Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

-|| The Seventh Day Confession: VirMan OS ||-

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This is an OS on the seventh and final day of the challenge Virat has set Maanvi! I hope you like it and please leave your comments behind! Thank you!

The Seventh Day Confession

She stood there. Helpless. The love of her life was about to leave from not only the sight of her eyes but her heart as well. She felt her heart lurch towards him but she controlled her temptation so there would be a better life for him. She would be the cause of his ruined life if she admitted her love; so she had decided not to.

It was the seventh and final day of the challenge that Virat had set for Maanvi. Reluctantly Maanvi had set her heart upon saying that she didn't love Virat, the only thing was that she did.  Maanvi peered through his room's window watching the tears escaped his eyes as he packed his bag to return to Chandigar empty handed. Last of all she saw him pick a photo of her from his bedside table, put it in his bag after holding it close to his heart and then zipping the bag up. He didn't look twice before exiting the room.

In the living area everyone was standing silently. Maanvi wishes Jeevika was there with her so she could hold her hand to gain some strength while Virat walked out of the house empty handed, but she wasn't. Jeevika had returned to Chandigar to provide aid to Viren who had caught a high fever. Now that Jeevika had gone she had no one to express her feelings to openly. Fighting against her heart and soul was very difficult for Maanvi. Maanvi had always lived life The Maanvi Way but today, for her partner's sake, she could not let her happiness stand before his.

Maanvi watched as Virat leaned at touched the feet of all the elders in the house to seek their blessing. The hope that he had come with to make Maanvi his had vanished. There wasn't even a sparkle of cheerfulness of bubbliness in his eyes. All Maanvi could see in those penetrating eyes was sadness, helplessness and the look of losing your most loved possession. Last of all Virat came in front of Maanvi. Was he going to say goodbye to her? After all that she had done to him would he still say a final bye to his partner. Maanvi begged and pleaded inside herself that he would at least say some last farewell to her because them meeting again after all that had happened recently seemed high unlikely.

Please Virat. Please say goodbye. Reassure me with your love one more time. Please say you'll miss your partner. Please say you'll miss me. Maanvi thought to herself.

But Virat just stood there staring her in the eyes. Maanvi continued to pray inside herself that Virat would say something but he didn't even flinch. From the look he had on his face it seemed as if he was going to leap forward and force his lips upon hers or hug her extremely tightly but he didn't. Virat stood in front of Maanvi stationary for another minute as he looked at her beautiful face for what could be the last time. He wanted to take a picture of the real her and capture it inside his mind forever and ever. After a couple more minutes passed and the silence between Virat and Maanvi remained constant, Virat turned his back on Maanvi and walked out of the Hrishikesh House.

No. No this can't happen. This isn't the way I thought it would happen. Please! No partner! You can't do this to me! I know we can't have a future together but you could have at least said-said a final goodbye to me. You didn't even do that partner! Why? 

Virat sat in his car in front of the Chaudary house. He didn't turn his head around to look at it again. He wasn't able to make Maanvi his and hence he would never comeback to this place again. This is place, Hrishikesh was where Maanvi and his relationship had come to an end. He would never return his. Never again in his entire life.

I thought that we would have a better future in store for us partner. But obviously destiny tells another story. I may not be able to physically stay with you anymore and all those beautiful moments I shared with you may never come back but you will always be inside my heart. You are the one I will always love. I can't say goodbye to you because somewhere in my heart I still have the hope that I will meet you again, however my mind always says that it's over. Nothing can come of us anymore. I think my mind is right. You really don't love me. Do you partner? Virat thought to himself as he inserted the key into the engine.

Maanvi heard the engine start outside. She wanted to run out to him. Hug him and say that she would miss him but she didn't. She didn't because she knew that she wouldn't be able to see him ago. But what could she do apart from put a rock on her heart and deny her love for him? She couldn't ruin his future for her selfishness and love. She would never do that.

I love you partner. I will always love you. You are my life, my everything. I will never forget you. I know that I have given you nothing but pain. I'm sorry that I could not gather the courage to confess my love for you in these seven days but I hope that somewhere in your heart you realize that I have always loved you as much as you have loved me. I know after all the pain I have given you may nothing but hate me. But I will always love you partner. Always. Maanvi thought.

