Bade Acche Laggte Hai


Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

The written update for July 17th 2012

SuganthiS Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
Hi Everyone, the written update for July 17th 2012...

It starts with shots of Dubai (in case we forget that they have shot in Dubai) :innocent:. Priya is shown busy in her shop, taking an inventory of the books. Ram and Rajat are passing by the shop when Ram stops. He asks Rajat why he didn't talk about this bookstore. Rajat Kapur with a U says that there's nothing great to talk about the store. Ram realises that he has come before to this shop (when he comes with Pihu). Rajat wants to leave but Ram insists on going into the shop, he loves books.

Ram enters the shop and Priya is also shown taking stock of the books. The title song plays in the background. Ram stops when he sees books written by Anjaan. Ram asks Rajat if people read books by the Indian author here. Rajat says that he's not sure but the person who runs the store definately reads them. Rajat says that she lives with her child. Five years ago, she came to him and she was in trouble. Rajat says that he gave her the shop to run. But she was a nuisance, she never gives the rent on time and talks idealistically. Rajat says that thank God, he was not like that, he's changed and he's happy. Stay the same, matter what the creatives tell not become Mr Haddi with a U

Rajat pulls out a book by Anjaan and calls it trash. Ram has this soft, sweet smile playing on his face. Rajat says that Anjaan wrote things about love, that it was like this and that...he calls it rubbish and asks if love was like that? Ram tells Rajat to hold on, he takes a lot of copies of Anjaan's books. Rajat asks him why, hasn't he already read them. Ram says that if he took books from such a shop, then more books will replace these books and more people will read them. You're a sweetheart!

Ram doesn't listen to Rajat. He takes the books to the payment counter but nobody is there. And here I was, expecting Priya to be there, Ram and Priya to see each other and a grand hug and kiss...I am living in a dream world! Rajat tells Ram that he wants to help this girl but here, she was not even at the payment counter. Ram takes out some money and keeps it on the counter. Rajat cannot believe Ram! Ram goes out of the shop, distributing the books to people.

Ram tells Rajat that he understands Rajat's problem. He has figured it out. Rajat's problem was not the girl (Priya) but Anjaan and his thoughts. Ram says that Rajat did not believe in all this talk of love and he didn't want anyone else to read and believe in it too. Ram says that he believes in all this and he wants these books to be sold in bookshops like the one Rajat owns. This is why he was distributing the books so that people read them and more of these books were kept in the bookstores to sell.

Ram tells Rajat that he was right, they knew each other well, they were similar. Not too similar please, that it becomes difficult for Priya to diffrenciate between Ram and Rajat! :whistling: Ram says that they both fell in love and both of them were betrayed. Rajat's love left him and Ram's love also left him and went away. Mmm...Mr Haddi Rajat Kapur was in love once with someone...who? :hmm: The difference was that he (Ram) still believed in love but Rajat didn't.

Ram says that he still believed in love because a girl like Priya came into his life. Ram tells Rajat that he will pray for him that a girl like Priya comes into his life too :furious: He will get one more opportunity and then Rajat will find out what it means to be in love. Ram tells Rajat that he's sure of it, Rajat deserves it and then he would know what it was to believe in love. Creatives, do I see a scenario of the entanglement of love here...please don't make us want to puke! Rajat and Ram leave to have coffee.

Priya comes to the counter and sees the money. She wonders who left so much of money there without informing. Priya then sees the shelf and realises that someone has bought the books. She's so happy and cannot believe that one person has bought so many copies of her books. Yes Priya, its the same man who fulfilled your wishes once upon a time in Mumbai...creatives, remember the Ram and Priya love story?

Priya thanks God for sending an angel to share in her burden. Ram meanwhile is shown distributing some more of the books. Priya thinks that the man must also believe in love like Anjaan. Ram and Priya are shown simultaneouly, Ram giving the books away to people in the mall and Priya looking happy and grateful for getting the money. The song by Kailash Kher, Shirt Da Button plays in the background. Priya requests God to help her a little more, to send one more angel and then her worry about money will reduce.

Kady, with Pihu is trying to distribute flyers about the discount sale in the bookstore but people don't seem interested. Kady gives Pihu some of the flyers and Pihu asks her why? Kady asks Pihu if she didn't want to help her Mom. People will look at her cute, innocent face and take the flyers. Pihu smiles. She gives people in the mall the flyers and everyone pinches her cheeks affectionately and take the flyers from her. Pihu complains to Kady that everyone is pulling her cheeks, is she public property?! Kady tells her that its because she's cute!

Pihu sees a lucky draw box and points it out to Kady. She tells her that they should both write their names and put it into the box. Pihu says that if they win, then her Mom can pay the shop rent. Kady asks Pihu where she gets such ideas from. Pihu says that its a secret, Kady wouldn't understand! :laugh: Both of them write their names, Pihu writes her name as Peehu Sharma Kady wishes that they win.

