Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

"Two Broken hearts fall in love"Pt:68Pg:42 (The END)

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Yayyy reached thread 7!!!!
 thank u for all the love and support Hug



Maan SIngh Khurana: A 26 year old business tycoon who is very wealthy and has a huge ego. He has a huge business empire but in reality he is a very lonely and quiet guy.  He hates woman after he finds out Sameera loved him only for his money.  He curses woman ever now and believes that they all have cunning and evil natures behind their beautiful looks except things start to change when he meets Geet Handa.

Geet Handa: A 21- year old girl who used to truly believe in love and always had. Always wishing from her babaji that she meets her raj kumar. She gets her wish and madly falls in love, except that person, Dev, breaks her heart because he trusted some other people over her( you will find out more details later in the story don't want to spoil everyething yet).

Maan and geet are two strangers placed in each other's life by destiny. They never had anything good to say about each other, but as they started to know each other their opinion's changed. They argue/fight with each other but more than that with their own self to distance and deny their feelings for one another. Both of them have been scarred from life's game called "love". There first love left them with such deeps wounds that now none wants to become vulnerable and drink the poison that comes with love again . . . 

To see if that day has finally come where they have accepted each other you got to read to find out Wink

Part 66:

"There's love then there is true love"


He presses on the breaks the car wheels shreaking as it came to a rough stop. His head hits the steering wheel hard. Their was tears of anger for Sameera as well as for just thinking about the pain that he would have to put his brother through. But he had to, if Maan knew why he would be doing this than he wouldn't of object in fact he would be proud of him, except he couldn't know. Sameera was a monster that couldn't be trusted.
Vicky takes his step out of the car and towards the house.


