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FF: Heart's Owner Chap 9 updated (pg23) (Page 7)

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 3:44am | IP Logged
I'm working on it, as soon as i'm finished i will update

Thanks Tongue

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Chapter 3 – The Game

Manyata felt blind rage at the man sitting on her chair; he was the one who had brought her, no won her. Manyata's father had put her up as a prize in a bet; she'd been dealt away to the highest bidder with no respect or izaat. The tears building up in her eyes threatened to escape but she fought for control and soon enough she regained the power over her own actions.  

Manyata smirked one side of her mouth lifting up in a symbol of defiance and a way of showing she was about to cause trouble, she looked over at Vijay Bhai and spoke with a new found confidence and excitement.

"Vijay Bhai i want to play a game one that, that halkat wieda will surely remember" i said

"You want to play with his mind" Vijay suggested

I nodded "exactly that type of game"

Uday's POV 

Uday's headache intensified and all he wanted to do was go on home and pour himself a glass of Bacardi and look over a new news story all about his latest girlfriend. Yet he had to get this over with or else he wouldn't be able to sleep. We had been waiting for over 10 minutes – where the hell was this girl? The absolute audacity this girl had to leave Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh in the main reception area.

Uday put his head in his hands and clenched his teeth in frustration, he couldn't handle it and every time he closed his eyes that hazel eyed girl would appear smiling mischievously and he'd forget how to  breathe again. A voice shook him out of his reverie and brought him back into the dull, bleak reality "hyeee, how du yu do sir" A squeaky voice, heavily accented spoke.

Uday got up ready to greet Manyata, he turned around and did a double take "o teri!" he shouted he looked at Yash and Jagat's  faces for confirmation and they had the same look mastered right down to the open mouth, even they were left speechless by this new arrival.

"Oi, sir ji kai dost, mu tho band karo, fly will go in" The person in front of them acclaimed; Uday had no words to describe this girl? Boy who knows what stood there in fact Uday believed scholars would have to come up with a whole new dictionary of adjectives for this person. He was pushed forward with a rush of whispered curses he stepped towards this girl who wore a superman shirt topped of with a dhoti. "What is your name?" Uday asked politely distant, don't say Manyata, don't say Manayta, don't say Manyata Uday thought aggravated and some what annoyed.

 "Mara naam Manayta hai" The girl spoke as though all these words were coming from her nasal. Uday's leg shook and buckled from beneath him and he fell into the chair Oh shit – he contemplated all the reasons why he had come. This was the girl that Kamina had staked 2 million dollars on, Dear god was he blind, because Uday felt he'd wasted 4 million; this was no investment not by a long shot, maybe if i thought about the property i could make myself feel better – no, no who was i kidding. Yash and Jagat stepped up obviously recovered from there earlier states and the smirks on their faces warned Uday of how long this night was really going to be.

 "Uday bruv, you have caught yourself a mighty fish my friend a mighty fish, kya luck hai Uday ka." Jagat drawled but Yash was the one to really hit the point home "Uday my man, isko deak ke kisiko dil ka dora na para hoi, voh maard, maard nai hai." Then it was Natasha turn "I told you, didn't i it was a waste of time to come here, look you came to see this joker, i don't think this girl gutter ke be liyak hai for gods sake Uday its evident that when she was born the doctors had to no doubt fit her incubator with tinted windows."

Yash hit the floor laughing and Jagat was close to crying with laughter "This is why we keep her around" Jagat pointed at Natasha whilst whipping away tears from the other hand. Uday felt bad for this girl who looked just about ready to pound Natasha, if this turned into a fight Uday knew whose side he'd be rooting for. Nonetheless things were really going too far all them were crossing the line he pinned Natasha with a cold look that would stop anyone "Enough". Uday looked at the girl ready to talk business "Let me introduce myself, my name is Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh, naam tho suna hoga" Uday attempted at a joke but the girl looked ready to faint with bewilderment, the music started up from another part of the house it was munni badnam hui.

