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The Charitable Ball to Remember

The Royal Family had become a laughing stock amongst the press, there so called Royal Engagement to an outsider had resulted in the worst celebration ever faced by the Royals. Rashi had been working as a journalist for a tabloid newspaper named 'Daily Truth' for 39 years and in those years he hadn't quite witnessed such a ghastly and erratic ploy against the Devghar and Jaighar Royals, and in some ways he would find out who was behind it and expose them not only to reach the apex of his career but to also to gain some status in the midst of is colleges. The Invitation arrived and as everyone took there accustomed seats in the boardroom, it was all that anyone could talk about as there would be the latest celebs there not to mention Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh and his fiance Manyata , the special guest speakers of the event. There would be 240 different press groups, 800 guests and a party hosted by Lamina a beautiful self proclaimed entrepreneur that had quite some history with Yuvraaj Udayveer. This Ball reeked of trouble and Rashi knew he would not be the only one sniffing for a cleverly packaged headline.



Manyata browsed through her walk in wardrobe looking for a dress to wear for the 'Charity Ball' tonight as Unnati sat on the floor chocolates and soda cans sprawled along the miniature chestnut table, the only evidence of their small sleepover get together. Unnati interrupted her thoughts and read aloud another blockbuster story:

"Listen to this one M: Prince Udayveer Singh has a lot to learn, he may be intelligent and cunning but he is far from the king that can rule entirely over his people. For him and this Riyasat we need a Princess no a Queen that is fit to stand by his side like armour fighting against his critics with complete control over her own emotions. After the recent Engagement fiasco it seems Miss Manyata isn't ready for the responsibility."  

M couldn't believe her own ears it seemed more like they wanted a robot and not a Queen, ruling over a nation was being taking for granted by these people, all they ever wanted was for someone to protect them and when they got what they sought after, they forgot not only to say much less remember who had helped them in the tough times.

Manyata and Uday had been chosen as guest speakers for the party tonight although at the back of her mind M knew the press would only want to grind her about her recovery and thoughts on the attack at her Engagement. M knew the press very well; they had tortured her when her fathers business was going through bankruptcy, however by know she knew very well how to handle them and wouldn't give them the benefit of new information regarding her disastrous Engagement.

"Unnati, Unnati help me find my tie please – I can't seem to locate it in my wardrobe. Plus you have a very good eyesight your more likely to come across it." Vijay Bhai's Voice was high pitched and filled with warmth and M could plainly see the effect on Unnati, she froze and a blazing hot blush soaked her Cheeks as she stumbled and tried to pat down the creases in her clothes.

"I'll be back in a sec!"

She ran out of the room giggling quickly, her eyes shone with a new found passion, M was no expert in Love but Uday was the guru but even Manyata could see the obvious sparkles between Vijay and Unnati you didn't need to look far – Unnati's eyes spoke a thousand unsaid words. M was worried that maybe Uday wouldn't be too happy about Unnati's love interest in fact she wouldn't be too happy if Uday beat Vijay black and blue like his often dark threats to his baby sister consisted of.

She carried on her painstaking hunt for the perfect dress but even after 2 hours of searching and trial outs she was finished where she had began sitting on the leather couch with a slight headache. Uday had brought her all these new clothes and she had not time to get out and buy a new dress, time was running out. She kicked the nearest box that held her old belongings out of  frustration and in the process knocking it over as the contents spilled out and M eyes widened in happiness. Of course!  Manyata picked up the soft fabric and bit her lip in anticipation – this would do.

The Charity Ball was also a Yearly Masquerade Ball for all the Royals to get together and spend their wealth on the less fortunate, it was held in different places each year and for this one it had been thankfully resided at the Chapel Gardens in Mumbai not far from the Mahel which gave everyone some time to spend their valuable minutes getting ready.