Lucky us are taken to KM and Anaconda Ayesha's room! :laugh: Ayesha is trying to calm herself, saying that she's got to look her best tonight (for the party, I presume) We then see the dining table where Krishanji, the little boy (his name is Khush) and the new entry (Soumya) are having their food. Khush doesn't want ghee and Krishnaji asks him how would he become strong if he didn't eat ghee. Soumya, who calls Krishnaji "Mummyji" says that ghee only increases weight, its not healthy. Khush should eat healthy things and she asks him what he wanted to eat. Khush says "pasta".

Krishnaji says that their defination of health food was strange. Her ghee laden paratas were more healthy! It was healthy and tasty. Krishnaji tells Soumya that when Ram was small, he loved paratas. She used to prepare paratas with ghee for him. Ram would lick his fingers and eat! Soumya says jokingly that one could tell by looking at Ram how much ghee Krishnaji had fed him! Whatever Krishnaji did in those days, she (Soumya) had to bear the brunt of it now. Soumya smilingly tells Krishnaji that whatever Krishnaji had scattered then, she was trying to gather them together till now. This sentence sounded better in Hindi than in its English translation!

Bansi Kaka brings Ayesha's saree and asks Soumya if he should keep it in Ayesha's room. Khush throws some gravy on the saree! :clap: Soumya is shocked! :laugh: Meanwhile, Ayesha has cucumber slices on her eyes and is chanting no anger...anger leads to stress which leads to wrinkles. Soumya comes in with the stained saree and is happy that Ayesha's eyes are closed! :laugh: She tells Ayesha that her saree was ready but it had a little bit of stain. Ayesha nearly jumps...stain! Soumya tells her that the stain was not visible directly liar, liar :laugh: keeps the saree on the bed and nearly runs out of the room!

Anaconda Ayesha sees the stain and gets angry. Then she tells herself to relax and orders a new dress! Seriously, I cannot see the actress playing a vamp role with any conviction :no:

Meanwhile at the mall, they announce the time for the lucky draw. Ram wants to go down and see. Rajat tells him that he has some work and will come in a while. Rajat leaves and Ram goes down. Soumya is talking to Neha and tells her that she has solved the caterer's problem. She has found a really good caterer. Neha is happy with Soumya's help. Soumya comes to the hall where Krishnaji and Khush are sitting. Soumya calls Ram and tells him that its her. Ram says that he knows, no one except her will call him from Mumbai at this time. Soumya says that its her right to do so.

Ram asks her what the matter was. Soumya asks Ram where he was. Ram says that he's in Dubai, in a mall, seeing shops. Soumya asks Ram if he has eaten and doesn't let him answer. She says that she knows what he would have eaten, 4 or 5 burgers! Ram says he eat more than that...Soumya asks him why he ate burgers, that too so late in the night. She tells a smiling Ram that he would have also eaten chilli and then sweet...the result...acidity! Soumya tells Ram not to eat tablets for it and Ram with a naughty look says he won't eat tablets. Soumya says now that she has reminded Ram of the tablets, he will surely eat them.

Ram says that Soumya understands him very well. She tells Ram to talk to his son and passes the phone to Khush. Khush asks for his toys. Soumya tells Khush that she gave the phone to him to ask about his father's well-being...where did the toys come in between? Trying to establish a link between Slimy Sid, Anaconda Ayesha and please, the boy is innocent!

Soumya takes the phone from Khush and asks Ram when he was coming back. Ram tells her that he will be coming back, not do show dadagiri He asks about his Mom and Soumya says that Krishnaji was fine. She passes the phone to Krishnaji. Mom and son share a conversation and Krishnaji says that its lucky that Ram has someone to keep an eye on him. Soumya takes the phone and hears Ram say that he's not scared of Soumya...if she talks too much, he will kill her! :devil2: Soumya says that Mummyji was on the phone but now she was. Ram is embarassed and says sorry! He asks who were going to the party and Soumya give a list of people going from Kapoor Mansion.

Soumya tells Ram to come back fast. Ram asks why? Soumya asks him why Ram was questioning her, she will question him. Soumya reminds Ram that when he brought her home after marriage, he gave her the right to tell him anything and ask anything. Ram agrees and Soumya says that its because of that right that she's asking him when he's coming. She tells Ram to come back soon and Ram says that he will. Soumya tells Ram I love you, yaar. Ram says ok and smiles.