Geet was struggling against the ropes that had her tied up.  She had to get out of here.  She wasn't going to let Sameera get in the way of tearing her family apart.  She did it once, and made her lose everything, but not this time.  Her hand was bleeding from the burns she was giving herself trying to escape from the grip of the ropes, but that didn't make her flinch once.  She had red blood shot eyes of determination to break free.  This was the only opportunity she had, as she was alone.  Sameera had gone somewhere and this was her only chance of escape. 
Just then she hears the creaking noise of the door.  She stops her struggle and shakes her body a little trying to get the ends of her dupatta to cover her hands.  Seeing whom it was her whole being filled with disgust.  She moves the gaze of her eyes and face the other way. 
The sound of his foot steps were getting louder as the person continued to approach towards her.
"This was never a part of the plan" the person bends down in front of her and reaches for her chin to bring her gaze toward him.
"sorry sweet heart that I can't do. Lene tujhe oh gori, aayenge tere sajna" he winks at her.
"If you leave with anything, it will be only my dead body!" she lashes out.
"I know you are really mad at me for taking so long to come and get you, but I am here now and I know exactly how to make it up to. I . ." he couldn't even finish his sentence when Geet interrupts him.
"I . . .HATE. . .YOU!" she says emphasizing each word as if saying three sentences.
Geet: I belong to Maan! Samjhe tum!
"Listen here Miss GEET HANDA" He yanks her from the base of her hair and pulls her closer while Geet yelps.
"If it wasn't for Sameera I would have finished him off already than you would have no choice but to be mine! You no what! Screw this being all nice with you bull shit! No more Mr. Nice guy! Now you will be responsible for the consequences Geet" Dev angrily spats out.
"Nahiii! Please Dev. I will do whatever. Just leave Maan out of this" she pleads.
" Now that's like a good girl.  Sorry for yanking your hair sweetheart, but I can't bear hearing his name from your lips" he says grinding his teeth with anger.
"Those lips were mine first and always will be" he softly whispers inching closer toward her face.
"Please don't" she pleads her tears spilling from her eyes.
Dev gets up and kicks a stool that was lying down on the ground.
"I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY GEET!" he yells out of frustration or was it pain?
"I love you damn it.  You think I like making you cry. I have already punished myself for each tear I made you shed that day" he places his arms on her knees and looks into her eyes to make her understand his guilt, his suffocation, and love for her.
Geet closes her eyes wincing from the memories of that dreadful night.
"The damage is done Dev. It's too late. Maybe we were just never meant to be" she softly whispers back to him as she looks back into his eyes, looking for her best friend in those eyes.
"NO' NOOO!" He screams.
"Look look here GEET.  This was the same hand that slapped and pushed you out the door that night. Look it has your name engraved on it!" he pleaded to her but Geet didn't dare to look and was looking the other way fighting back with her tears.
"GOD DAMN IT GEEET! Look!! Look please" he says holding her face with one hand and making her look at his hand.  Geet sucked in her breath sharply seeing the stitches of her name on his hand. Those were STICHES!! What had he done, cut himself!
"I love you GEET. Why don't you understand? I know this is not enough punishment for how I treated you, but do you know how much it hurt me thinking that you cheated on me! You know how much it HURT thinking that you were planning to leave me for some other guy!!! HAAN ? Jawab doh do you?!" he pleaded for her to understand his pain and dilemma.
"Do you know how much it hurt to see the mistrust for me in your eyes that night? Your slap didn't hurt. Your push didn't hurt. But the way you were looking at me with your eyes like I was some dirty wh*** was a dagger to my heart. DO YOU KNOW THAT!" her tear trailed down her eye.
Dev: I'm sorry Geet. I'm so sorry. But it's not too late. I am here! I am back. I will make the pain go away. I promise.
Geet: I know Sameera was the main reason for your mistrust in me that night and now you are paying for the price, but it is too late Dev! I have moved on.  Maan means the world to me. In fact he is my world.  He is my everything.  When I had nothing, he helped this suicidal emotional wreck of a stranger out.  He brought me into his world when the people I called my own kicked me out of their lives.  All I can do is forgive you.  But you have to let me go.  If you . . .
" No . . Don't say if I truly love you I would let you go because I can't. I am not that selfless Geet!" he says standing up.
"I guess I don't truly love you then since I won't sacrifice in the name of love.  I guess I just love you Geet.  When you become completely mine I will work on truly loving you.  Just not now, I am sorry Geet but I know you will find the heart to forgive me one last time" he says with determination as he walked away from her.
"Dev please. You can't do this to me! Not again! DEV!!!" she yelped her heart out to him, but he continued to walk out bumping into Sameera.
"ufff what is all the commotion about", Sameera says all irritated.
"Dev you will have a lifetime to talk and spend time with your precious Geet. But first go see the live action of the khuranas tearing each other apart" with a huge grin on her face as she looks toward Geet.
"Dev is not a monster like you Sameera.  He won't do this to me again" she says looking straight at him.