Their was a soft tap at the door and M hurriedly closed the doors to the walk in wardrobe, she mustn't show anyone her outfit or mask as the very essence of the game was for lovers to find their soul mates and dance the first dance with them. The girls and boys would leave separately; the boys would mainly go first, giving enough time for the girls to apply final touches and meet later.

Manyata opened the door and found a lean, mysterious figure propped against her bedroom door hidden in the shadows, she knew exactly who it was and as she pulled him into the room her suspicions were confirmed. Uday never ceased to stun her; he was as gorgeous from the inside as he was from the out. Leaving Manyata's conservative side in the dustbin to rot and evaporate as she spent her seconds, minutes and hours admiring the work of art that was named Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh.  

"Hey Princess, Tum Koi Jagah Ka Lahaz Karo, what if my mum walked in and saw you doing this? Would you be able to come up with a good excuse?" His voice was deep, seductive with a mischievous edge as his face closed in and breath tickled my nose. Oh no i could feel the sneeze coming on and then it erupted, i sneezed shaking my head up and down like a crazy bobby toy, as it came in contact to another forehead snacking it hard.

"Oww!" We both chorused

Uday glared at her but just as quickly took a step back "Your a disaster waiting to happen, dear god girl can't you warn me of any attacks before i try my charming ways?"

I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be getting ready for the Ball – learning your lines and flashing a killer smile at the mirror as a practise."   

Uday pulled her closer than ever and bumped heads with her "I couldn't resist meeting you once to see if my killer smile has lost its touch but your blushing face and shaking hands tells me all i need to. But I say we should ditch this party and just stay in, here in your room with the doors locked – What say?"            

 I cocked an eyebrow "Tempting but then again I picked out the perfect outfit besides I think we'll be missed at this party!"

Uday smiled innocently "I just love your manipulative side Sarah!"

My eyes flashed as my mouth simultaneously fell open with shock "Sarah – What are you on?"

Uday moved away and nervously looked down at the floor "Oh I'm sorry I saw my beautiful dog in you for a moment. I love my do a lot!"

He laughed derisively and stroked my lips but I wacked his hand away "Didn't i tell you tha i would whack you to pulp if you ever mentioned a girl."

Uday stopped mid laugh and backed slowly away "But this is an animal" As though that made all the difference.

"I don't care. The dog is a girl"   

Uday looked on in amazement as I rummaged around under my bed and took out a hockey bat "Here it is, I knew I might end up needing it – So I will give you 5 seconds to get out of my room:

1, 2, 5"

I ran right towards him swinging my bat as UV tried to make a hasty exit from my room but seconds before i was about to put my bat away and laugh at him he grabbed my bat gently threw it on the bed and swung me around pinning my hands to the wall.

"You sure are a spirited thing – the news reports couldn't be more wrong about you, you're exactly the girl who knows how to stand firm by someone and i know you'll do just that for me."

He left after that but I stood there replying his words and the silent meaning behind them I got changed into my bathrobe ready to have a nice little soak in the bath before the party.   



Uday looked at the Mahel that was lit from head to toe by the security lights giving the Mahel a bad ass, superior look. The girls were obviously enjoying themselves Uday thought to himself as he shifted his gaze from the Mahel to the Outhouse whose curtains were drawn blocking sight into what was happening inside. The giggles and laughter told Uday the girls were getting ready with there natural spark lighting up the deadly silence surrounding them.

The Driver opened the back door to the Black Slinky Ferrari but Uday shook his head addressing the Guard with a seemingly cool expression. "I'll drive tonight; you can carry on with your duty here, make sure that there are no mistakes made like last time with the safety and security also be precautious about how you get the girls to the party. If anything happens to Manyata or any other girl under your jurisdiction your job will be immediate danger and so will any future position you desire to take on, understood!"

