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Arhi OS:Choices we make Par2 pg16 updated on 7/21 (Page 16)

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Originally posted by -Gautami

Beautifully written OS!Cont Soon.
Thank you so much, part 2 coming up soon.
Originally posted by OLGNES

awww... so sweet...
beautifully written!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for liking the OS.
Originally posted by trishy13

omg I love your story on's so touching and sad...I really hope you continue it.
Awesomely written as usual Smile
Thank you so much. Happy ending coming up soon.
Originally posted by arshi1986

very  nice . the way u wrote is fantastic . cn i get the PM nxt part please 
Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the OS.
Originally posted by monalisa1234

Beautiful... I just hope u continue...
Thank you so much. Yes I am continuing it. Part 2 coming up.

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Originally posted by Savi_S

as always amazing. very nice take...! n thanks for pm.
Thank you so much Savi.
Originally posted by evad

Wow Shilpa that was amazing & i love the vm too
Thank you so much Eva, so glad to see my frieds here too.
Originally posted by psarada

One of the nice one shots I have read on the current storyline. The creatives should read your oneshot and figure out how they can take the story ahead without spoiling the essence of the love story. Please post the part 2 also.
Thank you so much. I hope that they don't spoil the story, and drag it out either. Part 2 coming up.
Originally posted by Omoraboti

Loved it .. Waiting for the update Smile
Thanks so much. Part 2 coming up.
Originally posted by parachutekv

That was amazingly written!
Can't wait for part 2!:)
Thanks so much, part 2 coming up.
Originally posted by blore94-chennai

that is brillant.. u sld continue
Thank you so much. Part 2 coming up.
Originally posted by -Sadi-

really beautiful one... continue soon...

can u plz add me to ur pm list..

take care
Thank you so much. Next part coming up in a while.

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Originally posted by Sandy914

Ohhh.. Shilpa!!!! I was so sad.. and still reading your last FF again and again.. thought i am going to miss your stories.. but NO, you have come up with a bang though it is with different pair and show (not my fav).. but your magic is there.. i won't surprise if i start watching this show just with you stories.. love you shilpa.. you don't know how happy I am..

Thank you :)))))))Hug
Sandy thank you so much for this. Hug
I have no words to tell you how gratful I am to read your words. I really needed something different to do and it means so much to me that my friends are going to continue to follow my work unrelated to SNS.
Thanks again, and I hope you start watching this show, I have followed it from the beginning and it has come a long way.
Originally posted by varshu27

wonderful OS shilpa...i am following this show now and am loving it...and ur VM...once again pure genius...thank u...
Thank you so much Varshu, it is so nice to see lot my friends here who always encouraged me and motivated me on the other forum.
Originally posted by soni4eva

Wow luvd da os beautifully written
Awsum vm x
Thank you so much.
Originally posted by mishti_17

Very well written.. Loved it..
Thank you so much.
Originally posted by --Nargis--

Beautifully written, you made me cry!Cry
Thank you so much. Hope to make you smile in the next part.
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Originally posted by Suchi.R

Very well written.. please do continue..
Thank you so much, next part coming up.
Originally posted by devsum

Loved the tempting bite now want the whole dish... waiting for the udate.
Thank you so much. Next part coming up soon.
Originally posted by Maha_Butt2012

good one!!!
you should continue!!
plz arhi ko phr se mila do!!!

Thank you so much, next part coming up.
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Originally posted by JakeR

Perfect Di.. This forum is lucky to have a fantastic writer like you.. One of the best. And the VM is superb. Loved it !!! Clap

Now Ask my KKGSR to come back to me. I miss herCry

Dil Maange MoreParty

Thank you so, so much, if it wasn't for you, I would not have been here, thanking everyone for liking Arhi OS.
The credit goes to you for encouraging me and pushing me to write something for this forum.
Happy Birthday to you, and I hope your KKGSR is back with you today.
I wouldn't have been a fantastic writer if you hadn't been there to boost my confidence, again thanks so much.

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Hello everyone, here I am with part 2 and conclusion to this OS.

I apologize for the lateness of the update, I went back and adjusted few things after watching Friday's episode and wanted to add littl more to it.

I want to thank everyone for appreciating my work and also want to say to my friends who followed my other work that I really appreciated your kind words on this also. I am just glad I still have few friends from the other forum who loves to read my work. Thank you guys very much.


Part 2



Arnav opened his eyes and gazed at the stars one more time before making his way to the chair in the corner of the room. He sat down, leaned his head back and closed his eyes; he pictured Khushi's face in his mind and let her sooth him to sleep.


