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BOOK 2 :my love 4 u (completed) (Page 83)

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Originally posted by abhiyarockz

best of luck for examzThumbs Up and yah we'll wait...LOL

so sweet of u
Big smile

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Originally posted by nidu_dsena

first of all so sorry for itna late repy..
arey ye kya hogaya hope everythng vil b fine awesime update..
all d best for ur xamz

ohh dont be yar
thank u...Smile

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Originally posted by ..Jenny..

ok dear,all the best for ur exam

thanks 4 wishing...Smile
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Originally posted by additive_monaya

awesome update

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Originally posted by Priya46

this ff is mindblowing just finished reading all the parts wow can't wait for the next update

thank u buddy for reading and liking itHug
i will update soon

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Originally posted by -juhi-lily-

u better update quickly...

ya ya i m updating a little bit laterLOL
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update quickly... update quickly... update quickly... update quickly...
update quickly... update quickly... update quickly... update quickly...
update quickly... update quickly... update quickly... update quickly...
update quickly... update quickly... update quickly... update quickly...
update quickly... update quickly... update quickly... update quickly...
update quickly... update quickly... update quickly... update quickly...

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Sorry that I take long time to update the next part because of the hectic schedule of studies, these few months I get lot of busier, thanks guys for keep supporting and waiting for the update. Your comments mean a lot to me and encourage me. So please keep commenting and hit the like button too...

made by prima aka abhiya _ pkyek...thank youHug



Abhay room

Abhay pacing in his room in rage couldn't understand what is happening to him..why always everybody hiding something to him? Didn't he is also a member of this family? and still can't believe it that piya try to did something like this and how can he feel so energetic'..abhay is so much frustrated from everything'.he was so happy that his life become whole but look it now piya is also hide it from him so bigger thing that he never existed to ever get this news in his life and how hell he become the king of this dark world so many questions and none of these questions of answer he have'.cant taking it so well in flow out his anger he broke the vase form holding it from shelf which is now shattered into pieces place on floor..Punching the wall to make it crack

A loud knock on his door make him out of fury'

Abhay loudly said: I don't want to talk to you dad'.go away

Chand opening the door enter to the room looking to the mess...taking a sigh said: abhay you have to listen

Abhay interrupting him: sorry dad but you also always feeding me lies and I don't want to listen to you and believe on you and moved from here to sit on bed

Chand taken aback looking the abhay expression of words: so you believed piya want to lie to you'.hide things from's not a big thing for her right abhay'.either you don't want to listen me but you have to form piya 'it's not her poor soul fault abhay I make this from her

Abhay clutching his fists making his finger tips white controlling his anger: I don't want to believe anyone right now. Leave me alone dad

A voice came from the direction of entrance: no first you will listen to us than decide whatever you want to do

Abhay and chand looked to the source and see haseena standing near door

Abhay in tight voice: what happened is never going to be changed anything mom so stop making everything right

Haseena came closer to abhay: just listen once'.

Hasena and chand whole narrate the story and prophecy to abhay'..

Abhay scream hearing all this moved away from them: it's that what you think seriously that's I am the one for piya and you all did this to make a total plan for me to trap in this pan and become this'.i care for piya too I will definitely did this for piya but why did you both make like this''s hurting to me dad that again you make an assumption that may be I was used because I was your son right dad

Chand in calm voice: its not like this abhay..i know after when I forced to couple with mithili you lose you trust from me but please son I was never thought like that and if I make it forced it upon than I m sacred you must disobliged me so I thought like this

Abhay taking deep breaths: you always did what you want dad

Haseena interrupting them: what ever happened abhay you should be now respect your dad order and don't you happy to help piya. Didn't she deserved a normal life with you, you want her die abhay because you don't want to take her responsibility

Abhay hearing suddenly become quite, take a minute to calm him down

Abhay with agony eyed looking to his parents: honestly speaking mom I do love her a lot but you know after listening dad side story I feel like that's maybe it's not love just a mere attraction of that blood to come closer to her and capture her powers and that's all what dad said words mean to me

After saying this abhay heard a sob from her back side and then quickly turned around to take a look of person and meet with none other than his piya

Piya standing outside of room looking shattered with swollen red eyes and tears flowing out from them

Piya like a broken person whispering with crying tone: I'.i am so'.sorry  abhay'.sorry abhay and run from there because the look in abhay's eye make her shiver in fear that he can't love her more'.did really abhay not love her now?

