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FF: Heart's Owner Chap 9 updated (pg23) (Page 19)

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Originally posted by arya009

wow read it in a go!!!!!! loved the story...its different!!!!! hey if its okay cld u plz pm me nxt tym u update?? thnx nd do update soon :)

Definitly, welcome to my little thread, enjoy hearts owner.

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Originally posted by kakacool123

Originally posted by arya009

wow read it in a go!!!!!! loved the story...its different!!!!! hey if its okay cld u plz pm me nxt tym u update?? thnx nd do update soon :)

Definitly, welcome to my little thread, enjoy hearts owner.
hey m sure gonna enjoy hearts owner no worries abt that Tongue Smile
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hi dear eagerly waiting 4 ur next update.update soon plz.
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I will be posting maybe tonight or tommorrow

Love u Guyz

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Chapter 8 - Reconciliations Tongue

Uday picked an unconscious M up and lifted her into his strong arms, the others crammed around them, there was a mix of emotions in the Main Hall tonight - some were fearful others were outright distressed and above all Uday couldn't refuse or deny the look of utter terror that had reflected off M's face when she'd lost consciousness.

The camera's kept flashing even this horrifying situation couldn't halt the evening press and their demands they were immune to such gruesome tales there news stories and breaking reports was all that kept them alive. It was settings like this that placed aside the press's human emotions and brought out their blinding attire of trickery and unrest. The lights startled and distracted Uday however with the help of Ria, he got away from the penetrating glare of the flashlights and cameras, in no more than a few minutes all hell had broken lose and the reporters had taken no time in sending in their latest discovery.

Uday could just imagine the headlines for tonight and the next few days:

Princess and the Heart

Daggered Heart causes Chaos

The Wicked Witch and the Heart

Heart causes Heartbreak

Being a Prince, he had become used to the 24 hour surveillance of paparazzi, their gimmicks never ceased to amaze him but tonight's events had shocked everyone into silence. He got Manyata to her safe house and realising the privacy he desired, Ria left quietly but only before kissing M's forehead and patting her cheek. The door closed softly behind him and he couldn't stop his eyes watering these tears had been tearing and ripping him apart causing a war battling in his inner self a turmoil that needed to come out. Each tear held an emotional quality- each tear was feather light- and each tear was being shed for her. This mysterious headstrong girl had waltzed her way into his life and had been broken down just as quickly for his silly mistakes, her innocence had been tainted.

Tonight's events had shocked many and had become the highlight of the press reports, Uday knew it must have been a Ex-Psycho girlfriend of his, trying to scare off or attack him through hurting M but who could result to such a hideous act. None of his girlfriends had ever formed an emotional attachment with him; he never dated girls that he suspected would. Who could have done this? Uday realised that after tonight, this certain question was quivering on each and everyone's lips.

Looking down at the girl lying on the bed with the slight frame, tussle of wavy hair and rosy cheeks - tears still frozen in place on her beautiful angelic face like a statue caught in the wrath of medusa Uday wondered whether she knew the answer to his questions or had it been his imagination that before M had fallen unconscious her mouth had formed these words: 'He's Back' yet Uday shrugged of his uncertainties and his frown deepened - I'm sure she would have told me if anything or anybody was bothering her.

Uday's hand wavered above M's face uncertain if he had the right to touch her could it be that it was he who was trying to apply salve on the wounds that were caused by no other but he himself, nevertheless he gave up on that idea- not being able to handle the thought as he stroked her cheek ridding her beautiful features from the power of her tears. She lay there peaceful and unaware of the wave emotions that she had awoken in him, the terror of losing her and the rage of another to pain her; he'd rather be a shield that could protect her than be the panic that scared her. He was ripped out of his trance as the girl in front of him miraculously twitched.

Manyata opened an eye and let her hazel irises drink in the fine looking pair of light brown eyes that glowed in the dark casting an eerie luminosity in the otherwise pitch black room. These eyes seemed to be the first sure sign that he had no yet got her, he had not acclaimed her and he certainly wouldn't make another attempt so soon! Uday was safe from him. But for how long? These questions attempted their way upto her soft cherry lips only to freeze and die.


A few meters away, in the Main Hall the guests had left accompanied to the main reception by Jagat as Yash, Unnati and Vijay were left in the Hall to ponder on how to spend the rest of the evening.

