Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Spice Girls Hangout:What does she want dammit?

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The title seems to be every man's issue, ASR is no exceptionLOL That seems to be what ASR was thinking tonight. He thought he had done all the right things...Arranged a dream birthday...An expensive handbag for a gift, the respect as a bahu as she entered RM, a bouquet of her favorite flowers, the fairy lights, the cake cutting...But it wasn't her dream...Her dream was to be wished by the man she loved..She wanted to feel special, so he did.

A little before midnight, he wishes her "Happy Birthday Khushi". A single red rose, her favorite flower on the pillow being the only evidence. Little did he know that Khushi was listening while pretending to be asleep...Heartfelt wishes from a man who never once said those words... 

The hurt in his eyes and the words that followed, "I wish ki tumhe duniya ki saari khushiyaan miley..." Embarrassed

Coming from a man who was had married her out of hate! He is very much in touch with his inner self; he knows he has deeply hurt her by his actions and his words the night before. He is a tormented soul and feels helpless; fighting his demons. If only he could give her all the happiness...He places a soft tender kiss to a sleeping Khushi and slowly walks away...Why was this so hard? She doesn't know yet but she senses his hurt and is upset too but she is happy he finally wished...A Moving scene...

She is in love with a complex man; a man who practices "Sorry" in front of a mirror but still struggles to say it; one who says ILU when his life is in danger and now  this...I feel for you Khushi, I really do...
LOL But as they say, in the end it is all worth it...Embarrassed

NK was cuteness personified; waking Arnie to find out what unfolded the previous night.

NK: "you wished your wife while she was asleep"
ASR: "Woh sorahi thi who uska problem hai, mera nahi..."

Mein tumhara bakwas kyun sun raha hun? But he does & implements it too. Very cute nani-nannav scene; Arnie asking her to make a dish from their childhood days...How cute was that...Probably he hasn't made such a wish in ages; Khushi's anger making him do the unthinkable. Pathetic world of most husbands... ROFL

Onto the dining table; pulls a chair for her like a true gentleman, serves water, offers aloo...but one hint that he was responsible  & she walks away
"pehle cake, fir surprise aura ab aloo puri... tum har cheez ko nazar andaaz nahi kar sakti" LOL Khushi is in no mood...the little things that she wants him to do... she had to force it out of him...leaves the gift on the bed as opposed to give it...But like most guys he seems to be clueless...why is a birthday wish such a big deal? I personally chose the gift this time with "my dear wife..." written on it; my job done. Just take it will ya, seems to be his attitude...ROFL

Who else thought Mathura aloo could be Anjali's favorite dish too?LOL But chote did it for Khushiji, boo hoo...Cry Now I am finding this silly...Chote to the gynecologist...chote can't buy a gift for his wife...chote can't cut a cake on his wife's b'day in his room...kheer with chote...chote this chote that over FB of "meri asli duniya tho aap ho..."

Sab chote ki galti hai, if he hadn't said those lines; we wouldn't be tormented by that FB...But wait, it is Khushiji's fault! If Khushi hadn't come in their lives, we wouldn't have the scene in the mandir. Did she once try to find out from chote what really happened or what transpired during the kidnapping? Stupid me, it was going to happen over kheer! Khushi ji ruined it. It is all Khushiji's fault, boo hoo...Cry While Pati is such a wonderful person; he gets all the accolades...Shreya for getting her knocked; crib for his gudiya...but poor him, he got slapped for nothing...Ouch Can she just call him up & move into their new home?

Khushi has learned her lesson; good girl! No sath sang w/Anjali
The red saree, the dhak-dhak, home alone with a hot angry hubby...What more could a girl want? Temptress personified... Baad mein gaya contract...ROFL

Did I raise some heartbeats? Not raising any expectations, just saying...ROFL

Pics:shwetachauhan. PinkCindrella


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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Another adorable episode I was able to catch early. Episode started out wonderfully with Arnav wishing his sleeping beauty. I was in aww with his Happy Birthday Khushi, I wish tumhe duniya ki saari khushiyaan mile. Sealed with a kiss on the forehead, only thing that would have made this scene perfect was if he did not wait until she was asleep or so we thought. Turns out she was awake and was very touched by his wish but sadly she did not let him see her response which indicated there is much more to Khushi's behavior than originally thought.