The Guards nodded promptly and saluted respectfully as Uday started up the car and zoomed out of the gates leaving his hopes in the royal families supposed security group. Uday Parked his car in the VIP Parking line at the front as he stepped out every girl standing in his relative sight turned and stared mesmerizingly at him, one girl was not far from drooling. Uday smirked he had that affect on girls when he didn't bother to dress up but today he had made a special effort  to look the best – His sharp Armani suit with a crisp white shirt and a small tie to match with his black trousers and shiny leather loafers. His Hair had been styled using gel and various hair sprays to keep its chilling fashion.

He pressed the green button and the car beamed and locked itself, with one hand in his trouser pocket he stepped into the air conditioned lobby. The Waiter recognised him instantly and led him through to the Main Hall and as he walked in the press practically herded UV and no doubt the questions were about the Engagement.

"Yuvraaj can you tell us how you feel about your Disastrous Engagement?"

Uday responded lightly "Whoever did this played a sick joke but it took no permanent toll on the Royal Family, we are immune to such emotions and I and Manyata are happily engaged and the wedding is on the cards so please do attend. I would not like to answer any more questions regarding this matter as I'm here to enjoy the party with my Fiance."

The security sensing UV was done pushed the press aside and walked away noticing Yash and Jagat near the stage holding glass of what seemed like champagne, UV sighed with relief he needed a drink.

Yash and Jagat slapped UV on the back when he arrived before them.

"Yo dude, how's it going? My man Vijay isn't here" Yash said looking around

Uday frowned "Why do you care and where did this sudden liking come from?"

Yash laughed and winked at him "Dude ask your sis, she seems very smitten by Vijay Banna" UV waved of the thought, his Sister and Vijay ridiculous! His sister was a girl that moved from one boy to another like she was swapping shoes. How could she be... what had he said – Smitten and that also by Vijay. Ludicrous!

 The lights dimmed and the presenter took to the stage "Main app sab ka swahgat karta hoon. Welcome my fellow friends. Some of the ladies are standing outside and others are to arrive so before they do, we would just like to treat you to some cake."

Uday put on his mask and saw others do the same, if the ladies were about to arrive it was best to get ready.

The cake was huge, I mean, like the waiter's were carrying it on tray that would probably be used to carry luggage. It was layered, one cake on top of the next. The boys started to make there way towards the queue to get plates and spoons, but UV thought there was something extremely wrong with the cake. Suddenly the cake blew up and the people surrounding it screamed in terror as strawberry and vanilla icing flew on there clothes and faces. A girl emerged from inside the monstrosity jumping lightly so that she was standing in the spotlight, UV took one good luck at her and froze his head lolled back and he stared at the girl intently. Yash and Jagat glanced worriedly at him. 

It was the nightmare from another time; UV closed his eyes, the age old horrors felt almost real. Bubblisa stood on the stage wearing a Dark Vader suit, her hair had been cut so now they resembled little flakes popping up from her head they were tinted blue. Her pale skin was looking sickly green in the burning light of the stage and the wrist cuts stood out their thick gangly jagged lines crisscrossed up to her elbows like red thunder bolts. Bubblisa eye's swept over the crowd and landed on UV's her eyes flashed like a cat.

Putting on the Dark Vader Mask, she kept her head turned towards UV

"UDAY BABY!" It wouldn't have sounded that tad bit creepy if she hadn't said it wearing the mask but it almost came out like a gruff voice with nasal problems.

"Kya Dialogue Hai!" Yash commented

"UDAY, you betrayed me! You got engaged to that freak, how you even could think to ruin your life by marrying a mental case? TELL ME?"

Uday backed away slowly looking around Yash was trying to head for the emergency exit but UV grabbed him quickly "Oh no you don't! Man you can't just desert me with this nutter"   

Yash tried to pull out UV's iron strong grip "Dude, friendship can go only so far"

Bubblisa moved towards UV and he tried not to show the disgust that briefly jumped onto his features.

She touched UV's ear and bit it "Do you like blood Uday, I think it's really warm like drinking hot chocolate but with a lot more viscose effect to it!"

OMG Uday wanted to puke up a lung; he stood immobilised for a while.

