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#8 Kya Pyar Aisa Bhi Ho Skta Hai(AR)prt-228,9:64,5 (Page 22)

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plz update tmw plzzz

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Originally posted by saniashzadi

plz update tmw plzzz

Will update in one hour...Smile

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really??? Waitng

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Part-224 (note: please read this part with no expectation, iss part mai pyaar, lovey dovey moments nahi hongi, normally har celebration mai pyaar, emotional touch hota hai but this part is different, don't forget that it's the toon world, issliye iss part mai toon world ka hi touch hoga, maine promise kiya tha 2 parts ek saath update karne ka par 1 hi part update kar rahi hun jo bahut bada hai, hope u'll like it, please do leave your views..)



He remained confused when heard some clap and found Pikachu clapping while looking at trio and excitedly mumbling "pika…", then armaam looked at the board that's above pikachu's head on which its written "welcome to the toons world.." armaan was surprised, 4 little angels came and opened the door of his engine, armaan kept on looking at angels as they were looking very beautiful, their getup was kind of different, their wings were moving to and fro with the help of motor attached to their wings,


Their was a circlet about 1 feet high above their heads supported by a stick, circlet was revolving and in between the circlet different color lights were beaming as if circlet was made of different color gems, they were holding a wand which keeps on glowing with a white light as if they're doing magic in each second, they're truly looking like an angel of toons world, armaan's so lost and stepped down…


And instantly screamed "aaahhh" while falling on ground, after a moment he opened his eyes as he felt very cold on his back, and tried to get up but again slipped down,as his hands touched ground he felt chilly and instantly removed his hands from ground, soon he started shivering, he's not getting anything, finally spinderman threw some sticky thing towards armaan, which got sticked to his hands and he holds that string kind of thing but realized that it's very thin and might not able to handle his weight but spiderman assured him,


so he tightly holds the string and tried to get up and was surprised that string didn't break, before he could use his mind his gaze fell on ground which was purely white, his eyes and mouth remained opened out of shock as he found snow all over the ground and understood why he's feeling so cold and found skates right after the engine… he pinched himself a bit and realized that he's not seeing a dream, this is all happening in real, batman, superman, spiderman took their leave saying they'll meet him later, angels too vanished,


Armaan looked at Pikachu but he too jumped and goes inside the porch, armaan looked here and there, desperately waited for riddhima as he knew that only his riddhima can help him, she could only bring him in reality, he's feeling as if his own pinch, his own touch was trying to deceive him but riddhima's touch can never deceive him, he called riddhima's name and took a step forward and was on the verge of falling again but holds engine on time… he helplessly looked here and there yet again,


and yet again assure himself that he's seeing a dream as there's not sign of flowers, cake, candles, eatables etc.. how can this be a party, huts,jungles, cartoons, ice, angels etc.. everything which he's seeing is his own imagination, soon riddhima'll come and will empty a bucket full of water and he'll come out of his dream world, armaan sighed amd mumbled "saale tabhi kehta tha ki itne cartoons, itni comics mat padha kar, soch riddhima par kya beetegi jab use pata challega ki uske sapne dekhne ki jagah mai toons world ke sapne dekhta hun, uska to dil hi tut jaayega, jaag sapne se, jaag"


He mentally kicked himself several times and soon gets alert when heard a loud thunder of clouds, he looked towards sky and a white light came out and then some voice from the sky touched his ears "Armaan tum to saffar shuru karne se pehle hi ruk gaye, apni manjil tak pahunchna kahi mushkil na ban jaaye, kissi ka vishwas hai ki tum mushkilo se nahi darte, dekhna kahi kissi ki umeedo par paani na phir jaaye, jaldi jaldi kadam bhadao, kahi riddhima aaj ki raat tumhara intejar hi na karti reh jaaye, waqt bahut kam hai musafir, chalta jaa, kahi baad mai pachtana na pad jaaye.."


