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update kab milay gi ????

please update 

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Part-225 (i'm not sending pms for this part, will send pms after updating next part, may be tomorrow or day after tomorrow..)


Chariot stopped in front of tent house itself, armaan excitedly jumped down from the chariot, he looked at the globe lovingly and tried to enter in tent but again that candle curtain blocked its way, candles were still adding their glow in that dark night, armaan smiled and mumbled "ab to mujhe andar jaane do, mujhe pata hai meri princess kaha hai", "kaha hai tumhari princess???" armaan turned immediately when heard that question and found Madam X standing in front of him, he smiled and kept mum..


Madam x: ab bolte kyu nahi?? Ya tumhe thoda aur waqt chahiye ye jaan ne ke liye?? (armaan smiled)


A: madam x, kya mai apni cindrella se mil sakta hun, jo andar chal rahi party mai mera white gown mai intejar kar rahi hai, baar baar soch rahi ki kab uska prince aayega aur usse phir se sabse chura kar le jaayega, I just cant wait to see my beautiful bride in that white gown… (he dreamed and smiled widely, than looked at madam X who's giving him shocking expressions, armaan with his finger pressed her chin upward so as to close her mouth, than waved his hand in front of her face, madam x came in present..)


Madam X: tumhe kaise pata..


A: (cut her in middle) please can I meet my Cinderella first?? (madam X found the restlessness on his face, she smiled nervously and nodded a bit)


Armaan turned towards candle curtain and it got opened, armaan literally entered in like a maniac but stopped as he's showered with sparkling snowball with glittering colofull stars, followed by trimmers, armaan's gaze fell on ground on which "Welcome Shehzaade" was written with white and red pearls, a small memory crossed his mind but before he could think more he heard "daer lagi aane mai tumko, shukar hai phir bhi aaye to, aas ne dil ka saath na choda, waise hum ghabraye to…",  a smile crept on his face as he remembered their engagement day,


He moved a bit forward all lights went off, he mumbled riddhima… riddhima… and took a step, soon his way got filled with the brightness of floating candles, he looked at the pillars on which the candles were floating and yet again smiled, after a bit of time he looked upward as something flashed in his eyes and found diyas hanging in pots of mud and from the holes of pot shine of diyas were coming out and its reflection were scattering on ceiling giving a very beautiful effect,


he's on the verge of reverting his gaze but stopped where he was and kept on looking at side walls with stunned expressions as he found clay and mud impressions of all his and riddhima's moments on side walls starting from marriage till riddhima's last birthday and diyas light coming from holes was giving those impressions an extra-ordinary look, tears started swinging in his eyes as he realized that riddhima herself made those impressions, he kept on moving while looking at walls, reliving all those moments again,


 his face was having million dollars smile and eyes were dropping tears, suddenly he stopped with a jerk and looked down with shock as he heard some sobbing and found one big heart on ground from which red light was coming out and some red liquid, kinda blood was flowing from two dots on heart..


heart mumbled "hum to aapke intejar mai baithe the ki kab aap aayenge aur kab hum khud ko aap par luta denge, kab hum apne aap ko aapko bhent(gift) karenge par aapne to humpar najar bhi na daali aur aage kadam bhada liye, aisi bhi kya jaldi hai ki hume todkar jaana bhi aapko manjur ho gaya…."


Heart again cried and blood tears flowed out from two dots, armaan in shock took his feet back which he's on the verge of putting on heart and picked up the heart with slight guilty and then mumbled sorry… heart immediately started smiling, armaan found the lock on heart and he opened that lock and was yet again stunned as lots of fire flies rushed out from heart towards ceiling,


armaan looked them in amazement and as soon as some fire flies touched the ceiling, small white bulbs got on leaving a message " I Love You" and slowly slowly the whole ceiling got lightened with those bulbs, armaan looked at the whole way which he crossed a moment before and it looked like a secret passage of historical times, with dim lights, hanging diyas, way full of flowers and mud-clay carvings on side walls as if depicting some great legendary story, armaan got enthralled yet again,


he looked at heart and was surprised to see his and riddhima's  wedding pic in heart, armaan caressed riddhima and mumbled "aaj apne armaan ki jaan leni kassam khayi hai na tumne?? Itna satata hun mai tumhe?? Ye kya kar diya riddhima tumne aaj?? Pyaar ki bepanah(unlimited) hadd ko bhi tum paar kar gayi, maine to kabhi bachpan mai anjaane mai kuch sapne dekhe the, tab to mujhe hosh bhi nahi hota tha ki unn sapno ka matlab kya hota hai aur tumne hosh mai rehte hue meri hakikat ki duniya ko unn sapno ki duniya se bhi kahi jayda khoobsurat bana diya,


 tum khud bhi jaanti ho ki tumne ye kya kar diya, mai to tumhare saath jeene ke sapne dekh raha tha par tumne to mujhe jaan dene par majbur kar diya, pata nahi kya karunga tumse milkar.." a tear rolled down from his eyes..


armaan found a 12 yrs boy completely shattered, sitting under tree holding one diary and pen and writing " ye world itna ganda kyu hai, parents gande hai jinhone mujhe boarding school bheja, sab dost gande hai, koi mujhe yaad nahi karta, kaash mai bhi cartoon hota, spiderman, batman, superman, sab mere dost hote, mujhe sad dekh kar wo meri sadness dur kar dete, spiderman mujhe jhule deta, batman mujhe hawa mai udna sikhata, mowgli ki tarah mere bahut saare dost hote,


 fir ek din mai bhi bahut bada prince ban jaata, mera intejar ek princess karti jo cindrella si sundar hoti, jo dancing alley mai mera intejar karti, jo mujhse bahut pyaar karti, phir hum sab saath mai rehte, mere sab dost, meri cindrella, tom and jerry ki tarah hum bhi ladte par agar koi bluto hamare uppar attack karta to hum sab milkar usko dara dete, kitna acha hota agar duniya cartoons ki tarah hoti, mere Pikachu jaise innocent log hote… jab mai bada ho jaunga tab apna ek alag world banaunga jo cartoons se bhara hoga, unke saath soyunga, unke saath achi achi cheezein khaunga, unke saath khellunga, unke saath bure logo ko maarunga……."