Anjali watched her chotey for a while then glanced at her tiny baby boy and smiled. She glanced back at her younger brother and blinked back the tears. It was time for her to be the older sister and bring the smile back to her chotey's face.


In the past two days she realized how wrong she had been to fight for something that was not worth fighting for in the first place. How could she have been so gullible and believed her husband's every lies? She would have continued to think him innocent if the truth hadn't stared at her in the face; two days ago, when they returned to Delhi, she had seen the truth of her husband's lies with her very own eyes.


The person who had come looking for her husband had opened her eyes to the truth. Once she saw all the proof with her very own eyes there was no denying the fact that her husband had indeed been guilty of all the things her chotey and Khushiji had accused him of doing.


Anjali had realized how selfish she had been all these months, only thinking about herself and her pain when her chotey and Khushiji were going through a different kind of agony. She decided to start fixing things as soon as she is able to do so. She will give herself time to rest and then plan things in methodical manners. It won't be easy to convince her chotey of things, but one way or another she will bring Khushiji back in his life, back at Raizada mansion soon, no matter what she have to do to bring her back.


It is time for Anjali to be the older sister and be there for your brother who always stood by her in her time of need. She also needed to learn to stand on her own two feet, she has a baby who will be depending on his mother to be there for him, and she can't do this if she relied on her younger brother all the time. Her chotey needed to live his own life and she needs to learn to take care of her own needs along with her precious son's needs.


Anjali finally felt at peace with everything, she glanced at her loved ones and closed her eyes to rest.




Two days later Khushi opened the door to see NK smiling at her. "Nanheji, you here?" Khushi smiled at him widely with happiness.


"Yeah, Khushiji it's me. How are you? Khushi stepped back and invited him into the room.


"I am fine Nanheji; you tell me how are you, and how is everyone at home?" Khushi asked him.


NK watched Khushi and knew that behind that smile she was hiding lot of her loneliness and there was nothing he could do to help his friend. "I am fine and so is the family; Anjali Di gave birth to baby boy two days ago. I just wanted to come and tell you."


Khushi's smile slipped a little but the joy she felt at the news was visible in her eyes. She joined her hands, closed her eyes and looked up. "Hey Devimayaa, thank you so much," she opened her eyes and looked at NK. "Nanheji how is Di and the baby? Are they okay? Are they home?" Khushi wanted to know everything at once.


NK smiled and thought some things never change. "Khushiji slow down," he took her by the shoulders and made her sit in a chair. "Di and baby are both fine; they came home today."


Khushi gave him a grateful smile. "Thank you Nanheji for letting me know."


NK nodded his head and waited to see if Khushi would ask him about Arnav but as usual she kept quiet. "Khushiji don't you want to...?" He trailed off when Khushi shook her head vigorously.


"Nahi Nanheji, I don't want to know about anything or anyone else. I just wanted Di to be okay and for her to give birth to a healthy baby. I will pray for her and her baby." Khushi stood up to signal she did not want to talk about the past.


NK nodded, but felt sad that no one ever thought about his friend and what she must be going through. "Okay Khushiji, I must leave now; if you need anything please don't hesitate to call me."


Khushi nodded and followed him to the door. "Bye Nanheji, thank you for stopping by and letting me know about Di."


"Bye Khushiji." NK walked out before he was tempted to say more.


Khushi closed the door, leaned her head against the door and closed her eyes. She deliberately blocked her minds of all thoughts as a lone tear slid down her cheek. It was a long while before she moved away from the door.




Two days later, Khushi came face to face with Naniji and her Buaji and there was no escaping either of the elder ladies as they had both spotted her immediately.


"Khushi bitiya," Nani said, looking at Khushi with surprise. "Where have you been all this time?"


Khushi's buaji came to her and hugged her with tears in her eyes. "Meri sankadevi, why did you leave us without saying anything?"


Khushi bent and took both ladies blessings. She did not know what to say to the two ladies at first. Khushi thought that Nanji and Buaji would be angry with her but they both had tears in their eyes and were looking at her lovingly. She couldn't tell them the truth so she decided it best to tell them what she thought they would believe.


She took both ladies away from the crowd of people. Once they were alone Khushi looked away from them. "Naniji, I thought it was best for everyone if I left; my presence was causing Di too much pain, Payaljiji and Akash jijaji were also going through some rough times so I thought that if I left then they would all be able to move past what happened."


