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BOOK 2 :my love 4 u (completed) (Page 72)

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Originally posted by Abhiya_Gunner

Lovely  update Beeni Smile sorry for a very short commentEmbarrassed

thank u...
ohh thats fine sheenzBig smile

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update plz
bellaaa IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by crazy4KASH_AR

update plz

i will today
bellaaa IF-Sizzlerz

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guys i tried to prolong the abhiya romance in this updated i really didnt know about this update how was it like so please do tell me through your precious comments and also give some suggestions if you want really means a lot to me your guys appreciation..if you guys like it so hit the like button please...thank youSmile

Chapter 20



Abhay lying on his back and looking to his angel sleeping in peace and adoring her' her chest rise and fall'the way her rosy lips parted in sleep and at the end of joining lips a slightly smile make her more cute in sleeping form' her curly hairs lying along to her chest'..moving closer to feel her warm body he encircled her in his strong arms make her slightly frown'..feeling her bare skin in touch with his passing electric shiver in his body making him arouse in sensation'..feeling the heat passing through piya body to making him want to awake piya for his need'.

Pacing his fingertips to her bare skin of arms feeling her soft and smooth skin'coming closer to near her ear'.

Abhay huskily: wake up my beautiful wife

Piya hiding her face in crook of his neck shaking her head to not want to wake

Abhay grinned and placing his finger lightly to her hipbone and placing on her neck gentle kisses moving to place wet kisses to her shoulder making piya want to move closer to his touches'.moving near her face planting kisses on her jaw to her temple and move near her ear and sucking below her ear making piya moan'.listening her voice like this make abhay smirk'.moving his hands exploring her body and nearing his lips near her mouth making piya impatience placing her lips on abhay''abhay kissing her passionately slipping his tongue on her mouth exploring her mouth and fighting to take dominance to her tongue leaning his body more closer to her gently placing his lower body on her making to understand his desire now'..

Piya moving her hands to his neck and placing her hands in his back hairs moving to scratched his scalp making to moan in her mouth''piya ripping her mouth to take air to breath'.abhay moving lower and placing open mouth kisses to her neck and sucking her neck'using teeth making him eager to have piya'.seeing in piya eyes abhay make inside of piya and both lost in their own world of rocking in passion and after claiming piya both are embracing each other facing each other smilingly'..

Abhay smirk: are you awake my wife now and wink to her

Piya blushingly slap his shoulder: it's not funny you make a habit to wake me up like this

Abhay leaning closer to her face: it's beautiful to have you here in my arms where you belong to my shona and I always want you in my arms in every moment of my life

Piya showing her emotions through to eyes: always

Abhay kissing her forehead leaning to look in her eyes: don't ever doubt in my love piya you are mine and I am yours forever

Piya nod her head in smiling: common it's time to start our day move on from bed and with jerk abhay back from her and wrapped linen sheets around her naked body and move in the direction of bathroom to take a warm bath'on reaching near the door knob abhay placed his arms around piya waist to stop her actions'.

Abhay leaning near her ear and said: what if I company you in bath

Piya felt shiver in her body and again compose her before replying: well it's not a good idea Mr. Raichand please leave me

Abhay smirk and huskily: is that so Mrs. Raichand but it's totally legal to have bath with my wife and in a pull turned her to face him

Piya looking abhay playfulness face: please abhay I am hungry let me go better let next time

Abhay in hopefulness voice: promise me you will make this soon

Piya taking a sigh: promise '.now leave me

Abhay reluctantly leave her and move to take his own clothes for shower''.after 20 minutes piya enter the room looking stunning wearing yellow straps top with black jeans with wet curly hairs abhay memorizing her beauty and came out of cloud of thoughts by piya voice'

Piya moving to exist form the room: I am making my lunch it's about midday now till than you will take a bath 

Abhay in a whisper: ok while piya pacing form dining room to kitchen and start to prepare for her lunch'.