Armaan smiled as he came out from the flashback of his childhood, how in starting he got lost in cartoons world as he's not liking the real world, how he made friends with cartoons, how he used to dream about his future with cartoons and today his dream came true, the dream which he desperately wants to come true but forgot about it years ago,


he mumbled "riddima tumne mujhe apna hamesha ke karzdaar bana liya, aisa karz jisko chahkar bhi mai kabhi uttar nahi paunga, shayad janamo janamo tak, lekin iss karz ke kaaran hum dono ka har janam mai milna fix ho gaya.." he smiled and kissed riddhima's photo then proceeded forward as he realized he needs to see her immediately else his breathes would remain struck in his throat..


he finally entered in hall which was beautifully decorated with bonquets,  red and golden nets, bangles and rings curtains, chocolate cartoons, but armaan's attention's caught by two bonquets which were like pyramids made of jute sheets, pyramid's having 7 layers, each layer was decorated with different color flowers and the little space was covered by small chocolates, at the top of pyramid a couple was hidden in flowers inside the oval shape wooden thing and on them different color lights were falling, giving it an extra ordinary look.. (believe me these kind of bonquets can be made) and lots of candles were tied at the back of the wooden piece with the help of flower sticks in a manner as if peacock is hiding couple in its wings, far away from the world, just the couple and their small and beautiful world full of love…


Armaan came in present as he heard "pika pika.." and looked at Pikachu who's standing near him, holding match stick, armaan looked in pikachu's eyes, then took matchstick and lights the candles of booke, Pikachu clapped, armaan looked for riddhima but didn't find her, Pikachu was on the verge of running but armaan picks him in his arm, he tried to go..


A: aapko jaana hai na pikachu?? (he nodded) to pehle batao ki meri cindrella kaha hai??? (Pikachu didn't mumble anything) aapko mujhe pareshan dekhna acha lag raha hai?? (Pikachu shaked his head) to phir batao?? (Pikachu again shaked his head) dhaanu… (Pikachu looked him shockingly) Pikachu prince ko kuch nahi bata sakta, par kya dhaanu apne daeda ko nahi batayega ki mumma kaha hai?? (ardhaan hugged armaan tightly)


Ardhaan: daeda aapne dhaanu ko pechaan(pehchaan) liya?? (armaan smiled and nodded) aap mere super daeda ho…


A: aur aapki super mumma kaha hai??


Ardhaan: sholly daeda, litu maami ne kaha tha ki hum chuppi-chuppi game khel rahe hai, aur aapki turn hai mumma ko dhundne ki, issliye mai help nahi kar sakta..


A: please thodi si…


Ardhaan: no daeda, dhaanu saath jab koi cheat karta hai to usse acha nahi lagta, issliye dhaanu bhi no cheat (armaan was awestruck listening to his words, he puts him down, ardhaan felt bad, he pulled armaan with tears in eyes)


A: heyyy kya hua buddy??


Ardhaan: deada aap dhaanu se nalaaj ho gaye??


A: nahi buddy, aisa kisne kaha???


Ardhaan: dhaanu ganda bacha hai na… (armaan hugged him)


A: nahi baby...


Ardhaan: dhaanu loves his daeda the most.. par abhi dhaanu daeda ki help nahi kar sakta, daeda dhaanu se ab bhi pyaar karte hai na??? (armaan smiled at his innocent question)


A: daeda dhaanu se bahut pyaar karte hai kyunki dhaanu iss duniya ka sabse acha bacha hai.. (ardhaan smiled hearing this and kissed on his cheek, then asked armaan to go in)


Armaan moved in looking for riddhima and turned excitedly when heard heard anklets sound mumbling riddhima but was surprised to see group of girls cladded in white gown wearing mask coming towards him, they makes a circle around armaan, then came the group of guys wearing same dress as that of armaan but their faces was covered with masks,


then comes a line of small cartoons, one's dressed as heart,one's dressed as flower, one was dressed as tom, one's jerry, one's noddy, one's dresses as boat means its lower part of dress was looking like a boat and the last one was dressed as a sculler used to push water back, one's dressed as mogli, armaan gave confused expressions and kept on looking around then asked "riddhima kaha hai??"


One of the small cartoon came to him and handled him one note, he opened the note "abhi apni cindrella tak pahunchne mai thoda aur waqt hai.." armaan made an irritated face and read further "ye last game definitely tumhe tumhari manjil tak pahuncha degi, ye apne aas paas dekh rahe ho sabko, inn sabko tum pichle 1 ghante mai kahi na kahi, kissi na kissi bahane se mil chukke ho, bas tumhe inki reel and real indentity batani hai, batana hai ki kon tumhare toons world mai kya bana tha aur actual mai kon hai",


Armaan looked at each one and thought how will he recognize everyone, it's difficult, he continued reading "don't worry, tumhe clues diye jaayenge, par ek hi baar mai sahi guess karna hai, tum maximum 3 galat answers de sakte ho, agar uske baad galat hua, to tum seedha apni biwi se milloge 12 baje ke baad.." armaan looked at his watch which was showing 9:00 pm, he mumbled "ye kaisi condition hai.. 3 ghante apni cindrella ke bina… pichle 1 mahine ka badla aaj hi lene ka socha hai na… waise ye tu kya soch raha hai, ye to tere baye haath ka kaam hai, itna kyu ghabra raha hai??" armaan again looked at everyone then finally waited for clue..All lights goes off, small cartoons came forward and started tanking rounds around armaan, background music started and here comes the first clue..


1.     Strongness buddy se, samajhdaari maa se hai payi, kehte hai sab usse apne maa-baap ke pyaar ki parchayi, dekhe jo usko koi ek baar dil karta hai dekhe jao baar-baar, maine to keh diya, ab tumhari baari hai yaar..


Armaan looked at all the kids and there flashed the blue eyes, he moved towards heart and picked him in his arms, then threw him in air saying "Pikachu, hamara Ardhaan, hamara dil, hamari jaan… jo hazaaro ki bheed mai hamesha alag hi rahega..", he hugged him tightly, aarish clapped and kisses on armaan cheeks..


2.     Oss ki boond si nirmal hai wo, phulon si komal hai wo, pal mai natkhat, pal mai mishri si meethi hai wo, maa ki laadli, papa ki pari, apne bhai ki jaan hai wo, maa ki sautan ban ne ke armaan leke baithi hai jo, bolo kaun hai wo??


Armaan looked at the kids and pointed one cartoon who's asking heart to help him out with the mask as its irritating, armaan smiled and moved towards that cartoon, then corrected flower's mask and picked her up in his arms saying "meri angel ke alava ye koi aur ho hi nahi sakta", suddenly a voice appeared


" aur toons world mai inki kya pehchaan thi??"


