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BOOK 2 :my love 4 u (completed) (Page 62)

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Originally posted by additive_monaya

super duper amazing update
thanx for pm

thank u

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Originally posted by Mohit-deewani

Hey Beeni Hug it was super lovely how abhay saved and supported. piya  . Thank god nothing bad happened and abhiya were married , though I loved the authority abhay had for piya tat she is his and abhiya bonding was lovely , abhay understands soo well and waiting for  next upd very eagerly soo conti soon wifey Big smile

thank u rosh...i will cont soon hubby...glad u liked itSmile
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Originally posted by Rmuk

Granny I am so sorry for commenting so late yaar!!!
i reas the last updt just now, and it's just amazing yaar!!!
i loved the way u wrote everything and described!!!
Finally thar ba****ed gaurav is dead, I am happy to know that abhay killed him. That metzAngry I hope someone kills her soon too.
Prachi and tania helped them.was good part but still I don't like them they are the reason for piya's mishap.
That jayAngry
wow finally abhiya married, priya and kabir too gr8!!!
I loved abhiya little bit naughty moment and their romantic little moment!!!
hmmm so this was the prophecy I wonder how will abhay react after knowing the truth!!!
updt soon but yea take ur time yaar, best of luck, will surely pray for u!!!

its ok romi i know about ur examzzz
thank u
hope soon she also daed..
glad u liked it
ya i know them
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Originally posted by trishnawaliya

update soon

i will soon update now
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Originally posted by arunsunita_gm

update soon update soon   update soon update soon update soon
update soon update soon   update soon update soon update soon
update soon update soon   update soon update soon update soon
update soon update soon   update soon update soon update soon
update soon update soon   update soon update soon update soon

will surely soon update now
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Originally posted by sukugeny

update soon beenu..

i will now
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plz update soon

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 At last guys i update the next chapter so sorry for take so long time to update it and make you all being wait for long time too...about this update i seriously don't have any idea thats its gud because what in my mind came when i was writing i write down it all and now i think its just not too good but please give me your precious comments its means a lot to me and suggestions regarding ff and if you like it than hit the like button too...




The sun set rise and on the bed beautiful angel is still sleeping and on her face slightly smile plaster which make her husband curious that what is his sweet wife dreaming''.

Abhay staring piya with long intense and moving his eyes to look her body that still  is healing''moving to down and seeing her legs touch with his fingers he moving her gown slowly upward making piya breathing heavy'..abhay stop his hand near her thighs and look her bruises which turn from purple to blue'.abhay touch her bruise carefully not to wake her and kiss her inner thigh bruises and doing same with the other leg...on the other side piya feeling burning in fire in sleep she feeling so high''.she think in this her dream where abhay touching her body and when abhay kiss her she moan in her sleep and with heavy breathing she open her eyes to feel this is real not a dream looking her surrounding'..

Abhay heard her moan making him smile and decide to make her feel good''piya looking down to abhay can't believe what will he trying to do'.abhay feeling that piya looking him moved his intense looked to piya up and smirk and smile and start to kiss her stomach moving up her chest than her shoulder piya closing her eyes and only feel the lips of abhay on her'.and want to forget her past

Abhay kiss her neck moving to collar bone than her throat and planted open mouth kisses to her throat licking to near her ear lobe and sucked her ear lobe making piya shiver in result of that'..

Piya in a whisper: abhay what are you doing

Abhay smirk and looking her making innocent face: just healing you piya...don't you like my treatment my wife

Piya blush like a tomato red and look away from abhay stare

Abhay laugh: you are healing fast my love and I love to wake you up daily like this and kiss her cheek

Piya shyly push him away: it's time to get up abhay and moved to sit but abhay pulled her back on his chest and held her tightly

You are forgetting piya we are newly married and we are allowed to stay in our room till late and wink her making her more blush

Piya try to move away again: abhay please what will all think I don't want to be late on breakfast'. in this house it's my first day please

Abhay nodded and leave her reluctantly: only for once alright

Piya smile widely and kiss abhay cheek and move to bathroom to dress up''after both of them dressing abhay look piya who is wearing a green sari with golden boarder with wearing a mangalsutar''abhay give her wink and praise her


Haseena and Chand sitting around a table and waiting for others to company them''

Abhay and piya make their way downstairs and greet to them'

Haseena embrace piya happily: so good to see you here piya look wedded couple came early and Milan and alina still not come'.can you believe that

Abhay laugh: I can mom they are feel easy always stay in their rooms and by the way piya insisted to meet you and dad either I also don't want to come and wink piya in return piya blushing and shyly looking down and make haseena laugh

In mean while Milan and alina also join them than suddenly piya don't know what happen to her but seeing Milan coming near her making her shiver in some fear'.abhay who sitting around piya with one arm near her waist feel her body stiff..

