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FF: Heart's Owner Chap 9 updated (pg23) (Page 15)

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Waiting to read more!.. Plzz update soon!

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I have just finished and a big mystery to be reveled or well touched upon in next 2 chapters

I will upload tommorrow!

Love ya!!!!

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This is a very long but it's because its two chapters merged into one, special thanks goes to:

Ria (smiley12) and chitra_rao!!!!


Chapter 6/7 ' The Engagement

Manyata sprang away from Uday, turning a deep shade of red. The young girl smiled, amused at Manyata's dispense. She grabbed the pizza box and sat in-between them, her face alight with curiosity, she turned towards me and nonchalantly placed her hands on my shoulders:

"So your Dadaa's Fiance, you seem a lot more decent than the rest of his flings but i hope we get on in the future my too be sister- in -law"

Uday clicked his fingers in the girls face "Forget about my love life, who was that prancer on the bike Unnati."

Unnati glared at Uday "That prancer happens to be my boyfriend" the girl stated "And it's really none of your business who i date."

Uday sighed heavily "I don't understand why you call them boyfriends, because you seem to a have a new guy everyday, which means i just have a new guy to become my punching bag until he leaves you."

Unnati's eyes went wide and she flung herself at her brother, in an attempt to scratch his eyes out, while Manyata spluttered on her pizza slice. What a nice bond they had!

"I hate you Daada, i knew it was you who was beating my boyfriends black and blue, watch how i tell Bubblisa to pay you a visit." Uday frowned and then went rigid.

Manyata decided it was time to leave this cat fight behind and turn in for the night, Uday and Unnati didn't even notice Manyata leave until UV suddenly said "Good night M, sleep tight" his vice was soft like the tinkling of wind chimes in the summer's breeze, it caressed Manyata skin and tingled it gently.


   The rain blowed the trees from side to side, causing a green battle around the Mahel, Unnati had greeted just about everyone she needed to but as for the new guests, she liked Manyata who seemed like a nice girl, any other GF of Daada's would have rolled her eyes and complained at why Unnati had disrupted them. 

The rain drops stopped and the light pitter patter allowed Unnati to see a lot more of the garden and standing under the shade of the hollow tree stood a dark shadowy figure, it looked like from description the other guest. Unnati's curiosity reached another level as she ran down the grand staircase and out the main door.

She came to a standstill in front of the stranger "Hey I'm Unnati, Uday's sister; it's nice to meet you"

The boy smiled shyly and nodded taking his hand in hers, by now they were completely drenched  but Unnati didn't care, the rain was her favourite weather choice every time it rained she'd prance around getting wet.

"My name's Vijay, and it's a pleasure to meet such a beautiful dove as yourself" Unnati blushed, she wasn't used to such compliments, guyz either liked her because she was beautiful or because of her status ... having a princess in your arms did make headlines. This boy was not only good looking but also had that easy-going look

  "I think, it's time we go inside, you might catch a cold and then were would we be." Vijay gently pulled Unnati through and she plastered a goofy smile and followed along.


Manyata awoke early; it had become a habit now she couldn't sleep for so long or the nightmares would suffocate her and if she didn't want to get on the sleeping pills like her doctor advised, Manyata could only sleep for so long unless the night would terrorize her.

After taking a quick shower and wearing the clothes borrowed from Unnati, she started towards her table to dry her hair and apply her makeup but found herself picking up a small square card she opened it to find a swirly handwritten message.

Tea at 9:00

Front Garden


M smiled, her eyes fell in a sign of pleasure and she grinned, just her and Uday, no one to interrupt but just as quickly as the thought had entered it disappeared ... what was she thinking, nothing could happen between her and Uday, it was simple not just because of the vow but also because of the threat, she couldn't risk making a new relation and indirectly sentencing it to death.      

She rushed down to the garden and found it occupied not by Uday but by Vijay and Yash, M sighed and the let out a small laugh, how silly had she been, Uday had no interest in her ... he had millions of girls on hold and she wouldn't even fit at the very back of that line.

 I walked upto them and took a seat across Vijay and poured myself some tea and grabbed a cake from the tray. Sitting back i enjoyed the delicacies!

Yash tore the wrapper from his Aero Bubbles chocolate and took a huge bite that took 80% of the chocolate bar. Looking at the chocolate, i remembered a certain someone ... Bubblisa.

"Yash, why does Uday's face go into lockdown when he hears Bubblisa's name?" I asked

Yash looked up, a smudge of choco on the side of his lips "Because it's that type of news that would send anyone into lockdown."

I frowned "What are you talking about?"

