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FF: Heart's Owner Chap 9 updated (pg23) (Page 9)

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ha ha ha,dat jay part was so funny!!! and finally manveer meet,it was soo lovely!!! waitng for thei cnversation!!!!!!Smile

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pia.raha IF-Rockerz

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ha ha ha,dat jay part was so funny!!! and finally manveer meet,it was soo lovely!!! waitng for thei cnversation!!!!!!Smile

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hey update soon na! can't wait now!
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hi update  soon please.can't wait 4 da next part.
p.s: 4 next chap i wish there is no akash or a villain like him.

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Chapter 4 - The Proposal

Uday released Manyata and smiled naughtily, he noticed earlier that M hadn't walked down those stairs alone he turned his head sideways and put his hand out towards the amazed stranger:

"Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh, how do you do?"

The boy looked astonished, Uday frowned every one in this house seemed to become instantly stunned into silence when they saw him as though they were all in a secret that he was too stupid to guess. Maybe this house was filled with people who had psychological problems, it seemed M had opened up a Psychiatric hospital catering for the less fortunate.

"The name is Vijay" Manyata stated, Uday lifted an eyebrow "not mine, his" She pointed at the boy.

"M, i need to talk to you in private we have matters to discuss" Uday said in a way that was probably supposed to be commanding but came out wistful.

"Am i crazy that i would come with you?" She said sharply, Uday felt it would acquire a lifetime of begging and crying for her to agree to come with him nicely, she was so stubborn!  So he decided to use the less sweet way "I thought you wouldn't agree" I grabbed her arm and dragged her to the opposite room that was empty.

"How DARE you" Manyata pushed him away, her eyes were wide in shock, but she controlled it quickly "It's people like you that are corrupting our society, flee bags like you think just because you have power, money and status that you can do whatever you please, but you've got another thing coming if you think I'm going to be easily manipulated"

Uday was impressed despite himself; he'd never ever met a girl who didn't melt in at least 10 seconds of standing as close to him as Manyata was. Unbelievable!

"I have a proposal for you; i want you to become my fake fiance for 3 months, whereby i will have full control over everything you do but then again you don't have a say, i own you" He talked as if he was ordering a happy meal, not discussing my life.

Manyata stood there for an instant, speechless than she blinked and recovered quickly

"Why would i want to marry you? Exactly what do you have: a good looking face, money, status, fashion sense, attitude and dancing skills and, and... that's all but come on that is nothing. Do you know how many out of this world rishta that have come for me, you know Prince William proposed to me but it's because I refused that he decided to marry that Middleton girl." Manyata proudly showed off.

Uday was silently laughing; he whipped imaginary tears from his eyes "Unbelievable –" Uday started but M was quick to cut him off "Unbelievable, what is so unbelievable about what i said huh, huh" Manyata took each step carefully so that she had him backed up against a wall, she smirked but he didn't seem to notice he was to busy staring into her face "Do you want to know why it's so unbelievable, it's because that type of proposal is soo out of this world" Uday took one step closer to me and i stumbled back, instead of continuing on though Uday walked around her and stopped facing her back.

"This isn't upto you i wasn't asking you i was telling you, you life isn't yours anymore along with this Mahel, tumare zindagi bhi meri muti mein hai" He whispered into my ear

I gave him the dirtiest dirty i could muster, a thought popped into my head, he could marry any girl – ones that were not only tens times prettier but willing as well "Tell me why you want to make me your fake fiance?"

Uday looked her up and down and then came to a final conclusion "My Parents Mahraaj Grijraj and Maharani Devirani wants me to marry Princess Bubbly but i don't want to lose my bachelor title, my parents have given me 10 days to find a girl that i would like to marry and then all i have to do is wait for the 3 months to end because by then Bubbly will already have married someone else." He replied "In a few months, all your money is going to run out and then how are you going to pay for your fathers hospitals fees, if you want me to help your father than you have to agree, Jagat's father owns India's best hospital and i could get Brijraj uncle shifted there for better treatment." This she could not deal with, Uday could tell that Manyata was much better at fighting than playing with words.

"I don't think I'm ready for this, in fact i don't think you're ready for this." She sighed. He gave her a sideways look that could kill pigeons in midair.

She laughed shakily "Kidding!" Somehow Uday knew his days were going to get evermore interesting.

"So an Engagement, Just Engagement Are you sure? Why don't we go straight to the wedding, No why don't we get married right now" She said laughing

"Superb idea! Chale, we'll get married and those suckers outside won't even notice" He acclaimed amused, in that much time though Uday had maneuvered Manyata in such a way that she now had her back to the wall, everything changed, he shifted position so that now he was blocking her only escape route, and he leaned one arm casually against the wall.

Manyata's POV

Manyata loved to paint, along with dancing it was a favourite hobby of hers and looking at Uday's eyes she could paint them right her right now, they were simply beautiful: his eyes were black rimmed around the iris and a vivid reddish – orange around the pupil. Within the iris itself there seemed to be a balance of gold and lighter – brown rays, his eyes were deep – set and mysterious, Manyata reached up to touch them the amazing thing about this matter was that:

I Manyata Brijraj Saksena stopped thinking for once and i cherished the moment until my brain suddenly regenerated and i finally did regain control over my thoughts, i pulled my hand back and lightly shoved Uday away. What had happened to me? I took a deep breath and let it out slowly "I think we should go and meet the others, they're probably waiting and no doubt your fan Miss Natasha Khorana has bitten her manicured nails right down to the very bottom, she's nibbling away. Let's not torture her."

