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Arshi SS-Exchange Offer-part 4(Almost)updated on page 22 (Page 17)

BarunAddictSays IF-Sizzlerz

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Prologue link- forum_posts.asp?TID=3100450

Part 1 link- forum_posts.asp?TID=3100450&TPN=5

Part 2 link-


Part 3


               Khushi woke up to the ringing alarm at sharp 6.She got ready as fast as she could & came running out of the room.And...Bang...She collided with a hard body...hard shirtless body.Two strong arms sneaked arround her waist when she was about to fall.She closed her eyes tightly & was ready for the impact of fall which never came.She clutched onto his bare shoulders & opened her eyes to found an lost Arnav staring unblinkingly at her.Khushi wondered why the hell was HPji watching Rabba Ve scene that too in full volume?Also she made an mental note to visit heart specialist because her heart was beating erratically & competing with the bullet train.

'22 is not an decent age to be a heart patient.'Khushi concluded.

'But 22 is the more than decent age to be in love.'Devi Maiyya stated.

Sound of nearing footsteps unlocked their eyelocks & Rabba Ve stopped the same instance.So!It wasn't HPji.

"Can't you see,where you are going?''Arnav said angrily still holding her by waist.Khushi got startled by his outburst & became conscious of their proximity.He left her & Khushi adjusted her dress awkwardly looking here & there.

"I...I...why me?Aap dekh ke nahi chal sakte kya?''She retorted back with same intensity as Arnav.

"Enough!!''Arnav's voice boomed in the hallway.

'Wandering shirtless in house like he is on Juhu beach & giving me enough.Oolta chor kotwal ko dante'Khushi muttered under her breath.She was looking everywhere but at Arnav.

"Excuse me.What you said?''Doubtfull Arnav.
"Yes.I said,I wasn't seeing while walking.I thought I was on Juhu beach.''She answered him sarcastically.

"Whatever.''You cant get anything better than 'whatever' from Laad Governor.He strode to the guestroom without glancing back at Khushi.
'Shameless Laad Governor.Don't he know a simple word like 'sorry'.She wondered.

                 Khushi was munching furiously on rusk & literally gulping it down the throat like tiger was behind her & she was running for life.Arnav came to the table for breakfast.Their eyes met.She choked on her rusk & started coughing.'why the hell he have to stare at me like that?'Khushi cursed him.Arnav extended glass of water to her worriedly.

"Easy.Breakfast is not running anywhere.''
'Yeh ladki mujhe pagal kar degi.'Arnav rolled his eyes mentally.

"Not breakfast Arnavji but I'm running out of time.''...'And out of mind.'Khushi too rolled her eyes mentally.

"It's just 7.Where are you going this early?''Arnav sat & HP served him Aaloo Paratha with curd.

"Wo actually I'm going to the sets of IPKKND to meet Barun Sobti Ji.''She kept the last peice of rusk in her mouth & smiled 1000 watt at Arnav.She couldn't hide her excitement.

"What The!!"Arnav's hands stopped slicing Paratha with fork & knife.

"Kya hua?Is it too much spicey?''Khushi looked worriedly at Arnav & then at watch."Hey Devi Maiyya.It's too late.I have to go Arnavji.''

"Wait,I'll drop you.''Arnav's mind started thinking of '101 ways to stop Khushi from meeting Barun Sobti.'

"You started pick up & drop in services?But please don't bother.I'll manage.''Arnav ignored her sarcastic comment.

"No.I mean ...Di told me to take care of you.As you are her friend & you are my responsibility...till you are here.And one more thing.I'm extending my stay till Di comes back.Now let's go.''Arnav fletched his coat & laptop bag.

"But your breakfast?''Khushi was too flustered by his behavior.

"I'll have it later.''Arnav strode to the door.

"And your medicine?''Khushi wondered from where this came to her mind.Arnav stopped in his track for a minute.His back stiffened.He turned arround to look at her.She was uncertain.
''Let's go.''And he went to his SUV parked in the driveway of bungalow.Khushi followed him hurriedly.

