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BOOK 2 :my love 4 u (completed) (Page 92)

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w8ng for update

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sorry guys to make you all wait for so long but really i am going through with so busy schedule i can't make it up soon for update and seriously i have no idea that its up to mark to your expectations. so please guys do comments and give your suggestions as it matter to me a lot and please hit the like button too...Smile

(made by prima aka Trouble.)



Piya continuously gaze to abhay with blank expression, both family members standing and watching the scene, piya taking small steps start moving closer to abhay who was standing like a statue, blood dripping from his mouth to along with jaw.

After approaching in front of abhay piya look deep in blue orbs of abhay which having an effect of blood changes color to red showing his hunger and lust of blood

Piya without breaking the eye contact raise her hand closer to his mouth and with slowly wipe the blood from his face making out a low growl from abhay throat

Piya flinch back her hand with horrified expression, abhay controlling his fury take steps few backwards not to harm piya which is making him impossible within every moment'.

All in the place feel the tension between them and arnab was the one who broke the silence.

Arnab moving forward bowing his head: my lord others are waiting for you, you should complete the norm.

Piya moving aside to abhay but not so far locating from him and look back seeing a very pretty woman standing front of abhay in white knee dress and all others members of clan surrounded him transferring white glow and empowering him with goodness..

Moving from this wolfs pack entered in throne room making piya gasp in horror and anger seeing Jeh and Tania also present in them. Klaus gifted him with his wolf bite making abhay growl in pain but soon recovered. Jeh showing hatred seeing this entire scene, and not believing this abhay becomes the lord of their world. All bow their head before leaving including Jeh and Tania. Abhay calmly nod his head making jeh smirk and stare back to piya showing her evil smile and wink her before leaving.

Piya stare to abhay that why he didn't react to see him after what he did to her but he was not looking to her in fact he feel so relax now.

Kabir and sid who were watching this all burning with anger but they didn't have any choice right now they can't make any scene in front of all. Like siblings feel the pain of others as in same kabir and sid standing beside her. Kabir taking her right hand and sid her left hand supporting her what piya is feeling now.

Again arnab in commanding voice said: piya it's your turn now please fulfill your duty now and do the ritual for your king. Come and signaling her to stand near abhay along him

Abhay seeing piya standing near him make him loose his control he feel so much hatred for her now, fisting his hands so hard that his fingertips become white and taking long breaths to cool him down. Piya notice this but remain quiet and kept her mind focus on abhay try to slender her protecting shield to abahy in few moments in a blurred vision piya bond abhay to her and then transfixed shield in him.

In anticipation abhay gasp look back to piya who turn her back and move out without placing any glance from the place leaving confuse abhay back'

Abhay shifted his gaze to arnab who was looking very calm and composed'


In a study room arnab sitting on sofa set listening his son's conversation with expected face expression'

Kabir clinching his teeth in a dangerous voice: I don't get it dad whatever happened its not exactly piya fault and today what jay did and how he dare to come and stand in front of piya abhay didn't do anything, I didn't expect this to abhay

Arnab nodding his head in understanding but remain in silent mood

Sid seeing his dad relax expression make him more angry and sarcastically said: why did you stop us to confront abhay I know that we will have to respect him now but for god sake dad he is making piya life miserable, I can't see my sister in pain and also knowing that the pain caused by abhay the ruler of this world..

Arnab In a loud voice as end of this conversation: there is nothing to worry boys I know what is happening you both stay out of this all and never try to think against your lord and brother in law, got it

Kabir and sid both knows that they are not allowed to argument so both moving from here but not before sid stop in tacks without facing arnab said: I love my sister dad and if anyone harm her I will go any extend to make that person suffer either he will the ruler of us then both left from there


Abhay standing front of sink facing mirror, water droplets dripping from his face but either to remove them he seem in other world thinking of something.

Abhay in mind thinking that how everything changed his life in two days but what the most paining thing is that he misbehaved with piya so much and he separated her from him, the agony he seen the yesterday in her eyes it's too much and he knows the reason of that too, jeh that dog dare to come front of him and piya and than smirk thinking of next time I will sure rip his neck out but why didn't I did that yesterday having no answers he take a sigh and bow his head than snapping of door open make look in front of entrance, opposite side piya standing nearly shocking out her eyes from her pretty face

Abhay slightly frown to seeing her reaction: you need anything

Piya clutching the towel slowly breathing out: I want to get fresh so came here actually some problem of water tap there out so but I didn't have idea that you were still there I thought you were gone till now

Abhay feel sad that she came to her own room to only take a bath nothing else

Abhay hiding his disappointment: its fine piya you can use it it's your room too and move fast to get out from there where he can think of standing without touching piya feeling pain an disappointment and when about to cross piya side he heard something which shattered him