Khushi kept Arnavji out purposely; she really didn't have it in her to mention him without breaking down. She turned when she felt a hand on her shoulder.


"I understand you did this for everyone's happiness, but you could have come home to us Khushi." Her Buaji said with tears in her eyes.


Khushi hugged her buaji. "I know buaji, but I thought it was best if I got out of everyone's site. If I had come to you nothing would have changed; I would have caused you, babuji and Amma more pain. I wanted everyone to be happy."


Buaji moved back and wiped Khushi's tears. "Fine, but now you are coming home with me." She did not let Khushi interrupt her. "I don't want to hear any excuses, you are coming with me and that's it."


"Your buaji is right Khushi bitiya, it is time for you to come home." Nanji said in support of her buaji.


Khushi nodded slowly; she had known that now that both families were back in Delhi she would run into them eventually and she would not be able to avoid them.




Anjali bowed her head as she prayed at the mandir at Raizada mansion. She finished and turned just in time to see Arnav going towards his room.


"Chotey?" Arnav turned and walked back to where Anjali was standing.


"Ji Di, did you need something?"


Anjali smiled at her chotey lovingly, took his arm and walked towards the sofa. Once they were both seated she turned to him. "Chotey, there is something I have been meaning to speak to you about since the day we returned to Delhi."


Arnav looked at his Di worriedly and hoped it was nothing serious, but judging by her expression he knew his Di was about to have a serious conversation with him. He braced himself and hoped that he was able to ease her worry about whatever is bothering her.


Anjali took his hand in hers. "Chotey please forgive me; I should have trusted you and believed in you." Before Arnav could say anything Anjali continued.


"The day we came back I was visited by a woman I didn't know and she told me things about Shyam that I never knew. At first I did not believe her but she had proof of everything he has ever done." Anjali couldn't stop the tears rolling down her cheeks.


Arnav's heart twisted in pain seeing his Di with the pain of facing the truth. He wished he had been there to intercept the woman, he could have spared his Di the pain of finding out that the man she continued to love even after all that has happened.


Arnav hugged his Di to him. "I am sorry Di, I was not able to protect you like I should have. I should have looked into his background before you married him."


Anjali moved away from him. "Nahi chotey, it is not your fault, Shyam did not show us his true self, we only saw what he wanted to show us. He played us from the beginning and showed us just what we wanted to see. He knew just where to attack to score a point with us. He took advantage of my handicap to make me fall in love with him so he could be set for life."


Arnav felt anger rise within him again. He wished he had punished Shyam more severely instead of just making him leave the house. At the time he didn't want his Di to go through the humiliation of people finding out the truth about her husband. His hands clenched into a fist.


"If Khushiji hadn't come into our lives we would still have been blind to his deeds and his true intentions." Anjali said with sadness.


Arnav felt a jolt to his heart when his Di mentioned Khushi; he didn't have the courage to look his Di in the eye.


Anjali looked at her chotey's impassive face and knew that he was hiding his true feelings behind that blank expression. She knew he was avoiding looking at her to hide the pain she would see in his eyes.


Her chotey, who didn't believe in love and marriage, had fallen hard for Khushi but for Anjali's happiness he gave up everything; because of her, Khushi was treated unjustly and now it was time for her to make up for her folly. She hadn't asked chotey to choose between her and Khushiji, but she might as well have by the way she behaved with Khushiji and her chotey six months ago.


"Chotey, I think you should bring Khushiji back." Anjali said.


Arnav's head snapped back to his Di in shock. He shook his head in denial. "No Di, that is not possible now."


Anjali knew he would resist but she hadn't expected him to say no without any emotions at all. "Why chotey? She is your wife, you married her because you loved her and still love her. If it wasn't for me you would still be together."


"Di we had a contract marriage not love marriage." Arnav said forcefully, he stood up and faced away from his Di.


Anjali was stunned by what Arnav said. She couldn't have heard him right. "A contract marriage?" She asked, her mind trying to figure out the concept of such a thing and the reason behind such idea.


"Yeah Di, I made her marry me six months ago so that you wouldn't find out about Jijaji's intentions towards her. On the day of Akash and Payal's wedding I heard him tell Khushi that he loved her not you. I thought Khushi also had feelings for him and they were both playing with your emotions. I came to tell you about him but that's when you told me you were pregnant so I kept quiet. I married Khushi to keep her away from him." Arnav kept his voice devoid of all emotions so his Di would not feel guilty and blame herself for Khushi leaving the house six months ago. He wanted his Di kept away from the truth of his feelings for Khushi. He did not want his Di to suffer anymore.