Just when I thought I couldn't love NK more, I was wrong, I love him even more!! NK and Arnav's scenes too cute for words!! NK questioning Arnav about what happened, his dialogues from the How The?? to the What The??, Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. It was sweet but at the same time hilarious the advice NK gave Arnav, can you imagine Arnav saying baby? Sweetheart? Khushi with wine, that is so not them.

I feel sorry for Arnav, he is really trying, got his Nani to cook for Khushi, pulled out the chair next to him hoping she would sit beside him. I could go on but you get the hint, he put forward such an effort but Khushi is still so cold which NK notices.

So what is really bothering Khushi? Why after getting her wish was she not happy? My guess is it has to do with the contract Arnav brought up seeing how Khushi hasn't been the same since. I think Khushi believes that since this contract still exists, it means in a few months her marriage will really be over and that hurts her. Hoping in the next episode a confrontation happens between the two and Arnav finds out the truth behind her pain so he can reassure her once and for all that she is his forever.

Manorama is back to being your typical serial MIL and Nani is back to shutting her up good. Nani is right, Manorama is also the DIL of the house yet I don't see lifting a finger other than to cause trouble. I really feel bad for Payal, Akash wanted importance yet when given he's still such a jerk to her. Payal does not deserve this. Khushi witnessing this must be for a reason, what will she do? I hope she stays out of it since she's already facing heat for Anjali, she doesn't need to add to that.

Fortunately the Anjali scenes were kept to a minimal which made Anjali much more tolerable to watch. I get it the two men who were important in her life have slipped away from her and she holds Khushi responsible. What Anjali fails to see here though is the ordeal her brother has gone through, she is well aware considering the flashback she had. I think this is why Arnav will soon snap if she does head the negative way and lash out at Khushi which seems likely.

Damn I wrote a lot but what to do, it was a good episode in which I fast forwarded none of the scenes. It was the perfect balance to give the audience a bit of everything.

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As always...lovely take Sari Smile

The story telling has returned but today the editing kinda was Meh...Clearly Dollyji is shooting on another schedule because Sobti boy had shaved in the scenes with SI and the Family but not the Anjali Di scenes...the shave un-shave scenes towards the end were a little distracting but I think over-all the boy looked good! Big smile

Ok back to the episode...What he coudlnt say while she was awake he so beautifully say's while she's asleep Smile These are the same 2 people we've watched over the last year and how their dynamics vary from minute to minute but today it was all about Arnav being torn to a million pieces...his heart hurts in her love...a lone red rose left on her pillow...its now or never for this...Happy Birthday Khushi...I wish tumhe duniya ki saare khushiyan mile...a tuck of the hair behind her ear and a peck on the forehed to seal the wishes! He looks away in relief and embarassment and she open's her eyes all teary and a pain in them of her own...see's the rose beside her and feels his pain. Day DreamingWhat do we really do with these 2???? Approve Oh I kinda like this new extended Rabba Ve...its pretty and oh dont forget the new Tommy Hilfiger Sweatshirt! Wink

Bharat and Ram...I mean NK and Nannav have their own relationship budding here...It's fun to watch this girls! It really is...its kinda weird that a very nice conversation of this brotherly kind happened between Akash and Arnav the night of their wedding of how people do things in love and thats when Arnav has a realization but now NK is taking the lead in making sure that this Arnav and Khushi relationship is sealed and their bond and love is expressed and grows with time. Heart This segment is brilliant and both Karan and Barun are fabulous here... the eagerness in NK's voice and the annoyance and disappointment in Arnav's voice and face is clearly visible and NK's advice of doing everything to perfection and the right way while is irritating Arnav he too knows that this needs to be done for things to get better between him and Khushi. How the?What The? Nannav Tum...ROFL