Armaan thought "armaan apni game ke mode se bahar aa, jayda hi game khel li tune aaj, ab to voice overs bhi sunai dene lage hai… par ab to maine riddhima ko bhi involve kar liya hai iss game mai to beech mai khelna kaise band kar sakta hun, riddhima ko to har haalat mai jeetna hi padega na…", armaan remained confused and tried to move forward but again he stopped himself from falling, he atlast stood on ice skates and it started moving itself as if it knows the direction, it took 3-4 curves and stopped right after one tent house,


 armaan got down from skates and moved towards tent, as soon as he stepped in tent a curtain of candles blocked his way, their were heart shape candles tied with strings in a criss-cross manner, armaan first keep on looking it in awe then as soon as touched the curtain in order to put it aside, candles started burning making armaan move back, armaan was shocked, tried to peep in through the little space in between the curtains but it's all dark, suddenly he heard his name.. "armaan…",


armaan immediately turned with excitement mumbling "riddhimaa.." but didn't found her, he got disappointed but again heard his name, he looked here and there and found a small globe like thing in corner. He goes near it and found riddhima's image in globe, he tried to pick up the globe but got scared when heard "ye tu kya kar raha hai murkh baalak??", armaan turned and found one aged lady, her hair was in silver tone, her eyes was looking like a vamp, she's wearing black clothes, pink cap and pink nail paint, her hairs were curly and was having cards in hands..


A: (first got scared with the getup of lady then with excitement) chipkalli tu??? Tu yaha kya kar rahi hai?? Aur ye bhutniyo jaisa roop kyu banaya hua hai, chirag se mann bhar gaya kya jo use ab uppar pahunchane ki planning kar rahi hai, bechara.. I wish mai heart surgeon hota, atleast mai aaj use save kar paata heart attack se…(lady tried hard to control herself)


Lady: murkh baalak,mera bhavishya batane ki jagah apne bhavishya ki chinta kar, tere cards kehte hai ki  tu kissi bahut keemti cheez ko dhund raha hai par uss tak pahunch nahi paa raha hai….(armaan laughed loudly)


A: chipkalli tune aaj daru pee hai kya?? Kya ho gaya hai tujhe, chirag kaha hai?? Baaki sab log kaha hai?? Bol na.. (he stopped when heard "armaan..", he mumbled riddhima.. then turned and looked towards crystal ball and again found her image, he moved towards crystal ball but her image vanished immediately, he got nervous a bit) ritu bol na riddhima kaha hai??


Lady: Madam X.. not ritu.. (armaan gave her THE look) I'm fortune teller..(armaan tried to suppress his laugh) theek hai, mai to yaha tumhari madad karne aayi thi, par lagta hai tumhe kissi madad ki jarurat nahi hai, apni keemti cheez tum khud dhund lo, daya aa rahi hai mujhe tujhpar bache….


She turned and with in a minute got vanished, armaan tried to search her by calling rituu, ritu.. several times but she didn't came, armaan looked towards ball, then towards candle curtain, he once again tried to remove curtain but his hand slightly got hurt, he looked here and there, and realized that he needs help for sure, he called riddhimabut no answer, he called ritu yet again but no answer, finally he called "madam X" but no reply, then he requested madam X, finally she appeared, armaan's looking a bit relieved but a lil frustrated too, where as madam X gave a proudy look..


Madam X: finaly tumhe meri jarurat pad hi gayi…


A: jii madam X..(politely)


Madam X: theek hai, mai tumhari madad karungi, bolo kya jaan na chahte ho??


A: (looking at candle curtain) riddhima kaha hai??


Madam X: (looking towards crystal ball) wo kissi jagah tumhara intejar kar rahi hai..


A: aur konsi jagah hai wo??


Madam X: wohi tumhe pata lagana hai bacha, inn candles ke khatam hone se pehle tujhe ye pata lagana hai ki riddhima kaha hai, har jagah se clues ikathe karne hai, aur iss paheli ko suljana hai ki riddhima kaha hai… jab tak tum sahi jawab nahi doge tab tak ye candle curtain ko tum paar nahi kar paoge… (armaan was shocked) waqt bahut kam hai, jaise aaye ho waise hi waapis jao aur clues collect karo, tumhari riddhima besabri se tumhara intejar kar rahi hai….(saying so madam X again got vanished but this time riddhima's image remained imprinted in crystal ball, armaan caressed it and reminded the voiceover, looked at candles and realized that he has only one hour to gather clues and come back..)


