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AarYa SS~Phir Mohabbat TH2(update Special Pt pg 11 (Page 11)

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 previous last part                                Special Update for 1 year celebration

                                                          Phir Mohabbat


Yash n aarti were sleeping.suddenly,his hand felt something tickling n he woke up.he found aarti awoke n same excited.they both kept on aarti's abdomen,were silently waiting for it's response.'yess,it moved' shouted yash.Aarti-yaah,hey dnt shout,pixie'll get up.

Y-sorry princess,i forgot as my another angel's on her mom's womb.

A-and i cant believe u r excited lik its our 1st baby.

y-why i wont?my babies'll quarrel wid me,what u dnt do.dey'll complain me,dey'll demand toys,chocolates .n by chance if it gets nature of neha,den i'll stuck!it'll give a long list.thanks god,pixie is lil similar 2 u.so next 1 should be like me.

A-what a planning?still 2 months remaining.u better sleep now,not dreaming of ur angel,me taking care.oki.

Y-i kno,but seriously tell me,dont u have any trouble in sleeping?

Aarti-no,not yet.n u dont need 2 tense,i'll inform u.no talk anymore,just sleep.u've office.

Y-yes mam,u too have.

Aarti-mine in noon

.she hold his shoulder,pressed him 2 lie and sleep.Yash made her pillows in proper way,helped her 2 lie carefully.A was feeling heavy herself due 2 pregnancy ,she couldnt move or bend.as usual Y understands her problems more.so,he went closer to her,kept his head on her neck,rubbing his soft hair,embarassed her in the abdomen lik caring of both mom-baby.Aarti made his hand lil upper on her belly 2 be comfort herself.den she closed eyes with a tiring breath,Yash whispered 'call me if u need anything oki.princess.' Aarti only smiled at his innocence,tried 2 sleep.Yash silently adoring her n waiting when she'll sleep.after sometime,Aarti's normal breathing made realise Yash ,she slept.Yash took the clock n kept it on his side so dat it couldnt disturb her mistakely.

At noon,12.30pm,Aarti's sleep broke.she lazily opened eyes.now-a-days,she couldnt sleep for long time,specially at night.so,she tried to cover having sleep in morning.she got ready slowly as she had 2 bring Pixie from school.gayatri entered into their room.Mom-slept well?no problem na?Aarti-yaah mom,m ok.pixie had her breakfast?Mom-yaah,today she was feeling sleepy,so dnt trouble much.A-oh mom,dnt know when she'll grow up.6 years old n still behaves lik a kid.Mom-dnt take unnecessary worry,yash was also naughty at childhood.Aarti smiled n said-dats why they both r in a team.n u kno mom,i cant say her a single word,she complains her papa.n Yash tells me nt 2 b strict.u tell any1 hv 2 strict na?she is affectionated so much i'm afraid when she'll understand 2 behave properly.Mom-it happens,have patience till 2 yrs,when she'll get a bro/sis to share her things,she'll  understand.A-yaah mom,i hope so.ok i'm finishing my lunch and have 2 go 2 hospital.i'll drop pixie here.bt mom,dnt let her go in Yash's office.she disturbs  him.Mom-ok baba,i'll.

At evening,Yash returned home n sent Aarti a message,

'call me when ur duty is over,dont stress much'.after an hour,Aarti informed him.Yash n pixie came,they were returning home by walk.As Aarti was asked to move slowly n walk more by her doctor.dis made them to spend time with whole family.pixie keeps chattering of her class,classmates and friends.A smiled silently,whatever she complains about her daughter,she appreciates her natures in mind.Yash knows it and so he's a proud father.usually,Pixie spends most time with grandmom,neha aunty.but whenever Yash/Aarti returns home,she goes n starts complaining about her classmates.she's 6 year old,still every night Yash made her sleep.

One day,Pixie came to Yash n whispered-papa,who's inside mom's belly? yash got shocked n asked-how did u understand?Pixie-i saw mom talking with it.Yash-oh,his face became red,he was searching answer.Yash-a baby,ur bro/sis.Pixie-what?how can it possible?what she/he's doing inside my mom's belly?Yash-my angel,dont shout.if ur mom gets 2 kno,u know.u wont understand it,it'll come in this world after few months,till then we've to take care of mumma,so dat ur bro/sis be safe.Pixie understood nothing,she felt Papa was kidding,though she kept thinking of her mom's condition.once she felt to ask mom directly,then thought it wouldnt be right to disturb mom.