Abhay eye to Milan to go somewhere else before making his move to come near '.after nodding his head in understandable situation he left from there'

Abhay whisper to piya in her ear: I am here with you it's nothing to worry and it's just Milan our brother right

Piya turn around to face to him: I know it's just I became conscious I don't know' don't have to worry for me I am fine and relax in his arms

Abhay slightly smile and continue to drink

Alina happily: so what's the plan abhay and my bhabi'you guys going somewhere

Chand excitedly: of course they should be

Haseena looking to piya: any special place you want to go

Piya in confuse expression: mom I think we should stay here with family I don't feel to go some other place

Abhay click an idea and quickly said: we have to piya but we will not go far from this house just being alone for sometime in this city what say about this

Chand: I think that's best now piya you should have

Piya looking all her family hopeful expression and shyly smile

If my family wants this than I definitely go well along with this'.hearing this all smile and alina laughing

Alina: my god piya in one day you became so mature and wink to piya'

After some time all dobriyal family came to raichand house'.

Priya after meet all sitting near piya: how are feeling now'.you ok

Piya assuring her: common now look I am absolutely fine you don't have to feel worried

Sid from behind embrace piya: I miss you my princess

Piya smiling: but I didn't miss anyone of you indicating misha and kabir too

Misha narrowing her eyes: really so mean

Kabir with slight smile: of course now you have abhay why miss us

Abhay: that's true wink to piya ''. and for long time they all having fun


Madhu caresses piya back: you are going in a hour in response piya nod only

Chand looking sadly to piya: you are alright now abhya is always with you no more harm just relax and enjoy sometime

Arnab: you are probably healing I am so happy piya

Piya smile to her dad: yes dad

Arnab and chand after some talk left from there piya alone with haseena and madhu

Haseena embrace piya:  piya you are not emotionally strong to bear the pain of this powers so it's high time to transfer powers to abhay and its only way to consummate your marriage soon

Piya looking to haseena with blank expression

Madhu making sense in piya: you understand it piya right'you have to do it

Piya in a low voice: but I didn't marry to abhay only for this'.it's more for me in this marriage '.i love abhay

Haseena sigh: we all know this but I am trying to say you also must remember this you have to do this soon only and nothing has change after this

Piya hesitantly: but we should tell abhay this too I don't want to hide something from him

Haseena nod: when time will come he knows it and accept it too'now go it's time for you to go


Abhay and piya moving near the car and about to sit when someone called piya name

Piya looking back to person with wide eyes'.there standing prachi with sad face having tears in her eyes

Abhay move front of piya to protect her: what are you doing here'go from here either I will do something which will regret you

Prachi only look to piya: I am so sorry piya'.what I did to you I never ever forgive myself 'when I look myself I feel like dirty and ugly who make trap for her friend'..i know you will never forgive me but for my peace of mind I just want to try to apologize to you

Piya feel her sob stuck in her throat: why you do this'.you didn't believe me and our friendship when I told you to stay away from jeh and now look at you and for support hold abhay arm tightly

Prachi crying loudly now: you were right always right I did a mistake not to take your advice I thought you was just jealous from me and the last night I did only to keep my child father in my child life but after seeing you In that condition which I swear don't know about that they will do this to you I realize I was wrong about jeh'he never love me and my child that's why I called you abhay to save piya please you both forgive me if this is possible'.i want my friend back'.i left jeh now I am alone with only my baby touching her stomach which showing slightly

Abhay look back to piya who silently crying

Abhay: who am I to forgive you its only about piya and what you did to her I don't think she ever forgive you

Piya seeing her friend cursing and looking honestly in her eyes: what you will again play with me

Prachi looking with sad face along crying: I never'.i swear to my child that I am honest with you

Piya walk slowly to prachi nodding towards abhay: I forgive you prachi because you also help me and make me save and I want to believe on you again but I need space and time having trust on you and then both hugged each other'

Prachi moving back: thank you for make me feel better and I will never do anything again which I regret'.I want only my child and my friends back that's it

Piya nodding with smile: now you have to take care of you and your baby

Prachi nod and again embrace her


Forest which surrounded by beauty of nature and chirping of bird it's not the dark area of forest but the calm and bright place anyone who stay here may enjoy the time to being near that place''there a small flowing stream along smiling shine sun and near about located a small house like a cottage and near it's a figure staring looking around in deep thought'

Abhay coming from behind embrace piya in his strong arms that no one now snatch piya away from him '..piya came back from thought and smile to see back abhay and leaned back in his touch'

Abhay placing his face in piya neck: what are you thinking' like this place?

