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BOOK 2 :my love 4 u (completed) (Page 51)

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Originally posted by pkyekrox

OMG!! Gaurav is such a chepo!! Cont sooon!!!

ya i know
will upd soon now

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Originally posted by abhiyarockz

update oyee...

i will soon now upd

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Originally posted by meerubzara

plz update
plz update
plz update

i will upd soon now

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Originally posted by shria

awsome update beeni Embarrassed continu soon...

thank u shria
i will now

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Originally posted by arunsunita_gm

Plz update soon
Plz update soon
Plz update soon
Plz update soon
Plz update soon
Plz update soon
Plz update soon
Plz update soon

so sorry yar 4 being late but now i will upd soon
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Originally posted by crazy4KASH_AR

This ff is wonderful.
Plz add me to ur pm list and update soon.

thank u buddy
definitely i will add u
soon now i will upd

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sorry guys to all of you that you were waiting so long for update but i was busy in study and these days are hectic for me too much busy in this stuff even my next update will take some time so please bear up with me but soon i will update...



Today is the most memorable day of my life as I am today bound with my soul and my love of life'.I can't explain how happy I feel today 'I am damn lucky man in this earth right now that got princess in his life forever'I can't wait to see piya and have her in my life..she must be the most beautiful bride I will have to see'thinking about this abhay smile

Someone seem very happy and in dreamland

Abhay turned around and see Milan smirking him

Milan causally: Can't wait huh I can see that 

Abhay laugh: you know me well Milan everyone is ready

Milan: we all are waiting for you but no doubt my bhahbi will be the one who remain happy in her life with you wink him

Abhay slightly blush: shut up lets go


Raichand arrived happily for the marriage to bond the two families in new relation and It's also the example for others to marry with other people of clans'.after entering to the house all guests present here but all were look tense'.

Abhay look to his becoming family now and they all looked like someone hit them'abhay try to sense piya but can't feel her'..abhay look kabir standing near mandap fully in groom dress

Abhay to arnab: where is piya'.i can't feel her something is wrong tell me

Sid interrupt abhay: we didn't understand that how they get her and now we can't reach her anywhere

Abhay in anger: I get it'.you all need not to worry I am going to have her you all continue with the ceremony ...abhay looking back to his sister who look terrified'.go get in the mandap priya and marry kabir I will come soon and than you all'looking to his family'. will prepare for us to make us marry

Chand: me also going with you

Abhay signaling him: no dad it's my responsibility you wait here

Sid: ok please allow me to come with you she is my sister

Abhay sigh: sid you don't have to

Sid with pleading eyes: but I have to

Abhay nodding his head in yes and left from there

Abhay running to the forest here and there but can't find the clue of piya

Sid frustrated: I can't feel her abhay where to go

Abhay in sadness: me too sid I can't connect to her and punching to the tree

Abhay cell started ringing but he ignore the call

Sid: attend the call abhay may be it's important

Abhay seeing the unknown number with furrow

Abhay: hello' listening to the other side abhay eyes flush with hatred and clutching his fists'sid looking to the abhay in confusion

Abhay replying shouting: I am coming please stop them cutting the call let's go sid


Piya screaming abhay name thinking that's all I can never be with abhay anymore'my life becoming hell and waiting for the moment from where her life become end and she will in future never bear this all and prayed to god with closed eyes that soon her pain will end and waiting for an intense pain but the feeling of moving her cloth stop..piya with heavy lids  open her eyes and can't believe on her eyes that Tania and gaurav were fighting

Jeh released her legs and went to stop Tania and pushed her back and hitted with the wall'

Gaurav roaring: how dare you to stop me to complete my task Tania I will kill you and bang the wall near her and return to piya but again Tania held gaurav neck and smutch his back with nails'.

