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FF: Heart's Owner Chap 9 updated (pg23) (Page 12)

wendy25 Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 11:13am | IP Logged
awesome part dear. i love your ff.
But please don't let manyata fall against UV's charms so easily and neither UV to fall for manyata so early. specially manyata as she has suffered a lot so right now she should repel UV like two north poles of magnet do. UV should treat her like mistress and be insensitive to her  until he  slowly fall in love. I think such things will create mystery and intensity  around them . manveer is a fire and i personally prefer such hate and emotionally dense stories over mushy happy  stories!
Concept is awesome and different

--Zenu-- Goldie

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Fantastic! I Mean Manyata being Fake fianc Of Udayveer that's Just Great! Hope Giri Is impressed by Manyata & it would Be fun seeing Manyata 's Loving Attitude Towards Udayveer!Ty 4 d pm & Do Update soon Big smile

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kakacool123 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fia21

Aaahh omg this FF is just beyond amazing. Every update is fantastic. I am loving this story so much. The concept is so interesting and unique, it has got me badly hooked. Love the proposal/deal , lol. And I am simply loving their nonstop banter. It's adorable and hot at the same time. Can't wait to read the next part, Update soon please!

awww thanx it will get sweeter
Arieltabi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Nice update. Thnks 4 the PM. Pls Update soon.
-SilverAngel- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 11:12pm | IP Logged
Love this FF... plzzz update soon!... Wanna badly read what happens next!
Archi02 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 July 2012 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Very nice update dear. Loved it. Please update soon.
kakacool123 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 5:10pm | IP Logged

Chapter 5 - Meeting the Parents

We stepped out of the car and looked at each other communicating beyond words; we seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. Uday took a few feet towards me and held out his hand, i looked up taken a back "My Parents will probably understand through this gesture."  

I sighed in defeat, i placed my small fingers into his and squeezed hard and the tips of his mouth rose in that slow sweet, smile that could kill a million hearts, i started towards the house but Uday pulled me back. "Manyata, i just want you to remember that I'm here with you; there's no need to be scared and they most defiantly won't accept you at first although you can't always win someone heart through first impressions but you can make your very own place in there."

 I looked at those handsome features and laughed shakily "Mr Udayveer Singh, how many pitiable women have you fed that line to? And they probably believed it because they're fanatical about you."

The light shone in his eyes and he blinked at me pleased, when he did his whole face glowed with inner luminosity and radiance "Well actually, i don't reuse the same lines; they change with the situation and the girl." He whispered the last bit into my ear "You're the first to hear such Shakespearian quotes, with all the others a smile and kiss can solve all there dilemma but you're a tough cookie to crack." 

"Tum line maar ne ki koi chance ne chorte nah?" I asked, he feigned mock surprise and hurt "Ye fair ne hua M, maan liya kai tum meri favourite ho lekin tum ko chor kar aur bhoot sari larkiya hai" His eyes strayed away into the distance as though he was remembering all his affairs.

I closed my hand into a fist, waving it around in the air i said "This baby can do a lot of damage Uday, and your face is worth a million dollars. I don't think ke many girls will be just as stupefied with you if i highlighted your face with a blue and black smudges huh" 

Uday burst out laughing "Agreed we'll keep the girls to a low down" He assured but i gave him a dirty and pulled his ear, he yelped "No way Uday, as your Fiance you won't touch another girl other than me" I warned

He rubbed his ear, which had gone red "If your like this as my fiance, how are you going deal with this after we're married" He acclaimed

I looked him up and down and widened my eyes to look threatening "After the marriage, every time a girl even glances at you, your butts going to be wacked with a baseball bat. Oh and trust me i am great at rounder's."

"What if a guy looks at you, then what?" He countered, M shrugged like it was no big deal as if guyz looked at her all the time "I'll just show them my Mangulsuttraa and they'll back off but boy if a girl looks at you, you will become my personal punching bag" Manyata responded

Manyata and Uday both walked into the main door, pushing and shoving each other playfully but Manyata's foreboding situation made her veins freeze up. They walked in and warm air instantly hit them and a maid came running up and bowed respectfully "Yuvraaj, Maharani Aur Mahraaj aap ka intezaar Agraah ki bagal khanaa mein kar rai thai -"


"Gustaki maaf ho Yuvraaj voh vaha kaam se gayye teh, lekin aab voh lounge mein hai."


The maid had turned a deep shade of red and moved away quietly. Uday pulled Manyata along as he strode into the main lounge were three pairs of eyes greeted them.