"Introduction, introduction choro, mai bhi tumare liya badnam hosakti hoon na" The girl advanced quickly and Uday felt shocked, sharefat tha koi zamana nai ra gaya, I'm trying to be helpful or woh mujhe he line maar re hai. Natasha noticed that Manyata was attempting to flirt with me and moved forward "Can i ask you something?" The girl nodded

"Were you born on HIGHWAY?" Natasha asked meanly, we all looked at her clearly taken aback

"What are you talking about?" We all chorused

Natasha smirked "Well most accidents take place on a highway"

The girl looked ready to bawl, her eyes filled with tears and it seemed her happy to go personality was about to crack, Uday was pissed at Natasha – How dare she hurt someone like that, he grabbed her arm and squeezed it hard and Natasha yelped batting at his hand but it was no use "I told you to stop and i meant it, say one more word and watch what i do" I pushed her back and the impact sent her flying butt first towards the shiny marble floor.

"Dude you k" Jagat looked concerned

I shook my head "The headaches have started up again" Yash went from looking amused to looking alarmed "Bruv have you been taking your pills, you know what the doc said if it gets worst then –"

"No man I'm fine" I cut him off not wanting my medical information to be spread out.

 "I think its time we leave" Jagat announced "We'll come back another time" but then what happened gave Uday a jolt, a round man with soft round features to match came running up to Manayta but he wasn't addressing her by her name.

"Jay baita, what are you doing her? Go on help clean up and hand out the food now"    

Uday stepped forward more confused then ever but pieces were now falling into place, how could a girl dressed like that be Brijraj's daughter "Her names Manyata" Uday said but only to confirm his suspicions.

This time it was the uncle ji's turn to look baffled "No my boy her name is Jay, she is Maid Nandani's daughter" Uncle replied "If you want to meet Manyata, then there she is" the Uncle Ji pointed at the first floor where another shock stood – oh god it was the girl who he had danced with, she was Manyata but instead of feeling worse than he did, he felt happy a small glow of pleasure that it was her no especially that it was her as it was her that Uday's eyes had been trying to find all evening.

Manyata POV

"Oh shit" Manyata whispered, these two words were becoming increasingly familiar to her, what had just happened? Everything was going perfectly and then Uncle Samuel had come and thrown water all over her and Vijay Bhai plan. Manyata remembered how the plan had begun:    


"Vijay Bhai, you do know Jay don't you?" I said

Vijay smiled "Of course M Bhai, voh joh Maid Nandani ki daughter hai na, or i mostly remember her because she so ugly when her mum dropped her off at the sidewalk she was nearly given a fine for littering."

"Exactly the one who looks like her face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork, i want to send her down and make her act as though she is Manyata" I said, mischievously

Vijay burst into giggles and i joined in eventually "Oh M Bhai if you send her down i don't even want to contemplate what will happen that girl redefines Halloween,  they may suffer seizures, sweetie  shall i call 4 ambulances just in case.

I nodded "If you want, just like they played with me, I'm going to mess with their minds."   

Vijay smirked but it didn't reach his eyes "Manyata Bhai, this boy was the very one you danced with and even if the others didn't notice i did, for the first time i saw a glint of –"  

"Don't say love" Manyata spluttered but he carried on "I saw glint of something you can define that as whatever you want, but it was as though for them few minutes that you broke that shell around you and let someone no let him in"

Tear built in the corner of Manyata eyes but for the second time this night she fought for control and won "Let it go Vijay Bhai you know about my vow"

"M Bhai even i know what your father did was wrong no what he did was a disgraceful act but putting this protective shield around will someday not only hurt you but it will hurt another, take it down for your own sake"

Manyata stayed quiet for a few seconds but soon she recovered as Jay stepped out of the shadows "Maam yu call me, i here" Jays heavily accented voice would really be advantageous for their side.