Surprisingly the DJ had ran away without packing away his music set and weirdly 'Ainvayi, Ainvayi' was bursting from the bass shaking the ground as the heart jumped to the beat leaving red leaping smudges. No one had the heart to clear it away (ewww what a pun! LOL) and from the screaming of Vijay Banna no wanted to stay, the other house members had retreated to their rooms taking a warm thermos for their migraines and the knowledge of what disaster tomorrow was going to bring.

Vijay's screams sounded cute and he hopped a few more feet back as the jumping heart leapt further towards him, he leapt so far that he landed right in Unnati's arms, where she smiled and tried to take advantage of the situation by running her fingers down Vijay's arms and evoking a weak smile from him. Seductively she closed her arms around him pressing him into a hug. It wasn't as if she didn't feel sickened by the presence of the heart it was more like she was numb towards the circumstances, Unnati like her brother had been taught from a very young age that being brought up a royals meant that they had to follow rules - some of those made them become cold to certain emotions-  to put them away under strict lock and key and the condition of today's extravaganza required such rules to be set in place.

Unnati continued her panther like attempts on Vijay taking full advantage of his sudden attitude, whilst Yash smirked in the back:

"Vaah bhi Vaah Rajkumari, Pehle Manyata fiadaa utati hai situation ka to spend a little lazy lamhe with Uday and now app vhi uska formula use kari ho Aur bachara Vijay Bhai ki innocence ki tho tumne thagia ohra diya hai. Kya baat hai!" He shook his head and called for Seema Ji

The maid appeared from the side exit holding a shovel and a sack no doubt the only brave abla nari to attempt such an act of clearing away this mess, Yet the heart was still doing bhangra and probably didn't like being disturbed to a song that was stuck on reply.

Seema Ji hitched up her Sari skirt between her legs and bended over in a batsman's position looking as if she was about to go in for a Chaka. Seema Ji attempted to get hold of the dancing heart into the current weapon.

No one even expected what happened next the Heart caught the edge of the shovel and was flung high up in the air as it flew across the room everyone paused shocked, they all looked like statues playing musical statues, the heart was the centre of attention flying across Yash's line of sight like a red superman it hit Vijay Bhai point blank in the head as it slipped down his face and fell to the floor in a blob of red and liquid. Vijay stood cock eyed, mouth open in a shout and arms and legs stretched out in an attempt to escape then he fell backwards seemingly unconscious.

"And it's a Chaka" Yash shouted sweeping his arms in front of him "Seema Ji one and Vijay Bhai OUT!"

Yash started laughing uncontrollably "What a messy cricket game i should record this on Facebook man i would get a load of likes, Kya hora hai is ghar Mei, Sindoor Manyata ki Maang mei bhar ni chai thi lekin yahan tho iski maang saaj rai hai."

He walked off closing his bedroom door loudly as Unnati bent down to Vijay's unconscious form, she smiled at his sweetness and grabbed a tissue and wiped away the smudges on Vijay's face, moving her fingers gently across his face, she felt new emotions rise up in her as she gently patted her head in a bitter sweet gesture "What have you done to me? Why do i feel this way?"

She kissed his forehead and called for the guards to help get Vijay to his room as she left a startled Seema Ji to clear up the Main Hall that had been decorated with the red smidges and air of poisoned tension. The very feel of the room told Unnati that what a disaster this engagement had resulted in, no one needed to read the headlines they could just read the Royal families faces to get their answers.            


Manyata gradually sat up, leaning on her arm as Uday turned on the lights, bathing the room with light and warmth. Uday sat next to her on the bed, face scrutinised in focus as he checked her temperature and puffed out her pillows, tears rose to M's eyes and she was taken aback about how used to Uday she'd become. His face, His voice, His attitude, His heartbeat. All of these had become part of her life in some way or another and now it was her responsibility to break this relation. If she didn't end this the consequences could be drastic, he wouldn't stop until Uday was completely gone: whether for a period of time or forever lost not only for her but from this life and from the grasp of others.

She chocked back her tears slowly, moving Uday's hand away from her; Uday looked up at her astonished and his mouth parted in an attempt to say something but she cut in before he could speak

"Uday" She swallowed her voice was thick with emotional stress and pain, looking down at the beautiful dress now immersed in blood, each bead and thread soaked in colour, the painful memory gave her a mental push, she could do this! Maybe this blood is unfamiliar to her but soon because of her denial and stupidity the next dress could be submerged with Uday's memories and royal blood. No she couldn't carry this on! The fear of losing him forever was enough to give her the final physical and mental shove.