"Uday, you're here – how have you been, was your trip to Delhi worthwhile and –" The young pretty lady trailed away as she took me in and my outfit, Oh God i remembered what type of clothes i was wearing, i hadn't had time to change so i was still wearing a low cut white blouse embed with diamantes and lace, the pink lengha reached to the bottom and sprawled right around me but was also tight around my hips showing off my figure and my bare stomach. A few days back Vijay Bhai had convinced me to have my belly button pierced and right now a small pink diamond stud was showing. My dappatta was the only cover i had; Manyata didn't look at all suitable for a family meeting with the in – laws, she cursed her boori kismat.

"Uday, Sweetheart who is this?" His mother enquired and Uday firmly but surely took hold of my hand "This Mother is the girl is have chosen to spend the rest of my life with, her name is Manyata and i hope you and father can respect these wishes of mine"

His mother started hard at him, the tension between the two was noticeable and Manyata felt sorry for UV, for her sake he had to take this type of treatment from his parents, but then she mentally slapped herself, he was also doing this for himself, because he did not want to marry Princess Bubbly. The scene changed and Manyata was silently cheering for the older lady, you go Aunty Ji break that egotistical barrier of his. WOOP, WOOP!

Despite the singing gaze of his mother Uday didn't move, tremble or shake. She was impressed, by now Manyata would have cracked, wept and begged maybe all in one go. She heard voices and footsteps coming from the main corridor, Yash, Jagat, Vijay and Natasha. They were laughing about a particular matter but as they took in the scene before them they lost their smiles.

"Uday, Didn't you say you were going to consider Bubblisa, you do know that our families have been linked by tradition and no matter what changes tradition will always stay the same" Maharani Devirani pointed out.

Uday sometimes wondered why a director hadn't approached his mother to play a role in a drama, her overacting and dramatics were a talent that would be most appreciated in the Tellyworld where she could let some steam of as well.

"Manyata, Ma, Baoji Aur DS ki Arsharwatt laoh" Uday announced

Manyata nodded and went to Maharani Devirani, she touched her feet but the women walked away her Pooja Tali, in her hands. Manyata had felt awkward vibes coming from Mahraaj Grijraj, she touched his feet and he pated her head "Jiyti rao" He said and stalked off.

By now Manyata felt terrible, she approached DS, expecting a tougher and meaner version of Maharani Devirani but the old lady's kind eyes gave M some hope.

"Jiyti rao, bhitiya, rab tumare daman mein Khushiya hi khushiya ladai." Manyata felt tears swell up in her eyes she'd never felt the love a mother, her own had passed away through childbirth and that was why M had always grown up more hard – headed and independent because she'd never been taught how to act and behave as a refined girl would have, which was precisely the reason she was a little mad and wore clothes that some would think were inappropriate.

A maid came forth and bowed respectfully "Yuvraaj, i am afraid construction is being done on both the 2nd and 3rd floors, so other than the outhouse we have no suitable bedroom arrangements for Miss Manyata"

Uday clenched his teeth and touched his head, M felt worry and concern for him, this hadn't been the first time she'd seen him in moods like this, and he looked weak and defeated "Vijay will stay in my room for the time –" Yash broke and grabbed Uday arm "Bruv you okay, come let's get you to your room, Maid Rajni bring Udayveer's medication into his room as soon as possible." Yash and Jagat helped Uday who looked ready to pass out. What was wrong with him?

Vijay walked forward, he had a mischievous smile on his face "Kamale ki family hai, Ek ko Saas Bahu Aur Sasural ki serial ko karodon ka profit bana sakti hain, doosri tharaf the father, well we all know that Udayveer didn't get his good looks from that part of the family, actually i think ke Grijraj Uncle apni Ganga papi ko har raat oil lagata hai, isiliya voh itna shiny hai. Last but not least DS, she's amazing, the body is here but it's her brain that some were else. Apni khud ki duniya banai firti hay!              

 "Stop bitching about them, What if they have secret camera's here?" I feared


Me and Vijay jumped like cats when they see water, Manyata whirled around "Yes"

"Dinner will be served at 7:00, please be early, Maharani Gets very angry if anyone comes late also i will show you the way to the outhouse, follow me." The maid said

Manyata followed and soon found that she was opposite a small apartment it was facing the central guard office and was shrouded with trees that had overgrown and found a way to attach them selves onto the house. Manyata let out a deep breath and let herself in!

This was going to be fun!!