"Ah Bubbly I'm more of a coffee guy."

Bubbly hugged UV and began chanting Sheila Ki Jawani over and over again like a mantra 

Jagat rolled his eyes and whispered under his breath so only Yash could hear "She's more like the Sheila of the Loony Bin."

Bubblisa was carrying on, her Dark Vader mask lay on the floor were she had let it drop when she approached Uday.

"I am yours Uday, only yours!" she ran to the stage, wrapping herself tightly in the black cape that was attached to her outfit.

"I CAN FLY MOMMA, I'M SUPERMAN CLARKE KENT WHOOO, WHOOO" She was screaming relentlessly as she jumped of the stage and landed face first, there was a sickening crack. The guards silently removed her from the Hall and the cleaners arrived to clear up the mess. Rumour had it that Bubbly hadn't taken her pills.

Yash patted his heart "You know that last flying leap TOTALLY TURNED ME ON DUDE. It was like I saw my life partner there and then. I believe it is time that I stopped ridin solo and settle down!"

Uday and Jagat moved hastily away "If he ever marries that lunatic, please call the National Guard to the wedding. The Security would have to be maximised!"

"Agreed! But how the hell did she find out about my engagement to M, wasn't she in Rehab for awhile? Who told her?"

Jagat and Uday turned around to find a very fidgety Yash nibbling away on a sandwich as his eyes discreetly looked around at the partiers, his foot tapping away.

"You didn't!" We both said

Yash looked at them and his eyes pleaded them to believe in him "Oh come on you guys I thought after countless pills and therapy she'd be fine, Is it such a crime to want a little masala in this dry party. I didn't know she was going to attempt assassination by cake. Truly was a good plan though" 



The presenter reclaimed the Microphone and his voice was light and bouncy "Would everyone like to face the door, the ladies will join us now" He pointed at the door and the door opened as girls spilled in each wearing beautiful dresses and mask to match. UV moved forward driven by the need to find M and hold her close to him, touch the softness of her hair and drown happily in her eyes.

Some men instantly found their girls by the odd height difference or the exquisite hair style but each girl felt a mystery to Uday. He looked over as a particular girl caught his attention – She wore a Pale Rose silky dress that fell to the ground like a cloud of feathers, she looked like an innocent version of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. The dress had integrated Jewels In Four Rows of Elegantly Draped Glittering Diamonds. The girl wore a rose coloured fabric mask with small material roses pinned to the side as the feathers sophisticatedly perched from the side of the mask. The girl's hair was curled dropping to her back in a hazel – fire storm. An inferno of colours matched with beautiful eyes that stared back told Uday he had his girl.     

Much or less every single man was checking M out but UV and M's eyes stayed locked as he reached her and held out a hand. "May I?"

M smirked and then sighed "I though you'd never ask, you looked totally lost back there. I wonder if it was because i was looked exceptionally good today!"

"You look exceptionally good everyday but here, right now you look out of this world beautiful. The English professors would have a hard time coming up with a adjective for you."

"Damn Straight, this is the result of hours of work and scrubbing. I was in the bath for at least and 1 hour and half."

She blushed realising she was talking about her bath time with a guy. 

"I mean thanks for the compliment, come you were about to take me somewhere."

Uday nodded and walked her to the side of the dance floor and told her to wait a few seconds, when he came back a smile was fixed on his lips. The presenter addressed the couples on the dance floor

"Could everyone clear the floor? As we have a special dance reserved for the evening's special guests, ladies and gents please put your hands together for Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh and his Fiance Manyata"     

Uday gently took M hand and pulled onto the dance floor twirling her around until he she landed back in his hands, we moved slowly to the song just happy to be in each others arms. The crowds of people looked on smiling with adoration at the couple who looked perfect.