"I won't do anything Geet. This time Maan will" he says looking at her one last time before walking out crushing Geet's hope into a million pieces.
Just when he opens the door his phone vibrates.  He takes a look at the text and unconditionally his fingers start to turn into a fist and out of frustration he throws his phone shattering the mirror.
Daadi places her hand against her heart. Everything was becoming a bit too much for her to bear the moment she hears the mirror breaking.  Every bad thought that could possibly happen to Geet zipped through her mind and weak heart.
She stumbles and falls against the sofa.  The servants start scrambling and yelling for the Khuranas.
Vicky starts running toward her seeing her in the state that she was. 
Vicky: Daadi!! Daadi please open your eyes. Daadi!
Nakul brings a glass of water and Vicky starts sprinkling it over her face.
She weakly opens her eyes and meekly whispers, " Geet! Geet kahaan Vicky? What. . . What happened to her?".
Vicky tightly holds his daadi's hand trying to comfort her.
" Maan won't be able to live without her. Find her please. Bring your bhaabi, your sister back Vicky" she says fighting back her tears.
" Don't worry Daadima. I am ready to put my life on the line for my sister. Kuch nahi hoga usko. I will bring her back" Vicky assures his daadima while the guilt of what he was going to do started to already eat him from the inside.
"GEET IS MISSING!!!" two voices said at the same time.
Vicky looks over to his shoulder and controls the anger that wanted to rip his throat out.
" What do you mean Geet is missing!" Dev ran with worry and concern toward Vicky!
But Vicky didn't say anything, trying to control himself from messing up any chance of saving Geet.
"Romeo?? What is going on? Where the hell is GEET? Did Maan do anything to her!! I swear I will rip HIM into pieces!
"DARE you say anything about my brother! Wherever Geet is, I will do all I can to bring her home without a scratch!" he says with eyes shooting daggers towards him.
Dev clears his throat and then mentions, " I mean Geet called me in the morning and forgave me, maybe that didn't go well with Maan and he accidently did something to her. I have heard about Mr. Maan Singh Khurana's temper!" obviously a lie. 
"Teri himmat kaise hui. . .", Vicky furiously charges towards Dev taking him by his collar.
Romeo steps in and holds Vicky back.
" Guys this is not the time to be fighting! We should be looking for Geet! At least for now put your differences aside" Romeo blurts out.
Vicky looks at Romeo, a part of him angry with him and even blaming him for bringing these two monsters here and possibly ruining Geet's marriage.  This is the time for being happy not the time to be getting KIDNAPED!
"Tuje toh main  baad mein dekhunga" Vicky says before walking away.
Romeo: Dev! Come on yaar! You got forgiveness once, don't bet on getting another one!
Dev: What? Like what do you expect me to think! He is not here! And Geet supposedly goes missing after forgiving me. I mean come on!
Romeo just looks at him and shakes his head.
Dev: Okay fine. I will go apologize to him. Finding Geet is more important right now. Do you have any idea where she might be? Maybe u should go check there.
Romeo: No not really. But let me see if I can find out from others.  I will also call to see if Maan has found out anything.
Dev nods and walks away with a wicked smile.
Vicky was in his room contemplating left and right on how he was going to do this. He wanted to murder Dev! How dare he! When he is one of the culprits how dare he point the finger to Maan!
"aahh hem" Dev clears his throat.
Vicky turns around to find Dev munching on an apple nonchalantly leaning against the door.
Before Vicky could react Dev stops him, " aaha!" he says pointing at his finger for him not to even try.
"You got some guts for messing with me. I am sure Sameera doesn't need an extra reason to get more revenge from you for kicking her out like that last night" he says with a smirk taking a bite out of his apple.
Vicky: Go ahead try to break the relationship between my bro and I. At least I am lying to my brother to save his would be WIFE, not to break the relationship like your TWIN! That's the difference between the KHURANA'S and the ROY's ( whoops sorry guys. .. this whole time I was using the wrong last name! It's not Malhotra, its Roy ' I was getting messed up with my other FF).
" Ufff! I can't wait until he shatters that confidence of yours with your teeth.  It's his would be wife that you tried kissing last night remember?" he says winking and chuckling after that.
Just then a huge banging of a door bursting open was heard. 
"Yeh lo! Aagaya Mr. Maan Singh Khurana. Ab ayega maaza!" he says talking out his iphone.
Maan was dragging Vicky mercilessly from his shirt.  He throws him against the table.
"I'm . . .I'm am sorry bhai", he says stumbling and trying to stand up with his bruised and banged up body but he failed and his body limped back to the ground.
During that time Maan opens the drawer and takes out a GUN pointing it towards Vicky while Dev silently recorded everything LIVE.
*BABAJIII!!! ShockedShockedMAAN what the hell are you doing!Angry Put the DAMN GUN DOWN!!! ahhh !!! Zee faints!*

I am back sweeties, and umm i know the pre-cap is a lot to take in. so i am going to run away now LOL but do tell me what you think about who the culprit or culprits really are? Is it Sameera, Dev, or both?

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Thread 7:

Part: 66
There's love then there is true love

Part: 67
Ghar aaja

Part: 68 (Last Part)
Run away Bride


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