Piya in low voice: it's beautiful place away from all tensions of the world so polite and silent and being here you with me a lot much better'..thank you for bringing me here but how you now this place?

Abhay plant a small kiss on piya neck: it's own by raichand it's our territory no one can enter this place and its charm by silentancy and even now no raichand can came because it's charm by magic

Piya laughing: ohhh god abhay really it's fun that no one can come this means a lot to me but we will go when we need

Abhay whisper huskily near piya ear: it's about us no one else can disturb us and I bring you here for our honeymoon

Piya blushing and nod her head in understanding because no words form in her mind

Abhay lean her much closer to him: and it's place near to our home you are happy now

Piya turn in his arms and face him touching his nose to her: happy a lot

Abhay caress piya cheek: what happened when Milan came what do you think you feel frighten to him may I know why?

Piya smile suddenly fade she back out from abhay arms and move to sit near flowing stream''

I don't know it's just that I feel some last night feelings to see Milan

Abhay come near piya and seated with her looking to face: it's because you didn't forget that incident right and feared of men who coming closer to you

Piya having tears in eyes facing abhay: I can't forget that past abhay you can't get that I cannot easily accept that someone try to'.piya start crying loudly without completely sentence'..

Abhay feeling anger built in him and move his hand to remove piya tears:

I know what you feel about it but I am grateful to god that he saved you from their clutches and nothing went far that cause more harm in our relationship'.i know that it's for me easy to say that it's nothing bad happened instead you was the one suffering pain but I also feel that piya when you cry I also cry with you feel pain in me when see you like this

Piya holding abhay hand: don't feel sad for me I am fine really just need some time than I definitely forget that

Abhay squeezed her hand: please for me you will piya

Piya hug abhay tightly: I will and with your love and support I will bear everything

Abhay smile in her hairs and nod his head'..what about prachi

Piya look back to him: she deserve to have second chance she help me out and she was my friend she also feel betrayed what jeh did to her and she need someone else who support in this condition

Abhay parted her back: you are right and kiss her forehead


Prachi sitting opposite to the front gate and crying silently'.thanking god that piya forgive her not that she ever trust her but her forgiveness make her calm and give relief that at least she did something right in her life now''

Prachi suddenly feel someone presence and look upward

Milan and misha standing near her and looking sadly to her'..

Misha smirk: what you got you deserve that

Prachi look more devastated and look downward not dare to meet their eyes

Milan come near prachi and held her shoulders: it's good to have you back

Prachi merge in agony and gladness listen these words from Milan and feel a sob build in her throat those most caring persons in her life she went far away from them

Misha sadly smile: piya has a big heart she easily forgive everyone and move from there saying to Milan she has some work

Milan make prachi stand: you have to take care of yourself now because of your baby and if you need anything so call me don't hesitate because piya is not here some days so in spite of her I want to look after you but remember one thing never try to again displease piya and all of us''..come I will drop you home if that's ok with you

Prachi smile slightly: thank you

And both move from there


Piya inspecting around the cottage looking very curious' small bedroom, dining room with kitchen and balcony'..

Abhay smirking said: how long your inspection went on

Piya look amuse: just how I like the house it's absolute that way small and comfort

Abhay in surprise way: it's not for you because its my cottage I like this way my cottage don't feel like you are the only one for whom I did everything

Piya naughtily: so what's your is mine too and wink too her

Abhay smile: common it's for your dinner time

After serving the pizza and pasta abhay having his drink of blood sitting along with piya

Piya flavoring pasta: hmm it's yummy you are so boring only drink blood poor my husband and laugh

Abhay smirk: don't make fun of me my wife you have to bear the consequences after dinner with mischievous glint in his eyes..

Piya become tomato red and start to eat her food in silent mode

Abhay in teasing way: what happened piya you didn't say anything

Piya shyly smile: I am eating

Abhay smirk to look piya in that way

After having dinner piya enter their room and look dumb fold how the room look and dcor'.all around room floor and bed spread flowers in many colors and in background soft music playing'..piya looking just surprised and when her eyes laid on greek god look like abhay who always care and prefer her happiness and his first priority is to piya happiness and to let her live a safe life'..