He again got settled on skates which took him back, but he didn't find any clue there except the engine, he finally settled on engine which also moved back, till he reached near the small houses, engine stopped, armaan moved out and engine got vanished, armaan looked towards huts confusingly and mumbled inme se kaha se clues dhunduga, 15 huts hai aur wo bhi itni chotti chotti, inme kaha se clue aayega, he looked at all the huts which was glowing with colorfull lights,


he finally moved his one hand realizing that time is running, he got some soft fur like thing in his hand, he with smile tried to pulled that thing out from hut thinking "waoo pehli baar mai hi pehla clue mil gaya" but out of horror moved his hand out immediately as he heard "bow wooww bowww", he's shocked, his heart beats were kind of high and a drop of sweat twinkled on his head, he got up from ground and tried to relax and finally read on board "spike's hut"(bulldog in tom and jerry), he's shocked and immediately took 5 steps back..


he heard only 2 chances left for your 1st clue, armaan mumbled "ye sab kya hai riddhima, ek to koi hint nahi, uppar se itni conditions, chahti kya ho mujhse???" armaan moved forward towards one yellow hut and put his hand inside the hut and felt some thing, he quickly brought that thing out and was surprised to see one long cap which produces sound, he made a weird face, then found one little car parked besides hut, he looked for name plate on house but didn't found any, suddenly a switch got pressed with his hand and


car lights got on and it started moving around armaan with a song "aa gaya noddy, noddy challakar apni car, aa gaya noddy noddy toy town hai uss paar.." as car took rounds around armaan, a small smile covered his face as he remembered how much he used to love noddy cartoon and his golu molu big face and his cap, he looked at capthen kind of hugged it and smiled but remembered riddhima's face and mumbled "sorry noddy, mai tumse baad mai milta hun, abhi to mujhe apni jaan ko dhundna hai, bahut satane lagi hai aajkal, use khoob saara daantna hai.. sorry dost.."


cap kind of produced sound as if nodding, armaan smiled and moved forward but car blocked it way and armaan's gaze fell on gift that was on seat, hepicked up the gift and read note "noddy apne doston ke liye hamesha gifts lekar aata hai, to ye aapke liye, milte hai thodi daer baad…" armaan smiled and thought that he'll open the gift later on, then looked at 13 huts, he had one last chance to find the first clue, he mumbled "kuch to hint do riddhima, aise kaise mai dhundu, he once again glanced at the huts, his gaze kept on stopping on one hut, he didn't know the reason but something was there in that hut, suddenly he heard some words…


Dheeme Dheeme Gaoon, Dheere Dheere Gaoon,

Hole Hole Gaoon, Tere Liye Piya,

(he looked around and tried to find his jaan as he knew it's her voice, but again he found no sign off her, his heart got restless..)


Gun gun mai gaati jaoon, Chun Chun Payal Chankaoon

Sun Sun Kab Se Dohraoon, Piya Piya Piya.

( he felt the urgent need to see her, words were coming from a long distance as the voice was very low but it's clearly defining her wait, he repeated her words in mind and mumbled "that's why I love her so much, kahi par bhi ho par phir bhi hamesha mere paas hoti hai" once again looked at the hut on which his gaze was stopping and without any doubt he moved towards that hut)


He got hint from her words and with confidence put his hand inside the hut in which candles were glowing and anklets were hanging on roof, he took out the thing from hut and was surprised to see a one piece dress that was torn from many places, he mumbled "ye kaisa clue hai??", as soon as he got up flower petals started falling on him, he smiled a bit and heard a voice over


"Mubarak ho aapko, par abhi bahut lamba saffar hai, kahi yahi par na ruk jaiyega", armaan looked for engine but it's no where to be seen, he moved forward and entered in jungle, it's all dark, he heard some roars of lions, suddenly he saw someone is coming towards him while jumping on trees, he bends down out of scarieness but opened his eyes after a minute when nothing happened, he looked around but found no one..


He felt someone jumped behind his back, he turned immediately and mumbled kon hai waha?? And heard "mujhe kaise bhul gaye ammy?? Aap to bachpan mai mujhe bina waqt dekhe hi pehchan jaate the aur sab kaam chodkar mujhse milne aa jaate the" a light flashed and armaan got chance to look at him and found a little kid who hair was scattered all over his face, having squirrel around his neck, rabbit's in his arms, he's wearing underwear only,


 armaan got excited and smiled widely mumbling "mowgli", mowgli too smiled at him, he placed rabbit in his arms and mumbled "aapko aur koi tohfa nahi hai dene ke liye", armaan looked at rabbit lovingly, it's the same rabbit which he wanted to have since a long time, rabbit started eating his arm making him tickle, he laughed out loudly, then hugged mowgli mumbling "iss se behtar koi aur tohfa mere liye nahi ho sakta tha",