Haseena taking a sigh move closer to abhay and touch his cheek: look what is piya condition and take your time and listen your heart my son what he feels. Did you really mean that what you said. Showing a slight smile parted his son cheek and leave from there

Chand looking to his son: I know abhay you are angry now but please I request don't misbehave with piya it's only my fault only she is innocent and left form there leaving abhay alone

Alina room:

Alina and Milan trying to sooth piya who is continuously crying on alina shoulder for abhay

Milan come closer where alina and piya seated on bed and hold piya back and make an eye contact to her

Milan in determined tone: always remember one thing abhay love you whatever he said to you and now in this situation he is angry piya so it's natural for him to lash it out like this. Please my sister don't cry I don't like this you look cute when you don't cry like a baby huh

Piya can't bear this: but he said that he not love me

Alina in a sad tone: i think so for some time you should stay to your parents house may be away from him make this clear his head and also I can't see it if he gonna lash out on you

Piya in a low voice: I can't

Milan in an urgent voice; I think alina is right come we should drop you there and I don't want to listen you any excuse piya if you remain away from him he definitely come for you

Piya interrupting him: but he

Alina cut her: he will not mind it because he don't care for you come lets go now we will manage other things later first you should move from there

Haseena and chand already know about this standing near house entrance..

Piya along with milan and alina came near them

Piya trying to protest: look mom and dad what they will do

Haseena make her stop by saying: it's a right step in this moment piya you will realize it later

Oh really mom... abahy snapped

Chand in firm tone: watch your manners abhay

Abhay coming downstairs watching piya back to him: she is my wife and you can't let her out from this house away from me. You all get this she will always stay here with me

Piya snapped her head back with glow in her eyes shining tears

Alina in taunting way: why should you care? You feel like she betrayed you right

Abhay in threatening voice: don't tempt me to do something worst now she will stay here make her in home got it you alina

Piya in shattered voice said: you don't worry abhay I am staying here I will never leave you

Abhay seeing agony in piya eyes and feel also bad to look her like a broken person but what can he do, he need some time to repair this space

Abhay nodding to piya move back to room

Dobriyal mansion:

Misha fuming in anger and in spite of it priya also couldn't make it better for her sitting with her in couch making comments on Milan and misha relationship

Priya laughing aloud: misha you really feeling jealous aren't you

Misha in neglecting way: and why is this so? Your brother didn't have any importance in my life and how did you feel when kabir prefer someone else in front of you huh

Priya casually said: I will kill him that's all

Misha eyes widen instance and then both starting to laugh

Siddharth amusingly seeing this scene and take place on sofa

Sid: wow what a lovely scene i think I should told this to both kabir and Milan

Misha controlling his laughter said: and then I will not let you live on peace also  

Priya changing the topic: hey guys you know today abhay and piya came back from their honeymoon

Sid happily: ya so when will we go to meet them. I miss my sissy so much

Misha with deep thinking: I think we should go tomorrow its late now and they will be also be tired so In morning first thing we do to meet them alright guys

Priya smiling: that's cool


Piya sitting around dining table and forcibly by haseena eating some food, alina Milan and chand having their drinks sitting near fireplace

Haseena smiling to see piya obey her order and finally eating something from the rise till now dawn if she stubbornly didn't take care of herself then she must be become weak or ill and piya is like her daughter for what abhay and her relationship suffering now that might be not effect to her health what will madhu and arnab will think if they came to know about this

Haseena still in her thoughts and there piya continuously calling her

Piya in low voice: mom and touched her to make came out from her thoughts

Haseena unconsciously: huh you are saying something

Piya nodding her head: I have eaten. Are you happy now?

Haseena embrace her tightly and patted her back slowly: piya you are not my daughter in law. I always seen you like my own daughter as like priya and alina

Piya feeling like a crying out now again: I know hiding her face in haseena neck

Both were still in embracing when a door bell ring

Haseena parted from her and lead her way to see the guest'

Opening the gate haseena met with that person which never ever thought in her mind

panchi evilly smirk: hello mother I am pleased to see you, well looking back to other members of her family its seems whole family is here

haseena calmly said: what are you doing here we are definitely not pleased to see you here right chand

panchi moving forward from haseena to meet others: oh common my dad is not like you he want to meer after all I am her favorite daughter and stand front of chand, don't you welcome me dad what happen? Smirk to see his facial expression, you feel some tense.