"Jay, come here i think i found you an amazing rishta, he comes from a good family and he has the looks of a killer bill to match his status." I pointed at the boy downstairs and Jay eye's widened "O mere ma kya item hai"   

Manyata stifled the urge to giggle "If you want him all you have to do is a little favour for me, you will do it won't Jay"

Jay nodded ecstatically, like a crazed bunny on the high "Maam, muja na woh song yaad atta hai 'Aaj dil Gustaakh hai... darkhaan bhi bedhaab hai...lalalalala"

Oh god Manyata thought "Jay, Jay, Jay you just go and complete my favour okay"

"Yes Maam! I do tha flavour"  

I sighed "No Jay not the flavour, the favour"  

 After a few minutes we saw Jay approaching Uday, and now she saw her game being put into motion. The reactions were hilarious each one of them seemed to have stopped working and Uday's response had to be the funniest, his world stopped moving.

"Oh god why I didn't get my recorder out"Vijay complained"in ke tho band baja di hai tumne M Bhai, i think the way you're going they may just be forced to give you this property back for the sake of charity  

"Thanku" I responded causing us to disintegrate into silent laughter  

We saw that witch Natasha give a bitch talk to Jay and surprisingly Uday stepped up and threatened her all the way through, maybe just maybe he wasn't as snobbish as i thought.  I could feel Vijay Bhai's eyes on my back drilling a hole through me but i couldn't answer his questions, i couldn't even answer my own.

Just because he was a Yuvraaj, did not mean only he new the fine art of rajneeti but ordinary people like myself were pro's at it as well, for now this would do.      

End of Flashback

Someone was shaking me "M Bhai we need to go, you can use the back exit and leave as they've already seen you. Let's hurry!" Vijay was trying to pull me but every time i thought of running away i knew i would lose all control and unlike recently i wouldn't be able to recuperate control. I closed my eyes and saw the father that had nurtured me, all the good and bad days we had spent together solving each and every one of our dilemmas, and then why had he run? Why had he left what had made him walk away and leave me stranded?  I wasn't like him and i wouldn't ever be, i was a strong, independent girl and i would not run away!

"No Vijay Bhai, it's time i finally met him face to face as Manyata" i pulled my self from his grasp and he stared at me astonished but i could see the moisture building up in his eyes "Go for it my Princess" he whispered "I'm right by your side, i won't ever leave you."


 Uday felt rather than saw her coming, he turned and as she descended down the stairs her feet carrying her towards him, Uday felt a new sense of power and he noticed his pain had vanished, he smiled it had been as if she had healed him.

Soon enough we were facing each other and he felt the world and all his surroundings disappear they were all alone. He tilted his head "Nice to finally meet you Miss Manyata Saksena"

She grinned crazily "Likewise, Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh i hope you liked my game"  

I moved so quickly that she didn't even notice, i had my arm around her waist and i pulled her towards me; we were only inches apart, staring into the depths of her eyes i felt a new sense of responsibility.

"It was indeed very creative but just so you know I'm the creator of such games and soon you'll find out what type of game i can play"

She nodded and we stood staring in that position for what seemed like eternity, it reminded me of another time, another place and i knew she was thinking of the same fixation.



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Guyz proper face-off will be in next chapter, i wanted to show in this chapter that Manyata did not want to go down without a fight.

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Loved the update!
LOL Uncle Sam ruined their plan.LOL
Can't wait for the face-off. Update soon.


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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 1:13pm | IP Logged wat face-off r u planning a zabardasti marriage?...buh i lovd thanx fr pmBig smile

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Lovely lovely update... totally magical. Now I can't wait to see how the story would progress. Please update soon!!

Love how you made Jay a maid and love her bhasha.

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Claplol Manyata toh gayi aab, I so wanted this,Clap. Well ab tera kya hoga Manyata ROFL, expecting some real intense and passionate scenes between them in the next updateEmbarrassed. Way to go girl, continue soonBig smile

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Superb update.Clap ClapLove Manyata's game which she played with Uday to mislead him.Wink
I like this FF, A very different & fresh concept.Thumbs Up
Thanks for  the fantastic update.Embarrassed
Please continue ASAP.Smile
Hug Hug

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oh man oh man...lovedd it!!Hug
eagerly waiting for the next part...
this part was sooo funny jai a maid's daughter!!lolll
kisi ny tu us ki kabliat pehchani!!

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