Piya in a whisper: but you was the one that said its only your room and make me out from this room

Abhay just stop for a second in his track didn't dare to look side of piya and went out from bathroom'

Piya standing still feeling wetness in her cheeks but not bother to remove it, closing her eyes a small smile appear on her face and think that today she talk to abhay and inhale his fragrance which spread in the bath room


Misha running to the canteen and screaming to all member of her group

Milan taking hands on his ears; why are you shouting misha, you behave like a wild cat

Misha fuming in anger: I am not shouting without any reason guys its only just a week remain in our final examination and I didn't have start preparation now I am going to be fail

Ruhi in exited tone: really misha what's new in it we both never study

Angad holding ruhi: baby it's a serious matter its not semester its final term

Piya in calm voice: relax guys we will make it

Prachi taking a bite of sandwich: how piya I read now a day so less which is not up to mark and cut the crap you are one of the most intelligent student of Mount College

Tanushree admiringly: and abhay too

Alina looking piya: agree

Kabir in a calm voice: by the way where is abhay I didn't see him in college

Shuarya looking the discomfort on face of piya: what's wrong piya? Are you alright

Piya hesitatingly: yes I have to go guys but before she go sid interrupting her

Sid in composed manner: well at least you should make a call to abhay to let us know where he is?

Piya narrowing eyes see the expression of her brothers but both look damn serious so piya make a call to abhay hope he will receive it'.

On the other side abhay on the middle of the road of dehradun standing facing panchi and a stranger girl with her'

Abhay fuming in rage: why are you bothering yourself to come to meet me? I already so pleased to see you once that I just don't want any more happiness in my life go away

Panchi seem strange something in him but neglect it: look I got something for you and move a girl front of him showing her white naked neck with flesh flowing along with pulses, abhay eyes without his mind accord move to the prey neck where blood calling to him, panchi seeing the vulnerable sate of abhay drag the girl with her and an inch make a distance make her neck more exposed to abhay indicating with her finger the pulse where the blood floating sounds reach to abhay ears making him wild in lust of blood forgetting everything, panchi showing her fangs open the blood flow for abhay and invite him to take pleasure which he didn't taken from centuries

Abhay seeing the fresh blood so near to him, he make a sound of growl and move forward his head to smell the flesh but sudden ringing of his cell phone make him enough to snap out from the nightmare'

Abhay instance step backward and take out the cell and see the name of caller flashing on screen and look back to the girl and panchi horrified. Abhay in a wind speed move in to car and speed up and leave back the danger zone which he knows haunted in his whole life now

Parking the car in college area abhay lean back to seat and close his eyes and try to breathe in and out to control him and after that dial the number of piya.

Abhay urgently: you called me piya sorry I was just than busy, other side

Piya in low voice: I just want to know that where are you? You didn't attend the college today.

Abhay seeing the reflection of his face on drive mirror: I am outside the college you want some lift

Piya hesitation in voice: you really want to

Abhay slightly smile: yes

Piya calmingly said: I am coming in a minute

Abhay looking the front of college: I will wait and cut the call

After five minute abahy see piya running to the area where his car located and stop near the car gazing to abhay through window seat with hopeful eyes

Abhay by starting car: come sit piya

Piya hop in the front seat and then went out from the college, the journey towards home was remain quite no one seem interested to start conversation first especially piya after what is happening between them by near the half distance of house abhay slowly take piya hand from her lap and place it with his on the gear throughout the journey

Other side piya remain quite looking outside didn't dare to look once to abhay while he holding and caress her hand and after reaching to destination they quietly came out from the car and went to home.

The upcoming week both abhay and piya remain busy, while piya busy in study stuff and abhay in handling his tantrums and the guards which were moving all the time around him making him more anger.


Chand sitting around table reading some file when he heard the knock on door and after calling piya in, she sat in front of him.

Chand carefully said: well piya you finished your college and there is not so much in home and the way abhay treated you, you feel frustrated if you remain more in home, you are gaining me piya.

Piya taking a sigh: in fact dad I also thinking the same I want to do something, anything dad just to keep me busy.

Chand in happy tone: than why don't you join the office? Milan never have any interest to join my business he started to do job showing a slight frown on face, and abhay well I told him not to do work as its not seem good but he was not listen to me now doing work also but I promise abhay never cause any harm you in office. Think about it

Piya quickly said: definitely I will like to join it dad.

Chand surprisingly seen piya:  it's really a good decision piya. So, from tomorrow you may join it alright.