Make a note ladies...Ladkiyon ke mamle mai Arnav Singh Raizada is an ANDA!!!! ROFL

Arnav Singh Raizada is on mission Meetha-Meetha and breathing Long Long Saansien (Because afterall Saas Bhi Kabhie Bahu thi LOL) starts taking memories from his childhood to make his lady love happy. How freaking adorable is this??? Hug He goes to his Nani and shyly and awkwardly asks for something precious from his childhood to be recreated to be shared with his wife because he knows she loves Aalu Puri!!!! I think I almost died here!!!! He truly is as simple and childlike from within just like his Khushi is and thats why I insist they are So ALIKE they are DIFFERENT!!!! Smile

BLAH BLAH BLAH ...Anjali Anjali Anjali...BLAH BLAH BLAH...Moving right along! Sleepy 

Ladies...Arnav is trying and I am loving it...and more than that I am loving this headstrong Khushi! The closer he comes to her the harder she plays to get! Clap She has put a Pathar on her DIL and she is really making him work here but it's okay...he has to! This is the only time in their lives she can milk this situation iske baad...for the most part I see things being ok between them! A one year Purani Khushi comes and sit's across from Arnav when he wanted her to sit by totally AWWW worthy! Blushing

BLAH BLAH BLAH ...Mami Akash Payal...BLAH BLAH BLAH...Moving right along! Sleepy 

Nani has redeemed herself and she's back in my good books so its all cool at that end! Even Nani let's Khushi know the connection between Puri Aalu and the love birds...LOL NK teases some more and Khushi starts choking hearing everything and as a worried hubby pours water for her...she walks away Confused Jhalli!!! 

I love the fact that NK is the only person that understands whats going on between these 2! But at the same I am annoyed that no one else is even trying to ask the question of how these 2 are doing! After all it's a strained relationship after everything that has happened and no one seems to really care! Angry

Di ki Nautanki continues as the boy tries to order a gift for his wife and its annoying and more old FB's...Confused Whatever Anjali...Audience bhi Aapse BAHOT BAHOT door jaa chuke hai!!! Evil Smile

The bedroom scene was cute...she tries to ignore the gift and he is watching TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK and BAM the bomb is ready to explode and now again we wait until tomorrow! Big smile

Side note: What a difference a shave makes ladies! Ah ASR is returning ...piece by piece...little by little...Day Dreaming

Song of the evening...Wink Edit: Adding another Song of the evening!

Jitna tadpaayegi mujhko, utna hi tadpegi tu bhi
Jo aaj hai aarzoo meri voh kal teri aarzoo hogi

Yeh jhooth nahin sach hai sanam, sanam teri kasam
Ho, sanam teri kasam, sanam teri kasam

Nafrat se dekhna pehle andaaz pyaar ka hai yeh
Kuch hai aankhon ka rishta, gussa ikraar ka hai yeh
Bada pyaara hai tera zulam, sanam teri kasam LOL

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Sugar's post...

Hello ladies!! Hug

I really really enjoyed today's episode and missed not being able to watch it with the teenage cousin. This was such a good fun episode, I couldn't stop smiling!

So the HBD happens right before midnight, it was Vee who had predicted that right? Clap
Arnav, all that happiness you want her to get in life will be provided by you, you won't leave any stone unturned for that Smile

So she hears his wish and yet she's angry? I want to say she's angry because he didn't say it to her face and tomorrow when she snaps later, she will ask him why could he not tell it to her to her face and let it slip that she indeed knows. Whatever, I want to believe we'll get some Rabba Ve tomorrow and on Thursday.
I don't know, there may just be a good romantic sequence on its way, the red sari, the red shirt, the color coordination and rain will work wonders.
And she'll probably wear the sari to make it up to him.

