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Yet Another Sunset #7 Ch 32 Pg 33 (13th April' 13) (Page 28)

Jinal3patel Goldie

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Originally posted by Aubade.

Believe me, I have never felt this kind of rush to write YAS. Feels so good when you know you can produce something worthwhile. Stay tuned loves. <3
really glad to knw thtEmbarrassedBig smileLOL

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Aubade. IF-Sizzlerz

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Disclaimer: Unedited chapter.  Do point out the mistakes. I have been in the write and no edit mode for quite some time. I apologize

Chapter 31: Castles In Air

At last the door opened.

"Oh finally, you are here. Dear God, to get you to pick you is quite a task itself, isn't it?" complained Rahul.

Armaan entered the beautiful Garewal Mansion and heavenly scent of what seemed to be overly delicious food wafted past his nose.
"Sorry, dude.  There were lots of things to be taken care of. You don't get shootings everyday in the city," said Armaan, his voice thick with wary. He overworked himself today and the saddest fact was that he didn't even realize it and hadn't it been for Muskaan's threatening, he would have stayed the night. "Muski is really over doing herself, isn't she?"

"She hasn't left the kitchen even a second after 5. All I received was a hug and the look and then that's what happened," said a voice somewhere from the inside. The narrow hallway of the house led to the living room where he found a grinning Ridhima on the couch who had a dozen magazines by her side. She had her left leg supported on the coffee table and the turnings of bandage around them didn't skip his eye.

"You told me she was fine, Rahul," Armaan raised an octave. Having left Ridhima at Rahul's care, Armaan had rushed off to the station soon. When Rahul had called him in knowing full well that until Armaan learnt that Ridhima was absolutely well he wouldn't find peace, he had said that she was fine. In fact, that was the only thing was prevented him from becoming insane what with everything around him changing scenarios in the blink of an eye.

"She is, dude. That's hardly a major sprain. It's just swollen," crossed Rahul.

"Armaan. It's true. I can't feel until I walk more than 10 steps," pouted Ridhima.

That sure got him to smile.

"ARMAAN, is that you?" came Muskaan's scream from the kitchen.

"Aah there. Kaali Maa is calling you. Believe me, she doesn't like it when people stay in her house without her seeing them. I swear she never bothered to tell me all these before that ring made its way through her wedding finger," sighed Rahul.

"Perfect. Then you live a very normal life, bro. You should be proud," teased Armaan.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. You want to catch up with some TV, Ridz," asked Rahul.

"Nah. Just support me. I am not sitting here anymore. There is excessive heat beneath my butt with all the sitting down commands my friend's been shooting in the past couple of hours."

And so the two guys supported her once more as they let her drag each leg of her one at a time moving at snail's pace to the kitchen. Heavy with strong smells of spices, the sounds of mustards crackling in oil and Muskaan's self muttering, the kitchen was quite a sight. The three occupied the bar stools granite slabs as Rahul poured them all Cola.

With endless conversations that led to nowhere, teasing, banters that arose between Rahul and Muskaan after every minute or so and lots more hogging what with Muskaan laying down dinner for an army in the name of celebrating life obviously dedicated to Ridhima's narrow escape earlier that day.

"When's Naina Aunty coming back?" asked Armaan suddenly.

"Tomorrow. We weren't planning to turn up until tomorrow evening right and she had already booked her return ticket for tomorrow."

"Who's wedding was it, anyway?"

"Remember Chinki? The curly haired dimpled female, totally shy. She apparently hit gold with this US MBA guy when she went to do her course."

"You mean the one who took eons to frame an 'I love you' in your presence?"

Rahul choked on his food while shooting Armaan a really-dude-my-wife-has-murderous-instincts look. Armaan and Ridhima threw their backs laughing while Muskaan did the expected giving him a knowing squinty nod.

"What kind of name is Chinki?" asked Muskaan, red on her nose.

