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ArHi FF: The Memories of Love*Chapter 10 UPDATED* (Page 11)

smiley24 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Clapamazing dear Clap
i loved itHeart
plz continue soonBig smile
plz,plz  do pm me when you update the next chapterBig smileBig smileBig smile

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Mistic_Creation Newbie

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
Hi, sorry if it sounds rude or harsh, but dont you think that it has been too long ever since you update...When are you planning to update dear, can't wait any longer...The is getting more and more interesting...Pls do update soon...Once again sorry if its rude...

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ArVi_ArHi Groupbie

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Okay, now let me start from Beginning...

-Anjali being worried for Arnav was really sweet and a great start...
-Arnav's dabbang entry and the flashbacks was a real wow...You wrote it so beautifully and was easy to picturize...The small girl and Arnav was really nice...He remembering Khushi, the flashbacks...everything was really nice...
-I have no words to describe chapter 3, it was all totally mind-blowing and beautiful...Loved how you twisted the story...
-Khushi's flashback about her family was really nice...
-Loved the way you wrote the flashback, I had goosebumps when I read it...
-Arnav realizing his mistake was really nice...and he wants to apologize...Ahww...that was so cute...and poor Aman, he always get Arnav's stare...
-Everything in chapter 6 was beautifully written...Loved the last part when Arnav was thinking what he did was rite or not...
-Loved Anjali's strong character, and the way she made him realize his mistake was superb...Anjali's every word was really true and nicely written...Love when Anjali was taking charge of the situation in the office...
-Chapter 8 was a worth reading chapter...The way Arnav shut the woman's mouth was the best...

Arnav: *smiled unbelievably and the woman looked at him confusingly* you are her friend and you can talk like this about her daughter, at least have shame on yourself. *the woman stopped smiling and felt a little shame* anyways, thank you for the address. *was about to go but stops and looks at her back* um, you asked me a question rite, could you repeat it.

The woman: Um...Why do you need her address?

Arnav: To apologize to her and another thing, I don't need to be lucky like that Arnav Singh Raizada because I AM that Arnav Singh Raizada. Got it!

Beautifully and well written...

-Chapter 9, was really nice...Garima angry at Arnav and Arnav changing his name...really can't wait for your next update...Please update fast...Please oh please oh please...

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.howler. IF-Rockerz

BollyCurry Visual Effect
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Posted: 04 October 2012 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
Guys, I'm really sorry...I know that it has been very long...I'm really sorry

NOTE: Arnav's memories = Purple color; Flashback = blue color
* If the words are purple color then that means its Arnav memories about how he met Khushi, fall in love with her and how they separate.

Chapter 10

"Aunty I'" Arnav stopped in midway'.Garima had brought her hand forward, indicating him to stop.

"Before you say anything, I want you to know that I know your real identity. You are Arnav Singh Raizada rite."Garima asked. She was having an angry look on her face. Arnav just nodded yes.
"What are you doing here? Have you not done enough already'.What more you want to do?" Garima asked angrily
"Aunty, please at least you listen to me." Arnav pleaded, but Garima didn't pay any heed to him.
"What more you want us to listen? Because of you, my daughter's marriage has stopped, because of you my daughter is called as a s**t and today because of you, my daughter is away from me'BECAUSE OF YOU'"Garima said angrily'Arnav felt guilty again'.
"Aunty, please, just hear me out once'I know what I did was wrong, and I don't want to justify my acts. But whatever I did was out of anger' I wasn't thinking of the consequences when I did that'and I really hate myself for doing like that to your daughter'I'm really sorry'" Arnav said, Garima first melt down, but after remembering Khushi's state after she came back from the fashion show, she became angry again.
"Oh, so if you say sorry, everything would be fine'.Every time I see you, I only remember my daughter going away from this house with tears in her eyes'I only remember her state when she came back from that fashion show place'You are lucky that my husband didn't recognize you, or else you wouldn't be here rite now'."Garima said'.Arnav didn't know what to say, he kept quiet, he remembered what how he did to Khushi after the fashion show ended'
"'Before my husband finds out whom you are, you yourself have to tell him the truth'or else I'll tell him'"Garima continued. Arnav didn't know what to do'.Garima saw Arnav standing still'
"So you're not going to tell huh'Okay fine'Then I'll" Garima said, she turns and was about to go until Arnav calls her. Garima turns and looks at him again and ask what it is.
"Aunty, I know whatever I did was wrong. And I have realized my mistake, which is why I'm here to mend it '.please give me one chance'please'." Arnav said. Garima didn't say anything; she was still not convinced'.Arnav understood it and continued,
"'Please aunty, please'.I'll make sure I do everything to mend my mistake. I promise you that I'll clear Khushi's name in the society and I'll make sure no one will talk bad about her in the future." Arnav said. Garima went in deep thought.
"Okay." Garima said. Arnav was shock; he never knew that Garima would say okay',
"I will give you a chance to repent'I'll give you one month time to do it'and after that I'll see if I can forgive you or not."Garima said to Arnav, she had her arms crossed against her chest'..Arnav became happy'
"Oh, thank you so much aunty, thank you'." Arnav said happily, Garima didn't say anything. She was about to go, but Arnav calls her again.
Arnav: Aunty, I have one request.
Garima: What is it?
Arnav: Can you please not tell Sashi uncle who I really am.
Garima: Why?
Arnav: Because once he find out, he will definitely never listen to me. I don't want him to know who I am until this 1 month finish. Please.
Garima: *think*Okay'I'll not tell him, but remember; you only have 1 month to repent.
Arnav: Yes aunty'I remember.
After Arnav said that, Garima went out of the room. Arnav was just smiling'
At Night