Absolutely loved the Bromance!! Ahhaa can we please get more of Nanav-NK scenes?? Add Akash into the mix too, they may just be able to reform him!

Okay, today I sympathized with Anjali *freeze frame* *close up shots of shocked faces of the SG's* *Vee calls me a nautanki* *everyone else does a facepalm*!!
Yes, I sympathized with her. We all agree Khushi and Anjali are equal victims, yet Khushi was on the table enjoying breakfast with the family while Anjali ate alone. And then, as clingy as it is to cling on to someone for a pre-natal check-up, this is Anjali. She's always had her brother(s) to depend on and now she can't because they "don't have time for her" in her opinion. I get why she feels "outcasted".
BUT, I do not condone her disregard and unhappiness at her brother's new-found happiness, one she has prayed for, for a long time. So today I won't chant "QBWAGASD", I'll cut her some slack.

While I was watching today's episode, I remembered Anjali once called her brother "the most unromantic person in India". He's going to change that real soon and become "the most romantic person in India", that day isn't too far. He's already making progress Smile
He actually is correcting his previous faux pas by actually taking the time to "surf", yes surf on the internet and do virtual shopping as opposed to real shopping, but he's learning and he's doing good. This Red Sari is his choice, so a little more thought. Cut him some slack Khushi!

PS: absolutely loved the guy today! I'm on full on BS/ASR high, you've been warned Tongue
And yayy Barun, bring in more of your personal wardrobe, even the formal stuff, we can all do with it!

QBWAGASD: Quit Being Whiny and Grow A Spine Di! We're competing against Team Anjali, but I believe they don't have an acronym yet, so clearly we're the cooler team  Cool

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Hi Sari and SGs!! Awesome post as always Sari!!

Have reserved forever but finally updating after finishing all house cleaning..such a mess with the renovation ugh andOh its such a hot day here but the epi and SGs have kept me cool! Smile I loved the episode!!

Its starts with out loverboy Arnav who ofcourse has to maintain his record of being late for all things concerning matters of the heart! So he waits just five minutes before 13 to wish her! But at least he wishes her and then he adds his wish for her to get all the happiness in the world awww that sweetu i wanna give him a hug! Then the forehead kiss sigh soo cute!! And the rose he gifted her this boy is getting better learning what he wants but do that when she is awake will ya?! Lol...well at least she was awake and heard and felt Wink everything!

Then the next morning the scene between Nk and Nanav was one of my favs! These two are hilarious together! NK questioning him ke "kya hua kal raat ko" teasing him like you would a newlywed after the wedding night Wink...NK sees no hope for his Nanav and suggests all romantic ideas that just get the what the face from Arnav!! Although Arnav actually calling khushi baby would be a fun dear wife toh keh dia phone pe so baby is not too far away rofl...

And aww sweetu boy the way he asked nani to make the puri and stuff cuz khushi would like it and she does his plans satyash by not eating it! I felt bad when she didnt sit in the chair he pulled out but Arnav abhi thoda suffer kadi ka padi...

And then his next gift come which instead of straight out handing it over to her he leaves it on the bed and she avoids it..i love Khushi playing hard to get!

All in all a great...again keeping expectations low and waiting to be surprised tom! Big smile

Mom is yelling at me about why im glued to the ipod so i shall return laterz at a safer time rofl!!

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savvy05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:31pm | IP Logged
"Khushi bitiya Arnav bitwa ke sath hisab kitab karti rahegi...Lage raho bitya" this is what mama blessed Khushi and Arnav when they both broke into a fight in front of the family, after Arnav's voice came back - could not be more true than the episode today. What a beautiful, light episode where at one end Khushi is refusing Arnav's every attempt to woo her, wanting to just hear the words that she matters. Arnav on the other end is using his rarely explored/used wooing skills trying to pacify his lady love with gifts and gestures, frustrated with himself that she does not acknowledge - a truly unique couple.

