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Arshi SS-Exchange Offer-part 4(Almost)updated on page 22 (Page 5)

BarunAddictSays IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Anjali here is perfectly allright.Her leg is fit n fine & she is not pregnant.Smile
Also she won't be there to interrupt or distract Arnav & Khushi in Rabba Ves directly or personally.LOL
Here we go.Part 1 coming your way.Cool
Response is not touching...but am still updating.I cant help.Tongue
PS-I dont exactly know the timings of flights bw Delhi & Mumbai.So if you find any mistake in that regard,sorrySmile

Part 1

               The day,the golden day,arrived.The day Devi Maiyya woke up early then usual.Afterall this was the day when the lives of her two dear devotees were gonna be start changing forever.

                         The day was full of rush & hustle bustle.Arrangements were made.Preparations were done.Khushi & Anjali mailed the details of adresses,where to get keys & some other things related to their houses & place to each other.They decided to start at the same time from their cities.It was matter of just ten days so they didn't informed their families about this.Khushi handed over boutique to Lavanya & keys to her neighbour.So only Lavanya & he knew about their plans.Lavanya wished khushi luck & bid her bye.

                   Both flights landed at the same time on Santacruz & IGDA respectively.Khushi took the cab to Madh Island.She was so excited for her stay in Mumbai.She explored Mumbai by craning her neck out of the cab window all the while on her way to Anjali's house.After reaching there she fleched the keys from watchman.It was an outstandingly luxurious bungalow.Khushi checked out the whole house in a trance.It wasn't huge but was too big for two people.She could imagine Anjali's state when she would be alone.But she was happy for herself.The house had an indoor pool.There was an well maintained garden all arround the house.Khushi was on cloud nine.
Her phone buzzed.
New message from Anjaliji.
'on the way & you?'
She replied.
'reached.will call ya later.'

Khushi explored the house once more & goes to her bedroom which Anjali had kept ready for her.She found the room weird.She knew Anjali's taste a lil bit.But room was totally opposite to that.It was exquisite & well decored with great taste,no boubt.But in just two colors.Brown & gray.Khushi brushed aside her random thoughts & started unpacking her baggage.After a while she was well settled in her room.

                     Anjali reached her destination.She was overjoyed after taking in the surroundings.It was definitly an calm area.Without any noise except chirping of birds on tree.Which was pleasant.There was a garden & Devi Maiyya's temple.After observing each & every detail for some time,Anjali thought that it wasn't actually a bad idea to participate in Khushi's crazy idea of exchanging cities & houses.She was happy with her decision.The cab driver helped her with her luggage to the elevator & left after being paid.She stretched her hand to press elevator's button & at the same time one more hand pressed the same button.Which resulted into colliding two hands on each other & some weird currents passed through both hands into two bodies.
"Oh!!I'm so sorry.''The owner of the voice was an dashingly handsome guy of 32.He noticed Anjali & goes into aww mode after seeing the eathereal,divine & simple beauty infront of him.She was in a plain green chiffon saree well draped arround her perfectly maintained form.She looked ravishing in his favorite color.He forgot that he was checking her out without blinking & bated breath.Suddenly his eyes caught mangalsutra & sindoor on her & he came out of trance & drew a sharp breath.Anjali noticed that & Devi Maiyya knows why but a cute blush crept on her cheeks.She composed herself.
''Arey nahi.Thats alright.You seems in hurry.''
"Yeah.I was...I mean...anyways.You don't look like belong to here.''
''Oh yeah.I'm here to Khushiji's I mean Khushi Gupta's place.''
"KKG's place??!!One sec.Are you Mrs. Anjali?KKG's friend from Mumbai?''
"Yes you guessed currect.So you must be Amanji.Khushiji's neighbour.Right?Khushiji told me so much about you.''
"Yeah.But KKG is most like a sister to me than neighbour.I'm sure she had told you good things about me.By the way I'm Aman Mathur.''He laughed & stretched his hand towards Anjali for an handshake.
"Namaste Amanji.I'm Anjali Jha.''She folded her hands in namaste & Aman withdrew his hand awkwardly & followed the suit."And yes Khushiji did told me all good things about you.''She laughed.
"I bet.Anyways lets go.''Aman pressed the elevator's button.
"No Amanji.Please you don't bother.Just give me the keys.I'll manage.''She said nervously.
"Oh,not at all.It's perfectly fine.Let me help with the luggage.I insist.''Aman said with an genuine smile on face.Anjali found the guy friendly & trustworthy.Both reached Khushi's flat on third floor.Aman opened the flat with keys & kept the luggage in Khushi's bedroom.Anjali thanked him & he left.The house was not as luxurious as Anjali's bungalow but was enough lavish.Well furnished.Interior was very colorful mostly in yellow & orange.As she knew these were Khushi's favorite colors.All these colors added some more freshness to her already freshened mood.She took the shower & goes to the balcony.And the view again left her in awe.Half the balcony was surrounded by the branches of tree,an very comfortable recliner was kept there in a corner.Anjali literally hopped & goes to the kitchen to make a nice cupfull of coffee.She spent a lot of time in balcony seeping coffee & the nature in front of her,all lost.Thats why she didn't noticed a certain someone gazing at her from nearby balcony,all lost.That was Aman.He was unable to find ,what magnetic powers this woman had that drew his attention to her from the first time he layed his eyes on her.Little did he knew it was Devi Maiyya's enchanting effect on both of them.