Armaan mumbled "jo real life mai angel hai wo reel duniya mai kaise badal sakti hai, angel to har duniya mai angel hi rehti hai.."


Angel mumbled "dada angel aapki katti hai.."


A: kyu baby??


Angel: dada ne angel se ushka band(wand) liya, par abhi tak waapish ni kia.. (she pouted)


A: aww.. shorry baby, ek baar hamari princess mil jaayein, phir mai aapke liye dher saare wands lekar aaunga..


Angel: plomish??


A: gentleman plomish… (angel smiled and hugged his daeda)


And before they could continue, another clue came, but this time armaan took time to understand the identity of kid but finally answered correctly "it's ritika, who's the second angel and was dressed as tom", he easily guessed akansha(rohit-prachi's daughter) who's dressed as jerry and was the third angel, not with the clue as he didn't know much about her but with her actions and dress he guessed it as ritika-akansha were like tom and jerry who keeps on fighting all the time,


 next clue was for rishab(ch-ri's son) who's wearing mowgli's dress, armaan identified his real identity, he's on the verge of saying "mowgli" as for toon's world identity but stopped as he realized that he's too small to climb on trees, so he mumbled noddy as clue's kind of pointing matching with noddy's personality, armaan thought who can be the next kid as he has already identified all the kids that are in their family,


his chain of thoughts broke as another clue came, he looked at the remaining kids confusingly, then from the clue he guessed that its referring to sculler and from rain drops on its dress he guessed that in toons world he/she's handling showering of sequences on him like stars,flowers, etc.. but did get the real identity, so he said pass, as soon as he said this he heard "kya armaan bhaiya, mujhe nahi pehchaan paaye, mai rajni hun…", armaan was surprised and mumbled "shit.. mai kyu bhul gaya ki hamare interns bhi to hai, wo bacho se kam hai kya..",


he looked at the remaining two kids and before clue mumbled that the person who's hidden in noddy's dress is vedic and played mowgli's role in toons world as he's the only one who's small in height and keeps on jumping like a monkey, vedic quickly came to him and hugged him tightly saying "wah bhaiya, aap to meri rag-rag se waakif hai, isse kehte hai pyaar…", armaan gave him The look and looking at the last cartoon mumbled "she's the forth angel..", then waited for the clue but it didn't came up, he asked for clue but heard a voiceover "sorry, no clue now.." armaan was shocked and looked at the cartoon again, tried to make out who's it, it's a boy or a girl,


then cursed himself for being oversmart and giving answer before hearing the clue, now what will he do, finally he mumbled srishti.. and a smile covered his face when he heard claps, soon lights got off, he wondered what happened, in a moment he's covered with one spot light, suddenly he heard some twinkling tune and found lots of big stars around him who're busy in muttering amongst themselves and from far away moon was coming with a sweet smile, he remained confused, when he heard "papa mere papa…………" he looked down and found aarish and angel in changed dresses with his photoframe which was longer than their hands and doing little dance steps.. he's surprised…


angel slightly did twist then pointed towards moon and in fumbling words following the song..


chanda ne poocha taaron se,

(moon tapped stars and mumbled something)


 taaron ne poocha hazaaron se,

(stars moved towards other kids which were roaming around armaan and mumbled something..)


 sab se pyara kaun hai??

(everyone looked at aarish and angel with their feets tapping and hands asking questions…)


 papa mere papa..

(angel crossed her arms on her chest  while doing a lil wavy step and then pointed towards her daeda)


 papa mere papa..

(then aarish mumbled the same while hugging armaan's pic tightly  and taking rounds)


 papa tere papa…

(then everyone around armaan mumbled the same, aarish placed armaan's pic on one decorated chair, then both aarish-angel entangled their arms and did a lil bit of couple dance, armaan's on cloud 9 seeing his children dancing for him)


meethi meethi baaton se woh sab ko hansata hai..

(angel came to aarish with a lil cup of sugar, aarish while pointed towards sugar indicating sweetness flipped some pics of armaan in which he's making his collegues, his friends, his family, his patients laugh, then tried to copy his daeda style and angel started laughing hearing aarish's talk, armaan laughed seeing this..)


 pyaari adaaon se woh dil behlaata hai..

(aarish gave roses to everyone, then wears clown cap and started making cute faces while angel put her index finger on her cheeks as to indicate "sweet", then put her hands on her heart while mumbling line, meanwhile aarish picked up angel in arms, and angel acted as if taking her ballayein[don't know what we call that])


 duniya mein aate jaate woh pyaar lutaata hai

(aarish and angel walked anti clockwise around armaan while giving flying kisses to everyone, armaan with a million dollar smile blushed a bit and looked towards ground then his kids)


 saagar ne poocha naiyya se,naiyya ne poocha khiwaiyya se..

(both acted like water with hands and goes near srishti who's wearing boat dress, srishti looked at rajni who's sculler and she looked at everyone)


 sab se pyara kaun hai,

(then everyone showed aarish-angel the pics of most beautiful things of world, but both twisted there nose and shaked their head saying these are not good, then both rushed to armaan)


 papa mere papa, papa mere papa..

(and both while mumbling words hugged his daeda's legs tightly and then hold each other hands and starting taking round around him, armaan couldn't hold his tears back, aarish too has tears in eyes and he kept on looking down, while everyone was clapping mumbling "papa tere papa", then a ball kind of thing started coming down fron celing showering trio with flowers and lots of pics were clicked)


armaan hugged angel, aarish tightly with lil tears in eyes, he kept on pleading his tears "please iss mehfill mai aakar mujhe insult mat karwao", his tears replied "to phir apne dil ko kaho ki itna pyaar, itne emotions se apne aap ko na bhare ki meri jagah hi na rahe, pehle meri apne andar rehne ki jagah to mana lo, tab ye request karna…"


then he settled on his knees and noticed aarish trying to not to meet his eyes and raise his chin up, aarish looked him but then hid himself in his chest, armaan caressed him, understanding the emotions of his lil jaan thinking "apni maa ke andar raha hai 9 mahine phir kaise pyaar lutana nahi jaan paayega…" instantly angel mumbled "dada happy nnivelsaly",


armaan smiled with tears and thought "kaha ho riddhima tum, ye sab karne se pehle mera jara sa bhi khayal nahi aaya, itne saaloo mai bhi tum mujhe nahi samajh paayi, ye sab karne se pehle tumhe ek baar bhi nahi laga ki tumhare armaan ko iss sab ke baad tumhari kitni jarurat hogi, par nahi tumhe to games khelne mai naja aata hai na.. kaash tum mere paas hoti…", he instantly smiled as he felt touch on his shoulder, he knew the touch, he mumbled riddhima… and excitedly turned but found rajni standing there, he's surprised as he knew that she's riddhima but….