Absolutely spellbinding first 3 minutes.Day Dreaming A hesitant Arnav comes and sits next to Khushi, 5 min before the end of the day. He places a single rose next to her and just drinks in her presence, his heart heavy that he was not able to wish her, his eyes brimming with unshed tears. He wishes her happy birthday filled with all the happiness in the world and places a tender kiss on her forehead. He  turns away in frustration/sadness  because of his inability tell the same earlier during the day. Khushi tears up too listening to  what Arnav has said. Perfect BG music for this heartwarming scene.Clap

If NK-Khushi bonding is beautiful to see, Arnav- NK is hilarious. Arnav tries do his best to avoid NK's suggestions but at the same time he cannot ignore listening to him, almost viewing him like a necessary evil. Barun's expressions-priceless !!!

Anjali feels that her brother is moving away from her. Asking her brother to accompany her to the OB/gyn's office, could the writers not come up with a better situation to show her feelings of abandonment? Confused

So, we are nearing the boiling point of Arnav's frustration - birthday cake, pool side  decoration, aloo poori all have no impact and so will be the case of the gift he desperately wants her to open by literally shoving it front of her. Will we finally get the sizzling promo play out tomorrow when no one is around in the RM house, each one voicing what really is bothering them?

Congrats to the entire IPK team on the eve of episode #300.Party

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joenet1234 IF-Dazzler

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No poem today ya'll - feel free to skip today's bak bak if you'd like :)

Episode kaafi cute tha. Mogambo khush hua! Just a few things.

Loved the bromance! Nannav and NK had more chemistry than Payash. 'Nuff said. I hope NK is here to stay; he is like a breath of fresh air and might be the somewhat necessary push that Nannav needs. BUT did NK just waltz in the bedroom to look at Khushi?? Seriously people boundaries!! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Arnie Baby - aap bohat mazakiye ho.. aur cute bi ho! You were just adorable today. I only saw a glimpse of ASR but that's ok because I was prepared for the transition.

Anjali – Today her flashback consisted of only one scene. Di – meri duniya to aap ho. She is still in anger. It would be interesting to see if she stays angry or moves to bargaining if the temple scene plays out tomorrow.

Doh! Moment of the day: Mami ji - Just when I am about to give CVs the credit of doing something different, they come around and bop me on the head to remind me that I am watching a daily soap which still has to please the TRP aunties. After Manorama bond and the glimpse of concern we saw, she is back to the typical SP saas who is catalyzing her demented son's already tumultuous marriage. Why oh why can't we get out of stereotypes? If the population of 1.2 billion started thinking differently, just imagine the impact on the world! Anyways.. I digress.

Food for thought - Khushi's behavior:

Before you throw chappals and tamatars at me hear me out.

So two theories have been circling my brain:

1. She wants Arnie Baby to open up hence the act. She still might be miffed at the mention of contract but the underlined idea is to get him to realize his words have consequences. Also, make him realize what matters to her and he can't get his way every time. This all is based on the assumption that she has seen through his ploy of bringing up the contract and she knows his bluff.

2. Or, She wants to distance herself and pave way for her to leave because of Di. I saw this as the Swami track but in reverse where she is antagonizing him so she can leave after 6 months for Di's sake. At Guptas', he said Ha and she said Dhanayavaad! she knows him well and doesn't need him to express anything explicitly and even if she did, it would have stopped at the bday wish but she didn't budge. It seems more likely that she doesn't want him to choose between Di and her. She is setting the stage to tell him that she is unhappy because he doesn't understand her and hence she would leave. Shaitan and all...

I personally would want 1. to happen because that is what culminates the marriage vows, the atoot vishwas, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health till… But the cynic in me says TRP wants 2. Up until yesterday I thought it was only to teach him a lesson because of the contract mention but after today, I am thinking 2. is what they are aiming for due to the following reasons:

a. TRP aunties love drama, tears, angst and other crap like that which the real life has plenty!

b. Khushi purposely turned a blind eye after the bday wish

c. She was clearly touched by the poolside act but washed rather hosed it down

d. Nani herself told her not to go near Anji but when Nani asked her today to go to Mandir, she said no. She is thinking about Di

e. At the dining table she would have never reacted that way to Nani's food.

f. She clearly liked the sari but expressed otherwise

g. She saw Payash rift

h. Fits in with the ever sadistic tagline nafrat, mohabbat blah blah blah..

i. Gul et. al are tortured souls.

g. If we talk about 360s, the swami track also led to unpleasant ending and separation.

