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FF: Heart's Owner Chap 9 updated (pg23) (Page 4)

Arieltabi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 3:25am | IP Logged
Love the update. Concept is realy great. Update soon.

--Zenu-- Goldie

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 5:59am | IP Logged
Hey awsum chappy ! Loved it ! & natasha = drowning a fish this part was hillarous ! Pls pm me wen u updateBig smile
CharmingAngel7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 6:38pm | IP Logged
awesome update really loved it... eager to read manyata & udays meeting & their interaction manayata's reaction to she being owned by uday together with the property... update soon cant wait to read nxt update full of manveer scenes as u said... plz pm me if u can when u updateSmile
take care
kakacool123 Senior Member

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Chapter 2 – First Dance

Manyata P.O.V

The sangeet programme had just started, Vijay Bhai was up to no good again and Manyata felt a little sick she'd never liked performing in front of others and then today was a big day for Shaina (Friend). At the moment to get some peace and quiet Manyata had come to the hospital were her father had been admitted.

Manyata had denied it for so long the pain and utter betrayal that had clogged up inside of her, the treacherous act her father had bestowed upon her, she had been sold like slab of meat in a butchers shop, she felt cheated her own father had dropped to such a level yet her anger could reach only so far and at some point Manyata had stopped feeling the pain at this stage only a slight numb feeling remained as she looked at her father lying on the hospital bed: peaceful and serene, he didn't need to worry about the debt left hanging on his daughter because he was in a place were no debt collector could come, he was away with the fairies.

Manyata let her mind drift back to when Shaina's father had told her about the big blast that had gone down in Casino Royale and how her father's debt and depression had drove him to add her in to his game. Manyata had been brought by the owner of the Casino, she knew that he was rich and a prince, i mean literally the Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh had brought her, wasn't he supposed to be doing charity work or something not going around buying girls. Personally Manyata had never seen Udayveer and she had no interest in doing so either, she hoped that she'd never have the misfortune to meet him face to face as that would not only be embarrassing but shocking.

Manyata looked at her comatose father and sighed "Why did you have to go and put yourself in such a situation father? We could have worked out your debt problems together if only you had told me. Never mind you just get better" she got ready to walk away, but found herself stop and turn towards her father again "-and remember i love you."  



Uday stood outside the huge wrought iron doors and wished he could turn away and go back to his house and get on with some serious work but he found his feet moving forward almost willingly, out of control.

The house was decorated from top to bottom with lights that hung downhill to the very base casting an eerie glow all over the mansion and a rose covered border led the way to the main door, Yash slapped Uday on the back "Are you ready for the big day, it looks like your chick has already got the news you've arrived and started the wedding preparations, she's gonna take that bachelor title from you tonight one way or another, pucker up your going to meet your lady love." He laughed maddenly; the mad hatter in him had emerged.

I cast a dark look at him and moved on, taking the lead with Natasha bringing up the rear we headed in to the mansion, the music was loud and clear the bass and amplifier's making the ground shake.  We walked in and the scene was absolutely out of place, in such a modern house, these people had created a traditional Indian landscape. Amazing!

Natasha walked forward and grabbed some of the flowers, which had been wrapped around the staircase "What is this? They've ruined such a beautiful place by adding these cheap decorations" she was whining again, which annoyed Uday.

"This is coming from the girl who drives a pink Cadillac; you're hardly the one to talk." Uday said, moving towards the patterned floor, Natasha followed him and stroked his shoulder

"Hey, i was only kidding, but you have to admit their was no point of them adding the rangoli, it really kills the look" Natasha purred

I stopped looking at the patterns and turned towards Natasha, Yash and Jagat mirrored my own expression: disbelief "How do you know what rangoli is? It's not something you'd bother learning" 

"We second that" both Yash and Jagat chorused, Natasha feigned mock surprise "oh come on I'm not that stupid"

We looked at her and than at each other and burst into fits of laughter, each sound echoing off the walls, but were quickly absorbed. "If you say so" Yash countered. A short and round lady with an Indian sari came running into the hall; she must be a maid Uday thought.

The lady noticed Uday and smiled seductively, lifting the bottom of her sari so her legs showed, Uday did a double take oh god even the servants were hitting on him, and she was like the age to be his mother. Dear god help me Uday prayed, she approached him and every step she took forward Uday took double the steps back. "Awwwh soniyaa, aap kaun hai? Hmm aap sangeet ki function ke li ayho na, zahir hai, avoh main tumhe dikati hoon" Yash, Jagat and Natasha followed the lady but Uday was still a little wary however after awhile he also trotted along.

 The lady led them into a big room with a huge chandelier and light blue drapes hanging in between the room in front hung long silver beaded necklaces lined up in a row dropping right to the bottom. There was huge crowed gathered and soon the lights dimmed and the drapes pulled back a young pretty girl stepped out, her face was a mix of fierceness and nervousness an interesting mix of emotions Uday considered, her big hazel eyes stared defiantly at the crowd in front of her, but the quiver of her lips instantly told Uday that she was scared. Uday liked her even without knowing why, it wasn't the love at first site, he didn't believe in that but a kind of fledgling connection had emerged.

The music started, a slow traditional song and the girl closed her eyes and moved her hips to the beat capturing the very essence of the song, then she moved and suddenly she was like a trapped bird that'd been set free, her body responded to the beat, and she'd became part of the lyrics, his breath caught and he couldn't take his eyes off her. She looked up and their eyes locked a spark flashed in hers and she moved slower now coming to the end of song her body still as enraptured and empowered as she was at the very start but with a little more tamed earthly control to it.   