He looked around and then gestured for us to come forward "Bubblisa is the only heir to the Tejghar throne and she was engaged to Uday when they were younger" He let the news sink and then carried on "Bubbly was a messed up child from a very, very young age ' she used to carve Uday's name into her arm using a knife" Vijay and me gasped, shocked

Yash nodded fanatically "There's more, once we all went to stay at Tejghar for her birthday and she came into Uday's room wearing a white sheet and rice powder makeup saying these words: 'UDAY BABY LET ME BLEED YOU'"

Vijay screamed and i jerked back traumatized but Yash wasn't done "That day, Uday was so shaken that he made sure me or Jagat promised to always stay with him, during the party she came wearing a star wars shirt and a sack...she was all about being eco friendly, she jumped Uday from behind and started screaming: 'Air force 1, suspect is in contact, come forth bring the grenades, what Obi-Wan Kenobi i see you in sight, bring the shackles and Kitchen knife we shall sacrifice the suspect.'"

By this time i was beyond words, whereas Vijay was leaning back as though he'd been drugged "I mean, I'm human. you're human ... but her no way she isn't human" 

We both seemed to have heard enough yet Yash didn't only seem to be enjoying himself but he was also on a roll "She started at the bottom of the social ladder and it's been downhill since then, she got Uday so scared that he carried a rape alarm with him. Every night a child would pray to god for a new toy car or their fist kiss but no Uday prayed Bubbly would fall into a coma!"

"Enough, i think I've heard as much as i necessarily needed to know!"

We sat in silence, me sipping my tea, Yash finishing of his Aero bubbly and Vijay holding an uneaten cookie.

"Well they do say opposites attract, no wonder her parents tried to get her engaged to Uday, and he's everything she's ... umm ... well not" Vijay countered, we all nodded

"When she was born, something terrible happened" Yash said, despite ourselves Vijay and i moved forward listening intently

"She lived!"   

We all cracked up "That's tight"

"This family sure is unique, 'Ek hazaroon mein yeh family hai' i thought our family was messed up M but these lot make us look like perfectionist, next thing you'll  find out is that Mahraaj Grijraj, is a cross - dresser and he likes dancing to 'I'm a Barbie girl' in his spare time. Kya unique maal hai tumare Sasural" Vijay predicted

"You really need to stop bitching about them what if-" i began

"They don't have secret cameras in the garden M" Vijay rolled his eyes but Yash pointed at a black device facing them: a camera

"Yes they do" Yash countered

Manyata nearly spilled tea on herself "Shit Vijay Bhai say something nice about them"

"Urm...urm...Uday's HOT" He panicked

They both stared at him

"Now you just sound gay!"


The preparations got under way as Uday's engagement news hit the headlines, for days me and Unnati shopped for the perfect dress; it was only until we came to Naghara Fashions, that we found it:

It was simply breathtaking; it was a light pink netted lengha choli. The Upper pink blouse was plain with a hint of white petaled and leafed beaded embroidery at the front giving it a classy but traditional feel. It then cut lose and showed of her stomach, the lengha skirt was tight from the hips and fell all around her at the bottom, it was heavily embroidered keeping the same beaded petals, leaves and traditional Indian outlandish designs. The dress finished of with a deep red velvet borderline with the same customary beaded designs. The dappatta was simply netted with diamantes and the same deep velvety borderline, Manyata had brought simple jewellery there was a gold and pink Indian necklace that was enriched with pink diamonds, jhummar, and the golden coloured frame work design with crimson diamonds hanging from each piece. The earrings were the same and the bangles were very straightforward gold and pink diamonds embeds into each kangan with swirls and twists holding the diamonds in place.  

check this out:


It was the eve of the engagement and Manyata wondered whether she was making the right choice, when her father's business had been at risk, he had made the headlines and his family has been pestered too but this was totally different... getting engaged to a Prince. The media wouldn't ever leave her alone and when the engagement broke it would be quite tough on her, M had to make sure she was alert at all time no wondering off or becoming lost in Uday's eyes but to stay calm and focused.

The bad weather had carried on all evening and showed no signs of stopping in fact M believed her spirits would be downcast matching the weather forecast, The trees shoke from side to side a battle of branches and thorns all around the Mahel.

The lights flickered and went out completely, she cursed quietly and tried to find her away around the room, there was no way she could venture outside in this weather and the thought of being here all night in the dark chocked her.            


Uday got changed, he wore his light cotton shirt and joggers, this would be fine, the door opened and Uday turned around to find his mothers piercing stare on him.

"Uday beta, Manyata is alone in the outhouse and i think the electricity there has also run out, there might not even be warm water. I need you to go and check on her!"