Piya happily: alright dad


Piya standing near the window in dark staring out the moon only the moon light source in the room to locate where is Piya, and piya she looks like in deep thinking, something she might thinking in her mind.


Piya visited to her parental home after the last day of her college and chatted with all feeling so glad to visit after so long. Before leaving she went to her dad study room to meet him

Arnab embrace his daughter tightly: piya I wanted to tell you something from many days but I didn't have enough stamina to face you than.

Piya back off from embrace holding her dad arms asking worriedly: what is dad?

Arnab with pitiful eyes looking to her sweet daughter who is facing so many hurdles in her life and now she had to bear this too

Arnab make piya sit on sofa seat along with him

Arnab slowly said: piya you remembered when abhay drunk the blood on his being king transformation ceremony, Piya nodding her head in yes after then he continued his story, and the weird behavior of him and when he didn't react to seen jeh, there was something actually happened to him than. When he sucked the blood that was injected blood to make him beast, the blood luster hearing these words piya eye widen.

And when you shield him to your power I felt the hatred in the eyes of abhay for you and after your protected shield converted to him he became normal back no sign of rage and hatred for you which I felt from when he sucked blood than I realized there were also some black magic against you. Someone wants you both become apart and wanted to make him suffer by diet on human blood.

Piya feels like her throat become dry and words can't come out in a low whisper she asked: but why? What I did that someone wants me to apart from abhay and now what about abhay. He is alright

Arnab hold piya gaze and said: firstly I think that person you know her she is not other but panchi because she was the one with girl and about abhay your shield bound make him broke the spell which he had in under but I am afraid that the blood lust for him still have in his every inch of body and screaming him to take the dark side

Piya looked horrified after hearing this news and tears spilling out from her brown eyes'..

Piya in broken voice: panchi again trying to harm this family already they suffered agony due to her and now she wants me to be not part of this family and abhay life. She is shame in the name of daughter dad and a sister. How could a sister try to destroy her brother life?

Arnab parted piya head and calming her: I know but you have to become stronger now for abhay because he must be facing a hard time right now and only you can make him and feel him better. Stay close to him and your differences solve out until than I try to keep looking for the cure of this magical bound blood lust and please don't tell anyone now I don't want to all other worried more'

Piya nod her head and embrace her dad and cried out her misery.


Piya having tears in her brown eyes thinking about what her dad said to him'..

Piya removing her eyes with the back of her hand thought in mind: abhay you make so much distant from me but if you remain front of my eyes than i feel assured that you will be fine and no harm you caused any one being.


Piya along with chand enter to her own room wearing black top and black jacket contrast with black jeans with pencil heels leaving her curls spread on her slim shoulders.

Chand making piya seat on her office chair: its good to see you here piya, I wish you best of luck for your first day being here, and be comfortable piya

Piya smiling nod her head: thanks dad

After leaving piya alone in her room piya start to look up the room, all surrounding of her room build with glass wall and her back of chair a perfect view of dehradun city be seen and along with her room adjacent room joint.

Frowning piya moved to her glass wall covered with flips and drag the rolling flips removed and the face of her husband shown through it.

Piya knowingly smile to abhay who throwing the tissue to bin'.


Abhay staring continuously to the screen of laptop and clutching the handles of his seat tightly feeling the thrust in his throat making him feel restless'

Abhay in mind screaming in terror: shit the need of human blood making me inane why I am becoming monster in few days what I am doing I also don't understand and now feeling so restless how can I make the whole day without the taste of flesh thinking about blood make him growl in frustration, and I can't even perform this scene in front of  family nor they have any idea what  I am doing keeping them in dark and start to lose control and prefer different diet and that ten huge build guards of him for the security and for his protocol move to and fro where he gone. Now what will he do

Abhay still thinking of it when her assistant simran knock on and enter to his cabin after allowing her to come in'.

Simran come forward to meet her sir and place the red file on his desk: sir Mr. Chand want you to check this project file of new assignments of our company.

Abhay placed his hands on his desk corners with closing lids taking quick breaths making simran slightly taken aback seeing his posture of his body. In a quick moment simran presses to the wall front of her abhay standing showing his huge red orbits.

Abhay staring to her eyes and compel her: you are not going to remember anything which is happening here and saying this he slice her skin with his bare white fangs and sucking her blood like wild animal without thinking any consequences of risking someone life

In ecstasy suddenly abhay jerked back to reality by the presence of his family nearby him, snapping from the neck abhay touched the vampire bite with bare fingers removing the signs of anything happened and ordered simran.