The cheers and claps were never ending and the girl clearly flushed, bowed politely and walked over to what looked like the bride and kissed the top of her forehead.

The crowd cheered again and someone shouted "Come on Mona, you can't just stop there give us one more dance in fact lets see you shake it with someone else on the dance floor."  I cleared my throat and got ready to turn away but i froze as the girl spoke from what seemed like behind me "I want to dance with you" i swirled to find her staring at me hand outstretched, she wasn't staring at me as Natasha often did or even in a dreamy seductive way, but in actual fact there was competitive challenging glint in her hazel eyes and i couldn't reject it, there was something pulling me to her and i wanted to refuse except this was beyond even me.

I put my hand in hers and she pulled me onto the dance floor, i put on the killer smirk that sent every girl in a 50 mile radius into a meltdown but it didn't penetrate her to my surprise she raised her eyebrow and moved so that her lips touched my ear and whispered "Scared?"

I laughed lightly "Not at all"

She smirked "You will be once I'm done"

Oh really i thought but didn't voice my opinions instead i pulled her close so that she had to touch my chest "Try your best shot" I said

The music started up again, this time the D-jay had felt the tension in the air and put on a sexy, romantic song that sent chills through me, at first we moved slowly matching the slowness of the song, but soon i was twirling this mysterious girl around the dance floor, then the songs beat slowed and i pulled her close so that we were only inches apart, i lifted her into the air and brought her slowly down again, our footwork harmonized exactly, we were one precisely like a jigsaw, we filled in the place the other couldn't; i felt my surrounding blur together and my fledgling connection to her grew stronger, my breathe caught and she stunned me as she stroked my face, i saw the same glow in her as i myself felt. The song stopped but i still held onto her and she still had a hold on my face, we stared at each other as though we were recording and analyzing one another. Then as suddenly as we had held each other, we moved apart as the claps broke out all around us. I walked away towards my friends.

"Wow, Uday wow did you just dance with a girl? Because that is not normal, let me check your temperature bruv, are you sure you've not got a fever because the way you two were looking at each other, i thought i was going to break out in cold sweat." Yash and Jagat both teased.

Natasha cam storming upto me "How could you dance with that piece of filth, she's not the type for you Uday"

I looked at her with a mixture of disgust and disappointment "So what! You think you are Natasha, just stop dreaming already, there will never be anything between us, so stop commenting on my personal matters."     

I walked away right back to the main entrance, i stopped a male worker "Excuse me, I'm Udayveer Singh, you may have heard of me I'm here to meet Brijraj's daughter, I'm not aware of her name but could you call her for me." The worker's eyes widened, he nodded quickly and scuttled off. I sat down on the chair my head banging with unanswered questions.

Manyata POV

 I tried to regain my breath the maid handed me a glass of cold mango lassi, how could i have lost control so easily? How could i have forgotten the vow i had made to myself? To never let another man into my life so that he could ruin and betray me as my father had. I shook my head it was a simple mistake i wouldn't ever forget.

I turned and nearly hurtled into a rather excited Vijay "Vijay Bhai you nearly scared me half to death, what's wrong?"

"He's come, the one who brought this house and you, he's here" Vijay replied

"Oh shit, what does he look like" my mind had gone into auto freeze, i felt like the world had stopped glowing.

 "I don't know, i haven't seen him yet the waiter told me but i bet he's about 40 odd anyone who is a billionaire must not only have reached the apex of his profession but also the peak of their age as well" Vijay laughed at his own joke, I on the other hand felt sick the image of a wrinkly budda looking for a young wife kept popping up in my head.

"Manyata Bhai i really do feel sorry for you, along with Shaina's  sangeet shall we arrange yours as well, because your korodpati owner might not last the night, i think ye tumare honeymoon pe na chale bhase" this time we both cracked up

"Hain nai toh" i added at the end.

I walked with Vijay to the first floor were we would be able to take a peak, Vijay called the waiter who had told him the news and after a few minutes the three of us stood near the railing looking down as the waiter pointed at the man dressed in a black suit who had immaculate features much to Vijay's dismay but Manyata's heart had stopped way before the man had pointed because she'd known and everything felt like it had come crashing down, the boy whom she'd  given a little piece of herself to had turned out to be the very same guy that had brought her as though she was a half price table ornament.                 

 "Oh shit" was all she could muster.


Thank you for reading and do comment!!!Big smile

Character sketch

Manyata – fierce, playful but shy and sweet after her father's situation she made a shell around herself and thought this would be a way of protecting herself from people who might hurt her emotionally

Vijay Bhai – funny, sweet and loyal, the most favoured character and one who much like Yash, he is Manyata's cousin and he is her best friend

Shaina – shy and sweet, she is like Unnati in many ways

Shaina's dad – power-hungry, owns a corporate business but when it comes to family he leaves all business behind.


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-JEHAN- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 8:17pm | IP Logged
i loved it...awesome totally different concept and sooo amazing!!!and funny too..just read both parts together...
what VB send about their imaginary owner was hilarious!!update soon can't wait to read more and do PM me...
chitra_rao IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
Wow u updated, kind of was waiting for this, the concept is kind off so unique. Loved the chapterClap. Cant wait to read more, and the actually Amna-samna of Manyata and Uday Embarrassedwhen they both would know who each other is. Waishing for some really Aathizhbazi...Wink

Manyata is gonna have some hard time here, but I'm gonna enjoy itBig smile! And thanks for the PMSmile
Arieltabi IF-Rockerz

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Wow that was amazing. Love the update. Really exited 4 the next part. Update soon. Thnks 4 the PM.
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Wow awesome yaar.loved it.

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