Aarti felt hungry earlier,so she went to dining table to have some food.in the drawing room,all were watching Tv,it was in front of dining table.A sat on the chair slowly,was about to drink water,suddenly Yash came shoutingly 'Princess u r here,m searching in d whole house' all laughed out hearing his 'princess'.Aarti was embarassed,Yash didnt get the point as he was tensed for her.he stood back to the A,n confusingly asked-what happened?why u all r laughing?A pinched in his hand to keep quiet,she too gave a shy smile n sighed Y to leave,she was coming in her room.later,Aarti scolded Yash,'dnt call me princess in front of all,it sounds weird' Yash-slip of tongue,i'll call u mumma next time.

Aarti-ok,my baby.she naughtily pulled his cheeks.

Yash-oh no,u've got all my tricks.seems i've 2 take ideas from pixie.

Aarti-the evil team i've seen ever.u just wait,i n my baby'll give u a lesson.oh,i forgot,tomorrow my ultrasonography report'll be given.what do u think?

yash-i dont know n i dont have idea.u know i'll be happy for both girl/boy

A-i know.there r some symptoms for girl/boy baby.n i can differ it much as its second baby.just tell me has there any change in my face? y looked her face confusedly,n told u've become more beautiful.A smlied n kept silent.she felt it could be girl baby,as baby behaves just like pixie used to do in the womb n while girl baby,moms become more graceful due to female hormone's secretion.Yash-hey,tell me na,what's it?i kno my doctor got it.Aarti-wait till tomorrow.then u've to select my baby's name.samjhi? yash-oki princy.let me show u 1 thing.

Aarti-what? yash brought something from his briefcase and gave to her.A-wow,u got this book.yess,now i'll have a nice time.she was sitting on the bed,she pulled Yash's hand and hugged him slightly.A-u must be searched it everywhere,none of my friend got it.

Y-not so,imported by my friend Adi.

A-oh,give my cordial thanks to him.

Y-1st u tell me how u manage everything so swiftly?


Y-u did ur internship with complications of pragnency,after Pixie born,u completed ur F.C.P.S,after some years break,u r planning to do Ph.D having another baby!i feel to salute u all the time.

A-u r embarrassing me,why u r taking seriously,i just bought book.i'll try,somehow i feel it possible.coj i've u to give my all tensions.u kno my classmates always tell to read by discussing with any partner,it makes easy to memorise.u know i dont have that enough time now.bt i dont miss my partner,till u r with me,i can think to do anything.

Y-its not me,its ur own courage.whether i've never seen any1 utilizing her every moment.really dreams have no limits,whether being too practical makes life boring. Before A reply,they got silent seeing Pixie.P-oh papa,mom'll read this book too.she hugged Yash from back n whispered-good for me,mom wont take my lesson n u to best teacher.u never scold me na.A-i know what my cheater pixie thinking.Pixie n Yash laughed out,P-oh mumma,u r too clever.its not good for ur health.A-what?u evil girl,wait.Aarti stood to catch her,she jumped from bed n ran away.Y-u've got only piece like me.A-u r too much.

At mid-night,A felt to go washroom.she moved Y's hand ,trying to get up.Y woke ,switched on the light.he came near to her,hold her hand.it was tough  for A to stand from lying.Y helped her,bearing her whole weight.then she again backed to bed.Y-r u feeling hungry?A-no.u can sleep now.Y-what'll u do?A-i'm having uncomfort to sleep.i'll read for sometime by table-lamp.u switch off the light.Y-ok,bt cant i awake with my baby n it's mom?A-not today,before holiday u can.Y-ok,let me say good night to my baby. He caressed her abdomen,tried to feel its movement,kissed on it.he also made A sat properly.Y-try to sleep soon before u get tired.A-ok.she smiled n covered his sheet. She was thinking of their life,she still feels sometimes she married him just last day.he never changed nor changed her.

After some days,A was in the duty.Mimo called,she received.M-hey,do u know who i'm?

A-mimo,why r u kidding?how can i forgot my shadow?