Srishti brought one baked cake and placed in front of armaan, asked him to cut it, armaan looked at her shockingly..


A: srishti mai cake kaise kaat sakta hun riddhima ke bina..


Sr: bhai aapko cake kaatna hi padega agar bhabi se jaldi milna hai to..


A: ye kaisa condition hai?? Mai riddhima ke bina cake ko haath bhi nahi lagaunga…


Sr: to theek hai wait kijiye 12 bajne ka… (armaan makes face then finally picked up knife and was cutting cake in anger but stopped when heard "uuiii" armaan realized that voice was coming from cake, he then started cutting the cake slowly slowly and was shocked to see one mouse inside the cake much alike jerry, who's looking at the small piece of cake with watering mouth but then looked at armaan with a guilty smile, then forward cake towards armaan,


but armaan didn't move out of shock, jerry shaked his head asking "if he didn't want the piece…" then he shrugged his shoulders and put the piece down and rubbed his hand with his cloth, then searched something in his pocket and then took out a list kind of thing and opened it, list's much much long then jerry's size, then jerry took out his specs and after wearing it, cleared his throat, armaan laughed like hell, then…


Jerry: mr. armaan malik, rules for next game, iss baar aapko clue padkar nahi sunaya jaayega, iss baar aapko 2 cheezein dikhayi jaayegi jisme se 1 real identity se milti julti kissi uss moment/situation ki pic hogi jaha par particularly aap uss insaan ke saath the aur 1 cheez dikhayi jaayegi jo reel identity ke character se kahi na kahi linked hogi, aapko teen cheezein batani hai, 1. Real identity, 2. Reel indentity, 3. Inn sabb mai se identify karna hai ki kon kon hai….


And then jerry screamed and threw list on armaan's face then tried to rush, armaan kept on looking and then found tom rushing with a bat to hit jerry, jerry entered in someone's pocket to hide himself, armaan squealed with joy then clapped.. 


To be continued..


Next update: tomorrow..


Lots of luv



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And then jerry screamed and threw list on armaan's face then tried to rush, armaan kept on looking and then found tom rushing with a bat to hit jerry, jerry entered in someone's pocket to hide himself, armaan squealed with joy then clapped.. 


Here comes the first clue..


Aarish gave one test-tube to armaan and a photo flashed on wall related to some patient, armaan thought "lagta hai reel and real life mai doctor hi hai", he looked at the photo carefully and after memorizing a bit he realized its vivek and was on the verge of saying dog doctors name from toons world but stopped and thought about the huts and remembered there's dexters name on one of the hut and he jumped with happiness mumbling "vivek played dexter's role…", then he checked all the boys wearing masks and recognized him..


Angel gave one astronauts helmet to armaan and a photo flashed on wall showing U.S, armaan thought a bit then realized that dr. aakash is from US and he's supposed to attend the party, means riddhima included him as well, he makes a confused face but then assured himself , and seeing helmet he immediately got flashback of Richie-rich, then he found him from the crowd.


Ritika gave spinach to armaan and a pic flashed in which a group of friends was there and one boy was acting very shy, armaan with in a moment mumbled "mukul ko popeye ki tarah spinach ki bahut jarurat hai" and placed spinach in his hands after finding him out.


Rishab gave one globe to armaan and before the pic could flash, armaan said "are chipkali ko pehchan ne ke liye kissi clue ki jarurat nahi hai, uski shakal hi ini darawni hai ki real ho ya reel wo odd one out hi rahegi.. aayi badi bhawishyewaani karne waali madam X, armaan turned towards girls and saw one girl making hands like she wants to kill someone immediately, armaan smiled and shaked his head, then took steps towards her but stopped in middle and looked at one girl, and deeply mumbled "riddhimaaa…" and smiled, he moved forward and holds her hand,


On the verge of kissing her but all lights goes off and one spot light followed

armaan, voiceover said " galat jawaab, jiska aapne haath pakda hai wo ritu nahi hai", armaan said "ye ritu nahi meri riddhima hai", voiceover said "nahi wo riddhima nahi hai.." armaan said " jo hawa riddhima ko chukar nikalti hai mai usse pehchan jaata hun aur ye to meri riddhima ka haath hai, usse…" before he could say more lights got on and mask's removed from the face whose hands armaan's holding, he's shocked to see swati there and he quickly removed his hand and remained in daze, voiceover said "aap already 3 galat jawab de chukke ho, 4th galat hua to aapko 12 baje tak intejar karna hoga…"


Akansha brought one stick to armaan, but he remained still, swati waved in front of his eyes, he came in present and looked at akansha sadly, then took that stick and started hmming..


kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham,kya jaan loge hamari sanam

 kyon ki itna pyar tumko karte hain ham, hamare dil ki tum thodi si kadar kar lo,ham tumpe marte hain thodisi fikar kar lo,fikar kar lo..


He stopped when heard noise of broken glass and turned towards the voice, found few pieces of glass and 3-4 drops of blood, he got tensed and looked at all the girls but didn't get any sign of whose blood's lying on floor, don't know why but he again sensed riddhima's presence, he's feeling as if the blood that's on floor calling his name again and again, his heart's started beating very fastly, he again looked around anxiously but didn't find any trace of her,


he's getting restless thinking "its riddhima's blood only, pata nahi kitni chot aayi hogi, kahi glass jayda deep to nahi chala gaya hoga, kaha hai wo…" his thoughts ended when swati came to armaan and showed cut on her hand, then asked him to not to be sad and play the game and find riddhima bhabhi, armaan unwillingly nodded, his heart refused to believe on swati's word, he again looked towards the blood drops intently, then looked at swati's hand then adverted his gaze towards the clue which's a stick that's partially covered with red and then black, he mumbled its olive and vaishali must have played the role of it..