Abhay in clam voice: you may go now and broke her compel ion after again alone in his cabin abhay move back to sit and seen his reflection on laptop screen seeing his mouth covered with flesh he quickly wipe it out with the tissue feeling despise for himself what he had done

Abhay open the file and start to read it content than suddenly his skin shiver slightly making him smile sweetly thinking about who is watching him and then horrified what if she seen him. Abhay turn his head to see piya standing smiling to him against glass wall making him sigh in relief.

Piya came out from her haze after seeing abhay watching her and smiling making her blush piya move back to her place to sit.


The entire family and friends standing outside the room waiting for the news feeling anxious by time and time but not madhu and any other witches didn't come from this room'.after waiting for an hour madhu along others came out smiling'

Milan quickly: aunty tell us is everything alright and baby? All along with him standing in line showing concerned on their faces

Madhu broadly smile seeing their reactions: everything Is fine relax you all and about a baby a cute little fairy is born

Listening this everyone smile and hugging each other screaming in happiness entering inside to meet that little one'all halt when see a baby pack in a white bundle lying with prachi'

Prachi showing her big smile to everyone: why you all stop come meet your new family member

Misha sit opposite side of bed and stroke lightly the baby cheek while Milan went to prachi and embrace her tightly: I am so glad today, looking back to baby seeing her sweet face and back to her, are you alright in response nodding her head all came and congratulate her and bless to the baby.

Prachi looking back to all: where is piya and abhay? They didn't come?

Piya smilingly enter to the room along with abhay and come forward to take prachi in a warm friendly embrace: congratulation prachi so sorry I am late and move back looking straight to her eyes, and this is all because of my stupid friends who didn't inform me its abhay who told me that angel came in to this world and move to other side to hold the baby. Piya take a baby into her lap and smile to see such a bless in her friend life

Abhay came near prachi showing his support by placing his hand on her shoulder: she is very beautiful just like you.

Ruhi unconsciously said: and eyes just like jeh making all snap out on her, piya look back to prachi whose face loose all blood. Angad pinch her to make her quite

Priya quickly cover up by saying: any name you thought for her prachi

Shaurya mischievously: if not then please do the honor to me'. making prachi laugh on this

Kabir pout looking to prachi: that's rude if you agree on this  

Tanushree sitting beside piya: excuse me she is the mother only she had the right to name her not you fools

All starting to argument on this by only stopping by a guest standing front of entrance, all are silently watching him making him nervous the silence broke by piya

Piya calmly said: vivek please come in, its pleasure to meet you again looking to all its our college one of trusty and we indicating to Milan and prachi meet him to college.

Vivek shaking hands to all come near to prachi who is sitting with the support of bed board'

Vivek giving her bouquet showing his smile: congratulate, how are you feeling now?

Prachi calmly: thank you, much better now

Sid raising eyebrow teasingly: now? What before huh

Prachi hesitantly: I mean I am fine making sid smirk

Piya changing the topic: vivek will you want to meet her showing the baby

Vivek glowingly moved where piya seated and caress her head and after a little time spending bidding all but before leaving last time look back to prachi who silently watching him.

Piya placing the baby back to prachi side move out form the room making abhay notice the absence of her'. Abhay also after a minute follow out of the room and make it out from the house and after crossing the lawn the scene in front of him making his expression hard and cold..

Piya standing showing back to abhay closely near vivek so he can't see the expression on her face but he easily can see the vivek'

Abhay closing his fists, clutching his jaw tying to remain normal seeing vivek holding her hands showing his smile and then clear out from his view by moving his vehicle leaving piya alone.

Piya turn back showing her perfect smile but suddenly seeing abhay her smile flattered and then move in the house back slowly crossing beside him without glancing once to him which making him more frustrated'


Tania hurriedly come from the front door making jeh flinch by her presence who was talking to someone on mobile after mumbling something he look back to Tania

In bored tone: you want to say something? If not so please leave me alone some of my guests will be coming in some minutes

Tania looking her brother and in a broken voice said: you are become a father. Today prachi gave a birth to baby girl

Jeh stunningly look back with the upcoming news really shock to him but after composing himself he sarcastically said: as if I care 

Tania in a low whisper: I should have known that I am making myself fool because you will never care for anyone any more

Jeh making hard face indicating to her: you don't have to tell me this all crap alright now go from here

Tania taking a defeated sigh'leave from there upstairs to her room

After half an hour maithili and panchi sitting comfortably front of jeh showing their evil smirk'

Jeh already frustration after having the little hard conversation with Tania and now bearing them more tough, in irritated voice jeh said: is there something important that you vampires came here to tell me or only just you came here to show me your sweet faces

Maithili slightly laugh eyeing panchi to continue their conversation

Panchi clearing her throat gaining jeh attention: actually we don't have any interest on you we came here only to congratulate you after all the father of prachi child is definitely you

Jeh grasping his knees try to cool himself continue to gazing them

This time maithili spoke: and we thought you want your child in your side not near Wiccan and in future she will be the powerful member as she wolf too

Panchi seeing the anxious expression on his face chuckle

Panchi interrupt said with a creeping voice: and trust me after you claim on your child authority there will be a lot mess in your enemy's life too and internally you know that you want to see your child, raising her eyebrow to jeh. Am I right jeh? You want this house fill with the lovely voice of her and she will help you to make your back stronger.