Now the googly here is WWABD (What Would Arnie Baby Do)?

1. If he puts 2 and 2 together and thinks back to the swami days, he can call her bluff and make her stay. To me, this is what culminates the marriage vows, the atoot vishwas, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health till... Obviously, this is what I would like to see happen.

2. Or, She convinces him that he doesn't understand her, she is unhappy and hence she is leaving. He buys into her crap because the guilt runs deeper, also goes with his monologue ("I am sorry Khushi main nay tumhe bohat dukh diye hain"). Deep down he thinks, she is better off without him. Again goes with the sadistic tagline. I clearly do not want this to happen.

I don't think she questions her place in his life. She knows he can keep her and Di at equal par but she doesn't want him to ever get in the position having to choose. This was evident from the bouquet scene as well. To me this is selfish of her. In some cases there is a fine line between selflessness and selfishness. It is like working for a non-profit or an aid organization, you are helping the world BUT you also want to feel better about yourself, justify your existence etc. If CVs really take the sacrificial route, than I have serious concerns because in a way we go back to square one where they both are doing stupid things, not communicating and not showing any growth in their relationship. I want to see a maturity when it comes to tackling issues with their family and the rest of the world. Amongst themselves they should fight and continue to fight, because their nok jhok is what makes them who they are.

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Great Episode once again with A wonderful fairytale like start.

I'm doing a different style take because I feel like it. Out of writing practice due to years of writing bland research papers so spare me.

Once upon a time there was Shaytaan who couldn't say happy birthday. 

Sundari, gave him many attempts to say the words but Shaytaan still could not say it.

He brought her expensive gifts, threw her a lavish party but Sundari only wanted Shaytaan to say happy birthday but to do that Shaytaan had to turn into Rajkumar.

Rajkumar, however only appeared when Sundari was unconscious, dead or sleeping.

It was five minutes to midnight and Shaytaan watches a sleeping Sundari.

He shed his Shaytaan appearance and sat down on the bed beside her.

He plucked a red rose from his garden and placed it on her pillow.

Shaytaan had now changed completely into Rajkumar and he said what Sundari had wanted to hear all day. 

"Happy Birthday" and "may you receive all the happiness in the world"... Rajkumar kissed her on the forehead and turned away.

Sundari, however, had heard her Rajkumar.

And there ends my patience and brain cells. I'm going back to my original. Hmmph!Geek

Khushi hears Arnav's HBD but she pretends to sleep away. Arnav walks out.

Next morning, NK appears and questions a very P'od Arnav on how the surprise went. Brilliant bromance between these two. NK was fab with his dialogues..Clap

Arnav asks nani to make some aloo thing, because he knows khushi likes aloos.

This scene was a very first in IPK history, we have never seen ASR in such a boyish mode with any of the Raizada's. It was cute.Big smile

Breakfast time. That chair scene was fab. So very unASRish...Embarrassed

Khushi finds out A did the aloos for her and leaves.

So next plan. Gift her a sari.

Unfortunately Di is listening. And Feels left out. Newly made MIL vibes anyone??D'oh

Back in the room Khushi ignores Arnav's present which annoys him and the epi end with Arnav shoving the prezzie in Khushi's face...Precap gone with the fairies.Silly

My Jurmana for Doc for not lasting a day without watching SBS. Hope you likes. I couldn't decide who to make the parinda so because I am Gul of my VM's I made both of them parindey, chucked them out the house, brought them back, gave them a milan, then chucked both of them out again and brought them back for a maha milan...Shukriya.

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