at background music started "jungle jungle pata challa hai, chaddi pahen ke phool khilla hai", some images of armaan's childhood crossed his mind and how he wished if he could meet mowgli in real, mowgli asked him "what he's doing in this jungle at this time??" armaan told him that he's searching something, mowgli asked him not to walk in this lone jungle, use trees bushes and climb from one tree to another tree, armaan's unsure but mowgli told him that its safe to use trees and he told him how to climb,


armaan got some courage and climbed on one tree to another one and he enjoyed, he laughed, suddenly his nose got filled with fragrance, he inhaled deeply ang looked here and there, then found plenty of flowers around him as if he's walking in flower valley, he came back in senses as he heard some music again which was coming from very far but making him crazy as if its each and every word was meant for him, he again got restless when heard that melodious voice of riddhima…


Gulshan Mehke Mehke,Ye Man Behke Behke

 (he looked at all the flowers and again inhaled deeply, riddhima's face appeared in his mind, as he opened his eyes he's surprised that all the flowers were vanished and one shadow of a lady appeared in all directions who's walking as if she'd taken alcohol, as she opened her arms towards armaan, armaan realized that she's his riddhima)


Aur Tan Dehke Dehke, Kyon hai bata piya…

(armaan desperately tried to touch the shadow but to his horror that shadow turned into ashes, armaan was hell shocked, still flames were coming out, he's about 5 inches away from fire, from his hand bushes were slipping as his mind recalled everything again, he slightly screamed riddhima and from his hands bushes slipped, he's falling down, he felt heat all over the body and finally he looked down and realized he's going towards fire river, his mind stopped working as he's in utter shock,


fire's as if looking for armaan since long, it started jumping towards armaan as if trying to engulf him in its arms, he's about 10 feets away from ground when he felt as if he's hanging in air, as he's not moving down, neither up, he's in middle, he slightly came back in senses and looked to his left side and was shocked to see moon right after him which's very big and then heard some murmurs, he looked towards the source and found some stars which was looking at armaan and then whispering with each other like a mouse, moon looked at armaan then passed a sweet smile,


armaan too smiled a bit, feeling little weird, in his stomach butterflies were flying, he looked down and again found fire river and realized he's still hanging in air as if someone's holding him from above,he looked up and was frightened a bit as found someone's body hanging on tree that too overturn and a cape was waving in air whose end was tied around the body's neck, armaan thought as if he's the main lead of the most horror film, "niche aag ka dariya, uppar hai bhoot ka saaya beech mai fassa ek armaan bharmaya" (bharmaya means illusion/puzzlement)


He's literally bathing in sweat, suddenly he heard "hello dost", he looked here and there in amazement and again heard "yaha waha kaha dekh rahe ho, uppar dekho", armaan looked up, body again mumbled "kya hua darr gaye, itna ki apne dost ko bhi nahi pehchan paaye, abhi thodi daer pehle hi to hum mile the..", armaan slightly gave confused expressions, body mumbled "tum to apne dost ko bhul gaye par hum bhulne waalo mai se nahi hai, dost ko har musibat se bachana mera kaam hai kyunki mai hun dosto ka dost 'batman' aaauuuchhh",


Armaan looked at batman in confusion and saw him rubbing his arm but immediately batman passed him an assuring smile, armaan finally took a relaxing breathe and now understood that batman's cape prevented him from falling in fire river, before he could say thankyou to batman, he's attracted towards some giggling sound, he looked towards the source and was amazed to see stars taking rounds around moon and was chattering and laughing, he gave a million dollar smile seeing the sight,


When stars were taking rounds he saw some new bangles and some old bangles were hanging on star rays, he's surprised yet again, then he saw the reflection of fortune teller and immediately it vanished, he wondered if that reflection was his mind illusion or she really appeared, then he reminded her words and the shadow which turned into ashes a minute ago and mumbled "ye sab sach mai ho raha hai ya sapna hai, riddhimaaa kaha ho tum??", he again heard bangles voice and thought that this must be the next clue, I should not waste the time,


he slightly raised his hand to collect bangles from stars but stars moved little away and was slightly scared, armaan looked at them anxiously, trying to read their expressions… stars mumbled "aapke paas ek choice hai, ya aap nayi chudiya chun sakte hai ya phir puraani, agar aapne galat choose kiya to aapko agle 3 clues nahi milenge jo ki issi jungle mai chippe hue hai aur jo aapko apni manjil tak pahuncha sakte hai, aap seedha iss jungle se bahar pahunch jaayenge …" armaan got nervous, thought "riddhima ye sab kya hai, mai mar raha hun tumse milne ke liye aur ye sab.. uppar se koi hint bhi nahi de rahi",