Chand with firmness grip her arm and drag her to get out her from house but panchi pushed him and stand in front of piya'

Chand dangerously with burning eyes said: don't you dare to do anything with piya. I know why are you here nobody wants to near you can't you get it panchi you are extremely evil and we are different from you. How many times I have to tell you go away form there you didn't belong to us and back away from piya

Panchi laugh evilly showing her hatred towards them

Panchi looking to piya amusingly: so you are the one who stole my brother heart huh and wink to her and look back towards chand. Dad I know you all don't want me, you think I am cruel so dark immortal who destroyed the human's lives but that's what we are anyway again look back piya curiously, who silently watching panchi with wide eyes. I came here for different purpose.

Milan suddenly spoke: tell us straightly what you want panchi you already once weaken us with your stupid blood lust which you prefer against us so now what you want

Panchi slightly smile: I came here to teach abhay ohh my mistake highness to teach some rules of dark world as you know he had to aware all of the worlds creature powers and do and don't do rules and some try to apply on himself too

Alina with deep thinking: and from your clan you came here to do that after panchi nod her head in yes she said, and you think we believe on you what you will try to do something bad to him huh as you always try to do experiment with things panchi

Panchi with chill voice: if I want to then no can stop me to do that but I just want to see him and that's all right now with saying smirk

This time piya cut her'..

Piya with determine voice: welcome here panchi you was the part of that family that's why with due respect  I just want you to remember one thing that if you ever tried to harm any member of my family you have to first face off with me got it.

Panchi with mocking voice: such a pleasant threat you are giving me my sweet piya, you really don't know me well I think we should meet more what you think

She knows quite well how evil the dark vampires are and they pleased to make human life suffered and didn't care about their loved ones too'.. someone snapped to make all others to see the direction from where voice came from...

There on the upstairs with mocking expression abhay raichand standing looking in a moment he snapped the head of his sister'..moving his gaze to piya who was standing near her feeling restless in him to see her close to danger abhay moved forward to take near place of her

Abhay standing behind piya calmly said: I get it why are you here just please leave now we will talk it later either you don't want to kick out force by me

Making a low growl with burning revenge seeing abahy to back again piya nod her head and left from there making a strange silence in raichand house'

First of haseena who broke the silence by her trembling voice saying why she is here now definitely she want something else from them and she didn't want any member of her family to hurt she bear the pain of loss when she left them and now either she is vampire she can't bear to loss more her family is everything to her''

Milan embraces her mother and calming her: no one hurt us now mom we are here with you eyeing abhay and alina.

Alina trying to enlighten her mother: now please don't try to cry out like a baby mom. Imagine my vampire mother crying shit sounds so much like human, In contrast we are much stronger you mom

Piya turned her back slighty to see abhay face with her red swollen eyes making a slight eye contact and moved slowly beside him to give him access to reach for haseena to give her some comfort and showing her what she want from abhay to do in that situation holding her gaze to the floor hoping he will listen her once now

Abhay curiously eyeing to piya and then taken a moment moved ahead for his mother forgetting that he seem to be angry right now'

Abhay with convincing voice: mom I will manage all things, no one going to make us apart whatever happened I will not leave my family saying he looked back to piya with hurt face which make piya heart clutched to see his condition. Abhay broking the contact make an excuse and went out for home for some business

At night reaching piya waiting for abhay in their room but there is no sign of abhay and thinking how could she talk to abhay and excused him, suddenly remembering his words may be its not love just a mere attraction. This words make her heart ache thinking that abhay feels that way for her now. A mobile buzzing make her came out form her thoughts, seeing a flashing name a weak smile creep on her lips'Receiving the call

Hey my princess I hope I didn't disturbed you: said sid

Sid I am glad you call me: piya saying a trembling voice

What's the matter piya? Are you well? Sensing the pain in her voice

I am fine just may be a bit tired: piya said trying to make an excuse

Then I believed on you. What are you doing? How is abhay actually I want to meet you both but then thought you both were being tired so meet you tomorrow: sid said

He is fine too. I will see you tomorrow then I catch up some work right now : piya said trying to avoid more questions from sid

Alright piya, bye: sid said sensing her discomfort

Bye: piya said and cut the call immediately

On the other side sid come to sure that something troubling piya a lot she seemed so confused but what might that thing will be, well he had to find it'

At nearly midnight when abhay came into their room and located piya on bed with bowed head gazing on ground'abhay dumb folded to see her awake waiting for him

Abhay in rough tone: I didn't expect you here. What are you doing here?