                   Khushi thanked Anjali in heart for all these happenings.She was the happiest person on earth right now.She was roaming arround the kitchen humming Salman Khan's songs when she opened the fridge.There was a surprise for her.Yes,jalebi batter.Anjali knew that she loves making & eating jalebis.Thats why she told Hari Prakash to keep it ready for her.Now Khushi climbed two more clouds high.After 15 minutes she was munching on piping hot & sugar deeped jalebis & talking to Anjali on phone.Both thanked each other nth time for everything & already made the plan to meet each other & celebrate the success of their crazyness.Anjali kept the phone after telling Khushi that she is gonna be switch her phone off cause she don't want any disturbance in her peace & she'd check her tweeter account daily.So if they wanted to contact each other they could use tweeter.Khushi spent her remaining day frying & munching jalebis,roaming arround the house from inside & outside & sleeping on fluffy bed.She enjoyed the setting sun in Arabic Ocean in the evening.She helped herself with the dinner made by HP.After dinner she watched the recent Salman Khan movie on home theatre in living area.It was almost 1 when she turned off the home theatre.She drifted to the sleep at sharp 1.30am.

                    Clock struck 9 in the morning when Khushi heard the distant ringing of doorbells.She was busy in dreams of Barun Sobti,where she was at 'almost Rabba ve' stage with him.Doorbells rang second time & khushi came out of her dream & goes to kitchen to fletch a vessel for milk as per her habit.She opened the doors sleepily & said stretching her hand with vessel.
"You are late Bhaiyyaji.''But instead of getting milk she got something which was enough to bring her out of her sleep mode.
"What the..''
Her eyes flew open at the sudden outburst.The sight before her took her breath away.Khushi Kumari Gupta was completely awake now.
"Hey Devi Maiyya!Barun Sobti!!"She couldn't believe her stars.
"What the hell''Supposed Barun Sobti.
"No,no.You are not supposed to complete what the.sirf what the boliye na.Hey Devi Maiyya,I can't believe.Walking talking Barun Sobti at my door.''Super excited khushi said.
"'m Arnav Singh Raizada.''
"Thats what I...what?who?''Khushi got another shock on that holy day.
"I don't repeat myself & who the hell are you in my Di's house?where is Di?why the hell is her phone switched off?''An exasperated & worried Arnav.
"Oh!so you are Chote.''Khushi got back to sleep mode.Generally fully awake people don't adress THE ASR as 'Chote' except his Di.
"Excuse me?''THE ASR.
"Oh so sorry.I mean Arnavji.Anjaliji used to tell me so much about.My Chote this,my Chote that.Thats why you know.But anyways I'm khushi Kumari Gupta.Anjaliji's friend.Namaste.''Khushi folded her hands in namaste.Arnav recovered from his ASR mode & got lost in her.How can not he?Khushi was in a red designer night dress.Though it was a decent one covering her from toe to neck.But how could that help with her morning disheveled & innocent look.She looked breath taking in his favorite color.Khushi noticed that & became conscious of her appearance.A cute blush matching to her dress crept on her cheeks.She let him in & excused herself.He came out of trance.He totaly forgot the reason why he came here.How could he do that?Arnav Singh Raizada never got lost in some girl's land.He was clueless about how that innocent girl of just 10 minutes meet affected him so much.There in the other part of house Khushi was pondering on 'why the hell are her cheeks red'.Little did they knew it was Devi Maiyya behind the scene.

Sorry for typos & ignore mistakes pleaseEmbarrassed

Link part 2-

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BarunAddictSays IF-Sizzlerz

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Spoiler for next part.Wink
Rabba Ve with Laad Governor & Mr. Perfect.Blushing

You know now who is Mr. Perfect.Aren't you?So yes Mr. Perfect can also have Rabba Ve.Wink

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BarunAddictSays IF-Sizzlerz

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Anjali's houseCool

Khushi's house is something like this from inside.Wink

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Claploved it a lot

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BarunAddictSays IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sophiagoody

Claploved it a lot

Thank you much for liking it.Hug
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loved it Clap...happy for anjali too

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Originally posted by palo101

loved it Clap...happy for anjali too

Thank youSmile
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Devi maiyya is in naughty mood i see!!!!
Arnav and aman are already bewitchedEmbarrassed
Two wickets down...two more to go!!!
Lots of work cut out for devi maiyya i tell you...she might have to work overtimeBig smile

Keep writing

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