Arnav turned back to his Di and moved close to her. "Di forget about Khushi, she will only bring memories of the past. You need to concentrate on your baby and yourself only, from now on. I am sure Khushi is fine wherever she is and not suffering."


Arnav moved away from her. "Di I am getting late for office, I will see you this evening." He started to walk away but looked back at his Di one more time. "Di please forget the past, it is a waste of time and it will only hurt you, instead look forward to the future." He walked away without looking back.


Anjali stared after her chotey with dumbfounded expression. "How can I forget the past chotey?" Anjali said out loud. She thought back to all the times of the past and thought how can I forget the person who taught you to smile, laugh and relax. "Nahi chotey, you can not convince me that you did not love Khushiji. It is just not possible."


"Anjali bitiya," Nani said softly, "why are you talking to yourself?"


Anjali turned, hugged her Nani and cried in her arms. She cried for her chotey and for Khushiji. Because of her blind love they both sacrificed their feelings.


Nani hugged Anjali back and soothed her by rubbing her hand up and down her back. "Anjali bitiya please stop crying and tell me what is wrong."


Anjali pulled back and wiped her tears. She and Nani sat down and Anjali told her everything she told Arnav and also about what Arnav had revealed about Khushi and Arnav's marriage.


After Anjali finished telling Nani everything, Nani also told her about meeting Khushi at the mandir and what she revealed about why she left six months ago.


Anjali and Nani both concluded that Arnav and Khushi would never come together on their own so it was up to them to bring them back together.




On the day of Anjali's baby's naming ceremony, Khushi, draped in red sari, entered the Raizada mansion with nervousness and much trepidation. She had no choice but to come when Anjali Di herself called Khushi and invited her. Nanji had also requested that Khushi come for the ceremony because Anjali needed to talk to her. Khushi's family had been overjoyed and also convinced her to come and meet everyone at least once.


Khushi did not know that both families had planned for this together.


Khushi smiled in happiness when she saw her jiji come towards her and hug her. She was finally happy about being home. When she went home with Buaji from the mandir her parents had been shocked at first but then scolded her for leaving without saying anything. They had made her promise never to do that again no matter what happens. Khushi and her father had cried the most, but she was also very happy to see so much improvement in her father's health.


Payal took Khushi towards Anjali and the baby. When Anjali saw Khushi, she immediately held out her hand and smiled. "Khushiji, thank you so much for coming, please come sit next to me."


Khushi to took Anjaliji's hand and squeezed gently. "Namaste Anjaliji, how are you?"


Anjali was taken back when Khushi did not call her Di but also understood her reasons. "I am fine Khushiji now that you are here. There is so much I want to say to you and there so many things I want to apologize for and I am glad that you gave me an opportunity to do this."


Khushi shook her head. "Nahi Anjaliji, you have nothing to apologize for; the circumstances were such that no one could have helped what happened. I should have told you as soon as I learned what happened but I couldn't hurt you like that."


Khushi glanced at the baby and smiled to show that she meant what she said and wanted to leave the past where it belongs, in the past. She held out her arms. "May I hold him Anjaliji?"


Anjali placed the baby in Khushi's arms and smiled when she saw how happy Khushi was to hold the baby.


Khushi couldn't stop staring at the tiny bundle she was holding in her arms. The baby awed her; she touched the baby's cheek gently with her finger and was surprised at the softness of his skin. Then she felt a slight breeze lift her hair away from her face and knew he was nearby watching her. She kept all her attention on the baby but couldn't help the tension that made her body stiff as a board.


Arnav had been at the pool side when he felt the air around him change; he had felt her presence but dismissed it as his imagination and the fact that his Di had brought her up more than once since the day she told him to bring her back. He had finally given up on work and decided to join the family for the ceremony.

As he made his way down his mind was half on work and half on the fact that he felt her presence more and more as he descended the steps. He had not been prepared for the reality of actually seeing her in his living room, in red sari, holding the baby in her arms.


He glanced around at his family and back to her and realized it was not a dream. Khushi was actually back in his house, with his family, none of who looked surprised or upset at her presence. He knew the moment she realized he had joined them and willed her to look at him but she did not glance at him at all, only thing he noticed is the slight tension in her body.


Khushi felt as if all the air was sucked out of the room and wondered why no one was doing anything about the sudden tensed atmosphere of the room. Then everything happened all at once. The baby chose that moment to cry; Naniji was just calling out for Arnav to join them and at the same time Hariprakash came to tell the family that Panditji was ready to start the ceremony.