Piya suddenly snap her head up to see him: I er..I was waiting for you

Abhay while removing his jacket : I think you sleep here I will go to guest room and begin changing his shirt avoiding the presence of piya moved to changing room and went back into night dress moving ahead to exist from the room

Piya who was watching this entire scene with teary eyes stop him to go outside by holding his arm'.piya calmly said: you didn't have to go outside of your room I am the one who deserve not to stay in this room and in low whisper said either in this house'.

Abhay abruptly looked back to piya with hard tone: if you want to go from this room I will accept it but never dare to move from this house saying that he jerk his arm from her clutches and moved down to lie on bed'.

Piya with trembling voice looking to the spot where the love of her life lying: abhay just for once listen to me then I will not trouble you please abhay

Abhay while closed eyes and fierce tone: what you will tell me its again may be lie don't you think. I believed on you piya and how can you do this to me and now I can't bear to listen more lies so please let me take some rest and go from there

Piya now shattering tears: I just only once try to hide this from you because to our parents pressure, they force me not to told you about this , they know it that you will not accept this part of your life and me too if you know about it. Believe me abhay I told to chand dad that I wanted to tell you about this but all stopped me

Abhay within a blow standing in front of piya and holding her tightly from her shoulders gazing into her eyes with intense rage: and what you did piya you remain quite huh never trusted on me or your love on me. What you think after knowing this I will not accept you, run away from you that little you think about me piya?

Piya shaking her head and a sob squeezed from her throat: what do you think I have enough time to think about this abhay and crying aloud, I know this all just before our marriage after the dreadful incident our parents showed me that you are the only one for me then how can't I accept you abhay. May be from your point view I am selfish not to tell you before wedding but i have not so much thinking time and the trust abhay slowly touch his cheek with trembling fingers'. I whole heartedly trust you that's why I gave you my love and my precious powers that might curse for you.

Abhay hesitantly said: saving your life it's an honor for me but that you all hide it from me make me madder now and it's not a curse but it definitely changes my life wholly. I hate this life already to live and now what a joke that I am the ruler of this world

Piya taking back her hand slowly: I am sorry, please forgive me showing her new diamond in her eyes shining and pouring out for her orbits to her cheeks

Abhay in a swift taken aback and ahead to bed again showing piya to his back

Piya slowly with broken heart move out from their room which only belongs to abhay now, what a starting to their new life after returning to their honeymoon thought bitterly


In cafeteria piya facing prachi sitting their usual table'.

Piya in low temper: baby is growing so fast prachi I can see that, so what have you thinking about your future? You can't live your life alone with the baby

Prachi in a deep thought: I know that and believe on me I can lead my life without any support and what you think piya? Anyone can accept me. I was alone but not anymore I will live my life with my child no one can claim on my child and you know I will never let that baby gain any shadow of her father

Piya in worried voice: I understand your feelings prachi but there are so many responsibilities in the parental period you can't bear them alone if anyone in your life than it may be easy to go on with life, I am your friend I care about you and it's a very little time you have your baby in your arms, baby is growing so fast just in weeks that will be in this world

Prachi smile to see the piya concern for her except what she did to her: you care so much for me trust me it's not like so much tough

Piya in determine voice: alright but you will promise me one thing if in your life you get any other chance to live with someone you will try to accept that opportunity you will not run away from that. Promise me

Prachi feeling so much emotions right now and before she know she embracing piya tightly and sobbing to her shoulder: I promise you piya, you are truly my friend

Piya trying to soothe her and abruptly feel some tapped her other shoulder slightly, moving her head to upward seeing a handsome boy standing there with concerned expression.

Boy within hesitation: is she alright? You need some help?

Piya showing her smile: she will be fine and broke the embrace showing the embarrassed prachi removing her tears'

Prachi with weak voice looking towards the boy: you don't have to worry I am just get emotional but thank you for your concern

Boy smiled brightly and with cheerfully said: oh where have my manner, I am Vivek kapoor and you must be prachi right?

Piya and prachi both look stunned with this information

Vivek knowing what he said calmly: actually I was watching your group from long time so that's why I know about you

Piya smiled to know this reason and teasingly said: that's fine vivek, so you also know my name too?

