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IP REDUX; Alaap ...Second Thread !! (Page 10)

sharmibalan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Hugzzz everyone...HugHugHugHugHugHug
I went through the previous posts...Thank you so much for the wishes...

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sree07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by redwine1

Originally posted by sree07


rangmunch video of DB explaining anjali's tragedy LOL

Where are ur bring Shyam back protests ... saw only one today ?Big smile

i tweeted him twice i guess.Reached reminder 8
Lets see Cool

I will give him a jappe the day he brings shyamu back

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TheFaerieQueen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Arhimaniac

Originally posted by clarissajohn

Originally posted by Arhimaniac

Originally posted by clarissajohn

Originally posted by Arhimaniac

guys see this...its unbelievable how immature are ppl out there!! 

Bushy can u give short WU of what she is saying as im in office cant here coz chief is here Tongue

yaar DB is getting a lot of hatemails...and she is like pls understand her hubby is kicked out yesterday,...she is shattered...I don't want the whole of RM to cry with me but neither i want that if i walk in another room...lights are setup and a celebration is taking place

AD says treat it as a drama we are actors role playing we are not like this...

DB says a beautiful story line is ahead pls keep watching 

and love dove Embarrassed

What she is saying is true na. leave her and watch it . poor gal

exactly why send hate mails to the actor...and how the hell do these ppl get their email addresses??

And see she is right abhi ek din hua hai...she even mentioned ke agar 1 week 10 days hogaye hote to it would have been acceptable to Anjali to accept the celebration...lekin kal hi has gone and today khushi's birthday...Smile

Akshay looked quite put out...i think with the scenario with GH yesterday on twitter and Anjali on mails...he was sounding serious...& unhappy

Hi BushHug...yeah hate mail and all is too much yara. My only worry is about the small small things that writer/director are missing...for example ..Anjali should not have inside the room of are married brother just like that...she could have seen it from outside. poolside has a window like thing right where people do get see what's happening for example Shyam saw it thru in that bange wala incident...or Mami saw it from terrace . It just shows Anjali as ill mannered character, she has done it before as well. Then as someone else has also pointed out..why would she need her brother to take to gynaec when she has nani, mami & payal available. 

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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:55am | IP Logged
What's new here??

BTW...It's raining here and all I could manage to think of is ArHi rain RomanceLOL

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tanthya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:55am | IP Logged

Originally posted by Nia.D


Khushi knows Arnav very well. She knows which button to press to push him to react. She knows that Arnav will try his best to get her attention, and that he would do anything possible to succeed in front of her. She knew that he himself wouldn't be satisfied until he told her what he wanted and what she wanted him to say.

Her constant overlooking of his attempts were to provoke and compel him to utter

'Happy Birthday Khushi!'

Khushi is well aware that Arnav spouts out only when he is really affected or riled up. She has been igniting his patience since one whole day, and it was bound to erupt soon.

In the last few minutes of the episode you can see that Khushi almost tastes success in making Arnav finally charge up to her. We'll have to wait and see tomorrow if he does say 'Happy Birthday' to her.

Even so, there was something amiss about Khushi's expressions and reactions - almost like she didn't like rejecting all that he is doing for her.

Khushi does not hold grudges, she is not the kind to deliberately put someone through pain... unless... wait a bit haan... dimaagh mein kuch khatak raha hai...

Why would she otherwise keep turning away from his efforts unless something good comes out of it... something good... for him?

Something good for Arnav... she wants to make him angry at her... so that he doesn't feel like interacting with her... so that... ... oh-oh-oh... I now see... freak!

If she still believes that Arnav is serious about their 6 months contract, then:

ONE: She may be doing this to make it easier to break away when the time comes.

TWO: If it's for his good that she is doing it, then it can only mean that she knows how he really feels about her... and if she knows that, then she would know that he isn't serious about the 6 months contract - which makes this then an invalid point! Confused

THREE: It could of course be to drive him closer to his sister, but that too is a slightly invalid point as she knows that Arnav won't just drift away from Anjali because of her.