"Uday, we need to break this engagement, i can't carry this facade any longer. I feel like I'm about to lose my mind about who or what could come next - In the engagement it's a Heart maybe, maybe just maybe it could be a lot worse next time." Manyata just couldn't voice the terrible conclusions that zipped in and out of her mind like flashcards.

Uday's was silent for a few minutes staring at her hard his brain trying to pull the dots in place, reading, analysing every new emotion across her face. She tried to look away from his piercing gaze that seemed to burn into me and make each and every one of my thoughts vulnerable, stripped away her mentality tried to lift up the shields but they had broken a long time ago.

"What has made you so scared? Why are you pulling away from me?" His mind was working on overdrive trying to keep up with her and something - a strong sense told UV that she knew who had so nicely wrapped that gift for her, but Why would she hide it? For each passing second UV's frown deepened, his eyebrows pulling together in confusion, Could it be the answers lay in front of him but he couldn't join them or Could it be that he didn't want to, Why was his feelings warning him? The questions went on and on never finding an answer that made sense, all them came back to one point - Manyata.

What was she hiding? Uday suddenly realised that all he had was questions no answers.

"Manyata, you're just stressed, that's all lie down for a little while your mind has taken a lot in today. You need rest; I promise you'll feel better in the morning." Uday's voice commanded attention and one that he used when he was trying to sooth an injured person.

Manyata glared at him, her hazel eyes lighting up causing a wavering inferno to burn deeply, not only in her eyes but also inside of her, like a gasoline the fire so swiftly spread to her eyes which conveyed their own emotional pain and a final message.

"No!" Manyata stood up and faced Uday squarely, eye to eye - her face flushed with anger and her small fists balled up. She wouldn't be talked to like that - no way! she grabbed Uday and pulled him so close that he was an inch away from her from touching her nose but this closeness didn't stir up desire inside of her in fact she hadn't ever taken shit from anyone and didn't plan to mess up that record.

"I am not a little kid that will listen, I'm breaking this contract whether you like it or not. I will compensate for all the losses by telling the press it was me who was not suitable for you. But i will not be moulded to become a punching bag for your Psycho Fangirls. Do you understand?"

There was a sudden long silence as Uday gave her astonished and hurt stare until eventually his face became a hard unbreakable mask "I understand! I won't hold you against your will in a contract that you don't want to follow, but remember as soon as you announce your breakup to my parents, leave my house and don't bother coming back. Your choice and your loss!"

He whirled around and left quickly, M stood looking after his retreating figure as she fell to the ground and the tears dripped hotly down her face, she wanted to reach out and pull him back to hug him tightly and to tell him that she would rather die than leave him. Yet the fear of what tomorrow could do to him stopped her.

M didn't know how long she sat there the lights faltered and went out completely, leaving M to contemplate how well the darkness defined her fleeting emotions. She belonged here where no other could see her among the darkest shadows and corners to become part of the walls were she could be forever forgotten just like a painful memory for those who ever dared to love her. How could she walk away on a path that had become a horrifying stranger to her, where she was blinded and unknown.


The day dawned brightly trapping the people of Mumbai in its glaring warmth; it was truly ironic how this beautiful day would bring catastrophe in the form of the news reports.

M bathed and went to join the rest of the family for breakfast. As soon as she stepped into the dining room, every eye was on her and for a second M was afraid if Uday had already told the family but it seemed more like pitying glances not shocked expressions.

She took the only available place next to Maharani Devirani which surprised her usually she was given the last chair but it looked as if she'd moved up in respective status as girlfriend to Fiance.

The silence was suffocating her, but Maharani Devirani was the first to surprise M, she rather steadily grabbed M's hand and turned her so she was now facing Maharani.

"Manyata Beti, I know the trauma that you went through has left its mark and just as we have taught Unnati and Uday, living as a royal isn't all fairytales there are some very gruesome moments but look around you my sweet daughter, in this family, that you have brought together no one is alone. We are all here right by your side holding hands and fighting threw the tough times and celebrating the happy moments.  A Royal family isn't only bound by rituals but also by love and blood, this family that had gathered today will never leave your side. Neither will my sons sword, he will always protect you no matter how far you fall - no matter how far you go or how impossible the situation is, he will be there because love doesn't change like time does it will for all eternity still define two people's care towards one another, there vow to protect one another and their promise to be one. My dear daughter always remember you will never be alone.