then he thought "aisa ho nahi sakta ki yaha koi hint na ho, koi na koi hint jarur hogi, dhyan se dekh armaan..", he checked thoroughly but didn't find anything, he got little sad and closed his eyes but as he opened his eyes he found his and riddhima's wedding pic reflection in fire river, his forehead tightens a bit, then he looked at stars, then in fire river in which he's again and again getting reflection of their wedding pic, he immediately grabbed the old bangles from stars and they disappeared instantly,


only moon remained who smiled at armaan then closed his eyes as if resting, armaan tried to put the bangles in pocket but stopped as he realized that the belt which's holding him started getting loose, he looked at batman, he looked at him guiltily and mumbled "sorry dost, par mujhe koi aur bula raha hai, ab mai tumhara aur saath nahi de paunga" and he immediately untied his cape, armaan again became senseless seeing himself approaching towards fire, he thought about riddhima, aarish, angel and pained, he closed his eyes tightly, he's feeling heat all over the body…thousands of pin were pinching him, he pained and kept on getting all the FB's of him and riddhima's each moment, after a moment he slightly came back in senses when some melodious voice touched his ears yet again…


Man ki jo haalat hai ye,

(he opened his eyes in surprise and mumbled riddhima, looked here and there, then at himself , then at ground and was stunned to see blood scattered on ground, he got scared, he looked at his arms but there's no sign of blood on his body, he stood up as he heard heart beats along with melodious tune, and found a very big heart on which he's standing and blood was rushing in and out from heart excitedly, armaan beats got fast, he wondered where the fire river gone, he kept on looking towards ground in confusion, and where's all the heat gone, then realized he's still standing on heart, he's on the verge of moving back


Tan ki jo rangat hai ye

(but instantly that heart vanished and smoke covered the whole ground, before armaan could understand anything that smoke turned into a beautiful shadow and moved up to the height from where a while ago armaan felt that riddhima's shadow turned into ashes, that shadow took a round in happiness, armaan just kept on looking in amazement)


Teri mohabbat hai ye ,Piya piya piya

(then that shadow joins her hand as if she has something in her hands, before armaan could react he's showered with small small stars from all directions, he smiled widely, soon the rain of stars stopped and next thing again made him surprised  as he looked down, he didn't find any stars, rather than stars he found that he's standing inside the heart made by flowers followed by aromatic candles… armaan's attention was caught by the candles which were completing the end of the heart as they're shining much more than the other candles, he picked up those candles and found diamond bracelet under them, he flashed dimples as he realized that he got the next clue)


Before he could rejoice, he felt that he's tied with a string and yet again before he could turn he's already flying in air, he screamed like hell "chodo mujhe.." in return, he heard "mai to sirf tumhari madad karna chahta tha kyunki dosto ki madad karna hi hai mera kaam, spiderman hai mera naam, par dost agar tumhe meri madad pasand nahi aayi to mujhe maaf karna, mera tumhe pareshan karne ka koi iraada nahi tha, tum yahi chahte ho na mai tumhe chod dun, to lo tumhari icha puri karta hun…


he dropped armaan in between, armaan screamed yet again.. his heart beats got high umpteenth time, till he got entangled in between the trees, it's extreme dark all around, he got lil scared and mumbled "armaan aaj to tera bachna namumkin hai beta, aaj to tera pack up hokar hi rahega…" then thought now where to go, he looked around and found a beam of light which was coming from very far, he climbed from one tree to next tree and stopped immeadiately as he again heard riddhima's voice..


Gun gun mai gaati jaoon, Chun Chun Payal Chankaoon

Sun Sun Kab Se Dohraoon, Piya Piya Piya..

(armaan looked thoroughly here and there but didn't find anything, he thought "armaan dhund, next clue yahi kahi hai, riddhima ki aawaj tabhi sunai deti hai jab mai clue ke bahut kareeb hota hun, that means next clue yahi kahi aaspass hai, he again listened to her words and wondered what could be the next clue, he again checked up and down, as he thought to move forward and he slightly raised his body,


his head bumped into something, he got scared at once as he saw the reflection on ground of the thing with which his head got bumped, it kept on moving to and fro in reflection like a pendulum, armaan thought its some animal but when it didn't hurt him, he with lil courage looked up and found a pair of sleepers that're hanging with the topmost trunk of tree, he smiled a bit relaxingly and detangled pair of sleepers from tree, soon tree showered him with all its leaves and fruits, he smiled, then thought to move forwards fastly as time's also running and he could hear animals roar, he climbed 3-4 trees and wondered if he's at the end of jungle as he could see more and more lights, he stopped with a jerk as again far-away voice touched his ears)


 Zindagi mein tu aaya to,Dhoop Mein mila saaya to

Jaage naseeb mereee….