Slowly-slowly he judged everyone, Rishabh- Mickey Mouse, Siddharth-Batman, Sonal- Minie Mouse, Rohit-Spiderman, Chirag-Superman, Prachi-Aladin, Vibha-Uncle Scrooge, except Mr. Malhotra(vibha's father) who acted as Ginnie, voiceover said "now he's to wait for riddhima as he misjudged Dr. malhotra, armaan gave irritated look, ritu came to armaan…


A: kya mai jaan sakta hun riddhima kaha hai??


Ri: kayue itna pareshan kyu ho raha hai, mil jaayegi riddhima bhi, kyu apna mood kharab karke uski mehnat par paani daal raha hai, ye tera hi to sapna tha  na jisse riddhima pura karne mai lagi hai, chal pehle kuch kha le..


A: nahi mujhe kuch nahi khaana..


Ri: chup chap baat maan raha hai ya nahi… (armaan didn't buzz, so ritu pulled him towards the other side of the hall where there were many stalls in line, at first armaan was kept on looking towards stairs thinking riddhima might show up but looked down as soon as felt something hot on his hand, and was shocked to see aarish with one test tube from which smoke was coming out, aarish was on the verge of putting it in mouth, armaan quickly snached it from his hands)


A: aarish ye kya kar rahe ho?? (with little anger, aarish got scared and immediately started looking down, ritu hugged him and looked at armaan angrily)


Ri: armaan ye kya tareeka hua bacho se baat karne ka??


A: tune dekha nahi abhi ye kya karne jaa raha tha, pata nahi konsa chemical hai aur ye usse muh mai daalne jaa raha tha, pata nahi kaha se utha kar laya hai..


Ri: tune shayad nahi dekha ki tu kya kar raha hai..


A: kya matlab??


Ri: kuch karne se pehle apne dimaag ke ghode bhi dauda liya kar, hum kissi hospital ya lab mai nahi hai aur naahi chemicals ke paer hote hai ki wo chalkar rishu ke paas aayenge..


A: to ye test tube iske paas kaha se aayi??


Ri: jaruri hai test tube mai chemicals hi honge?? (armaan again gave confusing look, ritu turned him towards stall and he was shocked once again when saw soups being served in test-tubes, then read the tag on stall "Dexter's Soup lab", armaan's not sure, he looked at the test tube which he's holding, then smelled it and with unsurity took a sip from test-tube and realized that it's indeed filled with soup..)


A: ye ajeeb harkatein karna jaruri tha kya, test tubes mai kya koi soup serve karwata hai?? Bowls nahi the to cups mai serve kar dete…


Ri: dekh kayue na mai teri riddhima hun jisme ye sab karne ki patience ho aur baad mai teri akad dekhne hi himmat ho, aur naahi ye mera idea tha, maine to kaha tha riddhima se ki cups mai hi serve karwa dena, sab kuch normal tareeke se karna par pata nahi usse hi kya lagi hui thi ki nahi test-tubes mai serve karna hai, toons world hai to har cheez issi world ke hisaab se honi chahiye, pata nahi kaha kaha se arrange ki thi test tubes jab hum ship mai the, tujhe khush karne ke liye usne ye sab kiya aur tere hi thopde pe 12 baje hue hai, sab mehnat bekaar ki usne, nalaiyak kahi ki..


A: (cutting her) abe oee, nalaiyak tu hai, sharam nahi aati apni nanad ke bare mai aisa bolte hue..


Ri: tujhe sharam nahi aati apni biwi ke bare mai aisa bolte hue, kitne pyaar se aur kitni mehnat se usne tere liye ye duniya banayi jiss par tu badi hi mehnat se paani daalna chahta hai, waise jaha tak mujhe yaad hai tera kabhi sapna hua karta tha na ye toons world, yaad hai kaise college time mai bhi spiderman, batman ye sab dekhne ke liye doston se jhut bolkar bi ke caf mai bhaag jaata tha (armaan smiled a bit when a small memory of his college days crossed his mind)


 aur jab tera ye sapna pura ho raha hai to tu itna frustrated hai, kissi aur ka gussa kissi aur cheez par nikal raha hai, sharam nahi aati apne chaand se bete ki aankho mai aansu bharte hue, koi kasoor bhi nahi tha uska aise hi daant diya.. (armaan felt lil bad) dekh armaan bahut kam logo ki kismat aisi hoti hai jinka har sapna pura hota hai and literally tu unme se hai, tu lucky hai tujhe aisa partner mila jo tere har sapne ko tere bina bole hi apni khud ki palko par saja kar chalta hai


warna yaha to logo ko baar baar apne sapne batane par bhi wo usspar dhyan nahi dete, issliye kadar kar riddhima ki, mai ye nahi keh rahi ki tu riddhima se kam pyaar karta hai, ya wo tujhse jayda pyaar karti hai, par jo tune uske saath last 1 month mai kiya, uske bawjood usne din raat lagkar ya sab plan kiya, arrange kiya wo bhi iss tarah ki  tujhe kuch khabar na ho, it does matter, it really does..


Plz. Apni frustration se uske pyaar par paani mat daal, enjoy kar har cheez, feel kar, dekh ghum kar ki usne tere liye kya kiya hai, wo jo koi soch bhi nahi sakta, mujhe pata hai tu riddhima se milne ke liye bechain hai, par abhi kuch daer mai riddhima to tere saath hogi hi par ye sab nahi hoga, issliye enjoy kar… (saying so she left, armaan heaved a sigh, then looked at aarish who turned and on the verge of going)


armaan pulled aarish towards him from his pants, aarish turned and found his daeda settled on knees and holding his ears, armaan mumbled "daeda sorry hai, unhone dhaanu ko dara diya, daeda aage se aisa kabhi nahi karienge, plz. Forgive daeda..", aarish cleared his tears and smiled then hugged his daeda, armaan threw him in air, armaan asked if he's hungry, first aarish shaked his head then looked at armaan innocently then at soup, armaan thought he's indeed our love definition, then kisses him lovingly, and armaan picked one test tube and gave it to him asking him to drink it, aarish smiled and on the verge of drinking when angel came and called aarish with full voice..


