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Arshi SS-Exchange Offer-part 4(Almost)updated on page 22 (Page 22)

BarunAddictSays IF-Sizzlerz

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Prologue link
Part 1 link
Part 2 link
Part 3 link

Part 4


"Aapko kya farak padta hai,if something happens to me?Bataiye!"Khushi yelled with teary eyes.

"I don't need to answer your any question.We are going back.Right now.''Arnav dragged her to SUV & drove back to Madh Island.The journey back to home was silent.Arnav was driving with clenched jaws trying to compose himself.Khushi had puffed nose & balloon cheeks due to anger.As soon they reached home,Khushi got down from SUV & stomped towards main gate without glancing back at Arnav.She went straight to her room & locked it.First she measured all the lengths & widths of room in fuming mode then logged in to twitter.

Khushi Gupta@KKG
@Ranisahiba your Brother is impossible.:x

After logging out she threw her phone on recliner & herself on bed.
                  After some decent 10 minutes Arnav's phone buzzed.
Di calling.
He answered the call.

"What you said to Khushiji,Chote?''Anjali fired him with question.

"What the!"

"Stop what the'ing me Chote & answer me.''Anjali ordered him.

"Unbelievable!She complained you Di?''

"No Chote,Khushiji didn't told me anything.That's why I called you.Now you tell me,what's the matter?''

"Matter is Di,that she is behaving like a kid.First SHE demanded that damn unhiegenic gola like a kid.Then SHE came infront of that damn running vehicle like a kid.And now again SHE complained you like a kid.''He was fuming with anger.

"What?Is she alright Chote?Are you alright?''Anjali panicked.

"Di please relax.We are absolutly fine.''

"Please Chote,take care of Khushiji for me.''Anjali said genuinly.

"That's what I'm doing since I came here Di.Taking care of her.''Arnav snapped back.

"Aww.So cute.''

"It's not at all cute or funny.That girl is crazy aur ek din mujhe bhi pagal kar degi.''Arnav said exasperated.

"Sniff sniff sniff.''Anjali came back in teasing mode.

"What?''Arnav was confused.

"I think something is cooking Chote.''Anjali giggled.

"Watt!Unbelievable.I'm keeping Di.I've an video conference to attend.Take care of yourself.Bye.''Arnav wondered what was wrong with his Di.

"Bye Chote.''Anjali thanked Devi Maiyya for this progress.Devi Maiyya had an smirk om her face.

                 Khushi's room's door thundered due to a loud bang.She sat on the bed with a jerk & glanced outside through french doors.There wasn't any storm then what the hell was banging the door?That 'what',who was banging door from outside,was really really angry.Just like the roaring tornado.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta!Open the DAMN door.''His voice boomed which scared the hell out of Khushi.Khushi borrowed all the courage in world & opened the door with shakey hands.He advanced to her in predatory fashion.She backed off 2 steps seeing him like that.He came inside & banged the door shut.

"''He uttered each & every word in dangerously low voice & with a deadly glare.

"Humne aisa khuch nahi kiya.''She said confidently.

"Don't even try to lie in front me.Di had called me.''



"Excuse me?''

"You heard it.''

"Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.''His name sounded like sugar from her lips.Those soft,sugary,petal like...Focus Arnav Focus.You can't afford so much suger.You are diabetic.His attention diverted to her finger which was in his direction.''I won't say sorry.There isn't my fault then why should I apologize.''

"I.said.apologize.NOW!"Arnav said grinding teeth & pressing each word.This chit of a girl was getting on his nerves.

"Make me.''How can Khushi Kumari Gupta act coward.

"Excuse me?''

"You heard me.''Perfect match for Arnav Singh Raizada.

"Don't you ever dare to challange Arnav Singh Raizada again in your life.Now I'll show you what could be the consequences of challanging me.''He advanced towards her predatorily with a devilish smirk.She got scared at his attitude but kept her fecial expressions otherwise.She started backing off with his each step untill she hit the wall.Arnav came dangerously close to her & kept both his hands right besides her petite form near her waist.Their nose almost touching.Lips centimeters apart.Breaths mingeling.Eyes locked.Sensations running down the body.Chills passing down the spine.AC in room failed to work.This time Arnav too heard Rabba Ve playing on violine somewhere near to them.They wondered from where the gust of wind started blowing & playing with just two of their loose locks.He inhaled her feminine scent.That was entoxicating.He started loosing his senses when his eyes fell on her quivering lips.Khushi's state wasn't too different from him.He was literally all over her.Pressing his body with her at certain places.It provocked only heat.His musculine aroma was causing havoc on her.She felt dizzy.Her eyes were on the verge of shutting anytime.He came some more close to her.He still was trying hard to keep his calm but her trembling lips weren't helping but adding fuel to his temptation.When he saw her eyes closed in anticipation,he lost it completely.He cupped her face gently & came some more close to her.His eyes were all the while gued to her soft luscious lips which blocked his all other senses.Distance was just a couple of milimeters & he would claim her lips but Devi Maiyya hadn't planned it yet.She decided to interrupt it & sent HP to knock on door.Khushi was hyperventilating & had cluched handfull of her dress waiting for the kiss to come when she heard the knock.It broke the trance & she came back to reality first.She got shocked on their close proximity & expressions on Arnav's face.He immediately masked his emotions,afterall he had master's degree in this field & turned his back to Khushi.Khushi ran from there to open the door.Arnav disappeared into the garden from french doors to retain some calm which Khushi stole from him without his knowledge.

