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Spice Girls Hangout:What does she want dammit? (Page 2)

meens80 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged

Hi Sari and SG's!

Fantastic post Sari, loved itBig smile

Super cute episode today; extremely well balanced with a perfect blend of romance, comedy, drama and roothna mananaSmile. My favorite Jodi today was undoubtedly Naanav-NK, absolutely loved the bromance! While the whole team put up great performances; a special call out to Barun today. The love, longing and guilt in his eyes and voice in his wish to Khushi, the annoyance and irritation in his interactions with NK, the sweet child like request to Nani, eagerness and impatience to see a positive response from Khushi, the care and concern in talking to Anjali; all wonderfully portrayedStarStar!

Loved the "Happy birthday" scene; beautiful heartwarming scene; loved the heartfelt wish that Khushi gets all the happiness in the world, the rose, the gentle caressing of the strand of hair, the tender forehead kiss, the love, longing and pain all classic ArnavDay Dreaming. Khushi's rajkumar finally shines through to fulfill her wish and she knows how special she is to himThumbs Up.

Absolutely loved the Nanaav-NK bromance; the morning scene, the whole exchange at the breakfast table; these 2 are a riot. NK is Mr. Sunshine; I really hope he continues to stay on in the show; loved his response to when Arnav questions why needs his help; coz he is the kind of hubby that wishes his wife while she is sleepingROFL.

Arnav is leaving no stone unturned to woo back his girl; I loved how he pulled out the chair for her; loved it even more when NK finally sat on it with a big hello to all announcing his arrivalLOLLOL. He is like a lost little boy who is being denied his favorite toy (his wife's acceptance and her smile) but he is determined to get what he wants. I hope Khushi tells him tomorrow that what is really bothering her and that him bringing up the contract has hurt her. He needs to assure her that he did not mean it and I want the promo scene to kind of play out. Both need reassurance from the other regarding the contract and how he wants to make her his forever.

I sympathize with Anjali again today; felt bad for her when she thinks about the creep, his fake promises and his words on wanting to be there for his princess daughterAngry. As delusional as she is, it is difficult for any woman to come to terms with the fact that her child may never get to know her dadOuch. She in her mind is slowly beginning to feel abandoned by her dear Chote, her insecurity and fear of being left alone to face life kicking in. But again she chooses to not say anything to either Arnav or Khushi; but is falling deeper in a pit of self pity and depression. The family needs to start talking to her to get her out of her loneliness soon instead of just letting her sit around moping by herself.  

So tomorrow marks the 300th episode; Congrats to the entire team of IPKKND for a job extremely well doneClapClap. All this talk about the rain romance has me excited but I will keep my expectations low; just to ensure that I enjoy whatever is shown and not end up disappointed.

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purplenpink Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
What do you say about a super cute and impossibly pig-headed couple that are hopelessly in love? Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon indeed!LOL

A cute epi as we see more of a beleaguered hubby desperate to please his begum who is refusing to give him the time of the day.

Lovely start to the epi as Arnav finally manages to do something seedha dil se and sure enough it reaches dil tak. A single rose on her pillow, a quietly whispered wish for a lifetime of happiness, gentle tucking of that wayward lock of hair and a lingering forehead kiss. Absolute perfection- Khushi couldn't have asked for anything more and her eyes say it all. Aww you two- sniff!

The NK-Arnav one-sided attempt at bromance is hilarious for ASR's expressions. Kya din aa gaye hain ki the mighty ASR now listens to marital advice from NK- oh the horror! Love makes you do strange things indeedLOL

Project placate biwi continues in full earnest as he gets Naani to make poori aloo Khushi's favorite. Loved the Arnav-Nani scene: asking something for himself doesn't come easy to Arnav does it?