FOUR: Or maybe she feels that right now Anjali is drifting away from Arnav - or that Anjali would be feeling left-out, and alone. So, she may be doing it for Anjali via Arnav! Geek

FIVE: The last point in this theory is that she is doing it for herself, to spare the pain. But Khushi has always been selfless, and doesn't really think about her needs and happiness. 'BUZZER' - INVALID POINT AGAIN! Ouch

My mind is twisting around like Khushi's jalebi's now. Wacko

I think the best conclusion I can get from my above contradictory views is that:

Khushi is doing both the points - driving him to say 'Happy Birthday' aloud, and trying to create a distance between them. Confused LOL


I thought some more about it, my twisty jalebi mind wasn't at rest, and I came up with one last theory... please bear with me...

The last theory is that Khushi is just frustrated that Arnav is using secondary methods to wish her instead of straight out to her face.

I put myself in her place and could see that even though he gifts the bag, the rose, the thoughtful decoration and cake, the coochie-coo midnight kiss and all - it would all certainly make me happy, but maybe not happy enough.

Even then, I would love it if my man came straight up to me, looked deep in my eyes, held my hands and said... "Happy Birthday Nia!" - Swoon and flat out dead I would be... after my heart performs a dancy-wancey jig and rock-n-roll!! LOL

All of us cherish and love it when someone special vocalizes their feelings and words for us, right? There's just some magic in it, to have your lover by your side, to have your love show and say sweet words of love... the soft whispers, or even a drawl... as long as they say what you want to hear from them!

This is the same with Khushi I feel... she really longs to hear the love he has for her from him, with his own voice, by himself! That's all!

Okay, I really like this last theory the best. Embarrassed But, that doesn't mean that I have discarded the first few theories. Par phir bhi I'm not  totally satisfied with the theories. Unhappy There is something missing!! Let's see which one comes about in the episode! Smile


First few minutes: The first scene brought bittersweet tears and a smile on my face. Poor Arnav, unable to express his deep love for Khushi when she's awake. And Khushi, understanding him, and yet trying to break him from that closed door of expressing his love for her. Smart, mature, understanding woman! Cool

Also, the kiss reminded me of Sleeping Beauty being awakened by her Prince. Khushi's Rajkumar kissed her before midnight! Sho shweet! Day Dreaming

Forehead Kiss: Aye hayye, the kiss... uff... off in dreamland dreaming about it!!! Embarrassed Subtle hints of romance, intensity and passion in this scene, setting the tone for future love scenes! Dancing

NK and Nannav: heee... my dream come true, always wished for them pairing up - WHAT THE! By NK haahaa, good one... I'm loving their conversations! Big smile

A hint of Arnav's past: The way he spoke about it, it was happy days then. A glimpse of the childhood Arnav was shown to us today. A softness in voice, a boy requesting his grandmother to prepare his favourite dish. Loved this scene! Star

Aloo-poori: At first I thought that it was for Anjali he had in mind, then at the dining scene I remembered Khushi's names for Payal's babies: Aloo Kumar and Poori Kumari' something like that, not sure about the 'kumar' and 'kumari' part! But Aloo-poori were definitely there!

Naaniji's brain is back! : She has noticed the tension between Khushi and Arnav. Thank gawd her brains have returned...

"To my dear wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada": Floored me again with the 'My Dear Wife'! Re-marriage, re-marriage!! Day Dreaming Dancing

Anjali: The sense of abandonment and no longer being the 'duniya' of her Chotte's world is really breaking her bit by bit. She hasn't recovered from her husband absent from her life, when now her Chotte too is slowly receding from her. She is losing/lost her 'control' over the two most important men in her life - and that is cracking her world even more, it is showing her that you don't always have things under your control alone.

Khushi-Payal: Payal has not been very attentive to Khushi's troubled marriage (some months back), but Khushi has always had Payal's back, and will continue to do so. Today, Khushi witnessed that all was not well in her dear Jiji's married life - the ever ray of sunshine, Khushi will try to bring happiness back for her Jiji and Jijaji!