There was a moment of awkwardness then everyone moved all at once. Khushi handed the baby back to Anjali; rest of the family moved towards the mandir behind Anjali. Khushi was about to follow them but was blocked by Arnav.


Khushi looked up and his smoldering eyes snagged her gaze; they both stared at each other as the memories of the past played like a movie trailer in their minds.


The earlier memories of fights and hatred blazed through their eyes like a fire and were dismissed quickly. It was the memories of the later time that softened the look in their eyes as each relieved the moments spent together. So close but not close enough.


The moments that stood out the most were the ones from the days after her birthday and before she was asked to leave.


"I won't let you leave Khushi."


"You can't stop me Arnavji."


"Khushi you are still under contract and you can't break it."


Khushi tried to look away, to stop the flood of memories but her eyes refused to cooperate with her mind.


"Khushi what has happened that you can't even smile once?"


"You succeeded in buying the sari for me but couldn't buy the smile for me."


Arnav flinched inwardly when he recalled those words spoken by her when he tried to force her to accept the sari he had bought for her.


Arnav and Khushi's world narrowed down to just the two of them as more memories replayed between them.


The bittersweet moments, that could have changed their relationship, were left incomplete.


Arnav saw himself grabbing Khushi as she walked away form him. He pulled her close to him, so close that there was not even enough room for air to pass through their bodies. Their conversation echoed through his mind and as he looked into her eyes he knew that same thoughts were going through her mind.


"You forced me to marry you; I don't think of you as my husband."


"Fine, I will make you accept me as your husband."


So close yet not close enough; they had been interrupted before things could have gone out of control.


After talking with Nani she had walked away again saying she will not accept him as her husband. He had followed her then blocked her from walking away from him.


"You will accept me as your husband, I will make you."


"You are dreaming too much these days."


Again she had tried to escape him, but he had been relentless and caged her in between his arms, her back against the wall he had leaned close to her and challenged her.


"You will come running into my arms Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada."


His voice had taken on a seductive tone as he spoke to her. Khushi had not backed away and given him back as good as she got and told him she would never come running into his arms, not even in next life.


Arnav finally broke the connection when he recalled her words about her being used to him causing her pain. He moved aside to let her pass. He could not deny those words. He had given her nothing but pain, both physical and emotional.


Khushi moved towards the mandir and went to stand beside her father's wheelchair. She made sure there was enough distance between her and Arnav.


Arnav took his place beside Akash and concentrated on the ceremony, but his eyes kept going to the other side of the mandir and Khushi. She looked so beautiful in the sari; her hair were lose in the back and usual her front bangs were pinned but some tendrils escaped anyway. His gaze did not miss the sindoor in her part or the mangalsutra around her neck.


Her eyes were closed tightly but he did not miss the slight trembling of her joined hands as she prayed. He wished he could grab her by the hand and march her to the poolside or to his room so that he could be alone with her. So he could say sorry for hurting her and try to explain why he lied to her on that last day. Then he realized what he was thinking and looked away.


He looked at his Di and her baby and remembered why he and Khushi could never be together. They were never meant to be together. He was about to step back when he heard his Di tell everyone the baby's name. There was a stunned silence all around.


Anjali looked at her family members and smiled with just a tinge of sadness in her eyes. She turned to her Nani. "Yes Nani you heard right, my son will be called Om Singh Raizada."


Nani caressed her grand daughter's head gently she also smiled but bit sadly. She turned to the goddess she worshiped to every day and silently asked why she filled her daughter and grand daughter's life with so much sadness. She let go of her sadness for the moment and turned back to take her great grand son in her arms. "Om Singh Raizada is perfect Anjali bitiya."


Rest of the family relaxed and the event turned cheerful again with everyone blessing Om and bringing forward gifts for the tiny baby. Khushi was last to approach Anjali and the baby; rest of the family decided to go to the dinning room for lunch.


Khushi knelt beside Anjali and the baby and placed the gift basket next to them then she pulled out the gold chain and fastened it around the baby's neck.


"He is so beautiful Anjaliji, and I am very happy for both of you. Devimayaa keep both of you away from the dark shadows and I pray that your life is always full of happiness." Khushi said while gently caressing the baby.


Anjali humbled by Khushi's and her big heart. She could see that Khushiji never once had a bad thought about her even after the way she treated her. "Khushiji if I ask you for something more will you grant it?"


Khushi looked up with a smile and took Anjali's hand in hers. "Anjaliji you can ask me for anything and I will do my best to grant you your wish."