Jeh taking a long sigh looking everywhere but not to them and in a dull manner said: I want to see her and need her because she is mine child too and I don't trust on that woman she will make her like them, taking a deep breath he took a look on their faces and smirks, it's my pleasure to realize my friends my presence in their lives after all they may be forget about me so soon, I don't like this

Maithii and panchi nodded their head

Jeh excitedly eyeing them: so what's the plan? How will I make their lives hell?

Panchi smilingly: you will know it soon


The next day in office piya is feeling quite comfortable with the working environment of there and the supportive staff of their company. Piya studying a file of their deal with new client who wanted them to invest in this project to open the chain of restaurants in Switzerland, in fact chand discuss this with her yesterday.

Piya while reading takes a glance to her right side of the room of abhay which didn't show his face till now. Piya feeling very anxious for abhay as he didn't talk to her till whole week but yesterday he seems so nervous and sad, Piya came out form her thoughts by the knock on the door.

Vivek showing his face standing front of piya door a bit nervous

Piya in surprising voice: vivek you 'indicating to her room, here?

Vivek slightly smile: I ..i just want to talk to you. I didn't take you much time, may I come in?

Piya embarrassingly: I am so sorry please come in and after taking seat front of her piya started'.so, what you want to talk about if I am not wrong the topic center of attention must be prachi and wink to him making vivek blush

Vivek gulping hard said: please stop teasing me I already told you this yesterday and you agree to help me right

Piya smile: I know and really I am so glad for prachi but again I am asking you, are serious about her? She is also a mother and you will have to take responsibilities of that baby too. And you know it very well that she is a witch and baby is hybrid.

Vivek shyly smile looking down: I know all about her history and I want her in my life I '.i want to marry her soon, want to that person who soothe her pain, want to the father of that angel, want to keep both always happy and I believe that god want me to be that person too because I always like her always when too she was the fresher in college, when she was with that jeh and now also when she is a mother. Vivek look up seeing piya face having tears in her eyes

Vivek in concern said: are you alright piya? Did I say too much?

Piya shaking her head: no its just you are very nice person and I have faith on you that you love prachi a lot. Don't worry I will talk to her, everything will be fine.

Piya came with him near her door to see off of him'

Vivek abruptly stop and in curiously said: well how is your life going on? I mean a vampire and witch huh and laugh aloud, actually I think I handle a witch but how could you handle a vampire?

Piya smirk slightly and parted his back: well I will see how can you handle and by the way I think you know it well when you are in love than nothing else matter

Vivek suddenly shock piya by embracing her: thank you so much. You are truly my friend

Piya move back to her work smiling. But she was not aware that someone also saw this and fuming in anger'..

Abhay gazing to see through glass piya and breathing heavily grasped his fists so tight, his face hard continuously staring her with coldness in his eyes, how dare him that he touched his piya. She is my wife no one has right to flirt with her. And how can I ask piya what was happening there wishing that he will come soon than he will listen what were they talking about but his bad luck that he came late and what he seen make him totally shock that vivek embracing piya. Taking a deep breath he move back to do his work.


At night piya came late along with chand and abhay'..

Chand make a quit and went to his room and abhay too move forward crossing stairs, piya shatter every night seeing that abhay left her and never glance back to her maybe he is right it's just an attraction he is not in love with me. Staring the back of abhay moving far from her

Its look like abhay listen her inner voice abruptly dead stop in his track and grinding by his shoulder look to her seeing only the love in her stare not know what to do move back and went to the room

Piya crossing the room which was some days before her room too for a second stop in her tracks place her hand on door frame closing her eyes one tear slip from here eye by wiping she gone to next door room

Milan saw all the scene standing in dark valley of path and determine to face off to abhay and make out a solution of this problem now..





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wow great story plz update soon
it's an amazing
thanks for the pm

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Res and great now abhay us feeling insecure for pia den y doesn't he accept her as his love and shud stop calling it an attraction and now pia thinks same too

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awesome update love it and thanks for the update

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nice update. Loved it

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Awsm update.

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