Rashi was busy taking pictures of the Royal couple as they danced slowly for his next article. As he glanced at them even Rashi couldn't deny the chemistry flying of those two, it seemed more like they were one soul than two people. The dance carried on and Manyata smoothly put her head on Uday's shoulder, both lost in the beat of the music and the tenuous silence. Uday twirled her one more time before they came to a standstill. The applause were quite as to not ruin the beautiful setting. No one could have contemplated that Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh playboy No.1 could ever fall in love yet fate had turned its hand and UV looked like a person drunk on love.  


Uday washed his hands, he had left the party to go to the restroom and now with the peace and quite of the cleansed washroom, he could think his decision through, he couldn't deny the connection Manyata any longer. He would propose tonight properly, tell M how much he had changed and to finally acclaim her. To the world it seemed as though the only hurdle left in this couple's life was Marriage but for UV it was expressing his love which neither hadn't got round to, he  had to make sure M knew his marriage to her was not contract based but established on love. 

He smiled and dried his hands with the electric dryer, he didn't even expect what happened next, and it was as if the world had turned upside down temporarily. A thick woven rope pulled on Uday's neck harshly cutting of his passage to air. UV scrambled for the rope but the person had undeniable strength. UV's visions hazed over but he fought for control. Nobody, Nobody made UV lose authority over his own body. Uday was strong willed naturally. He caught his attacker of guard by kicking him in the leg. The muffled stranger wailed in horror as UV tried to make out the tone of voice but the clouds forming before UV's eyes blinded not only his eyes but his power to think. There was a noise from one of the cubicles – flushing of a toilet. The attacker pushed Uday away and ran from the Toilet. UV had no strength to follow. He coughed up blood staining the tile; there was a sharp intake of air as his saviour grabbed.

"Yuvraaj, hold on I'll get help."

Uday didn't know how long he was there for but it felt like years, coming in and out of consciousness he tried to hang in but the pain was excruciating.

There was a clatter of feet behind him as the camera lights no doubt flashed on and off, the paramedics softly lay him down and checked his blood pressure, the injuries to his neck and chest but eventually they allowed him to sit up.

"We are going to take you to the hospital to get further reports on your condition although any danger has resided, your lucky that it didn't go any further than this or there could have bee heavy internal bleeding. You don't have concussion as there was no blow to the head. But to make sure the doctors are waiting at Rajeev Hospital to do some further tests."  

Uday shook his head; he hated hospitals he had been kept in one for almost 3 months when he was younger after his Hunting disaster. After that Uday avoided hospitals as much as he could.

After a long discussion and a promise to visit the Palace Doctor UV was allowed to leave the grasp of the Paramedics. His body guards and friends circled around him, his eyes found M's and he could see tears in them but also fear. Why was that?

He moved so that it was easier to grab hold of her. "I need to talk to M, give us a few minutes alone!"

 Everyone thought is best they left but only after some troubled glances being exchanged.

"Manyata, I hoped that I could've told you before but i guess this will have to do." He sighed "When i first won the bet it was to show a fellow rival up, i had no interest in what came along or happened to the things put up for the bet. Meeting you was just another way of getting away from my parents who kept bothering me with talks of marrying Bubbly. But I can honestly say that anything i feel now is genuine. I don't want to run from my feelings nor do i want to bury them all I want to know is whether what i feel is it mirrored in you as well."

Manyata felt torn up, every time she felt like agreeing with him she saw the red lines circled around his neck and thought of how badly that monster had hurt Uday. She thought he wouldn't attack but he had and now she couldn't stay any longer – The attacks would become more frequent and extra deadly each time. It was time to let go, it was time to leave him behind forever.

"I can't, I'm sorry I just can't feel that way. Please let me go, I'm begging you." Turning away from him Manyata ran for the parking lot were she knew her driver waited.


 Everyone sat around the dining table a grim maid reading another newspaper article on the famous attack by 'Daily Truth' a tabloid paper that had gained a lot of popularity over the years. The Headline ran on the main page it read:

 A Royal Enemy Emerges

 Underneath the subheading read: Attack on Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh – Investigation continues!