Wifey dear is adamant in rejecting all overtures while pati oscillates between righteous indignation and that earnest hopeful look craving some acknowledgement. Not happening buddy. All attempts are summarily rejected but smartly enough a backward glance is bestowed so he knows she has noticed his efforts but is thoroughly pissed off- koi doubt mat rakhna Thumbs Up

Gift, cake, surprise, poori aloo everything has been rejected. Nothing like a challenge to get ASR energized as he vows to find something that'll please the Missus.

A cute last scene as he waits for her to see the gift, she sees and ignores it and finally a frustrated ASR shoves it in her face making sure she has no way out.What's the bet this is a full blown tiff waiting to happen?

Khushi- for a newly minted wife you're doing amazingly well in The Art of Marital Disagreements 101ClapThat said, it'll be helpful for ASR to have some insights into what exactly is bothering you at the mo since it's not the birthday wishes obviously. Poor guy is completely at sea and that mercurial temper won't be reigned in for long..

And onto the other players. For Anjali today was yet another pointer that chottey is making his own duniya where she does not occupy prime place. She continues to show admirable restraint in not burdening him with her sorrows or allegations. Lekin kab tak? One of these days the facade will crumble...

AMP (Akaash, Mami, Payal): a filler track for the trio who desperately need Mamaji to come back and drill some sense into the mommy-son combo. CVs what will it take for Mamaji to appear at the breakfast table- aloo paranthas with Dahi ??I'm sure Naniji will gladly oblige.LOL

While all this is going swimmingly, we are still awaiting that promo to play out CVs. Yes yes no expectations ofcourseWink

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-monalisa- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:37pm | IP Logged

Great post, Sari!! It's so lovely to stand the hangout every evening with your beautiful words Smile

What a beautiful birthday wish!  Sure, it came when his time had almost run out, when he thought she was asleep, but nevertheless, he wished his wife a happy birthday and all the joy and happiness of the universe.  As much as I have been enjoying Khushi keeping this man on tenterhooks, the heart went out to him today.  Gone was the bravado of the morning when he confidently assured buaji that he would win her over. In its place, was this dejected, almost broken ASR hoping his Khushi gets more than her share of Khushi, even if it meant admitting to himself that he might not be able to be the one to make her the happiest girl on earth.  

ASR continues to blunder and fumble in his way to his sweetheart's good books, and we continue to be entertained while he's at it.  On more than one instance, it looked like even the directors didn't know how to instruct Barun because this is a completely new side to the ASR we all know and love.  Well, practice makes perfect! Evil Smile

Coming to everyone's favorite punching bag these days, Anjali.  I could see her point of view much better today; the quiet disappointment touched the heart more than the hysterics of yesterday.  However, I still believe that her volatility is undergoing massive changes in very less time.  Is this because the CVs plan on fast-forwarding through this track?  For instance, why doesn't she have someone by her bedside all the time?  She tried to cause herself physical harm not 3 days ago after undergoing the biggest shock of her life.  Why does she have to go about finding someone to accompany her to her doctor's appointment when she has always been the doted-upon grand-daughter of the house?  Why is she breakfasting by herself in her room and the food brought in by the help?  All of this would have been acceptable weeks after the shock, not mere days.  This is illogical even for a daily soap.  
CVs, if this is your way of garnering sympathy for Anjali, tread carefully.  It may just backfire.  

For the first time ever, a song to accompany the post.  I feel ASR deserves an A for effort :)) An oldie, but goldie!  Happy 300th everyone!  We shall celebrate at the hangout whether the cast and crew choose to or not! 

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Vistaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:37pm | IP Logged
Hola Spice GurlsHug,
For once, was home early and watched it early enough to have a post ready at a decent hourSmile 
*Deep sigh*

3:53 minutes of heartbreakingingly beautiful, wistful loving……with words,with fingertips, with lips and with the eyes……*sigh*….such a poignant and comprehen ve manifestation of the mohabbat-nafrat mantra . He loves, but can say so only when she is either miles away, or asleep before him. And the solitary red rose, to make up for the bunch that got waylaid before it  could reach her.  She sees his tears, hears his words wishing her all the world's happiness on her birthday and beyond, feels his pain, yet stays silent. But not all the silence of the world can hide the truth…that their hearts beat in sync…that one cries for the other. The parting shots of both their faces revealed: "kyunki mohabbat inme  dard banke rehti hai….