Krishnaji tells Soumya that she takes so much care of Ram. Soumya says that its her right. She tells Krishnaji what Ram told her father during the wedding...that Soumya had rights on Ram and the house. If she had any complaint, she could tell Ram. Soumya tells Krishnaji that of course she had to complain to Ram about Ram! Here the creatives go again, trying to create confusion like they did with Apeksha...I'm sure Soumya must be Rishabh's wife, most probably.

Rajat comes into Priya's bookshop and she's arranging books on the shelf. He tells Priya that she looks happy many of her books were sold. Priya asks him how did he know? Rajat tells her that the person who bought her books was the same person Priya was supposed to show the mall to today. Priya tries to apologise but Rajat says that its all excuses and justifications...doesn't she get tired? Rajat asks Priya if that was how she did business...there was no one at the counter. She did not have any clue of the customers who came and went.

Rajat reminds her of the 5 days he gave her for giving the rent. Priya says that the 5 days he gave her, it was 120 hours for her. Today some books were sold and in the remaining 4 days, some more books would be sold to pay him rent. Rajat says optimism, he likes it. Optimism is good but false optimism is stupidity. Rajat says that he knows Priya's type of people...who did not see the black stain on a white wall, they just saw the white in the wall. The type of people who saw the glass half full and not half empty. Rajat tells Priya to wake up to the real world otherwise she would spend her whole life in a dream world.

Rajat who had taken a book from the shelf while he was giving Priya this lecture :P gives the book back to Priya and is about to leave. Priya stops him and tells him that he had said so many things to her, now she wants to tell him something. Priya says that she thinks Rajat is unhappy with his life. Rajat says, excuse me?! Priya says that she feels he is an unhappy man, she has never seen him happy. Rajat has everything, fame and fortune but he is still not happy. Rajat did not have a reason to be happy and yet he was telling her that she was living in a dream world.

Priya says that maybe he was right, maybe she was a dreamer. But still she was happy. Priya says that she doesn't know what will happen tomorrow, maybe she cannot repay the rent. The shop which she spent time in for 5 years, she doesn't know if the shop will still be hers after 5 days. She doesn't even know if she will have a means of livelihood but still she was happy, she had a reason to smile...her daughter. Priya tells Rajat that 5 years ago, her life was almost finished. But she started again for her daughter. It would be the same in the future too. Whenever she needed a reason to move forward in life, she would look at her daughter, smile and move forward.

Priya says that she really feels bad for Rajat. She tells Rajat that she didn't want to be rude to him, she was indebted to him. But she wanted to help him a little. People who smile in life are those who are in love with someone. Rajat just stares at her. Priya wants to give Rajat a book written by her favourite author, Anjaan. Perhaps Rajat will learn a new way to live life. :nono: :nono: not make the relationships more complicated than they are now!

Rajat tells Priya rudely that he doesn't have to learn about life and love from her. He knows more about life than he needs to know. Priya says that she's sure he does know about life more than others. But life is not about knowing but understanding it. Priya holds out the book to Rajat and says that perhaps he will learn the way to live life from it. She tells Rajat that she will not take money for the book...Rajat has done a lot for her and this was a small present in return from her. Rajat grabs the book from Priya and walks out. He thinks, looking at Priya...How can she be so happy? She needs money and yet she gave the book free of cost to him. She may lose everything in a few days and yet she's smiling? Stupid girl, Rajat thinks.


Precap: Ram telling Pihu where he's staying and the room number, asking Pihu to bring her parents to meet him if possible. Meanwhile Kady tells Priya about Anjaan being in Dubai.

Looks like husband and wife, Ram and Priya are determined to make Rajat Kapur with a U fall in love with Priya...what with all the lectures on love and life that both of them are giving Rajat! :furious:

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Hats off for your patience to write a wrtten update with such details. Thanks dear!

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ramsha_002 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
thnx for the update suganthi!

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md410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
Thank you for update
one of the article has already out mentioning that one of the family member of Kapoor will see priya in Mumbai before ram so this hit and miss case will be going until priya is back to India

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shamma92 Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 5:33pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update Suganthi

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anizor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update

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padma_17 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 6:23pm | IP Logged
thanks a lot for the update...
wow y all this confusion of soumya and ram and rajat and priya...
y do CV confuse the plot...

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chatterbox IF-Sizzlerz

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at times i wonder if we are watching daily soap or some mystery thriller

hit miss lectures confusion about sowmya. uff

wonder why no one was on counter when ram came in or for that matter anyone can come and go yet no one on counter

and  rajat was shouting at top of his voice and called ram but madam priya was  lost in her own world kaun aaya kaun gaya pata hi nahi chala

then thats the story they wont meet till they wud be ready to meet and thats how story wud progress

lets hope they show some connection of sowmya and ayesha is never seen with the kid

she cant be villain rajat acts a lot better than her in my opinion

thanks for update

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