(he at first was so lost in her voice that he didn't get a word just a sweet smile kept on scattering on his lips, but then he repeated her words and tried to get the meaning of words, again looked here and there but didn't find anything, all of a sudden his gaze fell in between the bushes, he felt something is there, it's black in color, armaan first thought that its an animal but then reasoned with himself that it cant be animal, and finally concluded that it's a bag, he tried to pull the bag but was surprised when felt the soft thing and the amazing thing was that it was moving,


 armaan moved his hand lil more deep in order to catch it but felt weird as there're lot of gaps in between the bag, it's feeling as if thick rope is there rather than a bag, armaan felt its movements and soon started hearing sounds and immediately brought his hand back as he realized that its snake which he's trying to pull, his heart literally stopped beating, he forgot to take breathes, his voice got struck in his mouth, he wants to climb but his hands remained tied, he could hear that its approaching him but he's not able to do anything, it's almost an inch away from armaan and it opened its mouth, armaan closed his eyes and


 was kind of shocked when felt a dunk on his forehead, he thought he'll be dead with in few minutes, again he felt a dunk kind of thing on his eyes, he finally mumbled "aaahhh" out of pain, after a minute he realized his eyes, his forehead, his cheeks were wet, he confusingly opened his eyes and again closed his eyes as a layer of water entered in his eyes, he rewinded everything in mind and again opened his eyes in utter shock, he with one hand touched his head, eyes, mouth and didn't find anything except water, he looked at snake,


which again opened his mouth and showered armaan's face with water and with water lil hearts were coming out, armaan remained in utter shock and with some courage moved towards snake and realized its just a water toy, he laughed at his own foolishness on how he screamed as if literally snake had bitten him, he makes fun of his own mind, then he took snake and was surprised to see some utensils under that snake, he's confused thinking "kya yahi next clue hai, par kaise?? Iska riddhima se kya lena dena", before he could do more self talks, he heard some horn, followed by song "aaja meri gaddi mai baithja-2" he looked down and found that engine again..


all of a sudden he's thrilled, he felt the movement of his blood which was rushing from head to heals adding excitement in him, he suddenly felt that he's enjoying being the main lead of this horror.. immediately he corrected himself, its not a horror film but it's an adventurous film, he excitedly jumped down and straightway entered in engine, he kept on looking all the clues and tried to understand, engine moved out from jungle, and was crossing the place which was full of sand, armaan heard some tune, he concentrated and realized that its riddhima's voice…


Anhonee ko tha hona,Dhool ban gayi hai sona,Aake Kareeb tere..

(he immediately pulled engine's chain and it stopped making a sound "khaarrr" as if scolding armaan for disturbing its perfect walk, but armaan didn't care and looked for the next clue, he tried to get hint from her words, and after looking everywhere he looked towards sand thoroughly and found something flashing in heap of sand, he settled down on ground and moved his hand in that heap and found lots of artificial rings,


 along with gold,silver,platinum,diamond and gem rings, he's on the verge of keeping all the rings but he heard "tum sirf 1 ring hi rakh sakte ho", armaan looked at rings again and threw all the rings and just kept the gold ring with himself, then moved forward… as he stepped forward he heard "pika-pika", he smiled and turned, found Pikachu standing, he took him in his arms and pampered him with love, again he heard riddhima's voice, he again became restless)


Pyaar se mujhko tune chhua hai,Roop sunhara tab se hua hai, Kahoo aur kya tujhe mai piya.