"Khushiji come back home." Khushi's paled and let go of Anjali's hand.


Khushi never expected Anjaliji to ask for something she could not give her. How could she, when Arnavji himself asked her to leave? How could she explain to Anjaliji that Arnavji and her marriage was a farce, a contract marriage that ended several months ago?


Khushi looked all around her for an escape route. As her eyes searched the room, her gaze again was caught by pair of dark brown eyes but she looked away quickly and escaped through the first door she found open; it was a moment before she realized she was outside by the pool, surrounded by all the plants.


Within few moments she felt his presence but continued to stare into the pool water. So many memories, some so painful, some bittersweet and some were just sweet. Khushi still hadn't figured out what, if anything, Arnav had felt for her. Why had he hated her so much at times, and acted as though he cared for what happened to her at other times? Was it all been an act just for his Di? Why is she still looking for answers for something that had been just an illusion? She thought that the ruthless man she met the first time had softened over time but she had been wrong, so wrong and she did not want to be on guard constantly.


She turned to go back inside but found herself face to face with Arnavji again. This time she looked away and slowly started walking towards the door to go back inside.


"Khushi stop," she stopped but did not turn. "What did Di say to you Khushi?"


Khushi twisted her hands in front of her. "N-Nothing, she didn't say anything to me." She started to walk away but he gripped her arm tightly and made her turn towards him and away from glass door; the huge plants hid them so that no one could see them.


Khushi felt the pain of his grip and tried to twist away from him but was unsuccessful; she finally gave up and stood still. She refused to look at him.


Arnav realized he was holding her arm tightly and immediately loosened his grip but it was already too late, his fingerprints were already visible on her soft skin. What surprised him was that after the instinct to fight off his grip Khushi just stood still and would not even look at him.


"Di asked you to come back, didn't she?" He asked, softening his tone.


Khushi moved two steps away from him. "If you already know then why are you asking?"


Before he could say anything Payal called out for Khushi and she left without looking at him. Arnav turned and went towards his room instead of joining the family again.



Later that night Khushi found herself back at the pool, right where she started. Once she had rejoined the family Anjali had again asked her to come back. Khushi hadn't been able to hold back and told her that the marriage had been only for six months shocking everyone. Anjali had replied she already knew this as chotey had told her everything but that still was not a reason to break the marriage. Khushi hadn't been able to hold out against the whole family, including mamiji, who it seems had also softened towards her jiji and now wanted Khushi to come back also.


Now here she stood after being talked into coming back to the family waiting for her husband to start blasting her or accusing her for staying.


Arnav had been standing by the glass door observing Khushi for past ten minutes. His Di had called him into her room and told him she asked Khushi to come back to the family and asked him for his cooperation. She then reminded him that he can deny all he wanted but she knew he had fallen for Khushi way before he found out about Shyam. She now wanted him to work on his marriage with Khushi and make the contract marriage into a permanent one.


Arnav's lips twisted at the irony of things. Six months ago that is exactly what he had wanted to do and put his plan into motion, but before he could make Khushi his permanently things took turn for the worse and he had to send Khushi away for his Di's sake and today again he has to fix what he broke for his Di's sake.


After he left his Di's room, he realized he had the opportunity to claim Khushi like he wanted to since his Di is ready to move past what Shyam did to her. Her wanting to give baby Raizada name said it all.


Khushi heard the glass door slide and saw Arnav step out of the room. She stood her ground as he walked towards her. She didn't give him a chance to say anything.


"I am only staying for Di's sake; I had every intentions to stay away as you requested but I couldn't say no when she thought I was refusing to come back because I haven't forgiven her. No matter how many times I told her there was nothing to forgive she would not believe me so finally I gave in to her. Now it's up to you to decide how you want to take this forward." Khushi got the words out quickly.


When Arnav did not say anything Khushi walked towards the room, but stopped when he took her hand as she started to walk past him. "Di wants us to make this into a real marriage so that is what we will do."


Khushi turned towards him, eyes wide in surprise then she firmed her lips and moved back from him. "Fine it's the same as before, in front of the family behave as loving couple and in private we don't even have to look at each other or even see each other."


Arnav raised an eyebrow and his lips turned up in a slight smile. "No Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, it is time for this marriage to be real in all aspects of things."


Khushi crossed her arms at her waist and looked straight at him. "Why, are you feeling guilty again?" That wiped the smugness right off of his face.


Khushi stepped towards him. "This marriage will never be real in every aspect Mr. Raizada, I will never accept you as my husband."


