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yuvreen ss friends? (Page 8)

viratanushka Senior Member

Joined: 19 August 2011
Posts: 970

Posted: 24 July 2012 at 5:31am | IP Logged
@ shimolina , zenia , nancyB , shilpatv , muneera_badar ,  shaily.always i know most of u guys are angry on me but wait for the last part...anyways thanks alot for reading n commenting..thanks to silent readers also..
PS: hey guys do u actually think k mein yuvreen mein serious fight kar vaungi??? nai samjhe?? koi the last part n u'll get it..but plzz dont throw chappals and tomatoes on me..i hope u like the here's the last part of my ss

                                             LAST PART 6

                                       (YUVREEN SS FRIENDS ?)


Yuvraj: topper!!!


Suvreen: kya hua?

Yuvraj: m sorry topper!!

Suvreen: yuvraj, yuvraj..tum theek toh ho..yuvraj..

Yuvraj: haan'(he looked around he was still in suvreen's room..GOD DAMMIT he was just dreaming!!! He sweated badly n looked at suvreen who looked at him in confusion)

Suvreen: tum theek toh lo paani pee lo..

Yuvraj: (gulped the water in one go..and breathed heavily!!) topper!!

Suvreen: shh!! 2 min shanti se bheto..ok??

(And both of them didn't realised that yuvraj had said SORRY to suvreen)

Yuvraj: (closed his eyes n opened it n decided he'll never tell topper the truth..n will solve the problem betwn annie n suvreen on his own..but how??)

And aft 10 mins he finally spoked..

Yuvraj: topper, ro math dekh mein jaanta hu..k tujhe guilty feel ho raha hai..lekin is mein saari galti meri hai..meine hi tujhe galat tari k se bataya..par tujhe agar mujh par gussa hona hai toh ho sakti hai..lekin annie ko ye math bata..usse bura lagega..aur tu is topic ko bhul ja..aur dekh ro math'qki tu rote huye achi nai lagti'(and wiped her tears)

Suvreen: (was lost in UV, and listening to him, made her feel good, guilty, angry, sad and happy somewhere'n she unknowingly HUGGED if she was removing all her pain crying in his arms')


Yuvraj: (was shocked, he couldn't utter a word..he sat there frozen and slowly yet awkwardly hugged her back slightly'to show his support'he was feeling double guilty now..)

Suvreen: (hugged him more tightly when she saw Yuvraj was supporting her) ase kse meine Annie k friendship pe shak (doubt) kiya? Mein uski achi friend nai hu..mein uski friendship hi deserve nai karti..mein usse nazare kse milaungi? Ye kya ho gaya yuvraj?? Is k liye mein apne aap k kabhi bhi maaf nai karungi..kabhi bhi nai..

Yuvraj: (topper abhi bahot dukhi hai..usse samjha deta hu n aage jaake sab sach bata dunga lekin abhi filhal..took a deep breathe and finally spoke) topper (he broke the hug and made her look at him) tujhe bura lag raha hai qki tune annie k baare mein bura socha..hai na?

Suvreen: (shook her head sadly)

Yuvraj: toh ek kaam kar..jab woh tujhe kal milne aaye gi toh usse hug karle aur apne dil mein joh hai woh chup chap bina bole apne maan se hi kehe de..Annie samajh jayegi'aur phir tujhe guilty bhi feel nai hoga..try kar k dekh!

Suvreen: (thought for a while and nodded with a smile) ok! (sweetly) waise ye sab tumhe kisne bataya?

Yuvraj: mere bijji ne (with a diff smile)..woh sab tu samjhi na meine tujhe kya bataya abhi?

Suvreen: hmm..

Yuvraj: ye hui na baat! (and patted her shoulder)

Suvreen: yuvraj??

Yuvraj: hmm..bol!

Suvreen: thankyou..

Yuvraj: kis liye?

Suvreen: mujhe samjha ne ke liye..

Yuvraj: (smiled)

Suvreen: sooo'..umm..(hesitently)..wohhh..

Yuvraj: tohhh..kyyyaaa topper??