Gaurav shouting in pain jeh run to hit Tania but stopped by prachi who chanting a spell on him'.seeing all this piya tried to free herself but Maithili slapped her and hovering on her and smiled

Even this may not happen but it's easy to kill you and finish your damn life which belongs to abhay and soon one day abhay will came back to me

Maithili suck her neck and about to bite but abhay who seen this whole scene can't believe this that his piya suffering from all this and jump on Maithili and drag her from piya

Abhay holding her neck in his hands roaring and shouting in anger

Can't believe this Maithili you try to do this with me that I will suffer my whole life in regretting that I can't save my love of life'how could you I thought you were my friend and now after forgiving you for your sin you tried to do this again and in a moment sunk his fangs in neck and throw her away

Looking back to piya and now gaurav and jeh Tania prachi all were looking to him along with sid came and shocked to see his sister in this condition with less clothes

Abhay moved forward and hide piya with hugging her...sid hit the guarv and jeh with his powers and throwing the jacket of his to abhay'..abhay make piya to wear this and moved forward to kick gaurav

Seeing the situation out of hand Maithili wounded run from there'. Sid hiting jeh with fire balls and throw him far away'..on the other hand abhay moved near gaurav and punch him'gaurav in pain hitted him but abhay is more fast and in a moment seeing piya crying hold gaurav from back and stab him with the branch of wood which he collect form the forest knowing help him for killing monsters'..shout in firm voice

No one can make piya far away from me she belong to me and my love for her and her for me never belong to someone else

Piya cry loud and looking to abhay and shouted to stop sid to kill jeh'.sid stop it don't kill him prachi is expecting a child for a baby sake don't kill that baby father sid I beg to you

Sid in firm shaking his head: no never that devil should have to kill

Piya pleading in shaky voice: please sid for prachi and her baby what will she do please sid you cannot bear to see that child without his dad

Sid melting to see his little sister pleading and with a jerk left him

Abhay see piya how is she suffering from pain and then realized that she is bleeding too

Abhay looking to Tania and prachi: I leave you both that you helped us to get save piya but what you did with piya and how her you broken her trust I can't forgive you for both but thank you for helping and saving my piya and my life girls

Abhay headed to piya and hold her with sid and make her sit'

Sid in concern: abhay what will we do look how bad she is wounded..oh god her blood shit

Abhay sighing to cool him: let me do this and move further and cut his wrist and make piya to drink his blood...piya drinking blood more hungrily and feeling that blood smoothing her in some way after having a lot she taken a back

Slowly her cuts healed and her blood stops but some cuts were not healed that were very deep'sid hugged her sister

Sid: I am sorry piya I am failed to save you and teary of shame sliding from his eyes

Piya crying too: don't said like this bhai I will be fine please don't hurt yourself

Sid back from her and looked pleadingly to abhay that may be he only save and cure piya'.sid moved from there and look back to abhay

I will wait for you guys outside come soon and eyed Tania and prachi that let them leave  now it's time for them also to go'they were also move form there

Abhay slowly moved to piya and looked her face which were bow down and didn't met with his eyes'.he hold her chin and held her head high and met with the broken soul of her who was crying suffering from this all

Abhay touching her cheek: whatever happened it's because I was not with you and I was so careless that I left you alone but I promise to now I will never leave you..this was the last time I took you far away from my eyes but not now today our day piya and don't think about what happened ruined our life'. your life you should thank god that you are safe now nothing bad gonna be happened to you

Piya looking in his eyes and in broken voice: will you accept me now after what they were trying to do with me

Abhay kissed her forehead: it's not your fault piya and never think that my love for you became less and ended I love you

Piya embrace him tightly: it's my fault abhay if I never came here than it's not happened please forgive me I am sorry

Abhay slightly smiled: let's go now everyone is waiting for our marriage and held piya in his arms because she is not fully recovered


Abhay enter the house holding piya in his arms and looked to the direction where everyone waiting for them'..

Abhay lay down the piya in her feet and look to the weeding couple standing in mandap seeing much worried'.madhu looked piya condition and run to her and hugged her and cry aloud

Madhu: my child what happened to her

Sid holding her mother: mom please let her make comfortable and led her to her room

Abhay in a harsh voice: and make her ready in bridal dress and with meaning look give to piya to understand that it's necessary for them

Misha and madhu take piya slowly to her room

Abhay embraced kabir and priya and sit on the mandap

Arnab look horrified to abhay: it's piya alright I mean

Abhay looking to arnab with his harsh eyes: it's look like that she is fine but I now what is she feeling like now but at least she is safe

Arnab and all understand his hidden words meaning and nodded to continue the ceremony'..