( he placed Pikachu down and tried to find another clue on ground but didn't find any, he picked Pikachu in his arm, Pikachu got lil sad seeing armaan sad, armaan mumbled "mai jitna jaldi uss se milna chahta hun utna hi late hota jaata hun.." pikachu hugged him with his lil arms, armaan too hugged him but immediately detangled himself with him as something pinched him on his neck, he looked at Pikachu and realized that it's his necklace that've pinched him,


but then again looked at him carefully and reminded that it's not there when he met him first time, he reminded riddhima's words and took off the earrings and necklace from his neck, Pikachu immediately ran away, armaan tried to catch him but he's already vanished, armaan looked at the hill that's in front fo him, he wondered how he'll cross that hill as he had already left that engine, soon he got the answer of his question as someone tapped his shoulder,


he turned only to find superman standing in front of him, superman asked him "if he needed some help", armaan told him that "he needs that engine so that he can cross that hill, he can climb that hill but time is running and he needs to find his wife..", superman just waved his hand in air and armaan heard the sound of engine, he smiled widely and thanked superman, as soon as the engine stopped in front of armaan, armaan again heard)


Teri nigahon mein hoon,Teri hi baaho mein hoon

Khwabon ki rahon mein hoon, Piya piya piya…

(armaan stopped right there, listened to riddhima's words carefully, first thought "tum ek baar mil jao, ab tumhe apni nigahon mai hi rakhunga.." and looked around for another clue, he reminded the words again and tried to link it with clue, superman asked him "what is he searching??", armaan murmured "something" and kept on searching in engine, superman again asked him, armaan finally looked him and said "I'm looking for some clue which…" he stopped, superman asked him "what happened??",


armaan kept on looking at him then mumbled "but superman to eyemask nahi pahenta…" He reminded riddhima's words again and asked superman "if he can ask something ??", superman nodded, armaan asked him to give his eyes mask to him, superman smiled and asked him to close his eyes first, armaan did so, superman placed his eyemask in his hands, armaan opened his eyes with a smile but to his surprise superman was not there, he placed the eye mask in his pocket and soon showered with lots of cartoon smileys, armaan smiled and settled in engine, as soon as engine reached on hills, he again heard )


Gun gun mai gaati jaoon, Chun Chun Payal Chankaoon

Sun Sun Kab Se Dohraoon, Piya Piya Piya

(he stopped the engine and got out from engine, tried to locate another clue, but got confused as he found one chariot which was beautifully decorated, one side his favorite fighting tank was there, he got excited and thought that it must be the next clue as its odd one out, he's going towards it but stopped in middle and after throwing a thoughtful look at tank, he without any doubts turned towards chariot and settled in it, he's surprised when heard some claps, he turned and tried to find the source but didn't find anyone, chariot started moving, after 5 minutes they're on ice ground, armaan pulled the string of chariot as he again heard…)


Maine jo khushi paayi hai,Jhoom ke jo rut aayi hai

Badle na rut vo kabhii,

(armaan first checked the whole chariot but didn't find anything except for rose petals, he carefully jumped down on ice ground and looked around carefully, and found a heap of pebbles and around pebbles one mirror was there, armaan thought a bit and picked up mirror and somehow moved forward, he's on the verge of crossing the pool to reach to the place where he met with angels but again stopped as he heard…)


Dil ko devta jo lage,Sar jhuka hai jiske aage,Tute na but vo kabhii,

(armaan thought "yaha konsa clue ho sakta hai, yaha to swinming pool ke alava aur kuch nahi hai but then something striked him, he goes near pool and looked at the couple carefully thinking may be he could find next clue near them but he didn't get anything, he's thinking to look somewhere else but his gaze fell on the plate that's lying near statue which had all the things that are often needed to offer prayers to lord, he picked up the plate, reminded riddhima's words and thought this must be the next clue, he turned happily to proceed forward but something stopped him,


 his heart mumbled "ye clue nahi ho sakta, itna simple nahi ho sakta clue, kuch hai jo mai miss kar raha hu.." he looked at water, then at couple but didn't get what was missing, suddenly a reflection appeared in which a person was offereing prayers to god and it vanished immediately, armaan after a bit, looked at plate and started putting things near couple but things kept on falling in water, as soon as he put kesar near couple, it too fell down in water and the water color changed to orangish color, armaan's shocked when he found something glittering in water,


he put hands in water and was enthralled when he saw what he got from water, it's a beautiful tiara made up of jarkans with metallic color base, his heart beats increased a bit as he's showered with red sindoor, after a bit he looked at pool and was astonished to see "I Love you" written with sindoor in water, and the red chunariya which he placed near couple a while ago is all scattered in water and with flower petals "only 3 to go" was written followed by a lovely smile…


armaan kept on standing there, he didn't know how to give words to his feelings, he didn't want to move but realized he need to move, so unwillingly he moved forward, he found some decorated trees which had lots of gifts as if they're X-mas trees, armaan knew that next clue must be here somewhere, he kept on looking at trees, he stopped where he's as he heard..)