Angel: lichuu… (aarish looked down and his heart thumped when saw her in tears) kancha(akansha) muje chwings nai lene de lai, keh li hai ki wo teddy wala chwing bacho ke liye nai hai.. (before armaan could react, aarish jumped down from armaan's lap, then cleared angel's tears, then holds her hand)


Aru: khud thingi(chotti) si hai, meli pants jitna to uska size hai aul meli angel ko jhula lene se mana kalti hai, abhi batata hun use mai, tu fikal na kal angel, tela big blother tele saath hai, mai abhi tujhe sab jhutte(swings) dilwata hun.. chal.. (both goes, armaan kept on looking at them amusingly, first he's amused to see the bonding between the duo as between her dad and her bro she chose her bro to share her problem, secondly aarish who's known for his cuteness, peacefull and sacrificing nature raged when saw his sister in tears, though akansha has become a good friend of him but he didn't care when it comes to his sister and his dialog literally cracked him up, he imitated him in mind and again smiled proudly, then turned towards stalls)


Though he didn't want to eat yet he thought to have a look at all the stalls in order to avoid everyone, he's literally frustrated and sad from inside, he's frustrated coz no one is bothered to tell him about riddhima's where abouts, and he's sad coz riddhima knows him in and out, she knows that though he's very tough and strong from outside but he's still a kid from inside who gets puzzled when gets lots of happiness..


He doesn't understand how to express his emotions which're drowning him at present, he just wants to hug riddhima tightly, that much tight so that their hearts could touch each other physically and the feelings which are trying to kill him, which are making him restless, itself gets transfers in to her heart so that without his saying anything riddhima could understand everything..


He curses words which deceives him when he needs them the most, these words always makes him handicapped when he desperately wants them to function properly, since morning he's trying to find words to say to riddhima, he doesn't want to thanks her coz it'll not be able to justify her love, he just want to show her his love through words, but with the passing of time his heart's overburdening with the feelings (seeing the arrangements which riddhima'd done only for him) coz words already raised their hands that they cant help him as they wont be able to do fair justice with riddhima's love


And if someone's not able to express his feelings he starts feeling overburdened and same's happening with armaan, he just wants to hold riddhima tightly, just wanted to get his body free from this overburden but the more desperate he becomes to meet his life, the more his life plays hide and seek game with him and he's not liking this now, but he wont be able to tell these things to others, they wont understand him, they wont understand that he wants to meet riddhima so that he could breathe, so that he could come out from the automaton mode and could again behave like a human,


he laughed memorizing ritu's words thinking " no doubt sab sweet hai, humse pyaar bhi karte hai par phir bhi mere frustration ki wajah kissi ko samajh nahi aayegi to better I should smile,warna phir se lamba chauda lecture mil jayega riddhima ke pyaar ko defend karne ke liye jaise maine to uss se kabhi pyaar kiya hi nahi hai, uska pyaar digest karne ke liye bhi to mujhe uske saath ki jarurat padegi, uske bina theek se 1 pal saans to le ni pata, dil ka digestive system kya khak theek se kam karega, but jab ye baatein mrs. Basket ni samajh payi to baaki sabko to ye samajhne mai pata nahi kitne janam lagenge.." he makes face and looked at all the stalls and yet again got speechless when saw almost 10 stalls having his favorite food but in a unique or better say in a Toonic style..


one stall was of popeye stall having all things made of spinach with chef wearing popeye's clothes, one's of tom and jerry's stall having all kind of paneer things, uncle scrooges stall having all things in golden color, gennie's stall's empty, he got confused, suddenly out of no where one fat came in front of him, he asked "kya hokum hai mere aaka, kya khaana pasand karoge??" armaan's surprised and asked "kya mai job hi mangunga wo mujhe milega khaane ke liye??"


Ginnie nodded, armaan ordered "gobhi ke pranthe", ginnie tweaked and slightly bent down and armaan's shocked to see pranthas, he mumbled "paan", ginnie gave him, armaan mumbled "dosa" then badaam milk, then kadi chawal, then Chinese, ginnie gave him all, seeing this armaan's head started swaying, he mumbled "armaan chemical locha ho gaya hai dimaag mai, kuch jayda hi effect ho gaya hai iss toon world ka, acha hoga tu yaha se nikal le"


Then at aladin's stall he got 56 ("chappan bhog"), at mowgli's stall he got all the raw veggies and fruits, at mickey and Minnie stalls he got all kinds of chips, cheeslings, muffins.. at spiderman's stall pizzas, burgers and the things which have cheese which while eating gives a thread like things're there, one stall's of noddy's smiley stall in which fritters were there but each type of fritter's given a formation of noddy's big  head with his cap and a wide smile's made of sauce, armaan's amused and the last stall's of "LOVE STALL"


In this stall there're different kind of chocolates each one symbolizing love, some in heart shape, candles shape, couple, dolphins,ducks etc.. there're ice cream being served in heart shape bowl, candle glasses, stall's decorated with wind chaims, red ribbons, roses, aromatic candles, snowballs, ring curtains, armaan first admired each thing at stall, he could smell riddhima from each thing, though all the arrangements were done by riddhima but he could feel that this stall's solely made by her, he kept on standing there, inhaling deeply trying to satisfy the storm inside him with her fragrance, he came in present when heard some lady voice..


Lady: how can I help you sir.. (armaan looked at the lady whose face's covered under the shade of her hat, though she's wearing apron yet she's not looking like a chef, lady again asked him)


A: thanks but I don't need anything..


Lady: are you sure?? You seriously don't want anything??


A: yeah, sure… (he smiled a bit and again looked at the stall longingly mumbling "riddhimaa.. I love you" and turned to go)


Lady: rukiye.. (armaan turned back, lady forward her hand to give something to him)


A: but I don't want anything..


Lady: aapne shayad dekha nahi, ye love stall hai, pyaar ka darwaaja agar koi knock karta hai to pyaar usse kabhi khalli haath nahi bhejta chahe phir galti se hi koi uske darwaaje par kyu na aa gaya ho, aapko kuch nahi chahiye par hum aapko khalli haath jaane nahi de sakte.. (armaan looked her intently then at her hand which was covered in gloves with sequence work over it, armaan tried to look what she's intending to give him) kuch chocolates hai bas.. (armaan forward his hand with unsurety, finally that lady placed something in his hands, before he could open it, ritu again came to him, he makes face..)


Ri: jaise kutte ki dum kabhi seedhi nahi ho sakti, waise hi tera muh bhi kabhi seedha nahi reh sakta, kasam khayi hai aisa sada hua muh banane ki??