Suvreen: (lokked nervous) friends? (and forward her hand)

Yuvraj: (was shocked, he felt like someone just gave him 440 volts current) kya? (loudly) tu

Suvreen: (B4 he could speak further suvreen shutted him by covering his mouth with her palm) shh!!! Dhere!!! Mumma pappa so rahe hai..

Yuvraj : (was just staring at her and smiling)

Suvreen: (removed her hand) hmm..abh bolo lekin dhere

Yuvraj: (same state) friends (and forward his hand and suvreen shook her hand with him..) friends

Both were happy'aft so many days of fighting, misunderstanding they were finally friends'

Yuvraj: waise topper, mujhe tujhse ek baat puch ni thi'puchu?

Suvreen: hmmm..pucho!

Yuvraj: (kya mujhe isse fresher's night k baare mein puch na chahiye??)

Suvreen: yuvraj??????????

Yuvraj: haan..woh..umm..darasal fresher's night pe tu mere saath q nai aai, mera matlab hai k tu mujhe chod kar big brother k saath..matlab k..

Suvreen: shh!!! (suvreen, ek hi toh misunderstanding hai..solve kar de..phir koi problem nai rahegi..) darasal, meine uss din tumhari aur rhea ki saari baate sun li thi'k tumhe mein gale padu, chipku types lagti hu'jab k meine tumse pehele hi kaha tha mein party mein tumhare saath is liye jana chahti thi qki agar mein nai jaati toh naro aur annie bhi nai jaate'aur jab meine tumhari baate suni toh mujhe bahot bura laga..aur mein waha se lib mein gayi..wahan mujhe anish ne rote huye dekha..aur unhone mujhe console kiya aur party mein le gaye..(and looked at yuvraj)

Yuvraj: (Was hell shocked, he was feeling guilty'he had had thought that suvreen did this purposely and she was characterless n what not..but in reality it was his hide his growing feelings for her he lied to rhea..n now to annie n then suvreen..he very well knew..that he was in love with this girl "SUVREEN GUGGAL HIS TOPPER"..but he knew that suvreen would never agree to this..he had realised his true feelings for her when she was unwell..actually to be honest it was love at 1st site for him..he liked her from their naintal trip but never realised it or never believed it he very well knew suvreen too liked him but as a person so now he was all ready to win his TOPPER'S heart..but being friends was a really easy way to make her fall for him'and in this chakkar he unknowingly said) sorry!

Suvrren: (was shocked, did he the CHEETAH of the college just said SORRY to her) its ok!! Aur waise bhi kisi mahan insaan ne kaha hai..friendship mein sorry aur thankyou ki koi jage nai hai..

Yuvraj: (took suvreen's hand in his n took it closer to his heart) topper, mein sach mein nai janta tha , k ye sab, mujhe sach mein maaf karde..

Suvreen: shhh!!! Yuvraj (she literally shooked him) NO SORRY , NO THANKYOU! You get that'abhi thodi der pehele tumne kya kaha tha bhul gaye?

Yuvraj: nai..

Suvreen: toh smile karo na..

Yuvraj: (smiled guiltily)

Suvreen: yuvraj, mein nai chahti ki humari friendship mein abhi koi misunderstanding ya guiltiness ho..joh bhi hua usse plzz humare friendship k liye, mere liye bhul jaoo..PLEASE!!!

Yuvraj: (pleased) theek hai!! (normally)

Suvreen: that's like my friend..(and smiled)

Yuvraj: chal topper abhi tu so ja..hum kal milte hai..OK?

Suvreen: ok!

Yuvraj: (was abt to go out from the window , when suvreen stopped him)

Suvreen: yuvraj!! Ruko!!

Yuvraj: kya hua?

Suvreen: tum khidki se ja rahe ho?

Yuvraj: haan, ab jse aaya tha waise hi jaunga na topper!!

Suvreen: tum darwaje se jao na..

Yuvraj: oyye topper tu pagal hai kya?? Tere mumma aur pappa ghar mein hai na..phir??