Uday couldn't believe his ears, he was being told to go and run errands, and he was a Prince! What a ridiculous thought.

"Why can't you send one of the guards" He countered, His mother pinned him with a glare

"Firstly, how can you think of sending a man into her room at this time and secondly the lightening and storm has caused one of the trees to become unstable, your father has sent the guards to enquire whether the construction work can be continued in this weather."

The Maharani walked off after gently reminding Uday that in a few hours M would be his responsibility and this could be a good practise at keeping her safe.

Uday sighed heavily and set out to woo his lady love. Yeh right  


The guards were taking too long to get the buggy out, he was already cold, the rain had reached him and he was wet before he knew it. He ordered the guards to leave it; he ran out from under his shelter and began his jog all the way to the outhouse. The rain hadn't let him get away and he was trapped in its power, it encased and flowed along his clothing finding its way through the fabric and onto his skin. The outhouse appeared to him like god's shrine in these times of distress; pleased he hadn't quite lost himself in this mini monsoon he ran the last few feet only to have a wave of dizziness overcome him. Did i take my meds, oh lord Uday had forgotten again, this was bad he was supposed to help someone else and it looked as though he needed the aid.


Manyata felt a surge of terror overcome her and she shrinked down until she was a tiny ball hugging herself and rocking back and forth. Manyata remembered the day of the fire and how frightened of the dark she had become, how much of a problem her nyctophobia had befallen upon her. Everybody else had forced themselves to forget, to shut away that chapter of their lives. But how could Manyata forget the way he had died and who had done it!

Years ago her life had been perfect, every girls dream, she'd had a lovable fiance, a good family and a perfect love story it had all vanished ... smashed to smithereens until nothing had survived, the beginning of her end had stared the day he had walked into her life.

The wedding had not been far off and she'd felt like the luckiest bride to be, her surroundings blurred around her causing a haze to form, her fragile mind took her back into the day before she was to be married and how she had snuck out with her fiance to share a -

 The knock on the door pulled Manyata out of her reverie, she gasped and took in a breath to scream but before she could a weak voice greeted her ears.

"M let me in, it's Uday."

Manyata jumped of the bed and smiling in relief, she flung open the door and jumped Uday hugging him, he'd come to get her, She planted her face in his shoulder, hiding herself from harm. Her prince had saved her and her eyes closed and she released some of the holed up energy.

Something was wrong, Uday was entirely drenched and beneath his light clothing i could feel the soaring temperature of his skin, she pulled back and really took a look at his face.

Oh lord, she cursed her stupidity and tried to gently pull Uday in, but his eyes fluttered close and he sagged like a sinking ship in the oceanic seas, unable to take his weight she fell along with him. Thank god for the plush red carpet underneath them or this may never have been such a soft landing, Uday moved a little but only so that now he was completely on top of her. Manyata blushed ferociously and Uday murmured something in her hair, M turned sideways and drank in his features, she was surprised with what she found, now that he was sleeping ... the hard edges of his face had become a lot softer he looked oddly stripped down and vulnerable. Manyata loved Uday's eyes they were most expressive part of him but now they seemed angelic and beatific. She moved her free hand and gently stroked his face, this simple gesture brought a sense of peace and calming in her soul.

The lovey-dovey expression on her face lasted only a few more minutes until she realised that Uday could catch a fever if she didn't get him out of these soaked clothes. Pulling Uday to bed was effort and eventually after 7 tries, 6 pauses and 8 rapid encouraging words, she got Uday onto the bed.

Right this part would make anyone redden but she had to stay focused, she would change Uday's shirt and that's all. Manyata got down to work, she unbuttoned his shirt quietly working her way down until Uday moaned and grabbed her hand in reflex dragging her over him, M squeaked her eyes went wide, she was only a few inches from Uday face and she was shaking to death, Carefully taking her hand from his she went back to getting the shirt off, this took a lot of doing and moving Uday from one side to another until finally she could throw the Shirt to one side. Ta dah! All done

She turned around and froze, standing with 2 guards, Yash and Vijay was Maharani Devirani, Manyata nearly chocked, her eyes were going to blow out of their sockets, and she'd been widening her eyes a lot tonight.

"Were you just about to take fidaa of my child?" Maharani Devirani exploded

Manyata laughed lightly, which made the situation a lot worse, she looked like some Pedo on the high. She was tired and so naturally her eyes looked drawn and slightly closed but in other not so innocent terms it looked as if i she'd sniffed some crack/ganja.