Piya look broken and thin with pale skin coming down stairs without looking someone she sat with abhay'.Abhay looked his angel and knowing her feelings he held her hand and squeezed lightly showing her affection what she needed right now '.piya weakly smiled to him

All the rituals done in an hour and abhay tie up the magalsutar to piya neck'everyone blessed them and wish them a good luck for new life

Priya came next to piya and hugged her and kiss her cheek: everything going to be alright now you don't have to worry piya

Piya nodded and smile to her and look her brother who seems upset...coming closer him: sorry kabir I ruin your beautiful moment of life

Kabir embracing piya: never said like this piya I am sad because my sister had to face all this rubbish but now common shy like a newly wedded bride huh and wink to her

Piya smile with teary eyes'..soon the evening ended and all the guests left from there'.

Haseena make piya some rest in her room before leaving'.piya sitting on bed facing her parents and now parents in law too

Chand broke the ice: you know why all this happened?

Piya only shaking her head not able to answer verbally

Haseena sigh and tightly held piya: chand this is not the right moment to tell her this she is face a lot today

Arnab in tense mood: we have to tell her before her new starting of life

Madhu holding piya hand: you know that you have special powers a dominant powers which no body have and your powers can rule the whole creatures like of us included vampires, ware wolfs, witches and slayers'

Piya with again nod

Haseena again sigh: well your powers can be gain by easily because you can't have them this gift belongs to your other half because you can't bear the channelize and triggering your powers of it and your other half easily can consume it by making a marriage rituals and evil powers by forcing up you just like what gaurav tried to do with you

Piya hearing this looked them with wide eyes: what are you talking about

Chand: the truth piya this was the reason you suffered this but may be god with us that you only belong to your soul and give him the powers by your will not by forcing'I know you not understand but abhay and you made for each other'..and he is the one who gain your powers and rule the world and protect you always because you meant to be like this to give your gift to your other half the most precious gift but are you ready for this to give it to abhay

Piya looking like numb with this clarification: means

Arnab: yes piya you have to do this you will not further bear the pain from the beginning abhay saved you by unconsciously with the help of chand and now after the marriage you will give it to abhay

Chand pleading: please don't tell this to abhay he didn't believe on me in this because of what was I did to him and forced him to be with maithili but now I regret but he will not accept this prophecy so soon because he not believe on it anymore' but soon accept it trust me

Madhu looking her darling daughter: say something piya

Piya reluctantly nod: I will do everything to be abhay and if this my soul and body only belong to him than I will do that and show some smile to her parents

All look relief and smile

After bidding to her family raichand take piya to her new home and family'..before leaving haseena embraced priya '.priya your mom always loved you but remember that madhu is your also mom and do respect her and her family and make your husband proud alright priya nodded and saying this they all left

Abhay led piya to his decorated car which was waiting for them and all left move to other cars leaving some privacy for the couple

While driver running the car on the road and Abhay and piya sitting back seat silently'.abhay continuously staring piya '..On the other side piya look lost in her thoughts which abhay knows very well

Piya remembering all the events happened to today and then suddenly some coldness feel in her hand looking down she saw abhay hand and looking back to his eyes which showing so much concern and love to her'.

Piya surpass a sweet smile to him and gently squeezed his hand'they didn't want to bother their communication in to words as like both seem to understand by staring into the eyes through which emotions flowing and in a halt of car both came back into the trace'

Abhay moved from the car and opened the side door for piya and shown her a hand which she slowly held in her hand and then abhay make the move to led her to the door'..

Everyone welcomed her and do some rituals which a bride did after stepping in her new home'..all were very happy

Alina smiling: welcome home bhahbi'I am so happy that you are my bhahbi not like some other bimbos and wink to abhay

Abhay rolled his eyes: shut up alina

Chand in stern voice: watch your manners abhay

Milan laugh: great abhay after entering to the house with piya bhabi you got scolded and high five to alina

Haseena in fake anger: stop teasing my son both of you and piya look very tired come with me I will show you your room and hold piya hand and move with her upstairs''

Abhay also moved from here but alina and milan stop him in tracks

Where are you going huh?