M-oh really!last time when u called me?

A-yaar,i thought u must be busy with Ayat.

M-ayat9her baby) is not new born baby,she's 3 years old now.dont show reasons.how's my pixie baby?

A-oh,she's fine.she keeps barbering when u'll come n she can play with ayat.why dont u come to my house?

M-same ques for u too.

A-u kno my condition.come na,Yash'll be happy.n he worries so much about me,if u come n stay with me some days,he'll feel happy.n i've so many things to tell u.

M-oki,this time i'll come ,as i'm missing pixie.bt next time u've 2 come with jiju n pixie.

A-ok ,i promise.where is Dev bro(mimo's hubby)?is he out of city?

M-yaah,for 3 days.so,Ayat n me getting irritate alone here.

A-what?just come by evening.pixie,her papa,all r in the house.i'll come by 9pm.

M-ok.den bye.have to pack bag.


yash was glad to see Mimo after returning home.he felt secured for A.as he felt sometimes in such period,a women needs a female to understand her condition.his mom was busy with Pixie,Neha with her studies and A's mom with Muski.he was thinking to tell A to go to her house for some weeks.he knew it would be tough to convince her,but he had to.she needed rest,till Yash n Pixie r with her,she wont care about herself.at night,Pixie n Ayat slept on Pixie's bed.Yash took his pillow n went to Pixie's room to sleep.A was very cheerful,she got a partner to chit-chat whole night.M-isnt it being years we slept together for chit-chat.

A-yaah,its the only thing i miss after marriage.n uff my profession!its keep reminding me of every second.

Mimo laughed n told-now why uff?it was ur dream na?

A-i kno,thats why Y keep laughing after me.

M-so sad.but whatever robotic/hectic life u lead,u'll be pleasured thinking ur dream became fulfill.n ur life's successful.its the only moment for which we do everything.

A-u said so true.i feel tired of such life,but when adore my little happy family,they r introducing me proudly,i feel so honored .really life's complicated but enjoyable.

After 3 weeks,A was in her room(her house).her mom was coming in few minutes and asking her if she needed anything.she was pampered n feeling like a kid.A-oh mom,i'll call u if i feel hungry.ok.u just relax.Mom-u r already a mom n becoming again,now u'll understand why i feel worry of u.A-mom,i know.i called Yash to come with pixie.its 2 days i didnt see my angel.Mom-only 2days u r having lil rest,now she'll come n u'll run after her.A-what i can do?my naughty baby neither stay without me,nor she understands my condition.

When Y arrived along with Pixie,A felt very happy and was curious to know if all were missing her.Pixie hugged her tightly,Y went near them hurriedly.he told pixie not to give pressure on her,pixie followed him n sat beside her silently.she felt her mom sick,so she cared for her.Yash was shocked to see A's hand.A was stretching  new-born's dress.Y-r u alright?what r u doing?

A-yaah,i learned from mom.good time pass.

y-oh u r really 1 piece.

A-do u select baby's name?

y-yaah,wont say u now.but u'll like it definitely.

A-ok,no problem.i'm happy that u've done 1 thing on time.Y smiled and said-i'm hungry,u wait.i'm coming with food.

A-call mom na,she must be in the kitchen.

Y-its not only ur house,my pixie's grandmom's house too.so i've right to have food by myself.

A-ok,as ur wish.bring a chocolate for me too.

Y-see ,u've changed so much.before Pixie's birth,u used to be boring,no interest to eat anything special.now u r in full mood of pregnant mom.

A-coj i've now a my family,that time i was scared of our relation n everything surrounding me.now i feel blessed to have such caring n adorable family without whom i'm nothing.their conversation interrupted by Ru's call.A sadly received it.R-hi aarti,how r u?how's ur lil baby doing?

A-i'm fine.u say how's ur 'would be hubby'?

R-he's good.why u seem upset?

a-yaar we planned so much about ur marriage,now i dont feel to miss it.anyways,why dont u arrange ur Mehendy ceremony in my house?Ru laughed and said-i'm selfish but not so much.My would be hubby's saying when u wont think ur marriage ceremony without ur best friend,why dont u postpone it for 3 months

A-is dat true?or u r kidding?n why just only for me?