I liked how, while the sad Rabba Vey played all the time he was sitting beside her on the bed, the girl version took over the moment he got up….. it was a two way conversation, through and through, even though Khushi decided  to stay mum. Her expressions, though hidden from him, said it all.


I do hope that this is revealed to ODB sometime ….the fact that she heard him and quietly reveled in his avowal and wishes….maybe at some stage, he will find this rose, lovingly preserved between the pages of her "ASR ko sataane ke 100 nuskhe" wali diary….CV's are you listening?Smile



NK was a laugh riot….he is a natural, with perfect timing and he puts his hands and expressions to such good use….to supplement the humour of the dialogues. Hilarious.  Doorside bromance was so refreshing, more so because it gave ODB to don the ASR persona for a bit….but we know how much he was setting in store by NK's advice, when he says later, while waiting for Khushi to return, "I hope wapis NK ki help na leni pade…." Oh how the mighty have fallen !!!


Also loved the proud, almost- smile on ODB's face when he tells the salesperson on the phone "To my dear wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada"…..awww.Day Dreaming


All in all, the past few wooing episodes have been Mehndi redux, only this time, strongly laced with pain and heartache.  In the immortal words of Chacha Ghalib himself:




Yeh na thi humari qismat, ke visaale yaar hota,

Agar aur jeete rehte, yahi intezaar hota…..

Yeh na this humari qismat, ke visaale yaar hota…


Koi mere dilse pooche, tere neemkash ko

Yeh khalish kahan se hoti, jo jigar ke paar hota….

Yeh na thi humari qismat, ke visaale yaar hota.


Will wait patiently (not) to see what tomorrow brings….


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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:38pm | IP Logged

Million Dollar question  What do women want !!! 

Yes Arnie you got away easy with Khushi falling into your arms many months ago ,  now it it her turn to torment you and establish her rightful position. A very "cute" episode. As i often say I am very wary of a mushy romantic Arnie and I am glad to say that the cvs have not disappointed me on that front so far.
To start with  I want to make a special mention of the brilliant actors that we  have on the show and  Barun in the first scene really bowled me over . His body language , his voice modulation while wishing her and his struggle to express his feelings enacted so beautifully . Wonderful Mr. Sobti. Clap
Next the  NK - Nanav scene.  Getting Karan back to the show and giving good footage is a very good gameplan. He is the impartial member of the household who brings sunshine and much needed comic relief.  The dialogue writer for mami's one liner seems to be working for NK .
Nanav tum unda ho unda.
Cake fridge mein pada that . massom sa bechaara. sa LOL
Nanav tum pehle pati hoge to apne patni to sote hua wish karta hai
Lambi saas bahar - kyuki saas bhi kabhie bahu thi !!!!
Arnie was very cute today .
Asking nani to make his favourite dish for Khushi
The breakfast table scene of him impatiently waiting for Khushi
Pulling the chair for her to sit beside him.
his holding on to the aalo ki dish to himself so that he can give it to her
Trying to catch Khushi's attention to the gift
And Finally  holding up the gift to her face " Ab dikta hai ? "  
Anji is heading for a breakdown.  She still believes that it was her husband who loved her and everyone around her is busy in thier own lives and do not care for her. She does need help and soon.
My speculation as to what Khushi wants -  She wants Arnie for once to say what he means and mean what  he says.  She does not doubt his love for her . All she wants him to say what he feels to her to her face. Be it a Happy Birthday or I love you Khushi ...She is unable to comprehend as to what stops him from doing so.
Another speculation,  tomorrow is 300.  Khushi has a red sarees as  a gift, the entire household is expected to be out, Arnie is getting angry , Khushi will make sure she rubs him on the wrong side ( Big smile  therefore there are a lot of possibilities.
@Doc. Is it time for another bet . Sorry Sheila I did not change my DP but you do know I am always with you .
Take care

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Sahana2 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:43pm | IP Logged

Sari and the SGs ,

Making a quick post before I head home. Will read everyones takes later in the evening.