After sometime piya arranging plates on dining table and came back to kitchen cooking stream roast with bacons lazania and poring a drink for abhay for a thought that he will also feel thirsty'..piya feel a presence of someone and look back to see a blue eyes staring her in adoration making her smile brightly'

Piya heading to place dishes on table: come have a seat abhay I will right back and again start to work in kitchen

Abhay behind her chasing: I also want to help you what can I do for you

Piya looking to abhay: you don't need to do I almost mange

Abhay with sweet smile: please

Piya taken aback seeing his sweet behavior: ok cut the lettuce for salad others things are done

Abhay nod in hesitation: alright and start to cut it with full concentration and after doing it abhay took it and place it on table along with piya seat near him and strated to laugh

Abhay in confusion: I did something wrong

Piya shaking her head; who will believe that a vampire cutting the vegetable and with such determination

Abhay in amusement: well a vampire did this only to make his wife happy and I think he succeeded in his plan right because he care for her

Piya smiling that how lucky she is to have abhay in her life: absolutely and kiss on his cheek

Abhay taking his drink while piya having her lunch

Piya: abhay what you wanted to become if you were not a vampire

Abhay after a second: I don't know well but I am sure of it that I don't wanted to become a vampire and make a laugh

Piya nodding her head in understanding after taking a piece of roast: and now what will you do next in future'I mean college or something else

Abhay looking his glass: I want to help dad in business just what I was doing before coming to dehradun

Piya look surprised: really than why would you join the college?

Abhay taking a deep sigh: dad wanted that to look after you all Dobriyals and make a peace in this place because of growing wolfs here and increasing of incidents

Piya gaining this information that chand raichand plan this all a long time: ohh that all she said

After eating lunch in silence both take place near the fireplace around the cushions

Abhay taking piya hand: you know it piya that we are bonding together with blood don't you

Piya only nod to continue him

Abhay looking to her eyes: well when you was feel severe agony sometime in past I was the one who make you relief from all this and that day was I who did that to make you better and when your blood entered in my system we bond to blood relation too that bond no one ever remove and through exchanging blood our bond getting stronger and let me tell you that in most of the possessive vampire want his mate blood too claim her that no one had her blood 'only him get her blood he lusted of her blood too like her soul, body abhay said last line in a whisper making piya understand to gain and accept this knowledge

Piya taking seconds: wow it's kind of passionate knowledge and interesting

Abhay slightly smile and gazing into her eyes with an intense look: really and for your information after our marriage bound I am become very possessive about you

Piya just staring shyly smile


In the library priya searching something in the book in a furry expression looking here and there but couldn't find anything in frustration she close the book having a sigh sitting back on seat'.

Kabir who was watching this all in amuse face in front sitting of priya at last started to laugh'.

Priya glaring kabir in shock: may I know why you are laughing

Kabir try to controlling his laugh: because I was trying to understand that no one came to college so soon after their two days of their marriage instead they went long for honeymoon like abhay and piya but you are you and don't want to go with me to have fun

Priya giving angry looks to kabir: I don't want to near with you alone you are mad and look here I am looking for my search subject and in this time you had to help me beside giving me again this lecture

Kabir sigh in defeat that no use to talk with priya in this matter he always loose on this point

Priya moving to lid back the book on the rack and tug with a girl whose book drop down'.looking to the girl priya see her with wide eyes

Priya with hesitation: I am sorry prachi

Prachi smiling slightly: it's ok

Priya in low voice: so you are back now

Prachi in a verge of tears: I am sorry all that I could say

Priya pat her shoulder: you don't have to because I was not your friend and you didn't betrayed me but really I want to be your friend now I am sure you have learn a lot from your past that now you didn't do any harm to us specially piya

Prachi crushing down in crying and embrace priya tightly to looking for some comfort: I never ever do this I was selfish but now I will try to do everything to gain my life back

Priya nod her head and patting her back to make her calm: in this condition it's not good to take stress please relax now everything will be fine soon'after talking some  more priya moved from there leaving prachi alone'..

Prachi picking some books move to parking area to go home soon not feeling well felt headache'..on other side Milan coming from opposite direction and stopped dead in tracks seeing prachi with her pale face slowing taking her steps''moving fast to stop her'.

Milan shouting: prachi stop please

Prachi looking back to Milan and smile: hey

Milan coming front of her holding his breath: hey you are not looking well you want to go doctor

Prachi shaking her head: no I just want to go home and take some rest I will be fine it's just I have to go now Milan bye

Milan suddenly remembering said: but you don't have any vehicle let me drop you home

Prachi slightly taken aback not want to burden him with her needs: its fine I will go by my own

Milan In strong pitch: don't ever think about this come I will take you

Prachi suddenly said: but misha

Mialn smile: I will call her alright now will we leave

Prachi smile brightly and move with him without both noticing that a curly head misha looking them in fume anger and stormed from there in mumbling'..