The Bright light, cracked through the slits of Uday's eyes and his fluttered open but it wasn't the ceiling of his bedroom that greeted him but one that he couldn't quite recognise. Gently he sat up and lying on an arm chair beside his bed was Manyata, she'd dozed of holding a bowl of porridge. Manyata was dribbling slightly and Uday smiled, oh gosh this girl, he shook her softly and she awoke with a start.

"Hey lazy bones, you up" He said

"LAZY BONES and me, sweetie you were the one asleep for a lifetime" she claimed

"Why? Missing me!" He grinned

"I cannot believe this! You should be given the playboy of the year award, you just recovered from a fever and you still have the energy to hit on me. Unbelievable!"

We both smiled at each other though and i remembered yesterday's embarrassing situation, a frown found its place on my face

"Because of you, i had to explain to your mother why i was taking your shirt off"

Uday looked down at his bare chest and looked up again, he lifted an eyebrow "Now how did this happen, I'm not conscious for more than a few hours and your already trying to get your evil way with me." 

 I shook my head "Like mother, like son, this is what i had to explain to your mother yesterday when she thought, i was about to rape you" I explained 

We looked at each other for a few second and burst into laughter.

"What was there reaction?" Uday asked

"Where should i begin, Your mother had a Pooja talli in her hand and looked as though she wanted to whack me about with it and make sheikh kebabs out of me, Yash was staring at me with new found respect and Vijay, well Vijay was making the usual jokes."

"Seriously Uday you looked bad yesterday, in fact you looked whiter than my bed sheets, it's not the first time I've seen you like that. What is wrong with you?"

There was a deep, long silence

"When i was younger, my father took me hunting; we stayed at our hunting lodge a few miles from here.  That night it rained heavily and was extremely stormy, My father told me it was too dangerous to hunt but i didn't listen to him and snuck out, i ventured so far that eventually i got lost and trapped in the forest and by the time my father's rescue team arrived, i was in a pretty bad shape. They took me to the hospital, and now it's either i undergo operation or take my pills regularly. Undergoing operation means i have to stay in hospital for the next 2 months and i can't risk leaving the business unattended not when were at a financial peak."

I nodded, nothing i could say would persuade him other wise; yet, some part of me tried to reason with him

"Uday, your health is first and foremost, it's you w care about and not your business. Your life has no value, its significance is more important to me; no price can be put on it. It's unique and can't be given back, but a business can. It can be dug from the dumps and brought to shining glory." I finished my little monologue and Uday nodded impressed

"You really should work for me!"

"Uday! I'm trying to explain the worth of your life, and your giving me a job application although how much will i be paid." I leaned closer, my interests aroused

Uday disintegrated into laughter and he didn't stop. 


The day had finally arrived and Manyata was surrounded by a bundle of hyper girls, helping her with her outfit and hair.

Unnati disappeared after awhile to check on the arrangements in the Grand Hall, M could hear the music start up, it was Jogi Mahi and from the shouts reverberating back to her it looked as if the girls may have started their trickery.

The girl doing my hair was Unnati's friend her soft brown eyes told Manyata that she was a trusted and sweet in her own way, the girl curled Manyata hair from the bottom and pinned fresh pink and white roses in her hair, the make up artist had come and gone earlier, She'd made M look like a fairytale princess and for once she was astonished by the girl in the mirror ... who's Hazel eyes that normally seemed dull were a rich texture of honeycomb, neatly outlined with kohl liner, her check bones were clearly defined and the blusher had worked miracles in bringing some colour to her otherwise lifeless face.

Unnati walked in, her face was alight with glee   

"Ria (Dedicated to smiley12, my sweet sis), you're needed in the reception hall the guests are pouring in and we need to do their swahgat in an appropriate manner." Unnati said

Ria put down the curler and smiled, she had a sweet smile that made Manyata's doubts vanquish in moments and those clear pristine eyes gave a Manyata a new found authority over herself.

"Your looking stunning, and i can just feel the anxiety seeping from you, try to take deep breaths to calm your nerves also i want you to know Miss Manyata Saksena, you're about to become the luckiest girl on the planet." She assured.

I hugged her tightly; it looked like i had made a new buddy.

Ria and Unnati left my small room and only then did i realise my zip was undone, I'm sure it was zipped up a few minutes ago. Manyata tried her best to get hold of the zipper and after a few very annoying tries, she gave up in a huff.

Cool hands touched her back and she looked up and saw Uday's face reflected in the mirror, his face was one to remember, the look spoke a thousand words, he was astounded and delighted with my new look... the tips of his mouth turned upwards in a trademark smirk; he took hold of the zipper and moved it slowly upwards tracing the patterns on her back, making his every presence shiver her to the bone. She closed her eyes and a light blush lit up her features, her heart beat faster if someone put a kaleidoscope on her chest, they'd have their ears blasted. My heart was playing a rhythmic song of its own.   