R-dont u think it ever.not for u,for my pixie baby n her junior sis/bro.by the way u didnt inform me ur ultrasonograph report.

A-sorry ,we decided not to disclose it.have patience.

R-ok,i see,u became lil clever.

A-hey,i've to.dont forget i'm now going to be mom of 2 kids.

R-proudy mom,i'll also give my baby to u,to take care properly.samjhi.

both laughed out.Y was too enjoying their funny topic,though he felt happy about Ru's decision.its his weakness,he cant handle her about friend's case,as she has very few friends.she loves them like her family.n they also care too much for her,Pixie n Yash.sometimes when Yash n A stuck into urgent work,his mom is outside,Ru n Mimo handled her like their baby.

That night,Pixie wanted to sleep beside A.Aarti smiled n made her sleep by caressing her hair.Yash entered into room n found aarti n pixie sleeping hugging each-other.he didnt disturb their sweet sleep,lay beside pixie.at mid-night,pixie felt thirsty ,she moved slowly n barbered in sleep.A woke ,she slowly got from the bed,found the jug's empty.so she slowly walked to downstairs. She felt lil troubled to walk for her back pain.she carefully stepped n den came with a glass of water.all the time she was thinking of pixie n the unborn baby inside the womb.she was talking in mind-

baby,ur sis's thirsty,so i'm walking n troubling ur sleep.bt what can i do?i'm both's mom na,my love's equal for u.' she made pixie drink water,then she slept facing another side.suddenly,Y opened his eyes feeling pixie's movement.he found A standing.he felt scared n asked-do u need anything?why u dont call me?i was not in deep sleep.u r alright na?A sat,leaned over the bed n told-i'm completely ok.pixie was thirsty so i went downstairs n brought for her.

y-what?at night,without me!if anything happened to u,then what i would do?i would never forget myself for being so irresponsible. A-relax,dont think of such.i know u can do everything n u do all-time.but sometimes i feel so blessed when my babies search safe shelter on my lap,i feel to hug them forever.u know today i can say proudly that i'm very happy.i've fulfilled my all desires being married,not for that.my family always supported n never complained of my hectic duties,yet they gave same priority .i'm just proud of having such family.Y-oh,princess,u n ur emotions!pixie also got ur this nature.he came closer to her,hugged slightly,she made Pixie to sleep in side n she moved on middle.Y kissed on her forehead,hold her hand helping her lie comfortablly and sighed her to sleep .A closed her eyes,Y's self-thought-each time i support u, feel supporting myself.i've become responsible,as u do fulfill ur responsibilities .the meaning of life become precious for me,when u live its every precious moment.

[When u want something, Do want the Best thing,then u'll get atleast better one.]

[just before 1 year,I first took my pen to write what I think.not as writer,just as my view.

I was preparing myself to admit in medical college,now I'm studying it,I can now proudly say I've many dreams along with getting a Prince Yash like my own SS,n by god's grace,I'll try to fulfill as much I can.but never forget this moment]

[I'm really nothing without my Gurmeetian family here,along with Gurmeet.n happy to have such soulmates]

[Do ignore typing mistakes+my limited knowledge.press like n comment,it means everything to me]

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Amazing update!!!Clap

You are an awesome writer!! Love the part!!!Star

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U are here Jerry?

Are you going to be regular or just now Tongue

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lovleyyy awesome superb dear ...like it cute one

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Loveeed It !!

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cuteSmile ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.

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Lovely part,lvd it.

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Originally posted by jikky_84

U are here Jerry?

Are you going to be regular or just now Tongue

my tommy di Hug
Nope di,just got 3 days holiday,so came in home,n my guru ka b'day..celebrate to karnai parega..
u wont blv ur mad jerry,i wrote this part on my mobile's note wenever got time/alone 4 few mins to give a treat to u,how r u di?
i'm stuck in so many exams..sat vi 1 he..completed study den came 2 update..
now going 2 sleep..pray 4 ur jerry..i'm just managing everything 4 u,my strength.by the way,i've shifted in hostel n been der 4 a week.n quite adjusted.having adventurous life LOLLOL bt can watch pv 4m hostel tv..my roommate senior di's too his big fanEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
u tc of ur health+keep pm me abt ur well-being. love u lots n lots Heart

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