After making passionate love piya lying on bed waiting for abhay to come join her who was for an hour in bathroom''piya thinking about their beautiful days of life but also worrying about her family which need them also as much as both they need some time alone for them and piya decide to talk to abhay that tomorrow they must have to go back to the home'thinking about this suddenly she heard about the scream of abhay form the bathroom making piya conscious in fear with a jerk piya stand up and start moving and calling abhay name and when reaching to baths door she held door knob and slightly open it and peak into the bathroom'.after taking the look of inside piya mouth felt open with her own accord'

Piya standing near the door frame looking inside'. in the atmosphere spread the fragrance of jasmine '.all red petals flourish to all around the floor along with the sides of large tube which filled with the warm bubble bath make more appealing only with the source of light of candles placing scattered'and her eyes finally drop down to her love of life abhay who standing in the corner on bath suit watching her with intensity which make her burn in ashes'.

Abhay holding her gaze start to move slowly near her and stop abruptly in front of her making her conscious'.

Piya looking everywhere but no to him: why are you screaming and what is this all about

Abhay smirk to see her reaction and satisfy with his work and move from here to behind her making piya shiver'.abhay close the door and stood behind her holding her from her shoulders'.

Abhay in a husky voice: I want a company in a bath is any problem with you

Piya hold her breath for a second after listening this and standing like a statue did not know what to say just like her voice stuck in her throat'.

Abhay slightly smile and place his chin on her right shoulder: I am impress that you didn't found a words and place a soft kiss on her neck making piya shiver again'.abhay smiling said'.. Breath piya

After releasing it piya didn't know that she held her breath'abhay slowly moving his hands to the hem of her shirt removing it from her head making cold air touch piya slim white skin'.and after freed her from her pajamas he make her stand near to the tube and make her turn to face her'..

Piya shyly looking down to the floor'.abhay making him free from bath robe facing her'..

Abhay taking step in a bath and sit in the corner and hold his hand out for piya: please join me

Piya only smile and holding his hand and step in bath abhay placing her between in his arms'.placing in warm bath making piya body relax and suddenly piya melting in abhay arms and close her eyes'..

Piya in a whisper: it's beautiful

Abhay smile and place a kiss on her neck and linger for a second and start to roam his hands towards her waist held her close back front near his chest'.abhay moving his lips to her shoulder and kissing and groaning in passion'..abhay move piya head a little back and place a lingering kiss on her lips with toughing her mouth with his and using his teeth to bite her lower lip making piya losing her mind'.abhay placing kisses to her cheek than place kiss to her ear'.

Abhay whisperings in her ear with passion: I want to do something with you piya, may I

Piya wondering what that he mean nod her head

Abhay start to place wet kisses on her neck with roaming his hand on her body moving to her waist to placing his hands near her hip bone'abhay moving back to her ear and suck her ear and then bite her ear making piya moan in ecstasy'abhay move his mouth near piya jugular vein and held her tightly and piece her skin with sink his fangs to her skin making piya scream in pain'.Piya dig her nails to abhay back

Abhay sucking her blood in a raw passion like a person in a desert drink a water'abhay keep on sucking feeling like that he is in heaven'he never taste so sweet and delicious feed from anyone'..piya hold tight grip on abhay head'one last long suck of blood and abhay removed his fangs out of her skin and place a kiss to close the wounds'

Abhay look back to piya and show her a sweet smile and then cut his wrist and force piya to drink his blood'..piya hesitantly suck his blood and after a while after moving back piya looking to abhay with confusion

Piya touching her neck: why you do this

Abhay in a knowing smile: It's a ritual of vampire marriage many of us didn't do that but I told you that I want to that, I know we share this blood bonding before but after marriage its different for us and suddenly in anger abhay said'.. I want your everything belong to me only me piya saying this with fierce anger showing in his eyes'.

Piya trying to calm him: I only belong to you abhay please relax

Abhay controlling himself  look to piya and show her slight nod'piya come out form the tube and dry herself than abhay and after dressing up they lying on bed'.

Abhay and piya facing each other and only silence spread all around along with their breathing''

Piya place her hand in the hairs of abhay and moving her hand'.