Suvreen: tum aaye hi q? (angrily)

Yuvraj: topper tu (n he stopped he didn't wanted to fight with her any more he exhaled and silently started to climb down and was surprised by suvreen's careness)

Suvreen: sambhal k! yuvraj, haan dhere se, aaram se, bas ho hi gaya, aa hi gaya, haan ab utar jao..uff (and she exhaled)

Yuvraj: (waved bye to suvreen and left with his laila..)

Yuvreen: pagal!!

Suvreen: kash tum mujhe sach bata pate yuvraj..tumhe kya laga tha k annie mujhse jhoot bol payegi?? tumhe laga k mein naraz ho jaungi..tum mujhe shayad samajh hi nai paaye..aur isi mein hum dono ki bhalayi hai..mein jaanti hu tum he laga ho ga k topper ne (n she smiled..did she just called herself topper??) k meine tumhe is liye hug kiya qki mujhe bura laga k meine annie pe shak kiya lekin mujhe yuvraj sach baat toh ye hai k mujhe bura is baat ka laga k tum mujh..(she couldnt complete her sentence and aft long time looking at the dark road frm were yuvraj just left she sadly smiled and said) tune ye acha kiya suvreen..joh tune usse apna friend banaya..har rozz apne feelings ko dabakar rakhna..kisi ko pata na chale is liye jaan much kar ladna..isse sirf tujhe hi taklif ho rahi thi..ab tu apni feeling ko aaram se chipa paye gi..qki ladai karne se sirf mein usse aur woh mujhe hurt karta tha..suvreen focus'focus..tere liye tere pappa aur mumma ka sapna jada maine rakhta hai..(ur parents dream means everything to u)..tera pyaar..lekin mein aaj bahot khush hu..bahot..yuvraj mera dost toh ban gaya..(she had tear's in her eyes but she quickly wiped them off she coluldnt say anything further and headed towards her bed, turned of the lights and laid on the bed thinking abt yuvraj..because this was the only place her dreams were she lived happily with him..only her yuvraj n one else not her parents expectations not her relatives expectations..not her studies n future's lies nothing just pure LOVE..and she dozzed off in her yuvreenland @dreamland)

(but she didn't knew that becoming friends with YUVRAJ was gonna change her life completely..she always thought that yuvraj liked her but she never knew that yuvraj actually loved her..)


Yuvraj: (reached DPSC's hostel and quitely entered his room..he saw the time it was almost 2:45, he was shocked..did he actually spent his half night with his topper for the second time??) cheetah tu pagal ho gaya hai..lekin tu jald hi topper ko sach bata dega..mujhe pura yakin hai who abh samaj jayegi..TOPPER!! (he said sweetly) (saying so he laid on his bed and instantly felled asleep unknown to the fact that his topper too loved him as much as he loved her)



                               THE END


I hope u guys liked my sweet n small ss on yuvreen..guys plzz don't be sad..this ss should end here..i'll try to write another OS or SS or FF on yuvreen..i cant promise but I'll surely try..once again thanks for reading n u all'n our yuvreen..

Heart pradnya..!

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JinxRicha Goldie

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 5:59am | IP Logged
the end ho gaya..abhi pyaar ka izzhaar bhi toh baaki tha...
bt yeah it was awesome to read it..really amazing...Smile

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viratanushka Senior Member

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 6:12am | IP Logged
@ vampyrgirlricha thanks dear..m glad u liked the end..

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anushkagupta211 Newbie

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 6:15am | IP Logged
wow even i was lost in yuvreen !! excellent story !!ClapClap

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viratanushka Senior Member

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 6:26am | IP Logged
@ anushkagupta211 thankyou soo much yaar... m really glad that u too liked my ss..n my last part..

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mehak06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 7:52am | IP Logged
aww khatam b ho gya
abhi to confession b ni hua
bt luved d ending
do continue writing...

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shilpatv Senior Member

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 10:21am | IP Logged
cute , sweet ending Clap
 thanks for writing so cute ss...

continue ur writing. 

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muneera_badar Groupbie

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Pradnya its amazing story... aisa kuch serial m shot mil jaye to seriously maze aa jaye... Dear continue writting

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