Uday had taken his pills and had also rested for awhile but he needed to talk with someone, Manyata was too far away and the only person he would love to talk to at this time was his DS, he went into her room and sat down next to her, she stroked his head as he closed his eyes, this was the love he had always wanted from a mother. "Uday, I really like your choice, Manyata tumhe bhout zayada khush rakai gi" Uday smiled, he loved his DS, she knew exactly what was on his mind and how to make him feel better.

"Uday?" DS Began

"Yes" Uday said

"Tumhe jab Manyata ko pheli bhar dekha tha, tho kya mesoos hua?"

Uday's mind drifted back to the dance, he could still remember the feel of her against him dancing and swirling – how perfect she'd looked, how much she'd excited him. The room blurred and he thought of the feelings that had coursed through him, a while later he had an answer for her, one that was not made up or rehearsed and nor one that had been said before. This came from somewhere deep within him "Jab mena Manyata ko pheli bar dekha tha mei ushe dekhta hi rehgiya"

"I thought of only one thing DS, if there was another person in this world jho ushe chaate hai, tho Quyaamat se phelihi Quyaamat hojai gi."   

DS looked into Uday's eyes; there were tears in hers "Tumare batoon se mujhe tumare Daada yaad aatai hai, voh bhi aise hi batai karta si." I wiped away her tears and kissed her forehead "I love you DS."   

Then we left to go and have dinner, the only other people there were Vijay and Manyata, who had probably fallen asleep and then woke up and ran down here in a hurry seeing the bed hair style she was rocking.

The others arrived eventually and soon the food was being handed out.

Manyata POV

Manyata felt an incontrollable urge to whack Udayveer, he had promised earlier that they were having kebabs and naan, but this, what was this? There was ceaser salad, tomato salad, tuna and pasta salad, normal salad, salad cream salad – salad, salad, and salad! Manyata never wanted to touch salad again.

Manyata was sitting right next to Uday; all together there was Yash, Jagat, Mahraaj, Maharani, DS, Vijay, Natasha, herself and Uday. The Maid was serving the food, she put some ceaser salad in my plate, I hate ceaser salad it makes me feel sick! But Uday picked up on my discomfort.

"Maid Rajni, please put lots more of the ceaser salad on Manyata plate, it's her favourite." The maid nodded and filled Manyata plate with more salad, she wanted to whack Uday with a bat.

"Kaadah, saande kai ka" Manyata swore under her breath, just so her dearest fiance could hear. Uday spluttered on his food and coughed, she took the opportunity to hit him on the back.

"Uday are you okay?" She said, batting her eyelashes, he nodded but before Manyata could silently celebrate her triumphant victory, Uday stamped on her foot. She screeched, standing up in reflex and hitting her knee as well.

"Oh God, It looks like she's hurt pretty badly, let me take her to her room" Uday voice spoke but she heard the words as if they were being said from a distance. Uday took hold of her and there was little protest, if she had been in less pain, she would took that same knee of hers and striked it where he would definitely feel the pain. Uday led her outside to where the swinging seat was; he sat her down and pulled out something that had been hidden nearby. It was a pizza box and she could smell the cheese and the tomato sauce, she was so hungry she'd have eaten Uday's fingers as well.

"How did you know?" I said

"Know what" Uday tried to play dumb

"About me not wanting to eat the salad" I insisted

Uday smirked "Lucky guess"

Manyata would have pressed for more information but instead she was too hungry and distracted to care.

Uday POV

Uday watched her eat, she had pizza sauce dripping down her chin but she didn't seem to be bothered in any such way, she was like no other girl he'd met. Usually girls that had personalities similar to M would still try there to be refined around him, but she couldn't care less.

Uday moved forward and took hold of M's chin, he cleaned the sauce that was dribbling down her mouth but he couldn't quite make himself move away or let her go, instead he moved even more closer – just inches away, he closed eyes and tilted his face, he could feel her shocked release of air on his lips and then a voice interrupted them, one that he knew all to well.

"Hello Daada, Sorry if interrupted your special Feast." The voice was soft and light like a tinkling bell and very much amused.



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Character Sketch

Maharani Devirani – Traditional Indian over dramatic mother, sweet, kind but only when she accepts you.

Mahraaj Grijraj – Businessman, unless the situation warrants his or his families embarrassment he usually doesn't speak up

DS – Sweet, loving, lives in her own world, very perceptive and usually has her authority undermined. 

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that was  awesommmeee...i loved it...oh man i laughed alot aloottt!!ROFLwhat u wrote about uday's family and then on dinner table omg that was so so so funny...ROFLROFL
i wanted to quote parts i like the most but then i guess i have to copy/paste it that was amazing and hilarious...i love ur story aloott..thanks alot for the PM... 
i loved it...update soon...Embarrassed

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