"It's not her real name, Muski. To be honest, I don't know what is. I have called her Chinki ever since I remember."

"He never bothered, really. He only loved her hair. Actually, I did wonder why he married you when he swore that he wouldn't ever have a relationship with curly haired women" Rahul, now totally hot under his skin kicked Armaan's legs; or the leg he thought was Armaan's until he heard his wife throw a quick yell in pain. "He thought they were equal to blondes." And from there, Armaan shamelessly dug the more embarrassing moments of Rahul's before his wife and made sure that this was a night he was going to remember for a very long time.

A little after 11, Rahul and Muskaan retired to bed in the name of an early night but no one missed the inkling of shredded naughtiness in Muskaan's eyes while she made her husband do more things than he imagined to cajole her.

"Shall I get you to the bedroom?" asked Armaan.

Whatever crossed Ridhima's mind in that moment was not far from what went through Armaan right after he said it. "You might want to sleep," Armaan added, realized again later the amount of entice in the air.

Ridhima recovered from the split second of fervor. "No, thank you. I think I will pass in the couch. Just switch on the TV for me, please."

When she saw Armaan fall onto the sofa beside her couch she said, "Didn't you just have an exhausting day? You need to sleep."

"Nah! The sleep has not kicked in yet. But then again it's not unusual. My system and its functioning tend to contradict laws on most days."

Ridhima wondered how deep what he said went but decided that she wasn't ready for any more overdose of pretty much everything.

Switching channels, she whined to herself how depressingly non-catchy the live airs on TV were at this time.

"What is it with these people assuming that no one likes interesting stuff at late night? Repeats and crap," muttered Ridhima under her breath.

"Well, everyone does not sit before the small box with a swollen ankle expecting a movie premiere night," Armaan said matter-of-factedly.

He was rewarded a scowl for that which he found incredibly amusing.

"Do me one more favor?"


"Could you get my handbag? It's probably in the guest room. Dig in and you will find 4 DVDs of Castle. Get them all for me please?"

"Are you going to watch them all this one night?" said Armaan, shocked.

". Of course not. It wouldn't finish in one night" she retorted.

The DVD running, the introduction to one of her favorite shows playing to bring in a weird sense of warmth to her and Armaan quietly lying down his arms sealing his eyes across, beneath his forehead, she felt odd. She wasn't used to watching anything much on her own. There was always someone who knew the tiny explosions on the junctions between her heart and stomach and whose hand she could squeeze each time she felt like screaming but had to succumb to maintaining manners. Muskaan was almost always that someone and again she felt lost knowing it wouldn't be like that now that there is someone else who she is sharing Muskaan with; and it didn't help either knowing that he held the greater part of her.

"Why are you straining yourself? Just get to bed," she said.

"I am not sleeping, Ridz. Merely lying."

"In that case, mind giving me company?" she finally asked him, garnering courage.

"You are inviting a guy to watch a chick flick series with you?"

"Who on earth gave you that notion? It's a crime series primarily for god sake."

"Of course, with a writer guy following the female everywhere which by itself is quite an event and eventually falling in love with her. Crime means CSI or even NCIS for that matter'"

"In case you failed to notice, I did mention PRIMARILY after I said crime series. It's not meant to be this collection of gruesome cases that etch your days and make you feel miserable."

He watched her with a relishing patience he found only in her presence. He realized quite early that he hung to every word she spoke and dissected every reaction of hers till pleasure was his. Now, he saw how her passion was like and it was an endearing sight.

"'Just to prove me right, I dare you. Watch the first season with me and let's see what you have to say after that. What say?"

"Do I have an option?"

"Not really," she flashed. "Do you think they keep popcorn?"

"This is where Rahul resides. He doesn't need movies to hog popcorn."

While Armaan went to get the popcorn to be made in the microwave, Ridhima rewinded the episode back to the very first second. She contained her excitement while she heard the popping of the seeds. He came back with a huge bowl and fell flat onto the couch a few inches next to her.