Maanvi shut her eyes tightly as she heart the engine start and leave the front of the Chandigar house outside. A tear escaped from her left eye and slipped down her cheek.

"Vi-Virat." She finally let her name escape her lips. "Virat." She said yet again.

The entire Chaudary family turned around to look at Maanvi. They all saw the pain in her eyes. It was so deep that it seemed to be piercing her inside out.

"Virat!" Maanvi said breaking down into tears.

"Maanvi? Maanvi? What happened? Maanvi please don't lose hope. Maanvi?!" Beeji said reassuringly.

But it wasn't working. No one's supportive words were working. Maanvi's body was laying there in Beeji's arms helpless and lifeless. She needed her partner, nothing else. She didn't have the strength to say anything much but she managed to let one word escape her lips before she fainted-

"Virat..." she mumbled.

When Maanvi woke up next she prayed like anything that Virat would be in front of her eyes, but he wasn't.

"Maanvi! Maanvi are you okay?" Beeji's words echoed in Maanvi's head.

"Virat?" Maanvi called for her partner as if she were expecting him to come. "Virat aaya?"

"Maanvi Virat isn't here. Virat left," Beeji said upsettingly.

"No. No Beeji this can't happen. Virat can't go. He's always been there for him when I need him! Then how can he go and leave me like this? How can he go? Beeji he can't leave me! Beeji Virat can't leave me!" Maanvi explained breaking down into tears.

Beeji took a deep breath.

"Go Maanvi. Go and stop Virat. You can't live without him. Go and tell him how much you love him. Go!" Beeji said without hesitation.

"Beeji?" Maanvi said surprisingly. "You're telling me to do this."

"Virat is perfect for you Maanvi. Don't think twice and go and confess your love for him before it is too late. Go Maanvi, go!" Beeji exclaimed in an assuring manner.

"I love you!" Maanvi said to Beeji in the most cheerful way.

"Pagal! Yeh mujhey nahi Virat ko kehena hai tujhey!" Beeji said with a smile.

A humongous grin spread across Maanvi's face making her look like an angel. With this she ran out of the house hearing Beeji shout from behind her, "Don't come back alone Maanvi!"

I won't. She promised to herself. Virat will be with me.

Maanvi was doing things the fastest that she had in the last 22 years of her life. As soon as she found a taxi Maanvi sat in it and dialled Jeevika's number.

"Hello Mannu! Kayssi hai tu?" Her Di's voice said from the other side of the phone.

"Di?! Di main-main bahut achi hoon! Main Virat ko bathaney jarahi hoon ki main ussey-main-main ussey'" Maanvi left her sentence incomplete our of nervousness.

"Ki tu ussey pyaar karthi hai!" Jeevika completed her sister's sentence for her.

Maanvi smiled harder and harder as each second passed.

"Go Maanvi! Go and tell Virat how much you love him! Don't think twice! Go and tell him that you can't live without him! Go Maanvi! Go!" Jeevika Di said to Maanvi. "I love you Mannu."

"I love you too Di." Maanvi said within an instance. "Di, aapki jaga koy nahi leysaktha! You'll always be number one! I love you so much!"

"Pagal mujhey patha hai! Par abhi mujhey 'I love you,' keheney ka nahi Virat ko I love you keheney ka time hai! Ja aur boldey ussey! Bikul math ghabraa, teri Di terrey saath hai." Jeevika lovingly and affectionately explained.

"Good luck Maanvi!" Maanvi heard her Geeju's words in the background.

"Thank you Geeju!" Maanvi called in a bubbly way back to him. "Bhaysaab!" Maanvi said to the taxi driver. "Follow that car!"

Maanvi had found Virat's car on the road to Chandigar. She had found him! She had found her Virat.

"Di! Milagaya! Mujhey merra pyaar milgaya!" Maanvi said staring straight at the car in front of her.

"All the best Mannu! And tell him you love him!" Jeevika said from the other side of the telephone.

"I promise I will." Maanvi said happily.

And with this the two sisters put the phone down. Maanvi stuck her head out of the taxi window and screamed Virat's name at the top of her voice.

"Virat! Virat! Virat!" She called just like she had done when they had shared their first hug. "Virat!!"