Arnav smiled at her defiance and took a step towards her. Now they were standing toe to toe staring at each other, neither willing to give up. "Now this sounds familiar, I believe you said this before too Khushi."


Arnav felt himself come alive at the familiarity of the situation. He and Khushi never made things easy. They challenged each other at every turn and that made thing even more interesting.


Khushi inhaled sharply at the reminder. "That was then, this is now; you cheated last time but this time it won't work. I am no longer scared of the darkness." Khushi lied thru her teeth without blinking.


Arnav wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her against his body holding her tighter when she tried to pull away from him. "This time I don't have to make you accept me; you have already accepted me as your husband." He flickered a glance at her part and at her neck. He then used his other hand to point to the sindoor in her part, "This," he fingered the mangalsutra at her neck, "and this is a dead give away; you never stopped thinking of me as your husband."


Khushi struggled against him to try to free herself but his grip on her was immovable. "What difference does it make if I have those on? Buaji and Ammaji refused to let me leave the house without them." She said defiantly to deny the fact that she still thought of him as her husband.


"Fine Khushi think what you want but I think of you as my wife and this time nothing will stop me from making you mine." His voice was husky and seductive. Khushi looked into his eyes and saw the desire burning for her in them and much more. She was afraid to read more into it but she couldn't look away as his head descended towards her.


She felt her breath quicken and her pulse race as he moved closer. Arnav saw her chest rise up and down, her lips tremble in anticipation and felt his heart rate increase also. After an eternity his lips touched her full, soft lips.


At the first touch of their lips time stood still, they clung to each other with desperation not willing to move in fear of breaking the connection. After a moment Arnav wanted more so he brushed his lips across hers back and forth then gently nipped her bottom lip making her gasp.


Arnav took advantage of her open mouth and immediately deepened the kiss. He tasted the sweetness of her mouth and groaned in pleasure. Khushi forgot everything and kissed him back with all the love she harbored in her heart for him. She forgot all the hurt he caused her; all the pain and loneliness of the past six months disappeared and she only concentrated on the present and feel of his lips on hers and his hands roaming all over her body.



Then the reality set in and she realized what she was doing. Khushi pulled away from him and moved back. She looked up at him in fear and horror. What was she thinking? She was going to fall right back into that same trap again. She shook her head back and forth in denial.


Arnav saw Khushi pulling away and closing herself off from him and took a step towards her. "Khushi listen to me please." He stopped when he saw her look up at him with eyes full of pain and tears.


He controlled his instincts to pull her back in his arms. He gave her few moments to compose herself then he stepped forward and took her hand in his. He walked with her to the sliding door and pulled her into the room with him. He turned and closed the door, then turned back and took her hand again. He walked to the bed and made her sit then kneeled in front of her.


Khushi didn't know how to take this gentle side of him but she stayed on guard. She looked down when he took both of her hands in his and bent to kiss them softly. He moved her hair back from her face and placed his hand on her cheek to cup her face.


"Khushi I know I have hurt you so much in the past and more six months ago when I told you to get out of our lives, but please believe me when I say that I didn't want you to leave my life. I wanted our marriage to be real because I loved you not because I felt guilty like I told you." Arnav saw the tears roll down her cheek and wiped them gently.


"Khushi please forgive me for sending you away but I just didn't see any other solution to what was happening around us. I didn't send you away just for Di's sake but for yours also. I couldn't take the way everyone was treating you anymore and I couldn't get angry on anyone either without making things worse for my Di." Arnav had been torn between the two people he loved the most and knew that no matter what he did he would end up hurting one or the other.


"Khushi Di was not strong enough to handle anything at that time but I knew that you were lot stronger and will not let what I did to you break you so I broke your heart and sent you away. At the same time I couldn't let you go out on your own either so I asked NK to help you." Arnav let go of her the stood up to move away from her.


It took Khushi moment to process what he said and realized the job and the room was all his doing not Nanhehji's. He had sent her away from him for Di's sake not because he blamed her for what happened with Shyam. All this time she thought that he hated her and what she saw in his eyes all those times he was trying to make her except him was not an illusion but a real thing.


Arnav took a deep breath and turned back to her. "I am sorry Khushi, I am forever forcing you to do things that only end up hurting you and I had promised myself that I would never do that again but today I was again going to do the same. I will talk to Di in the morning and convince her to let you go and live your life like you want to."


Khushi stood up and walked up to him angrily. She pushed on his chest with all her strength making him stagger back. Before she could push him again he grabbed her wrist to make her stop. "Khushi what are you doing?"