Arnav is shown sleeping, but suddenly he wakes up as he was feeling thirsty'He comes outside the room, goes to the kitchen and gets himself a drink, before he go to sleep he sees the entrance door opened' He goes to close it but he saw Sashi outside'.The wind was blowing strongly and Sashi was standing with his eyes closed, Arnav goes near him and calls him.
Arnav: Uncle'.
Sashi: *opens his eyes and look at Arnav*yes beta'
Arnav: What are you doing here'I mean the wind is also blowing strongly and it also looks like its going to rain'.
Sashi: This is not rain's wind, but this is love wind.
Arnav: *confused*what?
Sashi: Yes beta'this wind will only come when someone misses another person dearly'.it is sending the message that your loved ones are missing you. *Sashi looks in front and closes his eyes* whenever you close you eyes you will only think about them, their talk, their childish acts'*Arnav smiles a little*'and whenever you think about that, you will always smile'
Sashi opens his eyes and sees Arnav smiling'
Sashi: Kya hua beta'*Arnav looks at him*'who are you thinking about'
Arnav: *looks at him and smiles*'. (Can't describe Arnav's expression, it was really flawless, so I've posted the image')

When you said about childish act, I remembered my sister'
Sashi: Your sister'
Arnav: Haan uncle, my sister'when you said childish, I only remembered her'*excited*'even a tiny little stuff makes her happy'when we were young we used to do a lot of masti, especially she'my mother used to shout at us whenever we do anything stupid'.
Sashi: Even my daughter, she's the naughtiest in the family'.There were once she made the whole house into a mess just to make jelebi'.*Both Arnav and Sashi laughed*
Arnav: *still laughing*sirf ek jelebi bane ki liye'
Sashi: Haan beta, sirf ek jelebi bane ki liye'.
Arnav: Arey uncle, at least your daughter only made the house mess just to make the jelebi; my sister turned the house upside down to just get one jelebi'.
Both Sashi and Arnav laughed and talked about Khushi and Anjali, Sashi talks to Arnav about Khushi's young time masti and Arnav talks about what Anjali and he did when they were young.
"There was also once when my father'." Arnav stopped talking, his expression changed when he realized he was about to talk about his father. Sashi noticed Arnav change of expression and asked him what happen.
Sashi: What happened beta'why did you stop talking?
Arnav: um'nothing uncle'
Sashi: You can tell me beta, just think me as your own and tell me'I will listen'.
Arnav: No uncle really, it's nothing'
Sashi: *understands*Okay beta, if you don't want to tell me, then I understand'.*smile*'you can tell me when you feel like want. I'll wait'
Arnav didn't say anything, but he felt happy'Even though he is a stranger to me, he cares me like I'm one of his'Arnav thought to him. Sashi looked at in front,
"Beta, kabhi kabhi paraya bhi apne hote hai'" Sashi said, Arnav looked at him confusingly'but Sashi didn't see him, so he continued'. "Sometime, you don't know who that person is and you've never seen them in your life, but najane kyu, you'll feel connected to them." Sashi said. Arnav didn't understand at all.
Arnav: *confused*Uncle what are you talking about?
Sashi: *smiles*'nothing beta, when the time come you'll understand.
After Sashi said that, he tells to Arnav that he's feeling sleepy and he wants to go and sleep, leaving Arnav confused'but Arnav brushes it off and tells to himself not to think about it anymore. After Sashi goes inside, Arnav stood there and looked back at the sky, he put his hand in his pocket and slowly closes his eyes while enjoying the wind. Suddenly he remembered Khushi'flashbacks of the fashion show scene comes again'
She pulls up her duppata over herself, and was about to run off, but ended up tripping on her duppata and falls off the stage into Arnav's arms. Arnav senses her fear, and holds her even more firmly.