A: ye natural reactions hote hai mere chehre ke jo tujhe dekhte hi aa jaate hai, maine apne chehre ko kitni baar kaha ki dil ki baat chehre se jaahir na hone diya kar par chehra kehta hai chipkali ko konsa asar hona hai, uski bakwas to phir bhi challu hi rahegi… (ritu's ready with counter reply but stopped)


Ri: chal tub hi kya yaad rakhega aaj ke liye mai baksh deti hun tujhe, teri anniversary jo hai, chal dance karte hai..


A: mere akele ki anniversary hai?? Then mumbled to himself "Jiske saath shaadi ki thi wo to najar nahi aa rahi, use koi fikar nahi hai hamari to mai kyu karun, jab use mere saath hamari anniversary celebrate nahi karni to mujhe bhi kuch celebrate nahi karna, na dance karna hai, na kuch khaana hai, huhh"


Ritu dragged him saying "dekhti hun kaise nautankiyan dikhata hai..", while she's pulling him, from his hand that box fell down, armaan stopped and picked up the box, he smiled seeing the heart shaped box with one little crown attached to the cover of box and that heart's placed in one bangle, armaan first smiled, then his smile turned into shock and mumbled "shittt…." he quickly turned towards stall screaming "riddhima.." but found that lady missing,


he cursed himself for being so engrossed in riddhima's thoughts that he didn't recognized the real riddhima, he again looked at the crown and bangle which were same as that of clues that're hidden in jungle, then he opened the box and found one chocolate in "iluvutoo" shape,  he clutched that chocolate and before he could think more all the lights went off and drums started playing, ritu covered her face with mask then started singing "mere dil mai aaj kya hai tu kahe to mai bata dun.."


and holds armaan's hands and started doing couple dance, armaan's shocked and wanted to push her but she kept on holding his hand tightly, then suddenly with force twirled him and left his hand,she started singing another song "haye haye ye majboori, ye mausam aur ye duri…" she again holds his hand and one arm around his waist, armaan's on the verge of scolding ritu but he realized that his partner's changed, didn't get with whom he's dancing as she's wearing mask, before he could react he's again twirled and his partner's changed yet again and she's singing "hotton pe aisi baat mai dabaa ke challi aayi"


he's not dancing yet everyone's forcing him to dance, again he's twirled and his partner's changed and she's singing "meri chunnar udd udd jaye, haye dil mera ghabraye.." armaan's pissed off, he wanted to blast everyone but couldn't as band's voice's loud and everyone's dancing and enjoying, he's again twirled, his face's wearing irritated expressions, this time he closed his hands tightly so that no one can hold his hand, he kept on looking at love stall, another lady come and again band started playing another music, armaan didn't looked at his partner, she started singing while..


Meri saasein teri khushbu,mere dil mai teri dhadkan,

(while moving her arms around armaan's neck, then inhaled him deeply, then she took his hand which's very hard and placed it on her heart, armaan's shocked yet again with her actions and immediately turned his face towards lady)


meri mehfil teri baatein,meri aankhein tera darpan,

(armaan tried to look who's she but her face's covered and her eyes were down, she pointed towards her mehfil(everyone) then placed her hand on his lips, then sweetly looked in his eyes as if looking in a mirror..)


bin tere kuch bhi nahi mai, bin tere kuch bhi nahi mai,

(armaan kept on gazing in her eyes, his senses stopped working, he became puppet, lady twirled herself holding his hand, then again looked in his eyes as though saying the words with eyes..)


mai har gam utha lungi teri chahat mai,

(then she slightly caressed his cheekswith a little smile and before she could drop tear, she twirled and again song changed, armaan came back in senses, found one bracelet around his wrist,he looked here and there searching riddhima, before he could move someone holds his hand for dance, first he tried to jerk her but realized that riddhima is cindrella at present and she met with her prince during dancing only)


He started dancing and kept on hmming tunes which his partner's singing, his entire attention's in hall, though it's dark yet he's trying to figure out riddhima, his partner's kept on changing, he didn't look at them for once, suddenly his heart thumped when heard some known tune of piano and guitar, his partner holds his hands, she started hmming music,he didn't look at her yet his hands itself moved around his partner's waist..


Gul ki khushboo hai hawayon mai, mai challun pyaar ki raaho mai..

(he inhaled deeply as rose smell touched his nose which's scattered in air released by DJ, then closed his eyes for once, then pulled his partner more close to himself  and started following her steps..) 


A- meri yaadon mai sadaaon mai, tum ho khwabo mai nighaho mai,

(he slowly slowly opened his eyes while singing lines, finally he looked at his partner, though he couldn't see her face but he knew he's indeed his riddhima, he holds her face and with teary eyes kissed on her forehead and he could feel her smile..)


R- hai meri yahi dua rab se, mai rahu teri panahon mai…

(she looked at sky, then engulfed herself in his arms tightly while mumbling words..)


Before armaan could hug her back, hall's lightened, hearing everyone's clap riddhima detangled herself from armaan, armaan wanted to look at his life but ritu came to armaan..


Ri: maan gaye janab aapki teesri najar ko..(armaan smiled a bit, tried to look at riddhima but ritu turned him again) ab sach sach bata ki tune enjoy kiya ya nahi??(armaan nodded in yes, ritu's smile got widened and she looked at riddhima with winning eyes) acha bata jab se tu andar aaya hai tujhe kissi cheez ki kami feel hui ek pal ke liye bhi?? Tune enjoy kiya na proper??


A: (lil frustrated) kitni baar puchegi?? Kaha na enjoy kiya aur mujhe kissi cheez ki koi kami nahi lagi..


Ri: yesss (excitedly) mubarak ho nanadji bet haarne ke liye, challo ab nikalo mera envelop.. (armaan looked at ritu confusingly)


A: bet??


