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Arhi OS:Choices we make Par2 pg16 updated on 7/21

ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Hello friends, my name is Shilpa. I have been keeping up with the show since it started and I am a silent member of this forum. I finally caught up on all the episodes since ASR's return and wanted to write something for ASR and Khushi.
It is based on current happenings and I just added what I would like to see happen in the story.
Posting part 1 now and will soon come back with part 2.

OS: Choices We Make



Khushi walked up the mandir steps in quick and hurried manners. She wanted to pray to Devimayya today because only she can calm the storms that are threatening in her heart and mind. She rang the bell first, then joined her hands and bowed her head. "Devimayya, I had just learned to live by myself then why are you doing this to me again? For six months now I have learned to live without my family, without Arnavji then why did you give me a glimpse of him again today? Please Devimayya, don't do this to me again. I cannot stop my heart from hoping again if I come face to face with him. Pleased help me stay away from him, from my family, it is best for everyone around if I am not there to remind them of what happened."


Khushi opened her eyes and gave her goddess a pleading look then turned and walked away. As she walked towards her small room, that she rented not too far from where she worked, memories threatened to take over her mind and heart but she ruthlessly pushed them away. She was no longer the Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, who laughed off any hurt with a laugh to pretend that what was said to her or done to her did not hurt or effect her in any way. She was no longer the girl who hid her pain with a smile or a laugh.  She quickened her steps to so that her memories are left far behind where they belong.



Arnav Singh Raizada paced the hospital corridor restlessly as he waited for someone to bring him news about his Di. It has been hours since they took her in the delivery room, what is taking so long? As he paced he caught a bit of blue from the corner of his eyes and immediately turned towards it but sighed in disappointment when he did not see what he expected to see.


He ran a hand through his hair to keep his mind focused on the present and not let the memories of the past take over his heart and mind. What was the point now anyway? What was done was done, he had made his choices six months ago, and there is no going back now.


He was saved from revisiting the past when he heard a lusty cry of a newborn baby. He immediately turned towards the doors of the delivery room and waited for someone to come out and tell them what just happened inside the room. His family joined him and waited with belated breath for the good news.


His Nani finally came out with a big smile on her face and hugged him. "Congratulations chotey, you are now mama to a beautiful baby boy." Arnav was elated about the news. "Nani, that is fine, but how is Di? Is she okay?"


His Nani smiled and placed her hand on his cheek. "Both your Di and baby are fine chotey, you can see them both in a little while." After giving them one last look his Nani went back in the room. Arnav breathed a sigh of relieve. Finally his Di is getting some good news after a long time and he couldn't stop the happiness from showing on his face. All his sacrifices have paid off and now he can relax as far as his Di is concerned.




Khushi turned from side to side restlessly but was unable to relax to sleep. She finally gave up and threw the covers aside and moved to the small window of her room and opened it gently. Her eyes immediately sought out the two stars shining brightly in the sky. She leaned her head against the window and gazed at the two stars with tears in her eyes. She gave up the battle and let her mind wander into the past, most specifically to the day she was asked to leave the Raizada mansion by the very man who had not let her leave just few days before by claiming she could not leave since she was still under contract.




Arnav glanced at his Di and her baby one more time before moving to the window of the private hospital room. He glanced towards the extra bed on the other side to make sure his Nani was also resting without difficulties. He turned back to the window and looked up at the sky. He looked for the brightest star in the sky and was relieved to see it up there shining as always. Maa I kept my promise to be with Di always; she is now a mother herself and after a long time I saw her smile like before.


Arnav leaned against the window and crossed his arms across his chest as he thought about what he gave up for his Di's happiness. Who would have believed in the cut throat business industry that the great Arnav Singh Raizada would one day have to choose between his Di and his love. Before falling in love with Khushi if someone had asked him who was the most important person in his life he would have said his Anjali Di without even thinking about it, but six months ago he was asked the question and he could not come up with a correct answer. He was left to choose between his Di and Khushi, the girl who taught him the meaning of love.



Six months ago.,,



Arnav stood at his favorite place, by the poolside, surrounded by his beloved plants. He thought he had everything under control, he thought that his Di was going through some tough times but she also knew that he would always be there for her as he promised.


He did not realize that she thought he has moved away from her now because of Khushi, because he loves Khushi.


He had not realized that seeing him happy with Khushi was hurting her even more. His Di was not willing to see that it was not Khushi's fault for what Shyam did to her.


It was too late for Arnav to make his Di understand that Shyam was evil from the beginning and his intentions had never been pure from the very moment he married her.


Now his Di was very fragile and there was only one solution to this whole situation if he wanted to save his Di and her baby.  The doctor's words echoed in his mind.  "Mr. Raizada, your sister is going through some difficult times and she needs to be kept happy. She should not be stressed unnecessarily otherwise you will end up losing her and her baby."


Then he heard his Mami's words.  "How can Anjali be happy when Khushi is always around to remind her that her husband is not here anymore because of that phati sari.  Arnav beta you need to decide who is more important to you."


Arnav had been unable to voice his frustration and anger at his mami and Akash also for their continued ignorance of the truth. Why can't they see, it is because of them that Di also feels that Khushi has wronged her?


Khushi had been standing inside the room for last fifteen minutes observing Arnavji through the glass doors. She wanted to go to him, to comfort him, to ask what has happened to Di, but since the day before her birthday when he again reminded her of the contract between them she had kept her distance from him.


She didn't know why he kept making attempts to gift her things after reminding her that they were still under contract, and if she left he would break her Jiji's marriage.


Khushi knew she was not helping her sister's marriage at all currently. Because of her everyone is unhappy. She knew in her heart that what happened was because of Shyam's evilness but she still couldn't help but wonder if things would have been different if she had never met Shyam.