Vivek take a while and then lowly said: actually I don't know your name then suddenly said I forget it sorry

Piya knowingly smile and prachi a bit embarrass

Piya smilingly said: I am piya dobri and with bright smile showing said'I am piya raichand

Vivek smile and look back to prachi: it's nice to meet you both and left after saying I will see you soon

Piya smiling looking back to vivek and seeing milan and sid coming closer to them

Mialn sit along with prachi and asking about vivek while sid hugged piya broking the embrace

Sid with hard smile: what happened to you? You are looking so pale something happened do you mind if I want to know piya

Piya avoiding his gaze: its nothing I am just tired

Sid mockingly: and that's why you are resting in college if you forget I said we will come today to meet you in home not in college, everyone are in raichand house and look at you attending the college which you didn't need to be

Milan interrupting them: don't harsh on her sid, she is already suffering and know you is not helping her'

Piya with wide eyes watch back to sid and realized that he knows about all this'feeling guilty to hide it from her brother she is feeling more low

Sid showing her support: don't worry I am with you piya you are not on fault its just misunderstanding which make in abhay mind. Soon he will understand it

Piya shaking slightly: what he will not brother then how will I make it upto?

Sid with harsh voice: abhay will forget it soon you didn't have done anything wrong piya, you are the victim too. And if he will not then I know how will make it him

Piya showing her smile: I know you care about me but you don't have to interfere in this matter it's our matter please

Sid in urgently: but if you need any help in this you will let me know

Piya nodding her head: I know


Maithili curiously staring what panchi is doing''in a dark room a beautiful  human girl standing in the middle obeying the orders of panchi'

Panchi filling the syringe with black liquid and order her to shove her hairs one sided, girl do as she had said''moving behind her she carefully inject it in jugular vein making her hiss in pain'..after observing her she make her sit on one side on the floor'''.

Maithili now breaking the silence: what is all this doing for abhay?

Panchi in hatred tone: well it matters for him a lot because this thing changes his life from now

Maithili quickly: how so?

Panchi mockingly: well for in custom I will offer him to drink from her and then he will not able to refuse it and soon by her blood mixed in his venom abhay blood lust for human become stronger he will not capable to stop him because I inject her ten most dark vampires blood and laughed evilly and even piya can't save him because he will hate her now

Maithili showing her victory smile: really is that so but how abhay hate piya?

Panchi smirking: I also mixed by spell bound of piyas blood which make abhay hatred for piya, well let's see how it works and before you asking me how I got piya blood so I get it from jeh he preserved her blood after that incident

Miathili also laughed on abhay and piya fate soon abhay will be her again


In the basement all community of vampires present with others supernatural clan leaders waiting for their new king eagerly'..

Abhay with composed face wearing black outfit enter to the throne place where all were already waiting for his appearance''its for him look like a circus all were appraising him with their eye gesture and holding respect for him, abahy walking slowly to sit on throne eyed everyone there were countless vampires along with his siblings, his parents moving close with him with some space in back gesturing him what to do in this place

By sitting his eyes roam for piya but he didn't see her infact he either didn't meet her on morning, where is she , cant she be present for his sake but what he can expect how he badly treated her she didn't want to face him making him feel sad

Tyler the leader of dark blood suckers came in front of abhay bowing his head'

Tyler with respect: as my lord you must come along with all powers so by side of it you have to gain knowledge of all others creature world and first you may identify easily your kind by dark vampires, its pleased to know you only you have to suck human blood and for this I like to present you this tasty blood gesturing back to panchi whose standing with that girl moving ahead with her and make her stand with tyler '.

Chand standing beside abhay gesturing him: my lord you will now start with that tradition

Abhay with tight voice: please dad at least call me abhay

Chand slightly smile

Abhay shaken to see the state of girl and look back to tyler: but I don't to taste some human blood I don't want to do that

All present members taken aback with this gesture of abhay, to control the situation chand spoke'.

Abhay please forgive me but as you know you are most powerful all among on earth but still you don't know how to control your growing powers, its prophecy that all know that soon the king will exist in their world, they accepted this very lately and now by accepting and more gaining through them make them satisfy that you have known their worlds by own them and you accept them whole heartedly'.you have to do this

Abhay feel so upset and angry too by trapped in this condition, tyler make the order by compel her to go give her blood to the king'.sitting on the feets of abhay girl like a statute offer her neck to him'.

Abhay with horrified expression looking to girl and then with determination he decided he have to do this then snap her neck near his lips and closed his lids, he saw piya smilingly with closed lids then he hit with blood smell in a moment he smug his fangs to her skin drinking her fleshed wildly making poor soul pale'.chand sensed this and with a jerk  back abhay out from this lust and picked up the girl moving forward  with him others praised the king and panchi, maithili smiling on this and then all left from there'..

Abhay with red orbs breathing heavily, blood dripping from his mouth but instead of licking the blood he shockingly looking to the figure who was standing in the corner and shedding tears with shocked features'..

Abhay disbelievingly whispered: piya'..

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