.
Geet starts to run.
"Maan no. . .Maaan" but maan grabbed her by her waist and corners her to the trunk of the tree.
She tries to make a run for it but maan block her with his right arm. She tries the other side, but Maan blocks her with his left arm.
" Mmmaaann" she says stuttering with his closeness.
"yes sweetheart" he inches dangerously closer.
"koi dekh lega. We are supposed to be getting married today not murdered" she says with downcasted eyes.
"acha" Maan brings her chin up and holds her captive in his eyes.
"toh . . ."he brushes his nose up her cheek.
"toh . . ." Geet almost moans out.
"toh you want me to let you go" he whispers huskily at the nape of her neck leaving his love marks.
"nahi" she moans.
"Meri matlab hai haan. Please let me go" she says with her puppy dog eyes.
Maan: Ek shart par
"Kya shart" geet whines.
"Nope first you have to agree to it or else I am not letting you go until someone finds us" he says with a smirk and snaking his hands around her back bringing her lips closer to his.
Geet: Acha okay okay. Manzoor hai!
Maan: yeh hui na baat.
"Tonight you and me will have the best suhaagraat. I have the hellicoptar ready and when we get their I want you to act like we have never done it before" he winks and let's her go.
"Kya. . . .OMG . . .Brij will kills us" she says all flabbergasted but he still was walking away.
"oh hello Mister I am talking to you come back here I am not done with you yet" she screams a little too loud.
Maan starts to laugh out load, " Babaji look at how besharam she is. She is saying she is not done with me yet. What else does she want to do with me.  Tell her to wait till tonight after we get married" he teases her by talking to her Babaji!
"Haila!!! Babaji! Isliye I want to run away" she stomps her foot like a teenager.
"You can't run away look at your hands. That's my name on there. I have imprisoned you for life" he smirks.
Geet blushes and looks at the mehendi on her hands that had his name engraved in it.
"See you at the mandip Mrs.Khurana" blowing a kiss at her.
Geet giggles and catches it placing it right to her heart.
They were two broken hearts, but they glued the pieces of their hearts back together with their irrevocable Love.
~::The End::~
Omg I have tears in my eyes..  It's been a long journey.  I can't explain how wonderful of a journey this was for me, especially this being my first ever FF.  I never knew I had writing in me. I still think I don't LOL , but your love and support made me feel otherwise.
Will miss this FF,
But thank you for being a part of this journey and making me feel so loved!

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 Shocked Shocked  Oye Me First !!!!

Now let me read the update aaraamse Phew

Now to the last update...

Sameera as always behaved the best of her ability till end, until she lost her own brother by her own hand Grrr

And our Subah ka bhoola.. Dev, at last he surrendered to his love and gained some respect !!!

Maaneet...ab kya kahe iss laila - majnu ke baare mein, let them enjoy in their sweet heaven Couples par aaj Vicky ko miss kiya...

Last but not the least for the wonderful writer Bow Down Blow kissand...Bouquet

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wow dat was awesum i luv'd it...
Poor dev he lost his lyf for his bst frnd chalo atlst he had done sumthing gud...
Aww...sameera had kild hr own brothr...nw she bcum insane...
Thnks to babaji dat maan's trust didn't shake evn tiny miny...
It was wndrful

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awesome update
 so you give a clean way to dev
 i love Maaneet in this 
and vicky dint came back in this one i miss his and Geet  masti 
 loved whole story 
 you will be giving a epo  

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