Maanvi got the taxi driver to press the horn. Virat suddenly stopped the car. Maanvi's heart skipped a beat as he saw his head peep out of the window and look behind at the taxi she was sitting in. Maanvi gave the taxi driver the money and thanked him for taking her so far.

"But memsaab?" The taxi driver said politely. "Won't you need someone to take you home. You're in the middle of 'kheth' and you won't find many taxis here. Are you sure you don't want me to stay and then drop you home?"

"Thank you bhaysaab. But I have someone else who will drop me home today." She said staring at Virat through the windscreen. Maanvi smiled at the taxi driver as she stepped out of the taxi. Soon later, she heard the taxi drive away into the distance. From that moment on, present in that area was only her and Virat. Virat looked at Maanvi's straight in the eyes and a moment later he stepped into the field filled with yellow flowers walking quite far away from her presence. He was still facing her but he was far away. Maanvi didn't think twice. She ran as fast as her feet would let her through the yellow flowered field. She didn't dare to stop. Not even once did she stop to breathe. Drops of rain started falling from the sky above her but continued to run. She ran and ran and ran until she found herself right in Virat's arms. Her head landed deep in his chest and Virat's hands almost instantly wrapped around Maanvi's back. A beautiful silence filled the area. The most beautiful silence ever. It was the most perfect scene.

*Virat and Maanvi hugging the best they ever had in the middle of a field of yellow flowers with the birds chirping in the background.*

It was so, so beautiful. Nor Virat nor Maanvi knew how long they stood their hugging each other. It was the most beautiful and loving hug of eternity. So comforting, so warm, so loving.  Virat pulled Maanvi's body closer to his and he gently kissed her head.

"Maanvi." He let her name escape his lips.

Maanvi opened her eyes and smoothly broke free from Virat and her beautiful embrace. Virat and Maanvi held each other's stare for quite some time before Virat finally said those magical words.

"Maanvi Chaudary, I promise to take care of you as myself. I promise to make all your pain, happiness and pleasure mine."  Virat took a deep breath and leaned his forehead against Maanvi's wrapping his arms around her waist yet again. "I promise to love you every moment forever."

For one last time she closed her eyes and imagined Jeevika Di's face. Jeevika Di was always the one who had given her courage when she had needed it the most. "Virat. As long as I live, my entire life will be meant for you. Each and every breath will be for you. My heart, my heart beat, my life; everything is yours to keep." Maanvi took a deep breath just like Virat had done. "Virat Singh Vadhera, main tumseyy pyaar karthi hoon. I love you."

Maanvi wrapped her arms over and around Virat's shoulder and squeezed him as tight as he could so her toes would no longer touch the ground of the field underneath her. Virat tightened his hold around her waist and span her around. The most beautiful smile was on both their faces. The pefect jodi's journey together through life had now started.

The rain poured down over Virat and Maanvi as if the Gods above were showering their blessings upon them.  And from that moment on it was certain, that this Jodi had been made by God above.


Rab Ne Banadi Jodi

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awwesome...amazing...lovely...mindblowing...i think i m running short f words to descrbe this os...

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BrunoMars IF-Dazzler

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This is so beautiful!
Really it is hearttouching.
I really hope the confession scene
is like this. Actually I am mad at
you, you make me have high
expectations from the scene, I am
sure the scene won't be as beaeutiful
as this... It is perfect, so beautiful written.
Maanvi's feelings, how she finds Virat,

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It was a beautiful OS.. I loved it Preeti..
I love ur evry post and this is amazing...!Hug
I wish something lyk this happens in serial too..
the confession was amazing..!!!
Finally Beeji too supported her.. aww prefect ending or i can say perfect beginning...Wink

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..Jessie.. IF-Dazzler

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awesome awesome and super duper!!!!
i so wish to see like this !!!!

it was beautiful choti !!!!!

the ending was awesome ...really perfect job dear !!!1

love you so much !!!!

09cutie Groupbie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:18am | IP Logged
this is tooo lovely it was amazing Smile
mitrali_virman Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:20am | IP Logged
loved ur post a lotttHug
ur posts are always special to us n it is treat to read...Big smile
once again Hug 4 the os...
.Sumi. IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome post dear...loved it...thnx for d PM

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