Ri: are humne bet lagai thi, riddhima chahti thi ki jaise hi tu andar aaye to wo tera welcome kare and uske baad sab games ho kyunki madamji ko lag raha tha ki andar aate hi agar tu use nahi dekhega to teri sab excitement khatam ho jaayegi aur aage ka kuch bhi enjoy nahi kar paayega akele, par maine apna dimag chalaya ki agar riddhima ne tera welcome kiya tera dhyan sab kuch chodkar riddhima par hi hoga to uski mehnat bekaar ho jaayegi aur tu kuch enjoy bhi nahi kar paayega issliye maine riddhima ko mana kiya ki wo jab tak tu sab dekh na le tere saamne na aaye,


 aise tune enjoy bhi kar liya aur riddhima ka doubt bhi clear ho gaya ki tu abhi bhi itna paagal nahi hua hai jitna wo samajhti hai, isse kehte hai intligent hona, ek teer se do shikaar kiye maine.. (she said this with proud) aur waise bhi sach to ye hai ki wo khud hi tere bina jayda daer nahi reh paa rahi thi aur iljaam tere uppar daal diya,


pata nahi kya khilata hai apni biwi ko, itne mushkil se pakad kar rakha tha isse, baar baar tere paas bhaagne ki koshish kar rahi thi, par isse nahi pata tha ki mai bhi ritu hun ritu, apna plan chopat kaise hone deti teri biwi ki bachkani baato ke kaaran.. aur haan isse paani peena sikha de, bata ise ki glass se paani piya jaata hai, haatho ko nahi katwaya jaata..(armaan who's standing still with shocked expressions have a flashback of blood drops on floor, he panicked and on the verge of turning but ritu again stopped him)


Ri: are haan.. mai to second bet bhi jeet gayi hun, riddhima ne kaha tha ki tu usse milte hi sabse pehle jaadu wali tight wali jhappi dega par aisa nahi hua… (she smiled widely, armaan's fully frustrated now, he's on the verge of speaking but felt his hands're tightly clutched at his back, he knew riddhima's holding him trying to calm him)


A: (calming a bit but lil sarcastically) congratulations sab bets jitney ke liye..


Ri: itna jal kyu raha hai?? Dekh mera koi mann nahi tha ye bet lagane ka, par jab tune sab clues theek se dhunde bina kissi mushkil ke to hume laga ki riddhima ne pehle hi tujhe sab bata rakha hai, issliye tere saath saath teri biwi ka bhi imtihaan le liya, Maine to sirf 2 bets jeeti hai, baaki sab to teri biwi ne jeeti hai, maan na padega kayue teri har harkat ke bare mai pata hota hai teri kayui ko, jaise tu shareer(body) hai aur wo teri aatma, I mean itna perfectly to hum khud ko bhi nahi jaante hote, hum apne aap ko lekar bhi itna confident nahi hote par teri biwi….


A: ye tu meri biwi ki taarif kar raha hai ya taana de rahi hai?? (he raised his brows)


Ri: tujhe kya lagta hai?? (she makes face)


A: mujhe to jalne ki smell aa rahi hai…apni buri najar meri biwi se 10 meel tak dur rakhiyo.. waise jayda impress hone ki jarurat nahi hai, meri biwi mujhe nahi samjhegi to kisse samjhegi?? Aur shaadi ka matlab hi 1 hona hota hai, ab chahe tu armaan ko riddhima ki aatma bana de ya riddhima ko armaan ki, baat ek hi hai.. jab ek ho gaye hai to apne aap ke baare mai sab kuch jaante hi honge, issliye riddhima ne mere baare mai sab theek bataya .. jaise ritu-chirag ya koi aur couple..


Ri: (still unconvinced) oee hum sab normal couple hai, par tum..


A: (widening his eyes and cutting her) tu kehna kya chahti hai?? Hum abnormal hai??


Ri: haan I mean naa.. par phir bhi.. pyaar mai apne humsafar ko samajhta to har koi hai, par samajhne ki bhi ek hadd hoti hai, tumhari tarah nahi hota.. tumhare case mai to aisa lagta hai jaise teri kayui tera future likhti hai, issne jaisa predict kiya tune seriously waise waise hi react kia, jaise tu khillona hai aur riddhima teri chabhi(key) sachi sachi bata tum logo ne pehle se hi sab setting ki hui thi na??


Tu jaanta tha na ki riddhima ne clues kaha chuppaye hai, cindrella story, andar kab, kaha, kya karna hai, hadd to jinnie wali stall par hui hai, tujhe pata hai hum sab ne riddhima ko mana kiya tha ki jinnie wala stall nahi rakhte coz kya pata chalta hai kab teri budhi(mind) bharasht(corrupt) ho jaaye aur kab tu kya maang le, par kamaal hai tune ek ek cheez wohi maangi jo jinnie ke pass thi, ek cheez kam nahi, ek cheez jayda nahi


aur ye to ittefaq nahi ho sakta na, bata riddhima ne tujhe sab kuch bata rakha tha na?? ye sab kuch normal to nahi ho sakta, teri jagah chirag hota na to pehle clue mai hi kehta ki mai 12 baje tak intejar kar lunga par ye sab ajeebogareeb cheezein mujhse nahi hongi.. (and ritu remained blabbering, armaan makes a face, then realized that riddhima's grip around his hand is loosening and in next second she left his hand, she's on the verge of moving when armaan immediately turned)


A: stop.. (she stopped, armaan holds her hand) not now baby..(and slightly pulled her such that now she's facing him)


To be continued..




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reserved for part-227

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As much as I try to concentrate on reading,  this toon world just goes straight up frm my Head... :|
though i read it so i cud keep in with the storyline...
Since starting till now, i m not remembering if i had ever skipped any part or even any single line... but disappointedly, i am doing it this time...
Though I am not skipping over all... i know whats going on in it... its just m not enjoying it (mentality problem :P)... waiting for the next chapter....
this comment is just to Justify somethings and to tell that am here only and always here to read ur work... if m not commenting it never means that i've stopped reading... :D
enough of my lecture...
hope to get a Satisfying End of this FF soon (i ididnt wanna say it but as i can assume somethings and regarding them, i want u to end it asap but with Satisfaction :)

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loved the update 
u updated after such a long time 
waiting for the next part 
these last few updates transported me into the world of toons

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Its so beautiful

so much of unconditional luv and hw ridhimma turned arman's dream into reality ...its awesome

luv like this is hard to find

u hav done gr8 job
i m so impressed with ur creativity and writing skills
for once even i was lost in toon's land its wonderful

update next part soon

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hey di finally an update...
de part was AMAZINGGG...have no wrods...awww luvd dhaanu's and angels performance..
and der interaction wit armaan...both r 2 cuuuteeeHugHeart...armaan's emotions were described beautiful...
cant wait 2 read de nxt prt...
plsss update it sooonnn

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HeAvEnS 6 6479 20 July 2009 at 5:56am by vruls
meher and preet/pyar he pyar/PART1 pg1

Author: bulbul123   Replies: 8   Views: 3848

bulbul123 8 3848 22 September 2008 at 1:06am by lil_desi_goddes

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