"Just don't stop me if I doze off. I don't guarantee myself to keep my spirits high on chick flick stuff." He bit his lips and corrected himself when he saw that she was riling up. "Okay 'a primary crime series'."

And then the night took off from there. For the first three episodes, Ridhima, very religiously, kept pestering for opinions and laughed at the witty banters of the protagonists. While Armaan was genuinely beginning to see why the show was famous, he didn't share enough of it to share with her. However, he felt an odd mix of contentment and surprise as he saw how invested Ridhima was to this piece of fiction.  

"So how's the verdict?" she asked.

"10 episodes are done with?"

"Nope but still. What do you think?"

"Umm it's okay."

"OKAY? That's IT?"

"You do realize you are comparing your knowledge of 4 seasons to that of mine of 3 episodes."

She pondered at that. " 4.5 seasons to be precise. You are right. You really haven't seen the best episodes yet. Wait till you reach 'Always'"

"Always? Hahaha"

"What's so hilarious?"

"Reminds me of the protection Always."

Ridhima went red on her cheeks even though she didn't want to give that kind of rejoice to him.

"Shameless! It is among the best episodes of Castle. It's a Harry Potter reference too. So let's not get to the point of degrading it or we will be reaching for each other's gut by the end of the hour."

"Don't tell me you are a Harry Potter junkie too?"

"Among other things. I will restrict myself to one obsession for now."

"Better for me. So what's next?"

"I was thinking if I made you see only the major episodes."

"You are the one with the remote, you decide. You only have 10 episodes to prove your point. It's down to 7 now."

She gazed at him and he gave a look that read 'Oh yes I meant that.'

So she carefully chose the next few episodes, picking the episodes that revolved around Beckett's, the protagonist's mother's murder and filled him in with the tiny details in between. Less and less talks ensued as Ridhima fell quiet in her absorbed state.

Eyes glued to her screen, her pace of picking up the popcorn reduced whilst she watched this episode called 'Knockout'. When a certain scene was going on, she whispered, "The way he glides his palms through her hair and down to her fingers gets me every time." She turned to her sides only to see a pleasantly sleeping Armaan. She hadn't noticed the weight of his form down on her shoulders and that left her wondering how long she was lost into the show. She saw him cringe in his position and so she noiselessly placed his head on her lap. She stared at him, suddenly feeling fearless to do so and she found herself running her palms through his hair. She faintly fell aware of Castle's dialogue to Kate, "I love you' and an unceasing amount of emotion unfurled within her.

I should be made the sales manager of Castle. There is no limit to how much I advertise it in a day. This is the scene that was referred to in the end *hyperventilates*

I love you all. Happy KaJen anniversary! Expect quicker updates. I mean it! Oh and hit like to receive PMs on updating next chapter. And watch Castle you guys. You will love it.

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Will send PMs tomorrow..

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I'll comment asap, Amal. I'm a bit inactive at the moment!

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Finally I am here to with my commentEmbarrassed...sorry for delay yaar..Life Sucks manDead...anyway, back to the update...first o all toh welcome back my cutie pieHug..Really missed you and YAS..I am loving this back to back updates * touch wood*Tongue...Awwiieee AR and Castle...what a combo yaar...really love their sweet moments...The way Ridzy tried her best to Crete interest in Armaan for castle...too cute..And Armaan,well he is toh super adorableDay Dreaming..Plz don't slow down the speed of ur updates...Thanks for the PM..Take careHeart

Lots of Love
ur Geet Di

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amal u updated?? Wowww. I mean it felt so goood after reading the update. It ws well written and yes after reading the update i so wanna watch castles

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CBD <3 Great update. I loved it, and the Castle part made me laugh.You such a deewani ^.^ It was a cute one, esp when Armaan was getting Rahul into trouble haha :P I love all these funny moments. And I am on team Armaan when it comes to Castle BWAHAHAH :P Kidding. Keep up the great work and continue soon :*

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