Green saree/dupatta from Payal, green spinach on ME, and now green gift wrapped present from Arnav:
Either, it is about growth, freshness, revival and new life for Arnav-Khushi... or, they are missing Doodleberry (DB) a lot!! LOL

Arnav's gift: I was laughing the whole time at these two kids! LOL She is bent upon giving him a hard time, and he is bent upon making her happy. Classic 'never give up' game played by both husband and wife - EQUALS!!


Barun Sobti: You ees too good! The perfect expressions of pain, love, irritation, tenderness and boyish charm! Clap Just please, cut your hair a bit. The gel and the flick is getting a bit too much even for a patient person like me. Big smile

Sanaya Irani: You know I LOVE YOU any which way you are! You bring Khushi to life for me, and today you were PUUR-FECTO!!! Heart

Karan Goddwani: Karan mere bhai (said in 'Nannav mere bhai' tone)... I will recite my roz ka demand: Please be a permanent character on the show! I'm loving Nannav-NK scenes and today's was ROFL-worthy!! ROFL You are amazing - the way you bring so much freshness to the whole episode! Loved your warm, enthusiastic 'GOOD MORNING' to RM vaasis!!

CV's: A good blend of relationships today... along with humour, nok-jhok, misery, understanding and love! Lovely episode - simple with a good impact! Keep it this way!

Kal kya hoga? Arnav-Khushi alone at home? The ladies at Satsang, NK off for a date, Aakash at office, HP with Laxmiji in a corner?... 300th episode!!! Biting my nails in anticipation!

Cheers for tomorrow - 300th episode of our beloved IPKKND!!!

Clap ClapClap
Star Star


Nia Smile

Nia ,

I donno whether  u know it or not..But I love  Jalebies Big smile  and ur's is one that I will partake many times over  Tongue

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:56am | IP Logged


I  agree it is difficult in catching flaws in the script and story flow in a serial director yes.. it is relatively easy but sometimes it comes to how much you interpret a given scene by yourself and how you want to see it..

because there is no fixed definition for this..

So true dude ...

a single scene given to 3 different directors will turn out differently .. u know when u go to film school.. they teach the director only technical stuff ... like editing , mixing ,.. sound , camera, lighting ... rudimentary of script writing ... all fields which he technically doesnt do on his own but has others to do .. BUT yet he has to know all as he is captain of the ship ... since u can't teach a person what is direction ... its his understanding painting or designing .. its a creative field

there is a complete difference in a romantic scene of Raj Kapoor & yash chopra .. a i love you in YC film wil be very different from the RK film .. as its all about interpretation ..


so true so true.. no person can say this is only way to interpret.. it is a director or a person who is named director that person's pov is what people will be seeing and judging..

Big smileBig smileBig smile

BANG ON .. unfortunately here poor GH gets pulled up or patted on the back more than AK .. which is probably the reason he is always PMSing ...Wink


yeah GH really needs a break from PMSing..he is just a screnplay writer so he need not be that repulsive..  but AK really needs to pull up his socks more..


Ur telling me .. Wink
Look at the no. of varied scenarios one reads here on the khushi arnav bday fiasco ... i dont venture in main forum so dont have a clue how many more will be there .. 

if people have not understood .. then it is a Directors fault .. not GH ... or Hitesh & ritesh for that matter ... Ak has the power to change dialogues ( which they do constantly ) ..  & tweak the scene on the set to make it palatable ..

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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:56am | IP Logged
Sorry double post guys...Big smile

BTW...Did you see the Rangmunch article about DB??The extent that people might go to!!No wonder these people lose it sometimes!!

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chitmanas Goldie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Lizzy2012

Originally posted by Nareshkota

Originally posted by Lizzy2012

Nenu thiruga ochanu.. Eenti kotha sangandhi??
Hi girlss sorry net issues .. Disappeared because of it.. Reading a book after long time.. Bliss it is as my son is sleeping

lizzy garu meeu kooda telugu vare na..


Ledu ledu.. Naresh Garu.. Nenu okka Tamil ammayi.. Hyd lo unnanu.. Anthukosam telugu baaga oochu.. Challa samaram aayadi hyd aayina ikkade paani chesthunaru..
Hello lizzy, me too from HYDSmile and very much telugu speaking

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