ASR has been at it since the past 3 days but today my heart went out to him . He has been doing everything possible to make Khushi feel special but getting nowhere. Not sure what Mrs. ASR is thinking these days. Is it the birthday wish , or is it the contract issue or is it something much bigger and darker? 

 What a special birthday wish that was !! There were 5 minutes left to midnight and he had to get in his wish before it was too late. Loved BS's voice modulation while saying 'Happy Birthday'… Yes, the roses couldn't make it to Khushi the first time around, but this time he brought one special rose only for her and left it next to her pillow.  I kept  thinking to myself that had Khushi opened her eyes at the right time and reciprocated his wish, the big C would not be far away.

 The best scene of the episode  was NK and ASR. I've always enjoyed their animated interactions and today did not disappoint me either. The dialogues were hilarious and both actors were at their best. Reminded me of their poolside chat during New Years.

 Today's episode underscored the fact that he indeed is ASR and he does things differently from the rest . Asking Nani to make the dish that he and Anjali loved as kids on Khushi's special day just showed the extent of his love for Khushi. He wants to do things for her which are special in his heart. Just loved that touch!!

 The dining table scene made a welcome come back, we've had such nice dining table scenes pre-marriage.  He wanted Khushi to sit next to him but got the cold shoulder there.  Loved him trying to serve her the dish and use that as an excuse to touch her hands His eyes and 'dhyaan' was only on Khushi today but alas Khushi was in ASR mode today!!

 Anjali was true to her character today. My motto is being patient with her because of everything she has gone through recently.  She is feeling very left out at the moment and wants to hang on to Chote. But she is slowly finding out that Chote's focus has shifted to that one person who is resents. We'll have to see which direction she goes from here. I am okay with the Anjali drama as long as they limit it to a few minutes everyday.

The last scene seemed like a setup for a big fight tomorrow. The whole family at Satsang and Arhi home alone ?? Let me set the records straight, no expectations tomorrow.  Take it one day at a time and you'll be happy.


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DiamondLife IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:45pm | IP Logged
this was epic ..
Who so rahi tho to uska problem hai..mera nahin..ROFL..
Nk is splitting my throat everyday nowLOL

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-Pallavi- Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 6:01pm | IP Logged
Wow, Sari. Reading your analysis is as good as seeing Nannav-Khushi-NK trio together. Tongue

Cute episode, not just ASR, even I don't know what she really wants. Is it about the contract marriage issue? I hope so. Atleast let Khushi speak up once for herself. Later anyhow she will have to leave RM for Di's happiness. 

These two are so bad in communicating - be it in words or in actions. Harvard MBA must have had many courses in communication. But nothing put to practice. 

Two things which I liked the most in yesterday's episode - Khushi clearly saying that she doesn't want to come with Anjali and NK peeping inside ASR-Khushi's room when Khushi was sleeping. Refreshing scenes, totally different from other traditional SP serials. 
What kind of a complex man ASR is, and he has come with a package - even more complex sister with him. Life is not easy for Khushi. It is better if she keeps her child-like antics to keep her sanity. LOLGirls have started saying that ASR is the bestest hubby any one can get LOL Little do they know even 0.1% of ASR is not possible to handle in real life however handsome the husband is Embarrassed 

Don't think home alone in a red saree with hot hubby will yield to something fruitful. Few Rabba-Ves and thats it. People will come back from Satsang. LOL

Holding the consummation scene between the leads, sympathy factor for the parallel lead and saas-bahu saga are high TRP boosters. 

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