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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS- Kiss Me In The Rain

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OS- Kiss Me In The Rain

Saturday Mid-Night, bright, cool lovely, romance, warm

Khushi walked through the old lanes that led to the park, her eyes lost elsewhere, her mind wandering and thinking over things that she had failed to do, failed to say.

'Arnav I' ' I need to tell you something'

'Shoot' he said wrapping an arm over her shoulder and glancing intently at his phone.

'Umm' she stammered, 'I need to borrow your car keys' she mumbled hurriedly.

She squeezed her eyes shut not wanting to think of another failed attempt at telling him what she felt. She walked past the broken bench and old staring, whispering trees not taking a moment to look what was around her. She was in love and despite trying so much she could not do anything about it.

Every time she took a step forward and decided to tell him that he meant more than just a friend the fear of losing what they now shared numbed her mind and rendered her incapable of speaking out what he meant to her. Their friendship was too old, deep and priceless to be risked and somewhere deep down she feared about it all being one sided. 

They had  grown up together, giggled over the numerous crushes each of them had, copied homework from each other, played in the rain for hours, they had a million secrets and a gazillion smiles shared together and now after coming such a long way Khushi never realized when things slowly started to change for her, she tried understanding if she had felt this way about him all along, his drawing smile, his honey brow eyes all seemed to draw her closer to him and she slowly started seeing her friend in different light. 

Initially it had been denial and then she taught to herself that she had to let it out or she would be slowly killing herself with silence and unsaid words but here again she stood after failing to tell him, failing to make him see. She walked along as the moon lit her path ahead and wondered how easy it would be if she could just say everything that came into her mind, she smiled sadly at how crazily speechless she could become even though she was 23 and she was thoroughly amused that she could talk about anything and everything with him except what she really felt about him.

She sighed and kicked at a pebble absentmindedly trying to lose herself in the pace at which it flew ahead. She listened to the crickets and the slow thunder that sounded, she guessed it would soon be raining and tried to make herself happy by thinking about the days that lay ahead and how she would definitely tell him soon, but then that sinking feeling came that told her quietly that she would never do it, she did not have it in her.

She sat on one of the old benches by the pond and stared at the tiny grass sprinkled generously on the ground and lost herself in counting the number of times that the crickets chirped. 'Tell him, before its too' late a silent sad voice whispered from within, she bent her head and sighed deeply, wanting nothing but the strength to spill it all before him, make it crystal clear. 

'Hey' she heard his voice suddenly and bounced off the chair and turned around to find him smiling at her with that warm smile and crinkling eyes, dressed in a blue shirt, stealing her breath away. 'What are you doing her?' she asked surprised and wondering how lost she had been that she did not hear him walking towards her.

He folded his arms and frowned at her 'You tell me why your'e here,why are you sad', she looked at him disbelievingly 'I'm not sad...pftt' 'Cut the crap Khushi, I know something is wrong or you would never come here, I know you in and out so please don't try fooling me' he said in an angry tone. Khushi looked down 'Nothings wrong Arnav, I'm just a little tired' she said and smiled at him convincingly. 'Aunty told me you rushed out without even having your dinner' he said with a curious expression on his face, she just waved her hand and replied 'It's nothing'.

'I still don't believe you but for now lets get going unless you wanna get drenched' he said as the thunder seemed to sound much louder indicating that it would soon rain heavily. 'Common Arnav how can you  not like the rain' she said forgetting her sadness 'Trying to act all grown up are we' she said quirking an eyebrow, 'Oh just come will you, we're 23 for crying out loud, you still wanna run around and fall into puddles' he said with a disgusted look on his face.

He tugged at her arm and started walking, trying to run before it rained. Khushi giggled and skipped along not remembering how hurt she had been at not being able to tell him, that is why she loved him, his presence drove away every hint of lingering sorrow and made her smile, it had been that way ever since that day when day he had given her those sun flowers from the backyard when he had seen her crying after her dog Tommy died, he had from then always been her pillar of strength and her best friend.