He catches hold of her and breaks the string which keeps her blouse intact. She gets shock at his actions.

She overcome her shock and opens her hair to cover her exposed back. He tries to say something but she goes away from there crying.

Arnav opens his eyes instantly'
 "Sometime, you don't know who that person is and you've never seen them in your life, but najane kyu, you'll feel connected to them."
Arnav remembered those words again. He wasn't sure what was he feeling, but he knew that it was something'something different. Why did he felt connected to her, why was sad when she cried, why was he desperate to apologize to her'why? All those questions were circling in his mind. Maybe it's just the feeling of guiltiness. Arnav thought, he assured himself that he was guilty, that was why he feeling like that. But he still couldn't convince himself. What was that feeling? Even he didn't know, he just stood there.

In Delhi
At Buaji's house
The scene shifts to Khushi in Delhi, she is sitting outside her house.

Payal comes out and sees Khushi looking at the sky, she goes near her.
Payal: Khushi, what are you doing here, it looks like its going to rain. Come, lets go in.
Khushi: Jiji, feel the wind nicely, do you think that this is rain's wind. It's love Jiji, the love wind.
Payal: Khushi, I'm not that expert like you to know which is rain's wind and love wind'now will you please come in. Buaji is calling you.
Khushi: *smile brightly*today I don't care if Buaji shouts at me or not. I'm very happy today, so whatever Buaji say I will not care.
Payal: Arey, what made you so happy'Tell me also'*smile*
Khushi: Guess'
Payal: *think for awhile*did you talk to Amma'
Khushi nods negatively.
Payal: If not Amma, then'*looks at Khushi's happy face*'Babuji. Did you talk to Babuji?
Khushi: *nods yes*'today Babuji told me that the goons which disturbed me came and threw stones to the house'
Payal: *shock* what? When this did happen'.and' and why didn't Babuji tell this to me.
Khushi: Because I told him not to'
Payal: But why?
Khushi: Because I knew that you will react like this'
Payal didn't say anything for awhile, a moment later, she ask Khushi what happened. Khushi tell to her about what happened in Lucknow'how a guy came and save Sashi and Garima and until Sashi ask Arnav to be paying guest in their house.
"Jiji, tume batahe'after today, I feel like there are some guys who are actually good in this world, not like that Laad Govener." Khushi said, her face was angry when she sad Laad Govener. Payal noticed it but didn't say anything, so Khushi continued, "'*looks at Payal happily*Jiji, do you what I want now, *Payal ask what in signal*'I want to see Aditya and tell thanks to him for saving our house from being destroyed by the goons and also for helping Babuji." Khushi said happily. Payal tells to her that her wish will come true if, and only if, they go to Lucknow rite away. Khushi was about to say something until she sees a shooting star. She shouts at Payal to look at the shooting star.
The scene shifts to Arnav in Lucknow; he is shown still standing outside the house, he takes a deep breath and was about to get inside the house until he sees a shooting star.
Arnav and Khushi, simultaneously closes their eyes and wishes for something.


I know its lame, sorry guys I wrote it in a hurry...really hope you guys liked it, if it's lame don't bash me up...
Kindly leave some feed backs and silent readers please like, 1 like or comment wouldn't hurt that much rite..I'll really like all ArHi fans to comment on it...

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Mistic_Creation Newbie

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 9:21pm | IP Logged
no dear, your update is amazing......
your update is really nice...I loved Arnav and Sashi's bonding and moreover I really loved the snile which you posted...really a beautiful update...can't wait for the next one...

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MishAv Groupbie

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mistic_Creation

no dear, your update is amazing......
your update is really nice...I loved Arnav and Sashi's bonding and moreover I really loved the snile which you posted...really a beautiful update...can't wait for the next one...

Agreed...a beautiful update dear...can't wait for the next one...

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bhadraprasad IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
Beautiful...Loved the bonding of Arnav and Shashi...Thanks for the PM

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pinky89 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 October 2012 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Nice update !!!! Thanks for the Pm

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