Uday nodded but i couldn't help see a disappointed look cross his face. As soon as she was in the proximity of the others, Manyata grabbed Vijay and dragged him off but before she could tell him what had happened he had news of his own to tell "M Bhai do you know Yash is so much like me, he's dashing like me and funny as well. It's been ages since a made a new friend and after what happened..." Vijay trailed off

Vijay had been in love with Shaina, but pressure from her family on her marriage to a traditional doctor from Punjab named Amurdeep Singh was why Vijay had never expressed his feelings to Shaina, Manyata was happy that Vijay had found a friend in Yash.

"We'll listen to me now, Uday asked me to become his fake fiance for 3 months, and this means we have to move out of this house because he's moving Papa to Rathore Hospital in Mumbai." I said in rush, Vijay Bhai put his hands up "woh, woh slow it down Uday proposed to you –"

"We'll actually more like a deal than an actual proposal!" I replied

This was crazy, Manyata's head was still spinning from the way things had progressed she'd found herself a fiance overnight, she even knew the date they were going to break up. The Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh had proposed to her – I mean made a deal with me, that's it, it was just a deal i was doing this for papa's sake.                    

Vijay and Manyata met the others back in the main lounge, Yash was still trying to take this new discovery in "Oh God UV, I knew you had an instant connection with her, especially since you were blushing like a girl after that dance." He winked at me, i looked at Uday in surprise but Uday averted his gaze

"Don't be ridiculous Yash; hum toh Rajwade hain and Rajwade aise karte bhi ne hai, don't listen to him Manyata bakwass karna ye apni maa ke pate meh hi seek liya tha isne" Uday said, but i still smiled i knew he was lying the way he didn't meet my gaze told me all i needed to know, so he had felt something. Interesting!

"Uday isn't the only one, Manyata Bhai was gushing after that dance, for the first after 8 months has she danced with another person and if you remember she was the one who brought Uday on the dance floor. It looks like the sparks were flying even before we had clue!" Vijay Bhai taunted

I was shocked, Oh god now it was my turn to avert my gaze i was secretly cursing Vijay. I could just feel Uday hot gaze singing my back "Vijay Bhai has a way of over reacting, he's such a drama queen" I stammered  

Uday recovered first, his face became smooth and sleek – a calm mask fell over his features making them hard like a marble statue and Manyata had tough time telling what he was feeling. "I think it's time we left, come Manyata" He said it as though we had been planning this all for months, but even though i was taking much of this lightly, the situation hadn't quite hit me except now i was hyperventilating i was few minutes away from hysteria, how could i leave so soon "Wait, what about all my things? The house and Papa –Uday what happens to all of them" I argued

 "Manyata, I've called people to help you pack, they'll be here and they'll have all your things sent to our house in Mumbai so come on hurry up, you too Vijay" Uday Insisted


Well here goes Manyata thought, she stepped forward and followed Uday out, but was just before she got out, she thought of Natasha and how she hadn't said a word against what was happening, Manyata looked back and saw Natasha sulking along. I wonder why she hadn't said anything.


There were 2 cars parked, one was a glossy, sexy Mercedes and the other a pink monstrosity – it looked like a candyfloss gone wrong. Before Yash could get to the front seat of the Mercedes Manyata ran past him shouting "I'm riding shotgun" i heard Uday laugh lightly and Vijay Bhai speak up.

"Everyone i think we should give these two love birds some privacy, how about we all travel in the pink junk thing over there no matter however depressing and sad the ride maybe but Uday and Manyata should drive alone in the Mercedes."

 Manyata got ready to say no and to take her chapel off and decorate Vijay Bhai's face with it, however the Halkat Wieda spoke over me " you're right Vijay, we need our space to talk about things, huh Manyata" He winked, put his ray bans back on and stepped into the car. The wolf whistles, claps and 'oh ho's' made my face turn beetroot red. I climbed into the car and closed my eyes took deep breaths and tried to bring my blood pressure down when that didn't work i whirled around and grabbed Uday's Collar "Don't you ever try that again!" I threatened, at first he seemed surprised and a little taken aback but after that he grinned that 50 watt light bulb smile and moved so close, my nose touched his chin "Feisty, M i like a lot."   

2 hours later

We had arrived and soon we would be at the Mahel, the house that Mahraaj Grijraj owned for when he preferred to stay in Mumbai. Uday suddenly stopped the car and turned towards me "You have to put a really convincing show on for my parents or else they'll catch on. Okay, now why don't you try and speak to me with a little love"

"What!" I cried

Uday laughed "Just as a practice, pretend I'm your favourite star and try and talk to me more comfortably"

I treied my level best but after awhile i gave up "I'm sorry i can't do it, every time i try to imagine Shahid Kapoor, you somehow reappear in my site" I moaned 

Uday Chuckled "Manyata, you've already fallen for me, i knew my charm wouldn't disappoint me, but we were supposed to be fake lovers not real ones. It looks like tum mere hi kwaabe dekne lag pari ho, how sweet!"

I wacked his arm "You should concentrate on the road more, if you was than you would have noticed it's a green light"

"Oh shit" Uday whispered under his breath, he pushed the accelerator down and we were speeding down the road again, but it looked like we had left the others behind, they were stuck at the red lights no thanks to Uday.

Uday turned a corner and a huge estate came into view, ten times bigger than our house the exterior was fabulous even the lights and plants looked a million dollars, the trees around the house cast an extra shadow to this mansion. The balcony was decorated with flower baskets but it was a short attempt at trying to make this place look welcoming.  Manyata hands started to tremble and she bit her lip. Could she get away with such a big con? Who knew?

The car came to a standstill in front of the main entrance and Uday looked at me "I hope your ready because we're here."  

thank you and do commentBig smile  

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this update was outstanding i loved it please continue soon please and thanks for the pm

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