They tried hurrying along but the old park was an ancient maze and it was a long way out and before they could make it, it started drizzling, the thunder announcing the grand arrival of the monsoon. Khushi laughed out loud and pulled Arnav back and refused to keep walking, ignoring his angry glares. She slipped off her shoes and ran over the grass, spreading her arms wide as the rain trickled down her face and drenched  her whole, she spun around and looked up at the sky smiling at how everything was so beautiful, she turned around to find Arnav standing beneath a tree, looking at her angrily for not walking fast enough, she shook her head and ran to where he was standing.

'Arnav stop being an idiot' she yelled over the noise of the falling rain and tried dragging him out, 'Khushi, pagal ho kya, your'e gonna end up in bed with a fever' he said and tried making her see  sense. 'Oh God will you just shut up, did you lose every bit of fun in you while growing up' she said and yanked him out. She dragged him into the pouring rain and spun around ignoring the angry look in his eyes, she cupped her hands and threw water at him 'Loser' she yelled and ran ahead when she saw him smile as memories hit him.

'That is my ice lolly' Khushi yelled 

'Stop trying to injure my ears you dufus' he said and handed it back to her 'I just wanted to taste the strawberry one' he said angrily.

'Loser' she said and splashed water on his face and ran.  

'Khushi' he yelled before he ran into the pouring rain and chased her.

There underneath the rain they played, two little friends fighting over each others lollies and running through the rain, painting memories that would forever remain.  

Arnav chased her, his feet sloshing over the puddles, 'Come here you dufus' he said laughing out loud. She smiled back at him and ran faster, her light pink dress drenched and sticking to her skin. She stumbled over a fallen branch and fell hard on the ground as Arnav approached her with an evil smile on his face and laughed at her pouting face, he held up his hands and then emptied the water over her head as she glared at him and shook her head. 

He offered his hand and pulled her up when she did not take it. 'I win again' he said and smiled, Khushi could not help but laugh at how after all these years, the crazy side in them still had not left. They stood laughing as the rain now started pouring, holding on to each other, reminding themselves of how little things had changed but yet they had.

Khushi watched him laugh aloud and smiled, her heart warming up at having him next to her, she looked at those laughing brown eyes and  happy old smile, his laugh and smile still as warm as they had ever been, his teasing ways and comfortable presence still so close and loved ,she loved him so much.

'I love you' the words suddenly sounded breaking through the laughter, halting everything for a moment. She stood staring at his face, wondering how it had suddenly spilled out, trying to decipher what he was feeling, she tried to stop herself from looking down and lifted her face again to tell him everything. Before she could lift her head and look into his eyes she felt warm soft lips descending upon hers, arms holing her by her waist and pulling her close.

Khushi closed her eyes and found her  legs turn into jelly, thankful for his strong arms she held on to his shoulders and she pressed her mouth against his, forgetting everything. She felt his hands sliding through her hair as he deepened the kiss and pulled her closer, lifting her off the ground. He set her back down slowly and hugged her close 'Love you too baby' he whispered softly and kissed her forehead. 

The rain poured forth heavily as they still stood beneath it, no more words said, none left to be said. Hugging each other close and lost in love that had always been there but just newly found and spoken aloud they stood close underneath the rain and opening skies that poured forth it's blessing and eternal magic from above.

Okay this was just very random.LOL I'm not happy very happy with how it turned out cuz in my head it seemed much better but anyway this is the best I could do to relieve myself after a mind numbing test.
Pleaseee do hit the like button if you read it and please drop in a comment and tell me what you taught about it, I love reading them.Embarrassed
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omg...its absolutely beautiful...

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Simply nyc nd cute

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please do write random os like thisBig smile

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awesome update...
Loved it..
Thanks for the PMSmile

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Very Romantic...Heart
Beautifully written..
Loved it...Smile

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awesome post
loved it

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