                    It was 10 a.m.Anjali was as usual in balcony.She was working on her canvas.The nature spread all around her inspired her to take the brush & paint a picture.She always loved to draw,paint.Nature guided her & the output of which was breathtaking.It was an painting full of life with green,blue,yellow & red colors.The colors,symbol of life.It had an grass field,an water fall,lots of butterflies,red,yellow & blue Tulips.Though the painting was incomplete yet.But it looked almost live.Like animated movie.She was too engrossed in her painting to listen doorbell.Suddenly a loud thud on door & Aman's worried 'Anjali' brought her out of her reverie.She opened the door to found an worried Aman.

"What happened Amanji?''

"Thank god.''A sense of relief passed through him.''Are you all right?Why wasn't you opening the door? I was ringing bell for 5 damn minutes.Do you have any idea how worried I was.I thought...Can't you have some sense of world arround you.What was so much important that you forgot to pay attention on ringing doorbell.''Aman scolded her totally forgetting that he was adressing her singularly.

"You sound just like my Chote.''Anjali said in a trance dreamily & gazing him in aww.

"Now who is this 'Chote'?''Aman was still in his scolding mode.

"Oh,he is my younger brother.You know he scolds me on my carelessness just like you scolded me some moments back.''Anjali pouted her lips mockingly.

"Serves you best.''Aman forgot his anger.''I think you need a daily dose of scolding to erase your carelessness.''
Anjali giggled on it."Anyways,what's the matter Amanji?why were you here?''

"Well I was here to ask...Wait... what is that?''Aman's eyes caught something colorful in balcony through ajar doors.Anjali turned & looked in the direction of Aman's pointing finger.Before she could come up with something Aman was already inside.

"Oh my god!!YOU made this?You are an artist?I can't believe this.It's fantastic.Great.Oh!Now I get it.That's the reason.That's why you & KKG ended up in this crazyness.Only artists could come up with such crazy ideas & thoughts.Right Anjali?I hope you don't mind me calling you Anjali.''

"Right.Aur thodi der pehale jab aapne hume dant'te huye tum kaha tab bhi hume bilkul bura nahi laga.I'll be glad if you call Anjali.Friends?''Anjali stretched her hand to Aman.Their hands touched & again some current passed through them.Both pulled their hands & smiled.

"You know ...I was ...going to was just asking that if you want anything then I will get it for you while returning back from work.''Aman said awkwardly due to the 'current' state.

"No Amanji.Abhi hume kuch nahi chahiye.But thank you for asking.''Anjali smiled at him.

"Ok then.Bye.See you in evening.''
He left for office.After Aman's departure Anjali busied herself in her painting.A smile adorning her face.It was a really good start of the day with 2 encounters with Aman.Anjali was oblivious of where her thoughts were taking her.But she was happy.Happy than earlier.

                    Khushi flashed her mobile infront of eyes.10 a.m.Arnav literally had her on 'Mumbai Darshan' tour.From past 3 hours they were raoming all over Mumbai,occassionally stopping at some office or hotel.Khushi was really bored.She was bored of gazing skyscrapers,rushing traffic & noise in Mumbai,all the while sitting in the passanger's seat of his SUV like heavens forsaken.She had had enough.Finally she decided to confront him when the SUV came to halt at signal but her eyes fell on something of her interest & she forgot everything.

"Gola.''Khushi screamed in excitement & pointed a finger at roadside gola hawker like a 3 year old.''I want it Arnavji.''She squirmed like a kid.

"Unbelievable! I was right.''Arnav exclaimed.

"What?''Khushi stared at him confused.

"That is unhygienic.You can't have it.''Arnav said as if matter of factly.

"But I want it want it want it.I'm bored of sitting in your car like I'm here since my birth.''Khushi pouted her lips cutely.Arnav couldn't have enough of that pout.But he controlled his emotion & urge to wipe that pout off her lips with his own.He smiled for a mili fraction & Khushi caught him.'Did he smiled?coz that could be breaking news as she never saw this man beside her even doing 's' of smile since she met him.Was smiling that difficult for him?'