Khushi's chest was heaving with anger and her eyes were shooting daggers at him. "What do you think of yourself Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada? Who gave you permission to make decisions about my life?"


Arnav was baffled by Khushi's behavior, that was nothing new but this time it was surprising. He thought she would readily agree for him to talk to Di; he just didn't understand why she was angry. "Khushi isn't that what you want? To be free of me permanently." He asked.


Khushi's anger went up another notch and Arnav made sure there were no objects around for her to throw at him.


Khushi took a deep breath to calm herself. "Why don't you ask me what I want instead of making decisions for me Arnavji? Do I look like I am not capable of making decisions for myself and my life?"


Arnav didn't know how he should answer that without making her angrier so he kept quiet and let her tell him what she wants to do.


Khushi was ready to scream in frustration; when she wanted him to talk he stands there mum like a statue. Fine she will be the better person and put her heart on line again. She placed her hands on her hips and glared at him.


"Why don't you ever listen to me? Why do you think I tried to leave the first time? But you wouldn't let me. Your ego couldn't handle the fact that I was leaving you instead of you kicking me out of your life and you stopped me. You wanted me to fulfill the contract and you threatened to break my sister's marriage again." Khushi stopped because her throat was clogging up with unshed tears.


Arnav stepped forward, "Khushi.." he stopped when she held up her hand.


"You say you want me as your wife, for real this time, but are you willing to give yourself to me completely? Are you willing to share your true feelings with me or the next time when something goes wrong again you will decide what should be done with me all on your own?" Khushi wanted all of him or nothing at all. She wanted him to tell her how he feels about things instead of deciding what is wrong and right all in his own.


Arnav was just realizing how deeply he had hurt Khushi. She was right, he claimed to love her but he was still keeping part of himself from him. He took a deep breath and walked up to her. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. "I am sorry Khushi; you are right I should have shared my feelings with you and not boot you out of my life." He kissed her temple then pulled back to look her in the eyes.


"I love you Khushi and I promise to not make decision about our life without talking to you first. Will you please give me a chance to make up for the hurt I caused you in the past and give our marriage a second chance please?"  He saw her eyes fill with tears but the anger was gone now replaced by love and understanding.


Khushi looked deeply into his eyes to search for the sincerity of his words and realized he was willing to do all that she asked of him and for him this is a big step. She wrapped her arms around his neck to hug him. "I love you too Arnavji, but if you ever do something like you did six months ago I will go far, far away from you and never come back."


Arnav tightened his arms around her and closed his eyes in relief. His life was finally on right track again. His Di was getting better by the day and he had Khushi back in his arms where she belonged.


He pulled back and cupped her face with both of his hands. He gazed deeply into her eyes and saw the love shining like a light in the darkness. He kissed her forehead, then her eyes, her left cheek then her right cheek and finally her lips.


Within a moment the kissed went from gentle to passionate and Khushi kissed him back matching his passion equally. They both pulled back and stared at each other, both out of breath.


Arnav bent lifted Khushi in his arms and walked towards the bed. He lay her in the middle of the bed gently then turned to dim the lights in the room. He came back to her to lay half on top of her and half on the bed. "I want to make you mine Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, are you ready to accept me as your husband?"


Khushi smiled up at him bit shyly and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him down close to her. "Yes Mr. Raizada I am ready, as long as you never stop loving me I will always be ready."


"It's a deal Mrs. Raizada; I will always love you, even when you replace my sober clothes with the brightest colors and craziest prints." Khushi blushed at his reminder of what she had done to his clothes in the past and then laughed. He captured her smiling lips with his and kissed her lovingly. For rest of the night Khushi and Arnav showed each other just how much they loved each other. They left everything else for the next day. They had rest of their life to sort out everything else.




This OS is dedicated to my very own Chotey, who inspired me to write something for IPKKND.

Thank you Jake, and again Happy Birthday. Hope you get your very own KKGSR very soon.


Thank you friends.Smile 







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angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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** Edited

Awesome update S.. I am a sucker for happy endings and KKGSR needs hers.. I love the way you stayed true to the characters and their reactions, feelings, thoughts and expressions.. Brilliantly done Clap

All the scenes fit so well and make for a happily ever after..*superlikes* Star

As always, looking forward to more from you.. Smile

P.S.- Happy Birthday Mantle.. Wherez the party tonight Wink

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Hot.Pink.Heels IF-Rockerz

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Very cute!

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