"Thank you" I mumbled

"My pleasure" He replied obviously happy at my reaction

The girls came running in like a herd of rhinos

"Oh Ho, eh ki hora hai, hum Behna 2 minute kai liya chali kaha gayye apne manmani shru kar li"

The girls grabbed Uday and pushed him out of the room, I laughed, served him right!


The lights dimmed and the veils were lifted as my Behna's accompanied me into the Grand Hall, 'Hum tumko niga hoon mein' played as my entry song, the Hall was hushed and the only sound was the amplifiers and bass shaking the floor and my hitching breath. I kept my eyes to the ground until they simultaneously found Uday's. He smiled and i pulled my tongue at him there was a titter and laughter from the boy's side of the room.

I came to a standstill in front of Uday, then i was briskly turned and sat next to him, i could smell his cologne gosh he smelled nice like winters breeze, i wonder if they had women's deodorant in that. I peaked at his outfit, he had chosen to wear an Armani evening suit and oh god did he redefine black.

The audience's eyes were on us, Maharani stepped up behind me and placed the traditional dappatta on my head, she handed Uday a ring and he softly took hold of my hand, taking care to keep his eyes pinned to mine, the cool metal slipped over my right finger and the diamond sparkled.

Ria handed the ring to me, and i pulled Uday's hand towards me... the woops and Oh Ho's made me blush, i hesitated for about 2 seconds and then slipped the ring on watching the silver words encrusted with diamonds: 'Uvrani ka Yuvraaj 'embed into his ring.

The claps and cheers were everlasting and the irrefutable good mood brought a heartfelt smile on t0 my face. 

"Oh ho, koi music start karo, let's get this party started" Yash's voice seemed all too familiar and no doubt i saw him moving towards the deejay.

'Life ban jayegi' started up and the youngsters parted into two teams boys vs. girls

Manyata and Uday were dragged onto the dance floor, M couldn't deny it any longer, the music was calling to her and she gave in, moving and shaking her hips felt almost an old habit that she was revisiting:

Here's what they're dance looked like:


Manayta was out of breath from having such a good time on the dance floor, she sat down and the girls finally surrounded her again as the dhole was brought into the middle of the dance floor and boys pranced around doing bhangra and pushing and shoving each other.

Surprising Unnati was in the midst of it all dancing with Vijay, well the sparks were definitely flying there something M would have to investigate.

The presents were being opened and M was over the moon, she picked up Ria's present and unwrapped it, there was a delicate set of ruby kangan's, she loved them, turning to Ria she hugged her.

Just as she was about to pick up another present, the guard cam rushing up to her

"Maam this was left at the guard room for you, it looks as if someone couldn't attend but still left you a present, Manayta thanked the guard and took hold of the Present it was wrapped in rich deep red wrapping. The girls egged her on to open it and she gave in, and began to unwrap the box, it was quite heavy ... she tore the lid off and her face twisted in horror:

A real HEART was lying in the box with an arrow stuck threw it!

Manyata screamed, her voice shrill and ear screeching, each vibration held disbelief and disgust she threw the box as the heart rolled out.

She got to her feet ready to throw up, but nothing came out, she stood there in haze as girls and guys alike screamed and wailed.

The world buzzed in and out like electric shots and her head span from the intensity of the overhead lights.

Ria grabbed her "Stay wit me girl, don't faint."

"Manyata!" Uday's high pitched shriek stopped everyone, but M's feet couldn't hold her anymore, her knees buckled and she swayed until suddenly the blackness over came her but one thought rang clearly above all  other matters:

He Was Back!                    


Please comment with your suggestions and what you like or did not like about the update and do Like!

Thanks, your support keeps me going!!!!!!Big smileWink

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Posted: 03 August 2012 at 8:30am | IP Logged
This was lovely... Great piece of work... Is the new entry/ the person who's back Manyata's old fiancee by any chance??

This FF is going so well!... very very good work Ash!
Plzz update more soon, can't wait.

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Superb Update! loved ManVeer The rain scenes were beautiful! Arghh the Part i hated was suspense! 'He is Back' those wrds Really made me curious to read d nxt chapter! Ty 4 d pm & Update sooonn. Hug

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Thanxs guys

glad you liked it

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it was awesome loved it 
fantastic  loved the narration
cont soom

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superb update
eager to know manyata's past
who could be such a horrid person to send a real heart as present
please continue soon

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