"Please Arnavji.''She batted her eyelashes like Barbie doll & Arnav melted.

"Ok.But only one.''He gave in.

"Promise.''She was really like a kid.'Ajeeb hai ye.'Arnav was amused by her.He parked his SUV & both went to the gola hawker.Arnav asked him to make a gola with an unpleasant face.Khushi added 'cherry wala'.She didn't need anything big to be excited.A tiny gola or golgappe or jalebis will do.She forgot about meeting Barun Sobti.Arnav was somehow successful in his mission 'Not letting Khushi meet Barun Sobti' on pretence of some important meeting or the other.Khushi's gola came & she snatched it like some treasure & started gobbling it.Arnav's eyes were fixed on her.So innocent.How can someone be so adorable while having gola.He wondered.A brief smile crept on his lips.Khushi asked him with eyes if he wanted gola to which he nodded negatively.She resumed her task.
        Suddenly Arnav's eyes fell on a vehicle coming from the opposite direction towards Khushi.She looked totally oblivious to it.Arnav felt a stong jolt inside him.Fear gripped him.Fear to loose someone.Which he was fighting with till date...But his protective instinct,which was reserved just for his Di,had better of him.Adranaline rushed down his spines.His frozen expressions melted within nano seconds.In no time Khushi was in his arms & both landed on the footpath & the vehicle passed by them in full speed.People rushed to them & made a circle arround them.Khushi was on the top of Arnav.He held her protectivly with one arm arround her shoulder & other on her waist.Khushi's face turned pale due to the fear.Her eyes were tightly shut.Arnav sighed in relief.Khushi had clutched on to his coat in a strong grip.Arnav saw people gathering arround them.He helped her standing.She was still scared & was trembling.Arnav got angry on the people & shooed them.He turned to Khushi in predatory manner and eyed her like a pray.She backed off little & Arnav filled the distance in a stride & grabbed her in a steel grip.

"'t you keep your eyes & ears open?What if something had happened to you?What if I wasn't there?''He shook the hell out of Khushi.She felt a burning sensation where he had grabbed her.Her eyes welled up.

"Enough Arnavji.I'm not some rag doll that you will treat me however you please.I can take care of myself.You don't need to worry about me.Agar hume kuch ho bhi jata toh aapko is'se kya?Aapko kya farak padta hai?''Khushi yelled back controling her tears.

"Farak padta hai DAMMIT.Because I...''words trailed down.He couln't complete his sentence.The realisation dawned on Arnav.

Strange reason-Jealousy.
Strange feeling-Possessiveness.
Strange emotion...Love?

               Arnav was afraid of giving it a name.A word,an emotion which he burried deep down his wounded heart,wanted to resurface.How could he let that happen.The feeling which was the cause of his pain & fear.Fear of loosing loved one's.Pain of watching the hurt on loved one's.How could this happen to him.He never believed in love or rather kept himself away from it.He never felt like this before.But he was sure it can't be possible.He cant fall in love withing just 2 days.Not possible.Little did he knew when Devi Maiyya takes any case in her hands she never leaves any stone unturned to complete her task successfully.

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Spoiler for next partCool

Something 'Almost' with Laad GovernorWinkBlushing

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Cute update :) Waiting for the 'almost' you promised! x
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aww my boys r falling in love.. cant w8..i must say u r awsm writer...y cant i write lyk dis. sigh..kher awsm update n asusual thnkx 4 pm sweeti :*
BarunAddictSays IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by RTlicious


Cute update :) Waiting for the 'almost' you promised! x

Thank youSmile
You know whats this "almost''.dont ya?WinkBlushing
BarunAddictSays IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by blue.candy

aww my boys r falling in love.. cant w8..i must say u r awsm writer...y cant i write lyk dis. sigh..kher awsm update n asusual thnkx 4 pm sweeti :*

Thank you candyDancing
Thank you so much for the compliment.Hug

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Woww!!! THat was so cute!!!
waiting for ALMOST!Wink

Edited by ii..Shilpa..ii - 24 August 2012 at 2:45am

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ipkknd + the holiday ? superb...

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