Front of her abhay standing looking to her intensely and can't believe in his life that angel step in and make his life too bright and his heart didn't feel love for any woman after the deadly end of his human life but now he looking to her reason of life and reason to become vampire to only meet piya and make both of them together forever in life'..

Piya the first one break the silence: you did this for me

Abhay slowly came near to piya and hold her from shoulders and said: for us

Hearing this piya showing her dazzling smile to abhay'.

Abhay shifting his gaze from piya eyes to her rosy lips and then to her eyes for asking her permission to go further'.piya in understanding nod her head in yes'.abhay again gaze on her lips and moving slowly towards them in anticipation abhay parted his lips and jut slightly place his lips on piya lips making both spark in delight''abhay sweetly mold his lips and moving in rhythm which also slowly piya too follow'.both abhay and piya lips moving slowly and in bold move abhay slid his tongue in her mouth both are forgetting everything and live in this moment'..

Abhay kissing piya passionately in the flow piya move her hands in the abhay hairs and move it softly to his scalp making abhay moan in passion'.abhay hold piya tightly and making her more close'.both bodies touching each other both feel the heaviness of their chests rise and fall and making piya shiver in pleasure'.abhay back out from kiss and rest his forehead with piya '.

Piya slowly open her eyes and look into abhay face'..abhay naughtily smile and wink her'..piya shyly look down making abhay heart more warm in love with piya'.

Abhay pick up piya and lead her to the bed and gently place her on the center of bed'..abhay held piya chin and make her look in his eyes which shows only love and pureness for her'.

Abhay slowly came into contact his lips to her skin making her burn in intoxication'.planting kisses on her jaw moving slightly near throat to neck sucking her neck making her tremble in excitement'.moving his lips below the ear licking and sucking her skin make her and his skin warm in passion'.piya holding him close moving her fingers in his hairs making his moan in delight'.abhay taking his time remove her blouse from her skinny body making and worshipping her every part of body from bare shoulder to planting kisses to her chest kneading her curves and playing with them kissing and sucking from them than  down to bare belly caresses her hip curves showing her in his every action love and care for her and then kisses her buries which are now just a slight mark now'

After removing her clothing making her fully expose making piya conscious in her state and feeling more shy seeing him fully dress'..with trembling hands piya reach for his shirt buttons and jumbled in opening due to her shyness making abhay smirk and help her in this''after getting out of clothes concern again arouse in abhay

Abhay in husky voice: you are not hurt anywhere'.is that fine with you

Piya nod her head: yes and then suddenly haseena remark of consummate marriage enter in her mind making her suspect what to do what will abhay do after gaining this truth

Abhay embrace piya slipping arms around piya waist and start planting wet kisses along her cleavage making piya forget everything'..abhay having feeling that his life belong to piya making him joy in passion and showering kisses all her body moving down to her toes and legs to thighs and sucking below the knees '.after entering to her inside abhay realize that piya made for him only that his heart to belong to her making moan both in intoxication and all surrounding blur near them they are becoming one now abhay kissing piya lips touching her tongue tasting her flavor and sucking her bottom lip '.and after making love a bright white light surround to them and slowly vanish making both frown slightly

Abhay embracing piya: do you see that

Piya in low voice: yes and after assuring him slowly sleep intake her


Maithili sitting in a comfort zone suddenly she felt range in her making her shiver in anger then a female voice rise'

You should calm down Maithili it's done we can't make it back now we all will have to face the consequences of being weak but I have a plan to ruin their life you don't have to worry too much

Maithili in fake laugh: really what will we do'we can't separate them they are soul mates and now their tie never be void and null'.damn it I want abhay and now I had lost him forever

A figure: what will you do if he will come back to you

Maithili in disgust: what will in your evil mind don't you want your brother back too

Than shows the evil face of darkness of life too and it's non other than the panchi daughter of Chand Raichand

Panchi smile: it's time to meet my family and come back in their life '.I really want to face off to my bhabi after all piya and smile to Maithili


 Haseena and chand in their room go through of discussion of abhay and piya and how they are happy of them'haseena continuously smiling but now chand feel worried now and pacing here and there in confusion

Haseena in bright voice: now why you so confuse everything is good now

Chand in broken voice: I have a feeling that in soon something happen bad

Haseena slightly taken back: now what bad happen?

Chand looking to sky through window: I don't know but may be something very bad I am just worry for my children haseena they are my life I can't see them in any pain more

Haseena standing nearby him: nothing will happen now our family remains happy no one will make them apart and in more agony

Chand looking in haseena eyes and the trust in them and pray to god that now nothing will make them more suffer


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