Manyata glowed with inner happiness and she hugged Maharani with all her might passing her own love through there newly formed bond.

M pulled away and addressed the rest of the table with a new found strength but also to just one person

"I have something to tell everyone" Uday tensed and a dark look crossed his face shadowing him.

"Ma, i agree with you wholeheartedly!" i said

Uday looked up clearly surprised i carried on keeping my eyes clearly pinned to him making the rest of the world blur from existence.

"Being scared is a weakness for those that lose hope in loved ones and i can truthfully tell you that a few hours ago it happened i felt alone which made me scared and i forgot that over the past few days what bonds i have formed and the people that are holding my hand walking down this path with  shielding me from harm but also giving me a way to fight my own battles, to push me so that i can realise just how much i have grown and also so that i can see them. And i do, I can see them now, i see you Uday; i know you're there and if there is one person who is ruling over my heart it's you. Ma I love Uday, with everything i have to offer and to leave would mean that someone in my love i was at loss - weak but that's no me because i believe those around me and that's what gives me my strength. You're my dream whether I'm asleep or awake so thank you for helping me realise that. (Note: Uday thinks M is only saying she loves him for his mother's sake)

My surroundings cleared and i looked around at everyone's blank expressions. They hadn't understood the last part of my speech but that was because it was meant for only Uday and Uday alone.

Yash picked up on the weird silence that had befallen over the table and helped to clear it

"So Unnati how is my pal Vijay Banna getting on after yesterdays HEARTFELT situation?" Unnati laughed and relaxed back giving Yash a playful look

"Voh Na yahan ka raha Na bhar ka, He's lying in his bed with a headache. Just don't show him a heart Shayad usi ka HEART failure Na hojai."

"Usually when love is the air, Cupid strikes an arrow at the heart but it looks like here the whole heart came flying at Vijay, it's good Natasha wasn't here, she would've mistaken the heart for a giant genetically modified strawberry."

 "If Natasha even knows what genetically modified means." Unnati said

Everyone laughed suddenly the tension was lifted away and the jokes began creating an easy-going environment as Uday and Manyata got caught up in each other eyes.



The door opened and a hooded figure stepped into the pitch black room, eyes were cold and unwavering - they were hard as obsidian and held an evil depth. This person could make a choice that would destroy another's life without remorse or guilt, there was a deep seated rage within this person split of and repressed. Everyone else was a toy and game a new challenge.

To this person the end only justified means and would let no one stand in their way, looking over at the only illuminated area of the room where an A4 sized photograph was stapled of the next victim the Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh.

He believed he was high and mighty but I will soon show you that when you cross paths with me you are just another target.   

 Grabbing the Arrow and with precision of a professional the person flung out their arm and watched as the arrow hit the photo point blank between the eyebrows.

"Times Up Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh - You're next." The whispered voice carried vehemence and hatred, the passion of destruction, the redefinition of death and invincibility of the ages. 

Suddenly like a hurricane, the discrete figure erupted into laughter, it echoed along the walls and was absorbed instantly yet the ringing menace poisoned the very air.



Please like and Comment ' I want to hear what u have to say just no LOLChapelsBig smile


Not everything in UV life is going to stay happy

Every great character must face hurdles to develop, My UV is very laid back, and he's had everything silver spoon fed to him from day 1.

He has the look, wit, attitude, money and status. Every single girl adores him but there is a storm coming in UV life, and he might not be able to stop it.

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Fantastic update! Loved the whole seq of events and Vijay's bhai's reactions were just awesome.
He got attacked by a heart... sixer lolll

Either this new villain is either Manyata's past or could be the crazed Princess Bubbly. Very nicely you're taking the story forward, I'm really enjoying the turn of events. Plz take the story forward in a fast paced way with regular twists and turns...

Very very good way!...Plus wanna see Manyata's past revealed soon. Also, I want to see that Manyata who was once a rich girl who had oodles of money couldn't take care of this guy from her past. Do show how that person has the upper hand over the headstrong Manyata.

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Superb Update Ash! Maharani's Acceptance   Seems Good They Gonna Share A Good Bond! Hope ManVeer Will Be Always Together! & Our Uday Should Be Safe At Any Cost! Ty 4 d pm & Update soon.. 

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