Piya: abhay I think we should go back to home now

Abhay in a low voice: why because you scare form me

Piya in a strong voice: I am and never will scare from you because I love you and I know you very well'.there is nothing to scare of you

Abhay in a tight voice: then why are you saying this that we must went back to home

Piya touch his cheek lovingly: because they must need us abhay and I really want to see all

Abhay looking to her: alright

Piya holding his gaze: are you mad at me

Abhay planting kiss on her forehead: no its just I want to spent a little more time with you here

Piya shyly smile: we have our time in back to home too

Abhay knowing her meaning smirk: hm but I want no one disturb us

Piya embrace him: you are too much no one will make us disturb

Abhay smile: I only want to spent my life with you

Piya looking up to meet his gaze: you have me abhay always

Abhay plant a small kiss on her lips and embrace her tightly



Abhay and piya standing front of the house and smiling happily that now onwards they will share their lives with their families who needed them most and than both start to move to enter the house''

Suddenly bell ring of the door and alina who open the door become shocked to see them back not that she is not happy for them to come back but the moment is not right for them specially for abhay

Abhay feel something is different and look back from alina to others who are also standing''chand near the sofa along with haseena showing their tension barely and Milan who is now standing near the stair case looking pale seeing abhay'.abhay clutch piya hand tightly in his hands feeling someone make them apart''..

Abhay and piya look each other and now looking the gaze of others which were on the other direction of sofa''the persons who was sitting on them showing their back on abhay and piya''''

Piya suddenly know that who are they and become hell shock that what will be abhay reaction and praying in her heart that abhay didn't leave her'..piya look to abhay but abhay gaze intensely on the people who were in black facing back on him'..

Abhay hesitantly asked chand: what's the matter dad'who are they

Suddenly a young man in black dress stand up and face up to abhay and smile brightly looking back to piya who was holding abhay'.

A young man: hello abhay, its good to meet you here I am Aro and he is my father pointing to the old man who looking to abhay with respect Alec, my twin sister Susan and some other are as you know them are superiors Jacob, Klaus, Vanch'.

Abhay nod his head to all: glad to meet you all

Alec smile and stand to move front of abhay: it's our pleasure to meet you king

Abhay look confuse and look back to chand feeling that only chand give his answers

Chand look to his son with longing eyes but didn't said anything

Abhay at last than asked: what are you saying

Alec: we are superiors the most powerful hand to all vampires but now you are all above of us'..our vampire king'the most powerful vampire and creature all among of others supernatural too and this planet

Abhay look shockingly to alec and unconsciously embrace piya by sided more closely'

Alec respectably see piya and bow his head to her: I know abhay you didn't know anything about you being king but this all happened due your wife piya..the lovely lady which make you empower among all of us

Abhay in a quick second look back to piya who was looking to alec with horrible look'.

Abhay with raising anger: what do you mean I don't get it

All of the superiors stand face of abhay and bow down their heads'

Vanch calmly: we all know it's too much to take in for you in one day but that's the truth you are our king now and if you don't believe than ask you wife and family who knows about all of this

Slowly abhay loosing his hold on piya and look to her with corner of his eyes and see that piya looking down with silently tears showering down to her cheeks'

Abhay without moving his gaze form piya in rage voice said: get out from here all of you'get out

Alec nodding his head went out from there with all along with him leaving only raichand family alone'.all were standing like statue

Piya feel abhay gaze on her'slowly piya look up on his face and first thing she met with his angry face which shows no calmness on his face making piya regret everything she did to him, lied to him

Milan come near to abhay and drag him out of thoughts by shaking his shoulders'.

Milan in a low voice: abhay what are you thinking is not right because piya didn't do anything wrong we need to talk

Abhay shudders from his touch and look back to his dad, mom his sister and brother who all betrayed him'.but also his wife love of life betrayed him too'..Abhay move in magnetic speed to went to his room and hide from others..leaving piya in verge of tears who is now broken and crying hard for abhay'..


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TeDylove IF-Rockerz

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 how dare u?? ja teri kittiAngryCry

how could u do this to abhiya..piya is innocent na..Cry

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome part.
I loved Abhiya moments a lot.
Plz don't create tension between Abhiya.
I hope they may sort out their problems in the next part.
This part was very romantic and sensuous before the end.
I loved it a lot.
I hope everything becomes fine b/w Abhiya soon
plz update the next part soon
take care

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wow great story plz update soon
i feel so sorry for pia  and i really hope abhiya ask forgivess from pia and his family too
thanks for the pm
merry Christmas and a happy new year

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Fantastic update .
I feel so bad for piya .
Hope abhay understands her .
Continue soon and thanks for the pm .

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