The writer, named Rashi Kapoor had cleverly detailed just about all the nights' main moments. From Bubblisa crazy entry to Manyata and Uday magic and ending with the grave attack.

Uday had remained detached from anyone and everyone, the others thought it was the shock but M knew it had been her words and as the days went on she tried to find a way to leave this family and stop this horror, the opportunity never arose – the days wavered by and eventually the first response came from Uday who announced his departure he was leaving on the evening flight for London to attend a business meeting. The house was crushed, Maa Saab had wanted to mash the news reports by sending out the date of wedding, but UV had thrown water all over her plans.


The Guard put UV's suitcase in the boot, Uday had already said his goodbyes, he was leaving so that he could overcome his feelings and take a break – start afresh. Hopefully this would give Manyata the time to break it off cleanly, he would take the blame as it was his idea to bring her here. Even the mere mention of Manyata sent sheer thorns through his heart but you couldn't have everything in life sometime you had to let go. He couldn't hold on anymore, the main thing was UV may have fought harder or pushed more, if M had refused him plain blank, if she had said she had no interest in UV he wouldn't have given in but it was the way she had spoken the sheer desperation in her eyes – to let her go, she'd begged. And for this Uday could do nothing, it was his final gift to M he had granted her last wish. It was time to go and UV waved at the other as they stood slightly apart from each other. M was there as well her eyes welled up in tears; the only person missing was Unnati.  Where was she?

UV got inside as the driver started the car, the engine revving softly. They were off on their journey Uday lost himself in the scenery they were still on the same road; If UV looked back he would most definitely see the Mahel, but just near the bend the driver shouted in surprise.

"What's wrong?" Uday demanded

"Sir, Sir the breaks Aren't working, some one has cut the breaks. I can slow down" The Drivers voice was thick with fear.

Uday felt feverish, Cut the breaks but who could this? Black rage ran deep down in UV's mind. Who was doing this and what did they want from him? If he found that person, he'd kill them.

But that was when he got out of this situation! Uday felt, no saw something from the corner of his eye.

He turned around and the hooded figure stood outside the Mahel gates, the same hooded figure that had hurt him in the bathroom, the person pulled off there mask and standing staring at him with a vindictive smile on her face, pure evilness behind those features. The person face twisted in a ferocious glare and Uday could sense the murderous rage in those eyes. He looked closely and his heart folded in on it's self – no it couldn't be her, no she'd been his family – no matter what anybody said – no matter how far she went or how much they bickered he had trusted her. How could she do this? It didn't make sense but the very immorality of her defined the mysterious person behind these attacks.

It had been his-

The driver interrupted his thoughts "Sir what should we do?"

That was a very good question, what could he do? It was a pity he had no answer as to him his whole world had crumbled.       


Next chapter is called – The Toxic Truth (Uday finds out the Truth)

Well Well Friends that's the chapter done and dusted, you'll have to wait 2/3 weeks as i'm getting ready for exams and other things. Cry

I'm Algergic to anything other than Positive comments and critical advice!!! so please comment and like.LOL

ThanxBig smile


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This is What Manyata Wore

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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BEAUTIFUL update...all the best for ur exams!!!

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its suprb!!!!!! who is dat wicked prson!!!!!! have to wait so longg,hmmm cum back soon wit ur updatee!!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by pia.raha

its suprb!!!!!! who is dat wicked prson!!!!!! have to wait so longg,hmmm cum back soon wit ur updatee!!!!!!!!!

you will have to wait for the big revelation but its going to blow your cotton socks off i guarnateeeLOLWink

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Originally posted by ARMaaneetAbhiya

BEAUTIFUL update...all the best for ur exams!!!

Thank you sooo much for the examms i've already done i will get my results this thursday please pray for me am sooo scaredCryWink
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Great writing! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I hope UV finds out soon abt this mystery person and deals with him/her.

All the best for ur exams! If you do pms, please pm me when u update next!

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