Khushi pushed open the glass door and stepped out hesitantly. It was time to talk to Arnavji and come up with a solution for this dilemma. She did not want to be on guard constantly. No matter how much she tried to avoid coming in front of Di, it just couldn't be helped sometimes.


Arnav felt her before he saw her and hardened his heart. He braced himself to face what he was about to do and not react when her big, beautiful eyes are filled with tears at his harshness. He was about to break his and her heart so that he would not lose his Di.


Khushi had just extended her arm to touch Arnav on the shoulder when he turned suddenly, making her jump back couple of steps. She was surprised to see the anger and hatred on his face. He was once again the same Arnav Singh Raizada that she met the first time; the same laad governor, as she likes to call him when he is being arrogant.


"What do you want Khushi?" He asked her angrily. He was looking at her with contempt in his eyes that she had never seen before.


Khushi's lips queered and she hesitated but then gained strength. "I was just going to ask if Anjali Di was okay." She said softly.


She grimaced in pain when he grabbed her arm forcefully. "Why Khushi, why couldn't you stop from coming in front of Di over and over and remind her of all that she has lost?" Khushi was shocked beyond belief at what Arnavji was saying.


Before she could say anything he pushed her away just as forcefully as he had grabbed her. She rubbed her arm discretely to sooth the pain caused by his tight grip on her arm.


Arnav turned away from her to compose himself; he took several deep breaths to calm his nerves and resolved to carry out what he had planned to do. He turned back not missing her confusion or the way she stepped back yet another step. "I want you to leave this house forever. Forget the contract and the marriage, besides there were no real witnesses to our marriage anyway. I hope that you stay away from your family also; it's best if you never came in front of my Di to remind her of what she has lost because of you."


Khushi couldn't believe what she was hearing; she took a step forward to confront him. "If you wanted me to leave then why did you stop me when I was trying to leave few days ago? Why all the pretense of celebrating my birthday? Why were you trying to make me accept your gift?"


"Because I felt guilty." He said hatefully.


Khushi staggered back and looked back at him with bewilderment.


"Yes guilty, I felt guilty because I thought I did a great injustice to you by marrying you when you were not even guilty of what I accused you of doing. I felt I owed it to you and your family and should stay married to you, but not at the expense of my Di's life. I have already lost too much; I won't lose my Di because of you. I want you out of our lives forever." His voice was cold as ice as he ordered her out of his life. He gave her a scathing look before walking out the pool area.


Khushi felt her whole body tremble in pain. She could not believe what just happened. She walked towards the glass doors slowly as she thought about what he said to her. She stopped and wiped her tears quickly.

As she packed her small bag she realized it is best if she left now. If she was not around to remind everyone of Shyam and what he did then may be everyone's life can get back to normal, including her jiji's. Arnavji was right she couldn't go to her family, that would defeat the purpose of her leaving; she needed to find her own way in life for the happiness of her family, Anjali Di and Arnavji.




Khushi wiped the tears that she hadn't realized were there and looked back up at the two stars. After leaving the Raizada mansion she had not looked back once. NK had helped her get a job at one of his friend's boutique and also helped her find the room to rent. He was the one who had told her that the Raizadas had gone back to Luknow; Anjali Di's doctor had suggested they take her away from all the memories for a while. Her family had also gone back for a while since her babuji's health was improving more and more.


Khushi had no idea what Arnav told her family about her leaving or how they might have reacted to the news. She hoped they were not angry on her; she hoped she would be able to see them one day, just once.



Arnav closed his eyes to block out the memories that refuses to leave him alone. There hasn't been a day when he hadn't thought about her. He hoped she was okay wherever she is and hoped his cruelty hadn't done too much damage to her heart and her joy of life.


An involuntary smile escaped when he thought back to his first birthday gift to her. Why had he thought that a designer bag would impress his simple Khushi; she enjoyed life to the fullest with the most simple and inexpensive things. She didn't care about how much the gift cost; she cared more about how much thought the person put into the gift that he or she gave her.


Then his mind conjured up the picture of her beautiful face and his heart started racing. From the very first moment he saw her on that ramp he had been attracted to her physically and there had been one or two opportunities since then to act on the attraction, but things never got to that stage. They had only come close one time after their marriage and that was when he was kidnapped and they had hid in an out of place hut. He let the memories of that time and things that took place after that night wash over him.






Also enjoy this VM of Arnav's memories.




Thank you friends.

Part 2 page 16

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GiNa_kavya IF-Dazzler

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It is a pleasant surprise to see you write OS on ArhiSmile
It is a really good oneBig smile
Cant wait for more Smile

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sweetie_angel IF-Rockerz

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Good one
U should continue it

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angelirebelli IF-Dazzler

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** Edited

Brilliantly written..  

You've captured Arnav and his feelings beautifully.. I wish to see ArHi getting bac together.. Its an  interesting  plot .. something we may get to watch on the series, a very big possibility.. I cannot wait for Part Deux..Star

The VM suits your premise.. its very soulful.. Clap

Thank You for this.. Smile

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v beautifully written...

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ruchshah Senior Member

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hey thanks a ton for the PM...i love your writing...n i m glad u are continuing it with the other jodi...

I like Arnav- Khushi too so i am happy that u are continuingBig smile
please keep me in the loop...would love to read your future works...
Loved this OS...i hope this continues...


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Downhill IF-Addictz

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simply fabulous...loved it;

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A2ZVictory IF-Rockerz

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Wonderful Os Shilpa. Love the way you describe the emotions

Will comment on Vm later, cannot view on my phone

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