Kitni hai meethi kitni suhani,Tune sunai hai jo kahani

Main jo kho gai, nai ho gai…

(armaan looked at the tree which was next to him and tried to locate the clue but got confused in so many gift boxes, he hmmed riddhima's words again and on the verge of picking up one box as that's looking quiet different but stopped as his gaze was caught by one beautiful dress in white color that's hanging on the last tree of the same row, armaan smiled and goes to fetch it, he's showered with snow balls, he kept on smiling and


hugged the dress mumbling "riddhima I love you, tum kabhi andaza bhi nahi laga paogi ki tumne kya kar diya hai, pata nahi kya karunga jab tumse milunga, aaj aisa kyu lag raha hai ki jaise maine bolna seekha hi nahi kabhi bhi, kyu mujhe ek word bhi aisa nahi mil paa raha jo tumhare kaabil ho… kyu… ye kya kar diya tumne???", he kept on moving forward still in thoughts,


 his thoughts ended as he heard "humse mile bina hi jaa rahe ho??", he looked back and found those 4 angels again, armaan moved to them, they offered him red roses, armaan smiled and kisses on their head then mumbled "mujhe maaf kar do, ye sab aapki fairy ki mistake hai, unhone mujhpar magic kiya aur apna slave bana liya, wo chahti hi nahi ki mai kissi aur ke bare mai sochun, dekhun, issliye mai aapko dekh nahi paya", angels smiled, armaan stopped immediately as he heard…)


Aankhon mein taare chamke,Raaton mein jugnu damke

Mit gaye nishaan gam ke piya piya piya

(armaan gazed at angels deeply, then without waiting he asked them "if he can borrow their wands for sometime", angels looked a bit apprehensive, then one angel asked "why", armaan said "maine aapko bataya na ki aapki fairy ne mujhe apna slave bana liya hai, to mai iss wand se aapki fairy ko dhundkar, unse unka wand le lunga taaki wo mujhpar aur magic na kar paaye",


angels smiled and give their wands to him with a promise that he'll return them back, armaan nodded, as soon as he got the wands he's showered with small small stars and lil balls in which orangish light was sparkling as if they're firefly, smile didn't left armaan's face , he thought only last clue left but where it could be as it's the end then thought may be he could find the last clue near that Madam X place.. he moved towards ice-skates and found a pair of shoes and pair of bellys on skates, he looked at them lovingly and picked up the bellys mumbling finally "I got the last clue too", then he heard   riddhima's words again and this time they appeared more close…)


Gun gun mai gaati jaoon, Chun Chun Payal Chankaoon

Sun Sun Kab Se Dohraoon, Piya Piya Piya….

(Armaan mumbled "bas thodi daer aur, phir tumhe apne se dur ek pal ke liye bhi hone nahi dunga, he too started hmming the tune of the song and thought to go chariot rather than on skates, he placed each clue in chariot and proceeded forward, eagerly waiting to see his life..)


To be continued..


Question on clues:

Armaan ko to pata chal gaya ki riddhima kaha hai, par kya aap bata sakte hai ki riddhima kaha hai?? Ye clues riddhima se kaise linked hai?? Basically clues kuch depict kar rahein hai, par kya ye aap mujhe guess karke bataiye..


Will be waiting for your answers….



Precap: armaan hugged angel, aarish tightly with lil tears in eyes, he kept on pleading his tears "please iss mehfill mai aakar mujhe insult mat karwao", his tears replied "to phir apne dil ko kaho ki itna pyaar, itne emotions se apne aap ko na bhare ki meri jagah hi na rahe, pehle meri apne andar rehne ki jagah to mana lo, tab ye request karna…"




Armaan moved towards the room from where riddhima's voice was coming, riddhima pinned the notes of her saree while mumbling "ishq mai deewangi ki hadd se gujar jaun", her heart was racing badly, soon armaan's standing behind her and holds her from her waist, riddhima looked him with the pool of love and continued singing..



Ritu pulled armaan-riddhima in center and all the kids joined hands and started taking rounds around them while hmming "ye to sach hai ki bhagwan hai", again AR had tears…


Next update: will try to update next week..


Please do like and leave your valuable comments.


Lots of love




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je mela res. haiBlushing

crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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I'm speechless.
This was wonderful.
Will come back to comment in detail later.

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yayyy. Part is here finally

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lost in toony world

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