                           Khushi opened the door still panting like she had participated in hundred meters race.

"Is Arnav Bhaiyya here?"HP asked looking over his shoulder.''Anjaliji was asking for him on phone.She told me to tell him to call her.''Arnav came in from french doors.HP turned to him.

"Arnav Bhaiyya Anjaliji...''

Arnav cutted him short.
"I heard it.''& strode out of the room without glancing back at Khushi.HP left the room as if he understood something wasn't right between his Arnav Bhaiyya & Khushiji.Khushi locked the door after closing it & leaned over it.She kept a hand on her erratically beating heart to pacify it.She was totally out of wits about what happened just moments back.
'What the hell was that?'
'Why the hell was I anticipating?'
'What the hell was he upto?'
'What the hell would have happened if HP hadn't came?'
'Who the hell that Laad Governor thinks of himself?'
All these questions,which contained 'hell',started haunting her.But the fact she didn't knew was all these 'hell' things were fixed in 'heaven' by none other than her own Devi Maiyya.Devi Maiyya celebrated her victory & got busy in planning yet another 'heavenly hell' for her 2 stubborn children.

                      Arnav went straight to the poolside.He stood there facing pool's water.His whole form was taut.He was trying hard to control something.Something,which he didn't knew,wasn't in his control anymore.He stood there clenching jaws & fists looking at nothing in perticular.His inner storm was very well visible on his face.
'What was I doing?'
'What happened to me?'
'How could I do this?'
'Why couldn't I control myself?'
'Why she had this effect on me?'
'Why she pulls me towards her everytime?'
Arnav was trying to find the answers of his each what,why & how.Even though all his whats,whys & hows were answered already by Devi Maiyya but he was too adamant to accept the fact.His buzzing phone drew him out of his trance.Di calling.He answered.

"What.the.hell.Chote.Are you even in your senses?''Anjali's voice boomed in his ears through the speakers of his phone.

"What happened Di?Are you alright?''Arnav replied in worried tone.But his worry goes in deaf ears of Anjali.

"What engrossed you too much that you forgot to call your Di?''

"I...uh...I was...Forget it Di.You tell me why you called?''He stammered.Awkward.

"I called you because from last half & hour I was waiting for you to call.Didn't HPji told you to call me?''Anjali was still in angry mode.

"Please Di.Stop fussing over this issue & come to the point.''

"I called to tell you something & you have to promise me that you'll do it as I say.''Anjali said curtly.

"Ok.I promise.''Arnav surrendered.

"Tomorrow is Khushiji's birthday.I want you to buy a gift for her & give it to her on my behalf.Now don't you dare to deny.''Anjali threatened him.

"WHAT THE!!How you thought that I'll do something like this Di?''Arnav's voice was contributing in noise pollution.

"You are shouting like I'm telling you to commit some crime Chote.What is your problem?Do you want me to ask HPji to buy a saree for Khushiji?Ok keep the call.I'll tell him.''It worked like magic.

"NO!!I mean...I'll do it...myself.''Arnav tried to hide his possessiveness but it was Anjali on the other end.

"I knew it.I mean my Chote can do anything for me.Right Chote?''She giggled to tease him.

"Whatever.Is there anything else Di or I...''

Anjali stopped him midsentence.

"Yes Chote.Also buy a Mango cake.Khushiji loves Mango cake & tell HPji to prepare something special over dinner.Ok?''

"Unbelievable''Arnav was exasperated by increasing demands of his Di.''Bye Di.''He kept the call.

'Her birthday.So what?I don't care.'

His heart & mind engaged into a 'I'm right,you are wrong' fight.Devi Maiyya felt exhausted.Afterall she was multi tasking between Mumbai & Delhi.
'Tough case.But who cares.I always win.'She thought.

                   Arnav went to fulfill his task as his Di's demands.Afterall he can do anything for his ...Di.His Di was wise enough.She told him to buy saree but purposley forgot to tell him the color.Now anyone out there can guess what color the saree would turn out to be,purchased by Arnav Singh Raizada for Khushi Kumari Gupta.

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BarunAddictSays IF-Sizzlerz

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Spoiler for next part.

Khushi's Birthday wish.Wink(surprise)

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crazyweird Goldie

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Very nice...

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riyar IF-Dazzler

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nice... luv it...

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applesauce. IF-Sizzlerz

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Anjali @RaniSahiba ROFL twitter pe..What does she Tweets LOL
Waahji Waah!KKG ko acha tareeka mila hai Laad Governor ki complains karne ke liye.

Oh!DamN!They are again interrupted!HPAngry,anjaliAngry Angry
aah!HelL toh Heaven hi hoga na jab saath ho ASR<3 LOL

Arnav WilL buy Saree.Color toh ReD hi hoga LOL.lawo mere 5crROFLI answered without u giving me any Options.
DeVI Maiyyaa Stern Smile..agli bar 'Jadoo hai Nasha hai' plan karnaDay Dreaming

^^Chalo ji,yeh comment bahut crap ho raha haiLOL
Isse pehle ande padhe main bhag rahi hoon.ROFL

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Amti4u IF-Rockerz

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Loved the whole part.. Anjali and Khushi are comfortable in the exchange places.. adn Arnav is showing his possessiveness and concern which I love the most.. Love you soo much for this part.. and I will love you more if the next part have more rabba vee...

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N0306 IF-Dazzler

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read all the parts.. the story is very cute.. it is funny and devi maiyya is hilarious

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butterfly06 Senior Member

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Aww loves it...I hope they kiss soon

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