Abhay looked confuse: in my room if you forget that my wife is waiting for me and its late now'..crossing them saying move from there guys

Milan blocking his way: definitely not you are not going anywhere looking wickedly to abhay

Alina smiled: shit guys I wish priya is also there making fun of abhay

Abhay smirked: really I will not leave you now huh making fun of me and run forward and embraced alina


Kabir and priya sitting in their room and talking about the moments what happened this day

Kabir holding priya hand: everything is fine now priya but I didn't lied to you that I am alright with all this

Priya hug kabir: I know even I am worried about piya she is very sweet but you know she is safe from them and gaurav is no more abhay killed him I am very happy and believe me abhay take care of her very well he love her your sister remain safe with my family

Kabir smiled: you are right and by the way this is also your family now sweety

Priya shyly: thank you for being in my life

Kabir gently looked to her: you don't have to thank me and kissed her lips lightly but shocked to see the passion of priya in kiss and both lived in their beautiful world forgetting the world'


Haseena make piya feel comfortable letting her to sit on her bed'.piya looking to abhay room with wide eyes she didn't believe the whole room look classy with the candles litted all around the room with roses spread on the floor on the centre in heart shape'

 Haseena seeing piya looking with shocking expression and smile:

This is your and abhay room now from here you may lead your married life began'.I know what are you feeling but seriously every girl feel the same and look her with knowing look and please not ever tried to think about your past whatever happened it's your past and now you are here..abhay is your present and future'.are you understand what I am trying to say to you piya

Piya: yes

Haseena: ok I have to go now abhay is waiting for me to come out and leave from the room

Piya feeling nervous and looking down on her hands and then look her wound which was on arm and feel pathetic than she hear the crack noise of door opening 'feeling afraid what if abhay felt what she was thinking bow down her head more

Abhay looking his bride and feeling glad to have her in life'..abhay moved to bed where piya locate sitting''abhay close the distance and sit near her

Abhay calmly called her: piya look at me

Piya held her head up and look in blue eyes

Abhya caressed her right cheek and held her eye with him: don't be nervous my love nothing had changed I am your abhay and always love you

Piya having tears: but it's my fault abhay if I told someone then may be this was not happened and I feel terrible to think I ruined my brother and priya day too and make all worried

Abhay closed his eyes and bring piya face near him and touched her forehead with him''.piya don't think like this but I have to agree from this accident I  came to know that I will not live without you anymore'you are my world my passion and now my wife and I will share my whole life with you now and I will always protect you from danger and let me clear you one thing piya that kabir and priya loves you and nothing have ruined because they get married because of you and coming closer to her kiss her nose' we also married now

Piya blushed and shyly hide her face into abhay chest: so you still love me abhay

Abhay forced her to look in his eyes seeing in her eyes said: can't you see how much I love you

Piya touched her face: i feel it abhay but wanted to hear from you now I am satisfied and show him a wide smile

Abhay smirk and come closer to her face: you have also seen in my acts how much I love you and kiss her forehead than temple both cheeks and drag his lips to her chin and start kissing her jaw and roam his hands on her body and unstitch the dupatta open her hairs and held her from arms moving to her throat placing wet kisses and moaning her name'.piya I love you piya enjoying the sensation closed her eyes but suddenly abhay moved back after listening the winch in pain to piya mouth

Abhay look concern and take her arm which one is injured and kissed the wound''I am sorry piya I totally forget that you are not heal properly you need some days to heal

Piya smile and assure him: I am fine just slightly bruises I am completely healthy abhay you don't have to'..piya stammered 'have to'

Abhay in naughty smile: have to what

Piya blushingly in a whisper: have to back out

Abhay winked: ohh piya I am not but you have to take a rest and now you should sleep we will talk in morning common on

Piya remembering her parents words to give abhay her powers her life partner'.but didn't have to tell him

Piya with worried expression: I have to but abhay cut her with placing his finger on her lips'.

Abhay politely: shhh we will talk later now go change and forward her to the bathroom

Piya after returning back to the room looking for abhay and saw him sitting on bed wearing his vest and pajamas''abhay look back to piya and smile to seen her angel wrap in pink gown and signal her to come and lay with him

Abhay : common piya lets sleep some time

Piya slowly move to near abhay''..piya lay opposite side of bed and abhay held her hand and also lay with her and bring her closer to him''kissed her cheek

Abhay : good night piya don't take any worry and bring her head on his chest and soothes her back with his hands

Piya inhale his scent and smile: good night abhay and hugged him







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I'll read soon and unres it, currently I'm bit busy. Ermm

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